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Talor Zamir Wants You To Change Your Mind

World renowned author, speaker and lead generation expert Talor Zamir publishes The Positive Mindset Manual, a guide for those interested in leading a rewarding and positive lifestyle.

Public speaker, author and lead generation expert Talor Zamir has just released his latest book, which is aimed at helping us to succeed in life by changing our fundamental orientation. Much of what Talor Zamir has to say may sound familiar but it is his striking presentation and almost over-the-top insistence on changing our mindset that makes this book truly unique.

In short, the author’s impetus for writing was to change what he saw as an world-view passively influenced by fear-mongering media to one that is actively shaped and developed in the pursuit of positivity and success. The book, The Positive Mindset Manual is just that: a manual designed to give you the tools to retrain your mind to overcome the negativity which is blocking your creativity and impeding your success. To call Talor Zamir of Las Vegas an optimist wouldn’t be far off the mark, especially when one has read even the opening words of his latest book. In fact, a consciously cultivated optimism is just what Talor identifies as the singular key to opening the doors to success. Yet, as the author is quick to point out, the pervading negative atmosphere that we live in results in what he terms our collective “unconscious incompetence;” a state in which we don’t even know that we’re being negative and unkowningly sabotaging our own efforts to succeed.

So, how does successful entrepreneur, public speaker and AdWord Expert Talor Zamir help us to overcome our deluded and unconscious negativity? In the space of sixteen chapters Talor walks us through practical tips and tricks that we can use on a daily basis to retrain the mind to see the brighter side of things and to begin to habituate itself to a more positive outlook. Tried and true maxims such as “fake it until you make” (the theme of the book’s second chapter) are appropriated by Talor and given new life and meaning throughout. Admirers of the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer will note many similarities in the philosophy espoused in this manual although Talor presents them in a different light, demonstrating a spiritual and philosophical maturity that is rare indeed. Talor Zamir's book, The Positive Mindset Manual can be found on Amazon.

Talor Zamir Wants You To Change Your Mind