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Tamaqua Blue and White Issue 1 Volume 2

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Page 4 to 7 - Teacher Updates! Page 8 & 9 - Blue People! Page 10 - Comic! Page 12 - We know what you did this summer! Page 13 - Pop Culture! Page 14 & 15 - Sports update! Page 16 & 17 - Band Update Page 18 & 19- Where the 2012 Seniors Are Now! Page 20 - Dear Alice Page 21 - Whole Grain Lunches

22 Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1 V. 2


Magazine Design & Cover P hotograph: Kyle Weaver


“MAKE THE CHANGE!” Rev Fit is located at: 125 East Broad Sreet, Tamaqua, PA 18252 (570)-668-6700

Student Thoughts: Miranda Amey:

Join us for one or all of our weekly classes:

Monday: Piloxing 4:00 & 6:00 PM Tuesday: Butts & Guts: 5:00 PM Wednesday: Piloxing 4:00 & 6:00 PM Thursday: Rev Camp 5:00 PM Saturday: 8:00 & 10:00 AM Also find us on Facebook at

RevFit is honestly my favorite place to work out. Whether we’re doing the Tootsie Roll at Piloxing, jumping like mad at Butts and Gutts, or doing arms, legs, plioh at Rev Camp, I always have one of the most difficult and most enjoyable workouts ever! Senora and Miss Miller definitely make working out fun.

Stef Gesnure:

There's not a time I don't want to go to Rev Fit because the people there are outstanding and always give 100 percent. Each workout is different giving every one a new challenge each day to reach their monthy goals.

Vanessa Solt:

I love going to workout at RevFit. Senora Hascin and Miss Miller are very personable and make workouts fun! No matter how tough it gets, they are always there to help you get through it!

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1/ Volume 2


By: Joann Butkus

Mr. Sakash and his new wife, Tatevik were married this past spring on May 12. Tatevik is originally from Armenia, and she moved to America the March before their wedding after falling for one of our most beloved history teachers. Mr. Sakash says that they got to know each other from hundreds of hours of Skyping, and he even went all the way to Arm nia to visit her two summers ago and last Christmas break. Talk about dedication! The new couple seems to be thriving here in the States, as Tatevik has recently opened her own women’s boutique right here in Tamaqua. Mr. Sakash then went on to say, “I had a good life prior to meeting her, but someone was always missing. Now my life is complete, and I couldn’t be happier.” Congratulations to this new amazing couple!

Surely, everyone remembers the adorable Mrs. Urban with her pregnant swag, walking through the halls with a baby bump that seemed as big as she was at the end of last year, but when she returned this year, it was gone! On June 4th, Mrs. Urban gave birth to seven pound-twelve ounce baby girl who was named Violet Mary, after her grandmother. Mrs. Urban says that the little one loves smiling, cuddling, boating, and laughing with her big brother Sean, who just turned three. What an adorable family! Congrats, Mrs. Urban!

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1 V. 2


On September 29th, we lost one of our favorite language teachers, Miss Fegley. However, we gained an even better one named Mrs. Tuckett! That’s right! Just this fall, Miss Fegley got married to the wonderful Mr. Tuckett. Of course, those of us who have come to know her maiden name will have a difficult time with this transition, but she will be appreciated just the same! Some facts about this newly-hitched teacher? Mrs. Drum was her matron of honor, which to those of us who are familiar with their across-the-hallway conversations, this is no surprise. Miss Fegley says before her wedding, “The only part I am nervous about is walking down the aisle because everyone will be looking at me and I am sure to turn bright red.” This, again, is no surprise with her! Congratulations, Miss Fegley, or rather, Mrs. Tuckett!

Can you say “ihola niñita!” because we will soon be saying that to our beloved Spanish teacher’s new baby girl! Señora Hascin is expecting her little girl to arrive on October 21st, although she says that she wants her here sooner! Senora says that she and her husband plan to name their daughter either Belle Grace or Sophie Grace, but they are going to wait until they see her to decide. Needless to say, we expect Baby Hascin to enter the world not only being bilingual but also being able to do every Piloxing move in the books, as Senora has continued to instruct ALL of the classes at Revolution Fitness Studio throughout her pregnancy. What an inspiration! The Hascin’s are ready and prepared for their new baby as Senora says, “This is our first child, so we are super excited!” Congratulations, Senora!

