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“Robust Business Intelligence Tool”

Company Overview  Founded in 2009  Leader in Business Management Automation  Mobile apps available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry  Talygen is the most advanced Business Management Automation package in the industry today.  There is no other Business Management Automation application with Talygen’s advanced features and rich customizable work flows.

Key Features

 Track Prospects, Leads And Opportunities – Talygen helps in keeping the track of prospective customers, sale leads and opportunities of a company.  Notes And Follow Ups – Users can keep notes and follow ups for the prospects, leads and opportunities which help in better management.  Bulk Email – Users can send bulk emails from the email templates. The email templates are configurable by the users.

Benefits  Automate the process of communicating with your clients.  Track Leads and sales.  Web and mobile applications.  Store and share documents.  Faster lead conversions.  Efficient customer service.  Real-time analytics.

Talygen Nurturing Customer Relationship Management  The core of any successful business is its satisfied customers.  The old method of storing client information is no longer effective today.  The in-built CRM module in Talygen is one of the most effective tools of Talygen.  Talygen CRM helps to organize, automate and synchronize business sale processes.  Talygen is just perfect.

Features of Talygen CRM  Help you to keep track of leads of the company.  Help sales team to keep a track of the lead from the initial stage to conversion of the lead to a project.  You can keep notes and follow ups for the leads for better management.  You can upload file attachments for the leads.  Set email templates.  Send bulk emails to the leads from the email templates.

Manage your Business from your SmartPhones  Today, Smart phones are not merely a device to make a call or text.  If you want to stay connected to the world, smart phones provide you a lot more than what you would have expected.  Hence you can use them for a wide range of activities like business management.  In today’s marketplace time tracking, CRM, HR, Support Ticketing, expense reporting, project management and other productive business tools have become very popular.

Talygen App for Smart Phones iPhone - Do almost everything with Talygen Application from your iPhone. Android - Talygen is an Android app that has made managing business as easy as pie. Windows Phone - Talygen has simplified the way to manage business with your Windows Phone. Blackberry Phone - Talygen Blackberry Phone app keeps all your clients, projects, tasks etc in your pocket.

Top Features of Talygen App  You can track time and keep a record of your daily work done.  You can delete and edit time entries (if required).  You can select the project and/or task, mark it billable or non-billable and track the time from your smart phone.  Apart from time tracking, you can enter expense reports.  You can also manage basic HR functions from your palm like applying for leave.  CRM functionality is available in Talygen app. You can easily create and manage your leads.

Contact Us..

Talygen Inc. Address: 228 Hamilton Ave, 3rd floor Palo Alto, CA 94301

Phone No. 650-800-3850

Email Id:

CRM Management Software - Talygen  

Talygen helps in keeping the track of prospective customers, sale leads and opportunities of a company. For more information visit http://ta...

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