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Rethinking the smaller living space


Home furnishing manufacturers are catering to smaller living spaces found in many residences today, among them the compact apartments and other urban dwellings with scaled-down floorplans. For designers’ views on the trend, see the story on Page 6.

Readers offer more advice on stain removal By Alan Heavens The Philadelphia Inquirer

Phil and Victoria Kluss will be getting the last word on tomato stains on marble this week, only because their solution is so interesting, and they sent me before and after photos to boot. “We got out the color by making a poultice with

food grade diatomaceous earth and hydrogen peroxide,” the Klusses wrote. “Mix them together so you have a thick paste, cover the stain and then cover with plastic wrap until the mixture dries out.” ___ Question: I have blue stone/slate floors in my kitchen. They were here

when we bought the house. Several years and two dogs later, they are really dirty. A regular washing doesn’t do the trick. Any commercial cleaner I call says they don’t clean this type of floor. Help, before I host holiday dinners! Answer: Oddly enough, I recently tried a

poultice of talcum powder and hydrogen peroxide on the part of our quarry-tile kitchen floor where our beagle used to show her annoyance with us. I had some success, but my thought is that I’ll need a floor washing machine to really do the job. ___ What about other stains?

Debbie Kirkland 2012 President

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Mortgage Tips

Elizabeth Ralstin, Hancock Bank

Getting a mortgage today is vastly different than 10, five, three, even one year ago. In an attempt to protect consumers, the government has implemented steps that lenders are required to go through. Mortgage backed securities are not desirable commodities due to the number of foreclosures and short sales. The impact of reps and warranties has trickled down from investors to the originating lenders, whereby lenders are documenting files so thoroughly as to ensure no stone has been left unturned. With all of the challenges mentioned above, there are still a lot of positives. Rates are low! Housing prices are affordable! Banks are lending money! Here are a few things to help you navigate a successful course in obtaining a mortgage: Have the following documents readily available for your lender: last two years’ tax returns— complete copy (if self-employed, include business returns & current P&L), last two years’ W-2s, most recent year-to-date paystub, last two months’ bank statements—all pages, even if blank. If you are a recent graduate—your transcripts, offer and acceptance letter from your employer, and make sure you are not still on probation! If you have had a divorce, then your divorce decree, property settlement agreement, and (if applicable) child support agreement will be required documents. Most of all, be COMPLETELY honest with your lender. There are a host of “behind the scenes” search tools that are used today to fully research all borrowers, and your lender will uncover undisclosed items. Please be patient and understanding. Once you have furnished requested documents, your lender will do a thorough review. If there are deposits on your bank statements that are not related to your employment, you may be required to explain and document these. Inquiries on your credit report not related to the lender you are getting your loan through will need to be explained as well. Tax returns can also generate a host of questions that need to be addressed. The more forthcoming with information you are, the smoother your transaction will be. And as a daily reminder: focus on the end goal. You are purchasing the place you will call your home! THE BOTTOM LINE LEON COUNTY, FL As of 11/5/2012

Active Listings

SUPPLY Sold Past Yr 11/11-10/12

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VALUE TREND Prior 6 Mo Prior 12 Mo Avg Sale $ Avg Sale $

Total Det/TH/Condo






$ 175,700

Detached Only TH/Condo Only

1,328 381

1,864 514

8.5 8.9

1,746 487

6% 5%

$ $

194,700 95,200

$ 173,800 $ $

197,400 88,200

%"! (,5, ,.2/! 3) , )+,77 129532- 2& 5"! (,5, ,/,37,.7! &29 5"! 720,7 +,98!5* 47!,)! ,)8 , '!,75296 &29 +29! 3-&29+,532- 29 0"!08 5"! +!(3, 73-8 ,5 ###*5.9-!5*29$* Data from CATRS, Inc. MLS (a subsidiary of TBR) compiled by Timberlane Appraisal for the exclusive use of CATRS and TBR. TD-0000221327


Reader Joan Fry uses this procedure to remove copper and rust stains, and she says it works every time. Place a dry paper towel on the stain, pour lemon juice on the paper towel and cover the juice with table salt. Let it set overnight. The stain should be gone. Reader Karen Dante has had success removing superficial etching from marble using Marble Polishing Powder (MB-11), by MB Stone Care, available online at It is an abrasive powder that requires a bit of elbow grease and is rather messy. ___ Q: I’ve discovered that our basement cedar closet now has a musty odor and some of the clothes that have been kept there for a while have mold spots on them. We’ve been in the house for over 17 years and this is the first time I've noticed this. I don’t see any signs of water getting into the closet. Could this musty odor/mold creep in if the door was left open? It is usually kept shut. A: I don’t believe that water has to appear in a gush to cause this kind of problem. Our summers are increasingly warm and humid, and the closet might just have become damp and lacked the proper ventilation to dry out completely. Cedar needs to be renewed periodically to do its primary job, deterring moths and bugs from feasting on fabric. The experts recommend that the cedar be sanded using fine-grade sandpaper at the end of each season. This will expose a new layer of the wood to the air, and allow the natural oils in that fresh layer to evaporate and release their aroma. ___

Q: I have a 22-year-old house. In the garage in the past two years, the drywall tape is falling off the ceiling. We keep the garage door open about 6 inches so the cat can go to and from. The walls are sheetrock and both the wall and ceiling only have primer paint/sealer on them. Why is the tape coming off, will the wall start falling apart, and could this be stopped? A: We had the same issue in our master bedroom, which gets misty when we take showers, and discovered that the reason for it was that the taping had not been done properly. I tore off the tape and redid it. No problem. It appears that there isn’t an excessive amount of moisture, but when paper tape gets damp and dries out a couple of times, it tends to come away from the joint. I used fiberglass tape that sticks to the joint, and this ended my problem.

Email questions to Alan J. Heavens at or write him at The Inquirer, Box 8263, Philadelphia, Pa. 19101. The volume of mail received prohibits individual replies.

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Payments based on $150,000 loan amount. Rates subject to change. Call for current rates. Purchases and refinances of Primary Residences, Investment Properties, Home Equity Lines of Credit & Construction Perm Loans are available. Visit www.sunshinesavingsbank. com to apply or call 800-468-3993. Select option 1 for our mortgage hotline.

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$685.25 15 YR. Conv. fixed 2.25% 2.00 $1,051.86 30 YR. Conv. fixed 2.75% 3.125 $1,470.01 30 YR Conv fixed 3.250% 0




20% 5%

30 30

3.052% $612.36 3.713%* $652.81**



30 YR FHA fixed

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3.785%* $643.47**

30 YR RD fixed

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3.519%* $645.34**

*FSU Credit Union is currently running a Done in Decade promotion which includes a .25 reduction in rate on our 10-year fixed mortgages (reduction not shown above). Credit standards and eligibility rules apply. All rates are subject to change without notice. FSUCU is an equal housing lender. Please contact Allison Tremper at FSU Credit Union for your personalized quotes at 850224-4960 ext. 3310.

Please note: • Rate quotes based on qualified borrowers having a credit score of 740 or better. • Lower conventional down payments are available for qualified borrowers. Let your neighborhood professionals guide your mortgage transaction from beginning to end. We have numerous programs to meet your diverse financial needs.

Local Processing -Local Decisions - Local Closers - Local Construction Dept - Local Appraisers. Full Array of programs subject to credit & property approval & includes: 2nd home & investment, FHA, Conv, Const/Perm & Lot Loans. 100% VA, RD, & Affordable Housing. *MIP incl. **No MIP. Loans are not made or originated by FHA, VA, HUD, or any governmental entity.


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74% !#"" 622 !,)&.*0 !)&%& $..682/75702"1&"04 #((," 026728 )*,.*4 3% $3 +(!*%*'(,#&,') !)$()* +$&% 14 +4*%.)*4- 3% 3((,./3%.)*' 5)+4 /)*-.%.)*& 3((,"'


*+" &9 -)3;:! .))02+6 9): % 9!/ ,):! 6:!%5 :!%8)+8# '+1282)+ %.8) )7!:8$ + %106, !6,0/ + #5=01 (<5/>7- (5/,/ + #546< :01?>4>7-

+ * &02016<<; $7/@102 &>7674>6< $7/,>,@,>57 + #567/ &51 '?01; #>.0/,;<0 + :304>6< 8064)01 "1595,>57/

"!)) *84.!% ()35/!.. &. +0& (&!*&01 &.1!# !& '-$,'$%-/ TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT » SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2012 » 3

Include emergency essentials in your home survival kit By Tim Engle The Kansas City Star

I was surprised to learn that a perfectly sensible neighbor owns a blow-up raft and oars, not because she’s planning a whitewater adventure, but because the raft might come in handy in a flood. A friend who has never planted a thing besides grass mentioned stockpiling seeds — for subsistence farming. Crazy, yes, but then again, he has mentioned fear of a zombie apocalypse. I was not even a little surprised to hear of the reality TV show “Doomsday Preppers,” which offers extreme examples of people getting ready for whichever awful way they think the world is going to end one of these days. Most of the time, those of us not on reality TV don’t give much thought to trying to manage without electricity or heat or cell phone or Internet. But the recent “superstorm” Sandy in the Northeast has people talking about whole-house generators and the advantages of buried power lines, says Mike Baughman, operations co-

ordinator in the Emergency Management Department of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan. The good news for most of us is that we probably won’t get a hurricane. And probably no apocalypses, zombie or otherwise. But for some there are the deadly threats of ice storms and tornadoes. Other possibilities include a hazardous material incident or a pandemic flu. Any or all of which is why you ought to consider putting together a kit of emergency supplies. People expect that when something as devastating as Sandy goes down, FEMA and the American Red Cross will show up the next day. But that’s not always realistic. If you can sustain yourself through “the first 72 hours (of a crisis), then we as the government can start to help resolve the issue,” says Jennifer Fales, coordinator of training and outreach in Kansas City’s emergency management department.