WELCOME TO TAHS, MS. MAKUTA! by: Caroline Kanaskie

About Ms. Makuta: You might not expect to discuss moose stew and wild boar in the Home-Ec kitchen, but these foods are not exotic to Miss Makuta, our new family and consumer science teacher. She loves cooking and trying new foods and recipes, and she focuses her classes on the importance of making healthy choices. Although this is her first year teaching, her background includes a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and nutrition from Bloomsburg University, a master’s degree in education from Marywood University, and teaching certificates in health/physical education and family consumer science. While at Bloomsburg, she was part of a body fat study of 9-16 year olds. This experience inspired her to work with adolescents and become a teacher “ see students become successful with skills they need for life.” Her father is a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, which has obviously influenced her creative skills in needlecrafts. She plans to help the students create a map of the United States with fabric scraps as a timely display for the elections of November. Outside of school, you might see Miss Makuta running, doing cross-fit, or instructing a Zumba class. She is the ultimate role model for balancing healthy eating and healthy habits.

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1/ Volume 2


By: Joann Butkus and Kyle Weaver

Does anyone remember our crazy-creative graphic arts teacher rockin’ a baby-bump at the end of last year? I sure do! Mrs. Remmel has recently been blessed with a new baby boy named Quinn Alexander Polansky. Although a typical, healthy, and jubilant baby now, things were not all giggles and smiles in the beginning for Quinn and his family. Quinn was born six weeks early, and this premature birth lead to under-developed lungs. Because of this, Q uinn had to spend his first three weeks of life in Lehigh Valley Hospital’s NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), the poor thing! This was undoubtedly a very stressful time for his family. But luckily, Quinn has made a full recovery and is now enjoying life as a happy and heavy baby, weighing almost twelve pounds! What a turn-around! Although Mrs. Remmel enjoys being at home with her family, she is looking forward to a new year with new students, and we are happy to have her back! Congratulations, Mrs. Remmel!

Chayse Patrick Barron was born on the last day of the school year of 2012 in Pottsville Area Hospital. Picking his name was a no-brainer for Mrs. Barron, her husband, and her son, as they just absolutely loved Chayse! His middle name, Patrick holds a special place in their hearts, as it was given to him in honor of Mrs. Barron’s best friend who passed away from kidney cancer four years ago. Chayse is easily reconizable as a Barron by his big, cute, blue eyes. When he’s not playing with his older brother, he loves to stick his tounge out and simply smile to show off his dimples. When we asked Mrs. Barron to describe him she said, “Perfect!” Congratulations, Mrs. Barron!

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1 V. 2


At 2:13 PM on September 11th, Mrs. Deiter brought her first child into this world, Jacob Albert Deiter. Her son has made her an even more loving, caring, patient person. She says, “Now our priorities are centered around the needs of our son. There are many emotions a new mother feels, but the predominate one, for me, is happiness.” The biggest eye opener for Mrs. Deiter, she jokes, was the amount of diapers a baby goes through in a day! She also says that sleep is now a luxury to her, “when [he] sleeps, that’s when I sleep!” However, when Jacob smiles up at her, she knows that all the sacrifices are worth it!

Mrs. Setlock is the newest teacher at Tamaqua High who is rocking the baby bump! Her due date is just one day shy of Valentine’s Day; February 13th. Her and her husband already have their heart sets on the name Joshua Paul, being Joshua is the baby’s father. His middle name is very special to Mrs. Setlock, as it was the name of a very dear friend of hers that has passed away. She’s most excited for her baby shower, as it reminds her of Christmas. “I make a list of things I want, and patiently wait to see which items I will receive.” Although, most importantly, she’s excited for the arrival of her little boy!


About Mrs. Semuta:

by: Caroline Kanaskie

This school year, Tamaqua Area High School is happy to have the addition of Mrs. Semuta to the Foreign Language department. Mrs. Semuta is a TAHS graduate, and after 11 years of teaching, she is excited to have the opportunity to return. She comes from a family of teachers--her mother has also been teaching German for almost 40 years! When asked about her favorite aspect of being an educator, Mrs. Semuta replied, “the joy of seeing students develop their abilities--I can’t describe exactly how it feels, but it is wonderful!” As a teacher, she enjoys her occupation because it allows her to continue to learn and grow personally and professionally. She admits that she is not fluent in any other foreign language besides German, but she would love to learn Spanish or French. Outside the classroom, she enjoys shopping and spending time with family and friends. Mrs. Semuta is an avid Notre Dame fan, and she loves traveling. Willkommen, Frau Semuta!

