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Soaking in luxury More and more American bathers are sinking blissfully into deep Japanese-style soaking tubs built for one or two. The “ofuro� is catching on big here, and is now available in acrylic, composite, wood, and even stainless steel and copper. For more on the trend, see Page 6. A stainless steel elliptical soaking tub from Diamond Spas is situated among white river rocks in this sleek, Asian-inspired bathroom. AP Photo/DiAmonD SPAS


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If you can afford to pay your mortgage, don’t expect a break By Gary M. Singer


Sun Sentinel

Q: We make a decent living and can afford our mortgage payments. Our house is slightly underwater and times are lean, but we are getting by. We are not late on our payments and like our home. We have tried several times to get a loan modifica-

tion, but our lender keeps telling us that we make enough money to afford our payments. Is there anything we can do? A: Not really. I have been getting this question a lot lately, and the sad truth is that most lenders

requires expensive care, if you make enough money to afford your payment, your lender is not going to lower it. Often people will tell me that their other debts, such as credit cards, student loans and car payments, is crushing them. But your mortgage lender would prefer that you keep paying the mortgage

will not work to lower the payments on a loan if the borrower makes enough money to afford the payment. Typically, lenders will look to see if you earn enough so that 31 percent of your gross income can cover the mortgage payment, plus taxes and insurance. Barring special circumstances, such as a medical issue that

Debbie Kirkland 2012 President

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Parade of Homes Jane Bixler Conn, CLG, CRS, e-PRO, GREEN, GRI Summit Group Commercial Properties, LLC ES Green & Company, LLC The 2012 Tallahassee Builders Association’s (TBA) Parade of Homes™ opened yesterday at 10 a.m. Twenty new homes and two extensively remodeled homes are featured in this year’s parade. Showing the newest ideas, the freshest floor plans and the most innovative technology, parade homes are open for viewing by the public from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays, and noon to 6 p.m. on Sundays, this weekend and next. And, maybe best of all, it is free! Take your tour geographically, or by price. In the northwest, stop by SummerLake to see Premier Construction’s entry. DSTITCH Construction Services has a lovely remodel south of town at Lake Bradford on Echo Point Road. And the largest home is offered by Kessler Construction at $1,100,000, and is located just two miles west of downtown Monticello off Highway 90. In-town homes are located from Southwood to Centerville Conservation, Betton Hills and Lafayette Park area, Bull Run and Buckhead, and lots in between. Don’t be disappointed if you fall in love with one of the parade homes—and find out it is sold. Builders build houses, and can build your dream on your lot, or on one of theirs. Eighteen of these homes are listed with REALTORS®, and of those 18, many are under contract. The real estate market in Tallahassee is experiencing a very nice upswing in price and in activity. And as part of the Parade of Homes awards, there will be a REALTORS®’ Choice Award given in each price category. If you are considering buying, consult a REALTOR®. Not ready to build or buy? Tour these homes anyway to get new ideas for your current home. And, while in town, stop by Dion Builders’ “re”-model home at 237 Glenview Drive. There you will find builders available to answer questions during the “ask the experts” times of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on both Saturdays. There will also be presentations at 11:30 a.m. and displays of the 14 remodel projects entered in the Remodelers Showcase Awards. Pick up your books at Publix, get all the information, and don’t forget to drop off some canned goods for TBA’s charity, Second Harvest. THE BOTTOM LINE LEON COUNTY, FL As of 5/9/2012

Active Listings

SUPPLY Sold Past Yr 05/11-04/12

Months Supply

DEMAND Sold Prior Yr Yr/Yr 05/10-04/11 Change

VALUE TREND Prior 6 Mo Prior 12 Mo Avg Sale $ Avg Sale $

Total Det/TH/Condo






$ 171,100

$ 178,300

Detached Only TH/Condo Only

1,587 469

1,718 498

11.1 11.3

1,724 550

0% -10%

$ $

$ $

201,400 80,600

205,100 85,600

D"  ,+   .%% -  "  +%,%  " %*% .$0 I% $  C%ˆ  . - .-  *"*$ " . %-$  0,-0!0 Data from CATRS, Inc. MLS (a subsidiary of TBR) compiled by Timberlane Appraisal for the exclusive use of CATRS and TBR. TD-0000206463

and default on the others. But as I have reported before, you never know what might happen, so it never hurts to try. But be realistic and don’t waste money on some fly-bynight company selling you a miracle. Q: When a short sale or foreclosure is sold, what happens with the remaining balance? A: In Florida, you still owe it. When you borrow money to buy a house, your mortgage loan has two components: the mortgage and the loan. The loan is your promise to pay your bank the money that you borrowed from it, usually called the “promissory note.” The mortgage is the document that you sign to pledge your new home as collateral that the bank can take back, or “foreclose” in order to help it get paid back. In most states, if the value of the collateral at the foreclosure is not enough to pay back the loan, the borrower will still owe the rest of the money necessary to pay back the loan. This is called the “deficiency,” and the bank can get a judgment for the balance and can collect that from you like any other judgment. Q: I want to help my daughter buy a townhome in Florida. It will be her primary residence. If I were to be a co-borrower on the mortgage loan, can she still claim the homestead exemption?

A: Yes, she can still claim the homestead exemption as long as she otherwise qualifies. Some lenders will require you to also be on the title to the home in order to qualify for the loan. This varies, so you may want to shop around to find the loan that suits your situation. Q: Do I need to look at a property tax report for a foreclosed home I’m trying to buy at an auction? A: Absolutely. When you purchase a property at an auction, you are taking the home as is, with no warranties or guarantees. You will be responsible for all taxes on the property, homeowner’s association back dues, city liens and more. Further, if the foreclosing lender did not properly foreclose out all junior lien-holders, you will be getting those problems too. Purchasing properties at auction is a tricky business. I don’t recommend getting involved unless you know what you’re doing and are willing to spend hundreds of dollars getting reports on each property that you want to buy. — Gary M. Singer is a Florida attorney and board-certified as an expert in real estate law by the Florida Bar. He is the chair of the Real Estate Section of the Broward County Bar Association and is an adjunct professor for the Nova Southeastern University Paralegal Studies program. Send him questions online at http://sunsent. nl/mR20t7 or follow him on Twitter GarySingerLaw. Weekly Editor Dave Hodges, 599-2321, E-mail story ideas to: realestateweekly Mail story ideas to: Real Estate Weekly

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Featured house plan: a fabulous farmhouse associated press

Looking for a classic country home with room for rocking chairs on the porch? Plan HMAFAPW01301 from delivers graceful curb appeal. Head inside and you will be greeted by 1,601 square feet of well-planned living area. Formal spaces — the living room and dining room — are positioned on the left, and sleeping quarters on the right. Windows and a fireplace make the living room a comfortable, bright hangout. The dining room opens with French doors to the porch, and leads directly into the kitchen for easy serving. A small island in the kitchen offers extra countertop for food preparation. This space overlooks the breakfast nook, which sits in a bay window and opens to the porch. The laundry room is nearby, making it easy to transfer a load while keeping an eye on the stovetop. In the bedroom wing, the master suite enjoys French doors to the porch, a wall of closet space and a private bath. Two family bedrooms share a full bath.

AP/Homestyle PlAns And PublicAtions designer network

Capital City Apartment Association Carly Grubbs

CCAA President

Serving the Industries Serving You



Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2 Total living area: 1,601 square feet Dimensions: 60’ x 44’ Foundation options: Crawlspace, standard basement


To learn more

At www.houseofthe, you can browse more than 1,500 other designs, or download a free Study Plan of this design and many others. You can also order a paper copy of the Study Plan for $10 by calling 866-7721013. To build this house, order construction documents at or call toll free 866-772-1013.

This compact home has 1,601 square feet of living space. A porch wraps the exterior. The kitchen features a breakfast nook and the home also has a formal dining room with French doors opening to the porch. The living room is spacious — measuring more than 23 by 16 feet — and includes a fireplace for chilly winter evenings. Off the living room, a hallway leads to three bedrooms and two baths.

What is it? COMMON SENSE! Let’s keep this simple. We have begun to see the resident as the enemy...after all, there are so many of them and so few of us. Plus, they act like they own the place. And on top of that, they all have problems on the same day and then take it out on us. They are rude, demanding and arrogant. Who needs them anyway? I do, and so do you. Without them, we’d be out of business, and no business means no job. Let’s look at some simple common sense tips/rules/ideas that just might change our negative feelings toward our customers and make us more successful at keeping our residents. 1. Understand who the resident is. They are often difficult. Most of them live stressful lives, have demanding jobs, family problems and financial constraints. Sound familiar? Wow, they’re just like us. The only difference is that they have us to take it out on. So next time someone is being mean to you, have a little empathy. Practice magic words like “I’d be upset if that happened to me” and mean it. If you don’t take their behavior personally, and instead realize that the world has just gotten to them on that day, perhaps your behavior, your response, will be a little different. If they were always easy, always nice, your boss could probably find someone for less money to do your job. So think of yourself as a peacemaker, a junior grade psychotherapist, and the world’s best professional problem solver. 2. Treat your peers with respect and kindness. They are your customers, too. Your service tech, your grounds keepers, the accounting office, your supervisor; they are your “in-house” customers. And you are theirs. The way you treat each other becomes a behavioral habit, and reflects in the way you treat your “outside customers”; the residents. 3. Begin to see that the residents create your paycheck. The more happy and satisfied they are, the longer they stay, the more they pay, the more they refer their friends, then their friends stay and pay, and on and on. The reputation of your community grows more and more positive, ultimately creating long term high occupancy. The money you are paid does not come from your company, it comes through the company. It comes FROM the residents. 4. Remember how nice all of you were when they came in looking for an apartment, how everyone in the office went out of their way to say hello? We offered them refreshments, the best chair in the office and gave them our undivided attention. You know, ladies...sort of like we treated our boyfriends when we wanted them to become our husbands. So why, after they have become our residents (or our husbands) does all that love and attention stop? We even complain that those darned residents come into the office and eat all the cookies and drink up all the coffee. Why wouldn’t they? After all, that’s how they thought it would be after they were married! (oops, I mean after they moved in!) Big advice coming... we have to keep selling to them every day if we want renewals, just like we sold to them before they signed on the line the first time. Contrary to popular belief, and to the way we treat them (just like our spouses) we do not own them forever. We have to never stop selling! Budget for retention and renewal, send little cards and flowers, spring for lunch once in a’ll be pleased with the results. 5. Rewrite your “rules and regulations.” If they sound like you’re the Federal Government or their parents, get rid of all those “you have to, you must, you can’t, do not” beginnings to every sentence. Title them “Resident Guidelines” or “Helpful Handbook” and

