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The unexpected return of the film camera in the digital age.

Are film cameras dead? In recent years it has seemed that with the introduction of digital cameras and smartphones that film cameras had been resigned to history. With the invention of the digital camera, photographer was made much easier, cheaper and available to us all. Many people now have a smart phone with camera installed with them throughout the day, enabling them to capture photographs at any moment. The techonolgy is developing so fast within the photography industry yet with the point and shoot generation, the art form of photography easily be lost. As technology advances, more and more are looking to recreate the sometimes imperfect but always nostalgic

Return of the film

snapshots of our past. I have always admired the skill of developing your own photographs, especialy from an original vintage camera. The quality and vibrance may not rival the current technology available but the texture, tones, the smell of the toner and the overall asthetic is so appealing, the often imperfect prints are beautiful and so unique. If you are interested in mastering the art of producing your own photohgraphy, film camera’s most certainly the way to do it. They are ideal for learning the process of photography and the results are far more satisying than a quick snap on instagram. Film camera’s are available online from vintage camera sites such as and but I just scouted my local charity shops to find some of my first film camera’s. As a rule, just because sometimes is old and unwanted, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t work. So, if you enjoy instagram and sharing your photographs with your friends why not experiment with film photography the results will be so much more satisfying and your will have something physical to cherish forever.

Words Tamzin Cummings Photo Tamzin Cummings

Instax mini 90 The instax mini 90 offers advanced features, such as bulb and double exposures, that are attractions of traditional analog cameras and offer an enhanced capability to capture light creatively. The instax mini 90 is also equipped with new functions and features like macro mode and high performance flash, making this an instant camera for every photographer developed under the concept “NEO CLASSIC.” £132.00

The Polaroid book, Taschen. In existence for over 50 years, the Polaroid Corporation’s photography collection is the greatest collection of Polaroid images in the world. £23.99

Diana F+

Polaroid one step This is a great camera with a fantastic retro look that embodies the decade in which it was manufactured; seventies all the way! Polaroid have been making instant film cameras since 1947 and has been used most famously by artsists such as Andy Warhol and Helmut Newton.

In 2007 the 1960’s classic diana camera was relaunched under the name diana F+. It still holds all of the original characteristics the lightweight plastic body, the simple shutter and soft focused surprises. Although the new design brings an entirely new class to the analogue experimentation. Pinhole, double exposure and endlless panorama options. It comes in so many unusual designs, limited editions and amazing textures. I adore mine, it is so small and light that it fits in my hangbag, perfect for travelling.

Diana F+, Lomographic Society International From the original Diana of the 1960’s to today’s Diana F+, these plastic, simple medium format cameras have inspired a global community of fans with their old-school and lo-fi images. £23.99


£40.00 Lomo life, Thames & Hudson

The Pentax K1000 The Pentax K1000 became very popular because of it’s affordable price, excellent light meter and handy size. The camera is reliable and simple to use, quite sturdy and with a vintage appeal due to its leather and chrome body. The company is still producing a range of lenses which makes this camera an excellent first choice when starting your photography journey. £32.00

This book features specially commissioned photography showing off all cameras in the vast Lomography range, including every limited edition and the best one-offs ever made. £23.99

P. 95 Things you will need:

Seeing red

Lipstick Lip pencil Lip brush Foundation brush Powder brush Translucent powder Cotton buds Pencil sharpener Tissue MIrror

A guide to finding the perfect red lipstick for you and your lifestyle which will never go out of style. By Tamzin Cummings

Red lipstick is lthe little black dress of the beauty industry. Elegant, classic and sexy. The colour red signals passion, it is a rich, vibrant and competitive colour. However finding the perfect shade for your skin tone can prove troublesome. But when you do find it, do not underestimate the power it can have. You can use it as your secret weapon! But when did this all start?

