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Morrck chooses Tamba to be its Charity of the Year The makers of the Baby Hoodie, the Splasha and many more products for newborns to 7 year olds have announced that they will be raising funds to support Tamba’s work helping parents with children in neonatal care over the next 12 months. Morrck will donate £1 to Tamba from every online sale.

and thank you for supporting Tamba. We are a charitable community of parents, children, and grandparents, dedicated to making your life easier and giving you the space and confidence to enjoy this special time. We want you and your family to be able to make the most of your membership and this guide aims to help you achieve this. As a member you can access support, information and advice 24 hours a day 7 days a week for free. Check how to do this and what is available on pages 5-10. We want you to be able to grow and enjoy being a multiple birth family and to help you do this we run a range of great value courses and fun events throughout the year. These are explained in more detail on pages 9-10. You can also help us to identify the issues of importance to you and your family by taking part in our research and then helping us to give voice to your concerns through our campaigns which are covered on page 11. We know that money can be in short supply and a range of companies have offered discounts to our members on the products and services you commonly need. Our range of exclusive discounters are covered in more detail on pages 12-14. As it’s your charity, you get to determine what we do and how we do it so if you ever had an idea or feedback that you would like to share with us then please do get in touch. The many different ways you can do this are below. Once again, thank you for your ongoing support. Yours faithfully

Keith Reed Chief Executive

How to contact us: By Phone: 01483 304442 Open 10am – 4pm (with an answer phone outside of these hours. NB. we reply to all messages asap) By Fax: 01483 577582 By email: Online: By post: Hitherbury House, 97 Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4YF


Accessing your membership online at In order to get the most from your Tamba membership, you should register on the Tamba website. This will allow you to download free factsheets and booklets, access the message board, view Members’ discounts and watch Tamba videos online. Register in 3 easy steps 1. Go to 2. Click on the green box “Sign Up for Free Information” 3. Fill in your details and press “Submit” You’ve registered! Handy Hints: • Please try to choose a username and password you will remember. If you forget them you can ask the website to email you a reminder.


• We recommend that your username should be something fairly anonymous rather than just your name e.g. twinmum is a better username than SarahSmith, as other messageboard users will be able to see it. • P  lease make sure you register with the same name and address as your Tamba membership record. This means you will be recognised as an existing member and will be able to access the members’ only information. (NB. It may take up to 48 hours for you to be recognised as a Tamba member) • If you would like to use the message board, go to the board by clicking on “Members Benefits” then “Message Board”. As a first time visitor you will be prompted to create a board account. Your username and password will be automatically entered and you simply agree to the terms and conditions by typing in the code shown and submitting your board registration.

• Don’t suffer in silence – if you have any difficulties then please contact us using the details above.

Support Twinline – a national, confidential, support and listening service for all parents and carers of twins, triplets and more. 0800 138 0509 Open 7 days a week from 10am-1pm & 7pm-10pm All Twinline listeners are trained volunteers who have all had a multiple birth themselves so are empathetic to the challenges you face. You can phone in with any issue - from pregnancy, sleeping, feeding, weaning, discipline and behaviour, post natal depression, and relationships to educational matters and bereavements. It also there if you just fancy a few minutes breathing space to have a chat with someone who identifies with your situation. Sometimes a listening ear is enough to help you get through the day or night. We have support groups for families with Special Needs, One Parent families, Triplet or More families and those facing TTTS. Please see our Support section on the Tamba website for details.

Honorary Consultants – professionals providing advice If you can’t find the answer to your questions in the free publications available on the website or via our helpline then we have a volunteer team of professionals, with decades of experience, on hand to give you general advice on the issues below. To access the service you need to be formally referred via the office. It can take them a number of days to deal with your enquiry, which will usually be done via the phone or email. Alternatively, you can see our honorary consultants answer frequently asked questions on our website.


• Pregnancy & Health We work closely with a range of health professionals to produce a range of resources for you. If you have any questions, you may like to book onto one of our classes or could use our free Healthy Multiple Pregnancy Guide to produce a list of questions for your own health care team. In an emergency, please contact your maternity unit. • Behaviour & Family Relationships Whether it’s relationship or behavioural problems, our honorary consultants are well placed to provide specialist help, information and advice. • Speech & Language Development It is more common for multiples to have slower speech & language development or special educational needs then their contemporaries. Our consultants can help point you in the right direction if you are unsure of your children’s development. • Pre-school, Primary & Secondary Education It can be tough working out how and what type of placement is best for your children and we have information available to help you with this process. If you feel you need more specialised help, then our consultants can help guide you though the process. If we or our honorary consultants cannot help then we are likely to be able to point you in the direction of another agency which can.


