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Odd Educational Scheme of Pakistan Today Pakistan is facing many problems, Problem of corruption, problem of unemployment and the problem of illiteracy so on and so forth but the problem of expensive education is one of the most major problem that Pakistanis are facing now.The policies of GOVT of Pakistan are miserable, because they dont give any subsidy in the field of education and instead of this they are continiously increasing taxes on education. There policies are showing they dont that our Rulers dont know the value of education or they dont want to see there nation educated Over the last 15 years college tuition fee has steadily risen. The matter of concern is that the leader of Pakistan have never thought coming down to the level of the Pakistani nation and their own children are getting education in high class foregien colleges and universities. That is why they are unaware of the basics issue of their nation. If we analyze the steps taken by the Govt. of Punjab in the field of education then we will observe that they are fully satisfied with "Shabaz Sharif laptop Scheme" But I am not in favor of that scheme because laptop is not a basic part of education. There are a lot of students who got laptop from this scheme and then sale it because of some other educational needs. Instead of this our Govt should have to decrease the tutional fee so that every student keep continue his study with peace of mind or they can or they can facilitate different colleges and universities with more advance computer labs and other advanced facilities. On the other hand Govt has imposed taxes on paper owing to which prices of Papers, Books , Notebooks are also increased which is out of range for a normal person. It feels that government does not want to subsidize a common man in Pakistan. So, This all is just because of bad government and bad policies of the government of the Pakistan. By:- Sajid Ali

Class: BS(CS)-3rd Roll No: 17

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