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June 2018

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10 FREE Summer Activities Camping Fun


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June 2018

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Junkanoo - Festival of the Bahamas Bright, colorful and 100% energy feel the excitement of this popular festival

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Paleo Recipe Homemade Blackberry Cacao Ice Cream - healthy and nutritious and great anytime of the year

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10 Free Summer Activities Need to fight some boredom? Here are 10 free activities that won’t break the bank and keeps everyone happy

Food Corner Easy Recipes for easy summer cooking and snacking from Paleo to Vegetarian

Take a peek into this choco-licious festival in Quito, Ecuador; Plus interesting facts about Ecuador

ON THE COVER gives us an inside look at the adventure awaiting for you in New Brunswick. Join them as they explore the Hopewell Rocks

Salon Del Chocolate Festival


Vegetarian Recipe 5-Ingredient Magical Fudgesicles, delicious and fun to make, let your creativity loose

12 Travel Corner Check out these adventures from Thailand to New Brunswick and add them to your list

15 A Night of Camping

A summer-time favorite. How to turn your backyard into a camping adventure


From the Editor Hi! I’m Tamara Laschinsky, lover of life and always looking

for new challenges! With a degree in Business Administration I’ve had the chance to explore many business opportunities and have been fortunate to own my own company and be self-employed for many years! Part of what I love most about being self-employed is being able to do what I want, when I want. I have a creative mind, always looking for new things to learn and my career choice allows me the opportunity to do exactly that! Along with running my own business, Lifestages Holistic Healing, I am also a Indep. Consultant for J.R Watkins and have loved it from Day 1! With great work/life balance, I have the opportunity to explore new ideas and this magazine is one of them! I realize two of the things my customers love most are Food & Travel, thus the inspiration for this magazine! I also love new food recipe ideas and ways to eat more healthy. Plus, the world is a big place and I love hearing about travels and experiences. Creating X-Ploring has given me the chance to create some wonderful partnerships so I can share with you, some incredible recipes and travels by those who do them best! I hope you enjoy this edition and I always welcome your feedback, concerns and suggestions for future articles!

Cabos San Lucas 2017


don’t travel as often as I like but when I do I always have a great time! This is me with my brother in Cabos San Lucas. I was on an all-expenses paid trip from the J.R Watkins company I am with and we spent a great week down there. Visiting local restaurants, taking some boat tours and enjoying some sun was how we spent most of our time. Waters are rough there so didn’t get to enjoy my favorite past-time, snorkeling, but still managed to have a wonderful time! Big thanks to J.R Watkins for offering such great incentives to their Indep. Consultants and super big thanks to my brother for coming along since my hubby couldn’t make it this time. Nothing like fresh-made avocado table-side with some salsa and chips for a light afternoon snack!


From the Editor




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Salon del chocolate festival



Did You Know? Founded in 1532 by the Spanish who drove out the Incas to claim it Ecuador was the first country to recognize the Rights of Nature to “exist, persist, maintain and regenerate it’s vital cycles” National Tree: Cinchona which produces Quinine (first drug to prevent & treat Malaria) Named after the equator (which runs through the country)

This festival is every chocolate lovers dream come

Roasted Cuy (Guinea pig) is a delicacy based on ancient traditions


Worlds largest exporter of Bananas!

Made with the finest ingredients, competitors showcase their wares to thousands of customers from near and far. Everything from chocolate cakes and truffles to pure chocolate pieces and chocolate cream liqueur mixes.

Location of the Galapagos Islands; Home to many unique reptiles & birds and where Charles Darwin visited and based his Theory of Evolution

Festival goers can sample the products, learn about the origins and how the chocolates are made and buy some goodies as well. While the festival is a busy one each day, it’s the last day you want to get an early seat because this is the day the judging occurs! Vendors work hard on building immaculate chocolate sculptures and are then judged and prizes are awarded for various categories.

El Oriente, where the Amazon rain forest exists in Eastern Ecuador. Home to 10% of the worlds trees 16% of the world’s bird population can be found here, included over 130 species of hummingbirds The famous white strawed hat called the “Panama Hat” actually came from Ecuador and was exported via Panama Excellent health care - ranked 20th world-wide!


Salon del Chocolate Festival










Ah Summer! A time for nibbling and noshing. Nothing too heavy, just snacking here and there! What

better way to keep nourished, without having to cook too much, than a simple cheese platter! A bit of cheese, some meats and crackers and a variety of fruits and you are good to go! Like all great meals, it just takes a little bit of planning (grocery shopping!) and you will have everything you need. Grapes and cheese go together perfectly and add some other fruits and you have a refreshing platter. Consider adding some dark chocolate and some spiced jams to really liven up the party!


