Raising A Mogul Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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Raising A Mogul Holiday Gift Guide


#1 Holiday Shopping Guide featuring Young Entrepreneur Products and Services.

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Two & Fro

Madiah Jones, CEO Two&Fro is an online retailer of unique, cultural and empowering designs; featured on apparel, accessories, home decor, and stationery. The 15-year-old CEO/designer is inspired by her past and present interests, current events, and hip-hop culture.

Notes From The CEO Two&Fro features bold, nostalgic and colorfully Designed clothing, shoes, bags, home decor, and stationery. Two&Fro’s unique designs seek to empower people of all ages and shades across virtually all walks of life.

The Special Offer For orders of $100 or more, holiday shoppers will get 10% off their total purchase using code: GIFT10 (Offer expires 12/21/18). Layaway is also available; affording shoppers up to three months to pay. And don’t forget the $5 Spot Shop; perfect for getting a little something for everyone on your list. Free Shipping Site Wide for all purchases.

Shop www.TwoAndFro.Co Follow TwoAndFro /2nfro @two_n_fro

Caden Harris Social Media @daddydidyouknow Website daddydidyouknow.com

Mikey Knows Biz Social Media @Mikey Knows Biz Website MikeyKnowsBiz.com

Saniyya Hunt CEO of Sassy G Social Media @Sassygsworld Website sassyg.bigcartel.com

Free Holiday Top Coat and Cuticle Oil 25% off Winter Wonderland Set Holiday Season (beginning December 1) Free gift wrapping and gift sets. Gift sets placed in a free ornament with orders over $40

Discount Code is HOLIDAYCHEER




ShaJAnder Enterprises is the primary division of ShaJAnder Wears Inc. Shamar James Anderson is the founder and CEO of both. ShaJAnder Wears represents words of inspiration, empowerment, and kindness on their products. The clothing is primarily for Teens and Tweens. However, there are adult sizes available. The birth of ShaJAnder Wears was as a result of Shamar transforming his love for fine art, and using it to start his business in designing T-shirt products. In addition, being fascinated with Gucci brand inspired him as well. ‘The Science Behind It, Formulating Success at Any Age’, is sold at ShaJAnder This book is ideal for young people who wish for something bigger and adults that would use the book as a tool to empower or inspire youth to dream higher or think bigger. This book would be the perfect gift of what can happen and how a young person can get there. Discussion about these inspiring stories, the challenges that they are facing in their own business and how they intend to overcome them. Brainstorm about their dreams and ways they would like you to help motivate them. Is a great conversation starter for aspiring CEO or anyone wanting to be Game Changers. Myself and 25 young moguls share their incredible personal stories. This will make a perfect gift not only for your child but children in the community who is facing challenges of not being empowered.


All the gifts share words of empowerment to inspire Both boys and girls - the basketball T-shirt and the little girl's T-shirt.

The Special Offer Book 1. Empower, inspire and give the gift of knowledge to 10 children in the community and we will send you your own personal authographed copy for free. 2. Purchase your copy of The Science Behind It, Formulating Success at Any Age, we will send you a container of your choice of flavor of vegan cotton candy from Fluffy Flava free, a $5.00 value. Fluffy Flava has partnered with us this holiday to help bring the gift of knowledge to as many children across this country. Tees 3. Order a pair of tees, youth size only. choosing from these below only. We will send you a third one of your choice for free. Play Ball/Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt Pretty Girls/Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt


shamararttees.com shajanderenterprise.com

Follow Shamar ShaJanderEnterprise https://www.facebook.com/ShaJanderEnterprise/ shamar-james-anderson @shamarjamesanderson https://www.yooying.com/shamarjamesanderson @ShaJanderEnterp https://twitter.com/@ShaJanderEnterp


Kidz Mic provides the kids you love with fun tools to fuel their ability to achieve their life's purpose fulfilled! Kidz Mic provides fun science challenges, STEAM backed toys, leadership tips from celebrities, and influencers to fuel your child's confidence and success!

Notes from the CEO Did you know studies say people with a lower level STEM degree make more money than people with high level non-STEM degrees and non-STEM Master's degrees? Want to know what kind of STEAM leader YOUR child might be? Well, the Kidz Mic Uber Fun STEAM Pack makes it easy and fun for your kids to learn their STEAM strengths and start learning STEM and STEAM concepts now! Get the set now to receive the Who's Your STEAMLeader? Quiz an assessment to identify your child's strengths - 10 leadership building affirmations on CD, leadership, teaching music - over 10 hits songs sung by kids with hot beats, STEAM fun through 2 educational toys along with Kidz Mic's STEAM fact sheets on why they work - let the learning fun for future success start now!


Get over 50% off the "Kidz Mic Uber Fun STEAM Pack", over $100 value for $34.99 when you use the code "MOGULSTEAM" before 11:59 PM on Monday, Jan. 3rd 2019. Shop: www.KidzMic.com

kidzmick_products http: //facebook.com/kidzmick_products

@KidzMic http://instagram.com/kidzmic

http:/ twit er.com/kidzmic kidzmic



K-lock was started by 8 year old Kennedi Harris, due to an incident where she was misidentified through her school system. This lead her to create safety lockets to keep kids safe. She also has 5 African American dolls, apparel, and lip balm.