Emergencies supplies including a light stick, emergency blanket, flashlight, peanut butter, multi-purpose tool and weather radio make for a survival kit that can help see your family through a disaster. ALLISON LONG/KANSAS CITY STAR/MCT


THREE THINGS EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ON HAND Be prepared to get by on your own for at least three days. The American Red Cross suggests having enough food and water for two weeks in case you’re stranded. Make sure you have: Water: At least 1 gallon per person per day, to be used for drinking, hygiene and food preparation. You can buy bottled water, but storing tap water in clean 2-liter soda bottles works, too. Food: You need a three-day supply of nonperishable foods that don’t require cooking. Examples: peanut butter, jerky, nuts, protein bars; canned meat, vegetables, fruits, soup. Comfort food is a good idea, too, such as cookies, candy bars, instant coffee, tea bags. If you have kids, pick foods familiar to them. If you have a baby, make sure you have formula, diapers, etc. Life-sustaining medications: Have an extra sevenday supply. Don’t forget your pets. Have food and water for them. Also: leashes, carriers, toys. OTHER ITEMS THAT MIGHT COME IN HANDY A complete change of weather-appropriate clothing and footwear per person A first aid kit Battery-operated or handcrank radio, plus extra batteries. Flashlights and extra batteries. AA lithium batteries are said to have a 10-year shelf life. Cash (there's no guarantee ATMs or credit card machines will work in an emergency) and an extra credit card Cell phone with charger. Even old cell phones can be used to call 911; just keep them charged. Whistle Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, baby wipes, etc. Spare eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.

Farm-style home is fun

House of the Week HMAFAPW01298 shows a two-bedroom, one bath farmhouse-style home with a cozy front porch and side porch for spacious living. AP

HMAFAPW01298 DETAILS: Bedrooms: 2 Baths: 1 Main floor: 1,064 sq. ft. Total Living Area: 1,064 sq. ft. Standard basement: 1,064 sq. ft.

For The Associatd Press

Who says big houses have all the fun? Plan HMAFAPW01298 from has an open layout that would make a great vacation home or budget-friendly primary residence. This farmhouse-style home squeezes space-efficient features into1,064 square feet of finished living space. An unfinished basement offers the opportunity to double that area. A cozy front porch opens into a vaulted great room and its adjoining dining area. The vaulted ceilings and open layout add a sense of spaciousness. A hearth in the great room provides coziness. The U-shaped kitchen has a breakfast bar with seating for three open to the dining room, and a sink overlooking a flower box. Two bedrooms, each with vaulted ceilings, are positioned along the back of the plan. Each has wall closets and a view of the backyard. They share the full bath in the utility zone, near the laundry closet and a small side porch. An open-rail staircase leads to the basement. A downloadable study plan of this house, including general infor-

Dimensions: 38-0 x 34-0 Exterior Wall Framing: 2x6 Foundation Options: Crawlspace Standard basement

/+%.$!&$(', (, #(/* -(*0)")!1 ,&&# %(!& '+"" -&*)$ ( ).54?DB*.5&.! %1,? 16B&1.D 2 81?40"1D,?4 2 <445 ;. H&4, GA 81?40"1D,?4 2 'E1?B '*"4 2 H1*. >15&@0*B&1.

In this floor plan released by, the first floor, with a cozy front porch opening into a vaulted Great Room and its adjoining dining area, of a farmhouse-style home is shown for House of the Week HMAFAPW01298. AP

mation on building costs and financing, is available at To receive a study plan by mail, please fill out the following order form. Be sure to reference the plan number. To view hundreds of home designs, visit our Web site at Order this homeplan: To build this house, order a complete set of construction documents at or call toll free (866) 772-1013 and ref-

erence the plan number. At , you can browse more than 1,500 other designs, or download a free Study Plan of this design and many others. The Study Plan is a helpful tool for decision-making and estimation; it includes valuable coupons to use on the purchase of complete construction documents and modifications. You can also order a paper copy of the Study Plan by calling (866) 7721013.

( =4"6 +&BE +E&0E4-4? 16B&1. %1, 0E11D4 ( >% D4?-&04D *?4 */D1",B4"% 8C99 B1 BE4 E1#41+.4?

,$1+ %/0'!)2!*" ,!/)#3(" %&," .4-

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2 'E1?B '*"4 *.5 81?40"1D,?4 C4D1,?04 2 74?B&@45 =383 F?1A4DD&1.*" 2 :*.$ 1A 3#4?&0* 'E1?B '*"4 F?1A4DD&1.*"



Big new ideas for small spaces By Karen Sullivan The Charlotte Observer

High-rise uptown condos and strands of suburban apartment communities continue to be built, proof that bigger is not better for everyone. And home furnishing companies are catering to this expanding market. As a result, consumers can fit lots of new comforts into a modest footprint. With a smart approach to design, smaller spaces can be efficient, elegant and welcoming, experts say. Here are some of their tips for making even the tiniest small space something special. Scale down – Sleek, clean lines and simple designs do better in small spaces, says home design and staging expert Wendy Field, owner of Field Consulting in Charlotte, N.C. The improved futon Beddinge sofa bed from Ikea (starting at $279) has that uncluttered look that keeps a room feeling spacious.

Smaller appliances might also be the best choice. Refrigerator drawers can be built alongside the lower cabinets. A small washer can be stored in a closet. Make everything multitask – Use tables and chairs in different shapes and sizes. Some pieces can transition from dinnertime buffet to office or homework space. Choose a small chest of drawers for a bedroom nightstand for extra storage. A coffee table should also have storage. Choose movable pieces – Ottomans and chairs or a guest bed can be in the middle of the room one minute, then pushed against the wall the next to make room for more people or games. For example, a one-bedroom Charlotte condo has a small galley kitchen that opens to the living room. The stools can be used for seating or as side tables, says designer Cathy Diel of Diel Design & Interiors. Many ottomans also have storage areas.

Manufacturers of home furnishings are catering to smaller living spaces, such as those found in urban and high-rise housing. CHARLOTTE OBSERVER/MCT

Use vertical space – Preventing clutter is a

challenge in a small space, says Jennifer Foresman,

Save $6,000 over 10 years! Recomended by Utility Departments and Dept. of Energy One lucky home or business owner will win an Aeroseal Air conditioner Duct sealing service from TruSeal for Christmas valued at up to $1,800. The average home air conditioner duct system is leaking 20-30% costing

A . Day a B

t the sa


acati T ke a v . Ta C . Da n c


s e lesson

e D. All th

ab o v e

the homeowner hundreds of dollars a year not to mention introducing unfiltered outside air dust and allergens into the home environment. This could cost the owner more than $6,000 over 10 years or worse yet contribute to unhealthy living conditions.

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Saving you money & energy

senior manager of trend and design for Home Depot. Shelves and cabinets can conceal personal items, as well as the bed when it's not being used. The same approach to keeping things tidy can be used in an office. Splurge – It makes sense to spend a little more to dress up a powder room or tiny kitchen, because pricy materials will be used in small quantities. Use high-end flooring, wallpaper or marble that you could not afford in a large space, Foresman says. Las Vegas designer Taylor Borsari decorated a powder room with silverleaf pattern on limestone tile from Walker Zanger. The sink is concrete. Be bold – Color is the least expensive way to dramatically change a room. Vibrant tones are fine for a small space, Foresman says. Contrast-

ing colors can have a huge impact, giving a room dimension or drawing the eye to architectural details. Diel recommends limiting the palette to two or three colors. A wide stripe behind the bed can make the ceiling feel taller. Your goal should be to strive for an efficient footprint. For example, open floor plans are well suited to small spaces. The idea is to use every space in as many ways as possible. Laptops and other portable devices make it possible to work almost anywhere, so you’re less likely to find someone sitting alone in a room behind a large desk. Another helpful trend is streamlined furnishings. The grand pieces of furniture from years gone by clutter smaller spaces. Even the television takes up less space today, thanks to flat-screen designs.

