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President’s Message


his year, 2011, marks the 125th Anniversary of our association. On March 19, 1886, the first meeting minutes state that: “a large number of building contractors of Pittsburgh and Allegheny assembled in the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce, Wood & Diamond Streets, at 8 o’clock, for the purpose of trying to devise some means of bettering their conditions as general contractors.” During our inaugural meeting, a Mr. G.H. McKee “made some remarks in relations to forming [labor] agreements and also forming an association with officers.” Following these remarks, a Mr. G.S. Fulmer was nominated and elected the first president of the Master Builders Association of Allegheny County. It’s hard to believe that what has become the Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania is now 125 years old! Yes, anniversaries are an excellent time to dust off the old files and reflect on the past. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about our past. This experience has left me in awe of our Association’s accomplishments. Those monthly gatherings of our forefathers led to the creation of the Builders League, now known as the Pittsburgh Builders Exchange; the Tech School, which became Carnegie Tech, and now Carnegie Mellon University. This time of reflection is truly a humbling experience for me, to think that I have been elected by the membership to serve as the President of this extraordinary organization. The aforementioned items are the MBA’s earliest achievements. As you peruse this publication, I think you too will be amazed as you read about some of our other notable accomplishments. It was a difficult decision by the MBA staff and me as to which items to highlight in this publication. It’s a shame there are only twelve months in a year, since we found many more notable items than could be listed in this publication. Over the past century and a quarter, the MBA has greatly improved the construction industry. From establishing what would become Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh, to launching the University of Pittsburgh’s Construction Management Program, to requiring drug-free job sites in our region, the construction industry is better off today thanks to the devotion of the previous generations involved in the MBA. After all the research that was conducted due to our Association preparing to celebrate its anniversary, I stand before the membership motivated - motivated to make history, not just read about it. As President of the MBA, I challenge each and every member to add to our Association’s proud legacy. What notable items will be highlighted from our current generation the next time the MBA celebrates a landmark anniversary? The brightest people I have encountered in my career have been employed by members of the MBA, so I stand before you awaiting your suggestions for improving our industry. The construction industry is counting on the MBA for continuous leadership for another 125 years! Sincerely Thomas A. Landau President

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BreakingGround Special Edition 2011


to our Partners the The Western PA Construction Industry is stronger due to your Leadership! RAM Acoustical, working together and combining our talents with the Master Builders’ Association, is proud to have played an important role in Western PA on over 3,000 projects:

Master Builders’ Association On the Occasion of their 125th Anniversary Proud to Partner with MBA Members on these Marquee Projects over the Years:

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Heinz History Center: Jendoco Construction Corp.

Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building: Nello Construction Co.

South Hills Bible Chapel: Nello Construction Company

Moon Area High School: Nello Construction Co.

Execut ive Direct or’s Message


onstruction is a remarkable profession. I have always felt this throughout my career, but at no time in my life has this sentiment ever been stronger than in the past few months as our organization has been researching its history. This landmark anniversary has enabled me to reach out to members of yesteryear to receive their recollections and keepsakes from days gone by. And I believe that the current membership of the Master Builders’ Association is better off today by remembering and honoring the past. The MBA is a proud group of construction companies, steeped in tradition and I am honored and humbled to serve as its executive director. The MBA is blessed to have had so many admirable professionals come before to lead the way and so many more will surely follow. Each and every person in our association has a role to play in the MBA story, a story that began 125 years ago and a story whose end is not yet in sight. The one

constant over our storied history is that the people associated with the MBA have made a difference. Our members’ dedication to the construction industry has been astonishing. As a member-driven association, the MBA has achieved success throughout our existence because of the thousands of dedicated volunteers of the past century and a quarter who have served on the committees that do the heavy lifting for our organization. I continue to be grateful and amazed at the support these volunteers receive from their employers, the general contractors of the MBA. This special edition of BreakingGround is dedicated to the stories of those general contractor members. Now that we have achieved 125 years of excellence, let’s work on the next 125 years together. With an active and dedicated membership, the MBA will continue Leading the Industry, Building the Region!

Sincerely, Jack Ramage Executive Director

(left-to-right) Jon O’Brien, Mary Chuderewicz, Charlene McDonough, Lorraine Roberto, Jack Ramage and Bob McCall

BreakingGround Special Edition 2011



merica after the reconstruction from the Civil War had a number of socioeconomic issues that were transforming its workplace permanently. The Industrial Revolution was at its peak and cities like Pittsburgh, where major concentrations of manufacturing existed, were often flashpoints in these social and economic upheavals. In many ways these issues would fit into the headlines of today’s news. Immigration was creating difficulty for the workforce as new immigrants put downward pressure on wages. A growing segment of the population felt that it was working harder without getting ahead, while a small portion of the country got wealthier. Several tough recessions resulted from bubbles that created busts that wiped out nest eggs and made conditions difficult for local businesses, even as the nation grew. The labor force was beginning to feel a sense of empowerment

and the labor movement was in its early stages. By the mid-1880’s the construction trades were organizing and beginning the first steps towards collective bargaining. The consequences of such organization by the local carpenters moved the contractors to consider a similar action to respond.

Its stated purpose was to promote the common interests of those in the construction industry and to establish guidelines for quality and professionalism. More often than not that meant negotiating its way through the pressure for changing conditions in the workforce.

A handful of local contractors planned and advertised a meeting for March 19, 1886 to discuss how the business conditions for building contractors could be improved. A surprising number of contractors from Pittsburgh and Allegheny (the North Side was still a separate city then) attended and during the course of the meeting it developed that there was significant common interest. One Hastings Sherridan sensed that there was enough consensus to move that the contractors form a permanent organization, asking all who were in agreement to rise. According to the minutes of that day, “All were on their feet at once.” Thus was formed the Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania.

One of the best examples of this was the MBA’s position on what constituted the full work day. As an association of construction company owners, the MBA found itself representing the interests of keeping the work day as long as possible, but over a brief period of time recognized that a balance between work and rest could lead to better productivity. When the organization began, it supported a standard ten hour work day. By March 1892, the MBA’s work rules shifted to accept a standard nine hour day, excepting Saturday, which allowed for eight hours work. By the end of 1899 the work rules were amended to provide or require that any time after 6:00 PM would be paid at time and a half, with work on Sundays, July 4th, Labor

125 Years The Voice of the

Industry 4

Day and Christmas paid at double the rate. More importantly, the MBA’s members put into its minutes that they would not oppose a shift to a standard eight hour day “when the other leading branches of the Building Business desired to adopt it.” In the coming decades the MBA continued to act as an advocate for the industry and as an association to reach consensus on bargaining with labor. As such it wrestled with the changes in the labor climate, opposing the move to a five-day week in the 1920’s for example, and in negotiating clout as the industry went through booms and labor shortages during the World Wars. During these early decades the MBA became one of the initial regional chapters to form the Associated General Contractors of America, which was becoming the nation’s largest construction trade association. Although not all members were sold on the value of aligning with a national organiza-

tion, the MBA became a charter member of the AGC on May 15, 1922. Following World War II construction exploded in this country, as nearly two decades of pent up civilian demand and severe shortages created unprecedented need for new facilities. America emerged from the war as the world’s new power militarily and economically and the global demand for its goods created booms in industrial cities like Pittsburgh. The boom created conditions that motivated labor and contractors to push the envelope in demands and for a decade or so the tension between labor and management was high, often counterproductive. This period also marked the formation of a number of MBA initiatives to work through the prevailing conditions for the good of the industry. One of the most innovative of these was the Construction Advancement Program (CAP). Started in 1961, CAP is funded by a small hourly contribu-

tion as part of the labor contract that is used to advance the industry and the competitiveness of the contractors and labor. CAP provides support services in the areas of safety, public relations, legislation, human relations, industry relations, education, and apprenticeship. Within two years CAP and the MBA had adopted an industry-wide safety program that is still used today. Its highlights were the establishment of a safety committee with contractor and labor representation and the development of a safety program, the mandate of the hiring of a safety officer by all contractors and regular jobsite safety meetings on all projects over $1 million. Also in the 1960’s, the MBA started programs aimed at creating more opportunities for minority participation in the trades. With Operating Engineers Local #66, in 1969 they launched Operation Dig, a program to train minority workers the skills to land construction jobs. Within two years, 90 minority craftsmen were local unions members and

~ A Force in the Community

BreakingGround Special Edition 2011


After 125 years the direction of the MBA has been altered many times but the mission of improving the conditions of the industry and advancing the quality and professionalism remains unchanged.


What We Learned

employed on local construction jobsites. The MBA also participated in the Pittsburgh Plan, a more broad-based training program aimed at boosting the share of African American construction workers. The economic dislocation of steel and heavy manufacturing presented the MBA with a number of serious challenges in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. Market share of the union contractors was challenged and participation in the construction trades dropped off, particularly when regional construction unemployment spiked to more than 25 percent in the early Reagan administration. The new leadership of the MBA and the local trades recognized the long-term benefits of more cooperation and promotion of the industry. In the 1990’s both management and labor began to seek creative ways to help each other be more competitive. This cooperation culminated with the formation of the Builders Guild in 1999. A dozen years later, apprenticeship programs are growing and the market share of MBA contractors has rebounded to more than 70 percent.

by Pete Dozzi

As difficult as the present recessiondriven market is today, imagine having the following additional obstacles to deal with: •

• •

The 1990’s saw the MBA’s outreach to the community and industry expand. One of these efforts, which has had a significant impact is Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh. Originally launched in 1992 by the late Ann Billak of the MBA and Bill Waterkotte of the Carpenters as Christmas in April, this annual outreach raises funds and volunteer labor to repair homes for the elderly and economically disadvantaged. To date Rebuilding Together has repaired 1,100 homes and 20 community centers worth more than $6 billion in work. In 1993, the University of Pittsburgh’s Engineering School asked the MBA to do needs assessment to provide direction for its programs so that its engineering graduates had useful and marketable skills. The resultant feedback from the CAP Board of Trustees helps Pitt create a Construction Management program within its School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. To help start the program, CAP contributed $200,000 and in 2010, to support the hiring of a full-time professor dedicated to the Pitt CM program, CAP has committed another $125,000. In 1998, CAP and the MBA’s Education Committee began funding a scholarship for senior and graduate engineering students in the Construction Management program at Pitt. Those scholarships have totaled roughly $100,000 to date. After 125 years the direction of the MBA has been altered many times but the mission of improving the conditions of the industry and advancing the quality and professionalism remains unchanged. Today’s marketplace requires more training and education in technology. Tougher market conditions have created the need for new delivery systems and more collaborative agreements. Government growth necessitates that industry associations organize better and knock harder on the door to make sure its members are heard. Now, with more members than ever in its history, that’s the role the Master Builder’s has taken on: the voice of the industry.

Mandatory payment in cash only to all of your union employees. Lack of a union wide agreement on a defined workday. Various unions choosing different non-working holidays. Onerous union contract conditions including an unproductive stewards, temporary light man, temporary heat man, operating engineer on a single compressor, all with a required 40-hour per week take home pay.

These were the actual conditions after the Second World War. The modification or elimination of these unrealistic conditions began with a 100-day industry wide arbitration period in the 1960’s. The ultimate settlement required a federal arbitrator locking up both the MBA Labor Committee and the various union representatives for three days and nights in the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel. Although most of the conditions were not resolved at that time, subsequent time consuming and contentious labor meetings in following years continued to implement reforms. How did such horrendous and selfdestructive conditions germinate? It was truly a joint effort! Since only essential military construction was permitted during the war, the demand for civilian construction was enormous at the end of the Second World War. Contractors were anxious to satisfy this need and took the position of “Peace at any Price”. Their poor leadership, motivated by self-serving greed and short sightedness, was the perfect environment for the unions to gain unsustainable concessions. Unions were equally responsible for the stalemate. During the War, wages

were frozen and the union members were rightfully entitled to benefit from the new robust economy. Unions seized upon management’s weakness and poor leadership and took actions that were equally greedy and short-sighted. This combination created “The Perfect Storm”. Even after the agreements were ultimately hammered out, there remained the need for bilateral enforcement of them. Old habits die hard and problems remained with illegal work stoppages, jurisdictional disputes, and intimidation of individuals and individual contractors. In order to eliminate this weakness of singling out an individual contractor, the Master Builders’ required all members to assign their legal rights to the MBA to resolve these disputes. Since I was Chairman of the MBA Labor Committee at that time, I can attest that a significant factor to subsequent progress was the catalytic effect of the election of new union representatives that were realistic, reasonable and intelligently responsible. We are fortunate that the majority of today’s Pittsburgh union leaders recognize our present day challenges as a “we” problem and not a management vs. union feud. Our common and mutually beneficial objective should be to represent, promote and merchandize a highly skilled, productive and efficient workforce. Working together, hopefully we may decrease or eliminate the rapid decline of union membership that has occurred nationally during the past decades. May we learn and benefit from our past mistakes and move forward in positive direction. Peter C. Dozzi is founder and Chairman of Jendoco Construction Corp. He served as president of the MBA’s board from 1974 to 1976.

BreakingGround Special Edition 2011



Congratulates THE


on 125 years of being the Number One Construction Trades Association. Throughout 125 years, you continue to exemplify true leadership, providing the industry with professional and qualified contractors and leading the industry in excellence. The Greater PA Regional Council of Carpenters is proud of our 125-year relationship, and honored to call you our partner in the construction industry.


