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FROM THE FOUNDER Sunglasses at the ready tall ones! Summer has arrived! Balmy evenings, alfresco dinners and tanned feet... It's time to say hello to nights under the stars in sleeping bags instead of walking around dressed in them! Time to set out on new adventures accessorised with aqua oceans and sandy beaches, not to forget those outdoor festivals with friends when you can't get that song out of your head... you know, the one that sounds just like summer! My favourite time of year by far. This is our 2nd edition and although intentions were all good, timings were unrealistic at this early stage and we will not be producing a bi-monthly magazine... so I'd like to give you all a very warm welcome to the first edition of Tall Guides Quarterly!  Thank you for supporting us on this journey and we'll see you again in three months time with the Autumn / Fall Edition. Enjoy the magazine, have fun this summer and stay high on life! 


Wear it like


Stylist, LouLou Storey, gives us her tall style tips.


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Life inside a tall fashion startup



7 Fashion trends inspired by tall girl struggles.

Make a statement without overspending. Crisp, minimal and effortlessly chic. Buckle up, its going to be a bumpy ride!

Why you should travel alone AT LEAST once!


Our resident confidence coach Jen looks back.


We've got it Sewn


Start sewing and change your life.

30 Female Friendships Are they really a tall order?


STYLING YOUR Uniqueness STYLIST LOULOU STOREY TALKS TALL STYLE TIPS Surely it can’t be that difficult to be

ourselves and allow our clothes to shout

when we give ourselves permission to

yourself, express who you are and allow

‘this is me’. Where do you start? How do

dress smarter it gives us more scope to

your confidence to shine? But for some it we begin? Here. Turn your focus to

allow our personalities to shine. Tailored

is. We live in an overwhelming world full

clothing celebrates and showcases our

inspiring yourself, what you think about

of messages of what we should look like, you matters & you are the expert in YOU!


what we should be thinking, what we should be feeling and we can very easily lose touch with how extraordinary we



If you could wear one item of clothing that summed you up,

We are all individuals and yet our

what would that be? How could

style can feel so generic. Often

you do more of it in your daily

longing to feel contemporary, stylish and authentically ourselves but instead, we end up feeling like we are nothing special. Wearing the same old clothes AGAIN. Feeling a little less than fabulous. It’s time to change that and feel the magic again! I'm here to show you how. We get used to hiding behind a false perception that we put out there or tailoring our dressing depending on who we are meeting; living up to their expectations not our own. But I say; start setting your own expectation. Set the bar a little higher, hold yourself to a greater standard & start following these rules

wardrobe? Just a small addition            of a brooch or a new lipstick colour              or creating a new combination of          clothing can make all the difference             to your look and most importantly                                             your confidence. It can be a very scary prospect of facing ourselves in the mirror, physically as well as metaphorically. However what I have learnt from working with women in their homes over the years is that with this bravery of looking inward and taking small steps to growing confidence, we have an incredible realisation that there is so much to celebrate. Just wearing a

IT'LL DO IS BANNED If ‘it’ll do’ then it definitely WON’T do! Design feeling great in your clothes by asking yourself how you want to feel at the start of the day. Be mindful in what you wear, pay attention to what makes you feel good and you’ll be amazed at the changes you will see. It’s liberating, it’s exciting, it’s energising but you do have to show up for yourself and take action. I’ve learnt that it wasn’t until I committed to the change I wanted that I felt differently in my skin and I now see that with all the incredible women I work with.

It s amazing how quickly new habits can become so familiar to us.

forgotten piece of jewellery is often the first step to showcasing what has been hidden.


Let the liberation commence!

It’s time to start embracing the things about you that make you truly you. Truly different from your best friend, different from your sister, different from who you


were 10 years ago, different from society’s Why wait for someday? Make today expectation of you. extraordinary! Put on that blazer, wear that lippy, pull that summer dress out of I know It can often feel quite scary giving the wardrobe and pair it with trainers. ourselves permission to step into  Today is the day to feel fab and often



TALL STYLING TIPS It can often feel quite scary giving ourselves permission to step into ourselves and allow our clothes to shout ‘this is me’.

Wear it like



Are you ready to make it? What would you change if CHOICE

capacity to make choices about where

route or would you go a different way;

was your word of the week? If you

our day goes and how our energy is

noticing and embracing any unexpected

reconsidered all of your commitments,

spent. Often, we don’t even see it

moments that may show up? That

knowing that you had the right to

happening. Before we know it, our

blossom lined street that you usually

change your mind; would you do

precious day has been defined for us,

bypass, the young girl helping an old

anything differently? Imagine going

not by us. You are always one decision

lady across the road or the laughter of

through every day this week, next week,

away from a totally different life so are

children playing without a care in the

any week with 'choice' as your guide.

you ready to accept the challenge of

world. You'll notice all of these things,

What obligations, habits and

letting 'choice' guide you for one week?

whatever they may be, purely because

expectations might you reconsider?

Are you up for reclaiming your right to

you switched off auto-pilot when you

decide how to spend your time?

made a choice to take a different route.