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1/ Volume 2


blue people! ths’ new student fan section

Brenden Bugge whipes his spirit towl to get the crowd going at the game against William Allen.

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1 V. 2



Carly Fenstermacher Samantha Postupack

Last year the “Blue People” attended all the football games while making a bold statement. Fans, students, parents, and strangers were curious as to who the boys under the paint were. Brenden Bugge, Andrew Jones, Ricky Winslow, Eric Smarr, Mitchell DelBorrello, and Robert Slovik were the crazy kids you have been seeing covered in blue and white from head-to-toe. Their inspiration was Penn State; they have always wanted a fan section like that one, so they took it upon themselves to start the trend in Tamaqua! Recently, three “newbies,” as they like to call themselves, have joined the group, and they are Derek Rottet, Ronnie Olesnovich, and Dylan Baddick, who is the only underclassman in the bunch. These guys are open-minded and willing to share their spotlight, so anybody can come join the fun during the games! Brenden Bugge quotes, “We all come to the games to watch and cheer our school on. We hope that we have a positive effect on the players as we stand behind them cheering. We are loud and have a lot of Raider pride. Slowly but surely, we see our section getting bigger and bigger. We love to watch the seats fill up, especially with seniors who only have a few more games to experience this.” Since last year was just the beginning, the seniors of the group figured they should make it even better for their final year as students at Tamaqua High. The Blue People want to thank Mrs. Miorelli for her help in making this happen by reserving a student cheering section in the stands. All nine guys are diehard football fans. Since they can’t be the ones on the field, they want to show their support as much as possible. Derek Rottet believes it’s all about support. If they are supporting football, then he thinks they should be supporting all the other sports, too. It would broaden their horizons and maybe create an even bigger student support system for all the teams. Now, you may think that this is an easy task to pull off on a Friday night, but that is exactly the opposite. A lot of planning and effort goes into being a proud Raider. Andrew Jones breaks down the basics for us: “We use almost anything we can find that’s blue or white for props. It takes about an hour and a half for us all to get painted and dried. We keep warm on those cold nights by yelling and moving around constantly. If you stop moving you’ll get cold. The best thing about being painted is how the fans react. It is always a crowd favorite.”

Did you ever go to a football game and hear one of those grenade whistles from the Jersey Shore? Or a screeching air horn? That was probably coming from these rowdy boys who always try their hardest to make it to away games, even in this tough economy. Eric Smarr’s motto is, “If your voice isn’t gone by the end of the game, then you haven’t cheered loud enough.” He also wants to prove to the other schools that they have the most school spirit, which can be a tough task, but if anyone can accomplish it, these boys can. Ronnie Olesnovich, one of the new comers to the Blue People, thinks the more people that cheer and the louder the crowd, the more fun they have. So, get up out of your seats, and make some noise, people! Lastly, Andrew Jones wants people to stop being shy. He sees them walk by their cheering section and knows they secretly want to be a part of it. So, the next time you’re at a football game, whether it’s home or away, look for the boys in the paint and join them! They want everyone who wants to show their Raider Pride to come and support the other boys in blue. After all, they are the reason why we’re all there under those Friday night lights!

Derek Rotett gets serious when it comes to rooting on his favorite team!

PLAYER THOUGHTS: “They’re insane and bring a lot of school spirit to the games.” -Jake Love

“They’re good support when it’s the 4th quarter when I feel like dying and all I hear is them yelling.” -Nolan Zeigler

“They are the ones that pump everyone up and make the game more alive. They are a big help to us on the field; we always hear them cheering.” -Dalton Nunemacher

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1/ Volume 2


Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1 V. 2

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1 8 9 7

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Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1/ Volume 2

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No school! No homework! No tests! No awfully boring PowerPoint slideshows! No… Fear?! Some of Tamaqua’s bravest, fearless, most courageous students divulged into their exhilarating summer vacations from grand old Summer 2012.


“My paintball team and I traveled to Gettysburg and played in an 8 vs. 8 tournament. We stayed in a hotel for two days and ended up taking second place.”

