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The Blue Wagon September 2010

Boston DREAMers make their mark on Franklin Park’s Children’s Festival

Inside this issue Note from the President Alumni Database Update Deep Thoughts from a Camp Director DREAM Expands to MIT! Upcoming Alumni Events Staff Retreat Poetry DREAMstock is Calling You Mystery DREAM Alumna Corny Joke of the Month

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By AJ LeGaye, Alumni Council President What happened when we graduated from college? Most of us moved to a new city or state, started a job, matriculated into graduate school, or took time off to travel. No matter where we are or what we're doing, our Friday afternoons no longer revolve around spending time with our mentees, celebrating friendships and offering guidance. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this: I miss those days. The kids who looked up to us during our undergraduate years still think of us as friends and role models; graduating from college doesn't change anything except how often we see them. Just think though, when was the last time you spoke to your mentee? Some of us are better at staying in touch than others, but a quick email, phone call, or Facebook message can make someone's day. If a DREAM kid has ever asked you why he/she hasn't heard from his/her former mentor, you'll understand why I wrote this note. If you need any help re-connecting with your former mentee, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

They grow up so fast

AJ LeGaye President, 2010-2012 DREAM Alumni Council

ALUMNI DATABASE UPDATE A behind the scenes look By AJ LeGaye, Alumni Council President One of the Alumni Council's primary goals is to re-connect and stay connected with as many DREAM alumni as possible, which becomes more essential each year as DREAM continues to expand (check out the article on MIT!). In order to accomplish our goal, the Alumni Council and the Central Office have teamed up to pore through all of the contact information in our alumni database to ensure that it's complete and accurate. It's a behemoth task that will take several months to complete, but it's one that will benefit both DREAM and the Alumni Organization in the long-term. Once the update is complete, more alumni will be in the loop about DREAM events, news, fundraisers, announcements, etc. Specifically, we are looking for the following three pieces of information on each alum: 1) email address, 2) cell phone number, and 3) current city/state (or region). You might receive a Facebook message or a personal request for contact information, so please send us an update. We want to hear from you because we want to stay in touch! Not sure if we have your information on file? Be sure to update your contact information by sending a quick email to DREAM's Development Director, Sandy Mervak (


Of a DREAM Camp Director! By Ashleigh Ellsworth-Keller, Camp DREAM Director

Yes, fall is upon us! It‟s hard to believe that it has been nearly a month and a half since the summer camp season ended. This past summer was another incredible one at Camp DREAM. The shores of Metcalf Pond were graced by the presence of 110 campers and CITs (a new record!), eight Counselors, and four Trail Crew members who busted their butts for DREAM all summer long. There is truly “SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR”! For those people who have never been to camp, it can be hard, at times, to describe that “magic” that occurs when kids and (semi-)adults get together in the woods. It is a spark—a combination of people, time, and place—that cannot be replicated. Being at Camp forces you to consider the moment: you are here, and you better enjoy it, because just as soon as it begins, it‟s over. Each week, new campers come and go, and the experience changes. The skits, the jokes, the songs may be the same, but the players are different and each one is important. One of my favorite nights of the Camp Week this past summer was Coffee House night, where campers and counselors shared skits and talents in front of a roaring fire. Some skits were old favorites alongside soon-to-be Camp classics, such as “Timmy and the Worm” and “Mommy, Mommy.” Some were camper-led magic tricks or dancing. And many fell outside of the realm of definition, like interpretive poetry…and semi-improvisational performances of familiar stories, like “The Wizard of Oz”…and moving renditions of the Camp DREAM song. Merely listing these doesn‟t evoke much of the magic that everyone felt when we were there, but maybe, just maybe, you can see them in your mind, alongside the feeling of the cool night air, the warm fire, the smell of scorched marshmallows, and the screams from the campers upon hearing the Camp Legend. As the leaves turn, wherever you are, remember that the leaves are turning at Camp DREAM, too, and you‟re not as far away as you think….