use lot’s of please and thank yous and we appreciate your cooperation beginnings instead. Feel free to reference the policies as a “legal addendum” to the lease, but please know that you’ll get more cooperation, and put a better taste in their mouths, when you say it nicely. And yes, they are just as legally enforceable when said politely. 6. It’s tempting to give up on social activities for your residents...I know, you plan parties and they don’t show up. Take a look at the ‘invitation.’ Do you roll up a photo copied black and white piece of paper and rubber band it to their door knob? You know, one that says something like “if you have nothing better to do on Friday night, we’re having a dumb little party from 7 to 9?” The invitation is more important than the event...make it exciting, give it a theme, use great colorful paper, tie on a balloon, shape it like a heart, attach it to a candy bar...THINK! what would make you excited to attend a party? Get a resident social committee together and let them help plan several events...if they help make it happen, they’ll help market it. The day before the party, call every resident personally and remind them, telling them you really want them to be there. And a few door prizes will further your cause! 7. Why wait until 60 days before their lease is complete to start with surveys and friendly treatment? All that should begin on move in day. Plan a program where they are contacted at least 4 times during a 12 month lease. Ask how they’re doing and if they need anything and remember their name when they pay their rent. 68% of customers who stop doing business with any given business do so because of some perceived disinterest toward them by someone on the front desk. 8. Take a long look at the documents you use to invite them to renew. I know, I know..your company or the State or somebody expects you to use “the forms” but certainly you can add a cover letter or invitation that is personalized and is warm and friendly. Words like “renew” instead of “expire” and “we want you to stay” have a powerful impact. In consumer focus groups we’ve learned that they hate fill in the blanks type form letters. So make it personal and individual. 9. Please remember that they are not stupid. They see the free rent banners and ads just as the prospective renters do. When they ask “What will you do to get me to stay?” you’d better come up with something better than “We’ll shampoo your carpet.” Even if they received some kind of incentive at the beginning of their lease, remember that they could move out and move back in, or move elsewhere, and receive that “special” all over again. Then you’re out not only two to four weeks loss to vacancy, but cleaning, painting, utilities, advertising costs, locator fees PLUS the incentive to the person who finally does rent it. Move outs today cost the housing provider around $2,000. Offer a $400 renewal bonus! Take care of all the disclaimers right up front...non-cash, non-rent, non-refundable, non-accruable...then offer a menu of what the resident can use their “allowance” toward. For example, complete paint for $200, a ceiling fan with light kit for $100, a microwave for $150, carpet replacement for the whole $400 on a long term lease. Make up your own list and your own game plan, use your own amounts and numbers, but do something! If you snooze, you lose. 10. Last but far from least, remember the Golden Rule...better yet establish a platinum rule. Treat others, renew residents, exactly as you’d like to be treated and renewed. We have taken the customer service aspect of our business way to lightly. We’ve always focused far more on leasing than retention and look where it has gotten us. There will always be job transfers, marriages and divorces...and yes, with low interest rates there will be house purchases. But let me repeat the statistics...68% move out because of the way they are treated, and there IS something we can do about that!

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Casually elegant decor works for grown-ups and children By Kathy Van Mullekom Daily Press (Newport News, Va.)

Sangjib Min/MCT

The chalkboard-painted end of the kitchen island is where Lorelei and her sister often play while Mom fixes dinner.



NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — When Jennifer Holmes was growing up in New Hampshire, she was always decorating her bedroom, doing something to reflect whatever interested her at the time. “Mom loved to decorate and my parents were very good about letting us decorate our own rooms and display our style, within reason,” she says. Her flair for home fash-

ions followed her through college and into adulthood. After getting a degree in graphic arts, she studied interior architecture at the New York School of Interior Design and Fine Art. Now the 30-year-old mother of two girls — Lillian Annabel, 3, and Lorelei Wren, 11 months — Jennifer has turned her personal interest into a full-time business, including a decorating blog — “Dear Lillie”,

Her online boutique at the website sells many of the items she makes and designs, accessories like handmade pillows in all shapes and sizes and children’s growth charts that look like giant rulers. The website also features tutorials on how to make some of Jennifer’s projects — a slip-covered ottoman, a ruffled lampshade, to name two. Living in Williamsburg, Va., where her husband, Jonathan, coaches basketball at the College of William and Mary, Jennifer has transformed an 1,800-square-foot townhouse into a showcase of ideas that caught the attention of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. A magazine crew recently spent a day there photographing her holiday look for possible inclusion in the fall Christmas Ideas publication.

“I love for each of my spaces to have an elegant feel,” says Jennifer, carrying Lorelei on her hip, while showing visitors around. “However, as the mother of two young girls, I know it’s important that each room in our home is comfortable and functional as well. “It is definitely possible to mix elegance with comfort and have a space that is both beautiful looking and practical. “I stick with a mostly neutral palette and focus on textures and patterns.” Jennifer describes her decorating style as “casual elegance” or “traditional with a modern twist.” “You can have children and still have a nice-looking, fashionable home,” she says. To make living with See ELEGANT, Page 5

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Real estate / Tallahassee Democrat

Elegant From Page 4

kids easy, Jennifer puts slipcovers on chairs, sofas and ottomans in fabrics that are easy to wash and put back on again. Pillows are child-proof, too. “You just need to find creative ways to store toys — like under chairs with slipcovers that fall to the floor — and make sure you don’t have furniture with sharp edges,� she says. To make decorating affordable, she shops consignment shops and antique malls, looking for individual pieces that work with what she already has and can then serve different functions as their lifestyle changes. For instance, Jennifer has wing-back chairs with neutral slipcovers so they look more traditional and tailored. For now, they are in the living room with an animal-print ottoman between them and

an antique spinning wheel nearby. Eventually, she hopes to use the chairs at each end of a dining room table when they get another home with more space. Another favorite find is a large French cabinet that stores linens upstairs. “Going into a store and buying a set of matching furniture — this is one of the biggest mistakes people make,� she says. “If you do this, it doesn’t look personal at all. You want your home to be a reflection of you and your style.� Jennifer is also passionate about paint. She likes gray, all shades from pale to charcoal, and also browns, anything from light tan to dark chocolate. One of the girls’ rooms reflects that with everything done in medium to light gray with all white and ivory bedding and furniture. The master bedroom is dark charcoal walls with all white bedding; when she couldn’t find the curtains she

wanted, she used a roller to paint wide gray-brown stripes on white panels. She also likes chalkboard paint and uses it liberally, including the end of the kitchen island where her daughters can scribble while she fixes meals. To add seasonal interest, Jennifer uses pops of color like greens in spring and purples in summer. She and the girls spend lots of time outdoors, searching for branches and twigs to fill vases and pine cones and acorns to display in bowls. Wall art in the home is mostly black-and-white family photos that Jennifer takes herself. Some are hung in dollar-store frames mounted on 2-footsquare, precut plywood squares painted in neutrals, while others are strung clothesline style across the top of a window. To keep her inspired, Jennifer browses magazines like Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest,

Sangjib Min/MCT

Jennifer Holmes, aka Dear Lillie, uses easy-care fabrics and easy-living neutral colors in her family room in Williamsburg, Va. Veranda and Where Women Create. On HGTV, she likes Sarah Richardson, as well as Genevieve Gorder and Candice Olson. Shopping-wise, she favors national chains Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Target and Ikea.

Luxury Living with Mainstream Prices

Happy Mother’s Day to All Our Mothers



850-509-9274 Quality Construction By: Jim Wilcox

“Nature inspires me most,� she says. “Decorating does not have to be expensive. You can head outdoors and cut down branches or find moss to use as accents in rooms. “It’s about finding what makes you happy and what

makes your home feel good.� nnn

See a picture gallery of Dear Lillie’s home at www. Find Holmes’ blog “Dear Lillie� at http://dearlillieblog.

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Japanese soaking tubs make bathing a Zen experience By Kim Cook The Associated Press

Some of us are shower people, and some are bathers. But there’s a way to be both, as the Japanese discovered centuries ago when they developed the ofuro, or soaking tub. Traditionally, the Japanese get clean with a shower or hand bath and

then step into an “ofuro,” a deep tub full of clean hot water. These tubs are often large enough for several family members to have a communal soak. It’s considered a relaxing and important ritual. The idea has caught on here, and there are now several manufacturers making ofuro tubs suitable for one bather or a

Jerry McFarland

couple. Usually about 27 inches deep, the tubs typically have built-in seats, and often a grab bar. They’re available in acrylic, composite, wood, even stainless steel and copper. Here are the steamy details on some options:

Wooden tubs

Bill Finlay owns Sea Otter Woodworks in

Haynes, Alaska. While he’d been making outdoor hot tubs for a few years, he made his first ofuro at the request of a business associate, and that sparked an interest in perfecting the craft. “I made a couple of factfinding trips to Japan, then developed my own techniques,” he says. Finlay makes the Hino-

Tallahassee Builders Association Weekly News

TBA President - 2012

201 East Park Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32301 | (850) 385-1414 | HONOR MOM ON MOTHER’S DAY… THEN VISIT THE PARADE OF HOMES™ On behalf of the members of the Tallahassee Builders Association, let me wish all the Moms a Happy Mother’s Day. After you’ve made Mom feel special, get out and enjoy another pleasurable experience by visiting the 22 entries in TBA’s 2012 Parade of Homes™. The Parade actually kicked off yesterday and the homes are open today from Noon until 6 pm. Next weekend, the homes will be on display on Saturday (May 19) from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday (May 20) from Noon until 6. Admission is FREE. The official Parade of Homes™ guides are available at the eleven Publix stores in Tallahassee, as well as at each Parade home, and online at If you work downtown, stop by the TBA/Florida Home Builders Association office at 201 East Park Avenue (corner of Park and Monroe) next week (Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm) to pick up a guide. Remember, if you pick up your guide at Publix, make a donation of canned foods to Second Harvest, which will have barrels available as part of a TBA-supported Stamp Out Hunger campaign.