~Zac Powell

“Mexico. I swam with whale sharks, zip-lined across the jungle, and rappelled into a cave.” ~Tyler Butkus

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1 V. 2

12 12

“Florida. I went jet-skiing and slept on the beach every day!” ~Alex Wagner

“I went to Spain to visit a friend.” ~Ronnie Olesnovich

“I went to Mexico and snorkeled in a cave!” ~Arie Serniak

“Finland. I threw javelin there and got coached by a world champion.” ~Christine Streisel “I went to Ireland. I propelled down a castle wall, and my friends and I filmed a ‘Call Me Maybe’ video in the back of a bus! And I also set off a fire alarm in a hotel when I was blow drying my socks and got the whole hotel evacuated…” ~Hannah Miller






ND A T N : E C E R ASES Uno! iss l E - K Babe L y n a E e e R D s en ae Jep Sons Shov e r G ly R and and yon r h d a s r c u C mfo bt - P - Hal u g M Dou din l o u o N eG i l l E


“The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” launched on Friday, September 21, 2012. It’s the thinnest and lightest iPhone of it’s kind.

Rihanna Frank Ocean One Direction Taylor Swift Lil Wayne P!NK

Taken 2: The Paperboy: Tyler Cross: Sinister:

PG-13 R PG-13 R


Yes, after 4 years of fame, the singer-songwriter finally reveals her new fragrance, Fame.

POLL: What was your favorite performance at the VMA’s? o o o o o o


NEW AMERICAN IDOL JUDGES? Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban joined American Idol this season as judges. They are fellow judges with Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey. US Weekly asked Minaj and Urban why they wanted to sign up and they said that they simply appreciated the American Idol brand. Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1/ Volume 2


sports update! tennis, boys & girls soccer and more!


Joann Butkus

Everyone loves fall: the weather, the leaves, the colors, and of course all of the fall sports! Tamaqua High has some of the best athletic teams in the league and beyond, and it is important that everyone realizes what great things these athletes are doing! Our fall sport with one of the shortest seasons is girls’ tennis, and although they may not have much time to prepare for the season, these girls are really making the most of every minute. According to junior player Carly Fenstermacher, the season is off to a more-than-decent start; along with good statistics, she says that it seems as though everyone has improved from the previous year. The tennis team has aimed for the stars this season, hoping to qualify for districts. Carly explains that the girls may have a better chance at reaching their goal than before, because just this year, the team switched to using no-add scoring in their matches. So what does this mean? It means that when a game is all tied up at a deuce, or 40-40, the next point wins; there is no second chance to win. When asked what was one thing people wouldn’t know about tennis, Carly said, “Tennis is way harder than it looks, so don’t say it’s easy if you have never played before.” Best of luck to the tennis team this season!

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1 V. 2

14 14

One of Tamaqua’s most notable and recognized teams is our girls’ soccer team, and these girls earn their reputation. The soccer team’s season is off to a fantastic start, and the girls are heading quickly towards districts, which is the team’s goal for the season. With one win against rival Blue Mountain and more challenging games to come, the Lady Raiders are quickly picking up momentum. Senior Kailee Rottet speaks of some of the challenges the team has to overcome this year: “We lost so many great players last year like Kayla Hope and Chey Bates, but we have a lot of players stepping up, especially freshman. Currently, there are three freshmen on the varsity starting lineup.” Alex Wagner, a senior on the team, also states some concerns: “The disadvantages we have this year is playing teams that transferred in from the spring league. It will be a challenging year, but I feel everyone is ready to step up and reach every goal we set as a team.” Junior Mackenzie Heisler truly captured the spirit of team by saying, “Our team is like a family; we are sisters. Yes, we get mad at each other, but we get over it and push through with our hearts. We love each other. Our team has heart this year, and it is the best advantage you can have.” Very well said, Mackenzie! Good luck to this dedicated and dominant team!Like their female counterparts, the boys’ soccer team has really shown some strength and skill out on the field so far. Having promising standings in not only the league but the district as well, the Raiders continue to work toward to their true potential one game at a time. Senior Eric Fiorilla says that, “This season, we want to better ourselves and our team. We also want to win leagues.”

