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The Anatomy of the Class of 2014

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition


the amygara: #tbt!

the hippocampus: Senior Timeline

the voice: Senior Survey Results

the lungs: Senior Band Members

the heart: Mrs. Setlock’s Graduates

the abdomen: Wrestling & Track

the arms: Boys’ Swimming & Basketball

the knees: West Penn Graduates


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Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition

the legs: Prom!

the lungs: Eye with the Pride by: Hannah Betz

The time has come. We’ve finished our Spring concert after months of practice. Expect us to take a hard-earned break? In your dreams. Now is the time to break out Memorial Day music, marching band music, and- gasp!- graduation music. It’s a difficult time. Nobody wants to say goodbye to their senior friends- least of all band members. Band presents a unique opportunity to truly bond with classmates; we’re like a family. To lose our seniors each year is pretty heart-wrenching. Still, we try to look at it positively: they’re growing up and moving onto bigger and better things! We may want them to stay- badly!- but we’re glad to see them spread their wings. This year, the band loses seventeen fantastic seniors from across all sections. From flutes to sousaphones to clarinets to trombones, we’re going to send away some great people. I got the chance to talk about their experiences one-on-one over the past few weeks. The first question was relatively easy: What has been their favorite memory during their last year with the band? Jack Nemeth, clarinet, knew his answer immediately: “The Tamaqua adjudication was so much fun!” Connor Hill, trombone, on the other hand, couldn’t pick; his answer was an indecisive “None.” Drum major and clarinet player Jared Sharpe remembered his favorite moment well. “I nearly took out a judge with my mace at the Blue Mountain tournament!” Next up: What was their favorite marching band show from all their years performing? Makayla Boyle, flute, named her junior year show (we

performed “Night on Bald Mountain,” “Sing, Sing, Sing,” “Rock And Roll All Night,” and “Hey Jude”). Many people enjoyed this year’s program of “The Phantom of the Opera,” “867-5309 (Jenny),” “Johnny B Goode,” and “Music of the Night”Ethan Hull, trombone, Courtney Miller, flute, and Sam Postupack, drum major and clarinet. Lizzy Lehman had a personal favorite: her seventh grade year was spent with the songs of West Side Story. What will the seniors miss most about band? It’s a tough question, I know, but everybody had a unique answer. Damian Munoz, tuba, answered, “Mr. Beltz’s cheesy humor.” Sam said she would miss “knowing that I belong somewhere and that I contribute to something bigger than myself.” Jack shared a similar view: “I’ll miss the fact that I’m participating in such a fantastic program that enables students to express their musical talents and be rewarded.” The final request was obviously difficult for the seniors to answer. I asked them to leave a message to the band members they leave behind. Every person interviewed struggled to put into words everything they felt towards the organization they’ve called home for years. Eventually, though, everyone came up with just the right answer. Makayla replied with “Enjoy it while it lasts- the time flies.” Jack told them to “have pride in what you do because not everyone has this privilege of such a great group.” Sam’s advice was this: “There’s always room for improvement.” Jared may have summed up everybody’s words best with his simple quote: “Eyes with pride.”

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition



Achilles TendonHeels put pressure on the Achilles tendon - causing it to shorten and tighten. If you wear heel constantly, this can actually shorten the tendon permanently!

the legs: High Heels & Bow Ties: It’s Prom time! by: Brooke DeHart

As the class of 2014 is winding down for the year (more like giving up), one thing kept the seniors motivated to keep going; prom! Staying up all night to type a paper, trying to keep eyes pried open for classes, endless tests and projects have made one forgettable night all worth it. On April 26th, girls got their hair and makeup ready, put on their gown they have been waiting to wear for months, and practicing breathing exercise to calm nerves and jitters. Guys, on the other hand, picked up their date’s corsage, put on their suit, and scrambled to find their tie or bow five minutes before pictures started. All the seniors prepared for a luxurious night at Capriotti’s with great buffalo chicken pasta and lot of dougieing to make an unforgettable night. When prom finally arrived that evening, people jumped for the hilariously fun photo booth that provided wigs, glasses, hats, mustaches, and other accessories. Others were busy munching on the fruit and salsa bar and slurping slushies from the make-ityourself slushie machine. Some were busy running around trying to get pictures with everybody. When the dancing finally started, plenty of dougieing, crowd surfing *cough cough Steve Matukonis* singing along to “Wrecking Ball”, “Blurred Lines”, and “Turn Down for What”, and dancing with Mrs. Skuba to “Apple Bottom Jeans” happened. Overall, everyone had a safe, fun, and spectacular prom! Congrats class of 2014! 4

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition


the hippocampus: Senior Year Timeline



HippocampusThe hippocampus can be found in both hemispheres of the brain. If one side of the hippocampus is damaged or destroyed, memory function will remain nearly normal as long as the other side is undamaged.

