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Toilet. Custom toilet part of “Recycle Me”, a series of found objects that were made into art. This piece was exhibited in the “For The Love Of Live” exhibition and Monster Truck Christmas Extravaganza.

Monster Truck. Monster Truck Christmas Extravanganza poster 2010. Using the names of the various artists involved in the exhibition I created a hand-rendered typographic solution for this project.

Shake Your Rights. United Nations 60th anniversary of human rights. This poster won the development category and was consequently exhibited in Milan New York and Geneva.

Children’s Book Illustration. “Bella Gardella” is a children’s book based on the magical adventures of a dog who travels the world. It is aimed at 4 to 6 year olds.

The World of Bees. Wood piece created for a series of recycled pieces called “Recycle Me”. The series of pieces was exhibited in the “FTLO Live” exhibition.

Runners. Custom runners hand drawn with pen on canvas. These runners are currently being discussed by high management in ASICS to create a children’s winter 2010 collection.

Silkscreen. Silkscreen piece based on different types of people in the world. This is a black and white hand rendered type silkscreen experiment created in New York 2010.

Leaf Heads. ‘Leaf Heads’ is a piece from my “Recycle Me” series based on a diary entry. The piece was created on a recycled piece of wood and acrylic paint.

Type shape. Piece created as a charity piece for the Dublin SPCA. The illustration is created by using the names of the dogs to create the shape.

Buttons. Piece from ‘I Love Type’, a hand rendered experimental book. The piece was created to portray a button world and it is used for the title page of the book.

Me. Piece from “Recycle Me�. The piece is based on myself and a personal experience. This piece was exhibited in FTLO Live in November 2009.

Targets. Illustration target which tells the story of one of my dreams. This is a piece from a daily diary illustration. Illustration and hand rendered type follow the shape of the target.

Seamus Heaney. Hand rendered type frontis piece for a collection of letterpress prints created to celebrate the poems of Seamus Heaney. The piece is inspired by Heaney’s popular use of nature in the themes of his poems.

Stamps. “Festival Mad� is the name of a series of six stamps based on crazy festivals in Ireland. The collection of stamps is illustrated as one whole story. The individual stamps can then be removed from the strips they are in.

Metals. Doodles on a silver bangle. The metal is packaged in a matching black box.

Mural. Mural piece inspired by dreams and the sky. The piece is made up of clouds and different characters that lie on them.

St. Marks. Pattern created with type forming the shape of the St. Marks reading where the main feature is the lion. The lion is made up of the reading.

Alphabet Doodles. “Alphabet Doodles” is a ‘bible-like’ alphabet book for children aged 4-8. The book is illustrated with doodles that represent the word that begins with that letter. The book is black and white so that the child can interact with the book and color it in.

Shape. Excercise created for Richard Wilde in the School of Visual Arts. The excercise consisted of creating a large illustration from given geometric shapes. All these shapes had to be connected in some way to create one joint illustration.

Thanks. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work!

Tamara McCarthy Illustration  

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