With big games against Blue Mountain and Jim Thorpe on the horizon, our boys continue to both practice and play with heart and soul. According to Fio, a big advantage for the team this year is having many returning starting seniors who know how to play well together. It seems like those dynamics are working so far! Good luck, boys’ soccer! Perhaps one of the most overlooked and underappreciated sports in our school is golf. This team, although not granted school funding beginning this year, has managed to stay afloat and even carry notable statistics throughout the season. According to Coach Luna, both individuals and the team as a whole have improved throughout the year. So how exactly do you improve in golf, and how are the matches scored? Golf matches are scored by stroke play; six members of the golf team are chosen to compete as varsity members, and the top four scores, meaning the four scores with the least amount of strokes, are counted as the teams score for the match. Simple, right? Coach Luna commends his golfers as hard-workers, as many of them head out to the green on their own time to practice. Best of luck to the Tamaqua golfers on the remainder of their season! How many of us can run 3.1 miles on trails through the woods in all sorts of weather? Probably, not that many. That is why our school must give props to our cross country team! So far, the team has been training hard and doing well. Although smaller than previous years, the cross country team has a lot of potential with its up-coming freshmen. According to senior runner Emily Bumbulsky, the goals of the team are to continue to lower their times and improve as the season progresses. Junior Zach Oliveria agrees. Zach says that the boys’ team’s experience will be helpful to them throughout the year: “An advantage is that we have a lot of returning runners this year; we only lost one senior last year. But at the same time we only got two new runners on the team, which is both a good and bad thing.” The girls’ team is feeling a bit more of a sting from losing runners to college. Emily says, “The team lost so many fun people that I miss dearly. They were also very, very important to the team and caused us to do so well the past few years. I miss them like crazy... However, the team is definitely getting closer between the girls as far as I can tell, so that’s always good. It was more of a growing process this year with the younger girls and all of the other people leaving, but it’s working out just fine.” Every team goes through a phase of rebuilding, and that is what our runners are experiencing this year, but that surely is not holding them back! Best of luck to our cross country teams this year! Our hard-working and amazing fall athletes deserve as much recognition as possible. Be sure to support them and stay updated on their seasons! Good luck to all teams during the remainder of their seasons!

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1/ Volume 2


one time at band camp..


Molly Betz & Damian Munoz

Over the (Stadium) hill and far, far away, (and by that, I mean across town) the majestic sounds of lilting flutes, rolling percussion, and powerful brass fill the air. Beautiful, colorful flags are tossed into the air and caught with such grace. One-hundred sixty-five fantastic kids march from formation to formation and make unbelievable pictures with their bodies. Is this a fairy tale? Some sort of pleasant bedtime story? Nope. Just another day at Tamaqua Band Camp 2012. Beginning at the awfully early hour of 8:00 AM on the first Monday in August, some of Tamaqua’s finest students venture to the middle school to begin learning and rehearsing the field show, which is the 12-minute long performance before or in-between quarters at the football games and includes the songs “Night on Bald Mountain”, “Sing, Sing, Sing”, “Rock and Roll All Nite”, and “Hey Jude”. Important staples of marching band are perfected at band camp, including marching, musicianship, and precision. The entire show is memorized and ready for performance (well, most of the time) by the final day, two and a half weeks after that first Monday. It sounds like a lot of work, and to most bandies, it is! However, band camp isn’t just work and more work and all things band and even more work. There’s actually just as many fun, relaxing moments at band camp as there are tense, trying ones.

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1 V. 2

16 16

Sectionals are a bandie favorite during band camp. In sectionals, the different instruments meet with each other and practice individual pieces of music, group marching, or anything else that may need touching up. Section leaders, or students elected to assist their particular section, run these sectionals and assure that work gets completed speedily and efficiently. “I love sectionals,” says Cailee Bitter, a freshman flute in the band. “They’re fun, amusing, and just very entertaining. With a little hard work, we sound amazing!” However, sectionals are also well-known for being giant food fests! The flute section has a running tradition of bringing CMP brownies to the last week of band camp; only flutes can eat them! The trumpets started Band Camp 2012 with awesome cupcakes made by the Solt sisters, and the low brass brought Dunkin Donuts just about every day (they never lasted longer than a few minutes). Yes, many pounds are gained every year during band camp. Sectionals are also notorious for random outbursts of conversation. The trumpets were known to have icebreakers all the time and even had a “Random Fact Sharing” to break up the monotony of playing! And no clarinet or tuba will ever forget the impromptu hourlong jam session... “That was AWESOME!” Sam Miller, a senior clarinet, recollects. “I really feel like we get to know each other better during sectionals, especially when we do fun stuff like that.” All in all, sectionals are a great opportunity to not only work on music, but to also spend time with great friends and forget about the business of band camp for a while.