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition





by: Brooke DeHart









Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition


the voice: Senior Survey Results Best Shoe Style Connor Hill “Always gotta be in a fresh pair of kicks”

Class Clown James Weeks “If you’re able to look back and think of something funny I’ve said or done and it makes you laugh then I’ve succeeded as the class clown”

Most Stylish Anthony Rago “Thanks everyone!”

Biggest Truck Steven Matukonis

Most Likely to Cure Cancer Joann Butkus

“My peers have certainly set their expectations high for me, but I couldn’t be happier that they saw me as the ideal person to pursue such a feat. I will certainly do my best to rise to the occasion and hope to someday impact people, even if it isn’t quite as monumental as curing cancer. With everyone’s support, I hope to someday make the world just a little bit of a better place”

Most School Spirit MaKayla Boyle

Best Hair Tanisha Farber “Thank you classmates, I must say my hair is my pride and joy, I mean ive only been growing it out since 8th grade!”

Cutest Couple Gabby Freed & Adam Frantz “Thanks so much! We really appreciate it!”

Best Smile Mackenzie Heisler “I’m honored, keep smiling my friends”

Best Facial Hair Adam Bates “I never thought i really had the best facial hair, but I won’t complain about it.”

Social Butterfly Christopher Hartung “I’m really happy to be chosen to be social butterfly.....I worked very hard for this...haha, not really. But I just enjoy making friends and meeting new people, stay beautiful everyone and stay 8

friendly!”” Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition

Most Down-To-Earth Carly Trovinger “I would like to give a huge thank you to my classmates who nominated me as the most down to earth. It really means a lot! I couldn’t be any happier!”

Most Beautiful Girl Jessica Thomas “I’m honored and shocked that you guys chose me consider our class has so many girls that are beautiful inside and out! I thank you!”

Most Handsome Guy Matthew Stanek “Thanks for picking me!”

To Be on Oprah... Christopher Hartung “Well it’s a common known fact that I am

To Become Miss America Brianna Bittner “*Smiles & Waves*”

an Oprah fanatic! And I’m pretty sure that if I was on Oprah, I may die out of pure shock, but thanks for choosing me!”

To Travel the World... Miranda Amey

“Thanks Class of 2014! With 15 countries down, I only have 181 to go until I can officially be called a world traveler. Shortly, I’ll be able to check one more country off the list as I make my way to Ireland after graduation!”

To Become a Rock Star Dakota McGeehan “I had a great time in high school and I will miss it a lot. I will Especially miss the teachers that were there for me when I needed help!”

To Become President... Damian Munoz

“It’s been an honor to serve as President of so many clubs and organizations throughout the school. However, I don’t think politics are in my future, and I won’t be eligible to run for President until the election of 2032, but hey, who knows.... #Munoz2032”

To Become a Pro-Athlete... Tyler Hope

To be on the Cover of Vogue Emily Ward “That would be awesome if it would actually happen! But I could definitely see myself being a stylist for the magazine cover shoot!”

To Be Abducted by Aliens... Cory Trusky

To Win the Lottery & Loose the Ticket Matt Roberts

To Become a Best Selling Author Laura Anderson ““It’s always been my dream to write a story that touches lives, so it’s wonderful to know that I have my senior class’s support in my endeavors.”

To Live to Be 100 Emily Georgis “I can’t imagine myself that old so, I’m glad everyone else can!”

To Win the Lottery Carly Fenstermacher “Of course it would be nice to win the lottery, and I’m glad you all think I will be that lucky someday. But forget the lottery. Bet on yourself instead.”