Investing in Training •

93,000 sq. ft. Joint Apprenticeship Training Center

Investing in People •

14,000 highly skilled carpenters across 60 counties

Investing in Our Future •

Ready and able to work on any size construction project


Landau Building Company Founded: 1890

9855 Rinaman Road Wexford, PA  15090 724-935-8800      724-935-6510 For over a century, Landau has been a name synonymous with western Pennsylvania construction. Since its inception in the early 1890s, Landau has become one of the region’s premier construction firms. The firm has grown considerably in resources and experience in that time, but a strong commitment to their clients remains the same. The Landau story started in 1858 when Heinrich Landau came to Cincinnati, Ohio from Prussia. Henry, as he came to be known in the states, was a carpenter for hire. In 1885 he relocated to Pittsburgh. Henry’s four sons started Landau Brothers, a small construction company in 1890. Through the years Landau Brothers built projects such as the Roosevelt Hotel in the 1920s which is located on the corner of Sixth Street and Penn Avenue. They survived the Great Depression by helping most of the banks in downtown rebuild after the Pittsburgh Flood of 1936. The Second World War (WWII) led to work in the 1940s such as the Duquesne Brewing Company’s new brew house project. In the 1950s Landau Brothers owned the property that later became South Hills Village shopping mall. They sold the property and built the Horne’s and Gimbels stores as part of the deal. Retail projects dominated the workload in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1974, the company incorporated and changed the name from Landau Brothers to Landau Building Company. For the past thirty years healthcare, higher education and recreational projects have dominated the workload. A few of the notable projects include Washington & Jefferson Technology Center, Regional Learning Alliance, Pittsburgh Children’s Zoo, Sandcastle Park and Lost Kennywood. Today, five generations later, Landau Building Company is a mid-sized General Contractor with offices in Wexford, PA and Clarksburg, WV. Landau concentrates on commercial construction, mainly

in the private sector. Their clients are confident that they represent their best interests and will deliver the best product their money can buy. The firm enjoys a strong reputation in the subcontractor community. Landau Building Company also delivers design/build projects. The senior management and estimating department work with owners and architects to provide a design/build project that meet the client’s needs within budget. In 2006 Landau Building Company and Marks Construction, a general contractor in the WV region, created a subsidiary called Marks-Landau Construction headquartered in Bridgeport, WV. The union of Marks and Landau combines Marks’ knowledge with Landau’s experience to service the West Virginia market. Landau Building Company prides itself on repeat business. Experience in healthcare construction has enabled the company to thrive through this economic downturn. Landau has worked with UPMC extensively in the past and has done work in every one of their local hospitals. Landau was the first company to have all of their staff ICRA certified, prior to certification being required by UPMC. Recent projects for UPMC include the Level 7 South renovations, the Bethel Park Cancer Center and renovations of �the operating and recovery rooms at Shadyside Hospital. Landau was recently awarded a project at the prestigious Mario Lemieux Center for Blood Diseases which encompasses the entire fourth floor at Hillman Cancer Center. Landau has done numerous projects for Heritage Valley Health Systems, most recently completing a $20 million addition and renovation to their Beaver Campus. Marks-Landau Construction is currently managing three projects for Monongalia General Hospital located in Morgantown, WV and just was awarded a fourth project. Landau also works extensively with WVU Healthcare System. Current projects include a one-story addition to Chestnut Ridge Hospital and renovation of existing Linear Accelerator rooms at Ruby Hospital. Landau

has built 14 facilities for Morgantown-based MedExpress. In the worship/community sector, Landau Building Company has a long-standing relationship with the YMCA. A sixth collaboration with the YMCA is currently under construction in Armstrong County. Orchard Hill Church chose Landau as their contractor for the recently completed $4 million children’s ministry addition. Landau built the original Orchard Hill Church in 1996. Landau has enjoyed a lasting relationship with Mitsubishi Electrical Power Products, Inc. A fifth project recently began with them. Higher education is another important facet of Landau’s portfolio. Landau has worked with most of the local colleges and universities. Clients include The University of Pittsburgh, Community College of Allegheny County, Westminster College, Grove City College, Washington & Jefferson College, Waynesburg University, Fairmont State University, West Virginia University and Robert Morris University. Landau recently started construction on the RMU Wayne Center, an addition and renovation to an existing building to house the university’s Media Arts Program. Throughout the decades, construction companies come and go. Landau Building Company has literally built its reputation on excellence, integrity and reliability from the ground up. For five generations and over 100 years of hard work, Landau has built their business on a foundation of trust and service to their clients, subcontractors and employees.

BreakingGround Special Edition 2011



The Mechanical Contractors Association is a proud partner of the Master Builders’ Association and its member contractors. MCA congratulates the MBA on 125 years of building the industry.

Mechanical Contractors Association of Western Pennsylvania, Inc. 3811 Cypress Street Pittsburgh PA 15214 (412) 683-3600 FAX (412) 683-3609

John Deklewa & Sons Founded: 1918

1273 Washington Pike Bridgeville, PA 15017 Tel: 412-257-9000 Fax: 412-257-4486 John Deklewa, Sr.

In 1918, John Deklewa, Sr., Slovenian immigrant, carpenter and skilled furniture maker, founded a custom home building company in Pittsburgh. The Deklewa name soon became synonymous with quality craftsmanship. In the 1920s and 30s, John, Sr. expanded his workforce and became involved in small-scale commercial projects. After World War II, he capitalized on the construction boom and went into partnership with his three sons, John Jr., Ted and Bob. Over the next 25 years, Deklewa began to construct institutional projects such as churches and schools, and by the 1970s, the company had gained experience in several industries and earned a strong reputation throughout the tri-state area. During this time, a third generation of Deklewa sons joined the company, and in 1982, they incorporated and further diversified the company’s capabilities, performing healthcare, industrial and retail construction.

Today, Dave Deklewa and John E. (Jed) Deklewa, with the assistance of now a fourth generation, carry on the company culture and commitment to providing excellent service to their clients. Notable projects over the years include St. Lazarus Oratory and Mausoleum, Pathfinder School in Bethel Park, Greene County High School, two hangars at the 911th Air Force Reserve Base in Moon Township, Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center on the Univer-

house, Robert Morris Island Sports Center, The Beaver County YMCA, conversion of Pittsburgh’s Gimbels Building into the Heinz 57 Center, New Castle High School and Middle School, North Hills YMCA, 600 Cranberry Woods Office Building, and 1500 North 6th Street Condo Tower, Harrisburg, PA.

sity of Pittsburgh at Johnstown campus, Bayer Building #16, DDI Office Building, Sisters of Charity Assisted Living Center at Seton Hill, The Club at Nevillewood clubhouse, Treesdale Country Club club-

BreakingGround Special Edition 2011


The Ironworker Employers Association of Western Pennsylvania and Iron Workers Local Union No. 3 congratulates Master Builder’s Association on 125 years of building the region. The Ironworker Employers Association of Western Pennsylvania is an association of Union Contractors who work in all aspects of the Ironworking trade within the construction industry.


IWEA can be a resource to a qualified, trained and experienced contractor.

Ironworkers Employers Association of Western Pennsylvania, Inc. 750 Holiday Drive Suite 615 | Pittsburgh, PA 15220 Office: 412-922-6855 | Fax: 412-922-6856 Email: |

Building Your World By Trade Pittsburgh | Erie | Clearfield

Uhl Construction Founded: 1920

4912 Vernon Drive Allison Park, PA 15101 724-443-0600 Fax: 412-961-0490

Building a reputation for quality and value takes time. Uhl Construction Company’s long commitment to excellence is based upon the principle that our customers deserve the best in design, management, and construction services as was the belief of its founder, Gerald Uhl, over ninety one years ago. At that time and long before the advent of pre-engineered metal buildings, the company specialized in the construction of steel plants, oil refineries, large span bridges, and heavy industrial facilities in the Pittsburgh area because of Mr. Uhl’s extensive experience in structural engineering. Gerald died in 1959 passing ownership of the company to his son John who continued to guide the company through three decades of growth and development. Today, Uhl Construction is headed by Jim Hengelsberg who joined the company in 1950. Since that time, the business has been family-owned and operated and has remained a mid-sized company. Uhl has chosen to remain this size so we can adapt to trends in the economy more easily and are able to better communicate with all of our customers. Uhl began phasing out its emphasis on heavy industrial construction and started expanding its design/build capabilities in both the light industrial and commercial markets when the steel industry fell on hard times. In 1948, Uhl became the first pre-engineered metal building dealer for Butler Buildings in the southern Pennsylvania area. Twelve years later, Uhl was unable to maintain a steady rate of metal building sales due to the local economy and terminated its relationship with Butler buildings. Uhl experimented with several manufacturers and became a Stran builder in 1965 who was acquired by Varco-Pruden (a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc.) in 1983. With over 60 years in the metal building business, 25-50% of Uhl’s projects typically involve pre-engineered metal buildings.

In addition to the light industrial and commercial construction, Uhl also specializes in educational, institutional, recreational, and religious markets. Although Uhl competes in both conventional and design/build, 60-70% of Uhl’s jobs are design-build, thus endorsing a oneon-one relationship with the owner. Our team is completely responsible for the project with the owner as a partner. Uhl’s design/build concept allows for many design, engineering, construction and permitting activities to be conducted simultaneously while detailed final drawings are being completed. During every project, weekly job meetings are conducted to discuss current issue and a final inspection is held after a job is finished to ensure complete satisfaction. Whether the project is design/build or conventionally designed, this approach assures smooth communication channels to maximize results and eliminate potential problems throughout the project. Good communication, strong relationships, and constructive problem solving are just a few of Uhl’s cornerstones. Our reputation to consistently deliver quality is built on a steady stream of repeat customers such as: ATI Allegheny Ludlum Corporation, Butler Eagle Printing, Honeywell Electronics, Metalwerks PMD, Inc., Neville Chemical Corporation, PPG Industries, Nicklas Supply, Unifirst, Cummins Diesel, Bell Telephone and Duquesne Light to name a few. Uhl has nine staff members at its office located north of the city in Allison Park. Like other mid-size companies, the staff performs several different functions, including design input. Uhl encourages its staff to continually educate themselves via attendance in routine workshops, webinars, and seminars to maintain the pace with design specifications, materials, installation techniques and code regulations. Each project owner/architect has accessibility to project management as well as senior management at all times.

Uhl also employs between 35-75 people in the field depending on the scope of each project. Strict supervision is a notable characteristic of Uhl’s standard operating procedure. A full-time superintendent oversees each project and represents that project each day that work is being performed on that site. Uhl is signatory with four labor unions - the carpenters, laborers, cement finishers, and iron workers - thus having the ability to self-perform a large percentage of the project enabling more control and reduced risk. Another characteristic of Uhl is our safety standard. Uhl recognizes that investments in bona fide training programs generates significant benefits in the form of increased productivity, quality, and safety. These benefits also reduce turnover, absenteeism, and rework for employees which equates to significantly reduced project costs for both the contractor and the owner. Additionally, each of Uhl’s job foremen are required to have the tradesmen participate in weekly “CAP Safety Talks/Toolbox Talks” and practice the company requirements contained within the “Safety and Hazard Communications Program”. Uhl’s safety director Frank Hughes visits each and every jobsite on a routine basis to ensure that these policies are being upheld. Uhl also participates in substance abuse testing and drug-free jobsites. Since we’re drug-free, our associates are 30% more productive and 3.6 times less likely to be in an accident. Our sound safety program contributes to our excellent experience modification rating. In conclusion, with over nine decades of experience, effective management, superior quality of workmanship, a safe jobsite, a bonding capacity of up to $45 million, sound financial resources in place, and total turn-key capabilities, you can rely on Uhl Construction Company!

BreakingGround Special Edition 2011


Construction Lending Whether you’re building, renovating, buying land, or expanding, our great rates, fast approvals, and local decision-making can help. Before you know it, your dream home or business vision will be realized — from the ground up. When it comes to commercial or residential construction lending, Northwest has everything you need to succeed.

Lower Costs Our competitive rates and low fees save you more. Fast Turnaround We’re committed to local decision-making. Customized Financing We individualize terms and conditions to meet your project’s specific needs. Strong Relationships Our experts take a personal interest in taking your business to the next level. 28 offices to serve you throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Northwest Direct: 1-877-672-5678 • Member FDIC


F.J. Busse Company, Inc. Founded: 1926



1575 Noblestown Rd. Pittsburgh PA 15220 412-921-1231 P.O. Box 8540 FAX 412-921-9861 Pittsburgh, PA 15220 Builderʼs & Contractors/Commercial • Industrial • Institutional


412-921-1231 • Fax 412-921-9861

F.J. Busse Company, Inc. was founded in 1926 by Francis Joseph Busse, a bricklayer by trade. Four generations later, the business is still upholding the founder’s ideals of commitment to quality building. F.J. Busse Company, Inc. is a family owned and operated commercial, institutional and industrial contractor. For over 85 years F.J. Busse Company, Inc. has delivered quality craftsmanship for its clients, while maintaining their budgets and schedules. Our numerous repeat customers are a testament to our commitment to quality building. F.J. Busse Company, Inc. self performs demolition, concrete, rough and finish carpentry, drywall and acoustical. We employ Carpenters, Laborers, Cement Masons, and Drywall Finishers. Many of our craftspeople have apprenticed through our company and throughout time have become Foremen and Superintendents. Our long-term relationship with subcontractors and suppliers maintains our competitiveness throughout the market place. Our hands on approach to General Construction helps to maintain the client’s schedule, budget and the ability to deliver quality craftsmanship.

overlooks on Mount Washington, Meadowcroft Rockshelter Enclosure and the Master Builders’ Association New Headquarters Building are examples of quality construction projects. Our customers have been our success, their continual requests for proposal have made relationships long term and amicable. F.J. Busse Company’s clientele include large Institutions, Developers, Property Managers, Corporations and Hospitals, as well as renovations to numerous Architectural and Engineering offices throughout Pittsburgh. Meadowcroft Rockshelter Enclosure, which is a National Historic Landmark, was one of the most challenging projects, within our 85-year

history, with the building of a glue-laminated timber structure on the face of a cliff. F.J. Busse Company, Inc. won the Master Builders’ Association Building Excellence Award for Best New Construction Under $10 Million Dollars in 2008 for the Rockshelter construction. Our company was given the honor of renovating the New Master Builders’ Association Headquarters Building, which received LEED Gold Certification. F.J. Busse Company, Inc. maintains the integrity of the old time craftsman and quality builder that Francis Joseph Busse was in 1926. Our commitment to honesty and quality craftsmanship continues on today.

Throughout the 85 years of building Greater Pittsburgh the F.J. Busse Company has built numerous landmarks throughout the region. The fountain at Point State Park is one of Pittsburgh’s famous landmarks and attractions. The

BreakingGround Special Edition 2011


Joseph B. Fay Company Founded: 1947

P.O. Box 66 Russellton, PA 15076 724-265-4600 Fax: 724-265-3323

Joseph B. Fay is a leader in heavy highway and civil construction in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, as well as in the complex demolition of bridges and concrete structures nationwide. In 1947, Joseph B. Fay, founded our company after being instrumental in projects such as the Liberty Tunnels, the Westinghouse Bridge and the Dravo shipyards with Booth and Flinn. The legacy he has passed on was his simple business philosophy: Do the job right the first time safely– with honesty, fairness, and quality. Our culture reflects a legacy of advancing infrastructure, with a commitment to safety, quality, customer service and contributing to the communities in which we work. Fay’s diversified experience, self-perform capabilities, and innovative construction methods make us an industry leader. Our skill sets include mass excavation and fill; demolition: site preparation; installing retaining walls and piling; sheeting and shoring; concrete removal, above and below water; and concrete foundations and structure. We have the adaptability to work from floating plants (barges, boats, cranes, etc.); and work around energized power stations, substations, as well as underground facilities.