It doesn’t have to be about the major

All for the price of an five extra minutes

stuff. Big decisions and choices often

If you answered yes, then maybe you’ll

on your journey time; which you’d have

come kicking and screaming into our

end up cancelling that needless

easily spent replying to those deleted

lives, determined to get our attention

meeting? Maybe you’ll choose to turn


regardless of whether we want to give

your phone off and eat your lunch

it. It’s all about those smaller

outside in the fresh air for a change, or

You don’t need to make drastic

commitments, the sneaky ones that slip

simply hit delete on a load of emails that

changes, simply deciding to 'embrace

in under the radar and pile up; slowly

don’t really need an answer. Given the

the possibility of choice' throughout your

eating into our time and devouring our

choice would you take your usual

week will give you an energising boost.



TRENDING: #TALLGIRLPROBLEMS 7 fashion trends inspired by the tall girl struggle

I love keeping up with the fashion

lie, I am guilty of loving a few of these

trends. It is exciting to see all of the new

trends now that they are popular. Here

and repeat fashions presenting an

are 7 Fashion Trends Inspired By Tall Girl

opportunity for a wardrobe refresh.  I


only recently realised that some of today’s popular trends have actually


been inspired by the things us tall girls have struggled with for decades! The

If you are not careful you could look like

fashion industry seems to find

Baby Huey in the wrong outfit. Don’t get

inspiration in our struggles, and ironically

me wrong, crop tops with high-waisted

doesn’t provide us taller-than-average

jeans or a skirt are two of my favourite

girls with enough options to relieve

looks right now but if you want to rock

our wardrobe woes!

this trend, you need to remember that it's all about proportion.

I asked my fellow tall women about which trends we’re just NOT buying into, simply because they are things we’ve naturally struggled with due to a lack of height-friendly options. I’m not going to 

ANKLE PANTS AND JEANS These are essentially, 'high waters' and I used to hate being asked if it was raining outside so... NO!


TALL GIRLS INSPIRE THE FASHION INDUSTRY ...but are left wondering where all their tall options are! fashion, the more tunic choice we'll


have. We don't need to go to a specialist retailer for this trend and can enjoy the

It might just be that

reduced prices of shopping on the high

I’m getting older but

street or in the regular stores.

 these days, it seems


       like shorts keep            getting shorter.     Cheeks are on view          everywhere (but

This one is fairly new and as a tall girl you

   then again, I am in

may be unfamiliar with the concept; it’s

     California!). When

when tops have extra long sleeves that

         I was younger, I

hang pass the hand! *dreamy*

  wouldn’t have even          dreamed about

These are the sleeves we’ve been

           wearing shorts

longing for all our lives! I love the feel

    to school. My long

and the experience of a sleeve being too

   legs automatically

long or needing to be rolled up so I'm

made shorts look like inappropriate denim            underwear but

really hoping that these don't turn out to


be a fad!

              things have          changed for the All I need to say is that I always failed the                           better. skirt-length (fingertip) test when I wore a regular skirt to school. Every skirt was a

Go for a longer tailored short like these

mini skirt. If this is a trend that you’d love

paperbag waist shorts from Missguided.

to wear and you don’t want to hit the mall or the high street to borrow off the


So as we tall girls continue to create and inspire fashion trends, there is always going to be someone out there taking the fashion credit for what we have been wearing all of our lives. Stand tall and stay fashionable!

short team; there are lots of well proportioned mini-skirts on offer from fast-fashion retailers like ASOS Tall, New

This was definitely just a sleeve struggle

Look Tall and Topshop.

for us tall girls and now, it’s everywhere! I didn’t even know that there was such


a thing as ¾ length when I spent all those years pushing and rolling up my

These were just too-short dresses. So we    threw them on over leggings to cover 

sleeves. If you want to

 everything! Now, the tunic top and

follow the ¾ length

    sweater has very much become a

trend, you don’t even

 fashion trend.

have to shop at the specialist tall stores.

   On the plus size, as long as it stays in 


MAKING YOUR TRAINERS WORK FOR YOU The HøFSisters show us how to make a style statement in comfort


We’ve all walked about in painful shoes, regretting the moment we decided it would be a good idea to squeeze our

Ok this look may not be totally office

feet into those beautiful pointy heels. Recent media focus on employers

appropriate -

forcing women to wear heels as part of

the oversized

antiquated dress codes have done

knit, faded

nothing to ease my personal resentment

denim and

of daytime heels. At least now the

high top

widespread popularity of block heels has


done something to improve comfort

bring this

levels but there’s nothing like the warm

outfit more

embrace of a trainer to put a spring in

into the casual

your step and, in my case, to make me

realm. But the

far more productive.

blazer and shirt add

Granted, my job involves hot footing it

enough of a

around London on a regular basis but


still, I can assure you I’m generally a

edge for days

much happier person in trainers. The

when you

best part is that trainers don’t have to

don’t need to see clients or are out and

mean casual. They can be styled for

about doing research or chores.

smart casual and dare I even say it office wear, and unapologetically so. Don’t


believe me? Let's take a closer look!

