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DARVOVEN DARVOVEN From the moment in the mid-1960s when Hanne Darboven moved to New York City, after a highly academic training at the Staatliche Hochschule f端r Bildende K端nste in Hamburg, her work has been informed by Conceptual art practices. Based by the late 1960s on various forms of numerical writing, her systematic work securely occupied the realm of abstraction and universality.



Born in Paris, Jens Bonnke now lives and works in Berlin. His illustrations appear regularly in a wide variety of magazines and news papers. Publishing houses, design companies, advertising agencies and children television are likewise among his clients.


In 1936 Walker Evans photographed the Burroughs, a family of sharecroppers in Depression era Alabama. In 1979 in Sherrie Levine rephotographed Walker Evans’ photographs from the exhibition catalog “First and Last.” In 2001 Michael Mandiberg scanned these same photographs, and created and to facilitate their dissemination as a comment on how we come to know information in this burgeoning digital age.


.:Library bookmarks:.  

.:For the Design History class, I designer bookmarks meant for a library about 3 different artist:.

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