Here’s a list of the 22 Parade entries and the communities where they can be found (in parentheses). 1. Premier Fine Homes (Summerlake)

12. Tricon Builders (Summerbrooke)

2. Adams Quality Homes (Observation Pointe)

13. Hartsfield Construction (Greystone)

3. Powerhouse Construction (Adrion Woods)

14. Premier Fine Homes (Buckhead)

4. Premier Fine Homes (Adrion Woods)

15. Barton Construction (Southwood)

5. Bill Kimberl Construction (Betton Hills)

16. White Oak Construction (Centerville Conservation Community)

6. Turner Legacy Homes (Park Charleston)

17. White Oak Construction (Centerville Conservation Community)

7. Premier Fine Homes (Southwood)

18. Panhandle Building Services (Centerville Conservation Community)

8. Premier Fine Homes (Bull Run)

19. Ertl Homes (Preakness Point)

9. Panhandle Building Services (Hollystone)

20. Kessler Construction (Washington Highway, Monticello)

10. Alexander Dinkelman (Ocleon Drive off Thomasville Road)

21. D STICH Construction Services (Renovation/Remodel) (Lake Bradford)

11. Foundation Homes (Southwood)

22. GBGH Construction (Renovation/Remodel) (Lafayette Park)

Parade of Homes™ winners will be announced May 18, 2012 and highlighted in next Sunday’s TBA Today.

ki Ofuro in a couple of sizes, suitable for one or two people. The material is an aromatic cypress native to Japan; the resin is bacteria- and rot-resistant and withstands humidity. The citrusy fragrance is a common aromatherapy component.

Acrylic and composite tubs

Wykoff, N.J.-based bath designer Holly Rickert recently won an industry award for a design that incorporated an English soaking tub into a Japanese-style bath. One of her clients was of Japanese heritage, and had given her some brochures from Japanese hot spring spas. She placed the tub, Cabuchon’s curvy Pleasance Plus model, on a bed of river rocks in front of a window with forest views. “My aim was to replicate the ofuro experience for her,” says Rickert. Made of a proprietary solid composite called Ficore, Cabuchon’s tubs aren’t heavy. The maker says they retain heat, don’t chip and can be custom colored. Kohler makes the Greek acrylic soaking tub, a 4-foot-long, 23-inch-deep, one-person bath well-suited to a smaller bathroom. Kallista’s Perfect Deep Soak bathtub has two raised corner seats at different heights.

If you’re putting in a smaller, one- or two-person tub, you’ll actually use less water than a conventional tub. But a fourperson version can hold a lot of water — close to 250 gallons, compared to around 50 for a conventional tub. So floor joists need to be able to hold the weight of the water, not just the tub. Also, make sure you’ll be able to get the tub sideways through doorways. Many tubs come with an overflow failsafe built in, but you should have a drain in the bathroom floor as well. The river rock bed is an attractive way to hide a draining floor system, but you can also tile the bathroom floor and install a drain. You’ll need lots of good hot water, so upgrade your system, and consider an inline heater that continuously reheats the full tub.


n n www.hollyrickert

n n n n

Metal tubs

Diamond Spas in Frederick, Colo., welds recycled copper and stainless steel into tubs that are lined with foam insulation, then buffed to a nice Old World finish. Like kitchen pans, the copper tubs can be left to develop a patina, or made shiny with a polishing compound.


Soaking tubs aren’t as complicated to install as you might think.

AP Photo/

Sea Otter Woodworks’ Kyoto soaking tub is made of fragrant Hinoki cypress. Find the tub at www.

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Blame game begins when bank-owned homes decay By Megan O’Matz and John Maines

Sun Sentinel

FORT LAUDERDALE — Thousands of vacant properties in South Florida’s hard-hit housing market have deteriorated into eyesores that violate health and safety laws, depress property values and spread blight. The owners of these homes: some of the world’s biggest banks. In an extensive investigation of foreclosed homes, the Sun Sentinel found more than 10,300 property code violations lodged against banks in 10 South Florida cities since 2007. Municipalities cited the banks because they had title to the homes. But some banks deny responsibility for neglected houses for reasons that ordinary homeowners could not, the Sun Sentinel found. Banks shift the blame, saying maintenance isn’t their job but the responsibility of another bank or company, known as a “loan servicer.” And they delay or evade accountability simply because they are large institutions, usually based in other states, even other countries. The Sun Sentinel, in its investigation, identified banks as owners only in cases in which they held title to the property. But the newspaper also found that years after launching foreclosure suits, some banks or their agents balk at completing the process and taking title to homes that are unlikely to sell for much. That practice fuels a separate legal “limbo” problem that traps thousands of vacated homes in years-long court cases, often as they tumble into ruin. Banks pay little price for letting neighborhoods rot. In South Florida, property code violations are civil matters, dealt with mostly by fines, which

when left uncorrected can compound daily and grow to be ludicrously steep — as much as $4.7 million, for example, on a rundown Fort Lauderdale house owned by Germany’s Deutsche Bank. Ultimately, banks negotiate with local officials to dramatically cut the fines so as not to hinder a home’s sale. The results of these practices are on stark display on street after street, where vacant properties sit decaying and forlorn. They are eyesores. Many have been looted. Some have caught fire. They attract vagrants and vandals, lead to increased crime, and can depress the value of nearby homes, particularly if there is an abundance of them in a neighborhood. Some vacant homes pose extreme danger. In Miramar in October 2009, a common worry of parents came true. While his family was busy unpacking boxes and moving into the house next door, a toddler wandered into the backyard of an unoccupied, bank-owned house and drowned in the pool. The boy’s mother, Margarette Francis, told investigators the water was so dark and thick with “garbage” it was unrecognizable as a place to swim. “It was, oh, disgusting and I don’t think the baby knew there was a pool,” she said. “The only thing I can tell you is the slide attracted him. ... He probably thought he was walking into a playground and he walked right into the ... water.” The family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Miami against U.S. Bank, which had title to the house, and 16 other corporate entities that had some contractual relationship or responsibility for the home after foreclosure.

A spokeswoman for U.S. Bank declined comment. These days, banks are neighbors virtually everywhere, from the grand estates of Palm Beach to the flashy new condos of downtown Miami. As of March, banks and other mortgage lenders owned more than 19,400 properties throughout Florida’s Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties, according to an analysis of tax rolls. This is up from only 2,500 a little more than five years ago. The bank-owned homes are concentrated in predominantly minority and less well-to-do neighborhoods, where household incomes fall below the countywide medians of $48,063 in Broward, $49,879 in Palm Beach and $40,219 in Miami-Dade. They are areas where people with poor credit and insufficient income secured high-cost, highly leveraged mortgages, and left when they couldn’t meet the payments. In Fort Lauderdale, nearly two-thirds of the code violations against bank-owned properties were in areas where most of the residents were minorities, analysis showed. Only a quarter of all city properties are located in those neighborhoods. In a report released earlier this month, the National Fair Housing Alliance, a Washington advocacy group, charged that banks are violating the federal Fair Housing Act by neglecting the upkeep on homes in minority neighborhoods and steering real estate agents to the banks’ better-preserved homes elsewhere. The organization has called on federal regulators and law enforcement to investigate the banks for housing discrimination practices.

Wells Fargo, one of the banks identified, denied the allegations. The bank “conducts all lending-related activities in a fair and consistent manner without regard to race; this includes maintenance and marketing standards for all foreclosed properties for which we are responsible,” said company spokeswoman Vickee Adams. Since the real estate crash six years ago, dozens of South Florida municipalities have passed laws requiring that homes in foreclosure be registered by lenders or their agents once they become vacant. That has helped foster communication with the banks and led to quicker responses to local concerns. “I’d say most banks want to do the right thing,” said Brian McKelligett, Fort Lauderdale code enforcement supervisor. But banks can be bad neighbors. In the cities surveyed, four of 10 bankowned properties on average were cited for violating municipal health, safety or appearance codes in 2011. In city after city, code enforcement officers have found themselves in the odd position of issuing citations to top Wall Street financial firms for slimy green pools, ruined roofs, broken windows, missing doors, crumbling stucco, peeling paint, heaps of trash and overgrown lawns that can harbor snakes and rats. Responses from the banks come weeks or months later, if at all. “Please cut grass and weeds on a regular basis,” a code inspector in Miramar requested on an August 2011 ticket left at a home owned by HSBC Bank USA, the American subsidiary of a global conglomerate headquartered in London. At the same house two

months later, the bank was ordered within 72 hours to “remove bees from electrical outlet that is located by front window,” and later that month told: “Filthy, dirty pool must be cleaned and maintained to prevent a breeding ground for mosquitoes or becoming a health hazard.” The bees were quickly removed. But by November 2011, a special magistrate had to threaten the bank with fines of $50 per day if it did not address the other violations, which also included trash, a damaged fence and a ripped pool enclosure. With the issues still uncorrected on Jan. 11 of this year, the bank was hit with penalties of $1,650 per violation. It finally fixed the problems that month, but not before the city secured the fence and threw mosquito-killing chemicals into the pool. In late February, the bank paid $8,250 in fines. At times, inspectors have found egregious conditions, such as a Fort Lauderdale pool that turned into a “stagnant pond” with “poisonous toads.” Some properties are so unsafe, local officials have ordered the banks to tear them down. In Fort Lauderdale, a house had been bankowned for more than a year and had mildew growing inside the walls “everywhere” and a “completely collapsed” living room roof, a city building inspector testified in October, when the home was scheduled for demolition. Anthony DiMarco, Tallahassee lobbyist for the Florida Bankers Association, said most code violations involving foreclosed properties occur before the bank gets title. Once the bank takes possession, it generally hires property preservation companies to tend to the homes. But, DiMarco said, “I’m sure

mistakes are made. I’m not surprised by that; we’re only human beings in this process.” Even after taking title to a property, though, banks often argue they really aren’t the legal owner, and hence not responsible for a home’s upkeep. They say they are merely the “trustee” for the true owners, the holders of mortgage-backed securities. As such, the banks say they are responsible only for holding the mortgage documents and for collecting mortgage payments to send to investors. Those payments were collected from borrowers by yet another party to the transaction, the loan servicers, which are separate companies that may be related to other banks. It’s the loan servicers, banks argue, that have the duty under the trust agreements to ensure that properties do not become rundown or neglected. For local municipalities with limited time and resources, sorting out these complex business relationships may be a daunting task, made tougher by the numerous bank mergers and disappearances in recent years. Fort Lauderdale, for example, has spent nearly $1,000 removing rubbish and trimming trees and weeds at a house titled to HSBC Bank. Since it went into foreclosure in 2007, squatters have moved in and out. Trees and plants grew into a jungle in the front yard. Siding on the second floor rotted and foam insulation melted through the rotted boards. HSBC Bank declined a request from the Sun Sentinel for comment, but referred questions to Ocwen Financial Corporation, a West Palm Beach company that services mortgages, which did not respond.