WHITER THAN WHITE If you’re wearing trainers to the office,


make sure they’re bright white and

A black canvas is

you’re wearing them with classic office

sharp and smart,

wear – tailored trousers, blouses, blazers,

allowing for zany,

sophisticated dresses and smart

zingy trainers and

handbags. The look will work because

strong jewellery. This

the rest of you looks sharp.

look is effortless to achieve, yet big on impact. Cara’s strong eyebrows seem to

Wearing fishnets or patterned tights under cropped trousers can make an outfit with trainers seem a whole lot more glamorous. Who says it's impossible to be comfortable and chic at the same time? Head to the HøFShop for our favourite style choices. 

work particularly well with this look, as a final statement accessory.



LET'S GET CREATIVE! AKIA'S DIY FASHION PROJECTS I work as an Instructional Aide at a middle school so I am off work for 2 ½


months during the summer and that



means my shopping has to be cut down

over $30 for

drastically! Which got me thinking and

shorts that

raised the question; how I can I get my

may not even

hands on trendsetting fashion during

cover your

the summer without overspending?

derriere! You can use a pair

I hit the web with my new best friend,

you already

who I hate as much as I love; Pinterest!

have or pick

Pinterest is an enormous online visual

some up

board where you can find inspiration

from your

and entertain yourself with tons of

local thrift

interests and hobbies, 'pinned' by other

store for $7

people. Growing up I’ve always had a

and cut them

thing for Do-It-Yourself Projects and one

just right for

of the main reasons behind that was

your height?

trying to find my style as a young tall girl. I wanted to attract attention in style but not in height so I began to experiment with my clothes at home. I remember this being a lot of fun and if I got my


hands on a teen fashion magazine, it

Okay., so you may not be the woman

was game on! If only they had Pinterest

buying $1.00 Flip Flops but if you

back then. Anyway, back to my DIY

I did this recently with a pair of jeans

spend less than $5, you can definitely


that were extra-long but had a super

make them unique with a bit of

tight stitched hem and after a few snips,

creativity and some Pinterest inspiration

I'd given them a new, fashionable lease of life!



Sharpies, Embroidery, ribbon laces... the

This is exciting! Especially, when you

options are endless!

can’t find what you are looking for in stores. Personalised

Since I knew my daughter and I could have some fun creating our own pieces, I made a list of what we could do. Today I am going to let you in on some of our plans. If you have time on your hands this summer, why not try one and see how you get on?


tees are my favourite DIY project. It costs so little to create a stand-out piece and you'll be able to leave a lasting, and oh so stylish, impression.



SCANDI STYLE. WE KNOW WE LOVE IT BUT WHAT IS IT & HOW DO WE GET THE LOOK? The Danes’ aesthetic, along with their

Q3. What are the foundation pieces of a

We love to wear clothes that we feel

Swedish and Norwegian neighbours, is

tall girl’s Scandinavian wardrobe?

good in and give us a sense of purpose

increasingly influencing the rest of the

to our day – a certain utilitarian vibe if

world on the style front. We know that

We are often banging on about cost-

you like. If you’re worried about your

we love it but what is it? And how do we

per-wear over at HøFSisters. Every girl

shoes pinching, or have to keep hoiking

get the look right? In our tall world, there

should have a few hard-working pieces

up your tights then you’re missing the

are two women who immediately come

in their wardrobe that maybe cost a

point of Danish fashion!

to mind. We asked the beautiful and

little bit more, but are timeless and

inherently stylish HøFSisters, Hannah

classic in design. For example, a

Q5. Are there any Danish brands you

and Zoe to share their secrets to help us

beautiful, crisp white shirt (get one

think should be on the international tall

better understand 'Scandi Style'.

made if you can’t find one to fit), a

girl’s radar?

luxurious chunky knit in a neutral Q1. The first thing we’d love to know is;

colour, a denim jacket or a

Yes! Ganni, Gestuz and Second Female

how would you define Scandinavian

cashmere/wool coat. It may feel painful

are three of our favourite Danish brands.


at the time but these are investment

We’ve featured all of them over on

pieces that you will use over and over

HøFSisters. For accessories look to

Crisp, minimal and effortlessly chic.



Q2. What is intrinsic to Danish fashion

Q4. What is your style ethos as Danish-

and what sets it apart from Swedish and

inspired fashion bloggers?

Norwegian style? The Danish influence comes from our


When we think of Danish style, we

mother, who grew up in Copenhagen.

conjure up an image of a fresh faced

We have travelled there many times

(typically make-up free) Queen of

and always have this sense of coming

Q6. We would say the HøFSisters, but

layering. The Danes can pull off anything

home. Denmark has influenced our

who would you say the top tall

because of their inner confidence, cool

style ethos greatly, which revolves

Scandinavian style icons and

and poise. Even a baggy coat over baggy

around comfort and not taking

trendsetters are right now?

pants and trainers looks sophisticated in

ourselves too seriously!

the hands of Danish fashionistas like

Haha you’re very kind! Sadly we’re only

Pernille Teisbaek. The Danes are minimal

half-Danish so maybe couldn’t claim

with a little bit of boho and a little bit of

that title… Tall Scandinavian style icons?


That’s a tricky one! Danes don’t tend to obsess too much about their height, so it

The Swedes are the experts in minimal,

doesn’t become a defining aspect of

the defining feature of some of our

who they are.

favourite brands like Hope, Cos, Filippa K and Hunkydory.