Most Likely to be on a Reality TV Show & To Become Famous

Jacob Beers “Wow! Never really could picture myself on the Jersey Shore, but ya never know what could happen! Haha!” “Hopefully this comes true! Its been my dream to be able to hit it big and become famous for as long as I can remember! Just gotta keep working and persevering towards it!”

To Succeed... Everyone

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition


the heart: Mrs. Setlocks’ Graduates: by: Laura Anderson

It seems Mrs. Setlock continuously produces talented and interesting individuals in her classroom; Albert Steltz, a senior from her class, is yet another remarkable person. He is featured in this senior edition not only because he is a 12th grader preparing to graduate, but because he is an interesting someone. Albert is a lively new addition to Tamaqua, (along with his sister, who is in the middle school). A senior who loves listening to Johnny Cash and Elvis, drawing whenever he has free time, and taking care of injured and sick animals on the weekends, Albert is a gentle soul with many aspirations for his future. Graduating this year with the class of 2014, his father is planning his graduation party; the entire family will attend and celebrate this landmark. Tamaqua is a school filled with students and their diverse talents and abilities. Our teachers are supportive of our hobbies and try to cultivate the best out of us. Albert loves to draw in pencil and crayons, and Mrs. Setlock and her staff encourages this. This talent has led to his drawing of the banner for the Special Olympics. When I met with him, he shared one such picture: a very realistic skull depiction that few could match in its skill. He frequently has the opportunity to express his love of drawing animals and various things in class, and his teachers encourage him to do so as a reward and during his free time (especially on Fun Fridays). 10

His enjoyment of animals and life in general extends to after school as well, where Albert volunteers on the weekends at the ASPCA; he also watches animal rescue shows and is “sad to see hurt animals”. During the weekdays as well as weekends, he walks his rottweiler puppy, Princess, morning, day, and night. According to Albert, “she loves to play”. He is going to miss the food prep program, which seems to be a favorite among the group. I asked him what he cooked, and he named an impressive list of chicken, salads, french fries and “desserts, lots of desserts,”Mrs. Setlock interjected with a laugh. He is not going to miss homework, which I think is a feeling applied to all students. Mrs. Setlock described Albert for me: “(He) loves drawing, that’s for sure. Good kid, no trouble. A good helper with his peers. Good with independent/daily living skills. Very quiet in school until he goes home, where there’s a whole other story about this person I’ve never met”Likes to cook and clean. Employed in the high school this coming school year; he’ll be using STS transit with Elsie Rita, and helping out in the kitchen. Albert plans to go to Knobel’s in the summer, as well as the Rodeo and on an airplane ride over the mountains with his sister. To those graduating, Albert says: “Job

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition

Congratulations, Albert, Sarah, & Neal well done”; to those who will unfortunately be staying behind to finish out their high school years, he says: “Never give up”. We should all take a leaf from his book and never give up on our dreams. Albert plans to do the same by pursuing his dream of working as an “animal cop”, protecting the rights of animals. In addition to Albert, Sarah Stott is graduating from Tamaqua High this year. Similar to Albert, Sarah has many unique talents. Sarah’s talents include being a great friend, cheering people up with her shining smile, and keeping things exceptionally tidy. In her free time, Sarah loves to spend time with her sisters and take trips to Walt Disney World. Her favorite thing to do at Tamaqua High was organizing the classroom because her kind-hearted personality could be expressed through helping out Mrs. Setlock and her classmates.

After graduation, Sarah plans to spend quality time with her family and look forward to more Disney World adventures. When asking Mrs. Setlock about Sarah, she said, “I’m really going to miss Sarah’s exceptionally hard work ethic. Sarah always knows how to make the class smile and keep us all on task.” It will be the daily routine that Sarah is going to miss the most about Tamaqua Area High School. The ‘Blue and White’ would like to send an extra special congratulations to Neal, Albert, and Sarah as they embark on all their future endeavors. We have no doubt that you will change the world, piece by piece.

Sarah is going to miss Mrs. Setlock and her friends at THS the most because she won’t see them on a day-today basis anymore.