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Consumer Mortgage Information Program






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850-297-2015 Sunshine Savings Bank

Farmers & Merchants Bank


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• Updated Weekly • Information for this chart is compiled by the Tallahassee Democrat and is valid as of the publication date of this issue and is subject to change without notice. Estimated monthly payment calculated using a mortgage amount of $150,000 and the list APR for loans starting the Sunday of publication. Contact lender directly for additional programs and fees, terms and conditions of the loans. NOTE: LIP=Lock-in period, Down=% of down payment. APR= Annual Percentage Rate.


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New 3 BR Coming Soon In Bull Run

New Homes Open Daily 11- 6 PM

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2606 Farragut Way (Holley Model) is a brand new 3 BR Energy Star home built by Tallahassee Homes and is being introduced with all the great features and floor plans of our much larger homes. If you are downsizing, want a huge Master Bedroom and Bath, or just want a more affordable home (from the 240's) in a great neighborhood then this is the home for you. Visit our sales model at 2640 Manassas Way or Visit our web site at Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Owner 545-8491 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC OPEN SUNDAY 2-5

2633 Manassas Way (Bradford Model) Affordable Elegance with New Energy Star homes. N.E. Tallahassee's most desirable neighborhood. Top rated schools. 4BR/2BA, 2000 sq.ft. with craftsman quality at great prices. Wood floors, kitchen islands, granite tops, tankless water heaters,& more! A must see! Builder offering $7000 in closing costs.Visit 2640 Manassas Way - Our Sales & Design Center or web site

2598 Farragut Way (Cottonwood Model) New Energy Star Homes in Bull Run. Tallahassee's Top Selling New Home Neighborhood in 2012. NEW floor plans, quality features for easy living, best prices, top rated schools, convenience to shopping & more. View this 4BR/2BA home today. Builder offering $7,000 in closing costs. Visit 2640 Manassas Way - Our Sales & Design Center or our Web site

Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Owner 545-8491 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC OPEN SUNDAY 3-5

Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Owner 545-8491 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC ON LAKE JACKSON! Call for an appointment

4533 Timberloch Drive 4 bds/3 bths, split plan, over 3100 sqft, formal living room and dining room, family room with fireplace and built-ins, sunroom, breakfast room, hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless appliances including 5 burner gas cook top, master suite with trey ceiling, double vanities, Jacuzzi tub and separate shower! All on .69 acres in desirable Buckhead community! $419,000. Go Capital Cir. NE, E on Centerville Rd, R on Buckhead, R on Hannon Hill, L on Timberloch. Barbara Slaughter 599-5450 Remax Professionals Realty OPEN SUNDAY 2:00 - 4:00

1912 VINEYARD WAY 4 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, approx. 2800 sq.ft. 2-car Garage. Fireplace, Game Room, Living Room & Separate Dining Room. Tray Ceilings & Recessed Lighting. Stainless Steel Appliances, Granite Counter tops, 4 Sides Brick on 2 Acres, $369,900

4541 Andrew Jackson Way This house has it all: ON LAKE JACKSON. 3 HORSE STALL BARN WITH TACK ROOM. Over 4 acres. 3378 sq ft. 4 bedrooms PLUS office. 3 1/2 baths. Formal & informal areas. Granite island kitchen with new stainless appliances. 37x12 screen porch & wrap-around deck overlooks stable, pasture & best of all, Lake Jackson. 6+ vehicle carport under porch.

7316 Ox Bow Circle - $885,000 Outstanding scenery surrounds this lakefront custom home in Ox Bow! Floor plan features a formal dining room, formal living room, a family room with soaring ceilings, 5 Bedrooms, and a full in-law suite. The gourmet kitchen is beautifully designed with custom cabinets, wine bar, dual Wolf ovens, and Subzero stainless steel refrigerator. 4,731 square feet of luxurious living in Ox Bow - Must See! Call Jason Naumann for More Information (850)933-0328 The Naumann Group Real Estate, Inc.

511 Waverly Rd - $290,000 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2,500 SF with oversized, 2-car garage. Spacious, in-town home on large .6 acre lot, minutes from Capitol, with sparkling pool. Totally renovated, new roof, heat & air, bamboo wood, carpet, tile and paint. Kitchen features new granite, tile backsplash, new stainless appliances, including double convection ovens and wine cooler. See to appreciate this move-in ready home.

Please call Darrell Wills at 850-264-5210 The Marquee Realty Group OPEN SUNDAY 1-4

Ken Walton, Owner, 850-545-5672.

Margaret Beard, 850-508-2021 Armor Realty of Tallahassee, Inc. Open Sunday 2-4 This one is a Must See!

3120 Ansley Park. This beautifully maintained home built in 2003 has everything to offer a new owner. It has 4 bedrooms plus 2 additional rooms suitable for office, study, etc. There are granite countertops in the open eat-in-kitchen, built-ins in the great room, a split BR plan, brick fireplace, incl. all kitchen appliances, wood floors in the main living areas, plantation shutters, tile in kitchen & baths and a huge backyard with playground. $325,000. Sharon Mears 556-0477 Regents RealtyGroup,

Open Sun 2-4




905 Piney Z Plantation Rd. $250,000 New Listing in centrally located neighborhood w/3 bed/2 bath, split plan, over 2300 sq ft, high ceilings. Has formal dining, huge master suite w jetted tub, open kitchen/nook area, fireplace, beautiful sunroom/porch with HVAC vents and nice corner lot. Community pool w lifeguards, beautiful lake w/trail, playgrounds, lodge. Here the living is easy. Dir: Capital Circle to Conner Blvd (Park Ave), LT on Heritage, LT on Piney Z Plantation Rd to end. Terry Anne Kant, Realtor, CRS, Kant Realty of N Fl (850) 877-2121 Pics/virtual: OPEN SUNDAY 2-5

7769 N. Briarcreek Road New construction w/100% financing available. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, 2-car garage. Craftsman style off Bannerman Road - follow the balloons.

4738 Highgrove Road All-brick beauty in popular and convenient Highgrove! 4BR/3 full baths, over 3200 sq ft, formal living and dining, big family room w/fireplace & vaulted/beamed ceiling, wonderful sunroom overlooking gorgeous back yard, spacious updated eat-in kitchen with granite countertops, split bedrooms, new roof 2012. This home is just waiting for the right new owner, come see if it's you! $415,000. Hosted by Debbie Williams, Realtor, 850-556-4640 Marsha Morrison Realty, Inc. 850-893-8810 OPEN SATURDAY & SUNDAY 2-4

1049 Summerbrooke Drive This home is built for entertaining. The outdoor kitchen (20x27) screened, with Viking appliances and professional tile, wood & stone work are sure to please the most discriminating personalities. The pool with 2000 sq ft deck Mexican tile and 2 covered areas is fenced in. Huge yard (1.4 acres), leads down to the lake. Just down from the clubhouse. Air conditioned garage, large kitchen, living room, dining room, theater room, custom master suite... make this 3BR home a true haven. 2651 sq ft and 3696 under roof. John Stehmeyer, 545-4663 Pro Players Realty OPEN SATURDAY & SUNDAY 2-4

Don Ficke, 228.1650 Anchor Realty of St. George Island OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

5040 Hampton Ridge Hampton Creek Subdivision 420 Brooke Hampton Pebble Brook Subdivison 1 2 4 , 9 9 0 t o 1 5 4 , 9 9 0 . $ 2 5 0 0 . 0 0 i n c l o s i n g $134,990. to $149,990. $2500.00 in closing cost/upgrades. Take Capital Circle SE to Right on cost/upgrades. Apalachee Pkwy, past Capital Circle, Subdivision on Right. Tram Road, Subdivision on Right

Wanda Sawyer,REALTOR 850.933.3146 Saturday Dixie Russell, REALTOR 850.566.9285 Sunday PrimeSouth Properties Fezler, Russell & Ferrie, Inc

Mike Ferrie, REALTOR 850.566.8373-Saturday Patrick Hardy, REALTOR 850.294.1232-Sunday PrimeSouth Properties Fezler, Russell & Ferrie, Inc



to the perfect little love nest.

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Classified: 599-2210 TTY –– Hearing Impaired lIne: 599-2397 Beautiful Los Robles, walk to Lake Ella Charming 2BR/1BA very quiet/private $725 224-2437


RENTALS & ROOMIES Real Estate for Rent __


Camaron at Woodcrest


Lowered rates. Spacious layouts for 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms! Town homes avail. Fireplaces available! Pet park, 3 pools, playground, & much more! Spaces are limited.

850-385-8080 __




Casa Calderon Apartments

Offers an independent living facility for persons Master BR/BA. Male who are either 62 years preferred. $400 firm of age or older and/or incl. utils. Call Richard handicapped. Rent is for info. 570-9206 9283061 based upon income and applicants must Move-in Ready! Private meet HUD's eligibility BR/BA in 2/2 townhome requirements. For more 10 min from FSU, DSL information contact W/D. back patio. No Casa Calderon smoking/pets. $475/mo Apartments + 1/2 utils. 586-943-1570 9279733 800 W. Virginia St. Tallahassee, FL 32304 APARTMENTS FOR RENT850-222-4026 FURNISHED TDD: 800-955-8771 9280945 TMH area, 1BR/1BA cable, utilities, W/D, Central Location 27� TV incl. Avail. Now! 1509-7 Branch St, $395, $795 + dep. 591-5700 1BR/1BA, 500 sqft., 9282634 CHA, large closet, Avail now APARTMENTS FOR RENTUNFURNISHED Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 $525 1BR/1BA Dixie Dr 9283038 W/D hookup, FSU/TCC, 539-4043 Close to everything you need & the quiet you 9280824 crave! Join the others Fully renovated, new kitchen,bath & windows who have discovered beautiful 1BR/1BA 1944 this relaxing nook! $465 studio, $560 1BR Dawsey St $495/mo + 400 dep. 850-544-9436 Tallahassee’s best kept secret! 9282509 Ridgewood Apartments 850.878.7298 1BR Deal 1207 N. MLK Blvd #B2, 9281214 $395 1Br/1Ba, CHA, Avail 5/18, large closet, Hilaman Golf Course close to everything Quiet 2/1, Close in Kent Strauss Mgmt & Hookups $575. 544-4505 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9283515 9283078 Nice quiet, 1BR, CH&A, 2 B R / 1 B A i n M i d w a y rental references reqd. no pets. $400 dep. nice & well kept, near Lake Talquin, $350/mo. $400/mo. 850-878-6325 9283329 850-443-3300

__ __




__ __

__ __

__ __



2BR’s Newly renovated! Walk to FSU, water, sewer, cable, HBO incl. Pet friendly. On-site mgmt. 222-4688



750 sq.ft. 1BR/1BA incl. hot water & sewer. SORRY NO PETS. Recent remodel w/pine panel walls. 733 California St. $525/mo ALSO, STUDIO SAME BLDG. $395/mo. 850-545-6685




3124 Mission Rd. #2 W/D hookup, $525/mo. No pets. Call 847-1936



Parkway Convenience

1320-B Linda Ann $500, 2BR/1BA, 660sqft, new flooring, front porch, yard incl., CHA, avail. now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284





Quality 1BR & 2BR apts.

