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Courses for the Early Years Workforce

Tall Oaks Training is an established training and assessment centre, dedicated to providing high quality training and development for those working in childcare and early years education.

Tall Oaks Training - all about us Tall Oaks Training is an established training provider and assessment centre based at Glebe Farm, a rural setting on the outskirts of Milton Keynes. Tall Oaks Training is part of Acorn Childcare 2, a charitable company, and is dedicated to providing high quality training and development for those working in childcare and early years education. We offer a selection of short courses in core skills, creative learning and outdoor learning. We can also organise tailor-made courses to suit specific training needs. Glebe Farm provides a unique setting, a blend of indoor and outdoor learning opportunities in a calm and relaxed environment.

Tall Oaks Training Centre at Glebe Farm, Hanslope

Tall Oaks Forest Schools Tall Oaks also provides Forest School sessions for local early years settings, including schools and nurseries. For more information contact our Forest School Leaders, Donna and Gemma: 07872 470266 or


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INTRODUCTION and TESTIMONIALS Tall Oaks Training offers a selection of short courses for anyone working in early years, particularly those working with children aged 0 - 5 years. The courses are run on weekdays, with some Saturday workshops also available. Our courses fall into three categories: core skills, creative learning and outdoor learning. They are delivered by highly experienced early years trainers from around the UK, including Alistair BryceClegg, Kirstine Beeley, Jane Wratten, Hilary Penny and Jenny Barber.

• A brilliant course - well led by an inspirational lady full of practical and easy ideas of how to engage children with the outdoors . (Active Outdoor Creativity - Jane Wratten)

• I enjoyed everything about the course, it was all very interesting, trainer was excellent, made the day fun. (Prepare to Lose Your Socks - Alistair Bryce-Clegg)

• Very interesting and exciting course (Powder Paint, Making Dough and Mud Pies - Jenny Barber)

Hands-on learning at the Bugs, Balloons and Bananas course Find out about all our courses at


CORE SKILLS COURSES Tall Oaks Training runs a number of Core Skills Courses, including the following: Emotional Development Understanding Attachment Behavioural Development Safeguarding Here is a taster of two of our courses: There’s no magic fairy dust

Behavioural development: What is it? Why do they do it? How do I manage it? The course will outline the main concepts behind behavioural development; the positive and negative aspects of each development stage and factors of key influence on these.

Velcro, YoYo-Yo, Solo?

Attachment: Application and Implications of theory This course, drawing on theory and personal experiences, will enable you to identify and understand the type of attachment style a child has, and so understand their emotional state and demonstrated behaviours.

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CREATIVE LEARNING COURSES Tall Oaks Training has introduced an exciting range of creative learning courses, with emphasis on a fun, handson approach to maximise the impact on practice. Here is just a sample of what we have to offer: The Playful Practitioner Participants will have the chance to work with movement, voice, stories and make believe to explore their creativity. The course will help you understand about the importance of, and barriers to play; become your true playful self; learn how to create a safe playful environment; and discover talents you never knew you had.

What little hands can do A child’s hand is very different from an adult’s hand - not just in size - but in terms of what it can do and how it can be manoeuvred. The course will explore the value of breaking tasks down to their component parts of a task, skill or activity in terms of development, to support us in meeting children’s individual needs.

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CREATIVE LEARNING COURSES Bugs, Balloons and Bananas early years science From building balloon hovercrafts, to exploding cola fountains and splashing bubble mixtures, this fun, hands-on and often messy course allows practitioners to explore science through play based activities and familiar stories. Science can be fun and exciting for children aged 0 to 99!!

Amazing Mark Making Starting at the beginning of the writer’s journey, the course will look at how physical development impacts upon children’s ability to be able to hold and use a mark making implement.

A passion to be outstanding Aimed at managers and leaders, this course explores what it means to be outstanding in terms of practice, understanding and approach; how the little things can make all the difference; and the importance of the whole team working together for a common goal.

For more information please phone 01908 511255


OUTDOOR LEARNING COURSES “The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky” Margaret McMillan (1919) Research has shown that children in outdoor settings demonstrate more imagination in their play and higher levels of concentration. Our Outdoor Learning courses are designed to explore these opportunities with practical and accessible ideas. Our courses include: •

Forest Schools Taster

Calmer Outdoor Creativity

Active Outdoor Creativity

Growing . . up, down and all around

Outdoors all weathers - play inspiration

Here is a taster:

Growing . . up, down and all around From easy ideas for sowing and growing, to taking cuttings; from creating ‘growing places’ to making compost, this inspiring and practical course will help you make your settings come alive with plants.

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TAILORTAILOR-MADE COURSES Tall Oaks Training can organise tailor-made courses to suit your specific training needs. If you have a sufficient number of delegates at your school, pre-school or nursery, we may be able to bring a scheduled course to your own location. We are also able to offer bespoke courses to suit specific training needs, where required. Our trainers have a detailed knowledge of all aspects of child development and share a vast amount of knowledge, hence we can tailor a course to your needs. This includes more in-depth sessions for managers and lead professionals.

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TALL OAKS TRAINERS Jenny Barber Having worked as a freelance training consultant for nearly 10 years, Jenny is passionate about Early Years delivery and works throughout the country to help settings develop best practice. Her practical, ideas based courses are always popular with practitioners.

Kirstine Beeley Having worked as a teacher in early years, KS1and special education settings, Kirstine has been an independent training consultant for over 6 years now, working all over the UK with both local authorities and individual settings. The creator of the Empathy Dolls Approach, she is passionate about child-led learning in early years. Kirstine believes early years training should be hands-on, exciting and fun to have maximum impact on practice.

Alistair BryceBryce-Clegg A teacher since 1993, specialising in EYFS, Alistair spent 10 years as the head of a threeform entry Infant School in Trafford. He now works internationally as in independent EYFS consultant and key note speaker, working with all types of Early Years settings and has carried out support for local authorities across the UK.

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TALL OAKS TRAINERS Roya Hamid Roya Hamid is a drama therapist and the founder of the creative arts therapy company Marvellous Productions. With 18 years’ experience working with children and young people, she is responsible for devising, designing and delivering arts projects within Early Years, education and health sectors. She works as a play consultant in Early Years working alongside practitioners in the classroom and as a clinical supervisor.

Hilary Penny Having worked in the Early Years sector for quite a number of years, Hilary Penny now delivers a wide variety of training, including Special Educational Needs, Safeguarding, Attachment, Emotional and Behavioural development and Working with Parents for various Local Authorities and National bodies such as the National Children’s Bureau. Hilary is also an Early Years Professional assessor, a Family Mediator and Advocate for children and young people.

Jane Wratten Jane is an experienced training consultant and keynote speaker working with local authorities throughout the UK. She specialises in courses which help you to develop effective, interesting and creative outdoor environments. Jane believes that training should be practical and hands-on and her courses offer many practical ideas for use in your setting. For more information you can phone 01908 511255


Tall Oaks Training - all about us Tall Oaks registered address Wesley House 17 South Street Castlethorpe Milton Keynes MK19 7EL Tel: 01908 510309 Fax: 01908 510222 Email:

Tall Oaks Training Centre Glebe Farm Forest Road Hanslope Milton Keynes MK19 7DE

Tall Oaks is part of Acorn Childcare 2, a charitable company, limited by guarantee No 07703801, Charity Reg No 1145108. Registered address Wesley House, 17 South Street, Castlethorpe, Milton Keynes, MK19 7EL

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Tall Oaks Training Guide  

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