As you explore the City of Pittsburgh, much of the infrastructure and aesthetically pleasing design that makes it the nation’s most livable city, had Fay involvement. Fay developed the riverfront for Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino, constructed the Water Steps at the North Shore’s Riverfront Park along with the

pedestrian bridge over it, refurbished both the Korean and Vietnam War Memorials, constructed two quays for loading and unloading Pittsburgh’s Gateway Clipper Fleet, built the esplanade between Heinz Field and PNC Park, removed the previous in-bound bridge decks of the Ft. Pitt Bridge and approach decks, demolished the remaining substructure of the Ft. Pitt Boulevard when it was refurbished, and demolished the 3 existing steel bridges and constructed a new two-span steel bridge and ramps for

the new Boulevard of the Allies approach into Oakland. Fay has delivered many other signature projects outside Pittsburgh. Fay has constructed or rehabilitated highways, bridges and toll facilities for the PA Turnpike. Fay’s demolition group has recently been involved in demolitions of the Charleroi-Monessen Bridge, the McConnells Mill Bridge, the Clymer Bridge, the Bridgeport Bridge and the I-90 Bridge over Six Mile Creek. Fay also operates in the Baltimore Maryland area, whose flagship project is the restoration of a National Landmark Bridge, the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge. This project was awarded fifth place in Roads and Bridges Magazine’s top 10 bridges in 2011. All of our success is attributable to our people, whose teamwork leads to successful delivery of our projects on, or ahead of, schedule, meeting our clients’ expectations and budgets.

A. Martini & Co. Founded: 1951

320 Grant Street Verona, PA 15147 412-828-5500 Fax: 412-828-6488

(from left) Angelo Martini Jr., Angelo Martini Sr. and Anthony Martini

Established in 1951, A. Martini & Co. is not just a general contracting and construction management firm – it is a family business that embodies the dedication, work ethic and talent of three generations of the Martini family. Over the past 60 years, we have grown our company from a small, concrete subcontractor in 1951 to a well-respected general contracting and construction management firm in 2011.

is very important to your institution. Therefore, this cannot be just another job on a firm’s long list of work. The dedication and efforts of the selected general contractor must reflect your own dedication and efforts thus far. As a mid-size firm, we are still small enough to commit the time, expertise and “hands-on” involvement of our owners and officers to your project.

A. Martini & Co.’s size, history and work philosophy are specifically geared to offering the experience, commitment and partnering approach needed for your project. Experience. A. Martini & Co. provides construction management and construction services on projects for industry, retail, medical, entertainment, corporate, residential, education and non-profit clients. Commitment. Just as critical to this success, though more difficult to discern during the selection process, is the commitment of a company to dedicate the correct level of expertise to your project. You are searching for a firm that understands that this project

- is the third key to successfully completing this project. Our belief in the partnering concept has proven to be successful for our clients - not only in terms of innovative approaches to the construction management and construction process, but also in terms of cost-savings. We look forward to sharing examples of these savings with you. “A. Martini & Company was a great partner on this project. Renovating this building to meet Google’s needs was challenging. A. Martini’s commitment helped to resolve issues “on the ground” and complete this project successfully.” John Barker Google

Partnering Approach. We are committed to working with you and your colleagues in a “partnership” throughout this process. We believe that partnering - a formal structure of preventing conflicts and cost overruns by establishing working relationships among all stakeholders through a mutually developed strategy of commitment and communication

“A. Martini & Company completed the Google Pittsburgh project on-time and within the budget, which was a great accomplishment given the aggressive schedule. We were very impressed with their team’s commitment, expertise and craftsmanship.” Gregg Perelman Walnut Capital Partners

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Congratulations to the Master Builders’ Association on

125 Years

of Building the Region

Alpern Rosenthal Congratulates

Master Builders’ Association of Western PA on its 125th Anniversary &

DeSign. BuilD. Develop.

Cuddy Roofing has been a leader in rooftop innovation and building envelope services for over 20 years. Along with the other Scalo Companies, we look forward to serving members of the MBA with the most advanced sustainable technologies and superior workmanship for many more decades to come. | 412.921.2783

Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors

Congratulates the Master Builders’Association for its 125 years of service to the industry.

We are grateful to have served the legal needs of MBA member firms since 1987.


G.M. McCrossin Constructors Inc. Founded: 1951 Main Office: 2780 Benner Pike Bellefonte, PA 16823 Phone: 814.355.4848 Fax: 814.355.7363 Pittsburgh Office: 2607 Nicholson Road Suite 2400 Sewickley, PA 15143 Phone: 724.933.9222 Fax: 724.933.9223 Robert Leahey G.M. McCrossin is an established organization that offers exemplary service in all phases of industrial, commercial, and educational construction. Founded in 1951, the firm established its roots in central Pennsylvania and performed general construction for commercial and industrial clients. Since then, the company has added multiple departments, including full electrical and mechanical divisions, as well as a foundation division located in Pittsburgh. Gilbert M. McCrossin was well prepared for his role as founder, receiving training and education in civil engineering and construction throughout the 1930s and 1940s. From the beginning, G.M. McCrossin established their reputation as a trusted, formidable firm built on quality, versatility, and integrity. One of their most notable projects entailed dismantling the 30,000-seat stadium for the Penn State Nittany Lions, and relocating it to the east end of campus. It was then reassembled and expanded to 46,284 seats, named Beaver Stadium in 1960. In 1972, the company welcomed one of G.M. McCrossin’s most respected and devoted executives when Robert M. Leahey was named Vice President of the Mechanical Division. Leahey became President five years later, and eventually purchased the company with a business partner in 1993. Robert M. Leahey’s tenure at G.M. McCrossin is fondly remembered by many in the industry, and sadly in 2000, he succumbed to his battle with cancer at the age of 68. In 2001, Robert M. Leahey’s sons, Joseph J. Leahey and Robert F. Leahey, purchased the remaining shares from his father’s business partner. Today, Joseph holds the Vice Presidential position, and his brother, Robert, holds his father’s previous title as President. A majority of the firm’s operations and base business are headquartered in Bellefonte, PA near Penn State University. Full-service capabilities include construction management, prime contracting, sub-contracting, and design build based on customer need. Departments include general contracting, electrical, mechanical, concrete, foundations, safety training, energy and resource efficiency, alternative energy, and solar wall installation. With this broad base of capabilities, they are able to offer a high level of efficiency and flexibility to their clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, and beyond.

mine works. Like all projects completed by G.M. McCrossin, the firm took great care in determining the scope and possible redesign options before breaking ground, helping them to deliver service by deadline without setbacks. Current foundation services offered are anchors and tiebacks, tiedowns, caissons, driven piling, foundation grouting, marine constructions, micropiles, retaining walls, rock and soil nailing, underpinning, soldier piles/ lagging, secant pile walls, tangent pile walls, augercast piles, sheet piles, and design-construct services.

McCrossin strongly emphasizes risk reduction. Through comprehensive coordination and pre-project planning, major project setbacks are avoided and unnecessary costs mitigated before construction begins. The firm is wholly committed to delivering projects on time and on budget while respecting the highest levels of safety standards, as evidenced by their outstanding safety record and awards. The foundation division serves Western Pennsylvania and clients throughout the U.S. with a quality foundation product married with preparatory expertise that ensures project completion in a timely, cost-effective, and safe manner. G.M. McCrossin is pleased to provide expert innovation and geotechnical solutions to any project, including athletic, educational, commercial, water-treatment, industrial, power-generation/transmission. Their team has been installing drilled shafts, micropiles, anchors, and soldier beam walls throughout the country for over 50 years, and have the knowledge and experience to address deep foundation installation, namely those in difficult soil and access conditions. A fleet of equipment is easily dispatched for immediate need, and include hydraulic track mounted caisson and tie back-style rigs, as well as hydraulic RT and lattice-boom crawler style cranes. G.M. McCrossin retains a staff of personnel in a centralized location whose capabilities range from large and complex projects, to those of lesser scale. Some of their most recent foundation clients and projects include the Robinson Building in Southwestern, PA, Rose Plastics Phase III in Coal Center, PA, the Frac-Tec service building in Eighty Four, PA, and Salk Hall at the University of Pittsburgh. Most of the caissons installed required temporary and permanent casing techniques due to difficult underlying ground conditions. The Salk Hall project required special attention due to underlying

Committed to implementing a high standard of safety for it employees, G.M. McCrossin takes special care to transmit the importance of this message to its suppliers, subcontractors, and tradesmen. A project is only successful when capability and skill are supported by safety standards that protect their number one asset: employees. G.M. McCrossin provides a team of safety professionals to educate and certify their colleagues in the industry in the hopes of preventing unnecessary accidents, fines, expenditures, and risk. Their MSHA program gives natural gas drillers, as well as commercial and industrial leaders, valuable employee training that upholds safety in even the most challenging of situations. G.M. McCrossin specializes in planning, scheduling, budgeting, permitting, and design build services. A union contractor, their safety program is formalized, and their tradespeople exemplify devotion to integrity and expertise. The firm is signatory to multiple unions, including operator, pile driver, carpenter, laborer, cement finishes, iron worker, electrician, and pipe fitter. G.M. McCrossin is a member of numerous professional associations, having won countless awards on behalf of their safety record. Engineering News has named them one of the country’s top 600 contractors. The management team continues to go to great lengths to satisfy clients and adhere to the philosophy of working intelligently to minimize rework while maximizing quality. They meet difficult projects with confidence, and believe in exceeding expectations. Today, G.M. McCrossin perpetuates the founder’�s original vision, managing to expand and grow despite economic downturn and uncertainty. The company is currently owned and run by the family of former GMM owner Robert M. Leahey, Sr.

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MICA members are interior contractors who share a common mission: to provide their customers with the highest quality craftsmanship. We partner with the union trades that supply the best trained, safest and most productive craftsmen in the industry. APA Construction Alliance Drywall Interiors, Inc. Easley & Rivers, Inc. J.J. Morris & Sons, Inc.

L & ET Company, Inc. Laso Contractors, Inc. RAM Acoustical Corporation Wyatt, Inc.

Congratulations to our partners at the MBA

on 125 years of building the region.


Nello Construction Co. Founded: 1952

100 Houston Square, Suite 200 Canonsburg, PA 15317 Office: 724-746-1900

Rooted in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, Nello Construction Company is creating valuebased building solutions for its clients--with genuine customer service.

on firm that self-performs various trades. In the last few years, Nello has poured $10 million worth of concrete per year with its own forces.

We can build it! Nello’s diverse portfolio includes both public and private market clients including K-12, higher education, ministry, local municipalities, corporate, industrial, retail, LEED, and oil & gas companies.

Powering our clients for growth, Nello’s services include general construction, construction management and a turnkey design-build delivery. We measure success by building smarter, faster, and reducing costs.

We’re not construction brokers in suits. Originally a masonry contractor, Nello takes pride in being a technically-minded, hands-

Thriving today, Nello Construction was recently named one of Pittsburgh’s 100 fastest growing companies by the Pittsburgh

Business Times; won an MBA award for Best New Construction Under $10 million – St. Joseph Parish; won a MBA award for Excellence in Safety; won an Engineering News-Record (ENR) award for Best K-12 Project in 11 states – Moon Area High School.

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Congratulations to the Master Builder’s Association for 125 years of Leadership and Service within the Western Pennsylvania Construction Industry.




June 20, 2000 – Three Rivers Stadium • Pittsburgh, PA MBA Launches New Drug Free Partnership Program

Best Wishes For Continued Success!



Jendoco Construction Corporation Founded: 1957

2000 Lincoln Road Pittsburgh PA 15235 412-361-4500 Fax 412-361-4790 Peter C. Dozzi and Eugene Dozzi Since our founding in 1957, Jendoco Construction Corporation has earned the reputation as a quality builder. We are experienced in all of the major project delivery methods which include: Design/ Bid/Build General Contractor, Construction Manager, CM/GC, Design/Build, Develop/Design/Build, and Integrated Project Delivery. (IPD) Peter Dozzi grew up as a construction laborer with his father, Eugenio (Eugene), who had immigrated to the United States in 1927. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Civil Engineering, Pete continued to work in construction other than the two years of service in the Korean War. In 1957, he struck out on his own starting the business in the basement of his father’s home. Soon after, his father joined Jendoco with Pete handling the office and Eugene, a carpenter by trade, heading the field. By 1966, Jendoco was doing well enough that it built its own headquarters, where it is still located today, on Lincoln Road, very close to where Pete grew up. One of the attributes that has contributed to the success of Jendoco is our personnel. Many of the members of our team have been a part of the Jendoco Family for 20 years or more. The same holds true for our field personnel, many of whom started their apprenticeships with the company. The dedicated office staff currently consists of 12 personnel involved in project management and estimating assignments as well as a support staff consisting of 12 individuals involved in accounting, clerical, and administrative duties. In addition, Jendoco maintains a roster of superintendents and foremen who supervise all on-site

activities including the work of up to 100 trades people employed directly for self-performed work. While large enough to meet our client’s needs, we have controlled our growth in order to personally attend to their needs. This commitment has helped Jendoco to develop relationships and valuable friendships over the years with owners, architects, and subcontractors, as well as building officials and trade unions. These relationships foster and maintain team building, which leads to successful projects.

both have unique interior finishes such as gold gilding and cast plaster work. At Calvary Episcopal Church artisans were contracted to hand make each individual piece of the mosaic tile of the sanctuary floor to match the existing and to carve additional sections of the rood screen. Jendoco’s project managers, superintendents, and labor force have transformed many obsolete structures into new and productive space. Whether carefully removing three foot thick structural masonry to create a seven story atrium while cleaning and restoring heavy timber beams at the Senator John Heinz History Center, or using chisels and toothbrushes to preserve historic signatures during the restoration of the Historic Bost Building in Homestead, Pennsylvania, we find ways to safely accomplish even the most difficult projects. We continue to expand our knowledge and leadership in areas such as sustainable construction, integrated project delivery, and BIM implementation while maintaining our focus on providing quality projects that meet each of our client’s needs.