College Convenience

Starting at $395 + dep

1/2 MONTH FREE! No pets. 850-561-4226 4123 & 4135 Jackson 9280319 Bluff Rd. $515, 2BR/1BA, 800sqft, W/D hookups, Regional Property CHA, patio, avail. now Services Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Over 600 properties in the Tallahassee area. 9283066 Check us out at 893-2500 Country Setting near Lic Real Estate Broker Southwood-2/1 9280838 duplex w/large eat-in kitchen, greatroom WALK TO FAMU 2 w / f i r e - p l a c e , l g . patio too, BR/1BA 1432 Hudson St bedrooms, incl. $750/mo. W/D & Dishwasher in lawn (8781 Louvinia Way) unit 850-443-8268



__ __



Tallahassee Center

FABULOUS! Hardwood, granite,W/D, security, fitness, furnished 954-815-1656



DUPLEX FOR RENTUNFURNISHED 2BR/1BA in great cond near downtown, big yard, 1918 S. Meridian $600/mo. 850-443-3300



3/1 near downtown, nice & well kept. 1619 Elberta, fenced yard. $600/mo. 850-443-3300



633 MARYBETH AVE 2BR/1BA duplex. CHA washer/dryer hookup $550 Rent Annual lease. No pets allowed. Avail. mid-Mayl

Myers Park-403 E. Harrison Ave.-2/1 garage apt with hardwood floors, sunroom, central heat/air and shared laundry room, $650




Meridian Mgmt. Realtor 9280306

Clean 2BR, 1.5BA, brick, full kitchen efficient, quiet. W. side. No pets. $575/mo. 576-2695.



2520 Graves Rd.(104) 3/3 with washer/dryer an big bedrooms, ready now, move-in special, $900 Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee, 877-4343



Beautiful & Spacious

I-10 Convenience




Off Tharpe



Blairstone Steal

1551 #2 & #3 Kay ave., $895, 3Br/3Ba 1275sqft., CHA, W/D hookups, Lease till 5/31/2013, Convenient to Shopping, O r a n g e A v e & Southwood, Avail. 6/12 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284





Brick Townhouse Corner 2BR/2BA, CH/A, fireplace, W/D, Screen Patio, Fenced yard, $875/mo. 954-260-3273


Midtown Gem

1350-6F Terrace St., $650, 2Br/1Ba 1100 sq.ft., CHA, WD hookups, Private patio, fireplace, Avail. 6/12 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



NW Convenience

l2316 Sylvan Ct. $650, 2BR/2.5BA, 1000 sqft, CHA, W/D hookups, fireplace, bonus room, Avail now l 2313-B Sylvan Ct. $575, 2BR/1BA, 905 sqft, CHA, W/D hookups, tile floors, 1/2 month free! Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Off Hartsfield

2447-B Talco Hills $625, 2BR/2BA, 900sqft, CHA, W/D hookups, deck, new tile floors, vaulted ceilings, Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284





Quiet, NE 3/2, Brockton Way near Oven Park, W/D, deck, garage $1175/mo. 386-1252


Spacious 1 Bedroom

1009-12 Sharer Ct., 736Sqft., 1BR/1BA $450, Large closets, CHA, W/D Hookups, private deck, avail. now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Spacious 2BR

1403 Stone rd. Apt 2A, $650 2Br/2Ba, 980sqft., CHA, WD hookups, large open floor plan, 1st Floor tile, Lots of light, Avail 6/12 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Miss a day. Miss a lot.


Place a Garage Sale Ad

Miss a day. Miss a lot.

__ __


1571-3C Stone Rd., $775, 2Br/2.5Ba 1216 sq.ft., CHA, W/D, Fireplace, Patio, avail. 6/12 l Southwood 2 2.5 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 $1450 includes util lSouthwood Carriage 9283052 $775 inludes util l GREAT LOCATION! lSE Par Lane 2/2 $850 3BR/2BA Excellent lNE Diehl Dr. 2/1 $750 condition w/enclosed lNE Mosswood 3/2 $1200 garage & screened deck.1500 sq.ft. Killearn lNW Sombra De Largo 3/3 $1100 area $950/mo + dep l RECENTLY UPDATED! lKillearn Lakes Heide 2BR/1.5BA on Talpeco Hill 3/2 $1200 lNW-Westwood 2/1.5 w/screened porch, $825 $700/mo + dep. No pets. 850-893-5265 lNW - Mission 2/1 $600 9280974 Cindy Cooper 545-8076 Georgia Turner 510-4286



3/1.5, carpet, carport, W/D connections, $725

3903 Paces Place 2/2 near Piney Z with fireplace, nice back yard,outside storage, ready now, $825





3027 Richview Park Cir 2/2 townhome with fireplace, privacy fenced yard with deck, all appliances too, ready May 20. $850 Pet friendly

l 1839 #2, #4, #6 Portland Ave. $650, 2BR/1.5BA, 1150 sq.ft, CHA, tile floors, W/D Spirit Realty Inc. of hookups, patio, avail. Tallahassee, 877-4343 now 9283485 l1839 #5 Portland Ave. $725, 3BR/2.5BA, 1300 sq.ft., CHA, W/D Downtown 1Br hookups, avail 6/12 566 #2 E. Call St., $425, Kent Strauss Mgmt & 1Br/1Ba 700sqft., WIN, Realty, Inc. 877-2284 A v a i l 6 / 1 2 L r g . o p e n 9283024 floorplan Kent Strauss Mgmt & Bike to Campus Realty, Inc. 877-2284 214-D White Dr., $550, 9283047 1Br/1Ba 700sqft., CHA, W/D, Fenced yard, Lg. 2/1, wood floors, no 1-Story Kent Strauss Mgmt & pets, quiet & clean. 320 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Lipona Rd. $675/mo. 385-6710 or 556-4008

1871 Meriadoc Rd., $725 2BR/2BA 1030 sqft., CHA, W/D, 222-5262 Privacy fenced yard,fireplace, 1/2 off 9282504 1st months rent, Avail Amazing 1&2 Br. now Kent Strauss Mgmt & I-10 Convenience, great Realty, Inc. 877-2284 NW Location on a quite 9283036 dead end st., Lawn service Incl. l 2 6 3 3 W i n d y R i d g e , Round house 3BR/2BA $575, 2Br/1Ba 900 sqft., 1514 Fuller Rd. Nice CHA, W/D hookups, location & view. No Avail. Now pets. $700/mo 524-2873 l1314-A Stone Rd., $475, 1Br/1Ba 725 sqft., WIN, 2BR/2BA, CHA, W/D New Carpet, Hardwood connection, fireplace floors, avail 6/12 Nice yard. Water furn. Kent Strauss Mgmt & 1360 Fuller. $720/mo. Realty, Inc. 877-2284 No pets. 524-2873 9280828




May 29 – June 28 | 6-9 p.m. 5VFTEBZT5IVSTEBZT]4VSHFPOT%SJWF]

Centerville Townhouses

1625 #20 Centerville Rd., 2BR/2.5BA 1292 sqft., $950, CHA, WD, Located in the Betton Hills/ Woodgate area, Cable & Water Incl., TOWNHOMES FOR RENTCommunity Pool. UNFURNISHED Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 2/2 nice & well- kept, W/D, private fenced 9283040 yard. 991 Sutor Rd. $700/mo 850-443-3300 DIAN RD 9283450 3/2, carpet, W/D incl, $900/mo. 2BR/2BA, 1200 sq. ft., Covered porch. Near Godby High. No pets. $750/mo. 850-339-7761 Meridian Mgmt. Realtor



__ __







Fax: 599-2347 Phone in hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30a.m.-5:30p.m. | (850) 558-4598 Pre-requirements, including background check, must be met by May 22

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Equal Housing Opportunity

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1 Premier Fine Homes

$179,900 3 bedrooms 2 baths 1,401 sq/ft

2 Adams Quality Homes, Inc.

6073 Observation Circle • Tallahassee $229,900 3 bedrooms 2 baths 1,829 sq/ft

13 Hartsfield Construction, Inc.

2206 Greystone Lane • Tallahassee

4602 Oakshire Court • Tallahassee

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7 Premier Fine Homes


8 Premier Fine Homes

2581 Ulysses Road • Tallahassee


$309,900 4 bedrooms 3 baths 2,121 sq/ft

17 White Oak Construction, LLC


7122 Switchgrass Way • Tallahassee $495,000 5 bedrooms 4.5 baths 3,333 sq/ft


18 Panhandle Building Services, Inc



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19 Ertl Homes

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$499,000 4 bedrooms 4 baths 3,258 sq/ft



6521 Lake Pisgah Drive • Tallahassee


1321 Preakness Point • Tallahassee


$600,000 4 bedrooms 4 baths 3,860 sq/ft

20 Kessler Construction LLC


2123 E Washington Hwy • Monticello


10 Alexander Dinkerman, Inc.

21 DSTICH Construction Services 3085 Echo Point Lane •

3650 Ocleon Drive • Tallahassee $345,900 4 bedrooms 2.5 baths 2,247 sq/ft

3082 Surrat Lane • Tallahassee $394,900 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths 2,732 sq/ft

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11 Foundation Homes

$1,100,000 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths 5,000 sq/ft






$332,500 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths 2,322 sq/ft



$299,900 3 bedrooms 2 baths 2,007 sq/ft

4963 Hollystone Lane • Tallahassee




3192 Nathaniel Trace • Tallahassee

9 Panhandle Building Services, Inc


$455,000 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths 2,946 sq/ft


$266,400 4 bedrooms 2 baths 1,814 sq/ft


3305 Harber Club Drive • Tallahassee










6537 Wildemeade Place • Tallahassee




Turner Legacy Homes, LLC



16 White Oak Construction, LLC




2001 Ellicott Drive • Tallahassee $255,900 4 bedrooms 2 baths 1,668 sq/ft

$449,900 3 bedrooms 3.5 baths 3,134 sq/ft




4103 Beckett • Tallahassee


Ox Bottom Rd

15 Barton Construction


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3056 Adrion Way • Tallahassee

Bill Kimbert Construction

$429,900 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths 2,591 sq/ft





$232,900 3 bedrooms 2 baths 1,656 sq/ft

$419,900 4 bedrooms 3 baths 2,790 sq/ft

14 Premier Fine Homes

3028 Bidhurst Court • Tallahassee

4 Premier Fine Homes


$410,900 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths 2,585 sq/ft

Powerhouse Construction of Tallahassee, Inc. $229,900 3 bedrooms 2 baths 1,790 sq/ft


1248 Conservancy Drive E • Tallahassee

May 12-13 & 19-20 | Saturdays 10am-6pm | Sundays 12-6pm



12 Tricon Builders Inc.

2012 Parade of Home™ Entries

2791 Summer Meadow Drive • Tallahassee

3 bedrooms 2 baths Bonus Room 2,300 sq/ft

22 GBGH Construction, Inc.


419 E Georgia Street • Tallahassee

2012 Parade of Homes




$469,000 3 bedrooms 2 baths 2,000 sq/ft

REAL ESTATE / Tallahassee Democrat



2/1 - $775 - Nice! Near Governor Square 1535 Dacron Dr. 850-656-4250 after 6pm


325 E.Palmer Ave. 3/2, hardwood floors near downtown, washer/dryer, family rooms, over 1600 sqft, $900 1008 Rosemary Terrace Contemporary 4/2 split plan with all stainless appliances, family room too, designer colors, fenced yard, ready July 1, $1495 incl lawn.