Notes from the CEO

My product is perfect for the holiday guide because it provides an option for the young girl who adores baby dolls and wants to add a beautiful African Amercian doll to her collection. It is reasonably priced and provides 5 doll options to the purchaser.

THE SPECIAL OFFER: December 1st - 10th K-lock will provide 10% off the total transaction.



Follow Kennedi: @klock product @klock_products


Shaiann’s mission is to help young girls and women unwrap their gift within, while igniting self-confidence with a reminder that they too can sparkle and shine. She is also a high school student, a lover of all things beauty, a go-getter and a kidpreneur making an impact on the world.


Beauty is an outlet for creativity. A concept Shaiann Hogan understood from a young age. As a way to channel her individuality Shai experimented in her mother’s makeup and later filmed a makeup tutorial on her ITouch. Upon hearing the news her mother wasn’t too happy, but it was at this moment her mother saw passion and desire. The very qualities that makes a person GREAT. She wanted to nurture Shaiann so that one day she would blossom. And blossom she did. With her mothers support and knowledge backing her, Shai learned how to produce her own custom nail polish. Shai saw that she could build an empire founded on doing what she loved and that’s how Shai’s World was born. Shai’s World is an indie nail polish company. It was launched in 2015 when Shai was a mere 13 years old. The nail polish is 100% vegan, cruelty free and is made without 5 toxic chemicals commonly found in other nail polishes such as: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resins, Dibutyl Phthalate(DBP), Toluene and Camphor. Shai’s World has a wide range of Shai Shades to choose from so everyone can be fly like Shai. Shaiann is very bubbly. Her hobbies include swimming, shopping, tumbling and listening to music. Despite all this activity Shai stays grounded in her academics. Shaiann has appeared on “The Real” Talk Show and “Harry” TV Show, and Goodmorning Washington. She has also been featured in Teen Boss Magazine. Her accolades include, placing 2nd in the 2017 Urban League. She has also been awarded with the “Her Eyes Matter” Black Business Woman Rock award in 2017. Recently, she launched a collaborative book titled “The Science Behind it” showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit along with other talented and amazing kidpreneurs with visionary Zandra of Zandra's Beauty. Shaiann is always thinking of ways to further her brand. With goals and ambition fueling her, she will reach every destination planned. Shaiann’s story proves that all success first starts with an action and each action begins with a thought. She reminds little girls every day that they can do whatever they put their minds too.

THE SPECIAL OFFER FREE Cuticle Oil with purchases over $30 35% off with coupon code: GLITTER December 1st - 25th

Shop: Shaisworld.com @Shaisworld @Shaisworldshop @Shiasworldshop

KING JOSIAH I'SA Author | Speaker | Advocate

King Josiah I'sa Cunningham is a jewelry designer, author and athlete. He wrote and published his first book at 13 years old. As a creative education advocate, Josiah struggled early in the mainstream school system. Disciplinary action, IEPs, labels and let downs were a part of his norm. Having a strong support system in his parents led him to a better understanding of how his way of learning wasn’t wrong; instead, it was simply different. Josiah’s learning skills seemed so unique, it left educators unsure on how to inspire his success. After years of a sensory and ADD diagnoses along with daily medications that never seemed quite right, Josiah made a decision to no longer allow others’ lack of patience, a defeated attitude and embarrassment hold him back. It wasn’t until he truly comprehended the meaning of his name that life changed. Josiah realized he had a higher purpose and mission. Biblically, Josiah became King of Judah at the age of 8. This inspired Josiah to want to take on a leadership role in his own life. He learned early on that as a leader, he could create awareness and be a support system for other children who have been misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Josiah is a quiet voice for those kids out there who feel as though because they may not be as gifted as their peers academically, they can’t have an amazing, successful life. He is here to tell them that they still have value to contribute to the world, and they, too, can live amazing lives full of opportunity and become change-makers.

THE SPECIAL OFFER: Grab The Science Behind It Book TODAY and get a FREE @Zandrabeauty Big Balm! A 9.99 Value for FREE.

NO CODE NEEDED SHOP: http://bit.ly/KingJosiahBook



Jakayla M. Green is the Amazon Best Seller of Daddy's Girl and the creator of the International Daddy-Daughter Day Out Day that provides Dads and Daughters fun opportunities to strengthen their relationships with intentional quality time through events planned on the same day all across the world.

Notes From The


Daddy's Girl is perfect for the Holiday Gift Guide because it is now available in Spanish. Purchase Daddy's Girl Holiday Book Bundle and receive the 5 Tips to Becoming An Author E-Guide for Budding Child Authors.


Purchase Daddy's Girl Holiday Bundle and receive the 5 Tips to Becoming An Author E-Guide for Budding Child Authors available until December 20th.