Jendoco takes pride in our ability to self-perform on-site activities while taking into account budgetary and schedule restraints. Jendoco is affiliated with the Unified Trades Council through the Master Builder’s Association and signatory with the Carpenters and Laborers Unions. These relationships provide us the ability to man a project with the skilled employees required to maintain the project schedule. We have worked on many projects that have very elaborate interior finishes. The Rodef Shalom and Beth Shalom Synagogues

Pete Dozzi built the company on a foundation of three core values — honesty, hard work and client satisfaction. Domenic Dozzi and Dwight Kuhn remain committed to those core values today. Those values are reinforced by a deep commitment to technical excellence and the vision to explore and pioneer new areas within our industry. Over the years, Jendoco has received countless accolades from our industry peers. We are known for our craftsmanship, historic preservation, sustainable construction, design/build, and above all, building excellence.

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Get the Advantage.

Pittsburgh Builders Exchange

On project details throughout the entire process. Let the Pittsburgh Builders Exchange be your information source for the most accurate Project Leads, Bidding Details, and Award Results. Contact: Jaci Yunker at 412.922.4200 or

Your Employee Benefits Resource... Now more than ever you need an experienced broker to provide you with the best products and the highest level of service. If your broker isn’t living up to your standards, now is the time to change! Contact Scott Tovissi or Christy Boehm at 412.586.0300 or ~

Builders Exchange Benefits

Mosites Construction Founded: 1959

4839 Campbells Run Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237 412-923-2255 FAX: 412-788-1169 Moscos “MG” Mosites

The Mosites Construction Company is a builder of commercial, institutional, recreational, renovation, heavy and highway construction projects with allied interests in real estate and commercial development. The beginnings of Mosites as a contractor are founded in the immigration of Moscos George Mosites. He was a descendent of fishermen and sailors from a small Greek village on the Black Sea. Moscos had the passion to move fearlessly in the direction of his dream for a better life. At the age of 17, alone, he boarded a Greek freighter bound for America. MG, as he became known, eventually settled in industry rich Pittsburgh. Soon thereafter he began contracting for painting work. The year was 1917. As a young man who understood risk and rewards; his business plan was to paint stacks, towers and bridges. Most anyone can swing a paint brush back and forth, but to paint tall structures one must risk the hazard of falling. MG relied on his experience as a sailor climbing, tying and rigging lines to build a business and support a family. In his time, he became one of the largest industrial painting and maintenance contractor in the tri-state area. The business of Mosites Construction Co. was started in 1959 by Steven T. Mosites after he had spent 8 years with MG. His brother Donald A. joined him one year later. Real estate development was ventured in 1969. Through these many years Mosites has been proud to contribute to the growth of Western Pennsylvania. We did not only assume the many business risk of the construction industry; but, also risked the long term ownership commitments in property and development believing fully in the prosperity of our area. We proudly call UPMC, Carnegie Mellon University, H.J. Heinz, Washington & Jefferson College, Scale Case Developers of Southpointe,

Carpenters Union, Catholic Diocese, Bay Valley Foods, The Mosites Company Developers of East Liberty, Walgreens, Chatham University, University of Pittsburgh and Robert Morris University our customers for which we have repeated business over many years. Repeat customers are a treasure of our business. They speak to our ability to successfully manage quality, safety, schedule and budget to the point of excellence where we are asked to build again. It is one of our barometers for success.

Mosites development interests encompass a diversified portfolio of over 2 million square feet of space including office buildings, national restaurant chain leases, retail shopping centers, light industrial and warehouse facilities. In all cases of development, construction is performed by Mosites Construction Company. Relationships with prominent clients including Westinghouse, Bayer Corporation, Calgon Carbon Corporation, Kmart, PNC Bank, Fifth Third Bank, First Commonwealth Bank, WesBanco, Bank of America and Wal-Mart have been the result. In each of these facets of business, Mosites stakes a significant claim in the performance of the work. We self-perform grading, excavation, backfill, demolition, all types of concrete work, rough carpentry and finish carpentry. Our ability to self-perform has spawned opportunities for prime contract work on some of Pittsburgh’s largest projects. These include the concrete work at Heinz Field, Rivers Casino, Children’s Hospital and Mellon Bank Client Service Center.

We work the public sector and are well known to Army Corps of Engineers, Penn DOT, Port Authority of Allegheny County, PA Turnpike Commission and City of Pittsburgh. The Liberty Tunnel restoration, Mon-Fayette Expressway, Elizabeth Bridge, East Busway, Corliss Flyover, Berry Street Tunnel, Wabash Tunnel, Rankin Bridge rehabilitation, Pittsburgh International Airport Roads and Bridges are some of our many projects that have contributed to the growth of Western Pennsylvania.

Mosites brings skill, innovative methods, ingenuity and a customer focused attitude to the jobsite under Viewpoint management processes. We build LEED certified when requested. Though sophistication, diversification and technology have shaped our business today, we still align with the passion of a young Greek immigrant of modest means pursuing the American dream. We are thrilled with a winning bid. A good day for us is concrete poured, steel erected, masonry laid and struck. It’s rewarding to flip the power switch on time. And, a most satisfying completion to any project is an owner speaking well of us. We love to build.

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Best locally trained workforce

Depth of experience

Good for the community

We invest more than $20 million annually in quality training and safety programs resulting in lower costs.

We maintain a deep pool of talented workers available to handle any size construction project.

By providing respectable wages, health care and pension benefits, our members do not burden local taxpayers as they pay their own way through life.

Building trade unions and contractors working together to provide the best in construction.

Call 412.921.9000 for more information or visit our website at 26

Massaro Corporation Founded: 1967

(From left) – Joseph A. Massaro III, David Massaro, Steven Massaro, Linda Massaro and Joseph A. Massaro, Jr.

Joseph A. Massaro Jr. founded Massaro Corporation on February 1, 1967 in a rented office on Washington Boulevard. He set out to build a professionally run general contracting firm committed to performing quality work, keeping its promises and adhering to the highest standards of ethics. As the son of a stone mason, Joe Massaro believed in and respected the valuable role of the tradesman. Consequently, Hugo DelRay, a cement finisher, and Frank Spinarelli, a carpenter, were the first two employees hired at Massaro.

and development of properties generated revenues nearing $100,000,000. Additionally, Engineering News Record (ENR) listed the Massaro Corporation as one of top 400 general contractors nationally. By 1985, Massaro Corporation had revenues well over

The company’s first project was the Lewis Brothers Warehouse Building on Penn Avenue in the Strip District. Massaro Corporation completed five projects its first year in business with total revenues of $251,000. By the second year, revenue grew to $1,200,000. Sustained by his belief in the success of the company, in 1969 Joe Massaro embarked on the construction of its new headquarters and warehouse in the RIDC Park in O’Hara Township. Throughout the decade of the ‘70s the company grew annually and extended its operations to West Virginia, Ohio and eastern Pennsylvania. By the end of the decade Massaro Corporation owned an equipment leasing company and Historic Picture from left – Bud Pellegrini, Joseph A. was self-performing its own excavation, Massaro, Sr. and Joseph A. Massaro, Jr. concrete, masonry and carpentry work. It was during this time that Joe Massaro began his career as in real estate with the $150,000,000, employed over 250 emdevelopment of Robinson Plaza in Robinson ployees, and was the 212th largest general Township. contractor in the United States. By the early 1980s, the general contracting business along with the acquisition

From 1987 to 1990 Massaro Corporation experienced serious financial difficulty

120 Delta Drive Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15238 412-963-2800     Fax: 412-599-0034

stemming from 2 failed real estate projects and a bad construction project at Ohio State University. During that time Massaro focused on working out its financial difficulties and took on no new work. By the early 1990’s Massaro Corporation’s problems had been worked out, and Massaro rededicated itself to its core business of construction. During the first half of the decade Massaro rebuilt its trust with owners, subcontractors, employees and the community. Throughout the 1990s the company saw revenues climb each year. By the year 2000, the company was approaching the $100,000,000 mark in revenue again and reestablished its reputation as a fair and trustworthy contractor committed to performing quality work. Now in its second generation, Massaro Corporation is owned by Joe and Carol Massaro’s four children – Linda, Joe III, David and Steven. Linda and David work in the real estate division, and Joe and Steven work for the construction company. Joe Massaro III was named president of the company in May of 2002. Under Joe’s leadership, the company has grown and diversified its services while retaining the values that have been the foundation of the company’s success. Today Massaro is comprised of four operating companies -- Construction, Real Estate, Agency Construction Management and Emergency Restoration. It employs more than 200 people and has annual revenues in excess of $150,000,000.

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Independence Excavating, Inc. 3826 Saxonburg Blvd. Cheswick, PA

For more than 20 years, Cohen Seglias has provided clients with representation for virtually every type of construction-related issue. Our experience and insights enable us to anticipate client needs and help mitigate risk. Gulf Tower, 18th Floor • 707 Grant Street • Pittsburgh, PA 15219 412-434-5530 Blogs:

PE N N S Y LVA N I A • N E W J E R S E Y • D E L AWA R E • W E S T V I R G I N I A • M A RY L A N D



(412) 767-9800

AIM Construction Founded: 1972

200 Cedar Ridge Dr. Suite 209 Pittsburgh, PA 15205 412-960-5970 FAX 412-960-5150

AIM Construction is a construction manager/general contractor that specializes in healthcare and institutional construction and renovation projects. Founded in 1972, AIM Construction began as a painting contractor and by 1981 had found the hospital market to be steady work. Through dedicated service and a “get it done” mentality, AIM Construction started taking on general contracting and construction management projects on hospital campuses, schools and universities. Today, AIM Construction has two offices and services the great lakes region with work in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania supported by offices in Southeast Michigan (Livonia) and Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh).


Healthcare represents the majority of AIM Construction’s work with more than 90% of the project workload occurring in hospitals. Most of those projects are highly complex multi phased renovation projects with ongoing hospital operations. Since 1972 AIM Construction has completed over six thousand (6,000) projects in hospitals or healthcare facilities. Below is a breakdown by hospital department or specialty services that AIM Construction has renovated or constructed during the past ten years: Although AIM Construction has completed projects in the 25 million dollar range, most projects are under 10 million dollars, and no project is too small.

The flexibility of services offered along with a strong financial foundation are the backbone of the success AIM Construction has achieved. That success is measured by the continued repeat work at each facility. AIM Construction is proud of the fact that the average client relationship is 16 years. In addition, the average subcontractor relationship is 14 years and the average employee relationship is 13 years. The Pittsburgh office opened in late 2008. John Bessette, Vice President of Operations – Pittsburgh is supported by four project managers, seven superintendents and support staff in the Cedar Ridge office.

Number of Projects

Cardiology Radiology Surgery Emergency Nuclear Medicine Laboratories Dialysis MOB’s Women’s Health Senior Health Labor & Delivery Pharmacy Psychiatric Diagnostic Equipment Infrastructure

105 146 192 63 140 39 96 55 25 95 39 44 30 259 610

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GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION with over 50 years specializing in Design-Build

Engineering & Design

Deep Foundations

Safe. On Time. Within Budget.

Earth Retention

Marine Construction

(412) 635-7155



TEDCO Corporation Founded: 1977

TEDCO Place Carnegie, PA 15106 412-276-8080 Fax: 412-276-6804

(From left) Bryan Clark, Jim Frantz, Ron Druga TEDCO Corporation has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, offering their clients expertise in both new construction and renovation work. Their founding philosophy is a synthesis of technical competence and a solid investment in TEDCO’s personnel, strongly believing that clear communication is the lynch pin of any successful project. The company’s original headquarters were in the city of Pittsburgh, but relocated in 1985 to their current location in Carnegie, PA. Theodore H. Frantz, a civil engineer from Hopwood, PA and his wife, Barbara J. Frantz, started TEDCO in 1977. Frantz had worked for 20 years in the construction industry prior to starting TEDCO. In 1992, James T. Frantz, Theodore’s son, was named President, coming to his position with a degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University. Jim is actively involved with the growth of the company, both strategically and as a frequent participant in many of TEDCO’s projects. He holds associations with reputable industry associations as well as serving on the board of numerous non-profits. The management team also boasts a strong vice presidential duo. Ronald Druga acts as Vice President of Finance, joining in 1997 with a background in Accounting and Business Management. Bryan Clark serves as Vice President of Estimating, holding a degree in Architectural Engineering and being responsible for all phases of TEDCO’s pre-construction process, including conceptual budgeting, preliminary scheduling, logistics, value engineering, and as subcontractor for the pre-qualification and purchasing. TEDCO’s projects span a spectrum of clientele, including commercial, education, industrial facility, and healthcare accounts. Their mission is to provide their clients with quality service in an honest and profitable manner, and to reward employees

fairly for their contributions. It is this commitment to team-building which helps TEDCO retain a roster of highly-skilled employees who come to each project ready to meet clients’ needs, and to provide service steeped in sound management practices and project control. At the center of the corporation’s values is that of communication: it is vital to accurately communicate and react to a client’s concerns and execute effective decisions accordingly. It is TEDCO’s goal to forge a synergistic relationship between the architect and the client for each one of their projects, the accomplishment of which brings both

parties the desired end result. Services offered include design/bid/build, traditional construction delivery, negotiated general contract delivery, construction management services, design and build, and cost estimating services. With approximately 20 management professionals and 40-50 field personnel, TEDCO provides a full range of construction services for both new and existing buildings, including pre-construction, project management, value-engineering, administrative services, and close-out procedures relating to the project. Some of TEDCO’s most recent notable projects include those for higher education facilities in the region. These include Carnegie

Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Point Park University, West Virginia University Waynesburg University and Robert Morris University.. The firm was also given the prestigious honor of building the University of Pittsburgh’s LEED “Gold” Certified McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine. The Institute is dedicated to medicine and research pertaining to cell therapy and tissue engineering, hosting state of the art devices used in today’s cuttingedge medical advancements. Safety standards are exceeded on projects completed by any TEDCO team, and the corporation has proactively appointed James Sallows as full-time Safety Director to ensure that the company continues to dedicate efforts and education to this vital component of the construction industry. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and the Industry Bureau of Workers’ Compensation have officially certified TEDCO’s safety committee, and the Master Builder’s Association recognized the corporation in 2002 with the Safety Excellence Award. This award is indicative of safety practices which are judged exemplary by an independent panel. With over 35 years in the construction industry, TEDCO has retained a reputation as one of the region’s leading construction firms specializing in effectively bringing architectural concepts to successful, tangible results for its clients. Its ownership remains rooted in the Frantz family today, and they continue to make strides towards a strong future in the region, happily announcing the recent inception of their Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program. DBE is a bid solicitation program which maximizes the participation of subcontractors and suppliers identified as “Minority Business Enterprises” (MBE) and/or “Women-Owner Business Enterprises” (WBE).

