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Public Relations Plan for the Expansion of The Riverside County Provider Training Institute Eastvale, CA

Executive Summary: The Riverside County Training Institute (RCPTI) is a non-profit organization designed to foster the development of all early childhood professionals nationwide. It is our desire to educate childcare providers, train mentors, and mentor trainers in an effort to increase the effectiveness in the field and build a community of leaders. At RCPTI, we strive to advocate for early childhood professionals in order to bring awareness to all different types of quality child care settings. The Riverside County Provider Training Institute is dedicated to raising the level of professionalism in the filed of Early Childhood, helping others improve their caregiving practices, as well as increasing the number of available quality childcare programs. This plan is designed to assist in the expansion of our Provider Training Institutes to provide branch services nationwide. Business Objectives: • • • • •

Raise the level of professionalism in the field of Child Care nationwide. Enhance the quality of services provided to the children in their care and their families. Improve the attrition of childcare programs nationwide. Equip childcare providers with the best practices in Early Childhood Development. Prepare providers for future solutions to childcare dilemmas, Universal Preschool, Early Head Start and Transitional Kindergarten.

Public Relations Objectives: • • • • •

To create a professional and supportive organization in the public eye. To expand and promote RCPTI through various forms of marketing strategies. To successfully recruit both mentors and protégés through various marketing strategies. To raise the level of awareness and professionalism in the field of Early Childhood. Create an online store for individuals to purchase apparel to promote awareness and professionalism in the field of Early Childcare.

Strategies • • • • •

Create a website with multiple links that suggest our site. Register with Google Search and other search engines. Create pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to create awareness of the company. Create a YouTube Video Informational that shares information about our company. Offer incentives to join the organization to include but not limited to: Membership Card, Discount to Conferences, Stipend for Completion of Program, Materials.

Public Relations Program Elements: • • • • •

Press Release on allowable websites Mass Mailers, Brochures, Flyers, and Post Card Distribution Advertisement in Local Community Magazine, Little Yellow Book, and other publications. Advertisement at local, state, and national conferences Advertisement on university/college campuses nationwide.

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