Food Corner - Light & Refreshing


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Watermelon Mint Prosecco

Roasted Broccoli Bowl With Vegan Special Sauce

A celebratory refreshing drink with a summer twist! What better fruit than the Watermelon to quench your thirst and toss in some lime and mint with a touch of honey, topped with prosecco - you have a winning combination!

The sauce is what will REALLY to blow your mind! Healthy broccoli, chickpeas, rice and sunflower seeds for some crunch, topped off with a sauce to bring it all together! Fast and easy to make - this recipe for 2 can be easily modified!

Get the full recipe here at

Get the full recipe here at

Photo Credit: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

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Sheet Pan Cod & Vegetable (Lemon Herb Sauce)

Adaptogenic Date Shake

Light and healthy, Cod is a great meal anytime, but especially in the hotter months. An easy recipe not only tasty and easy to make but best of all, easy clean-up! Get your Omega-3’s and 6’s with low calories in this delicious meal.

Dates - we love them! Tasty and nutritious, the idea of a Date shake is good on it’s own - but add some of these Adaptogens into the mix and you have a glass full of healthy and tasty! Best of all, you can choose what Adaptogens you want to add!

Get the full recipe here at Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Get the full recipe here at


Food Corner

PALEO BlackBerry Cacoa Ice Cream Looking for something refreshing,

cool, tasty and nutritious? What better summer treat than Ice Cream! But most ice creams are loaded with salt and sugars and nasty ingredients not too mention high in calories. So the question is, can you have your cake AND eat it too? Is it possible to have an ice cream that tastes good and is healthy at the same time? Dare I say...Yes! And you’d be surprised at just how easy this recipe is Photo Credit: PaleOMG

Using Coconut Milk and fresh Blackberries you can easily whip up your own ice cream, perfect for a summer treat or a dessert for a dinner party! Full full ingredients and recipe instructions visit PaleOMG here....

BlackBerry Facts: High in Vitamin C

Did You Know?

Low in Sodium

Dark blue color indicates highest level of antioxidants, well known for lowering cancer risk Helps with brain alertness Tannins reduce intestinal inflammation, alleviate hemorrhoids and ease diarrhea Even the leaves and bark have been used traditionally Contains Vitamin K helpful for relaxing muscles


Food Paleo


VEGETARIAN 5-Ingredient Magical Fudgesicles O

k - really? How can something Vegetarian look so darn good? Gone are the days where Vegetarian food meant bland and boring! Besides being another tasty summer treat, these fudgesicles are colorful and attractive looking (not to mention healthy!) Would you believe you can easily make these wonderful treats out of cashews, coconut milk, avocado, dates and cacao powder? Not only is this a nutritious snack but you can let your creative side loose when choosing some toppings. Sure you can keep them plain by you can also dip them into one or two (or three or four...) toppings for some extra flavor and added nutrition! Get the whole recipe and low down on making these tasty delights at

suggested toppings Photo Credit:

Coconut - Raises good cholesterol, provides brain and body with quick energy Cacao Nibs - Super high in antioxidants, source of Magnesium, Calcium and Iron Toasted Nuts - Packed with protein and source of Omega 3’s, Fiber and Vitamin E Dried Fruit (Raspberry shown) - Highly condensed packages of vitamins and nutrients Citrus Zest - Vitamin C, Calcium and can keep blood pressure in check Hemp Seeds - Protein plus high in Omega 3’s and 6’s, good fiber source and helps curb hunger Bee Pollen - Boosts the immune system and is great for your intestinal flora


Food - Vegetarian



junkanoo festival


IVAL TO REMEMBER! Bahamas- Did You Know? Average temperature is 20 - 32 degrees. Sea temp is 26 degrees year round! Visit Andros Island and check out the 225km long Andros Barrier Reef, one of the largest in the world! Visited by many pirates in the 1600’s

What is Junkanoo? Well, that depends on who

you ask and it’s been a subject of debate for centuries. However, what everyone will agree on is it is a wonderful, fun time of dancing, music, food and festival fun not only celebrated in the Bahamas but all the way over to Miami and Key West where residents have their roots in the Bahamas! So when can you attend this event? Luckily something this fun and energizing happens more than once a year! Boxing Day and January 1st are given days for this festival plus if you are in Nassau, you will have the opportunity to experience Junkanoo on Independence day plus every Saturday Night in July! The most popular story of the origin of this festival dates back to the 18th-Century where slaves were given 3 days off at Christmas and resulted in the slaves dancing in the streets in colorful masks and outfits. Today you see colorful masks and face-painting and dazzling costumes while festival participants dance and sing the time away!

