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Peak District Trips A whole day on real rock 10am – 4pm No previous experience required, just a great day out.

Located between Stamford and Market Deeping in South Lincolnshire, Tallington Lakes is found just off the A16.

Junior Climbing Afternoon Every Wednesday from 2 until 4pm • £5 Fun climbing session with an instructor, suitable for all ages. Please call to enquire about available dates

Tallington Lakes Leisure Park Ltd Barholm Road, Tallington, Stamford Lincolnshire PE9 4RJ Spalding



Climbers Evening Every Thursday night 7pm until 9pm • £5 Whatever level you are, come and get involved!



A16 A606



Equipment Hire: Harness Helmet Belay+karabiner The whole caboodle

£3 £3 £2 £5






Peterborough A16


Open practice

Market Deeping



Easton on the Hill


Our Climbing Tower is a knee trembling 15m high. It has two vertical faces, one inclined slope and, for the adventurous, a half height overhang! with 800 bolt on holds, there is a challenge for everyone. If you have any questions please get in touch: Email: or Call: 01778 34 7000

Summer opening times Daily 10am till 7pm Winter opening times Monday—Thursday 10am till 9.30pm Friday—Sunday 10am till 8.30pm Come and see us, we stock climbing equipment in our shop!

Rock Climbing Centre • 15M Climbing Tower • Practice and Courses • Peak District Trips • 2 Day Climbing Course • Climbers Evening • Kids Club, Sunday Morning • Junior Climbing Afternoons July–Aug

Tel: 01778 34 7000 • Fax: 01778 34 6213 Email: website:

Valid April 2012 – March 2013

If you have never climbed before then you will definitely need a lesson before you are let loose on the climbing tower! One hour Adult: One to one Two to one Three to one Four to one

£20 £15 each £12 each £10 each

One hour Junior: One to one half hour junior £7.50 One to one £15 (minimum 5 years) Two to one £12 each Three to one £10 each Four to one £8 each One hour Family: £30

Learn to belay. One hour • £20 per head Teaches you everything that you need to know in order to belay for a climber. Its ideal if your kids want to climb! Sport Climber (min age 12) 3 hours. Two sessions, on separate days, of 1.5 hours each. This course is for climbers who would like to learn to lead on an artificial wall. We recommend coming with a climbing partner. one to one £60 • two to one £30 each

Rock intro day • 10 till 4pm One to one £100 Two to one £75 each Three to one £60 each Four+ (up to 18) to one £50 each A whole day spent on real rock. Suitable for any level of climber, its a great way to spend a whole day in the fresh air. Two day rock course* • £150 One day on the climbing tower learning the basics and the second day in the Peak District to put your skills into practice.

Not feeling energetic? Why not let gravity do the work? Two abseils £6

We can organize abseiling on real rock. It can easily be added to the end of any course on real rock for an additional charge of £10 per head. Or we can set it up as a stand alone activity. Please call us with your requirements and we will endeavour to meet them.

* Please call to enquire about available dates

So you want to get into rock climbing four days One to one £400 Two to one £250 each Three to one £200 each Four+ (up to 18) to one £150 each This course will take you from a complete novice through to being able to enjoy your local crag or climbing wall. Of the four days at least one will be on the climbing tower, the rest will be on real rock.* Groups - Whatever your group size or ability we can find something for you. Please get in touch and we will put together a package to suit your needs. * please note that any course on real rock may require some travelling to the Peak District. The venue will depend on the course, the weather and your needs. Full details of where to go will be provided along with advice as to what equipment you will need to bring.

Every Sunday (april – sept) 9.30am – 11am, Ages 5 to 16 • £10 each Come regularly and get a free trip to the Peaks on the 3rd of Sept

On the climbing tower (for ages 7 upwards) One hour with between 5 and 24 people £8 each Two hours with between 5 and 24 people £15 each On real rock * For the whole day. 10am till 4pm with between 5 and 18 people £30 each

Tallington Lakes Climbing Centre  

Information about the climbing activities at Tallington Lakes, for children and adults.