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A Legal Team That’s Built To Suit Our Construction attorneys combine a deep understanding of the customs and practices of the construction industry with a commitment to customer service. We represent general contractors, subcontractors, vendors, developers, and owners. Whether we are assisting with initial contract preparation and negotiation, finalizing a deal or, if necessary, litigating a claim, Thorp Reed provides experienced and cost-effective legal services to help you accomplish your business objectives.

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PJ Dick Inc. Founded: 1979

225 North Shore Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 Phone: 412.807.2000 Fax: 412.807.2001

Perry J. Dick was a daring, visionary leader and the driving force behind the creation and growth of PJ Dick and Trumbull corporations—two companies that he founded and nurtured until his death in 1989. Established in 1955 and 1979, respectively, Trumbull and PJ Dick added Lindy Paving to the family of companies in 1998—all of which have continued to grow, in size and stature, through a diversified portfolio of clients and capabilities.

always been our steadfast partner. Those of us at PJ Dick couldn’t be more proud of MBA’s historic and enduring accomplish-

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—with regional offices serving Maryland, the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia and Ohio—PJ Dick employs a dedicated team of industry professionals with vast experience in commercial, institutional and public sector projects. PJ Dick has consistently ranked among the nation’s Top 100 General Contractors and Construction Managers according to Engineering News Record, and has managed over $3 billion in commercial, industrial, federal, and specialty projects since its inception. Approximately 75% of that business is the direct result of a satisfied repeat client.

The PJ Dick of today, managed by the Clifford R. Rowe, Jr. and Jane D. Burton families, is testament to Perry’s perseverance and strong foundation of excellence. PJ Dick was built on the foundation of partnership and serving our various clients with exceptional construction services. We value relationships with all stakeholders and strive for exceeding expectations. Working as a team, we deliver innovative solutions and quality results that ensure customer confidence and satisfaction. This approach is evident in our signature big and small projects, ranging from the United States Postal Service Bulk Facility (North Side), David L. Lawrence Convention Center and the Hillman Cancer Center to, more recently, Children’s Hospital, CMU Gates Center for Computer Science, Bakery Square, 3 PNC Plaza and CONSOL Energy Center. PJ Dick has had a key role in reshaping our region’s landscape through sustainable building, innovative technology and thoughtful reconstruction. Along the way, MBA has

in small and large projects and a commitment to employee empowerment.

ments, which have not only served our industry as a whole, but also enabled our own family of companies to grow and prosper over the last five decades. PJ Dick has established a leading position in the commercial construction industry by offering a unique understanding of the commercial construction field, a dedication to safety and innovation, diversified expertise

PJ Dick’s core expertise spans a multitude of targeted market sectors including research and laboratory facilities, light manufacturing facilities, health care facilities, correctional facilities, educational facilities, airports, office and retail buildings, parking structures, military buildings, and public assembly and sports facilities. Our extensive experience and service offerings include: Preconstruction, General Contracting, Construction Management-Agency, Construction Management At-Risk and Design-Build. With over three decades of experience, we are the people who take the best and make it better. No matter the size project.

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Nicholson thanks the Master Builders Association of Western Pennsylvania for providing a voice for commercial construction. Congratulations on 125 years of Excellence.

Nicholson Construction Company - 12 McClane Street - Cuddy, PA 15031 - Nicholson_MBA.indd 1

10/14/11 1:31 PM

The members of the Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania

congratulate Master Builders Association for

125 Y e a r s 34

of Service

Mascaro Construction Company, LP Founded: 1988

1720 Metropolitan Street Pittsburgh, PA 15233 (p) 412.321.4901 (f) 412.321.4922 Michael, John Jr., Jack and Jeffrey Mascaro Mascaro Construction Company, LP (Mascaro), a family-owned business, has one main purpose: To deliver excellence in construction services by consistently providing great project experiences. As a general contractor, construction manager, and design builder, Mascaro provides construction services to three major market sectors: buildings, power and industrial, and heavy-highway. When John (Jack) C. Mascaro’s started the firm in April 1988, his goal was to create a company of great builders who brought professionalism, integrity, honesty, transparency, and trustworthiness to the industry. He wanted to do things right the first time, and change the status quo for construction contractors.

tion of the Heinz Family office in 1992 introduced Jack to the concept of sustainable design. Jack realized the advantages of green construction and worked closely with the University of Pittsburgh to promote green building in the school curriculum. Internally, he encouraged and supported his staff as they became LEED® accredited professionals and built a strong resume of LEED construction projects that today accounts for approximately 50 percent of our current revenue. Further evidence of Jack’s commitment to sustainable construction

Once it was firmly established in the commercial and institutional markets, Mascaro began expanding into the heavy/highway and industrial market. Early projects included a $60 million upgrade at the ALCOSAN plant, reconstruction of the Boulevard of the Allies, and a series of projects for American Electric Power Company at its Mitchell Plant in West Virginia and Cardinal Plant in Ohio. As Mascaro expanded into different markets, another initiative was underway. The construc-

Mascaro is a builder and has a staff of 150 professionals and employs a field force of approximately 350 tradesmen each year. We have a strong safety culture as evidenced by our EMR, which is 40 percent below the national average. We know that it is people who build projects — not firms. Our staff’s management and self-performance experience in the site, concrete, steel, and building interior disciplines allows our project team to provide the best construction solutions to control cost, schedule, quality, and safety.

His premise was well received, and the firm quickly grew. Two projects that solidified Mascaro’s reputation as a builder of quality projects are the renovation of historic Heinz Hall in downtown Pittsburgh, and the ultramodern FORE System’s headquarters campus that brought the Silicone Valley architecture style to Pittsburgh. Other landmark projects soon followed such as the adaptive reuse of the former Allegheny County Jail into the Family Courts Facility, the UPMC Sports Performance Complex on the Southside of Pittsburgh, and the crowning jewel of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ and the University of Pittsburgh Panthers’, Heinz Field.

The growth of Mascaro into one of the region’s largest contractors corroborates our success in meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations. This high-level of achievement is a direct result of the personnel employed by Mascaro and the services we provide. All employees, from the trades people to senior management, are committed to the goal of delivering successful projects to our owners.

On every project, our staff’s goal is to develop a team atmosphere that is conducive to building trust among the team members. In doing so, we are able to develop an environment that creates open and honest communication, resulting in efficient and effective construction.

is the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation, which was recently completed by Mascaro Construction for the University of Pittsburgh. Today, Mascaro provides clients with a strong foundation in the commercial, institutional, power, industrial, and heavy/highway market. The diversity of the experience ranges from construction of the University of Pittsburgh’s 10-story, high-tech Biomedical Science Tower 3; to a five-building corporate headquarters complex for Dick’s Sporting Goods; to a highway interchange reconstruction for the Route 28 program; to a spent fuel dry storage project for a nuclear power plant.

In November 2007, Jack officially turned over the day-to-day operations and ownership of Mascaro to his three sons: John, Jeffrey, and Michael. Jack remains chairman of the company that he grew from a ping-pong table in his basement to one of the largest contractors in the Pittsburgh area. The mission, however, remains the same: to consistently deliver successful projects by building and improving the foundation of the company—our people and processes. This is why we firmly believe that when you build with Mascaro, you build with the best.

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Buildings of Steel... Strength in Service. Better buildings. More profit. Who says you can’t have both? When you work with Presidential Steel Buildings, you deal directly with a regional manufacturer. We offer a full line of construction systems to meet all your building needs.

And that’s not all. We are IAS (AC-472) and A-660 Canadian certified. We are members of the MBMA. And we have a commitment to service that’s simply unmatched in the industry. Don’t settle for less. Call us today at 1. 800 . 937. 1452 and discover how superior construction and unparalleled service can strengthen your bottom line. n 360 14th Street n Ambridge, PA 15003 Industrywide certification and MBMA registered

Designed and Manufactured in Western PA

A Certified WBE Corporation

Shirley M. Kidd President

Susan Fox

Exec. Vice-President

Gordon Kidd Sec. Treasurer





Jeff Peters


Andy Kisak

Project Manager

Over 100 years of experience serving the construction industry. 920 Ft. Duquesne Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15222

412 - 261 - 1842


ErEction of Structural StEEl and MiScEllanEouS StEEl

Michael Baker Jr. Inc. Founded: 1989

100 Airside Dr. Coraoplis PA 15108 412-269-6300 Fax 412-375-3988 (from left) David J. Cameron, AVS, Operations Manager for Construction Services; Thomas E. Donatelli, PE, Assistant Vice President; Richard Crimm, AVS, Construction Manager

Michael Baker Jr., Inc. (Baker) is one of the largest professional service firms in the nation. Baker was founded in 1940 as a civil engineering and surveying firm. Today, with more than 3,300 professional employees in more than 100 offices in the United States and abroad, Baker is a leader in planning, surveying, mapping, engineering, and construction services. Baker provides a broad range of professional services, from architecture and architectural engineering, environmental studies and permitting, roadway and pipeline design, and geographic information technology solutions, to program and construction management and inspection. Baker has built a diverse portfolio of public and private clients within southwestern Pennsylvania and nationwide; developed long-standing relationships with industry stakeholders and public regulatory agencies; and provided construction administration and construction inspection services for public and private sector clients including educational, commercial, judicial/corrections, government, transit, hospitality, aviation, health care, and recreational facilities and buildings, as well as major highway and bridge projects for numerous departments of transportation, rail stations, passenger terminals, and industrial buildings. Baker offers services that span the complete life cycle of building, facilities, and infrastructure projects, including planning, design, construction services, commissioning, operations, maintenance, and asset renewal. Baker consistently ranks among the top 35 of the 500 largest U.S. engineering firms, ranking 21st in the 2010 top construction-management-for-fee firms by Engineering News-Record (ENR). Baker’s construction services are focused on acting as the client’s representative at the construction site and providing staff augmentation or expertise in specialized services, from program/ construction management and inspection to claims mitigation. Baker’s expert staff operates

new maintenance building and major renovations to numerous facilities at the Center Township campus.

on the client’s behalf to ensure adherence to the construction documents, while prioritizing safety, quality, schedule, and budget. Baker’s staff focuses on understanding each of our client’s specific needs and goals. Baker employs and actively recruits experts in all fields and construction disciplines, from project management, engineering, estimating and scheduling to experienced on-site inspectors. The following are some of the construction related services offered by Baker: Program management • Construction management Construction inspection • Cost estimating Scheduling • Constructability reviews Change order/claims analysis • Dispute resolution Baker has performed construction services for numerous local and international clients, including higher-education clients, such as the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC). The college’s Center Township campus had not been renovated since it was built in the early 1970s. Work was performed as part of the college’s ongoing program of capital improvements to ensure compliance with building and safety codes and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. Baker was the construction manager for this $26 million project, which was completed in 2010. At CCBC, Baker, using a phased construction approach, performed preconstruction, bid phase and construction phase tasks, including construction administration and inspection, related to a

The multiphase, fast-tracked project included the design of additions or alterations to nine of 10 facilities, totaling more than 300,000 square feet. In addition to general interior upgrades, the scope of work included the updating of mechanical systems and exterior façades for campus and administration buildings, classroom facilities, and technology and medical training centers. The 10 buildings were converted from electric heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to gas, which required a campus-wide distribution system. The improvements resulted in a campus with state-of-the-art audio and video systems, a renovated sports facility, and all new telephone and data technology. During preconstruction, Baker actively participated in programming, reviewed site and building design plans for constructability, prepared project and construction schedules, developed estimates, reviewed contractor safety programs, and provided recommendations for program coordination among contractors. Baker coordinated the development of the construction contract documents and performed numerous bid tasks. Contract document development duties ranged from reviewing equal employment opportunity requirements to determining scope and the details of work execution. During construction, Baker monitored safety, budget and quality of work, coordinated daily related to contractor and school personnel logistics, updated the construction schedule, verified contractor payment requests, reviewed and made recommendations related to change order requests, responded to contractor requests for information and prepared monthly progress and financial reports.

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Wyatt congratulates the Master Builders on 125 Years of Excellence.

Commercial Interior Construction and Exterior Wall Systems

PITTSBURGH 412-787-5800 PHILADELPHIA 215-492-5800

Congratulations to the

Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania

on 125 years

of dedication to the construction industry

Building Solid Investment Returns for Tomorrow and Creating Union Jobs for Today Funds Trustee

216 Franklin Street Johnstown, PA 15901 1-800-837-BANK, ext. 5220 Funds Investment Advisor

Developed by Chaska Properties


Rosslyn Commons Suite 200 333 Baldwin Road Pittsburgh, PA 15205 412-279-4100

Poerio Inc. Founded: 1989

467 Lowries Run Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237-1230 412-366-6767 Fax 412-366-1404 Frank Poerio Jr.

Poerio Incorporated is a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania based general construction firm. Poerio offers experience in construction and renovation of various types of facilities including retail stores, health care facilities, apartment building, office building, manufacturing centers, distribution centers and educational centers. Poerio Incorporated was founded by Frank T. Poerio Sr. in 1989. A winning attitude, demand for quality, cost control, schedule management and customer satisfaction play a major role in Poerio’s repeat business.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Frank worked for Westinghouse Electric until joining Poerio Incorporated as Project Manager in 1990. Frank learned all aspects of the business and was promoted to President in 1999. Frank has a great deal of pride in the role the company plays in building facilities that help Poerio’s clients achieve their business objectives.

The Poerio philosophy is not to perform as many projects as possible; instead it is to develop sincere lasting relationships throughout the industry by teaming with other professionals to provide the best possible service to satisfy clients. Poerio has received many awards for its quality in construction. One award was the Golden Trowel Award for Excellence in Masonry Design and Construction for the building of the Duda World Center at California University of Pennsylvania. The Golden Trowel Awards symbolize quality masonry projects. Frank Poerio Jr. started his construction career in 1977 during high school working as a laborer. After graduating from North Carolina State in 1983 with a

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Plan the work. Work the plan. And no surprises.

You hate surprises on the job … especially when it comes to the cost of legal services. Dickie McCamey’s construction practice offers experienced and knowledgeable litigators that understand the construction industry as well as your bottom-line. We’re efficient and realistic about attainable results and, just like you, quality never takes a back seat.


marsh congratulates master builder’s association on their 125th anniversary marsh, the world’s leading construction insurance broker and risk adviser. Six PPG Place, Suite 400 • Pittsburgh, PA 15222 • + 1 412 552 5000 • 412-281-7272 Pittsburgh • Harrisburg • Philadelphia Washington, D.C. • Delaware • New Jersey North Carolina • Ohio • West Virginia

Copyright © 2011 Marsh Inc. All rights reserved. USDG1758

Partnering for impactSM Marsh is one of the Marsh & McLennan Companies, together with Guy Carpenter, Mercer, and Oliver Wyman.