WHAT IS THE BEST PART OF THE FIELD SHOW? While sectionals are relaxing and friendly, other parts of band camp are hightension and so competitive... such as... MARCH OFFS. Consider march-offs the championships of band camp. Before lunch each day, the band gathers on the middle school parking lot, lines up into four long lines, and listens to the drum majors as they call marching commands. You make a wrong move and you’re out; you keep responding as necessary, and you’re golden. March-offs continue until there is one person left standing; that person listened to every command and executed them correctly (or they got very lucky and nobody noticed them mess up). At the culmination of the march-off, the top ten bandies receive points and get the honor of running ahead of the band and getting lunch first, and at the culmination of band camp, the bandie with the most accumulated points gets the ever-coveted Golden Shoe Award! This year’s winner was Joey Franko, a senior tuba. “My favorite part of band camp is the march-offs,” he says. “Probably because I win them.” Stay humble, Joey, stay humble. Marchoffs have gotten increasingly intense as the season continued, sometimes ending with a tie after drum major Amanda Solt pulled a crazy complex call out of nowhere. Bandies, remember when sixty of you got eliminated after “Detail, left...”? Or that rare, and sometimes embarrassing, moment when a middle schooler made the top ten? March-offs. You just gotta love them. And the Raider band definitely does love them. Aside from the blatantly fun aspects of band camp, there are the more subtle things that make band really special for bandies. For seniors, this band camp was bittersweet, as last sets were magnificently spelled out with neon Duct Tape for the world to see. “Marking my last set was my favorite part of band camp,” Danni DeBenedict, a senior majorette, says. “It was emotional but well worth the wait!” Performing the show for the first time, whether it is on the middle school parking lot or during the first football game, is amazing as well, and definitely a moment that is imprinted in the minds of the band. Hearing crowds cheer and watching excited parents stand and yell out their child’s name and cry (like Sam Postupack’s mom) is rewarding in itself. “I don’t really feel nervous for it,” Tyler Billig, a senior saxaphone, explains. “It just feels awesome to do something that other people enjoy watching, and the first show is especially cool because it has the biggest surprises for the crowd.” Above all else, band provides amazing, life-long friends that span across the grades of middle school and high school. “I loved spending one last summer with the girls who became like sisters to me,” Danni says. As for the rest of the band, their friendship is obvious. Just watch the field show during a football game and listen to the synchronicity and professionalism of the music. Would a group that sounds like that and works so well together be anything less than a family?

Janelle Cinicola: “When the band turns around from the back field and plays towards the home side in ‘Hey Jude’. It’s so empowering!”

Jared Sharpe: “ ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’. I like the swing tune.”

Sam Postupack: “The head chop in the company front… but nobody knows what that is.”

Jack Nemeth: “The end of ‘Hey Jude’; it’s so powerful when we sing and the crowd gets into it.”

Tanner Urban: “The company front because I like watching the head chop.”

Candace Zimmerman: “The dancing and singing in ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’!”

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1/ Volume 2


where are those seniors of 2012 now?


Emily Bumbulsky

What can be said about a large group of people who hold such a special place in my heart in such a limited amount of space? I could go on forever, but I can’t, so I won’t. The senior class of 2012 included many amazing, beautiful people. From being reminded by many teachers that we have big shoes to fill, I know that it is the exact truth. If you, reading this right now, did not have an opportunity to become as close to them as myself, I’m really, truly sorry. That class provided such a positive, exciting vibe. Not only were they and still are good people in general, those seniors were a class full of motivators, singers, athletes, geniuses, comedians, and companions...the list can go forever on. However, no longer do they grace our school with their presence. They have all moved on to bigger, better opportunities and experience while not forgetting where they came from.

