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Study Information System – ÕIS

Study plan for degree students

ÕIS is the web-based study information system for TTÜ in which you can: • register for courses and exams • see course timetables • submit applications (for scholarships, a thesis, etc) • provide feedback and receive your study results

Students must arrange a list of courses for the term from their required subjects (compulsory courses) and optional subjects (elective courses), with the available courses depending upon their faculty.

Students are responsible for keeping their personal information properly updated (email address, phone number, place of residence in Estonia) via ÕIS. To find out how it works, refer here: and click on the ‘help’ button. The deadline for submitting your individual ‘Study Plan’ is announced each year in the academic calendar. You may register for courses until the deadline is reached for submitting a final study plan, which is also listed in the calendar. Please note that the deadlines for submitting a study plan vary in different schools. You can find the list of courses which are available in English and also the timetables at:>ENG>Timetables> and click on the English flag. Please take notice of the study weeks: the first week of each term is always week number one; therefore the term starts on an odd number, with the second week being an even number. Some lectures may take place every odd week, and others every even week. Some subjects are taught during the first half of the term - these subjects are marked S1 (autumn) or K1 (spring) - or during the second half of the term, marked S2 and K2 respectively.

Free choice studies Each curriculum in the university includes a free-choice study module in which the student can choose any courses that they prefer. Courses held by other Estonian universities can also be chosen. Students on free tuition programmes may choose as many subjects as they want. Please note that the majority of the courses are taught in Estonian, so please consult your dean’s office before you register for any courses.

Study plan for exchange students Exchange students should make out their study plans themselves. Study plans are available at:>ENG>Timetables> and then click on the English flag after which you will be able to find the codes for the international programmes. You may choose from all of the programmes that are taught in English. Click each code under the course’s faculty. Please note that during the two first weeks of the term the timetables may change. When you take courses from different schools and programmes, make sure that the course times do not overlap. If you are using the search button to look up courses, it will display all courses, including those in Estonian. Language courses and sports-related course are not listed in the timetables - these schedules will be forwarded to you by the Mobility Centre. After you have received your ÕIS access from the IT Department in Room SOC-132, you can create your personal timetable (Timetables>Personal timetable). You do not need an ÕIS password to be able to check the timetables. Important information about grading Some lectures, seminars, and laboratory exercises are evaluated as ‘pass’ or ‘fail’. These include Estonian Language and Culture, language courses, and Physical Education (sports). If your university does not accept this grading system, it is advisable for you to avoid taking these courses. Orange - only applicable to degree students Blue - only applicable to exchange students



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