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition


the shoulders: Laura Anderson’s THS Survival Guide When you think high school, what usually springs to mind? Amounts of books stacked atop one another on a desk, loaded with homework. Cliques and bullies, masses of fashionable students who judge and loathe you based on non-designer appearances. That’s what sprang to my mind upon entering the glorious halls of Tamaqua Area High. I could not have been more wrong; teachers and students alike became my family. Of course there are a few things I wish I had known before starting high school: 1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE Man, I wish I had learned that one early. Several projects and papers turned in incomplete or not as good as they could have been due to last minute haste resulted in less-than-desirable grades. Unfortunate, because now as a senior I know that if I had applied myself the way I was supposed to and the way most intelligent students did throughout their high school years, I would have been top of my class. So now I am sending out the warning to all freshman becoming sophomores, sophomores becoming juniors, and junior becoming seniors: it’s never too late to start trying. Grades mean a lot to a college and for your future, and it’s always important to try your best. 2. STUDY FOR BIG TESTS This is one thing I’ve always found difficult, along with procrastination. Why study when you could be doing something much more enjoyable? I understand with the many extracurriculars and clubs to join, there is limited time for studying, but even a half hour a night makes all the difference. The key to studying well is routine; make it a healthy habit, and it will come naturally and easily, and your grades will show an improvement. Some classes are easy to skate by in, but that soon becomes commonplace and you forget to study for courses like Chemistry, Economics, and Geometry; I’ve been through it, I’ve not studied for those classes, and I’ve regretted it. 3. TAKE HONORS/AP/and COLLEGE COURSES These classes require extra effort on the part of the student, but increases your GPA thanks to weighted grades. Also, teachers tend to be more lenient toward honor students (although this is no excuse for not doing work; 12

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition

there is zero tolerance for that in all classes). Taking honors, AP, and college courses not only looks good on your transcript to a college, but is also an overall rewarding experience. The classes tend to be smaller, more tight-knit; with smaller classes comes an improved teacher-to-student focus. Honors and AP/college courses are nice because the courses are filled with students who put forth the extra effort toward their future and are not likely to disrupt the classroom with behavior or antics. I’ve taken honors courses since 9th grade, and I can honestly say I prefer them to my non-honors classes. 4. JOIN CLUBS THAT INTEREST YOU Unfortunately, I didn’t join any extracurriculars until my senior year; the opportunities are numerous, and I feel I missed out on a vital high school experience by not joining anything in my previous years. Everyone should do things that interest them, so they aren’t stuck at home with nothing to bide their time. If you’re interested in writing, join the Blue+ White Magazine Club; if you like graphic design, try Media Club; don’t let it pass you by and check your option! 5. TRY TO GET A JOB This one varies, but I know that a job increases your independence. If you have your license and can utilize your honors card, it’s nice to have money to spend at the local eatery. Having a job not only gives you independence, but it also gives you experience with responsibilities. Having a job improves your work ethic and teamwork skills in all areas of your life. It’s also nice to have money to put toward college. 6. GET TO KNOW YOUR FELLOW TAHS STUDENTS Family. That’s what it all comes down to. Tamaqua High is a place where students form their groups and make friends with similar interests, but if you look deeper than the surface, these groups aren’t your average high school “cliques”. We are all looking out for one another. I remember one particularly horrible junior day at school passed, and I was in tears by second period. I felt alone, isolated, and even ashamed of myself for expressing such emotion. To my surprise, people I didn’t even talk to approached me (even underclassmen) to ensure I was well. I was so touched that my day ended up being a good one after all. So when I give you advice on “How to Survive Senior High”, know that they are only helpful hints; the true way to survive high school is to make friends, to care about one another and to be as good a person as humanly possible. Kindness, courteousness, those are traits that could change someone’s life forever (as it affected me even a year later).

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition


the selfie hand: #tbt 8

by: Rebecca Kanaskie





family members



Blackberry ThumbThere’s actually a injury named specifically from overusing your cell phone! Called Blackberry thumb, it is an irritation of the muscles and tendons at the base of the thumb. Next time you’re about to send a text, or take a selfie, think about your health!

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition

the abdomen: Track & by: Jacob Wenzel Wrestling

With Track begin at the end of the school year it has the shortest season amongst all the sports, especially swimming. The Senior class has many athletes that participate on the team from pole vaulting to the javelin throw. Out of the immense amount of talented seniors on the team this year, ten made it to districts. For some it was there last time competing for the track team for and outstanding six to seven year career, for others it was there first and last time ever. The season, even though it rained a lot, went over well for both boys and girls team. Here are some of their thoughts on the season. NICK DIGILIO: “Fantastic coaches, great teammates, practices were challenging, wish I could do it all again.” GABE BUMBERGER: “It was a very supportive team.” RYLEE DEVLIN: “It was a good experience, connected with new people and it was so amazing how people accepted me onto the team since it was my first year.” TANISHA FARBER: “I honestly wish I would have done it my whole high school career. However, the coaches, my teammates and the experience will be unforgettable.”