2614 Noble Dr. Large 4/3 w/formal & informal rms, screen porch, big garage, inside laundry room, big fenced yard, lawn included, $1850

Spacious N.W.

2342 LaRue Ct. $625, 2BR/1.5BA , 1090sqft., CHA, W/D hookups, Large Living room, Back Deck, Balcony, Avail Now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


2BR/1BA, Killearn, W/D hookups, No pets. 3716 Donovan $640/mo + dep. 850-321-4272





3 & 4 BR Beautiful Homes in Bull Run from $1895/mo Avail. now 2633 Manassas Way 2598 Farragut Way Porter Chandler, Broker Owner 850-545-8491 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC


3200 Langley Cir., $1075, 3Br/2Ba 1720 sq.ft., CHA, W/D hookups, + Loft In-town off area, Fireplace, Avail Meridian 6/12 Kent Strauss Mgmt & 223 Sinclair Rd., $1050 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 3Br/1.5Ba, 1496 sqft., CHA, WD hookups, Lg 9283056 f e n c e d y a r d , Hardwood floors, Small Selling a boat? Pets OK, avail 6/12 Kent Strauss Mgmt & CALL CLASSIFIED Realty, Inc. 877-2284 ADVERTISING






Call Classifieds 599-2210






Barrington Park Condos - Only 35 out of 300 left! - Prices drastically reduced!! - Low down payment



Broussard Realty

850-580- 4004


4BR/3BA, 3600 sq.ft, on 1 acre. 3-car garage, Must see! $2300/mo. 800-781-2959



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Behind Leon High

401 Terrace St., $795 2BR/2BA 1525 sqft., CHA, W/D hookups, front porch, sunroom, separate living & dining room, fenced yard, carport, Avail. Now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Porter Chandler


Broker/Owner Tallahassee Homes Realty



Directions North on Thomasville Rd., Left on Kerry Forest, Left on Cold Harbor, Right on Farragut Way

*Limited Time Offer

2633 Manassas Way The Bradford

4 BR/2BA 2,000 Sq FT $279,900 Visit our Sales/Design Center at 2640 Manassas Way. y Open Daily 11-6 PM

OPEN Available May

2640 Manassas Way The Birch

4BR/2BA 2102 Sq FT $279,900



608 Plantation Road 5BR/4.5BA, 5421 sqft. Stunning Jeff Drake Remodel. Phenomenal 2 acres! Privacy and quality thru-out. Study, bonus room/rec room. Chef’s kitchen w/center island & top-of-the-line appliances. Espresso stained oak floors and extensive millwork thu-out. Detached gym. Two covered patios, plus pergola. 3000 sqft of travertine decking surrounds concrete pool and 18X15 heated spa w/wrap around seating. Features galore, too much to list! A must see. $1,275,000.

2593 Merganser Court Custom home on 1.28acres in Betton! 5BR/3.5BA, 3462 sqft. Privacy abounds in this gorgeous home. Backs up to nature preserve. Rec rm/bonus rm and office space! Family rm/living rm combo w/soaring ceilings and wallto-wall windows. Formal dining with built-in bookcases. Eat-in kit. Hrdwood floors, 10ft+ceilings. Upstairs addition includes two bdrms and open study/office area. Beautifully landscaped yard creates a park-like setting. Overlooks swimming pool and wrap around decking. This is a true treasure! $575,000.

Kenny Ayers,


Offering $7,000 in closing costs and a free upgrade or lease purchase from $1,895 per month!

OPEN Available May


FREE entertainment updates

For More Information Call




4BR/2.5BA, 1400 sq.ft. just off S. Monroe. Fresh paint, tile floors, $950/mo 545-9222


* Rent to Own - New *



3BR/1BA, Bond area CH/A, W/D, section 8 ok. 443-9730

2BR/1.5BA near TCC, CHA, redecorated, no pets. $600/mo. + dep. 850-385-0227



3 B R / 2 B A 1 5 2 1 Breamstone Rdg, appliances, dog OK, $1400/mo 850-322-0202





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Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC



4536 Grove Park Drive True 5BR/4.5BA, plus study/office. 3662 sqft. Custom built by Whitaker Construction, overlooks Southwood’s Central Park and Lake. Soaring ceilings, real red oak flrs, extensive Millwork & moldings. Chef’s kitchen w/ every bell & whistle! Master suite w/ stunning sitting rm, huge custom walk-in closet & laundry rm combo. 3rd floor has unfinished bonus rm, would make perfect media rm. House prewired/plumed for pool. Whole house generator. 3 covered porches. Southern Living at it’s best! $700,000.

Don’t wait til next year and wish you bought this year!

3595 Mossy Creek Lane 5BR/4.5BA, 4294 sqft. One of a kind home! Unique and too many upgrades to list! Hardwood floors thru-out, tray ceilings & custom barrel ceiling in family room, gorgeous wood trim and millwork thru-out, extensive tile work in baths, balconies, arched openings, chef’s kitchen with granite & stainless steel high end appliances. Two potential offices/or study, media room & gym, brick outlined wine room, screened in porch, pool, koi pond and view of the golf course. $825,000

Hettie Spooner (850) 509-4337 Lindsay Elliott (850) 545-2463



“When you are ready to buy or sell Real Estate, please call me… I thank you for your business!”

Over 20 years of Real Estate Experience!

850.508.5500 TD-0000206703


Golden Eagle


Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee, 877-4343



1647 Eagles Watch Way, $1350, 3Br/2.5Ba 1800 sq.ft., gated community., W/D, CHA, 2 Car Garage, Screened porch, Avail 6/12 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


Real Estate for Rent


PAGE 14 / Sunday, May 13, 2012


Larry Fabiano, Realtor


larryfabiano Beautiful lot on Lake Frandy, high and dry. Very nice area with room to grow. Bring your boat and fishing gear.


Only $32,000!

Real Estate for Rent


Ready to


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RESTORED COTTAGE 1927. 115 W 6th Ave. 3BR/1.5BA. Wood floors W/D hookup, huge living rm w/fireplace. SORRY NO PETS. $1095 w/lease. 850-545-6685

By national forest 2/3 ac 3BR/2BA, 6013 Defoores St $600/mo + $600 dep. 544-3573

4200 to 1800 sq ft l1184 Capital Cir. NE units 1196-F, units 1196-C & D l1190 Capital Cir. NE Warehouse units $5/ft

Mahan Sq. 1100 sq ft., one unit left,. will help with buildout (lease neg)






1BR furnished, near FSU & downtown, W/D incl. $550/mo. + dep. No Pets. 850-559-0701







Clean 2BR, 1BA 14” on W. side. kitchen equip, CHA, deck. No pets $490/mo. 576-2695 9282627

MOVE IN SPECIAL 1 month free rent, Lease to own. Mobile Homes in Springwood Mobile Home Park. 2, 3 & 4 BR units avail. from $370/mo. Call now Stephanie 850-580-0050



Nice 2BR country living w/lg workshop,2 full BA, NE, Trillium Ct 3/2 $1800 lg. front porch, nice LOUISE STREET 3/2 den,pool,lawn care Cindy Cooper 545-8076 back porch. Must see Georgia Turner 510-4286 to appreciate.$650/mo wood floor $1350/mo +$650 dep. Pet ok. 10 9282991 Pontiac Dr min from Lake Talquin "Must See" 2/1 w/office, 210-5692 or 627-6067 MOBILE HOMES/LOTS 9280793 wood floor, full kitchen, FOR RENT car- port, fenced yard NO PETS 3/2 doubleon 1/2 acre lot in 1 Month Free Rent wide Whispering Pines W, Meridian Mgmt. Realtor $650/mo. $650 dep. or $99 Deposit 9280941 buy $37,000. 575-9228





Mahan Convenience

707 Violet St., $1075, 3Br/2Ba 1533 sqft., CHA, W/D hookups, fireplace, garage, Fenced yard, avail. 6/12 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Bad Credit OKAY __

2 & 3 BRs from $499 2 baths,W/D hookups Enjoy swimming pool & large picnic areas! Free lawn care, pest control, community officer. Pre-approval by phone. Call 10-6 including Sat & Sun

459-9334 Nice quiet clean 9280819 1BR House, close to FSU/FAMU//MagLab. 12x60 2BR/2BA on a Avail now. 2117 Lake Bradford Rd., H-4, l a r g e w o o d e d l o t . Water/sewer incl. $435. 850-942-3610 $495/mo. 850-575-1391 9283299




NEAR LAKE 1 BR Hwy 20 West (Lake Talquin)$600 util & W/D included 850-284-5592



R e a l t y


3/2 carpet,carport,W/D connections, $900/mo

l 4010 Chipola Dr off Mission close to shopping & schools. 2 BR/2BA, 2 story, big loft for office or family area & screen porch. Avail. June $800 l 3429 A Bear Creek, 2/1 duplex secluded wooded lot near shopping $730 Avail. 6/1 l3241 Robinhood, 3/2, secluded tree shaded setting family rm, living and dining. Big deck, and yard. $1375 l 9298 Taff Rd 3/2 doublewide, carport, fenced $785 l 2481 Papillion Way, 5/3.5BA, 2 master suites game room,deck $2250 l 2957 St Stevens Dr. Golden Eagle gated community. Classic brick 2 story 4BR/3.5BA, family rm, formal living & dining. $2950 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660






lNW - Paula Drive 3/1.5 $1100 l Golden Eagle - 3/3 Congressional $2500 lNE Trillium - furnished 3/2 $1800 lBetton - Crestview 3/2 $1700 Cindy Cooper 545-8076 Georgia Turner 510-4286

