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Whiskey Bottom Estate Sale, 1929

MURDER MYSTERY DINNER Sat. Oct. 30, 6-9 p.m. Pilgrim Heights, Montour, Iowa

Teddy & Nelly, the Rouse neighbors

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Each guest is invited to step into the shoes of a 1929 character from the Tama County Iowa history books to help unravel a real 81-year-old unsolved mystery. The event is set up as an estate sale / secret sting operation after the mysterious death of Scott Rouse, a recluse. But when you see his belongings, you may also suspect all was not as it appeared at face value... The cost for attending is $25 and that gets you a character and an old fashioned Tama County family style meal. And who knows, maybe there will be bootleggers? Clues are being unveiled weekly at To get your custom character ticket, contact your favor-




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Tama County Murder Mystery Invitation