Choosing the perfect tone will take time but it will definitely be worth your effort. As a general rule women with a darker skin tone will suit a deeper red lipstick like a plum, oxblood or burgundy hue opposed to a fair skin tone that is best suited to a more orangery based red. Although paler skin also suit bed reds which also makes your teeth look whiter.

Throughout history red lipstick has been advocated by some of the world’s most powerful women. Queen Elizabeth the II had her own signature shade which was commissioned to match her coronation robes for the 1952 ceremony. The result was a soft red blue and was named “The Balmoral Lipstick.” after her scottish country home. During the second World War all cosmetic and beauty products were rationed except for lipstick. Winston Churchill decided to keep lipstick in production as he believed it had a positive effect on morale. He was of course correct as lipstick sales soared throughout the war. Lipstick had such a great boost on morale for both male and females regardless of the shade which is something that is now very important to the 21st century woman. The shade and tone is extremely important but a precise application is vital.

Once you have found your perfect shade the next thing to decide on is a matte or glossy look. The retro matte look lasts much longer which may help you with your decision. Although a rich glossy red creates a very striking evening look. Don’t forget to blend your blusher to match your lip tone and co ordinate your eye make up accordingly. You can use a smudge of your lipstick as a creme blush by blending it along your cheekbones with your ring finger. This will ensure all of your make up tones compliment each other.

To create the perfect look your lips must be prepared by exfoliation and nourished with a lip balm or moisturiser. Start by outlining your lips with a lip pencil in a shade slightly lighter than your chosen lipstick colour. This will give your whole look longevity and will prevent the lipstick from bleeding, which has never been a good look.

Red lipstick is the epitome of old hollywood glamour and is still in great demand today, although now they have many alluring names such as; Pleasure Me Red, Private Red, Ruby Woo and Sinner. “Red lipstick should never be applied casually in the back of a taxi” according to Maria Verel which is very true, precision and style is the key for this classic look.

Prepare your lips by exfoliating with a mix of caster sugar and cleanser. Using a brush, apply foundation around your lip line and set with a translucent loose powder.

Sharpen your chosen lip pencil and sketch over your lip line. Start in the centre and of your lips and work out to the corners.

Continue to fill in the rest of your lips with your lip pencil to create a base stain for your lipstick to stick to.

Apply a layer of lipstick using a firm lip brush then blot with a tissue. Using a soft loose brush apply transulent powder all over the lip area.

Reapply the lipstick with your lip brush and finish with a touch of clear gloss to highlight the centre of your bottom lip to create the illusion of a fuller lip.

Fair skin tone

Darker skin tone

All skin tones

This striking ‘Jungle red’ lipstick from Nars is perfect for the fairer skin tone. the orange base illuminated the complexion.

For the darker skin tone Chanel offer ‘Passion’ a perfect plum toned lipstick with a luxurious moistursing effect.

This Mac lipstick is perfect for all skin tones with it’s blue based tone which will make your teeth appear whiter.




P. 103 Things you will need: Hair bobble Hair grips Hairspray MIrror

How TO

CURLY UP-DO Wearing your hair up as a girl can you feel more confident in seconds, like make up you can create a new persona using just a few hair grips and a spritz of hairspray. There are so many styles you can choose from depending on your hair length and cut. Long hair is so versatile, you can create so much volume and shape with longer hair and by adding a curl if your hair is naturally straight the possibilities are endless. This curly up do guide will take you through the look in just four simple steps. Once you have mastered this look you can adjust it for different occasions. The shape can easily be altered by creating the bun lower or to the side. The style is secured in the same way, by using the elasticated bobble and hair grips so you can decide depending on your event.

Model Tamzin Cummings

Start with your hair styled down, mousse and volume spray will help to add texture and body to short hair.

The first step is to gather your hair up at the back of your neck, gradually adding more hair from the front. Secure most of your hair bun with an elasticted bobble.

You can then use hair grips to style the front section of your hair. Twist your hair to create height at this point and your hairspray to hold th style inplace.

And finally, secure any stray hairs with hair grips and check that the shape is even in a mirror. You might like to use a shine spray to complete your curly pin up look.