Wrestling: Among the senior class there were only three wrestlers. Each of them battled it out on the mats and in their weight classes. One of them even placed at districts and brought home the belt. Our senior class officers this year were Adam “Top Gun” Toth, Dustin “Fuzz” Silkowski, and District 11 champion Colin Mashack. Here is what they have to say about their season. DUSTIN SILKOWSKI: “I honestly once a wrestler always a wrestler, it’s more of a family then any other sport.” COLIN MASHACK: “It was a good conclusion to years of hard work.”

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition


the arms: The Boys Are Back!

by: Rebecca Kanaskie

During the 2013-2014 season, the Boys’ Swimming and Diving team reached incredible levels of greatness. The addition of the diving board after a three year hiatus provided the opportunity for extra points for the boys during close meets, which secured their 9-2 record this season. As per tradition, the boys participated in the bleaching and shaving of their hair again this year, with some of the better designs being Flappy Bird , the Ford logo, and the classic “old man” head shave. Sadly, the boys will be losing not only their hair, but four seniors this year: Jake Kropp, Matt Stanek, Jake Wenzel, and diver Anthony Rago. They hope to gain upcoming freshman to fill the positions. Memories have most definitely been made this season, with one of the best being during a hard practice hearing Matt Stanek and Ben Turrano belt out a rousing rendition of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” The big question around school seems to be: “What’s with the bleached hair? Why do those guys have weird designs shaved into their heads? What’s the deal?” The answer is simple: tradition, tradition, tradition. No one on the team really knows why the boys’ team bleaches and shaves their heads, but they do know that it has aways been done. No ifs, ands, or buts, the boys will continue to do this until they decide to stop, which does not seem likely to happen in the future. This ritual provides for some feeling of calm during a 16


The ArmYour shoulder and arm bones have roughened patches on their surfaces where muscles are attached. When the muscles contract, this pulls the bone the muscles are attached to, making your arm move.

crazy season. So, what is it like to be on the swim team for the first time? Freshman Ryan Alicandri sheds some light on his experience: “My first year was enjoyable, not only because of my teammates, but because of my love for the sport.” For diver Thorn Devlin, his time on the board proved to be a learning experience: “Coming into my first year of diving, I was not really sure what to expect. The entire dive team, Rebecca Minehan, Anthony Rago, Emma Rago, and Dalton Adams, was a full line up of first year divers. We all have come a long way with major improvements, learning new things on the board everyday. Great things are to come in the future with a full year of experience under our belts!” Senior Matt Stanek said in his speech at the annual pre-Districts pasta party: “I would kill to have just one more year here.” Between team-bonding sleepovers and pasta parties in the high school cafeteria, the boys have become a close-knit group. Every year, new swimmers prove themselves in the pool, and returning swimmers end their seasons with a bang. This year was no exception to the rule of how the team pulls together to meet their goals. This year more than ever, the boys are most definitely back in town.