DREAM EXPANDS TO MIT! By Josh Warren, DREAM Boston Office

Fifty-two years ago, pledges of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at MIT measured the Harvard Bridge in body lengths of fellow pledge, Oliver Smoot. Measuring up at 364.4 Smoots, the Harvard Bridge connects Boston and Cambridge and soon will become a regular part of the Boston DREAM Office‟s commute. In partnership with the Cambridge Housing Authority, DREAM has begun to recruit students at MIT to become founding mentors in a program that will match students with children from a neighboring affordable housing development! This will mark DREAM‟s third Boston-based local program, and our first in Cambridge. We are hopeful that by mid-semester we will have a core group of mentors trained and on-site in the community recruiting children, and that by the end of the 2010 calendar year, children and mentors are programming regularly on MIT‟s campus and throughout the Greater Boston Area. Similar to Lambda Chi Alpha‟s prank with Oliver Smoot, we recently recalculated the length of the Harvard Bridge using our own Chad Butt, Dartmouth ‟04. We are confident our success in Cambridge will mirror our success in Boston, just 325.5 Butts away! If you would like to learn more about DREAM‟s newest Local Program, please contact Josh Warren at

UPCOMING DREAM EVENTS! Boston, MA: Friday, October 22nd - The Boston DREAM Office would like to invite all alumni to visit the Madison Park Village DREAM Program! Following Madison Park's weekly programming, alumni, friends, and family are all invited to a Halloween Bash at 37 Long Ave., Allston, MA. 02134. If you would like more details, or would like to RSVP, please contact or call 617-699-8408. Washington, DC: Saturday, October 30th - Jon Stewart‟s “Rally for Sanity” is upon us! Regardless of your politics, this should be great fun and an excellent excuse to get together and celebrate DREAM, comedy, and sanity. Plan on meeting at the mall around 11:30am to get a good view. E-mail Dylan Nelson at or call 206-919-7356 to RSVP. He will e-mail out more details as well. New York, NY: Late October/Early November - AJ is planning on some DREAM Alumni awesomeness. Keep on the lookout and update your database contact info so he can reach you! E-mail him at to help plan!


Poetry by Rachel Kauppila, Program Empowerment Director—Bennington Bright and early on a beautiful September day, the DREAM staff got into cars and headed on their way. Driving south on 89 they headed down, down, down, Past Barre and Hanover to Boston town!! One car got lost in the traffic scramble, We finally met up with Josh and listened to him ramble. The rest of the staff was settled at the office, Chad gave them a tour and they pronounced it flawless. Then we loaded up again and headed to Cape Cod, With Frisbee and Bananagrams and a fishing rod! For three days and two nights we spent time together, We listened and shared and enjoyed the nice weather. Life stories were told, and DREAMstock was planned, We goofed off a lot, but no one got canned. We talked about money, and how to be pros, Feedback, priorities, you know how it goes. With our noses to the grindstone, we set the yearâ€&#x;s goals, We read the staff contract and discussed our roles. Then BAM, who is that? A stranger in pink tights!! A Truth or Dare raid on the very second night! Kristen Burdge, Jen Lazar and Daniel Shearer Arrived in great form and had us look in the mirror. With maple chocolate chip cookies in tow We are appreciated, they wanted us to know. At the end of that Friday everyone felt great, With a new sense up purpose, and a bounce in our gait! We felt like a team and had plenty of rest, Ready to tackle new challenges and make this year our best!

DREAMSTOCK IS CALLING YOU Also By Josh Warren, DREAM Boston Office DREAMStock 2010 is just around the corner and we‟d love to see you there. On Saturday, October 2nd and Sunday, October 3rd, Camp DREAM will be hosting the 7th annual DREAMStock. Here, mentors will have the opportunity to network with DREAMers from across the region, set goals for their local programs, attend workshops, and abide by „Rule Number 3:‟ have fun! We are looking for Alumni who are excited to facilitate games, cook meals, share their experiences and energize mentors. Remember, today‟s DREAM mentors are tomorrow‟s DREAM Alumni, so let‟s show them some love! For more information about DREAMStock 2010, please contact Josh Warren at





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MYSTERY DREAM ALUMNA... By Josh Warren, DREAM Boston Office Tuesday, September 14th - I was at a stop light, in my car, on the way to a Billy Idol concert at Boston‟s House of Blues. You were walking down Harvard Ave., in Allston, wearing a bright yellow DREAM T-shirt. As soon as I read the lettering on the front of your shirt I yelled, “Yeah DREAM Program!” You waved, said “hey,” and just then traffic cleared and I drove away. Who are you mystery Alumna? Change of address? Just moved to a new city? Help us keep our Alumni Database relevant by sending your current contact information to


Cailie Burns, SMC '07, has the longest password in the world, for her email. It is... "MickeyMinniePlutoHueyLouieDeweyDonaldGoofySacramento." When asked why she had such a long password, she said she was told that it had to be at least 8 characters long and include at least one capital.

Josh Warren, Boston DREAM Office If you think you have what it takes to tell the corny joke of the month, send your submission to and maybe see yours in the October newsletter!

September Alumni Newsletter  

Alumni Newsletter for the DREAM Program

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