Clear water and white sandy beaches; There are approx 700 islands in the area. Beach bars are great to visit, offering local drinks and fresh caught fish plus entertainment and great views! Pig Beach/Island - as you may have guessed, it’s an island inhabited by feral pigs! Some foods to consider: Cracked Conch, Rock Lobsters, Stew Fish, Johnnycakes, Pigeon Peas and Rice, Souse, Guava Duff. Well known for it’s Rum, the Bahamas is also known for production of it’s beer - “Kalik”. July - October is Hurricane season and November - April is high season. (So I would choose May personally!)


Junkanoo Festival




& living



Adventure - it’s good for the soul! This world is so big and there are so many adventures to take. No matter where

you are in life, you can always find an adventure, be it on a remote island far away or in your local park. The distance doesn’t matter, only the destination and what you get out of it! Explore some of these top picks from around the world and maybe they can be useful when you plan your next vacation! Plus get some ideas for at home activities and tips when doing some travel!


Travel Corner


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7 Adventures in New Brunswick

7 Must Do Adventures in Thailand

If you are heading out to New Brunswick you will surely find lots to do and see. However, in this article you will discover 7 Adventures you need to check out! From tours to biking and just relaxing, we have you covered!

Beautiful scenery and so much adventure around every corner. From scuba to snorkeling, rock climbing and hiking, you are not going to be bored when you visit Thailand! Check out these top adventures!

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Read Full Article at

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Wine, Food and Tours - The Good Life

5 Tips for Tayrona National Natural Park

Sometimes a refreshing wine tour with some eats and chance to put your feet up is all you need for your relaxing vacation! The Okanagan Wine Valley has all of that and more. Take a look at this guide and see what the region has to offer.

It may take a bit of work getting there but you won’t be disappointed! There’s a bus ride involved, horses and going through the dense jungle and on the other side - beautiful beaches with white sand, clear water and hammocks. Enjoy!

Read Full Article at

Read Full Article at


travel corner

SUMMER FUN Top 10 Free Summer Activities Ok, so summer rolls in, the kids

are out of school and now the big question - What to do?

Sure you can go to the local Zoo or Amusement park but you can’t be spending that kind of money everyday (and nor should you have to!) Fun summertime memories are based on two simple factors: Who you are with and what you are doing! Even the simplest of activities can create memories to last a lifetime!

1 Set up a Picnic! Pack some treats and Frisbee and head out to a park or even your backyard! 2 Do a neighborhood scavenger hunt, look for items like feathers or do activities like climb monkey bars 3 Visit the Library and see if they have any summer programs running Be sure to 4 Find summer crafts you can do collecting items from nature check out Homemade Ice Cream Day - Find a recipe, shop for ingredients and enjoy your treats. 5 your local community 6 Do a summer garage sale, have your kids get rid of items they don’t want anymore website to Ol’ reliable - Set up a Lemonade Stand! 7 find more free events 8 See if your local gym offers free teen summer memberships and activGet into Geo-caching: Fun and good exercise 9 ities near you! 10 Go for a hike, be it around your neighborhood or into a park for the day! 14

summer fun



hat a great way to get back into nature! There is nothing like heading outdoors, setting up a tent and watching the stars at night. Sure, you can grab your gear and head into the wilderness or book a campsite but you can even simply set up a campsite in your backyard (If you live in the City or somewhere you can’t stay out all night, let the kids fall asleep then bring them in later to sleep inside!) Start with a packing list and have each child pack their own knapsack. Make it a learning lesson by having them write down what they should bring and check off the items as they are packed. Find a suitable place to set up camp and make sure everyone helps. From setting up the tent, to bringing out blankets and setting up chairs; Assign those tasks to create self-sufficient campers!

Once the unpacking and setting up is done, get some snacks

ready and break out the games! Have some water fun, enjoy the sun, go on a hike or bike ride and enjoy time without any electronic devices!

When it’s time for dinner, have everyone help prepare and clean up. Talk about wildlife safety and proper disposal of waste items. If you can, have a campfire and enjoy some snacks around the fire, telling ghost stories or even funny stories! Enjoy the stars and try to identify the constellations, use a star chart if you have one. Once the night is over, be sure to explain how to extinguish a fire safely and completely before snuggling in for the night. Keep a checklist the kids can refer to in ‘closing up’ their campsite for the night. Sweet Dreams!


camping fun

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