Start by pleating your square scarf from corner to corner into a long rectangle shape. Place the scarf in the nape of your neck and pull the corners around to the front of your head.

Twist the two corners of the scarf around each other and pull tight to your head. Make sure you position the twist off centre for the most flattering shape.

Next you need to secure your twist with a hair grip or two to ensure your headscarf stays in poistion for the next step.

Finally twist and tuck the corners of your scarf under the main headband and remove the hairgrip. You might like to pull your hair forward from under your scarf to create a little quiff effect.

How to tie

Vintage Headscarves A vintage headscarf is the perfect accessory for any season and many occasions. They’re easy and cheap to pick up in any vintage or second hand store. Silk scarves are harder to find but are definitely worth looking for, they have hand sewn rolled hems and are tpyically hand painted with exquiste designs. There are so many ways you can tie a headscarf, once you learn this technique you will be able to experiement with confidence. When you know how to secure and twist the scarf into position you will be able to tie the ends into a bow, a loop or a quiff. I like to use different coloured hair grips and clips to secure silk scarves in place.

Words Tamzin Cummings


in waiting Few hairstyles are as flattering as those worn by film stars; Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis throughout the 1940’s. With the rationing of clothing and fabrics during World War II women concentrated on making their hair as beautiful as possible. While some of the styles looked complicated, 1940’s hair can be replicated with just a few tools: hair grips, and elasticated bobble, a curling iron, comb, and a hairbrush. These phorographs are inspired by the beauty of 1940’s style but with a modern day influence all created by Tamzin Cummings’.

Model Kerry Lovely

Hand painted vintage hair net with silk flowers. Handmade by Tam zin ÂŁ28.00

“I’d love to kiss you, but I’ve just washed my hair.” Bette Davis

The red lipstick used throughout the shoot is Lipstick queen’s, velvet rope in Brat pack and Vintage plum. The hand mirror is from Tynemouth Sunday market. The white shirt is by Karl Lagerfeld £49.00. The black sequin blouse and fur shawl is from Raven Vintage available on ASOS Marketplace. Model: Kerry Lovely, Tyne Tees Model Agency Hair styling, MUA, Styling, Photography: Tamzin Cummings

When did skinny become so admired? 1950’s curves vs skeletal frames Marilyn Monroe was famously adored for her slender waist and curvaceous figure. Now celebrities like Alexa Chung are admired for their waif like frames. In the 1950’s there were advertisements for gaining weight to attract men and enhance your career and now we are constantly bombarded with adverts for slimming tablets, fad diets and workout regimes. The media in our society today is largely to blame for this shift in idolisation from actresses and film stars to reality stars and emaciated catwalk models who have often undergone cosmetic surgery to alter their image. This unrealistic body image is unattainable to most people however if they were living in a previous decade their bodies would have been celebrated as healthy and beautiful. Why is individuality not celebrated?

Words Tamzin Cummings Model Christie Hickman

Everyone woman in the world has their own absolutely unique personality and a figure to match. We all have different styles and make different choices in regards to fashions, hair and make up trends. And most women would confess to spending time every day and take pride in their appearance. Although the modern woman’s idea of a smart appearance is remarkably different to that of a woman born 50 years before. For most women now, wearing make up and styling their down is the limit to their daily beauty regime. This morning beauty regime seems to have decreased over recent decades. This morning beauty regime seems to have decreased over recent decades and has been replaced with an obession to be skinny. There are so

many adverts for fitness and exercise regimes, dvd’s and tips online for fitness but they all use the phrase weight loss promot their business. The emphasis is not to become healthy but to become skinny. Skinny used to be an unfortunate term not a look to be desired. The photographs of plus size model Christie Hickman show just how beautiful your natural shape can be. Christie works out reguarly at the gym and eating a balanced diet but does not restrict herself from any food group. She is a fabulous young women who is confident in her own skin and I think she definitely deserves to be admired.

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