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1 V. 2

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We all know how tough the transition from high school to college may be. After all, we lose everything familiar and homey to us. Although I obviously have yet to overcome this change, I know from having two brothers and one sister, that a goodbye is a goodbye, and a goodbye can never be easy. This summer I said the word goodbye to many of the people I have grown close to from that class. That word came with tears, hugs, and the unknown of when I would ever have the chance to laugh and ever be in their presence again. Who would I have to be so weird and myself with? Who would push me everyday at cross-country and swimming practice? Who would I make those beautiful memories with that all came from them? I’d figure it out. I would have to, but those seniors leaving for college had the most to figure out. They had to fear the unknown. However, those outgoing and lovable people are doing well today, just as expected, and I even have the evidence to prove it. From going to seeing those people everyday in the hall, we can now picture them where they are, and also, what they still miss about this little town and school we know, and all secretly love, as Tamaqua. When asking a few seniors from last year what they missed the most, some of the answers were similar, yet some were different but typical to their unique personalities. Zack Zancofsky simply answered the question with, “Mrs. Daubert.” Not only does he miss her, but of course we all do. However, Kayla Hope and Matt Delborello are having trouble without those Friday night lights and playing in the heat of the soccer game again. We are so privileged at Tamaqua to have such an amazing atmosphere associated with our athletics, and that is not only missed by the seniors of last year, but so many Tamaqua alumni. With athletics being extremely important to our school, so is this special close-knit town and atmosphere.

That’s something Amber Carroll and Jacqueline McMullen miss the most. Amber tells us, “For the past twelve years of my life, I was surrounded by the same group of people that have grown to know me and my unique personality. However, this year I had to meet new people and show them my personality. They say college is a place where you find out who you really are, and by being myself and finding new friends with common interests, I am growing into the person I hope to be in the future. Slowly, I am getting used to this new way of life.” Jacqueline just misses the simple things and laid-back atmosphere including the pep rallies, dress down days, hall decorating, and homecoming. However, Matt Kurek summed the whole question up with two simple sentences: “I miss the family aspect. College is just a place you go, Tamaqua will always be your home.” But where all they are now? Zack is at Penn Tech, Kayla and Jacqueline are at Misericordia, Matt Delborello is at Penn State Hazleton, Amber is at Bucknell, Matt Kurek is at York College, and those are just a few. They are all working hard and striving to be the best they can be so their futures will be as bright as possible while still having an amazing time. Some say that high school is the best time of your life, and others say college is. Wherever your life leads you, you can only make that choice. However, why rush through high school? Why rush to get out of this town so fast? Life will never be as simple as it is in this exact moment. Let’s face it: Once we leave this little school, we’re finally in the real world. No more parents telling us what to do, all the independence in the world, no one to pay for anything, jobs, hard work... The list goes on and on. All of the seniors from last year clearly miss this place we spend these important four years of our teenage lives. We have the opportunity to make the best friends, best memories, have the opportunity to be taught by so many interesting individuals, maybe even find love, and much, much more. Never take high school for granted, because before you know it, you’ll blink your eyes, and it will be gone.

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dear bonnie, I am so confussed. I am graduating high school at the conslusion of this year and I just do not know what way to turn as far as jobs. I just cannot narrow my choices down to one. However, I always have in the back of my mind that my ulitmate descion wil be the wrong one. What if I go to college with one major, and at the end of the first semester I realize that it’s not what I would like to do for the rest of my life? Time is running out to choose - help! Sincerely, Under Pressure

dear under pressure, Choosing a career can be a very difficult decision upon graduating high school. My advice to you is first to focus on what classes or activities you enjoy in school . If it is science for example, maybe you should consider a career in the medical/dental field. You may be involved in extracurricular activities or clubs that showcase your strong points, such as art or music, therefore an art school or school of music might be a great choice. Are you a student who truly doesn’t like all the studying and book work? Do you enjoy more hands on learning? A trade could be the answer for you. Currently the workforce is lacking people who can do the everyday jobs we need the most, plumbing ,electrians, masons etc. These careers are very rewarding and most times can lead to owning your own business.

