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Educational Problems in Azad Kashmir There was a time when education waas beyoned the approch of poor people only well to do people could get there children educated now we have a wide ranging network of education in Azad Kashmir but the quality of the education is not up to mark it is not surming over required our requird purpose. From the pliminary to higher education we have many problems and draw backs in education system. All the teachers are recruited on political bases highly qualified people are being neglected. It is our need to bring the revolutionary steps to bring mobility in education department. So long we do not preserve merit we cannot show the progress in field of education. Today majority of the teachers are not devoted to their profession they teach devoutly in private sector. There results in colleges is Zero so long the government has no grip over them our standard of education will go on falling day by day. Today the teachers who are performing their jobs at far off places they keep a teacher with 5000 rupees they are attach to the party of the running government in such situations we cannot get fruit full results. At University level the opintment system is not affective any person who is in good books of appoint authority will get job good teachers are rearly available at the university level. Phd are Mphill Teachers should be appointed at university level. I conclude with the hope that the task force should be set up monitor the schools colleges and universities technical education should be introduced in every District. Honest people should be appointed in the public service commission. In the Govt. has positive thinking and will power it can turn impossible tasks to possible in education department.

By: Rizwan Ahmaed Class:_________ Roll No : 07

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