Pernille Teisbaek has an enduring style, looking cool and radiant, even days after

We’re not experts in Norwegian fashion

giving birth! Anine Bing is also one of our

but it tends to lean towards more high

favourites – that girl really knows how to


make a t-shirt look good.



CRISP. MINIMAL. EFFORTLESSLY CHIC Two of the most important people in the Danish fashion industry right now are Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup, the couple behind Ganni, a brand which has fashionistas and celebrities crawling over themselves to be associated with. We are going to boast now by saying that we featured Ganni back in June 2016 for Zoe’s birthday, long before they were a

TALL GUIDES TAKEAWAY What are your top 3 Scandi style tips for tall women who are looking to achieve this look on a budget?

1. It’s better to under-work a look than overwork it. 2. A loose fitting t-shirt, tucked into jeans and worn with

household name!

flat shoes is a winning effortlessly-chic Scandi look.

Q7. What would you cite as your

3. Opt for less make up rather than more. Fresh-faced

wardrobe staples?

minimal is the mantra of Danish fashion.

These would be our most loved, worn and comfortable clothes. Hannah: my wardrobe staples are definitely my cashmere Joseph coat and Dad’s cable knit yellow Dunhill jumper


which must be more than 20 years old! I love wearing this because it reminds me of him and it has SUPER long sleeves! Zoe: my wardrobe staples

These stylish queens of layering have given us their A's to our Q's. Next up, YOU! We asked the Tall Guides Mag readers to vote on their top scandi-style must have and the results are in!

revolve around classic materials: a silk Equipment shirt, a V-neck cashmere jumper and my all-time favourite leather leggings from Joseph. H&Z: Our new wardrobe staples are the P448 high tops. They are so comfy and ridiculously cool. They help us live our Scandi style ethos by allowing us to look trendy in just jeans and a tee! You can buy yours at our HøF Shop, which sells styles up to a UK11.





The Highs and Lows of a Fashion Startup Lydia takes us on the start of her 'LWP Fashions' startup journey. Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride


      ver the past week, I have had a lot

I was a college student trying to start a

I was so excited. Another go! We chatted

happen in the way of startup ‘go’s and

business, and everyone knows how

about what I needed done, and what

woes’. I was invited to participate in a

much money most college students

she needed from me. She gave me a list

local fashion show, to showcase my

have... ZERO MONIES. So I applied for a

of the kinds of fabrics she would need

collection of tall fashion… or at least what

credit card. They gave me the standard

and I went straight out and got them.

I have. That was a huge go! However, the

answers of limited credit, not a long

We met up in person and chatted for a

first massive hurdle that I had to

enough history, blah. Was this going to

bit, then I found out she lived on the

overcome was that the show was in two

be another startup woe? I went to the

other side of the city, so I gave her a ride

weeks, and I did not have any pieces to

bank and ended up with the same

home. During the drive to her place, I

showcase! Cue PANIC MODE. More like,

answers. *Sigh* Not one to be defeated,

found out that I was


I decided to use what I could out of my

her first major job, and

started making calls and phone

paycheck. Now all I had to do was find

her highest paid one.

bombing whoever I could think of.

someone to create the samples for me.

We had agreed on $350 for a total of two

The first phone call I made was to the

I had given myself a deadline of about

different kinds of t-shirts,

Art Institute’s fashion division. I spoke

48 hours (from when I got the invite to

and two pairs of jeans.

with a lovely lady there, who put my

participate in the fashion show) to find

I had already paid

information out to the students. It was

someone. Not a lot of time, but if I could

her $200 dollars at

another go! So far, I have had one

not get it done in two days, I most likely

the point I found out

response from a student, and she is

would not find someone who would be

that I was her first

going to be making patterns and

able to meet the show’s tight deadline.

client and it definitely

samples for me over a longer period of

made me a little

time. This didn’t quite solve my

I don’t remember why I had to go to

nervous, but I decided

immediate need for the fashion show, so

Sephora, but I did, and I ended up

to go with her anyway.

it was a little bit of a woe, but I’m ok with

meeting serendipity there, at least I

I should have

that. Still a go!

thought so at the time. There’s a lady

listened to my gut.

who I always go to for beauty advice, Money has always been one of the

and to have my makeup done for

We stayed in contact

biggest hurdles for me when it comes to

special occasions. She was there that

over the next week.

startup life. Most startups can probably

day, and we started talking. I told her

She’d ask me questions


my news and explained what I was

about what I wanted, I would answer.

trying to do, and she said that she had a

She sent me pictures, they looked

friend who has recently graduated from

alright, and everything seemed genuine.

the art institute with a degree in

I felt hopeful that I would be able to

fashion. And this friend of hers knew

showcase some outfits in the upcoming

how to make samples. It was a go! She

fashion show.

gave me her information, and I contacted her.

