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NEWSLETTER Volume 2 Issue 2 — July 2011



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To continue celebrations for the Preservation Society turning 60, the Talyllyn Railway ran an all night steam service on the 4th/5th of June . The trains ran from Tywyn Wharf to Nant Gwernol on an hourly service from 5pm Saturday evening until 9.20am Sunday morning, where after this normal service resumed. As well as steaming through one of the untouched Snowdonian valleys, passengers could indulge in a mini beer festival awaiting them at Abergynolwyn station as well as snacks and soft drinks at the Quarryman's Tea Room. King’s Licensed Cafe at Tywyn Wharf was open longer serving evening

Dolgoch in the snow at Nant Gwernol

meals and early breakfasts. The trains stayed busy well into the night and the atmosphere seemed as majestic and exciting as the anniversary itself. It was a magnificent way to honour such a milestone.

If you missed the all night steam but would like to join the anniversary celebrations the annual 'Tom Rolt Steam and Vintage Rally' is being held on the 23rd24th July. Leonie Jenkins


Hungry? When you are visiting the Talyllyn Railway don't forget to pop in to King’s Licensed Café on Tywyn Wharf station. Quality food and a friendly service: open for Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Tea. The bar is open during the day with ales wines and spirits.

This year the Abergynolwyn village show is being sponsored by the Talyllyn Railway. The villagers approached us after their previous sponsor ceased trading. We were more than happy to oblige and support the local community. The show has also moved on to the station field at Abergynolwyn, adjacent to the

railway play area. There will be a whole day of activities with displays, competitions and more (see right). There will be refreshments on the field as well as in the Quarrymans’ Tea Room on the station itself. Join the fun on Saturday 27th August

Fly Casting Competition Line Dancing Sliver Band Beer and Hot Food Tent Ice Cream Van Dyfi Donkeys Wheelie Bin Race Wacky Race Tug of War & more!

One of The Great Little Trains of Wales

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The Llechfan Garden Railway is a 16mm/foot scale gar-







den railway located on the Talyllyn Railway in Tywyn, Gwynedd. Built in the garden at the rear of the Railway’s volunteer hostel Llechfan, the 32mm gauge line has around 180 yards of main running line consisting of two circuits (a low level circuit of 40 yards and a more recent higher level circuit of 90 yards, both of which are level) linked by a steeply inclined (1 in 35) branch line. For more information including opening times go to Great Little Trains of Wales Discount Card For just £10 our Discount Card entitles the holder to 20% off one adult full round trip fare on normal timetabled trains on the participating Railways listed on the card. Discount Cards are valid for 12 months from the date the first journey is made. Not only that, but we have also managed to arrange discounts for Great Little Trains of Wales Card Holders with selected accommodation providers close to many of our member railways. This makes the card a real bargain!

The Church of St Bunny’s – also once known as St Britney’s – had spent a decade standing watch over the Compton Down landscape. It was only when the time came to retrieve the grand old dame from her proud Pembrokeshire plinth that the extent of her suffering was realised. The complete lower third of the entire footprint was soaking wet – a bad sign as it had been a long dry spell prior to examination. The consequence of this was the floor and a good proportion of the lower sections of walls were extremely rotten – indeed the floor of the nave just stayed behind when the building was lifted – looking more like porridge than plywood. The whole tower was very infirm with the weakest section being where the tower sat butted up against the nave happily trapping water between the two. Under normal judgments of such things the tower would have warranted a complete rebuild.

bits were covered with a bevel edged baton, filled behind and re-clad in fence panel ‘stones’. Once the liberally applied coat of wPVA over everything had dried, the whole church was repainted in masonry paint mixed into suitable shades of gothic grey. I decided to do away with the floors, to prevent water being held in the building. The nave will stand over some white marble bathroom tiles that sit separately on the plinth – with space to allow water to escape around the edges.

St Bunny’s reclaimed her rightful place in Llechfan Garden in May, now complete with graveyard. The speaker in the tower still works and the bell peels recorded especially by Dave Rowlands now ring out once more. One addition was made for our recent all night steam…stained glass windows printed onto acetate sheet backlit Given the nature of the beast I felt it war- with a string of LED Christmas lights. ranted the chance to test the properties of wet rot hardener to its limits. This largely Kas left a convincing ‘resin’ casting of a church tower once soaked in and dried, but that butted section proved beyond the realms of hardener. The bullet was bitten, and the bad bit was taken back to ‘good’ wood (where the hardener had done its thing), generating a pile of what resembled the contents of the bottom of a box of shredded wheat. A replacement section was made from polystyrene that was ideal to shape to the resulting profile. This was then clad in broken fence panel snapped into stonework shapes, coated in wPVA. The nave was in better shape, removing the rotten bits left the bottom edges looking raggedy. After giving edges a good dose of wet rot hardener (drinking the hardware shops of Tywyn dry!) the naughty