A written lease trumps any prior verbal agreements that were made

San Francisco approves 220-square-foot apartments By Lisa Leff

By Gary M. Singer

Associated Press

QUESTION: Years ago we bought a mobile home, but we lease the lot that it sits on. The lot lease was affordable, but has gone up every year to the point where it is difficult to pay. The landlord had told us that the lease would go up only if the taxes did, but when I recently read the lease contract it said it would go up 5 percent every year, which it has. Is there anything we can do? – Andy ANSWER: Probably

not. Generally, contracts can be either written or verbal, but the “Statute of Frauds” is a rule of law that requires certain types of contracts to be in writing to prevent injury from fraudulent conduct or just the uncertainty of memory. For example, contracts related to the transfer of real estate, for the purchase of goods valued at more than $500, guaranteeing another person’s debt, and contracts that can’t be completed in one year must all be in writing to be valid. In your case, the lease

contract is for more than a year and therefore must be in writing. Further, most contracts contain a clause that states that the entire agreement is in writing and that any previous verbal agreements are not valid. Sometimes when a written agreement is vague, verbal comments made about the lease can be used to help the judge interpret what was agreed to, but when the written agreement is clear, as in your situation, oral evidence can’t be used regarding the agree-

ment. Because your agreement falls into the category that must be in writing and is clear about the 5-percent annual increase, it appears you are stuck with what was agreed to in the contract. Even if the agreement was not required to be in writing, a written agreement will hold much more weight with the court than conflicting memories of what was said years ago. Still, you may want to speak with your landlord and see if you can work something out. You can

move your mobile home, and the landlord may decide that a tenant paying a little less is better than an empty lot.

Gary M. Singer is a Florida attorney and board-certified as an expert in real estate law by The Florida Bar. He chairs the Real Estate Section of the Broward County Bar Association and is an adjunct professor for the Nova Southeastern University Paralegal Studies program. Send him questions online at or follow him on Twitter @GarySingerLaw.

Capital City Apartment Association

Carly Grubbs

CCAA President

Serving the Industries Serving You


By: Cathy L. Lucrezi, Attorney at Law The federal fair housing law bars discrimination based on an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, and handicap. Florida law bars discrimination on the same bases. Although these seven “protected classes” are fairly well known by housing providers, what many people don’t realize is that local laws can create additional categories of protection. A county or city can enact its own fair housing law by passing an ordinance or resolution. Sometimes, when this is done, the local law mimics what the federal and state laws require. However, many opt to create additional restrictions.


SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco could soon be home to some of the tiniest apartments in the country: studios for up to two people that include a bathroom, kitchen and a minimalist living area measuring 10 feet by 15 feet. The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved legislation allowing construction of up to 375 micro units as small as 220square feet. Building codes previously had required that apartment living rooms alone be that size. Several city lawmakers said they were worried that sanctioning apartments so small would exacerbate, rather than help, San Francisco’s shortage of affordable housing by driving up rents for bigger places. The itsy-bitsy studios are expected to fetch $1,300 to $1,500 a month. The average studio apartment in the city now goes for more than $2,000 a month. The board voted 10-1 to allow them as a limited experiment, ordering city planners to come back after 325 of the efficiency apartments have been approved with a report outlining what they rented for and their impact on construction of bigger units. Already common in crowded cities abroad such as Tokyo and Paris, downsized urban dwellings are becoming more common stateside. In Seattle, where zoning requirements have allowed scaled-back studios to flourish, developers are putting up buildings with apartments measuring between 100 and 200 square feet and dorm-like communal kitchens.

Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

age, marital status, and political affiliation. Martin County adds ancestry to the list and the city of Sarasota adds veterans. Sometimes, the difference between legality and illegality is the city line. A gay couple in Orange County has no fair housing protection unless they are within the city limits of Orlando. There, if they are refused housing because of their sexual orientation, they can contact city government to make an administrative complaint. Although the local laws are not so well known, they nonetheless pack a punch. Violations of the local laws can subject the landlord to fines, damages, costs, and attorney fees. The local laws can be used to get an injunction against the landlord.

For instance, under the federal and state law, it is okay to discriminate on the basis of marital status. Not so in Martin County! In Martin County, a landlord cannot refuse to rent to an unmarried couple just because they lack a marriage license. The same is true of Palm Beach County, Pinellas County, and the city of Sarasota (to mention just a few).

If you are unsure what laws apply to your property, some research may be in order. You can call your local city and county governments and ask to speak to the department that handles housing discrimination. Or, you can go to www. and look for the link to “online library”. Or, you can call our office at 1 800 253 8428.

In Broward County, in addition to the seven protected classes of the federal law, it is unlawful to discriminate against tenants and applicants on the basis of sexual orientation,

Local laws change periodically. Thus, be sure you are getting the most up to date info when finding out what restrictions apply to you. TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT » SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2012 » 7

Native bald cypress shows off with fiery shades of red By Norman Winter

McClatchy-Tribune News Service

COLUMBUS, GA. – Looking out my office window, I can see three bald cypress trees that appear on fire with a blaze of red. Ever since I made my first trip to the Frio River in Garner State Park, I have been completely sold out to this native tree.

Jerry McFarland, CIP

Along the Frio, they give sense of having been there since Texas history began. After more than a dozen years at the Columbus, Ga., Botanical Garden, they are among the most picturesque in the landscape. Ours are part of a great conifer display featuring the evergreen Japanese cryptomeria and the dawn redwood, which

was once thought extinct, though the cypress is not evergreen. Down below, close to the buttressing trunk, there is another dazzling show on the forest floor. Lacy fern-like leaves that have dropped yield a carpet of red, with the mysterious cypress knees emerging all around. All who see it try to capture it with a camera.

The opposite color of this fiery red fall color is green and the leaves of adjacent sweet bay magnolias prove to be a perfect foil. Many of you may think Texas or Florida when it comes to the bald cypress, known botanically as Taxodium distichum. Incredibly it has a huge native range of 21 states, as far north as New York. Don’t

Tallahassee Builders Association Weekly News

TBA President - 2012

201 East Park Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32301 | (850) 385-1414 |

think of it as a swampy trash tree either because it isn’t. It is a superior landscape tree that will grow on almost any soil. It commonly reaches 50 to 70 feet high and 20 to 30 feet wide. It can grow beautifully from the Gulf Coast to Syracuse, N.Y. The foliage is gorgeous, turning from green to a fiery orange in the fall. The bark is an attractive reddishbrown and is especially noteworthy when it reaches a stage of buttressing. The seeds feed several species of birds, including wild ducks. The cypress knees, which people see in the swamps and fear will develop in the landscape, are much more prominent in the presence of really moist conditions.

Bald cypress trees almost always are sold generically, but one variety that is simply incredible is called Sentinel. These tall trees were narrower or more conical in shape. Even in the winter they stood out in the garden like massive pieces of fine statuary. When you buy yours and you are ready to plant, dig the hole two to three times as wide as the root ball, but no deeper. Form a berm around the root zone that is large enough to hold 5 gallons of water. This comes in handy when watering. The berm can be removed in the second year. When you are ready for a tree, why not consider one of the prettiest natives in the United States, the bald cypress?

Tallahassee Area Ranks High in Housing Affordability

The evidence continues to mount that Tallahassee home shoppers are enjoying a “buyer’s market.” Actually, it’s a trend being seen across the country as historically low mortgage interest rates are helping make homes more affordable to median-income families even as house prices continued to inch up in many metro areas. According to the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index (HOI), 74.1 percent of all homes sold in this year’s third quarter were affordable to families earning the U.S. median income of $65,000. This was up slightly from the 73.8 percent of homes sold that were affordable to median-income earners in the second quarter. In the Tallahassee area, the medianpriced home of $146,000 is affordable to 85 percent of households earning the median income of $64,300… making the capital city region the 80th most affordable housing market in the nation.


“The latest housing affordability data is good news on two fronts, because it shows that the share of homes affordable to median-income earners has risen even as home prices have continued to gradually recover from their recession lows,” said NAHB Chairman Barry Rutenberg, a home builder from Gainesville. “This is primarily due to the fact that mortgage rates are now lower than we’ve seen them since the HOI was initiated more than a decade ago,” added Rutenberg.

“That said, given today’s overly tight lending conditions, we know that it remains very difficult for potential buyers to qualify for and obtain those great rates.” Nationwide, the median price of all new and existing homes sold in the third quarter was $189,000, which was up from $176,000 in last year’s third quarter, according to NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe.

T he N A HB/ Wells Fa rgo Housing Opportunity Index is a measure of the percentage of homes sold in a given area that are affordable to families earning that area’s median income during a specific quarter. Prices of new and existing homes sold are collected from actual court records by CoreLogic, a data and analytics company. Mortgage financing conditions incorporate interest rates on fixed- and adjustable-rate loans reported by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Brian Will 14th TBA Member To Earn ‘CIP’ Designation Veteran builderremodeler Brian Will of New South Homes is the latest member of the Tallahassee Builders Association ( TBA) to earn the coveted Construction Industry Professional (CIP) Brian Will, CIP, New South Homes designation based on his experience,


education, and proven track record of quality construction and customer service.