Rycon Construction, Inc. Founded: 1989

2525 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15222 412-392-2525 Fax: 412-392-2526

Carnegie Mellon University Café – LEED Gold (photo credit – Roy Engelbrecht)

Rycon Overview Rycon Construction, Inc. offers both construction management and general contracting services involving new construction, renovations and design-build projects for owners and end users of commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental buildings. Rycon History Todd Dominick and William Taylor founded Rycon Construction as partners in 1989 and specialized in interior contracting projects. As the reputation of the company grew, so did the project sizes; quickly leading into additions to buildings as well as “stand alone” projects. Rycon has grown into an organization which currently averages over $100 million in revenue annually. At the end of 2011, William Taylor, CoFounder, President, Chief Operating Officer and chief architect of both the growth and success of Rycon will be retiring. To replace Bill’s considerable presence, in July of 2011, Rycon re-hired John Sabatos to fill Bill’s role as President and Chief Operating Officer. John was previously Rycon’s Vice President of Operations for five years before moving on to Developers Diversified Realty. Rycon: “A Company within a Company” Striving to maintain a custom fit for various clientele, Rycon’s office staff of 50 is divided into three (3) groups to accommodate an Owner’s specific needs, goals and expectations: • Building Group Handles projects over $2 million in

size, has completed multiple, individual projects over $30 million in size and is capable of bonding single projects up to $50 million in size. • Special Projects Group • Typically handles interior renovations under $2 million in size • Completes an average of $30 million of pure interiors work every year • Casework & Millwork Division • Cabinet and casework shop located in Carnegie, PA. • Works hand-in-hand with the Building Group and Special Projects Group

Rycon’s Current Projects Currently, Rycon has several significant projects under construction ranging in size from $50,000 to $20,000,000. To name a few: Hyatt Summerfield Suites, Anticipated LEED Silver Certification, University of Pittsburgh Benedum Hall Upgrades, Anticipated LEED Silver Certification, Embassy Park Phases I & II at Southpointe, Garrett College Community & Recreation Center Gymnasium, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Sustainable Office + Classroom Building, Anticipated LEED Silver Certification, UPMC West Mifflin Imaging Center Renovation

hard work to each and every assignment. Rycon has successfully: •C  ompleted over 2,000 projects valued at a total of $1.4 billion. •B  uilt approximately 2 million square feet of LEED projects totaling $185 million. •M  aintained strong financial and bonding capabilities. • P rovided construction services in 22 states. •R  eceived a Master Builders Certificate of Commendation for Safety Excellence every year since its inception in 1992. As Rycon continues to thrive we will deliver the highest level of service to our clients. The success on projects is a result of understanding clients’ needs, recognizing challenges and matching those with the appropriate resources while maintaining a high level of expectation and commitment. Rycon’s expertise in technical skills, preconstruction know-how and self-performance capabilities make us the right choice.

Rycon Highlights As a leader in the local construction business, we make every effort to bring respect, dedication and Washington & Jefferson College John A. Swanson Science Center – LEED Silver

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who understands the industry from the ground up.


Congratulations to the Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania and our contractor partners.

Phoenix Roofing 230 Coraopolis Road Coraopolis PA 15108 412.778.8845


Joseph H. Bucci Use your Smartphone QR app to learn more about the Construction Practice Group

T: 412.880.5601 M: 724.272.4204

525 William Penn Place, 30th Floor Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219 412.261.1600 LEECHTISHMAN.COM

Results Matter. EXPECT MORE.

Burchick Construction Company Inc. Founded: 1991

500 Lowries Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 412.369.9700       Fax: 412.369.9991

Army Corps of Engineers. For the next several years, due to its success, this project appeared on the cover of the Corps’ design/build manual. In 2008, Burchick completed the $14 Million, 80 acre development for the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies near Bridgeville, PA, a national shrine to honor our country’s fallen veterans, for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Burchick has performed work at several facilities for the U.S. Postal Service, most recently a structural slab replacement in 2010 at the bulk facility on the Northside.

Burchick Construction Company Inc. is a full-service general contractor located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, nine miles north of the center city on Interstate 279. Burchick Construction was founded in 1991 on the commitment to excellence that Joe Burchick brings to each project the company undertakes. The Burchick management approach is designed to ensure optimum results for our clients, setting the performance standard for construction services. Our executives and managers have broad-based experience delivering construction to the highest standards, regardless of the client’s preference for delivery method. Burchick Construction delivers exceptional projects that are competitively bid, construction managed at risk, design/build and guaranteed maximum price. Burchick’s project team and professional engineers on staff are equally comfortable with a completed design or with providing pre-construction assistance at the earliest stages of design. Burchick Construction generally pursues projects up to $60 million in the Hospital/Healthcare, Institutional/ Educational, Corporate/Commercial and Industrial/ Government industry groups. Burchick is a traditional, self-performing general contractor. We self-perform all demolition, concrete, carpentry and interior systems related trades, including framing, drywall and acoustic ceilings, as well as building façade systems such as terra cotta rain screens and metal panels. Burchick also self-performs the innovative technology of tiltup concrete construction and is the only contractor member of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association in Western Pennsylvania. The mark of a good general contractor is the repeat work it performs. Burchick is proud to have completed numerous projects for distinguished clients such as UPMC, Ohio Valley General Hospital, the University of Pittsburgh, Waynesburg University, BNY Mellon, the U.S. General Services Administration, the U.S. Postal Service, the PA Department of General Services (DGS) and private developers such as the Elmhurst Group and Horizon Properties. The largest project performed by Burchick Construction was the $73 Million renovation to the William S.

Moorhead Federal Building in downtown Pittsburgh for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The 750,000 square foot, twenty-five story high rise was completely renovated in five phases over a five-year period. Burchick was awarded the project following an extensive three-step best-value evaluation process. Our contract included a total gut of the building, asbestos abatement throughout and complete replacement of the mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems. The base contract work was completed two weeks ahead of the original CPM schedule developed fifty-four months earlier. Because of the success of the project, additional work in the building was assigned to Burchick, including removal and replacement of the garage level structural slabs, replacement of caulking at the entire exterior curtainwall system and repairs to the failing stonework at the twenty-fifth level. Since completing this project, the GSA has awarded Burchick several other projects, via the best-value evaluation process, totaling in excess of $11 Million at the U.S. Post Office and Federal Courthouse, across Grant Street from the Moorhead Federal Building. Burchick Construction has also performed work for other government agencies. In 2001, we completed the $26 Million design/build 99th Regional Support Command Headquarters in Moon Township for the U.S.

Burchick has worked on several large DGS-funded projects at Pitt, including Sennott Square in 2002, the recently completed Chevron Science Center addition and the Salk Hall Addition currently underway. In addition to these DGS projects totaling over $39 Million, Burchick has performed over $54 Million in other projects at universities such as Pitt, Waynesburg, Duquesne and Seton Hill. Burchick also has a strong healthcare background, having performed contracts in excess of $68 Million for various hospitals in the region. We have worked in numerous UPMC facilities, including Presbyterian, Montefiore, Passavant, Shadyside and Childrens’ Hospital. We have also worked at other hospitals such as Allegheny General, Armstong County Memorial, Ohio Valley General and Washington. These projects have included new buildings, additions and interior renovations for nearly every department, including operating suites, PET, CT and MR imaging, linear accelerators, angiography, OBGYN/maternity, patient recovery, research, biosafety labs, physicians offices, administration, etc. We are a proud member of the MBA, with Joe Burchick having served a term as president. Burchick has received numerous MBA Building Excellence Awards, including the 2009 Best Renovation Construction over $10 Million for the Moorhead Federal Building, the 2003 Excellence in Craftsmanship for the Pitt Honors College, the 2003 Award of Merit for the Edge Studio Offices, the 2002 Award of Merit for the Airside Business Park Building 200 and the 1999 Best New Construction under $5 Million for the Stover Campus Center at Waynesburg University.

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Proven expertise in the construction industry that enables me to focus on our day-to-day operations.

That’s confidence through clarity. Our combination of technical excellence and exceptional client service will set the foundation for your future growth and success. For more information, contact Mike Rollage at 412.281.9690. We are invested in the communities in which we live and work. Congratulations to the Master Builders’ Association for 125 years of excellence in the construction industry.

See what we can do for you.

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Congratulations MBA on 125 Years of Service to the Western Pennsylvania Construction Industry

Congratulations to our friends at the Master Builders’ Association on 125 years of building excellence in Western Pennsylvania!

1920 Lincoln Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235 Phone: 412-361-6678 Fax: 412-361-6535

Web: e-mail: A Certified DBE/WBE Contractor


Commercial and Industrial Excavation and Demolition

Volpatt Construction Corporation Founded: 1991

100 Castleview Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15234 412-942-0200 412-942-0280

Volpatt Construction was established in 1991. From our first job at the University of Pittsburgh through over 500 commercial, industrial and institutional projects, we have successfully positioned ourselves as one of the most respected building contractors in the Tri-State Area. The business model we follow was developed to assure that every client and every project gets personal attention from corporate ownership. With a focus on high quality, hands on service, competitive pricing and timely project completion, we have built a long list of repeat clients that includes some of the area’s most prestigious businesses and institutions. Many of our current clients have been working with us for the better part of two decades, a testament to the success of our approach and delivery. Our founder Raymond A. Volpatt comes from almost 50 years of experience in the construction industry. He surrounded himself with the likes of Gary Monaco and Mike Uhren, both well respected in the industry, when he started the company. In 1996 Ray Jr., began working as a project manager. He was elevated to President in 2000 and has been in charge of the daily operation of the company ever since. The hard work of all of our employees has been instrumental in the growth of the company, particularly over the past 10 years.

Building Excellence Award. The St. Paul Cathedral – Restoration and ADA Addition project won the award in 2008 for the category Renovation Under $10 Million. Some of the other notable projects we have completed over the years include:

Waynesburg University Roberts Chapel – Waynesburg, PA

CMU NASA Robotics Engineering Consortium – Lawrenceville, PA

And most notably, during a time when the court system is commonly called upon to settle disputes, we continue to work in harmony with all of our clients, subcontractors and suppliers to resolve differences and deliver successful projects. We are proud to say that Volpatt Construction has never been involved in litigation, arbitration or mediation.

Allegheny General Hospital Cancer Center – Pittsburgh, PA Mon Valley Hospital Melenyzer Pavilion – Monongahela, PA St. Paul Cathedral Restoration & ADA Addition – Pittsburgh, PA

We have an exemplary safety record and an experience modification rate which is well below industry standard.

Volpatt Construction – We are Building

University of Pittsburgh Benedum Hall Phase 2 Renovation – Pittsburgh, PA Blessed Sacrament Cathedral – Greensburg, PA

Our commitment to excellence and quality construction has been recognized on fifteen different occasions with nominations for the Master Builders of Western Pennsylvania’s

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I. U. O. E.


What can Local 66 do for you? The best trained, most capable work force. Professional tradesmen and tradeswomen have received the specialty training needed to meet the complex challenges of your project. Service you can count on. We’ll work with you to answer any questions or solve any problems at your convenience. Smart business know-how. You’ll benefit from our years of experience and a proven track record we bring to the job. Bottom-line, dollar-for-dollar value. Value is bringing the highest professional and performance standards to your job site- from the beginning of a project to its completion. We at Local 66 are committed to being the premier value provider of operating engineers in the region.

For over 100 years Local 66, in partnership with our employers, has been committed to providing Qualified and Competent Operating Engineers. For Local 66, meeting your short and long term employment needs is a priority.

The Operating Engineers lead the nation in pipeline training.

I.U.O.E. Local 66 Headquarters 111 Zeta Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15238 Ph (412) 968-9120

Serving the construction industry.

412.242.4400 Pittsburgh


south side Works


L. S. Brinker Company Founded: 1993

20 E. General Robinson Suite 200 Pittsburgh, PA 15212 412.226.8230 Fax 412.535.7395 Larry Brinker

L.S. Brinker Company was established by Larry S. Brinker, Sr. in 1993 as part of the Brinker Group. Larry’s desire to build on an honest reputation of hard work, while creating opportunities for the under-represented, led to the successful development of five commercial contracting firms including: Brinker Team Construction, L.S. Brinker Company, Universal Glass & Metals, City Carpet & Flooring, and Edgewood Electric LLC. Together, these organizations form the Brinker Group. The Brinker Group specializes in carpentry, drywall, acoustical, flooring systems, glass and glazing, and electrical work. The interrelationship between the Brinker Group companies provides valuable insight on self-perform construction not afforded to most contractors. Our affiliate companies work together to validate pricing, value engineering and constructability options. This provides a benefit to our clients in terms of cost and schedule reductions, as well as improved quality of work. L.S. Brinker is a Certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) firm which specializes in general contracting, construction management, design/build and program management. Headquartered in Detroit,

Michigan, L.S. Brinker and the other Brinker Group companies opened a regional office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during 2009. Our solid track record for on-time performance and quality workmanship, along with competitive pricing, demonstrates our commitment to exceed client expectations and the industry norm.

L.S. Brinker recognizes the importance of diverse minds, experience, cultures and businesses. We are committed to leadership in creating economic opportunities for all segments of our regional communities. We believe sustainable change requires strategic relationships and a commitment of resources and capital to the minorityowned business enterprises (MBEs) and woman-owned business Community College of Allegheny County enterprises (WBEs) in the K. Leroy Irvis Science Center – Pittsburgh, PA communities where we live and work.

To ensure every project is completed right the first time, L.S. Brinker focuses on clear communication, safety, scheduling, cost control, quality and a proactive approach to project management. We have consistently managed a diverse number of projects for our clients in a variety of markets including commercial, educational, healthcare, municipal, sports and entertainment, retail, hospitality, and historical renovation.

Our vision is to build a company recognized not only for its name, but for the quality that stands strong behind the Brinker brand. We will continue to accomplish this by providing performance excellence, and by maintaining strong ethics and corporate discipline. We value our employees and recognize that our Company’s success is based on our ability to provide quality performance time and time again. As a result, L.S. Brinker has continuously been recognized as a solid company who will be around long after the project is completed.

