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4-H Program deserves a pat on the back


any organizations struggle to survive amid funding issues and changing times. With those hurdles, it’s hard to keep things organized to offering new programs to keep people coming back. Apparently, no one told that to the Tallapoosa County 4-H Program. Shane Harris, Deborah Stewart, Trent Carboni, Sallie Mason and those associated with the Tallapoosa County 4-H Program deserve a huge pat on the back. Under their leadership the program has grown tremendously from 500 less than four years ago to 1,500 today. Harris and staff have grown the program by creating programs like River Kids to get children outside and learning how to kayak. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Just this week the program was given the Centennial Initiative designation by Alabama 4-H Director Dr. Paul Brown. “They looked at the changing demographics of Tallapoosa County and how they had an impact on the program,” Brown said. “They researched and sought out innovative ways how they could reach the young people and their families, the ones who live in today’s Tallapoosa County. They designed and began programs and initiatives that interested a broader base and you see the results.” Along with the designation the program now gets a full-time 4-H for Tallapoosa County. We can only imagine what will happen now. More children will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of things from cooking to photography to kayaking to name a few. Parents should also take notice at the Alabama 4-H vision statement. “Alabama 4-H is an innovative, responsive leader in developing youth to be productive citizens and leaders in a complex and dynamic society. Our vision is supported through the collaborative, committed efforts of Extension professionals, youth and volunteers.” We can only hope that parents in the community will see the value in their children participating in 4-H activities.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

What does greatness look like?


arrick Dunn was a great football player. He played at Florida State University and then for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. He received many prestigious awards as a player including NFL Offensive Rookie of the year in 1997 and three times he was selected to play in the Pro Bowl. His resume for achievement is impressive, except none of his exploits on the gridiron are what makes him great. His desire to give to help others less fortunate is what defines him as a champion. Warrick’s life was not easy. In fact, it took a dramatic turn when he was a Senior in High School. His mom, while working as an off-duty police officer, escorting a businesswoman to a bank to make a night deposit, was ambushed and killed by armed robbers. Warrick had just turned eighteen only two days before his mom’s death. The men who committed the murder were arrested. Two of the three are on death row in Louisiana. As a way of processing this tragedy, Warrick arranged to meet one of the men charged with his mom’s death. He described the meeting beautifully in his book, Running For My Life. It is gut-wrenching to read, and he gives great insight into what makes him so unique. Warrick’s mom had always

Maybe you can’t buy a house for someone, but you can buy them breakfast. Or you can help them network with some of your connections in their RAY WATERS pursuit of a decent paying Columnist job. Or you can offer an dreamed of owning a house. encouraging word to them So, when he became an when they are down and NFL star, he decided to out. use his fame and fortune to Recently I was with my help single parents achieve grandchildren at an indoor something his mom was amusement center. And, never able to achieve – to guess who walked in? It own their home. was my first meeting with While Warrick was the great football player/ in the NFL, he began a humanitarian. And wouldn’t charity called Homes for you know it, he was as kind the Holidays. The HFTH and gracious in person as program, in partnership you would expect. I had with Habitat for Humanity, the privilege of telling him helps provide a fully thanks for being such a furnished house to single great example through his parents. Quietly with little generosity for others. He media attention, Dunn has seemed a little embarrassed given away 145 homes of the praise. to single-parent families Living to help others through his charity. He is what makes life so believes by providing beautiful. The saddest families with a healthy lives are the ones that exist home environment children only for themselves. Real can thrive educationally, champions are people who socially and economically. have found a way to give And that is what makes back to those who are less Warrick Dunn stand head fortunate. I want my life to and shoulders above most be a “big life.” I want to everyone else. Many know I made a little dent pursue success. Dunn seeks for good in this world. significance. He wants to Warrick Dunn is a great make sure he is giving back example. He is a champion. to those who have been And you and I can be one less fortunate. This level of too. living is not just for sports superstars. It is within the Ray Waters is a minister, grasp of people like you a motivational speaker and and me. a syndicated columnist. His There are all kinds column appears here each of people who need a Thursday. champion in their life.

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What’s your


Buffy Colvin

Letter to the Editor

Make the Sportplex alcohol free again Dear Editor,

Scott Hardy

Eric Brown

Tommy Spraggins

Tommy Spraggins

Tim Funderburk represents District 6. His phone number is 256-825-2993. His address is 1431 River Oaks, Alexander City, AL 35010. Chairman of Utilities committee.


Bobby Tapley

Eric Brown represents

represents District 5. His phone number is 256-234-3609. His address is 1539 College Street, Alexander City, AL 35010. Chairman of Finance committee.

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? ... No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” —Romans 8:35-37

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How to

Buffy Colvin represents

District 3. His phone number is 256-4962450. His address is 549 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Alexander City, AL 35010. Chairman of the Parks and Recreation committee.


The Outlook strives to report the news honestly, fairly and with integrity, to take a leadership role and act as a positive influence in our community, to promote business, to provide for the welfare of our employees, to strive for excellence in everything we do and above all, to treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves.

Bobby Tapley

District 2. Her phone number is 256-750-0663. Her address is 786 I Street, Alexander City, AL 35010. Chairman of the Buildings and Property committee.

“If it weren’t for Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television, we’d still be eating frozen radio dinners.” —Johnny Carson



represents District 1. His phone number is 256392-0344. His address is 1821 LaVista Road, Alexander City, AL 35010. Chairman of the Public Safety committee.



Know Your Jim Nabors is mayor of Alexander City. His phone number at city hall is 256-329-6730 and his home number is 256329-1320 His address at city hall is 4 Court Square; Alexander City, AL, 35010. His home address is 1695 Magnolia Street Alexander City, AL, 35010.


Tim Funderburk

When Charles “Red” Bailey had the vision for a “Sportplex” in Alexander City, he wanted a place where children, parents, grandparents, and visitors could go and enjoy sports, playgrounds, relaxing activities, and other fun events for the citizens of our town. For many years, we have enjoyed the “Sportplex” for just those reasons. Then, a newcomer to our town, had the idea that beer was needed at the “Sportplex” for the SUN FEST. The previous city council approved this so called “special event.” Many people in our town knew this would only open the door for more “special events” with beer and other alcoholic products. Well, it did. Recently, another “special event’’ was approved by our city council for people from surrounding cities to take beer and other alcoholic products to the “Sportplex” for a big party. Our current city council had no choice but to approve this event because the door had been opened. Now it is time to close the door to beer and other alcoholic products at the “Sportplex!” Charles “Red” Bailey never meant for any form of alcohol to be at the “Sportplex.” That was not a part of his vision for the

citizens of Alexander City. Now that Strand Park has been built and has been declared the Entertainment District with the purpose of alcoholic products and entertainment, there should be no need for alcoholic products at the “Sportplex.” Our current city council can now protect the future of our children and grandchildren by passing a resolution stating no more alcoholic products at the Sportplex in the future. I am requesting every citizen of Alexander City to immediately call your city council person and ask that they pass this resolution. Our children and grandchildren must have the opportunity to enjoy our “Sportplex” without the presence of alcoholic products. I do not believe anyone in our city wants to see the “Sportplex” become a place for alcohol and partying. It is too special and beautiful of a place for us to allow a couple of events ruin it for the future of Alexander City. Thank you Charles “Red” Bailey for your vision and thanks to everyone who has worked so tirelessly through the years to make the “Sportplex’’ a wonderful place for us to enjoy. Skipper Worthy Alexander City

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June 15, 2017 Alex City Outlook  
June 15, 2017 Alex City Outlook