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Invitation Dear Traveler‌. Welcome To Bondowoso As a regard and proud could give you invitation by this letter. Introduce, I am as Ambassador Tamanan Village Tourism who invite travelers where come to Bondowoso, Ijen Crater and surround to stay in my village. We invited travelers with motivation to see and fell the atsmosphere of Tamanan Village. It’s social invitation ( non business) for you, to visiting our village to stay for night before or after go to Ijen Crater of other place. Why we doing this event? Actually we got little money from remainder cost as organized transport for tourist to Ijen Crater , this money use for substitution all expense as long as travelers stay at my home. Thanks for your attention and big wishes could host you as long as visiting Bondowoso. Have a nice trip. Ambassador Village tourism



We are Bondowoso society who’s care about tourism. We aware service is one important for traveler where visit to enjoy beautiful natural and environment. As a basic, we member of Association of Indonesia Guide ( in Indonesian Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia ) Bondowoso branch, with license as Junior Guide from East Java Tourism Government Service. One of duty is known tourism destination and make tourist to enjoy as long as visiting our region. One of our program is to known Tamanan village for travelers as one of destination place for visiting. In basic, we organized this program not just only take profit, BUT we promoted Tamanan village as place to visit and stay as long travelers trip around Indonesia, So we not charge fix price but just donation for all travelers when stay like us Village permitted and clean

About Us:

Was born and grew up in Klaten, small city in in Center Java near Prambanan Temple. Now live in Bondowoso. Take study in Jember University graduated as Economic Bachelor. Has been lived and work in Bali for two years. Since 2008 register as Junior Guide East Java Government Tourism Service and have license. As study in University, member of Lovely Nature Organization, and have experience in adventure journey like as to: Mt. Raung, Mt Argopuro, Baluran Natural Park, Meru Betiri Nasional Park, Ijen Surround, etc. This experience which give me always care and activity in nature.

Name : Iswahyudi ( Yudi) Address : Tamanan Village, Bondowoso, East Java Age: 34 years old Occupation: Own small warung and tour organizer Guide License Number : 1/01/196/2008 East Java Government Tourism Service

Name: Slamet Riyadi ( Slam Slamet) Address:Kalianyar Village,Tamanan, Bondowoso, East Java Age : 33 years old Occupation : Guide Tour Guide License number : 1/01/198 /2008 East Java Tourism Government service

Was born and grew up in Bondowoso, have like in conservation and nature sport activity. Since 2008 registered as Junior Guide East Java Tourism Service and became an ambassador of Kalianyar Village Tourism.

The Village Home stay

Actually we haven’t room like as hotel, but just place where representative to stay overnight. We have two place alternative, indoor ( in house) were simply and clean, but if traveler like than out door, we have cozy Bamboo gazebo for take sleep or relax, with field farm view surround. Travelers could enjoy green variety plant like Tobacco, Paddy, Corn etc .We named “ The Art of Doing Nothing” cause usually traveler very tired from one object to other object place tourism or overland so it’s exactly place and time to take a rest.

About Tamanan Village

Tamanan is one of district of Bondowoso Regency. Major occupation peoples as farmers. Have great produced Tobacco plant greatest in East Java since Dutch colonialism. Paddy field still dominates a landscape village, where nice view background of Mt. Argopuro and Mt. Raung. The place still nature mixture with local daily life going to work to the field. To see further on surrounding village, we are ready accompany trips as you like, such as : rice field trip either by walking or riding bicycle, finding a few abandon Dutch building, observing numerous site of ancient heritage or tobacco field and work processed ( July – August season). Many villages produced traditional souvenirs like as: Batiks, Earthen ware, Craft of metal/ blakcksmith, Bird Cage, where you can try to practical make a simple product. Others interest is visit our famous traditional food is Tofu ( soybean cake). We have traditional art and culture like as Traditional Music named Glundeng, and many dances. At the moment on big day, we usually held performance traditional culture like as Totaa’an and Singo Ulung dance. Its very interesting event , usually in august every years.

Life daily farmer

The best attract is see and practice traditional field processed. First we go around village, we can find people take the cows from home toward field. Commonly in early morning they set up traditional tool from wood where with sharp iron point to use return land. Traditional field flow, with walk around. The most interest from this attraction is travelers could riding Cow, flowing around field, this enjoyable because we can feel “DE JA VU� s moment when we time in childhood.

Trips continue moving other place were farmer cleaning grass, were grow disturbing paddy plant. On other side we can to finding harvest processing with traditional tools to separated rice with the skin. Uniquely this process, the owner field not paying worker who cropping paddy. Why peoples can do it? workers take little paddy plant from the owner were was cleaning from rice to eat they animal farm Named “Jerami.”. This is description together work life in my village named “gotong-royong”

Bondowoso the city of Megalitic age Pre history Megalitic stone herita Bondowoso geographic refers, is highland in east Java. Bondowoso bordered by three big mountain, so the land structure is like a bow. with Mountain Argopuro side south and west. . Mt Raung and Ijen in East. Mt Moonlight and Mt Princes in North side This explain if we see many prehistoric stone around my village. This prove last time ago have early civilization around my village. Many prehistoric stone such as:

Kenong Stone Kenong Stone is basic from eruption volcano mountain, use for think relation ritual ceremony.