When I contacted her about picking up the pieces, she said she would be


By the time she got back to me 48

spending all day Saturday sewing them.

hours later, I was about ready to call it

From the pictures she had sent me, I

because I had reached my deadline.

thought she had already been doing


that. Apparently not. Another woe. My hope for having pieces to showcase was slipping away like sand through my fingers. Meanwhile, my feelings of unease were growing stronger. When I went to pick them up that Sunday, she showed me what she had put together. The sand had completely slipped through my fingers. She pointed out strings that had not been trimmed. Fabric that had not been properly sewed, and had ripped. Places to take a blue sharpie to where the fabric had been caught. All of this was about the jeans. We hadn’t even talked t-shirts yet. Another woe. She showed me the t-shirts. She’d made an off the shoulder one, and a regular one like I had requested, but they were made for someone who was 5’3”, and 120lbs. I said thank you to her, and took the samples. I am still undecided on whether or not I am going to finish paying her. After the mishaps with the samples, I contacted the fashion show host and let him know that I would not be able to participate and showcase my collection because the samples were of poor quality, and I would not have them representing my line. I was devastated. He came back to me and said that it had been postponed for six weeks because he had to go into surgery, and would not be recovered in time for the show in less than a week. A go! Not that he had to have surgery, but that I would have the time to get proper samples made, and have something to showcase that I would be proud of! A tremendous go! *Let the happy dance commence*              So here is to all the ups and downs                          of a fashion startup, and to                                  opportunities not lost!                                 Follow my journey over                                           at SUMMER 17 | PAGE 19







YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU LIKE, WHEN YOU LIKE Dutch, globetrotter and tall blogger, Karen is forever thankful that her 26 year-old-self decided to travel alone

Granted, travelling alone is not for everybody, but I do think everyone should travel solo at least once in their lives. My first solo trip was when I was 19. I travelled alone to France to go work on a campsite for the summer. When I was 26, I decided to go a bit further, to the other of the world from where I live - I went backpacking in New Zealand for 2 months on my own.

My backpack adventure to New Zealand was my first intercontinental trip alone and it was when I got bitten by the travel bug! I was going through a breakup, I needed some head space and time away. I had always wanted to go to NZ, so I saved some money, I booked a ticket and I went. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had the time of my life, made friends, cleared my mind, and was able to reflect on my ‘normal’ life at home from a distance - my job, my living situation, my personal relationships. It helped me get through that tough post break-up time too. I am forever thankful though that my 26year-old self took the decision to go travelling alone and this is why I think everyone should do it, either for a shorter or a longer period of time.

1. It teaches you a lot about yourself

5. You have to (learn to) make your own decisions

Mainly: it teaches you to be at ease with yourself, with your own company and to

There is no one to rely on or to fall back

rely on yourself. Going to the cinema on

on, you choose whether you go left or

my own or having dinner alone in a

right. It’s just you, following your gut, or

restaurant does not bother me anymore. If to give it a more wanderlusty vibe: people wonder and stare, I let them; I will

following the sun. This can be hard

likely never see them again anymore

when you are more a ‘follower’ than a

anyway – same goes for wearing heels.

‘leader’, but it's worth doing for that reason alone, as it gets you out of you

2. It is easier to connect with people when

comfort zone. Plus there’s no right or

you travel by yourself

wrong in the decision of where to go.

When travelling with someone, you are

6. Distance creates perspective

always in some way, shape or form focused on each other. When you are

Being able to literally distance yourself

alone, you’re more likely to start a chat

from your ‘normal’ life will give you a

with the restaurant owner, with that other

fresh perspective. Distance can create a

girl who is having coffee by herself too, or

new found appreciation for the things

with a hot local guy. Who knows what

you have going on in your life at home,

connections you might make?

and help you see the bigger picture. You will quickly notice the things and people

3. You will appreciate the things you

you miss most and more importantly,

normally take for granted

who and what you don’t miss at all… Happy travels!

Regardless of where you go, they will not have the same things you have at home. Sometimes that’s something minor like your favourite brand of toothpaste,


sometimes it’s something bigger like running water or electricity. 4. You can do whatever you like, when you like No one tells you what to do or when to do it. You don't have to account for anything. If you want to go see a sunrise at 5am, you can. Maybe you want to stay in bed all day, you can do that too. And that is so liberating.


YOU'RE RATHER MASCULINE! Dictionary connotations include 'strong' and 'bold' I'll take that says our resident confidence coach, Jen! “You’re rather masculine, aren’t you?!” I

To this day, I still have no idea what

I held a multi-option poll (turned MEGA

froze. My 13 year-old-self stood, rooted to

came over that shy, self-conscious girl to

discussion thread); the results of which

the spot; towering over my peers and

produce that kind of SASS. I would truly

you can check out here:

the pretty, popular girls who had

love to go back in time and give the

befriended this particularly loud lad in

younger-me a massive hug, for standing

the year above - who was desperately

up for myself so hilariously.

trying to impress them. I could hear the girls stifling awkward giggles, and found

And besides, what’s so bad about

myself juggling the urge to burst into

masculinity?! (Dictionary connotations

tears with visions of ripping his smug

include ‘strong’ and ‘bold’; I’ll take

face off.