Tallahassee Democrat / REAL ESTATE





3/2, 3/4 of an ac. W/D, Lg screen porch,garage 1158 Doves Hollow. No pets. $750/mo 694-3602


Linda Dix


3BR/2BA doublewide. 1/2 ac. lot, NW Fenced back yard $950/mo Garbage pickup incl. 850-562-3014


NO PETS. 2/2 on 1/2 acre lot w/front deck & awning. $450/mo. $450 dep. 575-9228



Summerbrooke lakefront, 4500 sqft 5BR/4BA. Study, weight rm, $3250/mo. 545-9222





Al Russell 850-906-0017 or 850-508-4242



Large Office Space

1310 Paul Russell Rd. $1695 for long term., 2000 sqft. 7 offices + reception, conference room, break room, includes grounds, spacious building on main thoroughfare avail. now. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Professional office space near the Capitol – d o w n t o w n Tallahassee. From 200 – 1,000 sq. ft. available. Conference rooms and kitchen available at no extra cost. Monthly rates from $400 per month, including utilities & janitorial. Call Pat @ 850.521.1182





2 bedrooms from $495/mo $450 dep Curtis Baynes Broker/ Owner, (850) 576-8774



Call before build-out starts. Parking front & back. Easy Access.

1 week (7 nights) Sept. 23-Sept. 30 2012 $900/week

The Resort on Cocoa Beach

50 min. from Orlando, just minutes from the Kennedy Space Center and all things Cocoa Beach! We can’t use our time share this year. See photos & amenities online at theresortoncocoabeach. com and then call me at 850-544-1413



Close to downtown, new building. Call 878-0823



Capital Cir. N.E. End unit. 3200-4800 sq.ft. $3153.00-$4515.00 per month total. Let us help you get started. Will consider some build out.

Al Russell 850-906-0017 or 850-508-4242



Al Russell 850-906-0017 or 850-508-4242


N Monroe St., across from Tallahassee Mall Set up for Tanning Salon. Al Russell 850-906-0017 or 850-508-4242

__ __


Al Russell 850-906-0017 or 850-508-4242


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Jennifer Atwell 933-8872 TD-0000206588

Jane Lee 566-4065

Margaret Steele 556-3774

Tina Goff 508-1891

Abbie Sirmans 445-4868

Nancy Helm 545-4510

Gail Hock 566-9454

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W Pensacola & White St., 1400 sq.ft. End unit. New & ready for build-out.

Hello new adventure.

Alice Abbitt 566-7263


RETAIL l 7 0 0 S F o n Pensacola Street near FSU/TCC l 1800 SF - GREAT Price! Just off N. Monroe St. Near Tallahassee Mall & I-10. OFFICE l A "Free Standing" 3,200 SF bldg on Timberlane Road near the Thomasville Road intersection l 900 & 1050 SF Clean & Affordable! Just off Apalachee Pkwy on Hanson Ct. l Unbelievably low rates! Downtown/ Midtown area. 500 SF up to 12,000 SF. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.


Fran Ferenchick 545-6767


Professional rooms $185 & up. E. Park, near Capital Cir. Utilities & janitorial incl. 509-8818


Kevin Ben Hattaway Trexler 339-4272 980-2134



REAL ESTATE / Tallahassee Democrat

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3 BR/2 BA 1,800 sq. ft. doublewide on 1 acre. Large living rm, family room and kitchen. 3411 Whippoorwill Dr. $69,900. Owner financing. 508-0872

Bradford Hills, Proctor Rd. Lot 26. 11.32 acres. Large Oaks, Hickorys & Pines. Horses OK. Very buildable. Excellent school districts. $139,900 obo. Will pay closing costs. 443-0093

310 ACRES. Very nicediverse w/timber, hay, & hunting. Small home. $2495/ac. 459-1094

MOVE IN SPECIAL 1 month free rent, Lease to own. Mobile Homes in Springwood Mobile Home Park. 2, 3 & 4 BR units avail. from $370/mo. Call now Stephanie 850-580-0050

Lake Yvette West, 19 Schultz Ct, 0.54 ac. $25,000 713-851-5544

WELCOME HOME Real Estate for Sale






__ __

WELCOME HOME Real Estate for Sale __



!!! TOTAL REMODEL !!! AAA Flexible owner terms!!! New plumbing, electric, H&A, carpet & tile. Lovely 24 x 60 3/2 beauty! Super big new kitchen. Huge dramatic den or living room! N 27 just into Gadsden Co. On 1.05 acres! $69,900. Traders Realty, Inc. 878-3957



l 2 Acres on Mahan Drive adjacent to Super Wal-Mart l Commercial lot (.8 Ac) that is zoned CP & v i s i b l e o f f Tennessee Street l Unbelievable Prices! Comm. lots on Apalachee Pkwy l 3 . 1 5 A c o n Fleischmann Rd adjacent to the newest & largest NE office park l Land w/ permits for 50 units located near FSU & TCC l Prime Retail Location! 1.2 or 2 Ac on N. Monroe St. near Tharpe St. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.



OFFICE/RETAIL PROPERTY FOR SALE Repair shop/ convenient store on W. Tennessee Street Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.




NE 4.6 ac. Chemonie Subd. Gorgeous Homes,Paved,Oaks, Creek,Prime Schools,Horses ok, Underground Util. ONLY LOT! $125K Owner 850-567-7978




North Florida/ Tallahassee

Lender Ordered Liquidation Sale 8 acres-$59,900

Private & Gated, Deer and Turkey abound Short drive to Capitol and St. Marks Perfect for family home or investment No reasonable offer refused Call today (888) 515-0411 Gulf Atlantic Land Sales LLC , Broker




l 11,460 Sq Ft warehouse on 2 Ac. on Jackson Bluff Rd near Appleyard intersection Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.



Miss a day. Miss a lot.



l 2 4 8 1 P a p i l l o n o f f AUCTION. 242.73 Acres Selling Divided, Thomasville. 2 story 5BR, In Combinations or 3.5BA. Master down. Sun room & family rm. As a Whole. Located at Highway 129 at I-10 in $371,000 9283474 Live Oak, Suwannee l 1914 Ty Ty Ct. off 6.26 wooded acs. Tram Mahan 4BR/3BA formal County, FL. Rd near SouthWood Paved Road Frontage. living & dining rooms, 625 feet road frontage. eat-in kitchen, family Prime Location. $87K neg. 556-8746 rm w/fireplace. Huge Merchantable Timber. 9282029 deck & porch $300,000 Home Sites. Thursday, May 17th @ 7:00 P.M l398 Terrace St. 3/2.5 & Marshall w a l k t o L e o n H i g h , Call Hudson for More Infod i n i n g & C a p i t a l 800-941-9400 License: Complex. Wood floors, Home Sites AB110 fireplace. Charming. 9280520 l Country living at its $350,000 best! Lovely 4br 2ba MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES T OWNHOUSES FOR SALE home surrounded by AND INVESTMENTS. 5+/-acres o f 386-8660 picturesque pasture N E B R I C K a n d n a t u r a l 9282478 TOWNHOME 1625 hardwoods and enterville Road 2 pines. $149000. An COASTAL/BEACH PROPERTY FOR SALE C story, near TMH; Private additioonal 10+/Yard, Residents Only acres with pasture L o o k i n g t o s w a p a Pool, Kate Sullivan, and woods adjoining 4BR/3BA furnished 3000 Cobb & Leon School this property is sq.ft. home with 1.37 $100K 850-509-1981 a v a i l a b l e a t acres on Gulf at Cape 9277325 $6500/acre. San Blas for a Contact Mary Dale comparable property H OMES WITH ACREAGE FOR SALE Joyce 224-2300 on Wakulla River or surrounding area on still 4BR/2.5BA on 14 acres, 9280799 water. 770-921-4069 pines & hardood, large 9278304 workshop & pool. to move in. On OUT OF TOWN FOR SALE Ready 3007 Lake Douglas Rd, Bainbridge, GA. Home Sites Mtn Cabin in NC for REDUCED! $249,000 l New Price! 48 ac. vacations or retirement 229-515-0795 / 246-5934 give-away at $126,000 o f b e a u t i f u l 9283317 7 rm house, 1.5BA on 2 hardwoods & pines 9278735 with creek $253,260 acres. Whigham, GA l 9 ac.with pretty ff Tide Creek Rd., GEORGIA PROPERTY FOR SALE o$57,000. woods. $108,000 229-377-7328 l 3.25 ac in Leon or 973-373-0196 Owner 9279938 County $150,000 Contact Mary Dale LAKEFRONT-19 acres Joyce 224-2300 Pelham-3133 Harmony Home on 15 acres 9280801 Lg. 2BR/2BA, w/huge Rd SE, 3/2 open floor deck, pond, hot tub, garage/ GENERAL REAL ESTATE plan,separate w o r k s h o p w / b a t h + fireplace, horse stalls & shed $219K 342-1200 barn. Fish from your 9282977 own dock 229-294-4718 !!! TOTAL REMODEL !!! 9280906 AAA Flexible owner Monticello Horse Farm terms!!! New plumbing, Selling a boat? Beautiful area! 30 acres electric, H&A, carpet & 3BR/2BA log cabin w/ CALL CLASSIFIED tile. Lovely 24 x 60 3/2 inground pool. 2BR/1BA ADVERTISING beauty! Super big new guest home w/2 barns, kitchen. Huge 7 paddocks, training dramatic den or living track,$475,000. Owner room! N 27 just into finance, possible lease Gadsden Co. On 1.05 w/option 352-812-1926 acres! $69,900. Traders 9278190 Realty, Inc. 878-3957

__ __







__ __











Owner Financing. 3/2 renovated mobile home on 3acres in Crawfordville, FL. $100,000 & 10% down. Call 850-926-6766

Open 2-4 Sunday 4664 Inisheer Lakefront! Newer Roof! Split Plan! New wood flooring! Fireplace in Great Rm w/Vaulted Ceiling. 668-2057 Jan Soto Realty