Will is a two-time Past President of TBA, a previous winner of Parade of Homes™ and Remodelers Showcase Awards, and a former TBA Builder of the Year. He has also served TBA on the Board of Directors of the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA). Tallahassee Builders Association’s Construction Industry Professionals Doug Barton, CIP Barton Construction Shane Lambert, CIP Shane Y. Lambert Construction William “Kip” Carpenter, CIP Carpenter Construction David Perkins, CIP Perkins Electric Stan Derzypolski, CIP 3 Rivers, Inc. Larry Wayne Strickland, CIP Capital City Builders Ed Dion, CIP Dion Builders Mark Trudeau, CIP Trudeau Fine Homes Jerry McFarland, CIP James McFarland Builder Tom Vieth, CIP Vieth Construction Brandon Jett, CIP Jett Builders Brian Will, CIP New South Homes William Kimberl IV, CIP Kimberl Construction Mark Worley, CIP, GMB Worley Construction

The bald cypress thrives in 21 states along the eastern seaboard and is considered to be one of the best trees for the landscape. MCT

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2400 Tippecanoe Ridge New NW Subdivision opening soon. 3BR/2BA & 4BR/3BA homes, great for first time home buyers, students and/or investors. Developer is offering great deals & bonus features for the first buyers. Come to our sales center this Sunday. Take High Rd to Hartsfield Rd. Tippecanoe Ridge is 1 mile down Hartsfield on the right. Look for Tippecanoe Hills Subdivision sign. Homes from $150-$200,000. Visit Rob Estevez, REALTOR® (850) 544-5996 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc. 850-508-6988

3336 Harbor Club Dr. - This 1,828 sq.ft. Green Certified 3BD/2BA home was designed with AARP & the FL Dept. of Elder Affairs for "Aging-In-Place". It features hardwood floors, tank-less water heater, gas fireplace with built-in entertainment cabinets, granite counters, tray ceilings & deluxe master bath w/luxurious custom tiled shower. Stainless- on-Black appliances. Aging features include widened hallways, elevated outlets, grab bars in baths, curbless shower, level foundation with zero steps & more $268,000. Ken Hollingsworth, Realtor (850) 509-1845 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc.

2586 Manassas Way. Tallahassee Homes Newest 4BR 2 BA Sales Model in Bull Run. Tallahassee's top selling neighborhood in 2012. New homes, best prices, top rated schools, convenience to shopping and more make living easy in your new home. Turning Dreams into Reality! Visit our Sales/Design center today at 2586 Manassas Way or web site at 4 More New Homes Starting Soon!

2582 Manassas Way, 2561 Ulysses Rd,2583 Halleck Ln. (Bradford Models) Affordable Elegance with New Energy Star homes. N.E. Tallahassee's most desirable neighborhood. Top rated schools. 4BR/2BA, 2000 sq.ft. with craftsman quality at great prices. Wood floors, kitchen islands, granite tops, tankless water heaters,& more! A must see! From $277,900. Visit 2586 Manassas Way - Our Sales & Design Center or web site

616 Hampton Ave, Tallahassee Single family home that can be divided into two residences, 3/2 each side or great for that large family or in-laws. Two kitchens 2/ Hw heaters. Close to university and would make the perfect place for students to reside, one side is two story the other is all on first floor, separate entrances needs little tlc. $148,500

Close to Ft Braden - ONLY $69,900


Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Owner 545-8491 Open Sunday 2-4pm

Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Owner 545-8491 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE!

Call David Rossetti, 850-591-6161 Rossetti Realty 540 ACRES TIMBER & HUNTING PROPERTY

849 Merry Robin 906 Parkview Drive 10 acres Surrounded by Apalachicola National Forest PINEY Z PLANTATION POOL HOUSE- 4 bed + office, (over 1300' of forest frontage!! Bring the Horses or 3 full baths, 2 car garage,fireplace, screened in heated just enjoy the wildlife & hunting. 840 sq ft warehouse pool home. Only $274,900! that has windows galore can be used to "camp out", 12' ceilings, accessible floored attic, drive thru doors, well & electric in place. BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME HERE 850-508-8208 Capital City Real Estate Group

Betty Perez 850-508-8208 Capital City Real Estate Group



3465 GENEVIEVE PARK DRIVE. - EVENING ROSE Evening Rose is an in-town, traditional neighborhood development located in Northeast Tallahassee. Charming 3 Bed/2 Bath Craftsman style home with extensive luxury finishes. Many plans to choose from. Visit our new model home. From Capital Circle NE, enter on Austin Davis Ave., then left on Brush Hill Lane. Priced from $219,900!

301 6th Avenue East, Havana CHARMING OLDER HOUSE Completely Updated 3 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths plus Office or 4th Bedroom. Great large Kitchen, Large Utility Room. Screened Porch and Screened Gazebo. 1900 Sq. Ft. Detached Garage with 28 x 16 Workshop plus much more... MLS# 228716. Reduced to $205,000.

Call Julie Zins, Broker, 850-443-2528 The Zins Company, LLC

CALL TRICIA BRYARS 545-5092 or MARK BRYARS 545-0476 ANYTIME!! Tricia Bryars Realty, Inc.

727 Violet St 7000 Duck Cove Rd. $649,000 MLS#220450 AMAZING custom 8 AC LAKEFRONT home. Over PRICE REDUCED - Only $155.000. 3 sides brick, 3800SF with 4BR's plus hobby room and office. 3BR/2BA 2-car garage. Fireplace & deck off Mahan & Panoramic lake views from every room; Geo-thermal Riggins. HVAC w/3 zones; 17' ceilings in octagonal family room adjacent to large kitchen complete with butler's pantry, 20x40 marcite fenced pool & new roof 2010. Lease Purchase also available 850-508-8208 Virginia Glass, 599-2645 Capital City Real Estate Group Coldwell Banker Hartung & Noblin

HONEY HILL PLANTATION 540 acres of excellent hunting and beautiful timber land, 45 minutes from Tallahassee. Lots of deer, turkey, ducks, and quail. Located in Thomas County, 2 miles from downtown Boston, Georgia, with 1.5 mile frontage on the Aucilla, and bordered by two large plantations. A 5624 square foot home, built in 2008 with 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, great room with fireplace and custom kitchen, barn and more. $2,100,000. Call 352-516-1134, pictures available through email. Call Owner 352-516-1134

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LAND w/ HOME & TIMBER T.O. Stewart Estate

Call Today!

Robin Yeatman............................850.599.2262

Approx. 42 acres on the corner of Maddox Rd. and T.O. Stewart Rd. in Thomas Co. Only 7.5 miles from downtown Thomasville, GA. Old but solid home place with deep well and septic. Easy access with lots of privacy. For more info call Terry Stewart at 229-522-0420 or email Sealed bids will be open at 10am on Dec. 7th 2012 Please mail to: Sealed Bids c/o of Kenneth Turnipseed P.O. Box 1677,, Thomasville, GA. 31799. Seller reserves the right to refuse any and all bids.


Homeowner combines love of model trains with backyard gardening GARDEN RAILWAY TIPS

By Kathy Van Mullekom

Patricia Moss offers these tips on creating a garden railway: Decide how large you want your railroad garden to be and where you want to place it. Plan your road bed – the simplest is floating track on ballast, or installing track directly on chicken grit (oyster shells) mixed with fast-drying concrete bought at hardware stores. Buy commercially made track of G scale, which is available in different lengths for running electric or battery-operated trains. A battery-operated train eliminates the need to clean the track. Decide on a garden name, one that allows you creativity and expansion options. Create realistic scenery. Use miniature plants and buildings, relying on 3-inch people as your guide. For example, doors on buildings should be at least 3 inches tall.

NEWPORT NEWS – It’s fall foliage time in the tiny town of Sugarland. As the weather turns cool and crisp, life chugs on – the dairy farm supplies milk to the sugar refinery so the bakery and candy shop can provide lots of sweets for Candy Cane Village residents. The town, served by the Southern R&R railroad, is also home to the Donut Police Station, Red Hot Fire Department, Ginger Snap Park and Rollo Golf Course. Kids attend the M&M Elementary and Sugar High school; Graham Cracker Farm is home to cows, pigs and chickens. As Christmas approaches, residents look out for a visit from the Polar Express. Welcome to Patricia Moss’ backyard, host to Sugarland and the mini many residents who dwell in her railroad garden. “I love gardening and my husband, Charlie, and I like model railroads, so I’ve combined the two,” says Patricia, who lives in Yorktown, Va. “All buildings have candy or sugary-like names, and most reside on Lemon Drop Lane.” Patricia’s railroad garden – 200 feet of Gscale track winding through a 40-by-12-foot space – started in 1997, when she first laid the track on concrete blocks. When moles kept disrupting soil under the blocks, Charlie rebuilt the track on treated lumber supported with plastic PVC pipe. More than 50 colorful cookie jars in the shapes of houses and businesses make up most of Sugarland’s buildings. Patricia finds them in antique and thrift stores, and many are gifts from friends and family. “I never knew that cookie jars came in so many wonderful shapes and colors,” says David Taylor, a member of the Hampton Roads Horticultural Society, which recently visited the railroad garden. “Charlie and Patsy have created a jewel right in their back yard,” he added. While trains and buildings form Sugarland’s energy, plants give the town Mother Nature’s special ambiance. Such trees such as pines, sweet gums and crape myrtles are pruned to stay small; nandina is a natural because its tall, stalk-like presence naturally looks like a clump of close-growing trees. Creeping Jenny and moss are used for green spaces. “I covered concrete block with outdoor carpet to set the cookie jars on and a beautiful moss started growing there – perfect for my lawn in front of the houses,” Patricia says. Any plants with small leaves such as nan-

BEST BOOK “Gorgeous Garden Railways” by Marc Horovitz, editor of Garden Railways magazine, and Pat Hayward, horticultural editor of Garden Railways. Full of large photos and helpful text on garden railroad landscaping, trains, infrastructure and water features.