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Newsletter 2.2

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THE YOUNG MEMBERS GROUP The Talyllyn Railway has a friendly community of volunteers, with a large number of young people actively involved with many roles. They may have discovered the railway by chance, through friends, holidays, other railways or through family member involvement, but for all of them this railway provides something special. Volunteering on the TR gives the opportunity to do rewarding task which preserves a bit of history, whilst meeting new friends of all ages and from (in some cases!) all over the world. Whether you've always wanted to get stuck into working on the locomotives, would enjoy speaking to members of the public as a traffic volunteer or like the look of maintaining the stations and line in a beautiful Welsh valley, there are many roles to help with. You don't need special skills or lots of time, all tasks involve learning through experience with others to support you and whether you're around for a weekend or a couple of weeks there are always jobs to do. If you'd like to find out more, a good place to start is by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator:

The Young Members Group has a small committee of young people who aim to provide more opportunities for members to integrate and socialise. We organise working parties such as carriage washing or painting a wagon and social events including putting and barbecues. Most events are arranged at peak times such as during school holidays. The YMG covers all volunteers in the range 14-25, although age isn’t limited for most activities! There are also opportunities for younger people to volunteer along with their parents, in groups such as the Tracksiders and Navvies. See the Talyllyn Website for more details. Rebecca Sharpe

Talyllyn Treats Special VIP Days Out Tour the museum, Lunch in King’s Cafe, tour of the workshops and sheds a locomotive footplate ride and first class travel. All in one day!

Narrow Gauge Railway Museum When visiting the Talyllyn pop in and pay us a visit at Tywyn Wharf station. There are artefacts and

DRIVE A STEAM TRAIN Are you looking for a extra special gift for someone ? A Talyllyn driver experience could be that gift. Accompanied and guided by an experienced Talyllyn Driver, the guest will take the regulator of one of our famous locomotives from the shed at Tywyn Pendre for either one or two trips to the end of the line at Nant Gwernol and back. There are two available, a single trip evening and a longer all day experience. As they make great gifts, they are quite often used for surprise presents. In these cases we can arrange a gift certificate to arrive in an unmarked envelope, so we don't give the game away. We have even had someone get as far as the locomotive shed before the surprise was revealed.

displays telling the story of Narrow Gauge Railways across the UK and Ireland. Also a recreation of the Rev W Awdry’s study, where he wrote the Railway series of children's books. Admission is free.

Exhibit locomotive ‘Dot’

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A BIG SUMMER OF GREAT DAYS OUT This Summer we have a calendar packed full of special events. There is something for everybody to enjoy, so pop in and pay us a visit!

The World’s First Preserved Railway Rheilffordd Talyllyn Railway, Gorsaf Wharf Station, Tywyn, Gwynedd. LL36 9EY. Phone 01654 710472 Fax 01654 711755 enquiries@ newsletter@

If you are interested in receiving a similar newsletter from Great Little Trains of Wales please email

We start off the fun with the first of our evening theme trains, the Fancy Dress Train. Come dressed up as your favourite character, in period costume or perhaps even as a train driver! There are cheap fares for those who dress up and refreshments are available at Abergynolwyn Tea Rooms. The first week of August sees the return of the traditional craft fairs at Abergynolwyn station (2nd & 4th). There will be stalls demonstrating and selling a range of homemade items. With the stalls barely packed away on the 2nd, a train load of detectives will arrive on the Murder Mystery Train trying to solve this year’s Talyllyn murder. This train always sells out so book early! Next is the Teddy Bear’s Picnic (4th Aug), children and their teddies will join the 11.40 train for a picnic at Abergynolwyn with some fun along the way. The special child’s ticket includes their picnic, Adults can buy their lunch from the Tea Rooms or at King’s before they go.

Tywyn Garden Club arrives on the 9th August for the annual Floral evening train, with entertainment provided by a local group .

The last week of summer sees the final Children’s Duncan Day of the year. There will be loads of activities for kids of all ages.

The 16th sees an evening train run to raise funds for the Hope House children’s hospice.

The bank holiday weekend will feature the Volunteer Showcase Gala (27th). Find out what it is like to volunteer on the world’s first preserved railway. Also the Series One Land Rover gathering will take place on the 28th.

Tywyn Rotary Club’s Race The Train event will keep us all busy on the 20th with hundreds of runners and supporters. Don't forget that we still have 4 public trains for people who have not pre-booked on the Race trains. Pay us a visit on the 23rd to witness a 14 mile organ recital on board a special train. Organist Jon Mann will be raising money for the AT society charity.

And before I run out of space: Don't forget the Fish and Chip Trains that run every Friday in the Summer. And then it’s September! I hope you all have a good Summer and manage to pay us a visit! Phil Eaton

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