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#4 Do we know how to deal #5 Do we admire and #6 Am I ready to think of with each other’s not-so-rosy respect each other as him/her as a parent of my –sides? individuals? children? Do you know how your boyfriend

Your legacy to this world will by as

would react if you start having differences with his parents after marriage?

Are you in love?

much a part of you as your spouse.

Your dogs are your kids. Are you sure




Does it make you proud to think of

she’s not allergic to them?



him/her as a parent of your child? Are

you’re under the

you absolutely sure his/her are the



genes you’d want to mix yours with,


and would have no qualms about? In

As I’ve

reiterated count-lessly (and I’ll do so many more times, because it’s important), spend time with each other. Spend years. Yeah, two or more.



At the initial stage of a relationship,

drug (I know I was). A hallucinogenic this regard it’s very important to take

people are happy; they see and show

substance which makes him/her look each other’s families into account too.

only the positives. There’s no replace-

like The Best Thing God Has Ever Are you happy to see your child as a

ment of a long-term relationship if you

Created – worth living for, worth dy- part of not only yours but also his

are to understand each other’s negatives. And that step is vital to the sta-

ing for.

bility of your relationship.

You’re not crazy enough to think

The next step, of course, is to develop

about marriage in that initial six

your own ways of dealing with those negative aspects. Decide whether it’s okay for you to live with going dog-less forever for your pet-o-phobic partner. Make your peace with your partner’s

months to one-and-half year all-rosyand-pink, are you? Don’t be.

family? If not, think. And very carefully.

Marriage is a life-altering decision. Keeping a few basic principles in mind and asking the right questions can help you avoid major mistakes. What’s

Loving and caring for someone is great your own set of questions to ask

not-so-well-off family before you decide

for the dream days of infatuation but yourself and your significant other

they’re The One. The time you take to

not enough for the reality of marriage. before you proceed to “I do”?

come up with your ways of dealing with

Ask yourselves whether you also

the not-so-perfect aspects of the

admire each other for the individuals

relationship will determine how soon you can be ready for a lifelong commitment.

that you are and the unique qualities that you possess. Trust me – you don’t want to get married to someone thinking they’re gold, only to find out postmarriage that all they are is glittery.

As the weeks pass by, we’ll try to make sense of urban India’s stories/queries/concerns/depression/ tensions/mania about love with the Raving Romantic - Sulagna Dasgupta. Perhaps through these windows you’ll get to know a bit more about yourself or your partner, or your existent or nonexistent relationship. Perhaps not. But you’ll smile, chuckle, laugh, stop laughing, start dreaming and start questioning, for sure.

Tamarind Rice Volume #1 Issue #2  

Tamarind Rice Issue #2 May'13

Tamarind Rice Volume #1 Issue #2  

Tamarind Rice Issue #2 May'13