ONLINE Garden Railways magazine, with online plant library and pondcare basics, at http:// Family Garden Trains, including garden railroad construction and plant selection articles, at

Daily Press-Newport News, Va.


Patricia Moss combined her gardening skills and love of trains in a garden railway. The layout consis of 200 feet of G-scale track winding through her backyard in Yorktown, Va. JUDY LOWERY/NEWPORT NEWS DAILY PRESS/MCT

The Polar Express passenger train has narration by actor Tom Hanks when it moves, as featured in the backyard of Patricia Moss in Yorktown, Va. Moss has 200 feet of track winding through a landscaped area with buildings and other miniature fixtures. JUDY LOWERY/NEWPORT NEWS DAILY PRESS/MCT

dina, Mexican heather, sedum, dusty miller and pencil trees are used to make a realistic look of a miniature town. Garden Railways magazine always has a section on miniature plants to use, but the main idea is to look for plants that resemble realistic scenery for the trains’ background. A bonsai book can help you learn the art of keeping plants small, and ground covers will spread quickly. As winter nears, Patricia takes the buildings indoors where she cleans and stores them. The trains are never left outdoors,

even during warm weather. When the mood strikes her, she’ll bring them out to run while she has morning coffee or at night when the train lights can illuminate the darkness. “It’s like an expanded playhouse,” she says. “It’s also a tribute to my father, who died when he was 59 and was still working for the railroad. My father was a pipe fitter, my uncle an engineer and both grandfathers made their bread and butter from the Southern Railway. “For me, it’s displaying life in miniature.”


Real EstateCLASSIFIEDS Classified: 599-2210


Free utils & satellite TV in furn.1BR. 5 miles east of WalMart off Parkway $150+ week. 510-5132

3 / 2 $ 1 2 0 0 / m o w/lawncare, no pets 850-508-4669 9317210

Monticello - 1BR & BA w/kitchenette w/water & elec. incl. $350/mo. 2/1 mobile home also $400/mo. 229-378-7515




$395/mo + dep. Studio, 1 & 2BRs. Near schools & shopping. 561-4226








1/1 NW Near Walmart, newly painted, laminated floors, CH/A, $425/mo. 847-8294


1940's ambience. FRESHLY REMODELED Charming, cozy and private 1BR FROM $495. Partial utilities. NO PETS. 545-6685

Barrington Park Condos - Only 35 out of 300 left! - Prices drastically reduced!! - Low down payment

1BR/1BA $495/mo Mon-Fri 10:30 am-6pm 2749 W. Tharpe St.



Convenient Location

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When you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life,’s door is always open.

FIRST MONTH RENT FREE Efficiency near down town & Lafayette Park, carpeted, lease, $410 /mo. No pets, 251-8093

Find your canvas today at



Furnished Studios as little as $19/day! Fabulous rates on 1BR units as well! Short & long term leases available! Call us today, going quickly! Ridgewood Apartments 850-878-7298



Hettie Spooner (850) 509-4337 Lindsay Elliott (850) 545-2463



Start your real estate search on the site with the most options...and come home to your new future!


3516 LARKSPUR LANE 4BR/2BA, 2234 sqft. You will love all the space that comes with this house! Recently renovated thru-out! Grade A school district, New roof, skylights, windows, hardwood flrs, carpet, granite in kitchen & baths, SS appliances, ceiling fans, paint, water heater, fixtures, hardware & landscaping! Features: Cul-de-sac, 4-side brick, split floor plan, double-sided fireplace, eat-in kitchen w/bar top, vaulted and tray ceilings, family + living rm/office, large formal dining rm w/bay window, large master w/ walk-in closet, screened back porch, energy efficient upgrades and MORE! $239,900

1207 #C3 N. MLK Blvd., 1BR/1BA 650sqft, $395, CHA, avail now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


3418 OSPREY RIDGE CT.: 4BR/5BA/1Half BA, 3,989 sqft., Stunning Golden Eagle home on a cul-de-sac w/.83 acres. Beautiful custom detailing thru-out home. Sep. Family, living & Formal Dining rm w/soaring ceilings. Spacious eat-in kit. & breakfast nook. Hardwood floors, recessed lighting, 2 gas fireplaces & 3 car garage. Finished basement and sep. Encapsulation System under home for tons of storage. Abundant outdoor entertaining space with 2 covered porches, 1 screened porch and 1 open sun deck, all overlooking a beautifully landscaped yard with fenced in backyard. $670,000



Offers an independent living facility for persons who are either 62 years of age or older and/or handicapped. Rent is based upon income and applicants must meet HUD's eligibility requirements. For more information contact Casa Calderon Apartments 800 W. Virginia St. Tallahassee, FL 32304 850-222-4026 TDD: 800-955-8771


Broussard Realty

Call 385-9881

Casa Calderon Apartments










Phone in hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.




Fax: 599-2347


B eautiful iff l N New Homes in Bull Run

FROM THE $240’s

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2586 Manassas Way, Sales Model 2582 & 2578 Manassas Way 2618 & 2615 Farragut Way 2561 Ulysses Road 2583 Halleck Lane

Porter Chandler Broker/Owner


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Lg efficiency apt. Walk to downtown. CH/A, hardwood floors, 557 Beverly Ct., $425/mo. 545-4538 545-5509

2BR/1BA N.E. Recently renovated, no pets, no smoking. $690/mo. Teresa at 491-8697

Reduced Paul Russell


Myers Park


l564 A-2 Oakland Ave. $595, 2BR/1BA, 800sqft, living and dining room, CHA, W/D hookups, avail. now l566 #B1 Oakland Ave, 2BR/1BA, $575, 800sqft, CHA, W/d hookups, avail 11/29 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284





Amazing Deal!!

3129-B Pontiac Dr., 2BR/2BA, 1070sqft, $650 CHA, W/D Hookups, Lg. fenced yard, lawn care incl., Avail now. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284

2721 Mission Rd, 2BR/1BA 800 sq ft, $525, CHA, W/D hookups, across from Gretchen Everhart. Avail now 9318041 (2719 Mission Rd avail now) S.E. Deal! Kent Strauss Mgmt & 1855-A&B S. Gadsden Realty, Inc. 877-2284 s t . , 2 B R / 1 B A , $ 5 2 5 , 850sqft., CHA, W/D 9318081 Hookups, avail now. ATLAS RD Kent Strauss Mgmt & 3/1.5, carpet, carport, Realty, Inc. 877-2284 W/D connections, $725




NICE!! 2BR/1BA faces 9318045 Golf Course, new floors 305 Broward Apt-1 paint, light fixtures, plus, 2 B R / 1 . 5 B A , C a r p e t , TCC Convenient plus! $635/mo 668-5607 Mid-town, $675/mo 2721 Mission Rd, 9318243 2BR/1BA 800 sq ft, $525, NW Close to Colleges 2172-B Claremont Ln C H A , W / D h o o k u p s , 2313 C Sylvan Ct., 2BR/ 2/1, Carpet, full kitchen across from Gretchen 1BA, 905 sq ft, $595, w/d connections, $600 E v e r h a r t . A v a i l n o w (2719 Mission Rd avail CHA, W/D Hookups, 898 Meginnis Ln now $550) Avail Now 3/2 Carpet, full kitchen Kent Strauss Mgmt & Kent Strauss Mgmt & screen porch,$975/mo Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 753-B Pointe Ct.