Dolmen This stone use for sacrifice, form big stone with four small stone as basic

Kubur Batu This stone like a box, that have cover with empty room inside whose use for place Human corpse

Jurassic Statue Symbol society ritual sacrifice for ancestors soul, that believe will be bring safe of their life. Usually face side of summit mountain who believe as place lie down ancestors soul.

Sarcofagus This stone like box and have cover, use for grave,the function is prepare soul of human corpse for next life, commonly the people put in some think inside decoration like : ring, neck ring, beads (little stone like jewel

Glundeng mystic traditional music Folks arts were almost extinct

Glundeng instrument art music is origin traditional music in Tamanan village. This instrument form some traditional equipment music where sound by hit. “Glundeng� a part of traditional Java music ( Gamelan) but simply and take from Madura ethnic. If we hearing from far, this rhythm sounded inside hearth so feel mystic.

Variety Handycraf (souvenir) One of interest activity where you visit Tamanan village is see processing some Handycraft (souvenir) and to know how some product was made. Some activity like make Batiks painting, house ware from earthen ware, blacksmith, bird cage etc. visitor could trying make the product or comparing with other



Tamanan village is one of biggest produced Tobacco in Bondowoso and Jember, In July – September is a Tobacco process season. Most of peoples in Tamanan village take work part in Tobacco as farmer, supplier and household very busy with this work. Activity can be enjoyed like as: Harvesting, Grading, Sun drying and most interest is traditional House drying. If want to buying some Cigar , we can visit other place in Jember well known as the best cigar product in the world.

What they say? This reference was posted at Yudi’s page on www. MY PROFILE:

From Oleg Teplyakov Krasnoyarsk, Russia 18 Nov 2009 I got a very good impression at that place. Yudi is very friendly and welcoming person. He made my staying there comfortable and unforgettable. He had been taking care of me since my arrival and till I left the village. And again that was him to take me to the station. That was large and small pleasant happening there. As he gave me the home he gave me the food and all the things I needed. He has kind and wise wife and well brought up son. Yudi knows what the traveler needs. It feels strange now trying to say how friendly and kind Yudi was because he really is. That is the moment when you feel that it is hard to depict a good quality and friendly relationships. Yudi is exactly the person to go to if you would like to see Indonesia in its uniqueness. He knows much more than any other person where one should go in order to see Ejen crater or forests nearby that mountain or any other sight could attract the Europeans. Really if you want to enjoy the calm village life of Indonesia – visi From Irina Danilkina Denpasar, Indonesia 14 Sep 2009 Yudi is very friendly and helpful. He were worried about me so much. And helped me a lot. Thank you Yudi, you really made my trip in East Jawa and Ijen unforgettable! And thanks to you, I LOVE Jawa now. Definetly will come there again! So many places should visit!

From Monika Pachciarz Poznan, Poland10 Sep 2009 Yudi and his family are really lovely. He was so kind to take me to to Ijen Krater at 3am, only after 2 hours of sleeping. We had a lot of fun and, motorbike falling, waterfall, cave exploration adventures and then after coming back, altough we were almost dead after the whole excursion, he took me to taste the best mie goreng and dance performance for which we waited one hour and it didn't happen :P He showed me real Indonesian village life

From Oliver Harvey London, United Kingdom 27 Aug 2009

I had a great 2 nights with yudi who both showed me around the local area and cooked me some delicious food. A great guy to chat to about many things!

From Emelyne Parfait Dijon, France 7 Aug 2009 very very very positive.i had a wonderful time in bondowoso thanks to him, his family and friends.we spent time discussing,comparing cultures and above all laughing a time ever.thanks again for everything. From Joice Tanamal Surabaya, Indonesia 20 Jul 2009 Yudi is a very nice and sincere person. Your family is generous and I admire them. Thank you for hosting me. I wish to meet in the future and still want to host me again. Hope your project may come true.

From Tanto Sutanto and Etienne Traub Apr 26 2010

Mas Yudi, his wife and Mas Slamet was nice, accommodating and very welcoming, though we only stayed for short day due to our rapid schedule :P Thank you very much for your hospitality..

From Chris and Melissa B Mokp'o, South Korea Mar 1 2010

Yudi was a great host. Yudi lives in a beautiful isolated place between Bondowoso and Jember. It was a great way to experience the Indonesian culture and customs. All the best to the people from your village and your family and friends! From Fajar Rizaldin Jakarta, Indonesia 23 Jul 2009 Yudi was my second local CS host and his generous hospitality really touched me. Not only was he kind enough to let me and my group invade his place, he still managed to welcome us with a big smile even though we arrived at two in the morning! The breakfast his wife cooked for us was simply the best homecooked meal I've ever had in a long time (gotta love that sambal and babyfish!) His semi-open air bamboo couch (with stunning views of tobacco fields and volcanoes) was also very comfy that I wish I could stay there all day long! Thanks again Mas Yudi for everything and good luck and more power to ArgorRaung!

From:Josef Kasic and Lenka. Prague, Czech Rep. 20 May 2010 (by email)

First of all, let me tell you that we miss Indonesia so so so much!!! I think I´ve never met so many such great people in such short time. And you are definitely one of the reasons why Indonesia became part of my heart! Thank you again so much!

• Try to change ordinary routine as you visiting tourist object, please come to Tamanan village to feel surprise and get non tourist place to take a rest and relax with villager hospitality

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free guide book tamanan village tour bondowoso  

As guide book visiting Ijen Crater and next destination to Tamanan Villge Bondowoso