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we do more than just

scratch the surface

Swank Construction Co. LLC 632 Hunt Valley Place New Kensington, PA 15068 724-335-6000 • Fax 724-335-3834

Dewatering & Groundwater Control Ground Freezing Earth Retention & Anchors Deep Foundations Underpinning Systems Grouting & Ground Improvement Environmental Remediation Industrial Construction Geotechnical Construction Coast to Coast • (412) 793-9303


Allegheny Construction Group, Inc. Founded: 1998

One Allegheny Place 350 Presto Sygan Road PO Box 425 Bridgeville, PA 15017 P: 412-221-0500 F: 412-221-0188 Dick and Laura Deklewa

Allegheny Construction Group, Inc. provides general construction and construction management services focusing on commercial, institutional, healthcare, industrial, tenant build-out leaseback and pre engineered metal buildings. Areas of self-performed work include demolition, concrete, steel erection, rough and finish carpentry, interior construction and design build. The name Allegheny Construction Group, Inc. may be newer than some construction companies in this area, but the ownership has been synonymous with success in the construction industry for more than 30 years. Laura Deklewa, Owner and President of Allegheny Construction Group spent 20 years in the construction industry before purchasing Allegheny Construction Group in 1998. Laura has grown Allegheny Construction Group to be among the top 10 largest woman-owned businesses in Western Pennsylvania and is a certified WBE Enterprise. She holds a bachelor’s of science degree in economics and business administration, and completed the Entrepreneurial Management Program at Carnegie Mellon University Graduate School of Industrial Administration. Richard Deklewa, Executive Vice President spent 30 years in the construction industry prior to joining Allegheny Construction Group in 2000. Dick’s reputation and expertise as an owner and construction executive are well known throughout the industry.

Throughout his professional career his energy and commitment to the building industry established his solid reputation of providing projects of the highest quality standards. Richard is presently on the Board of the Carpenters Joint Apprentice and Training Committee of Greater Pennsylvania. Allegheny Construction Group has been acknowledged by the Pittsburgh Business Times as the Industry Leading Profile in the area of Real Estate, Construction and Development in 2002. In the 2007 Pittburgh’s Top 100 fastest growing companies sponsored by the Pittsburgh Business Times, Allegheny Construction Group ranked number seven. Allegheny Construction Group also has been honored by its peers and distinguished by the Master Builders Association of Western Pennsylvania, receiving the Building Excellence Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship. Laura Deklewa stated “On each and every project, we pay close attention to all details to ensure that budget, quality, schedules and safety are always a priority and we strive to make customer satisfaction a primary goal.” With that goal in mind, Allegheny Construction Group is committed to building relationship and assuring quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Some of their repeat

customers include: Allegheny County Airport Authority, Bechtel Corporation, Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon University, Fifth Third Bank, Fluor Constructors, First Energy, Norfolk Southern Corporation, the University of Pittsburgh, US Airways, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Verizon, and the West Penn Allegheny Health System Other recent projects include: “RoseCrest” an Alzheimers Assisted Living Facility for LutheranSenior Life, the Bridgeville Public Library, West Park Court-Pressure Equalized Rain Screen, Renovations to the Plaza Building for UPMC and the Ronald McDonald House at the Children’s Hospital in Lawrenceville, South Side Branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Woltz and Wind Ford Expansion and Renovations, 2011 YWCA Pittsburgh Renovations including a GreenRoof, LA Fitness and a new corporate headquarters for Allegheny Construction Group. In designing and building a corporate headquarters, Allegheny Construction Group wanted to design and showcase a pre-engineered metal structure with an eye catching and functional appeal. This building makes a graphic statement about the metal building niche market that has provided a noteworthy share of the company projects over the last fourteen years. The use of glass, color finishes, exposed steel and sharply angular geometry translated into a metal building system makes this structure a distinct show and tell embodiment of Allegheny Construction Group’s imagination and capabilities

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The Construction Industry Practice Group of Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP congratulates the Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania, Inc.

on its 125th Anniversary

Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis llp

Fifth Avenue Place 120 Fifth Avenue Suite 2700 Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3001 412-577-5200 N ew York

P ennsylvania

SH279-MasterBuildersAd-FINAL.indd 1



W ashington, D.C.

New Jersey


10/13/11 12:52 PM

Carl Walker Construction, Inc. Founded: 1996

935 Vista Park Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15205 888-490-2924 Fax: 412-490-2928 Email: Len Tsupros In construction, as in medicine, sometimes a general practitioner is what you want. But sometimes only a specialist will do. Take parking garages, for instance. “Definitely a specialist’s job,” says Len Tsupros, president of Carl Walker Construction, Inc. (CWC). “It’s unlike any other kind of construction.” Tsupros is a steady island in a storm of activity at CWC headquarters, just a bridge and a tunnel west of downtown Pittsburgh. “Obviously,” he explains, “you have functional concerns. A building that handles hundreds of vehicles day and night, smoothly taking them in and putting them back on the street, is by nature a very demanding project. “Then there are structural issues: The weight and movement of the cars themselves. And, unless it’s underground (a whole other set of challenges)— exposure to the elements. Drainage and floor slopes, on multiple levels and ramps. Snow and salt inside the structure,” he continues. “On top of that, safety and security—keeping pedestrians and vehicles apart, eliminating access and hide-outs for troublemakers, a million smaller details. “Don’t forget appearance. Whether it’s a hospital or a casino, the parking environment is the first impression when people arrive, and the last on the way out.” ADDING VALUE THROUGH DESIGN/BUILD Despite these demands, says Tsupros, most parking structure budgets are austere. “That’s where we come in,” he says. “First, we’re the parking structure experts; we solve these problems every day. Second, we’ve developed a design/build approach that gives our clients fine control over cost, time and quality.” Design/build, he notes, is a growing trend. One study identified more than 40 percent of U.S. non-

residential projects as design-build in 2010—up ten percent since 2005. “Design/build eliminates layers of conventionalproject consultants,” he says. We collaborate directly with the owner’s architect or design consultant to provide design, budgeting, scheduling, site management, labor and follow-up all under one contract. “That’s how we’ve earned our reputation for speed, quality and economy across Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, New York and New Jersey.” VERSATILITY FOR VARIED SOLUTIONS Since 1996, CWC has completed more than 600 parking garage projects, with more than 8 million square feet of parking space. “Every project is different,” says Tsupros. “We’re parking-structure specialists, so the basics are second nature. That frees us to concentrate on the unique demands of a particular site or industry.” CWC clients include governments, hospitals, universities, corporations, airports, casinos and private developers. Now underway or recently completed are a 408,000-square-foot structure at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington, Pa.; a 247,000-square-foot facility for the Cincinnati, Ohio, VA Medical Center; and an innovative, $17-million, three-story vertical expansion at Winthrop-University Hospital in Minneola, N.Y. ACCESSIBLE EXPERTS, LONG EXPERIENCE With a century-plus of management experience in parking garage design, construction and restoration, CWC’s collaborative culture gives project teams instant access to an extraordinary stockpile of skills, perspectives and solutions. Tsupros co-founded CWC in 1996, after a long relationship with Pittsburgh-based Mulach Parking Structures. “At Mulach, we did design/build exclusively,” he says. “I saw new opportunities emerging in pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete, as well as in restoration. It was time to strike out on my own.”

Tsupros and Vice President Joseph White became co-owners of a fast-growing, one-of-a-kind organization. White, who manages CWC’s restoration and waterproofing business unit, asserts, “I don’t think there’s another company like ours in the industry. Certainly, in our region, there’s no general contractor who’s as dedicated to this discipline, or who offers our resources, skills and experience.” CWC’s business development and engineering head, Charles Churches, is another Mulach veteran. Recognized as the region’s leading parking garage design engineer, he’s designed or constructed more than 200 parking structures, participated in more than 50 restorations, and authored the AISC open-deck parking structures design guide. “I look for cost-effective solutions that are thought through for long-term durability and low maintenance,” says Churches. “Every supervisor, project manager, superintendent and craftsman here is personally screened, hired and trained by Len, Charlie or myself,” adds White. “Our field staffers know parking garage construction, and constantly sharpen their qualifications with training and certifications.” THE PROVEN SPECIALISTS “We start by working with clients on capacity, cost per space, and operational expectations,” says Tsupros. “Then we recommend cost-effective ways to optimize ramp design, capacity and functional efficiency. “They come back to us again and again for fasttrack delivery, cost containment, accountability and quality control. That’s the difference between making do with a generalist and excelling with a specialist.”

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FMS Construction Founded: 2005

300 South Main Street Sharpsburg, PA 15215 412-782-1170 Fax: 412-782-0635

FMS Construction is a firm, which holds at its core the timeless principles of pure construction: building quality structures on deadline and within budget. Our clientele spans the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions of the U.S., including Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. FMS is a general contractor that provides services for all turnkey construction, general contracting, construction management, design/build, and 24-hour emergency carpentry needs. At the forefront of our effort lies the intention to “build the future today,” and to ensure that our clients receive the maximum return on their investment in a timely manner. We understand that a building is only as valuable as the products used to create it and the perception from those who utilize it. This is precisely why FMS places great emphasis on the overall image of our completed projects, as well as the sound, safe development of their structures. This is a firm founded on pride in our product, pride in our employees, and pride in our craft. FMS’ mission subscribes to quality, experience, and teamwork. It has always been the founder’s intention to keep FMS focused on reaching the highest level of professional potential by keeping our operations at a size conducive to consistently delivering a high-end result. We are a team of highly motivated managers and staff whose strengths lie in our commitment to clients, the industry, our communities, and our employees. We treat the financial objectives of our clients with care, and prior to breaking ground, review goals and budgetary restrictions. Before, and throughout, construction, we aggressively review plans to help our client identify areas in which they can spend less and save more. Oversights and potential improvements are also addressed throughout the process, and FMS acknowledges the future of each project as well: our projects must serve the client in the long term, financially and physically. We

are careful to discuss the possibilities of future expansion and choose materials that will outlast trend. FMS Construction has enjoyed the privilege of working with clients within a vast spectrum of sectors including the retail, restaurant, energy, aerospace, educational, medical, and financial industries. We hold ample experience working with leading grocery retailers throughout many states, and we are proud to be recognized as having built the first LEED-Certified Silver grocery store in America. We are enthusiastic about the future implications of this project as it pertains to the conservation of our environment, the efficiency of our nation’s energy grid, and the conscientious, positive impact this will have on our planet. Supported by a strong team of professional management, FMS devotes great development efforts to hiring the best managers and skilled workers in our industry.  It is our priority to welcome only those employees with respectable character, commitment, and confidence. Each and every individual at FMS contributes to the greater mission of the whole, and we successfully maintain an open-door policy, which encourages continuous communication, the exchange of ideas, creativity, and self-empowerment in the workplace. FMS supports the concept of a worklife balance, and values the impact that family and home life play in the attainment of our employees’ professional goals.

efforts to reduce risk and to keep disruption to a minimum: to keep all personnel informed of our activities on the property, and to disclose any activity that may affect their productivity throughout the workday. Strict safety policies and guidelines are reinforced through regularly scheduled safety training for all FMS employees throughout the year. We take the health and welfare of our team and our clients very seriously, and enforce safety practices that help us maintain our sterling safety record. Currently, FMS Construction is affiliated with multiple reputable associations in the industry, some of which include US Green Building Council, Laborers Local 373 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Master Builders Association, and the Greater Pennsylvania and Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters. Our continued success is dependent upon one simple formula: a common sense approach, quality personnel; an uncompromising commitment to exceed expectations; proactive problem solving; open communication; completing projects with confidence; and standing behind our work. FMS Construction is enthusiastic about our future and the role that we will continue to play in the growth of our community and its people.

The FMS team is unwavering in its commitment to the sustainment of a safe environment during each one of our projects for our employees and clients alike. We realize that our clients’ employees are working during our time constructing on-site. Under such circumstances, we keep two goals at the forefront of our

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Histories of Service 1886 – Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania is created to be the voice of the construction industry in the Pittsburgh region.

1918 – The Associated General Contractors of America is established at the request of Woodrow Wilson to be a full-service trade association with a nationwide network of chapters (Including the MBA), becoming a leading voice for the construction industry.

1920 – The law firm of Alter, Wright & Barron is formed, becoming the foundation for Sherrard, German & Kelly, P.C., with roots tracing back to the 1870s.

1990 – Sherrard, German & Kelly, P.C., is incorporated,

continuing a tradition of innovative legal service.

2011 – Sherrard, German & Kelly, P.C., forms its

Construction Services Group, adding a new capability to serve its clients.

John Tedder (left) & Edward Gentilcore, Chair, SGK Construction Services Group

Congratulations to the Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania for its 125 years of dedicated service to the construction industry and best wishes to the MBA and its membership for many more years of success.

28th Floor, Two PNC Plaza, 620 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Telephone: 412-355-0200 Fax: 412-261-6221 Web Site:


dckworldwide, LLC Founded: 2007

Corporate Headquarters: 1900 State Rt. 51 Large, PA 15025 412.384.1000 412.384.1150 (left to right) Pete Fuscaldo, Chief Legal Counsel; Stephen D’Angelo, President & CEO; John Sebastian, Executive VP; Laurie Bowers, VP Organizational Development; John O’Reilly, CFO;  J. Gerry Majkut, Executive VP

dck worldwide, LLC is a global construction company whose foundation is locked into the history and culture of the tri-state area. Specializing in developing, managing, and building highly complex projects, dck worldwide provides design-build, program and construction management, and general construction services to public and private sector clients. Headquartered south of Pittsburgh in Large, Pennsylvania, dck is organized into subsidiary companies—dck north america, LLC; dck pacific construction, LLC; dck pacific guam, LLC; dck international, LLC; and Oakview dck, LLC. The company’s 1,220 professional and craft employees have executed landmark projects throughout the Pittsburgh area and around the world. From pre-construction services to new buildings or renovations, dck worldwide specializes in providing building solutions to our hometown and beyond. The company was created in 2007 through the acquisition of the assets of Dick Corporation— a construction leader for 87 years. As a result, dck worldwide has combined top industry talent with the history of Dick Corporation resources to create a global construction company. In addition, through the 2010 acquisition of Oakview Construction, dck added the talent and experience of this national construction company with 51 years of experience to complement its resume. As a growing, thriving entity, dck worldwide successfully executes work with the highest quality, safety standards, and integrity.

dck worldwide executes its services in a diverse range of markets. Whether the project is a commercial building, healthcare project, high-end resort, government or military construction, educational, corrections facility, or an airport—our people have built virtually everything, and our specialties are not limited to just the concrete and steel core of the structures we build. dck has industry experts that understand the unique characteristics of each market and can work within these markets to not only successfully meet the needs of a project, but to add value to it as well. Our experienced staff also leverages dck’s core competencies in construc-

tion and business management, along with building solid client relationships, to bring innovative ways, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), to manage complex projects—wherever they may be. As a result, we help our clients meet the challenges of construction by providing superior cost-efficient construction management and craftsmanship.