Regional Property Services

2/1 Carpet, Full Kitchen W/d connections $600

165-A Victory Garden Over 600 properties 3/2, Carpet, full Kitchen

in the Tallahassee area. w/d connections, 1 Car Check us out at garage $825/mo 893-2500 Lic Real Estate Broker 9313298 Meridian Mgmt. Realtor







1732 Coreywood Ct

3/3, carpet ,open floor plan, garage. w/d connections: $975/mo

2231 Parrot Lane

3BR/2BA carpet, full L r g 2 / 1 i n N E kitchen, fenced yard, w / f i r e p l a c e , a l l w/d incl $795/mo appliances incl. W/D, Quiet Residential lrg maintained yard, no Neighborhood pets, lease $825, also Meridian Mgmt. Realtor "Limited Time Offer" 2/1 Duplex in NW $700 9313267 ONE MONTH FREE RENT w/similar features 2BR/2.5BA, 1350 sq.ft., 2br-1185 sq ft 321-5016 or 893-8476 clean, quiet, sunroom, 3br-1620 sq ft 9314879 W/D incl. $800/mo. Deposit $300.00 Misson Road Deal! $700 dep. 933-85819317640 Open Saturday 10 to 3 Sunday 12 to 3 l 2657 Mission Rd, Call 850-893-1197 2BR/1BA 852 sq ft, $595, Blairstone Forrest 9317903 C H A , W / D h o o k u p s , 1719 Beechwood Cir., 2BR/2.5BA, 1152 sqft, fireplace, avail now SOUTHWOOD $750, CHA, W/D, 1 rm studio apt. W/D, l 2868-A Mission Rd, fireplace, avail now 2BR/1BA 885 sq ft, $625, cable, wi-fi, pool, incl Kent Strauss Mgmt & utils. $775/mo. 219-0222 C H A , W / D H o o k u p s , Realty, Inc. 877-2284 fireplace, lawn service 9315444 incl. Avail now. 9318074 CONDOS FOR RENTKent Strauss Mgmt & FURNISHED Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Golf Course View 1BR/1BA, fully furnished 3147 Oak Hammock Ct 9318048 from dishes to towels, Redecorated 2/1,CH/A 2BR/2BA 928 sq ft, $725, ideal for a professional. wood floors, storage, C H A , W / D H o o k u p s , $600/mo + utilities. fenced, no dogs Non- fireplace, wood floors, 850-591-0030 smoker. 319 W 7th Ave. large deck, avail now 9317333 Kent Strauss Mgmt & $650/mo. 385-3664 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9317813 CONDOS FOR RENTUNFURNISHED


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Reduced NW

2631 Windy ridge Dr., 2BR/1BA 900 sq ft, $575, 2BR/2BA*Newer paint, C H A , W / D h o o k u p s , carpet,tile*$750/mo* w/ yard service incl. Quiet 700+ credit score OR dead end street. Avail $800/mo. below 700 now Call Quint 865-693-3232 Kent Strauss Mgmt & 9315684 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 DUPLEX FOR RENT9318050





1316 HUTCHINSON ST 2BR/1BA duplex. CHA washer hookup, $500 dep., $500 rent. Annual lease. No pet allowed. Avail. now.





Miss a day. Miss a lot.

in partnership with










1811-4 Hartsfield Rd. 2BR/1.5BA, hookups,all tile, no dogs or smoking $675/mo+dep 422-3055

2/1 in great condition, huge yard, quiet area, 1918 S. Meridian St. $600/mo 850-443-3300 2BR/1BA Brick. Tile floors CH/A, ceiling fans, W/D hookup. Fenced back yard. No dogs. Nonsmoker. 313 W. 7th Ave $650/mo. 850-385-3664

Miss a day. Miss a lot.



Killearn Acres

2300 Ryan Pl., 3Br/2.5Ba 1500 sqft, $995, CHA, W/D , Fenced Yard, Fireplace, 1 Car Garage, avail 11/29 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Lafayette Park

828-2 Ingleside Ave. $625, 2BR/1.5BA, 1200sqft, CHA, W/D hookups, built-ins, carport, avail. 12/12 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Off Stone Rd

QUAD/TUNFURNISHED RIPLEXES FOR RENT2BR/1.5BA Jackson Bluff $625/mo + $400 dep.No pets.545-8665



2BR/1.5BA near TCC, CHA, Fenced yard, no pets. $600/mo. + dep. 850-385-0227




2BR/1BA, fireplace, wood/tile/carpet floors private patio. Off Park or Blairstone location. $625/mo+dep 273-1864



FREE RENT-FIRST MONTH 2BR near 27 South. Carpeted, CHA, W/D connections. Lease. No pets. $585/mo 251-8093


9315216 1403 A-2 Stone Rd., 2Br/2Ba, 980sqft., $675, H OUSES FOR R ENT CHA, W/D hookups, UNFURNISHED Private courtyard, avail 1/15 1704 Atkamire Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 3/1.5 carpet, 1122 sq ft. w/d incl $850/mo.



3009 Greenwich Ct.

Savannah CrossingSpacious 3/3 with all 4/2 tile floors, family rm, appliances ready now. fireplace, pool $1500 Pool and clubhouse on site. $500 off move-in Special, seventh month Meridian Mgmt. Realtor lease must begin by 9315158 Jan 1 or sooner. $900 1709 Hall Dr. 3BR/2BA Spirit Realty Inc. of CH/A $800/mo. Tallahassee,877-4343 9317914 Lease + dep 385-6792




Sawgrass Plantation

2409 Silver Palm Lane, $1,050, 3BR/2BA, 1400sqft, W/D hookups, deck, CHA, vaulted ceilings, great NE location, avail. 12/12 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Updated NW

2320 Sylvan ct., 3BR/ 3.5BA, 1000 sq ft, $695, CHA, W/D hookups, large den, Avail now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284





1BR House!!

1346 Linda Ann Dr., $450, 1BR/1BA 700 sqft., Window AC, Avail now. Recently renovated, lots of storage, Off Parkway Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



2500 sq.ft. N.E. Ready early Nov. 5BR/2.5BA tile floors, fenced yard. $1300/mo. 559-2035



HOUSES FOR RENTUNFURNISHED 3BR, appliances, fresh paint, near FSU, 1814 Pepper Dr. $600/mo. 850-210-7857



3BR/1BA $600 2BR/1BA $450

In Midway just10 mi. to Tallahassee. Totally renovated 1/2 acre lots. W/D, 850-443-3300



3BR/2.5BA FOR LEASE Upscale home on Hwy 319 halfway between Tallahassee & Thomasville Very private Avail. 12/1 $1800/mo 229-377-3238



Off Hartsfield Rd

2404 Hideaway Ct., 3Br/2Ba, 1025sqft, $995, CHA, w/d Hookups, large deck, hardwood floors, avail now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Beautiful Betton

2017 Trescott Dr., 4BR/ 3BA, 2147 sq ft., $1295, CHA, formal living & dining rms, huge family room, W/D hookups, 2 car garage, Fenced yard, Incl. In-law suite. Avail 12/12. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Country Beauty

4441 WW Kelly Rd, 3BR/ 2BA, $1050, 1330 sqft, CHA, W/D hookups, split floor plan, garage, spacious yard, small dogs allowed, avail. 12/1 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



EASTGATE 3/2. 2-car

garage, eat-in kitchen, $1195/mo 850-545-2089 or 850-545-4390


9318126 3/2 in Blairstone Forest, new carpet, skylights, For Sale or Rent 3/1.5 screen porch, fireplace Fenced,lg. patio, $820/ 2777 Red Maple Ridge mo. $500 dep. No pets. 1900-B Lake Ave 459-9275 $1100 + dep. 656-3261





HOUSES FOR RENTUNFURNISHED 403 E. Harrison Ave Myers Park - 2/1 G a r a g e A p t w/additional glassed in porch area. Hardwood floors, eat-in kitchen w/ appliances. W/D on site, incl. water. Ready Now. $665 8792 Louvinia Way Big 2/1 w/fireplace, eat-in kitchen w/newer appliances, new carpeting, private wooded area near Southwood, $750. 3181 Allison Marie Large 3/3 w/all appliances incl W/D. $300 off 1st mths rent, $900. 1307 Circle Dr Indianhead Acres. Charming 3/1 w/laminate flooring, big living areas, all appliances incl. W/D. Great screen porch, nice yard. New windows coming. Ready Dec. $1000. 5628 Nature Lane Autumn Woods. NW area. Spacious 3/2, totally renovated w/new appliances, flooring, bathrooms, window treatments. 2-car garage & fenced yard. Ready Dec. $1000 3436 Cedarwood Trl Killearn Lakes. NE area, 3 or 4BR, 2BA w/big open living areas, eat-in kitchen w/bar & double pantries. Great multilevel deck, 2-car garage, big inside laundry. Ready Now. $1350 Visit our website for more available rentals Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee, 877-4343



HOUSES FOR RENTUNFURNISHED Clean 3/2 brick home Vaulted ceiling,no pets 2328 S Hampton Dr. $925/mo. 850-570-0314



l 4120 Silk Bay townhome off Mahan near Publix. 2 BR up, 1 down. Fireplace, deck, equip laundry. $1000. l 1009 Mimosa, contemporary 3/2, Midtown, W/D, fenced yard. Avail. Jan. $1300. l1187 Brafforton Way Nice townhome on East side. 2/2, fireplace in great rm, small dog ok, avail. Jan. $800. l 2481 Papillion Way, 5/3.5BA, 2 master suites game rm, deck $2250 l5317 Moonbeam, cute 3/2 w/ WD & patio Avail. Nov. $1050 l 7612 Preservation New Roof! 4/2.5 in Summerbrook. Split plan, formal living & dining, huge rm w/ fireplace $2200 l 1964 Portland 3/1.5 townhome with W/D, fenced back yard, fresh paint and new floors $770 l 800 Bragg 3/1, hardwood floors, lots of storage $800 l 3985 Gaffney Loop 2/2 fresh paint & carpet. All appliances, screened porch $825 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660



