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Tears Tears are secretions that clean the eyes. Strong emotions such as sorrow, joy, irritations of the eyes, laughing may lead to an increased production of tears or crying. Tears shows a true feelings of a person that how the situation effect them. Sometime a person hurts as deeply that our tears suddenly roll down on our face. Someone says that. "Tears are the silent language of grief" but some people cannot understand our feelings behind the tears they just take is as a drop of water. Some time our tears tell others what we want to say or what our feelings now for them. People who love Allah Almighty always crying in prayers for the grace of Allah because Allah says that. " Shed tears for me I will forgive you" Tears are very necessary to say sorry to Allah Almighty but mostly people shed tears for just show off. When our life is full of sorrows and suffering we cannot see the world clearly that why. "Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears one in a while, so that we can see life with a clear view." In sorrows we crying and after this we feel lightly. Sometime tears comes in our eyes because of joy. We cannot hide our tears from our close relations or those people who have strong feelings for us, they understand our reason of sadness. It is very sad moment when someone who is special in our life hurt us and after that he said "what happened..??" and we just say nothing and we try to hide our tears. "Crying in front of someone shows our weakness" A strong person never cry in front of others. The best time of crying is in darkness or in rain. "I love walk in rain because no knows I am crying" Some people said that a person who have no tears in his eyes have no feelings for others but they cannot understand dry eyes have a lot of hide tears but they don't want to show their feelings. By: Roll No:23 Class: BS(CS)-3rd

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