Tipping 5’9” (and counting, back then),

For me, this is one of those go-to

with size 8 feet and a dress-size-up from

memories that I believe defined my

my own mother, I constantly felt like a

choice to pro-actively pursue

giant sore thumb compared to the

confidence, over insecurity. HUGE

petite, dainty girls who were everywhere

disclaimer: It hasn’t always been an easy

I looked. Even with my best mate

process, and I absolutely have my

coming in at just two inches shorter

demons. Tall ones, too.

than me, I was nowhere near confident in my own skin, and hadn’t yet found

But confidence isn’t necessarily a given

much courage in my young voice.

for any of us; let alone those of us who defy ‘norms’ in some way or another. In

               But then all of a sudden, out of

every case; it’s always what we choose

             the blue, came my reply. I coolly

to do next, which shapes the way we

                       shrugged, and looked him

see ourselves.

                                  dead in the eye: “I’m                           probably more masculine

Having spent a significant chunk of my

                                    than you’ll ever be.”

childhood looking like a grown-up, this


story is one drawn from a selection

                               Oh… SNAP! The crowd

which I’ve carried through the years -

                                 cracked up. He stood

ultimately serving me with a hefty

                       there grappling for words.

supply of opportunities to sink or swim

                          One of the girls turned to

in a body-conscious world.

                       me, and through hysterical                                 squeals uttered, “Great

And of course, I’m not alone in my

                            come-back!” I turned on

experiences, either. The Tall Guides

                             my heels and marched

community, #teamtall, recently did

                                     off with my friends,

what they do best, and rallied around

                                 perplexed as to what

supportively to provide their stories,

                             had just happened and

insights and personal experiences

                                        very aware of the

about growing from a tall teen into a

                          heartbeat inside my ears.

tall woman.

Coming in at the highest number of votes? “At times, my height has reduced my confidence.” But in third place sits this relatable heartbreaker: “I grew up trying to shrink myself.” (My ‘Uncle Fester’ posture in all photos from my youth is a fabulous demonstration of this. I’ve really captured his essence…) When we look back on our experiences as youngsters, it’s undeniable that many of us have shared times where we’ve felt like we ought to be different in order to fit in. To somehow blend in with those around us. And for some of us, the difficult reality is that we might feel like we’ve never really shaken it off. BUT – there is good news... WWW.TALLGUIDES.COM

Fourth position in the poll demonstrates that, for a vast number of us, “At times, my height has increased my confidence. So, what’s the big secret to converting our self-consciousness into our


advantage, if we haven’t actually managed it before? Here’s the frustratingly obvious and simple truth: It starts with selfacceptance. Because confidence can start whenever you want it to. Not when you’re smaller, thinner, or taking up less ‘space’ for someone else’s comfort. Not when you weigh less, have learned more, or have climbed another ladder. Not when someone else gives you approval; not when you have more experience. Not even when you’re “finally ready”, (whatever the hell that looks like). It starts with saying “This is who I am, right now… and I accept it.” Every hour, every day, every week; until it starts to stick. No judgements, no conditions, no expectations – just total self-acceptance there and then. The truth is that we can only ever move forward once we fully accept the point we are starting from. Without doing so, we are forever chasing goal posts that will be permanently out of our reach. The quickest route to confidence and everything that comes with it is accepting yourself, just as you are… over and over again.                                           And guess what?                                      It starts RIGHT NOW                                            if you want it to...                                   


START SEWING & CHANGE YOUR LIFE For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved clothes. Despite how hard they’ve always been to find for my tall and curvy frame, I’ve done my best to pull together stylish


Mary Alice, the tall & curvy style expert behind, encourages us to get creative

people in these groups will almost certainly be able to answer it! Since I’ve started making my own

and well-fitting outfits. But over the past

1. Learn to sew: If you’ve never sewn

clothes, I finally have a wardrobe that

several years, and especially after my

before, or you have limited experience I

truly reflects my personality, instead of

body changed when becoming a

can’t recommend enough the value of a

only wearing what fits. Furthermore, I

mother, I’ve become acutely aware of

proper beginner course. By working with a

have never felt more confident about my

how fewer options there are for those

professional seamstress, I was able to

body, simply because I am making

who are tall and/or curvy. Store after

significantly upgrade my skills and learn

clothes to fit my body instead of making

store, dressing room after dressing room,

all the whys behind the How-Tos. A great

my body fit the clothes - and this is

you start to think it’s YOU.

teacher, and some serious late-night

everything! I highly recommend you give

research, is a total game-changer! Plus, it’s

sewing your own clothes a try.

If none of the retailers’ garments fit, it

nice to have someone on your team. In-

most definitely must be your body, right?

person group classes are surprisingly

We also asked the Tall Guides Magazine

WRONG. Unfortunately ready-to-wear

affordable! And nowadays you can learn

readers how they would prefer to learn

retailers are deeply out of touch with

just about anything online. Check out

to sew. The results are in and over 58% of

how to design clothing for the diversity for affordable yet effective

you would opt for a face to face sewing

of women’s bodies. So this is why I sew. I

sewing classes.

class... but clearly not with family &

got so tired of all the drama, the tears,


the feeling bad about myself that I

2. Make time to practice: sewing, like any

decided to take matters into my own

skill, requires consistent practice. If after

hands, literally!

taking a class you realize you really like sewing, set up a sewing schedule! Try to

I’ve known how to sew since childhood,

sew a few hours every week and you’ll

but I never applied that knowledge to

marvel at how quickly your skills will

garment making. But two years ago, I


decided to give sewing my own wardrobe a try. I began researching and

3. Connect with other sewists: Facebook is

talking to other women who sew and

awesome for finding groups. I am part of

started practising each day. I found I was

the Curvy Sewing Collective group,

actually pretty good at this sewing stuff!