Off Park Ave

1119 Rosewood Dr., 3BR/2BA 1170sqft, $995, CHA, W/D Hookups, garage, screened porch/large deck, avail 12/12. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Villages of Killearn

2629 Cotuit, 3BR/2BA, newly decorated, nonsmoking. $1250/mo + 1 mo. sec. Refs. Avail. Dec. 1 850-345-2122




$425 - $650 + dep. 2BR/1BA’s w/air. Small quiet park near Publix, No pets. 850-545-1899






Call Classifieds 599-2210

Very Private, water furn. 1 mi from FL line, 2/1, 2 covered porches $425/mo. $425 dep No Pets 229-872-8046 229-220-6006



3000 SqFt Warehouse on Capital Cir. NW w/a fenced in Yard. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.

l 1310 Paul Russell Rd., $1650, 2000 SqFt., 7 9317619 large offices, large MOBILE HOMES/LOTS lobby, conference FOR SALE room, break room, 2 bathrooms, Avail. Now l1310-A Paul Russell Rd 3BR/2BA doublewide on $ 4 5 0 , 5 0 0 S q F t . O n e 1+ acre inside Capital large office, utilities Cir. 4325 Slash Pine Ln. $69,900. Owner finance incl. Avail now 508-0872. Pictures at Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9312999 9318043 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY FOR SALE OFFICE/RFORETAIL SPACE RENT 1.6 Acs on SE corner of Capital Cir & Woodville $140-$165/office! Free Hwy. $400,000 neg. Call utils.! 1 or 2 room suite, 352-516-1134. outside entrance! Near 9317866 TMH. Some furniture. Nice!!! Owner/Realtor 850-878-3957





l 2 Acres on Mahan Drive adjacent to Super Wal-Mart l Commercial lot (.8 Ac) that is zoned CP & v i s i b l e o f f Tennessee Street l Unbelievable Prices! Comm. lots on Apalachee Pkwy l 3 . 1 5 A c o n Fleischmann Rd adjacent to the newest & largest NE office park l Land w/ permits for 50 units located near FSU & TCC l Prime Retail Location! 1.2 Ac on N. Monroe St. near Tharpe St. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.





Amazing SE Commercial








2 & 3 BRs from $499 2 baths,W/D hookups Enjoy swimming pool & large picnic areas! Free lawn care, pest control, community officer. Pre-approval by phone. Call 10-6 including Sat & Sun





2/2 Private close in 9317906 Capital Cir & Apalachee $600/mo. 12 mo N. Wakulla-3/2, huge Pkwy. lease. 570-7923 master, screen porch, 9318291 workshop, 2+ acre lot. 2BR/1BA Bayberry Ln. $1400/mo 850-264-3902 Tanglewood Estates, 9317319 $350/mo. $200 dep. NE New 4/2, 2-car No pets. 980-1968 9318286 garage, spacious BR w/lg tub, double sink, 3/2, 1400 sq.ft. Recently oversized walk-in closet insulated. 2 mi. N. I-10, $1400/mo 850-893-3997 lg lot. N o p e t s . $ 6 9 5 / or 524-0024 mo+dep Refs. 425-5240




1 Month Free Rent $99 Deposit Bad Credit OKAY


Rent to own. 3 BR/2 BA approx. 1,400 sq. ft. Family room and large living room. $800 mo. 8216 Pin Oak. 508-0872

l 900 SF - Clean & Affordable! Just off Apalachee Pkwy on Hanson Ct. l Unbelievably low rates! Downtown/ Midtown area. 500 SF up to 12,000 SF. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.



Professional rooms $185 & up. E. Park, near Capital Cir. Utilities & janitorial incl. 509-8818





l Apt. Complexes l Townhomes


A "Free Standing" 3,300 SF bldg on Timberlane Road near the Thomasville Road intersection


On W. Tennessee St. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.



1 Acre lot w/well, septic tank & utility pole off Wakulla Springs Rd. $19,500. 850-421-2205




1/2 acre. High & dry$90k or best offer. Bring your builder or we can build to suit. Call Matt 850-264-9010



ACREAGE, FARMS, GROVES 4 acres N., 12 miles, out wooded, small pond, rent to own $485/mo. 510-7959



Farm & Hunting

310 Acre hay farm with lodge & great hunting. 100 + ac of 20 year old planted pines. $1900/acre. 459-1094




Preferred Real Estate Professionals Coldwell Banker Hartung & Noblin, Inc. (850) 386-6160,

Lucretia S Thomas (850) 545-9584,, Thomas Acquisition & Property Specialists, Inc

Amanda Drake (850) 570-0821,, Drake Real Estate, Inc.

Lynn D Hudson (850) 566-2002,, Community Realty

Barbara Dickson (850) 545-3419,, Re/Max Professionals Realty

Mariana Doseanu (850) 339-5671, Keller Williams Realty

Bert Bevis (850) 894-8484,, Bert Bevis Realty, Inc.

Marsha E Morrison (850) 508-8810,, Marsha Morrison Realty, Inc.

Betty Perez (850)508-8208,, Capital City Real Estate Group

Mary A Bookmiller (850) 597-2923,, Mar-Lu Properties, Inc.

Bonnie Fowler (850) 570-4653,, Armor Realty of Tallahassee, Inc.

Mike Ferrie (850) 566-8373,, PrimeSouth Fezler, Russell & Ferrie, Inc.

Cassandra Harbin (850) 545-6661,, Coldwell Banker Hartung & Noblin, Inc.

Nancy H Helm (850) 545-4510,, Linda Dix Realty

Cindy Cooper (850) 545-8076,, PrimeSouth Fezler, Russell & Ferrie, Inc.

Nancy Stedman (850) 545-7074,, Retriever Property Enterprises

Dale Adams (850) 508-7114,, Keller Williams Town & Country Realty

Neil P Ryder (850) 508-6988,, Neil Ryder Realty, Inc.

David Rossetti (850) 591-6161, Rossetti Realty

Patsy J Harrell (850) 556-6878,, Harrell Realty, Inc.

Debbie Kirkland (850) 212-0440,, Armor Realty of Tallahassee, Inc.

Paul B Parker (850) 566-6200,, Harbor Point Realty

Deborah O Thompson (850) 933-1349,, Coldwell Banker Hartung & Noblin, Inc.

Porter Chandler (850) 545-8491,, Tallahassee Homes Realty Inc.

Diana Pan (850) 228-0868, Advanced Realty Group, LLC

Premier Fine Homes (850) 933-5899,, Capital Property Consultants

Dianne Spooner (850) 508-1846,, Spooner Realty Services, Inc.

Priscilla S Tharpe (850) 933-9412,, Coldwell Banker Hartung & Noblin, Inc.

Fran W Ferenchick (850) 545-6767,, Linda Dix Realty

Rae Roeder (850) 545-7999,, Rae Roeder Realty

Gail Mobley-Loveless 850-544-5477, Ketcham Realty Group

Sandra B Frazier (850) 933-4656,, Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee

Gary Bartlett (850) 443-5887, Gary Bartlett Real Estate

Sandra S Higdon (850) 599-1983,, Coldwell Banker Hartung & Noblin, Inc.

Hettie R Spooner (850) 509-4337,, Hill Spooner & Company Inc.

Sarah A Eden (850) 933-9600,, Sarah Eden & Company

Jacobs-Williamson Team (850) 556-2220,, Coldwell Banker Hartung & Noblin, Inc.

Sarah Kosturko (850) 445-8760, PrimeSouth Fezler, Russell & Ferrie, Inc.

Jan Soto (850) 545-8562,, Jan Soto Realty

Sharon Mears (850) 556-0477,, Regents Realty Group, Inc.

Jennifer Atwell (850) 933-8872,, Linda Dix Realty

Stacie Spears (850) 445-5510,, Naumann Group Real Estate

Jennifer Spooner (850) 556-1520, 1st Priority Realty & Mgmt.

Stan Derzypolski (850) 570-4767,, Three Rivers, Inc.

Joan Mancebo (850) 545-3195, Advanced Realty Group

Susan Gwynn (850) 545-3906, Armor Realty of Tallahassee, Inc.

Joan H Raley (850) 599-1950,, Joan H Raley, Realtor

Susan M Jones (850) 566-7584, Bluewater Realty Group

Julie Zins (850) 443-2528,, The Zins Co, LLC

Suzanne M Mcghee (850) 556-2299,, Mattox Realty, Inc.

Karen Green (850) 933-0091,, Capital City Real Estate Group, Inc.