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition

the arms: Boys’ Baseball by: Emma Osenbach

This year’s team consists of Freshman: Daylon Barron #10 and Eddie Titus #18. Sophomores: Matthew Minchoff # 9, Russel Blaker #5, Brady Akins #4, Owen Bates #7, and Zachary Coleman #12. Juniors: Bo Rottet #11, Harold Moll #2, Nate McDonald #6, Jake Humes #13, Connor Hartung #14, Tim Lehman #16, Brad Fedor #19, and Brett Kosciolek #24 This year’s varsity baseball team had a lot of weight on their shoulders due to the success of last year’s season. This year’s senior baseball players are Matt Roberts, Adam Bates, and Ian Nicholls. Matt Roberts plays the position of catcher and wears jersey number 15. Adam Bates plays the position of right field and wears jersey number 8. Both Matt and Adam have intentions on playing baseball in college at Penn State Schuylkill. The last senior baseball member is Ian Nicholls. He wears jersey number 3 and plays the position of either pitcher or third baseman. The seniors have grown and improved a lot since their freshman year. They had a numerous amount of past leaders, and this season they had to step up to the plate to be leaders themselves. Ian Nicholls says, “I would have never thought I would be considered a leader, but now that I am, it feels great.” In addition to the seniors developing a lot since freshman year, so has the team. With a record of 14-5, and their season not over, the team is scheduled to go to leagues and districts. One would suspect their achievements this year would be because of the team working together with hard work and dedication, but Adam Bates says, “All of our success this year is because of The Real Tim Lehman.” Since the first game the team has been improving. Matt Roberts says, “Everyone has become better and closer in comparison to the beginning of the season.” “The team has also grown because they have been playing with each other for so long,” says Adam. Best of luck to Ian, Matt, and Adam in all their future endeavors, as well as the rest of the Blue Raider Baseball team.

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition


the ears: ‘Music To My Ears’ by: Damian Munoz

Colin Mashack: “Snoop Dogg: Much rhythm. Very rap. Wow.” Talli Matakonis: “Carrie Underwood: She is beautiful, smart, talented, and country rocks!” Chris Hartung: “Shakira because her hips don’t lie.” Dustin Silkowski: “Tj Smith: He is relatively unknown, but he has the perfect voice.” Nikki Klatka: “Taylor Swift: She’s a good role model and she has very relatable songs.” Joann Butkus: “Luke Bryan: I love his music, personality, and he’s hot.” Jake Beers: “John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, and Drake: it’s so difficult to chose just one, but these are my three staples.”


Damian Munoz: “There are way too many phenomenal artist and bands out there to choose just one, but a few of my favorites that I recently have on repeat are John Mayer, Vampire Weekend, Miles Davis, and Paul Simon.” Emily Georgis: “The Beatles: If it wasn’t for them, music would not be what it is today.” Stephen Billet: “Kid Cudi: He is his own genre of music, in a way.” Makayla Boyle: “Lorde: Her music is laid back but still very fun.” Carly Fenstermacher: “Timeflies: They create their own content every Tuesday!” Mrs. Tuckett: “The Backstreet Boys: They evoke a nostalgic feeling of my high school years KTBSBPA!” Ms. Makuta: “Van Morrision, the Beatles, and any classic rock are some of my favorites. I enjoy music in which the lyrics have a good message or tell a story. When I am at the gym, I listen to rap and hip hop for motivation.”

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition



















the knee: West Penn Graduates RILEY KRAEMER “My greatest memory from elementary school is the first day of school.” KIARA MOSER “My greatest memory from West Penn Elementary school is Olympic Day because I got to have fun and compete with my friends.” ANGEL SHINER “My fondest memory of WP is Olympic Day when I was in 4th grade. My class won the fundraiser and got to dunk Mr. Fasnacht.” MIKE SHLANTA “When I’m in middle school, I look forward to getting good grades.” ANTHONY RYAN “My fondest memory of WP was going to Inner Harbor Maryland on May 8, 2014.” JESSICA HOLLENBACH “I am most looking forward to going to MS because you get to have lockers. I think lockers are great to have because you can get to have a spot to put your stuff so others don’t touch it.” ERICA IMBODY “My greatest memory of West Penn Elementary is all the teachers pushing Mr. Gombar into the little kiddy pool!”


QuadricepsSimilar to how the quadriceps and the knee greatly aid the body in walking, West Penn Elementary students have helped the Blue and White make this year exceptionally successful. Thank you so much for all your hard work!


SHELLY GOHO “The best part of West Penn was meeting new friends like Haley Hamm.” MICHAEL HEGEDUS “Going to Inner Harbor Maryland on Thursday May 8, 2014 was my favorite memory from WP.”’ KATIE KRESSLEY “I am looking forward to middle school because I get to meet people.”

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition

KAYLA NUNEMACHER “I am most looking forward to getting lockers in middle school.”

MADISON NICHOLLS “I’m looking forward to lockers because I want my own space to put my stuff.”

FORREST ZELLNER “My greatest memory from WP was when I got a sugar rush on the field trip and it was funny.”

MAKENNA MILLER “My best memory at West Penn was our second grade field trip, because we got to look for crystals and keep them!”

