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Turku Repair Yard NORWAY

Tallinn Shipyard ESTONIA RUSSIA

Western Shiprepair Western Baltija Shipbuilding



More than 50 companies

Located in 8 countries




Business areas ▪


Ship repair, conversion, modernization

Steel construction manufacturing

Metal products processing and sale

Mechanical engineering

Scrap collection and processing

Gas production and sale

Transport services


Port services

All-In-House concept Shipbuilding, Repair and Modernization services for all types of vessels are ensured by a combination of: ▪

skilled workforce

extensive range of modern facilities


experienced team


▪ ▪

3 ship repair yards: in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland 8 floating docks The largest dry dock in Northern Europe: 265 m long and 70 m wide Annually BLRT Grupp shipyards maintain over 220 vessels LITHUANIA


Ballast water treatment systems

Design & Engineering

Project development



After sales service

Exhaust gases purification systems

Design & Engineering

Project development



GREEN TECH Ballast Water Treatment Scrubbers Cooperation agreements between shipping company Spliethoff and BLRT Grupp for: ▪

installation of scrubbers and BWT systems on 6 F-type vessels

installation of BWTS on 14 S-type ships

installation of BWTS on 9 E-type vessels

Projects will continue until 2021 at BLRT Repair Yards

New dry docking capacities

The largest floating dock in Baltic States

To be installed in Klaipeda by 2020

▪ ▪

Length 235 m, between towers 45 m New opportunities in a field of repair and retrofit of large vessels

Ship repair

conversion & modernisation

General ship repair activities ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

▪ ▪

Steel construction repairs including stainless steel Hull preparation and painting including tank coating Tail shaft, propeller, rudder and thrusters Main and auxiliary engines Winches, pumps, compressors etc Boilers, heat exchangers, valves Pipework – including high & low pressure hydraulic systems Electrical wiring, alternators, motors, switchboards Cargo handling and other ship equipment

Conversions and rebuilding ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Lengthening Engines and equipment replacement / modification Conversion / rebuilding of systems Installation of purification & ballast water treatment systems

Docks in Estonia Description

Dock 3

Dock 34

Dock 2

Lifting capacity

12 000 t

8 500 t

4 500 t

Keel supported length

153.6 m

139.5 m

101 m

Clear breadth

27.4 m

23.8 m

22 m


2 x 15 t



Sea Wind Customer: AS Tallink Grupp

▪ ▪

Shaft alternator overhaul Propulsion and thruster works with stern tubes seal renewal Bottom valves overhaul

Princess Anastasia Customer: MOBY S.p.A.

Main engine repair

Replacement of pipelines

Heating and ventilation systems repair works Major painting works

Bluefort Customer: Bluefort Shipping Services

Flume tank manufacturing and installation

Boat Landing Platform manufacturing and installation U-shape tank modification and reinforcement

Vyacheslav Tikhonov Customer: SCF GEO

Hull treatment

Repair of sea valves and heat exchangers

Safety and life saving equipment

Electrical works

A-type / T-type Customer: Royal Wagenborg

Main engine overhaul

Hull grit blasting and painting

Vertical sides 100% SA2

Modernization of a fuel and fresh water systems

Rosella Cusomer: Viking Line Abp

Rudder blade repair

Propeller blades replacement

Underwater and topside painting

Hull construction renewal

Pipe system repair

Finnkraft/ Finnhawk Finncarrier/Finnmaster Customer: Finnlines

Open loop scrubber system installation

GRE pipes prefabrication and installation

Electrical works

Steering gear overhaul

Hull treatment

Akademik Aleksandr Karpinskiy Customer: Polar Marine Geosurvey

Scientific equipment installation

Ship systems upgrade

Diesel generators installation

Rescue system renewal

Fire system renewal

EVA- 316 Customer: Maritime Administration


Conversion of hydrographic vessel into multifunctional ice breaking vessel for oil spillage liquidation

Ship repair

conversion & modernisation

Services and support ▪

▪ ▪

▪ ▪

▪ ▪ ▪

Technical survey, all types of ship repair and conversion Hull works, carbon steel and aluminum constructions Pipe works, hot galvanization Steering gear/propeller repair Repair of electric, electronic, navigation equipment and automatics Surface preparation and coating Insulation works All types of boiler repair, etc.