Members only messageboards – open 24hrs a day Our messageboard is the largest and most secure community of its kind online. You can share your experiences and ask over 5,000 other registered users for tips or simply chat. Many parents find it difficult to get out and about so this is an easy way to keep in touch. Everyone who visits the site has given us their contact details. Only members who have supplied financial information can view all the sections, post messages, advertise their second hand goods and privately chat with other members. The site is moderated by fellow members who are volunteers. You can also talk to other parents on our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @tamba_twins_mb

Local Clubs We support a national network of independent clubs who often run toddler sessions and other meet ups locally across the UK. The clubs commonly register with us and are listed on our website. They can provide social opportunities for you and your family. If you are a member of a multiples club please encourage them to register with us and gain access to all our resources and information.

News & Information Multiple Matters Members’ Exclusive Quarterly Magazine This unique magazine carries top parenting tips, the latest news, research and campaigns in the world of multiples. It runs regular features on life as a multiple birth family and fun member only competitions and keeps you updated on Tamba’s new projects aimed at supporting you and your family. Look out for our product, book and holiday reviews. You will be sent this automatically as a Tamba Member.

Tamba Talk Monthly E-newsletter If you would like to receive this to find out about our latest events, courses or take part in online surveys, polls, competitions and campaigns then please make sure you sign up for free information online.


Factsheets, Booklets & DVDs - FREE for Members to download 24hrs a day You can access our unparalleled library of parenting information (worth over £90 where sold) via our website for free. Just sign up on our website and then go to the relevant age section to begin watching or downloading. The resources are divided into the following age groups - Expecting, the First Year, Pre-school (2, 3 & 4 years), School Age and Older Multiples and here are just some of the resources available: • The Healthy Multiple Pregnancy Guide and Preparing for Parenthood booklet. • The Buggy Guide • Booklets on PND, Breastfeeding and NeoNatal Care • Videos FAQs on Expecting, Birth and Feeding


• New School Admissions and Appeals Pack • Parenting with Multiples in Mind video plus ...... Please note that whilst every care is taken in providing information, please note that it is of a general nature and that readers should seek professional or expert advice as appropriate to specific circumstances. Tamba does not accept any liability, including liability for any error or omission.

Exclusive Classes & Events Tamba holds courses and days out for our members. We aim to provide expert advice and fun meet ups for parents and families across the UK.

Multiple Pregnancy Antenatal Classes Tamba works in partnership with an experienced antenatal teaching company to deliver a unique multiple birth specific antenatal class. This course covers pregnancy, birth and some of the practical aspects of raising multiples. It is of particular benefit for those that have not received any other parent education or are expecting their first child. 82% of participants rate their overall experience as 9 or 10 out of 10 (based on participant feedback in 2012)

Antenatal Course for Second Timers This course has been specifically designed for those who already have a child/children. The duration of the course is 3 hours.

Practical Preparing for Parenthood Survival Classes Produced in association with parenting expert Dr Carol Cooper. These two hour introductory sessions are held throughout the UK and cover pregnancy, birth and the early days.

Tamba Breastfeeding Classes This is a session for expectant parents who wish to find out more about breastfeeding multiples.


Parenting with Multiples in Mind Workshops This is a one day workshop aimed at parents of multiple birth children from 1- 5 years. These workshops have been highly evaluated and recommended to other Tamba members by past attendees. These courses have been highly evaluated by attendees.


Research & Campaigns Finding out what’s important to You We have undertaken surveys of our members and supporters to find the issues of concern to you and your family. We have also undertaken research in partnership with Birmingham University. Our reports and those of other organisations can be found on our website at

Movement for Multiples Tamba used funding from the Welsh Lottery Fund to commission a ‘movement for multiples’ programme to address the known physical, personal, social and emotional development issues associated with twins, triplets or more. The programme was developed by Professor Pat Preedy and Dr Celia O’Donovan by bringing together all of their research, training and experience. The movement for multiples programme has been developed that is a practical and fun method designed for children aged 0 to three years that aims to provide opportunities for parents to develop a close and trusting bond with each individual child and provide opportunities for twins, triplets or more to experience a range of movements to help to develop their motor and sensory systems requiring minimum equipment. Videos of the programme are available exclusively to Tamba members at

Campaigning to change things for the better In recent years, we have successfully forced the Government to change the timings of maternity grants to better meet the needs of our mums. We have made NICE extend their multiple pregnancy guidelines. We also encouraged the Secretary of State for Schools to undertake a review into the school admissions process which can put our families at an unfair disadvantage. We have stood up to the fertility regulator to protect patient choices and continue to work with local providers to improve what they do. Find out more about our campaigns at


MEMBER OFFERS Welcome to your Tamba Member’s discount directory. Over the next 3 pages you’ll get an insight into the range of useful offers you can access saving you money on the products and services that we know you’ll need. All of these offers are exclusive to Tamba members – from discounts on maternity wear, nappies, buggies, toys, shoes and clothes to holidays, days out, education products and financial and legal services. This is just a brief sample and there are over 100 on our website (where you will also find the discount codes) and they are growing all the time. We regularly review and change our discounters* so keep updated by going to our website to view the full range and sign up for our E-newsletter ‘Tamba Talk’, which has even more competitions for you to enter with great giveaways and free gifts.