LUKE VERTA “Meeting my best friend is my favorite memory from WP.”

BRADY MILLER “Winning student of the month is my favorite memory from WP.”

REESE SZABO “Messing with my 3rd grade teacher was is my favorite memory from WP because we would always laugh after.”

CLOWIE MCKEEVER “Meeting my best friends Bria and Emmali is my favorite memory from West Penn.”

ANYA STOTT “Sharing a cubby is messy and you can’t be organized. I am looking forward to having a locker next year.” LETISHA SNYDER “My favorite memory is the field trip because it was the last one and my mom came!” DALLAS STERLING “My favorite memory of WP is the egg drop because you got to make a paper comtraption to have a egg in it to save it!” TARRA STEIGERWALT “Writing to my penpal is my favorite memory from my WP year.” JOEL SCHELLHAMMER “My greatest memory of WP elementary was when I though thtat I was going to fail my math test and I ended up getting an A+” JAVIN PETRITSCH “Going to the WP Park, we had a lot of people there to spin us on the mary go round, so that was fun!”

Emma Elko “I am looking forward to meeting even more friends in middle school!”

EMILY LAWSON “My best memory was our 5th grade field trip to Inner Harbor because I had an amazing time with my friends.” AIDAN JONES “My favorite memory was the super-fun field trip to Inner Harbor!” NATHAN HOPE “My greatest memory from West Penn elementary was when I won basketball knockout out of 51 students.” ZACHARY GRONER “My favorite memory from WP is becoming friends with Emmali, Clowie, Lexi, and Desaray because they share laughs with me, hang out with me, and be nice to me.” BRIA GIGLI “My greatest memory of WP was when I met my best friends.” DESARAY FREY “My favorite memory of West Penn was the 3rd grade Olympic Day at the water balloon toss because I got splashed in the face with a water balloon.”

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition


JAMIE FEDELE “I am looking most forward to meeting more friends in middle school.”

TERRA STEIGERWALT “My favorite memory from West Penn is the field trip to Inner Harbor.”

GRETCHEN EPLER “My best memory of elementary school waas the PSSA Kick-off!”

HAILEY TOTH “My greatest memory from West Penn was our fourth grade field trip because we went to the museum in Harrisburg.”

EMMALI ECHEVARRIA “My favorite memory from WP Elementary is meeting all of my friends.” ALEXIS BAUDER “I can’t wait for middle school because I ge to be in a new school with new surroundings.” MIA ALICANDRI “My best memory from WP is when we saw life in the new chicks that we raised.” TRAVIS ZELLNER “My greatest memroy is the DARE Program because you learned that you’re not suppose to do drugs.” NATHANIEL ZEIGLER “I am looking forward to MS because I get to see my brother in 7th grade and we will be able to see each other throughout the day.”


HARRY SWINEHART “My favorite memory from elementary school is our Olympic Days because I love the activites that they provide.” TYLER STEIGERWALT “I am looking forward to the middle school because you get to have 30 days of gym.” ETHAN AMERSHEK “I am looking forward to meeting the new teachers in the middle school.” ZACHARY CERIMELE “I am looking forward to getting out of school one hour earlier in middle school.” EMILY FREY “When I go to middle school I am looking forward to making new friends.”

RILEY ZEIGENFUSS “In middle school I am looking forward to making new friends and meeting new people.”

HALEY HAMM “I am looking forward to the study halls in middle school because you will not have as much homework.”

JOHANNA WALBACH “The greatest memroy I have from West Penn is the excitement of going to a new grade.”

LOGAN KROMER “Next year, I am looking forward to having a locker.”

ALEXUS WARNE “My greatest memory from West Penn was moving to West Penn and meeting nicer friends.”

JAMES AKINS “My greatest memory from elementary school is meeting my best friend Ethan Amershek.”

DAX WELLER “I am most looking forward to middle school because of the lockers so that I can keep my stuff in it.”

BRYN MILLER “My greatest memroy of West Penn Elementary school is always having great teachers and friends helping me and caring for me when I needed it.”

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition


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Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition



Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine: Issue 4, Volume 3: Senior Edition

Tamaqua Blue and White - Issue 4, Volume 3  
Tamaqua Blue and White - Issue 4, Volume 3