At dck worldwide, we know that successful projects are as much the result of good teamwork as they are the result of experience and expertise. Bringing a project to life begins with dck employing a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals whose goal is client satisfaction. Our expertise and teamwork have earned us national recognition from our industry peers in safety excellence, LEED certification, and construction industry honors. dck is committed to safety as a core business value. Our primary objective is to ensure our projects are built safely, efficiently, and effectively. It is our commitment to excellence that dck employees bring to each and every project. In addition to the PNC Firstside Center (shown left), the first and largest—at that time—commercial building in the U.S. to be awarded a LEED Silver Certificate from the USGBC, dck’s other local landmark projects range from PNC Park and the renovation of the Pittsburgh Post Office & Courthouse, to the Sarah Heinz House and the new Children’s Hospital. Globally, our signature projects include top-security facilities for the military and high-end resorts for clients like Hilton and Marriott to federal detention centers and first-of-their-kind healthcare facilities. Contact dck worldwide today before you begin your next construction project.

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The ASA of WPA Congratulates the MBA in CELEBRATING


Congratulations MBA 125 years of Excellence

Congratulations to all the MBA General Contractors! We thank you for helping build a city we are all proud of.

Bonding doesn’t have to be dead weight. We can set you free to grow your business.

1010 Ohio River Blvd. • Pgh, PA • 412-749-4900 56

26-39th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 412-683-1273

Dick Building Co. Founded: 2009

1251 Waterfront Place, 5th Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412.567.8200 Fax 412.567.8201 Douglas and Alex Dick

Dick Building Company emerged in 2009, after Dick Corporation—a major multinational contractor and construction manager—sold its assets to a global construction management company. As a multi-disciplined general contractor and construction management firm, Dick Building Company provides technologically innovative solutions to complete projects safely, on time and within budget. Led by Douglas Dick, former co-chairman of Dick Corporation, Dick Building Company combines the knowledge acquired from four generations of industry leadership with the latest in construction technology. The principals at Dick Building Company have built some of the most complex projects in the United States and abroad. Landmark projects completed under the supervision of Douglas Dick’s team include the Pittsburgh Pirate’s PNC Park, the preservation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, a military complex at the naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and the Federal Express headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. Other high-profile projects include: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Pittsburgh International Airport, Washington DC’s Union Station, The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and Pittsburgh’s Smithfield Street Bridge.

Headquartered in “the city of bridges,” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dick Building Company has proven expertise in planning, building and delivering multi-faceted projects across the United States and beyond. Both nationally and internationally, the company is able to provide its depth of resources across a wide variety of market segments. Projects range from roads and bridges to resorts and

hospitals. The markets served by Dick Building Company include: commercial, education, energy, entertainment, government/ military, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, retail, technology and transportation. Our firm is dedicated to maintaining communication, collaboration, consistency and accountability over the lifespan of the project. Dick Building Company offers a variety of client services including: preconstruction consulting, program management, project management, construction manage-

ment, general contracting, design-build, and construction inspection. Dick Building Company’s corporate culture is based on a tradition of self-performing work. With hands-on experience across a multitude of construction disciplines, the company is well-suited to deliver expertise, efficiency and value through every service it provides. Dick Building Company focuses on ways to maximize efficiency and minimize risk—a value shared and appreciated by its clients. A significant advantage is the company’s ability to self-perform general construction tasks, which allows them to manage risk throughout the construction process. Plan intelligently, build efficiently and deliver beyond expectation. Dick Building Company builds projects that last. The fourthgeneration, family-owned company attracts highly talented professionals drawn to the company for its: performance excellence, career development for employees, low turnover and family values. As such, Dick Building Company maintains the highest level of professionalism and honesty in its relationships with suppliers, subcontractors and customers in its ongoing commitment to deliver projects safely, on time and within budget.

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MBA Member Contractors (not profiled) A. Betler Construction Inc. 918 Churchill Road Venetia, PA 15367 (412) 831-8770 FAX: (412) 831-8783 Albert W. Betler, Jr., President Founded in 1978

A. Betler Construction specializes in machine and equipment foundations and installation, US and foreign designs, building from ground level - up, including interior work. We strive for the most cost effective and time conscious way to complete projects. We pride ourselves on dealing with customers one on one, resulting in a repeat client base in excess of 90%.

Gurtner Construction Co. Inc. 812 Chartiers Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15220 (412) 921-8074 FAX: (412) 922-6139 William C. Gurtner Founded 1985

Gurtner Construction is a general contractor performing educational work - additions, renovations and new construction. We also have a specialized glass & glazing division.

Stevens Engineers & Constructors, Inc. Southpointe Industrial Park 150 Technology Drive Canonsburg, PA 15317 (724) 873-1200 FAX: (724) 873-0937 Paul Dellemonache Jr., General Manager, Corporate Business Development Founded in 1969

S tevens is a design-build service contractor specializing in the light and heavy industrial sector. Stevens self performs piling, excavation and site work, foundations, structural steel and buildings, and equipment setting, alignment and heavy rigging. Through our engineering subsidiary, CDMG, a multi-discipline design engineer and CM, we offer complete design-build capabilities.

Joseph Vaccarello, Jr., Inc. 50 Arch Street Extension P.O. Box 663 Carnegie, PA 15106 (412) 276-2755       FAX: (412) 276-7985 Nicholas Vaccarello, President Founded in 1981

J oseph Vaccarello, Jr., Inc. handles all types of site development and excavation projects and offers a complete job from its staff of professionals, including engineers and registered surveyors. Vaccarello has equipment to handle all types of excavation, whether it be rock or earth. We offer a quality job by competent personnel.

Walbridge East 1501 Ardmore Blvd Suite 301 Pittsburgh, PA 15221 (412) 241-8524       FAX: (412) 241-5009 Michael M. Miskevics Founded in 1945

 albridge East specializes in W general contracting, design/build and construction management services for Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Government clients throughout the United States.

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MBA Membership MBA MEMBERSHIP The Master Builders’ Association (MBA) is a trade organization representing Western Pennsylvania’s leading commercial, institutional and industrial contractors. MBA contractors invest in a skilled workforce, implementing award-winning safety programs and offer the best in management and stability. The MBA is a chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, the nation’s largest and oldest construction trade association. The MBA is committed to improving the construction trade association through education, promoting technological advancements and advocating building the highest quality projects for owners. To learn more go to

MBA OFFICERS Thomas A. Landau, President Landau Building Company Steven M. Massaro Vice President Massaro Corporation M. Dean Mosites Treasurer Mosites Construction Company Jack W. Ramage Secretary/Executive Director Master Builders’ Association

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Joseph E. Burchick Burchick Construction Co. John C. Busse F.J. Busse Company, Inc. John E. Deklewa John Deklewa & Sons, Inc. Todd A. Dominick Rycon Construction, Inc. Domenic P. Dozzi Jendoco Construction Corp. Fred T. Episcopo MICA President Wyatt Inc. Anthony Martini A. Martini & Company, Inc. Michael R. Mascaro Mascaro Construction Co. L.P. Clifford R. Rowe, Jr. Immediate Past President P.J. Dick Incorporated Raymond A. Volpatt, Jr. P.E. Volpatt Construction Corp.

REGULAR MEMBERS AIM Construction, Inc. Allegheny Construction Group, Inc. Michael Baker, Jr., Inc. Construction Services Group A. Betler Construction, Inc. L.S. Brinker Co. Burchick Construction Co., Inc. F. J. Busse Company, Inc. dck worldwide LLC John Deklewa & Sons, Inc. Dick Building Company P. J. Dick Incorporated Joseph B. Fay Company FMS Construction Company Gurtner Construction Co. Inc.

Jendoco Construction Corp. Landau Building Company A. Martini & Company, Inc. Mascaro Construction Co., L.P. Massaro Corporation G.M. McCrossin Inc. Mosites Construction Company Nello Construction Company Poerio, Incorporated Rycon Construction, Inc. STEVENS TEDCO Construction Corp. UHL Construction Co., Inc. Joseph Vaccarello Jr. Inc. Volpatt Construction Corp. Walbridge East LLC Carl Walker Construction Group, Inc.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS ABMECH, Inc. Advantage Steel & Construction, LLC

All Purpose Cleaning Service, Inc. Alliance Drywall Interiors Inc. American Industrial Contracting Inc. Amthor Steel, Inc. Brayman Construction Corp. Bristol Environmental, Inc. Carpenters For Hire, Inc. Cost Company Cuddy Roofing Company, Inc. Dagostino Electronic Services Inc. Douglass Pile Company, Inc. Easley & Rivers, Inc. Ferry Electric Company William A. Fischer Carpet Co. Flooring Contractors of Pittsburgh FRANCO Fuellgraf Electric Company Gaven Industries Giffin Interior & Fixture, Inc. Richard Goettle, Inc. Hanlon Electric Company Harris Masonry, Inc. HOFF Enterprises, Inc. Howard Concrete Pumping Inc Independence Excavation Inc. Iron City Constructors Inc. Keystone Electrical Systems, Inc. J. R. Koehnke Flooring, Inc. L. & E.T. Company, Inc. Lighthouse Electric Co. Inc. M.I. Friday, Inc. Marsa, Inc. Massaro Industries Inc. Master Woodcraft Corp. Matcon Diamond Inc. McKamish Inc. McKinney Drilling Company Mele & Mele & Sons Inc. Menard Inc. Miller Electric Construction, Inc. Minnotte Contracting Corp. Moretrench American Corp. Nicholson Construction Co. Noralco Corporation T.D. Patrinos Painting & Contracting Company Paramount Flooring Associates, Inc. Pevarnik Bros. Inc Phoenix Roofing, Inc. Precision Environmental Co. RAM Acoustical Corp. Redstone Acoustical & Flooring Company, Inc. Ruthrauff/Sauer LLC Sargent Electric Co. Scalise Industries Corp. Schnabel Foundation Co. Specified Systems Inc. Spectrum Environment Inc. J. Stecik Interiors Swank Associated Companies, Inc. Team Laminates Co. A. J. Vater & Company Inc. W. G. Tomko, Inc. Wellington Power Corp. Winjen Corp. Wyatt, Incorporated

AFFILIATE MEMBERS All Crane Rental of PA Alltek Staffing & Resource Group Alpern Rosenthal American Contractors Equipment Company American Contractors Insurance Group AmeriServ Trust & Financial Services Co. AON Risk Services of PA Inc. Babst, Calland, Clements & Zomnir, P.C. Bank of New York/Mellon Blumling & Gusky L.L.P. Bon Tool Co. Bronder & Company, P.C. Burns & Scalo Owner’s Rep Services Frank Bryan, Inc. Bunting Graphics Carbis Walker LLP Cassady Pierce Company Chartwell Investment Partners Chronicle Consulting, LLC Chubb Group of Insurance Companies Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co., Inc. Cohen & Grigsby, PC Cohen, Seglias, Pallas, Greenhall & Furman Cold Cypress LLC Computer Fellows Inc. Construction Insurance Consultants, Inc. Dickie McCamey & Chilcote PC Duane Morris LLC The Duggan Rhodes Group Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott Enterprise Fleet Management Evacor Inc. First Niagara Risk Management Gateway Engineers Inc. Hayden Reinhart LLS Helbling & Associates, Inc. Henderson Brothers, Inc. Highway Equipment Co. Hill Barth & King LLC Houston Harbaugh, PC Huntington Insurance, Inc. Huth Technologies KFMR Katz Ferraro McMurtry PC Langan Engineering & Environmental Services Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl, LLC Liberty Insurance Agency Liberty Mutual Surety M/Design Maiello, Brungo & Maiello Marsh, Inc. Metz Lewis LLC Meyer, Unkovic & Scott, LLP Mobile Medical Corporation Navigant Consulting Inc. ParenteBeard LLC Pepper Hamilton, LLP Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti, LLP Pittsburgh Business Times Pittsburgh Mobile Concrete Inc. Port of Pittsburgh Commission Precision Laser & Instrument, Inc. PSI Reed Smith LLP R.J Bridges Corp. Rodgers Insurance Group Inc. Henry Rossi & Company Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis LLP Schneider Downs & Co., Inc. Sebring & Associates Sellen Sustainability Seubert & Associates, Inc. Steel Built Corporation Thorp, Reed & Armstrong, LLP Travelers Bond & Financial Products Tucker Arensberg, P.C. UPMC Work Partners Verizon Wireless Victory Security Agency Inc. Wells Fargo Insurance Services of PA, Inc. Westfield Insurance Willis of PA Inc. Zurich NA Construction

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The Right Approach... With over 55 years of experience, Gateway has a tradition of innovation in the Civil Engineering industry. Our integrated approach to project management, customer-centric professional solutions, and decades of experience shine through on every project.

Proud member of



n today’s world, there is one fundamental

and meaningful difference among banks. It’s not size, or number of branches, or product mix. This difference runs much deeper. It centers on where a customer ranks in the hierarchy of importance to the bank. You have only to follow the

communities we serve. Because we are independent, we are free to make choices that protect the interests of our customers. We have chosen to be strongly capitalized to give our depositors security well beyond FDIC insurance. We will not be pushed,

recent financial headlines to see

prodded, or pulled into actions

what can happen when financial

that are detrimental to our

institutions lose focus on their

customers. For example,

customers, and turn their

we have never issued a

attention to shareholders.

sub-prime loan.

T he simple fact is that a

This philosophy

stock-based bank is beholden

permeates throughout our

to the shareholder first, and

entire organization. And since

the customer second. It is subject

we are the region’s largest

to the ebb and flow of stock price.

mutual bank that is

It is not completely free to act solely on behalf of the customer. It is, rather, motivated by gain on behalf of shareholders. This is the very reason why Dollar Bank

independent of Wall Street, our sense of responsibility, civic pride and customer commitment will only strengthen in the future. If all of this

has remained steadfastly independent of Wall

sounds unusual, it is.

Street since 1855. And since our beginning

To us, banking has never been, and never

as a mutual bank, we have celebrated our independence with an ongoing mission: To focus solely on our customer and the

will be, about shareholder needs. To us banking will continue to be about customer needs. Period.

Inquiries: 1-800-242-BANK (2265) Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC. Copyright © 2010, Dollar Bank, Federal Savings Bank. BUS351_10


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