Teresa Hatler (850) 422-1463, Bridgewaters Realty Group, LLC

Kathy Meeks (850) 509-3626,, Capital City Real Estate Group, LLC

Terry Anne Kant, Broker, CRS (850) 877-2121,, Kant Realty of N FL

Leah L Chapin (850) 212-7753,, Ketcham Realty Group, Inc.

Tricia Bryars (850) 545-5092, Tricia Bryars Realty, Inc.

Lindsay Pearson (850) 510-8029,, Pearson Realty, Inc.

Yvonne Howell (850) 933-2219, Coldwell Banker Hartung & Noblin, Inc.

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FOREST LAND & HOMESITES - Managed forest lands, natural & planted, mature timber & rural home sites, 10+ to 240+/- ac parcels, Jackson Co, Fl. near Marianna, I-10 & US Hwy. 231, $2,850+/-/ac. 850-526-0176




l Lovely 4BR/2BA home on 5+/-acres of picturesque pasture & natural hardwoods & pines. $149000. Additional 10+/- acres with pasture & woods adjoin this property, avail. at $6500/ac.


l 48 Acres of Beautiful hardwoods & pines! $4700/acre! Call Mary Dale Joyce 224-2300




Leon Co. 131 Ac 10 min from Capitol. $1250/ac. Gadsden Co. 206 Ac/ 15 min from Capitol Running creek. $1695/ac. 459-1094




4943 Glen Castle Great 5/3. Stunning Foyer & living area w/ wood floors on 2 acre lot in Highgrove. Hike to Maclay Gardens & Overstreet Greenway park from this gorgeous property. $369,900 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660




Riverfront Estate on Withlacoochee River. A steal at $298K. Possible finance. 10 fenced acs w/dock & river view. No-flood zone. Custom built 3/2.5 brick home w/carport 352-278-4644

__ HOMES $100’




Must See 3/2 brick, vaulted ceiling, move-in ready, $87,900 850-570-0314



HOMES $101’ - $250’ S


LIKE NEW! 2BR/2BA Sawgrass Plantation. 1368 sq.ft., lg. loft, lots of upgrades incl. new floors, paint, counters. Fenced yard, deck, Great school zones. $129,900. 933-4041



Ochlockonee River

2BR/2BA on the river. Deep water access, floating dock, 1 mi. N. of state park. $190,000 Call Matt 850-264-9010 Owner Financing Avail.




Open 2 - 4 Buck Lake Area, 1858 Celtic Rd $210K 3BR/3BA, in-law suite, Sheena Lloyd, Keller Williams Realty 850 284 6531


FSU Fans, Everyone wanting a great home, quiet close-in area, close to work, FSU Stadium,shopping! Rich real wood floors, shows new, deluxe kitchen, privacy fenced backyard, fireplace, 2 car garage & 2 Season Tickets at Closing! 90E off Capital Circle, right Weems, left Dartmouth, right Bodmin Moor. Barbara Dickson, Remax Professionals Realty 545-3419



212 Fairway Dr., Tallahassee $249,900

Bring your golf clubs to this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2114 sq. ft. home on an incredible homesite overlooking #2 green and #3 tee. Move in ready, oak cabinets, large utility room with sink, sunroom, trey ceiling, storage building.

304 Live Oak Lane, Havana $209,000


HOME DELIVERY 1-800-999-2271

3 br, 2 ba, 2,382 sqft, Move in ready home at the Havana Country Club with golf course view. Beautifully landscaped and well maintained. Pride of ownership shows. Brick home with fireplace and 2 car garage. Gourmet kitchen and large master bedroom suite. Hurry this one won’t last! TD-0000221447


Cell (850) 545 3419 and OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 3289 BODMIN MOOR $177,000 Huge Privacy fenced yard, backs to Park! Gorgeous Wood floors, Lux. Master w/separate jetted tub plus shower! 2 Car Garage, 2 Season FSU Tickets at closing! Call 545 3419 Barbara Dickson BRICK EASTON $254,900 Custom all brick, almost half acre, cherry cabinets, Huge master, jetted tub, over 1900 feet, Fireplace, living, dining, den, Call 545-3419 Barbara Dickson 2301 Astoria - $129,900 All brick 3BR/2BA + big den. 2-car garage + shop. Convenient to colleges & work. 545-3419 Creampuff $99,900! 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, huge screened porch, short sale, rich wood floors, worth the wait! 5522 Hampton Oak $139,900 Just 4 years new, Eastside, Luxury thru, garage w/ opener, screen porch! 1532 Chadwick Way, $244,900 Custom brick, NE, Killearn Lakes 7 Oaks! Gorgeous, rich wood floors, high ceilings, gourmet kitchen, entertainer dream! Huge lux. master! 1207 Kenilworth Rd BIG WAVERLY WAVERLY 4BR 3BA $249,900 - REDUCED Over 2800 Ft., newer roof, heat/air, in-law suite, great family home with view of Pond! 545-3419 6392 Williams Road – MAKE OFFER Almost new subdivision, model home, upgrades! Lux. baths, kitchen, Reduced $219,900. Very Negotiable.

8709 WALTHAM CT - SHORT SALE At just $100,000. Darling 3BR/2BA, rich tile floors, screen porch, big fenced yard, convenient to SouthWood & offices! Beautiful fireplace for Holiday Cheer! 53 Merwyn - Walk 2 Lake! Deluxe, just $179,900, 2 lots, few years new, upgrades galore! Separate workshop on 2nd lot. Condo $89,900 2BR Deluxe, close FSU, TCC, Screen porch, covered parking, Big bedrooms! 545 3419

OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 3289 BODMIN MOOR - FSU FANS Wonderful Weems 3 BR, 2 bath, high ceilings, richest Wood Floors, gourmet kitchen, lux. Master w/jetted tub + shower! NE walk to park $177,000 Reduced. 3801 LEANE DR. BIG HOME - SMALL PRICE! 4/5 BEDROOM $238,900 great Killearn Estates Family home, Cherry updated kitchen, Huge Sep. Master, 3.5 baths, whirlpool, huge garage, huge lot!

-'&!'$+ 1% )"' ,'+)0".2(3!2# *.-+/

3077 OBRIEN DRIVE GOLF COURSE, POOL, $440,000 Ertl Built all brick 4BR, over 3200 ft, Gorgeous Wood floors, high ceilings. Gourmet kitchen, Lux. Master/ Study, Sunroom to Pool, French doors, Call 2day, 545 3419 Barbara Dickson

4861 LAKE PARK DR. PINEY Z Gorgeous Upgrades! Beautiful 3BR single family home, great price, deluxe kitchen, luxury master suite, 2 car garage, free home warranty. $179,900-Short Sale. EAGLES RIDGE 5BR LEASE/PURCHASE OK R D Short sale at $295,000. Wood floors, Dream Kitchen, CE 2917 WITTINGTON DR. EDUC DU ED High Ceilings, Privacy fenced w/Whirlpool Hot Tub! Brick 4BR Luxury $280,900 RE Gardens Killearn Gorgeous Decor’ w/ Rich Real Wood $89,900 - CREAMPUFF! Floors, High Ceilings, Crown Moldings, Dream Kitchen, Recent roof, recent AC, Almost new appliances, rich wood floors, huge custom deck at big fenced yard! Lux. Sep. Master! Sec. System, Surround Sound, Flat Merry Oaks Court Charm, 545 3419 TV! Just $284,900, Call 545 3419 to view!


2916 Oakwood - $119,900 Cute starter, Tile Floors, New Carpet, 2 car Carport, New Paint, Big fenced yard, Brick, Quiet, Conven. University, work areas! 545-3419

Made on Sale of Homes in This Ad for Sales During November and December to Help Victims of Storm.

215 WAYNARD WAY - BUCKLAKE Reduced $227,900! 3BR/2BA Over 1900 ft. Granite kitchen, wood floors, screen porch. Visit today. 545-3419

1710 RIVERBIRCH HOLLOW - $163,000 Gorgeous, by Hospitals, work, rich wood floors, new appliances, lux. decor! Sunroom, deck overlooks serenity, privacy! Call 545 3419

ACRE $39,900 3BR-NEAR LAKE TALQUIN Cute 3 bedroom, 2 bath, very nice, priced to sell!



Larry Fabiano, Realtor

4/5 BR BRICK $227,900 Over 3,000 feet, 3.5 baths, brick, convenient West to TCC, FSU, Westside! Make Offer! 545 3419

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Lakefront, incredible sunrise view $399K

Lakefront, private setting, custom built home $289K

Lakefront, 1.7 acre lot $449K

7 miles to Cap Cir $355,800. Lakefront, 1.2 acres $199,900.

5 acres $225K

Easton Glen $218,200.

25 acres $169,900.

Killearn Lakes $148,800. The Meadows $130,000.

Suzanne McGhee (850)556-2299 Mattox Realty, Inc TD-0000221406


Real Estate News and Information for Tallahassee, Leon County, and the Surrounding Areas.