Conversions and rebuilding ▪

▪ ▪ ▪

Lengthening Engine replacement Refurbishment of interiors Ballast Water Treatment systems/ Scrubbers

Capabilities ▪

Floating crane – 100 t lifting capacity

Mobile crane (LIEBHERR LHM 400) – 104 t lifting capacity

10 pier cranes (KOHE / CERUTTI) – with lifting capacity 30 t each

Lifting platform (KAMAG 1400 HS/E) – max

lifting capacity 250 t

Docks in Lithuania Description

Dock 1

Dock 2

Dock 3

Lifting capacity

27 000 t

10 000 t

8 000 t

Keel blocks length

200 m

153.6 m

139.5 m

Width between fenders

30.5 m

27.5 m

23.5 m


2 x 15 t

2 x 15 t


Finlandia Seaways Customer: DFDS

Hull treatment and painting jobs (8750m2)

Stern ramp repair works

Propulsion system overhaul and repairs

TSHD Artevelde Customer: DEME Group

Steel renewal 250t

Bottom doors repairs

Propulsion overhaul

Dredging systems overhaul and repairs

Uilenspiegel Customer: DEME Group


Steel renewal 180t


Complete propulsion, dredging,

bottom doors systems overhaul and repairs

Happy Rover Customer: BigLift Shipping, member of the Spliethoff Group

Hull treatment and painting works (5970m2)

Main engine overhaul and repairs

Propulsion system overhaul and repairs

Maintenance of the cranes

Maersk Flensburg Customer: Marlow Navigation Hamburg

Completely renewed container cell guides

Repaired, blasted, painted cargo holds (6300m2)

Hull treatment (5510m2)

Treatment of hatch covers (710m2)

Luzon Strait Customer: Triton Schiffahrt

Hull repairs and treatment works

Deck repairs

Cargo crane repairs

Side doors complete overhaul and repairs

HFO bunker line modification works

Propulsion system overhaul repair works

Ship repair

conversion, modernisation, green recycling

Heavy machinery ▪ ▪ ▪

Main and auxiliary engine replacement Shaft surveys Propeller maintenance and repairs

Heavy steel ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Lengthening Conversions Superstructures Hull damage repairs

Surface treatment ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

High pressure water cleaning Grit blasting Painting Anodes

Heavy piping works ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

GRE, SMO, GF, CuNiFe Grit blasting Scrubbers Marine piping

Afloat repairs ▪

Operating 24/7

Docks in Finland Dry dock

265 m x 70 m x 7.9 m

Floating dock

101 m x 21.6 m x 6.0 m, 4 000 t


184 m, 7.7 m

Crane capacity

150 t / 100 t / 30 t

Power supplies

2000 kW

400 V

50 Hz

400 kW

690 V

50 Hz

800 kW

440 V

60 Hz

Polaris Customer: Arctia OY

Special dry-docking of LNG icebreaker

ABB azipods calibrations in cooperation

with ABB and VTT

Voima Customer: Arctia OY

Ponderable life cycle extention of the Finlands oldest icebreaker

Steel replacement 250t

New navigation equipment

HSC Express Customer: Nordic HSCO AB


Overhaul of 4 water jets of significant magnitude


All materials acid proof steel and/or sea waterproof aluminium

Baltic Princess Baltic Queen Customer: Tallink Silja

Annual docking

Overhaul of the propulsion system

Customer experiences of all dockings were enhanced by using TRY`s easy-access logistic solution TR-ramp

Viking Grace Customer: Viking Line

Annual docking of LNG passenger vessel

Arduous installation of rotor sail base

Full hull treatment

Primorsky Prospect Customer: Unicom Management Services

Annual docking

Surface treatment. 20 000m2

Different pipe systems repairs

Overhaul of the propulsion system

Nordic Orion Customer: Unicom Management Services

Repair of the main engine turbo charger

Repair of the auxiliary generator

Full hull treatment

Akademik Fedorov Customer: Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

Installation of the seismic research equipment

Installation of a multi- beam echo sounder Kongsberg EM122

Annual docking

Linda Customer: Langh Shipping

Scrubber installation

HQ surface treatment

Annual docking

Overhaul of the propulsion system

Different pipe systems repairs


Project reference by BLRT Repair Yards  
Project reference by BLRT Repair Yards