Patterns for Pirates,

And now I am even making a career out

Pattern group, the

of it through sewing education, personal

Just Sew group and

styling and launching a ready-to-wear

the Vintage Sewing

collection for US sizes 12-28 including

Machine group. The

tall and petites later this year.

amount of wisdom in the groups is

Here are some of my favourite makes


from the past year. Best part? They are


all LONG enough! Perfect length


hemlines, jumpsuits that fit, tops that

related query

cover, long sleeves that are actually wrist

you may

length. Hurrah for sewing!


TALL, TATTOOED & MUSLIM Erm… lots of different reasons really” That’s what I tell people when they quiz me on why I’m wearing this scarf on my head. Why now? Why at 27 years old, after living a predominantly western life am I choosing this ancient practice of popping a scarf over my head? I am a British born Pakistani, originally from the North East of England, and now living in the Midlands with my husband and young son. At 17 I left home with my white boyfriend and moved into student digs. At 19 I got my first tattoo, a quote from a poem I told everyone had a deep and powerful meaning to me, which in actually fact had no significance but made me feel interesting. At 21 I got my second tattoo of a swallow which I had no idea meant “prison bird” but helpfully I was told this by my tattoo artist… just as he was finishing up. I drank what I wanted, ate what I wanted, I clubbed harder than my white friends and would look down at my Asian friends. I’m better than them. I’m more liberal. Essentially I would class myself then as a ‘part time Muslim’. A Muslim that would fast to lose a few pounds. A Muslim who would abstain from pork because it looks disgusting to me. Just after my 22nd birthday, he came along. My husband. We tell everyone that asks how we met that it was through friends. The blunt truth is I googled “chat rooms” and clicked the first link I saw and there he was. 24/M/UK. There I was 22/F/UK. We text. We called. We met up every four weeks or in other words, every time

we got paid and just over a year after

it involves modesty and the

meeting online in that obscure chat

recommendations of being a Muslim

room we decided to get married. He was

but it’s slipping off. Slowly. Was this all

like me. Are we westernised or practising

just a phase? Have I made a mistake?

Muslims? Can we call ourselves Muslim while sexting? We can’t define who we

Honestly, I miss my skinny jeans, my

are. We’re blurry.

heavy jewellery, my hair… but then I know my faith and I know what’s right. I

And now here I am. 4 and half years into

know we can’t eat pork, I just don’t know

my marriage and I’ve decided to wear a

why. I know we can’t drink alcohol but I

Hijab. Obviously I’ve made sure I wear

don’t know why. I know we fast for one

bright scarves, ones that suit me and my

month but I don’t know why.

outfit. It covers my hair properly and it’s

Sometimes there’s wisdom in things and

a scarf.

you just have to go with it. Sometimes you want to change but you’ll always be

It’s been a year since I started wearing it

the same.

and my mother still hasn’t seen me in it. She won’t talk to me. I can be a Muslim

At the end of the day, I want to stand 6ft

but not THAT much of a Muslim. I mean

tall and feel free in my choices. Yet, I

what about all those nice earrings I

know with this piece of fabric over my

have? I know why I wanted to wear this

hair I’m limited.

scarf, but now I can't remember. I know I want my cake and I want to eat it.





Connecting like-heighted women around the world



As our #TEAMTALL community turned a

A group of #TeamTall USA members

We will be getting together with

year old, we celebrated with a series of

gathered for dinner in Phoenix, AZ on to co-host a VIP shopping

like-heighted social events, which saw

Saturday 29th July to enjoy good food,

event in London on 23rd September.

over 100 tall women gathering across 3

like-heighted company and a tequila

continents. Our partygoers ranged from

or two! We'll give you a photo update

We did this last year and it was a lot of

20 somethings to 60 somethings,

in the next edition.

fun so we're doing it again! Members of

standing at around 5’9 to 6’9 (without

#TEAMTALL are invited to join us for a

heels!) .A special thank you to all of you

tall girl celebration and an exclusive

who joined in; you made it a positive

shopping event.

and energising day to remember… we’ll be doing it all over again next year.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HOST A #TEAMTALL EVENT OR GET OUR TALL COMMUNITY INVOLVED IN YOUR LATEST PROJECT? Community is at the heart of all we do so please get in touch with the We look forward to starting a conversation...