OPEN SUN 2-5 Fisherman’s Dream 1983 Collins Landing Rd. $255,000. Stunning lakefront home on Harvey Creek branch of Lake Talquin! 3BR, 2.5BA with garage, 2222 sq.ft. Updates incl. custom kitchen, recent metal roof. Rinnai water heater & more. Dir: W. on Hwy 20 (15 min. from Capital Cir) to Collins Landing. Anthony Gifford 528-4472, Advanced Realty Group




HOMES $101’ - $250’



Open Sun 2-4 4066 Cottage Wood Trl Updated & affordable! 3/2, vaulted great rm w/fireplace French doors to awesome deck & back yard overlooking Southwood Plantation. Approx. 1,300 sq.ft. $120,000. Kevin Hattaway Linda Dix Realty Call/text 850-980-2134



CIR 1959-built,1566 sq ft 3/2/2-car garage, 1 ac. $215,000 (appraised at $229k) Mike, 850-443-2005



HOMES $251’ - $500’ S


3216 Shady Hawk Lane 4BR/2.5BA pool home on 3.38 lakefront acres. 2992 sqft, Teak floors, granite kitchen, family rm w/fireplace. Office. Balcony, 3-car garage. Horses ok. $445,000 REDUCED! 933-4041



4BR/2.5BA, Chemonie Crossing. $425,000 By Owner 264-9011




3077 O’Brien Dr. w/ lease purchase option Tom Ertl 3260 sq.ft. pool home on golf course. 4BR + study/3BA, wood floors & blinds, sprinkler sys., Sonitrol, $5000 to buyers broker. $440,000 766-0008



SouthWood 5BR/4BA

Lots of upgrades! Like new. 2 living areas, lg. kitchen opens to family room. Energy efficient. $274,900 - Great Buy! By owner. 850-284-4584


Classified Advertising


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Cell (850) 545 3419 and Celebrate Mother's Day!

CONDO BY FSU $39,900 6392 Williams Road – MAKE OFFER $109,000 Commercial Almost new subdivision, model home, upgrades! Lux. Nice brick,1 bedroom, 1 bath, big living room, nice 1.3 Acre prime frontage ready to build store, shop! baths, kitchen, Reduced $219,900. Very Negotiable. kitchen, pool, storage, parking. 545 3419. $99,900- 16+ ACRES 2805 Paradise Place $257,500 3245 Cranleigh Drive POOL Bring your Horses, Ready for building your home, has Cinderella’s Palace Almost! Traditional Classic Killearn Home, Just $195,000, living/ great price reduction, can hunt here too! Reduced to Sell Custom Gardens Killearn, Victorian! Rich dining & family room overlooking Huge Deck, Big Pool & Call 545 3419 Barbara Dickson,Realtor moldings, flooring, gourmet kitchen, lux. lighting, decor! private fenced backyard--a haven of rest! Newer roof & Warmth, charm! NEAR BETTON HILLS 4BR heat/air, foyer,hallways w/rich wood laminate, big garage w/ Just $239,000, 4 bedroom, 4 bath, builders home, off 8709 Waltham Ct. - Short Sale! workshop, Best Pool Buy in Killearn! Working at a Short Sale, at just $114,900, Darling 3 Potts Road, over 2600 feet traditional family living, 2 car bedroom, 2 bath, rich tile floors, screen porch, big fenced WALK2LAKE $179,900 garage +shop, 2 Masters! Call 545-3419 to see. yard, convenient to Southwood and offices! Beaut. Almost new 3BR/2BA deluxe w/workshop BY BETTON, OFF POTTS RD fireplace for Holiday Cheer! 3697 Matt Wing Road $97,000 Almost half Acre Lot, priced to sell at just $40,000 cleared 53 Merwyn Walk 2 Lake! Big fenced yard, deluxe kitchen, master bath, rich flooring, pool. and ready to build on, Call Barbara Dickson 545-3419 Deluxe, just $179,900, 2 lots, few years new, upgrades 1739 RIVERBIRCH galore! Separate workshop on 2nd lot. 4022 ARDARA DRIVE-POOL! $179,900 Private,close-in, lux. Decor, lux. floors, 4BR-2.89 ACRES $164,900 4 Bedroom Brick, Wood and Ceramic Floors, Granite/ close to hospitals, work! 545 3419 Lake Tallavana spacious and few years old, priced to Stainless Kitchen, New Heat/Air, New Windows, NE Beauty sell! Rich tile Floors, Recent appliances, Big Sep. Master! 4BR LUXURY $284,900 just $232,900- 545-3419 Priced to Sell! Hurry 545-3419 Gardens of Killearn Exquisite, rich columns, crown moldings, BRICK 4BR LUXURY $284,900 $73,000-2BR-2BATH luxury wood flooring, dream kitchen, surround sound, flat screen Gardens Killearn Gorgeous Decor’ w/ Rich Real Wood Floors, Deluxe Townhome close-in, tv, sprinkler system, luxury baths! 545 3419 to see. Rich Ceramic Tile Floors, new High Ceilings, Crown Moldings, Dream Kitchen, Lux. Sep. 5522 Hampton Oak $142,000 Low Price, call 545 3419! Master! Sec.System,Surround Sound,Flat TV! Just $284,900, Just 4 years new, Eastside, 11026 Wildlife Trail Call 545 3419 to view! Luxury thru, garage w/ opener, screen porch! KILLEARN LAKES 2100 FEET NE WALK TO PARK $189,900 1532 Chadwick Way, $244,900 Reduced to $194,900, spacious 1-owner home, huge Wonderful Weems 3 BR, 2 bath, high ceilings, richest master, double vanities, jetted tub guest bath, marble Custom brick, NE, Killearn Lakes Custom fireplace family room, Huge custom deck, big backyard, Wood Floors, gourmet kitchen, lux. Master w/jetted tub + Gorgeous, one owner, rich wood floors, oversize garage! Best Buy Area! shower! 3289 Bodmin Moor, call 2 see! high ceilings, gourmet kitchen, entertainer dream! 1207 Kenilworth Rd. Huge lux. master! Killearn Lakes 7 Oaks! BUCKLAKE $185,000 POOL 4 BR Waverly Brick $229,000 WAVERLY 4BR 3BA Almost Acre, Living, dining, family rooms, fireplace, Classic, Pond View! New architectural roof, new plush covered patio, great brick home, top schools, Over 2800 Ft., just $279,900, newer roof,heat/air, carpet, sparkles with new paint thru, 2 car garage, in-law suite, great family home with view of Pond! perfect family home! Reduced! pool/pool bath!

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Open Sun. 2-5, 4/2 split plan in the Glens at Golden Eagle, 1952 sq.ft. + 2-car garage. Lots of upgrades! Immaculate! $229,500 2172 Heathrow Dr. By owner. 850-933-1013






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Thomasville, Georgia BIDDING DEADLINE: THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2012





To Accomplish This Immediate Sellout, The Developer & Mortgage Holder Have Agreed To Accept A Deeply Discounted Short Sale! Make Your Best Offer! Their Loss Is Your Tremendous Opportunity!!!! Remaining Inventory That Must Be Sold: • 5 Completed Townhome Units

• 7 Incomplete Townhome Units • 8 Unit “Plumbed” Foundation Slab • 36 Site-Ready Vacant Lots This Inventory Will Be Offered Divided Into 5 Bid Offerings. You May Bid On One, Any Combination Or The Entire Inventory! Kenley Oaks Townhomes Is One Of Thomasville’s Finest Residential Gated Communities. Visit Our Website To See All The Outstanding Amenities This First Class Project Has To Offer & To Receive Property Information & Bid Packages!!! 10% Buyer’s Premium,

FREE Brochure! 800-334-9724 or Online PROFESSIONAL AUCTIONEERS, INC. Valdosta, GA – GAL # C1409, FAL # AB290


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2173 GATES DRIVE, $350,000 4BD/3BA w/pool & waterfall in Golden eagle. Outdoor grilling area & lanai. Not a short sale. Freshly painted and in excellent condition. MLS#225214 Dir. Deerlake to the S Gate Entrance. R on Gates, home is on the corner-first house on the R.

7905 MCCLURE COURT, $435,000 4BD/3BA in McBride Hills on 1.9 ac. Office & bonus room. Family room w/fireplace & builtins. Outdoor entertaining area. Bannerman to McClure Dr (near Tekesta) to McClure Ct.

6087 RANCH ROAD, $174,900 Charming 3/2 farm house on 1.7 Acres. Renovated in 1980, originally built 1939. Updated Kitchen, Metal roof, fireplace, builtins, hardwood floors and huge front and back porches. MLS# 225235

105 CREST STREET . $155,000 Updated in the 80’s. 3/2, + 12x8 centrally heated/cooled sunroom. Fireplace with builtins, French doors to sunroom. 2 car garage. New Roof by seller before closing. MLS# 215019

JUSTIN GRANT TRAIL, $210,000 3BR/2BA with new roof & ext. paint, .62-acre lot in NE. Tour at MLS# 224145

NADIA SCHEFFERS 850-264-9005





4032 MCLAUGHLIN, $435,000 French Country 4 BD/3 BA custom built home. Deluxe Master Suite; stainless Thermadore appliances; screened Marcite salt water pool & outdoor shower. MLS#225203

LANTERNLIGHT COURT $95,000 Perfect lot for that home you find in the 2012 Parade of Homes! Beautiful corner lot w/2.84 acres of hardwoods & pines in small NE gated Coventry Banks neighborhood. MLS# 222466

3725 PHIPPS POINT ROAD, $1,500,000 Amazing in every way! 4BD/6.5BA w/5679 SF on 2.25 acres. Wonderful kitchen, His & Hers baths & closets. Property is fenced & gated inside gated community w/access to Lake Hall. MLS#225142


BETTY CURETON 850-545-7388


2682 SURF ROAD, $179,000 Walk to Angelo’s or entertain in this open 3BD/2BA with views of the bay. Roof, appliances, etc… redone in 2005. Tile floors. 32x9 screened porch. Corner lot. MLS#219695

3308 DRY CREEK DRIVE DESIGNER TOUCHES in this beautiful 4BD/2BA with 1993 SF. Screened porch overlooks private backyard.


YVONNE J. HOWELL 850- 933-2219


YVONNE J. HOWELL, 850- 933-2219 SANDY HIGDON, 850-510-5500



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3650 OCLEON DRIVE, $401,608

Built by Alexander Dinkelman, this Home will be featured in the 2012 Parade of Homes. Come take a look and see what this amazing home has to offer. This home features: 3 BR/3.5 BA + office, Finished bonus room and much much more…MLS #225112 North on Thomasville Road, Right on Ocleon Dr., Home on Left at the end. Weekly  

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Real Estate Info for Tallahassee, Leon County, and the Surrounding Areas.