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GIO PONTI COLLECTION Designed by Gio Ponti

GIO PONTI COLLECTION 1925 Designed by GioPonti

The Gio Ponti collection consists of F.A. 33 mirror and Randaccio mirror

Italian legacy gets a new life

The Gio Ponti collection was brought into the GUBI universe in 2015, as a wish from Jacob Gubi to introduce Italian midcentury designs. The Gio Ponti collection, consisting of the F.A. 33 mirror and Randaccio mirror, share the same values as GUBI; they are iconic, simple, timeless and classic designs made of beautiful natural materials. Furthermore, Gio Ponti

was one of few designers that was able to create contemporary designs without being restricted to a certain period. The mirrors have references to the original period of time but are able to add personality to every contemporary setting and enrich the decoration, whether it is a bedroom, bathroom, hallway or a dressing room.


F. A . 33 M I R RO R

Designed by Gio Ponti, 1925

Designed by Gio Ponti, 1933

The Randaccio mirror unites elegance with simplicity and is characterized by its atypical crown-like detailing on the top, a detail used by Ponti in several of his works within design and art.

With its pure and light curved shape and iconic expression, the timeless F.A.33 mirror adds a gentle touch of elegance to any interior style.

Material Antique brass. Dimension (cm) Available in three sizes: Ø42, Ø60, Ø70.

Material Polished brass. Dimension (cm) Available in two sizes: H80 x W54, H146 x H70.

Gio Ponti

Italian designer, architect and editor, Gio Ponti (1891-1979) is one of the most influential design visionaries of the 20th century. Ponti designed a wide array of furniture and products through his career - from cabinets, lamps and chairs to ceramics and glassware - and his buildings, including Pirelli tower in Milan, and Denver Art Museum, were erected in 14 countries. Through Domus, the design magazine he founded in 1928, Ponti promoted a new curiosity and openmindedness towards new design thinking.

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GUBI's Gio Ponti Collection folder  

An A5 sell out folder with inspiration & information, for dealers to display.

GUBI's Gio Ponti Collection folder  

An A5 sell out folder with inspiration & information, for dealers to display.