Shop www.jakaylamgreen.com Follow Jakayla M. Green JakaylaMGreen https://www.facebook.com/JakaylaMGreen/ daddysgirl_jmg https://www.instagram.com/daddysgirl_jmg/

JASIYA "JOJO" GREEN Host of Jojo's PersonaliTV and Owner of BeYou+T

Jojo's Personalitv's mission is to provide fun opportunities for youth and their parents to explore careers and set achievable goals. BeYou+T is her new lip gloss line that also empowers girls to shine from within.



As a YouTube host and youth speaker, I LOVE to make sure that my lip gloss is glossin'. I've created my own vegan lip gloss line that is safe for everyone. 10% of all sales will help me to deliver empowering workshops to young girls to learn how to shine from within.

THE SPECIAL OFFER: Love Yourself Holiday Special- Get all 3 for $20.00 Be You (clear lip gloss) Shine Bright (gold glitter lip gloss) Sparkle On Offer Expires Christmas Eve

Shop www.jojospersonalitv.com

Follow Jasiya htjojosptv tps:/ www.facebook.com/jojosptv

htjojosptv tps:/ www.youtube.com/user/jojosptv

JoJosPTV https://twitter.com/JoJosPTV

htJojosptv tps:/ www.pinterest.com/Jojosptv/

ZANDRA A. CUNNINGHAM, CEO Author | Speaker | Philanthropist | Entrepreneur Zandra Azariah is a 18-year-old entrepreneur from Buffalo, NY. Zandra’ fascination with entrepreneurship began when she was 9 years old; inspired by a simple “no” from her dad. She joined the Kids Biz Small Business Development Center program at Buffalo State College Just shy of her 10th birthday. Zandra is the youngest to graduate from the all adult class of the Minority and Women Entrepreneurial Program at the University At Buffalo, a graduate of Lucky Break University and member of the National Association of Women Business Owners, she teaches classes on entrepreneurship, advising youth and adults on how they too can get started early building their dreams. As a TEDx speaker, Zandra is one of the youngest entrepreneurs to pitch and win big on the Steve Harvey Funderdome. She has been featured on several news outlets such as Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur, NPR, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Boss, Girls Life Magazine, Teen Boss, Forbes, INC, USA TODAY, Nickelodeon, The TODAY Show, CNN. HLN, Pickler & Ben, The Harry Connick Jr. Show, Good Morning America and ABC Nightline in addition to facilitating many workshops/presentations for well known organizations like BALLE, United Nations,State Colleges, Universities, Girls Scouts USA, Boys and Girls Club, Buffalo & Jackson Public Schools and Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta Sororities to name a few. Zandra started her creative journey mixing up lip balm in her home kitchen, today she has a GMP compliant production and distribution facility. All products are handmade in small batches to maintain integrity and quality. As an eco-friendly social good company in Western New York, Zandra is committed to sustainable practices with a priority on how gentle and sensitive teen skin can be. The mission is to create high quality, fun + fresh products that smell amazing but don't have all the unnecessary yucky stuff + chemicals. Zandra, who has been named the 2017 Small Business Administration Young Entrepreneur of the Year, is the youngest to ever win an Etsy Open Call Golden Purchase order. As a trained maker and proud member of the Indie Business Network and Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild, she facilitates STEAM/STEM workshops on natural product formulation. Her “Science Behind It” Product and Business Formulation Program has been taught to young people across the nation.

Zandra has built a brand that gives back, it is about confidence and inner beauty; she believes that young ladies should be confident in their own skin and learn what beauty is from the inside out. Her hope is to inspire youth to take action and make things happen for themselves and their communities. Zandra is an agent of change, donating up to 10 % of all net profits to support girls education. Zandra is a member of the Independent Youth Network and had been named one of the youngest millionaire in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. She founded Day of the Girls Buffalo, an international movement. This girl-powered all expense paid day for girls has one goal: to connect girls with their community, provide educational options and ideas while empowering them to discover their potential and find their best path to personal and professional success. Zandra is also the founder of Young Mogul Prep School, and The Zandra "tlc" Foundation. One provides coaching to young people on the basics of business, business start-up and how to launch like a pro. The other works to provide entrepreneurial education, experiences, mentorship along with networking opportunities and access to programming that will enhance the lives of young people so they can become change makers within their families and community.


A Social Good Company we strive to educate + empower girls and women across the globe with our community-based initiatives and eco-friendly products.

THE SPECIAL OFFER Free Big Balm with all orders over $45.00 Free Travel Kit with orders over $100

December 1st - 20th

SHOP @zandrabeauty @zandrabeauty @zandrabeauty





CEO, KidNewsMaker

KidNewsMaker is a platform founded by 11-year-old Alejandra Stack with a desire to create a news outlet highlighting kids whose stories deserved to be told.

Social Media: @KidNewsMaker Website: www.kidnewsmaker.com

"We're not waiting, we're creating!"

NAZKIDZ Ceo, Uri Dawson

Uri is a STEAM Educator and Innovator. She travels across the nation teaching classes and inspiring entreprenership. Uri is a Slime and Creative making genius!

Social Media: @nazkidztech Website: www.nazkidz.com


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