Jojo Maman Bebe – 20% OFF Nursery Stores With more than 25 online companies within this store selling everything for those early years including sleep solutions, nursery and child furniture, car seats and feeding accessories, there is sure to be an outlet with exactly what you are looking for. There are even companies with personal shoppers to help expectant parents ensure they have everything they need before the babies arrive. Logon to to obtain the latest promotional code or show your membership card in store.

Mothercare & Early Learning Centre 10% off purchases over £100 Everyday Maternity – 10% OFF Maternity Wear and Nursing This department not only includes online and local retailers of maternity wear but also offers other services available to expectant mums. These include a growing list of companies offering techniques to help to prepare for birth such as hypnobirthing and relaxation therapies. Logon to to obtain the latest promotional code.

Sarah Jane – 10% OFF Nappies etc. The Baby Changing department features more than 20 companies supplying everything you need for baby changing including re-usable and eco-friendly nappies, natural wipes and creams, changing mats and nappy wrappers. They offer up to 10% discount to Tamba members. When you need double or triple everything it’s sure to help with the cost. Logon to to obtain the latest promotional code.

Fudge & Simply Colours – BOTH 10% OFF Baby and Kids Clothes These companies offer discounts of up to 20% on baby and children’s clothes both online and locally including christening gowns and swim clothes. There’s also a section for premature baby clothes’ retailers. Logon to to obtain the latest promotional code.


Glasgow Pram Centre – 10% OFF Buggies Out and About This department incorporates stockists of twin and triplet buggies as well as other products for when out and about including buggy boards, baby carriers, family bikes and car seats. Logon to to obtain the latest promotional code.

Easy2Name – 20% OFF Toys, Books and Parties This department is so much more than just toys and includes over 25 companies offering discounts up to 20% on toys, DVD’s and books, school and party items. Whilst the majority of the companies are online retailers there are a few local stores in the list too. Logon to to obtain the latest promotional code.

Clarks – 10% OFF Shoes Clarks is the largest of our shoe retailer discounters but it isn’t the only one. Check out other brands and online discounters offering 10% off shoes. Logon to to obtain the latest promotional code.

UP TO 25% OFF Days Out Search for play centres and leisure attractions across the country which offer discounted entrance for Tamba members. The list currently includes attractions in Cheshire, West Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, North Humberside, Kent, Sheffield, Middlesex, Tyne and Wear, Essex and Cleveland. There are new attractions being added all the time so keep checking for days when you just need to keep the children occupied! Show your membership card on entry.


Ski Famille and Haven Holidays – save £100s Holidays With more than 14 holiday companies to choose from both at home and abroad there is bound to be something to suit your family. The options include cottages, farms, holiday parks and hotels in the UK, camping and mobile homes and villas in Europe as well as companies supplying all the products you need to take a family with young children on holiday. Logon to to obtain the latest promotional code.

Plus Get £50 worth of M&S Vouchers with the Financial and Legal Services and make even more saving on classes and educational products.

*All discounters listed in this guide were correct at the time of going to press (January 13)

Tamba is a registered charity number 1076478. It is a company limited by guarantee, registered number 3688825. Scottish Charity Number SC041055

The Tamba website shop is easy to use and contains a wide range of publications and other Tamba resources for you to buy. To reach the shop, simply click on the link from the home page where you find the shop divided into categories according to the age of your multiples. The current best sellers are: Dr Carol Cooper’s – Twins and Multiple Births

Tamba’s breastfeeding booklet

Preparing for Parenthood booklet

Normal delivery is 7-10 days.

Thank You for supporting Tamba Tamba is the only UK charity providing multiple birth specific information to families. We need to generate approximately £430,000 each year in order to run all our services. Roughly half our income comes from membership fees, so your support is much appreciated As a smaller charity, your support makes a huge difference to us and really does count - it is not just a drop in the ocean. Here are some quotes from other Tamba members: “I always recommend TAMBA. The clarks discount almost pays for my membership and the access to all the resources if I need them is great” “ It’s so important to know other people are in the same boat, definitely helped keep my sanity! “ “Knowing that there’s always someone just at the end of the phone if you need them is reassuring” “I like being part of a community of multiples. Knowing there are other families going through what I am and having access to them is more than worth the fee.” “Discounts are good esp JoJo and also think all the campaigning is great” “When my twins were small I slept with the Twinline number beside my bed! I didn’t use it but it was reassuring to know someone was there if needed.”

We regularly measure and report on the effectiveness of everything we do to ensure that we make maximum use of our very limited resources. Please rest assured that we make every £1 donated work as hard as possible to the benefit of our families. Our sincere thanks to you all for your support.

Tamba Members Handbook  
Tamba Members Handbook  

A Guide to benefits of becoming a Tamba member. Twins & Multiple Births Association