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Another option is the military. This takes serious consideration with you and your family. It is a huge commitment, but has so many benefits. The most important being the pride of serving your country. Your education can be financed most times through the military with your payback being years of service. A discussion with a recruiter to answer any concerns or questions is recommended. Still have no clue which way to go in life? Start off by taking a few various college courses in majors that possibly interest you. Surprisingly, you may find you love something you never even thought to give a chance. What if you choose a career and work a few years and decide it isn’t your cup of tea? Remember, you are never too old to obtain a degree, new skill or improve/promote your current situation. Work hard, study hard and you can be anything you want in life! There is endless opportunities out there. Go for it! Sincerley, Bonnie

whole grain lunches

By: Caroline Kanaskie

It might take two to tango, but now takes three food groups to create a school lunch. The national school lunch program has mandated new guidelines for school lunches. Half of all grains served must be whole grains, and your lunch is not considered to be a lunch until you have a vegetable or a fruit on your tray. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying beaucoup# bucks for an a la carte lunch!


Why these changes? First Lady Michelle Obama has made it her goal to make Americans healthier through their diet and exercise. Students’ reactions are mixed, from the positive “it tasted real” to the resentment of vegetables being “forced upon me.” Yet, some have noticed “no significant difference,” which points to the fact that many students are unaware of the healthier versions of the foods that they eat. But never fear, the legendary chocolate chip cookies aren’t going anywhere. Additionally, everyone’s favorite Guer’s chocolate milk is now available in a fat free version. The strawberry and vanilla varieties have complied as well. Without being told, you might have never noticed any changes in the nutritional values of your cafeteria meals; many whole grain options taste the same as, if not better than, their bleached flour counterparts. Next time you dig in, take a look at your tray. I bet your $2.40 never looked healthier.

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games, games, games! Sudoku: Solve the puzzle by finding the correct spots for numbers 1-9. You cannot have the same number in the same row, column, or box.

BRAINTEASER: Carla is married to Edward, Tracy is married to Michael, Barbara is married to Robert, Stella is married to Steven. Who is married to Christopher, Rosemary or Stephanie and why?

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Try to fill in the missing numbers. Use the numbers 1 through 36 to complete the equations. Each number is only used once. Each row is a math equation. Each column is a math equation. Remember that multiplication and division are performed before addition and subtraction. *First three people to solve and return to Ms. Schmauch will win a prize!


By: Dallas Mease

Every year, Tamaqua sees a deluge of freshman enter its doors. They’re normally full of questions and wonder, and they wander the halls with the sense of direction equivalent to a confused turkey. This year, the questions they have will have an added inquiry that the other grades never had to ask: Where is the PTI? This question, for people of the higher grade levels, is in itself confusing. Why? Because the ‘PTI’ hadn’t existed until this year! Alright then, many of you are wondering, what is the PTI? PTI stands for “Pupil-Teacher Information Office”. While I don’t know all the rules about acronyms, it does seem odd that it’s not called the PTIO. Now, there is a lot inside of a name, so the next question people might be wondering is “What does the PTI do?” However, the question you have to ask first is, “Where did the PTI come from?” There are already those that know of this, and many who may not be happy with the backstory. The PTI is the new name for the Guidance Office. This might not make some students happy, because they’re used to calling it the Guidance Office, and being asked where the PTI is instead of Guidance might stump people. I was fortunate enough to get an interview with Mr. Dickman regarding the name change, and I learned a bit on why the name was

changed in the first place. According to Mr. Dickman, “the name was changed due to increased responsibility assigned to the staff within our office.” So, basically, the name had to be changed to reflect what it is the office does. It’s not just being used for guidance counseling. Mr. Dickman and Mrs. Dolak have broader responsibilities, as does their secretary, so the name couldn’t simply stay the same. Furthering my inquiries to Mr. Dickman, he seemed to accept and agree with the name change. He also added, after being asked how he thought it would affect the students, “They’ll be confused in general, but it should subside in a short period of time.” This is because, even if people are hesitant about the change or dislike it, there isn’t much to the name change. It didn’t take away their responsibilities as guidance counselors, and they still do their job. It’s still, in essence, the Guidance Office. So while the name is different, and people of all grades will need to adjust to it, it’s still the same as it always was. In fact, there are still people calling it the Guidance Office. So for the freshman out there: the PTI office is down the hall from the office, and their doors are always open when you need help. And for the sophomores, juniors, and seniors: what’s in a name? Whatever you make of it.

Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1/ Volume 2


Tamaqua Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1 V. 2

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Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1, Volume 2  

First issue of the 2012-2013 school year!

Blue and White Magazine - Issue 1, Volume 2  

First issue of the 2012-2013 school year!