Are Female Friendships Really A Tall Order? 'GIRLS ONLY NO BOYS ALLOWED' FOUNDER, MICHELE TALKS WOMEN, FRIENDSHIP & COMMUNITY Some women are amazing at

collapse from exhaustion and 48 hours

Last year, I felt the need to connect with

connecting with other people. They’re

later, get back on the road. This was a

women in a way where men could not

very social. They host gatherings that

very convenient excuse.

get involved in the conversation. I

appear to have taken months to

started a secret group on Facebook

organise, while only taking an afternoon

I had to commit, in advance, to

called 'Girls Only, No Boys Allowed' with

of their time. And they never seem to

weekend activities with friends or else I

some of my close friends. Less than a

tire of it. These women are a source of

would not do it once I was home. I can

year later, there are over 400 hundred

envy for their ability to 'connect'. What

sometimes feel like I “perform” at work

members. Some of the women tell me

have they figured out that the rest of us

all day and that feeling is certainly not

this has become a sacred space for

have not? What prevents us mere

something I want to incorporate into

them and posts range from deep

mortals from having closer connections

my personal life.

discussions about every subject

with the women around us?

Take Stock

imaginable to celebrity crushes. This My solution? I’ve found that if I make a

group has replaced my need to connect

meal for a small group of friends, invite

with encouragement, support, diverse

a few gals to the movies, or arrange a

friendships and lots of laughter!

play-date for dogs, these are small Before embarking on your journey to

commitments that provide easy ways

If you had to start a group tomorrow,

connect with other women, start by

for me to stay connected. Once you’ve

what would the focus be and why?

compiling an inventory of why you feel

figured out the reasons why you may

that you have lacked connection up

have lacked connection in your life, start

until this point...

small and arrange to do a couple of things with friends that you know you’ll

Maybe it is because you were bullied by

be able to commit to. Stick to the plans

the popular kids in high school? And

you make, show up (in every sense!) and

now you see all of your current

take it from there.

Give Yourself a Break It’s OK not to give in to social pressure. It’s OK to not be out and about, meeting up with other human beings EVERY weekend. Connection requires effort.

colleagues as those popular kids from

And if you’re not feeling up to it, it’s

high school? Is it because you are (or

perfectly acceptable to say no.

used to be) married to someone who is

Build A Community

always the centre of attention at a party? Whatever the reasons are, write them down. Get them out of your head and on to paper - cue the Tall Guides Notebook! Why do we even need to connect? Is the point of connecting just to be able to take a photo to put on social media? Are we trying to distract ourselves by filling a void that can actually only be filled if we do some internal work? For example, I travel extensively for work and while that may sound glamorous, I found myself stuck in a rut where I would get home,


However, if you crave connection, you What if you’re a terrible cook or you live

may have to push yourself past your

in an small apartment where

initial discomfort. Don’t allow what you

entertaining can be cramped? Look for

don’t have today to affect what you

something to do that interests you. For

could have in the future. The

example, if you are a natural caregiver,

connections you

maybe you could contact your local

make with other

hospital to volunteer. Maybe you’re

women will

trying to improve your fitness? Contact

feed your soul.

your local gym to see what classes they

Take a small

offer. Whatever it is that interests you,

step and

look for an outlet… And if you can’t find a

explore what

group that shares your interests, seize


the opportunity and start your own!

for you.

7 SURPRISING FACTS ABOUT TALL PEOPLE Samantha James from The Tall Friends Society

5. WE LIVE IN THE SAME LAYER OF THE ATMOSPHERE Here’s the science! The Earth’s atmosphere is divided into five layers. It is thickest near the surface and thins out with height until it eventually merges with space. The troposphere is the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere, which starts at Earth’s surface and goes up to a height of around 7 to 20 km (4 to 12 miles, or 23,000 to 65,000 feet) above sea level. As people, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever grow to over 7km / 4miles


know that we are tall, but the odds are

Chances are, the majority of us are not

experienced living in our own body.

actually deaf. We CAN hear your

that we already know; due to the length of time we have been here and

comments about our height and unless However, if you absolutely must the person with you is visually impaired, comment on our physical appearance, it probably isn’t necessary to point out how tall we are!

2. WE ARE NOT LOCAL LANDMARKS Despite how it may first appear, we are real people and not landmarks in the local scenery. So if you arrange to 'meet by the tall person', please be aware that we have free will and may well have moved on.


why not compliment us on our hair, eyes or charming personality? That would be far nicer I’m sure.

4. WE ARE NOT SUBJECT TO FOOTWEAR REGULATIONS At the time of writing, there has been no legislation or regulation passed stipulating or limiting the type of shoes tall people can choose to wear. Tall people ARE allowed to wear high heels – Crazy I know!

tall so please note: the weather is NEVER going to be different for us. There’s no need to ask for a weather report that corresponds with our vertical dimensions.

6. WE DON’T HAVE TO PLAY BASKETBALL Of course, it is perfectly feasible that we may chose to participate in certain sporting activities. However, if we have not opted to partake in specific heightorientated sports, this is not a “waste of height“. It is more a waste of brain cells to believe such nonsense!

7. SMILE & THE WORLD SMILES WITH YOU Most tall people are lovely human beings. Usually you’ll find that we are decent and friendly individuals. So

Not every tall person has just emerged

instead of gawping open-mouthed like a

out of a parallel universe, and thus we

fish, maybe you can spare making us feel

are very aware of our own physical

uncomfortable by just giving us a

dimensions in this plane of reality. Of

friendly smile instead… most of us may

course, the urge may be strong to let us

even smile back!



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