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‘Pumpkin fairy’ delivers


Stacy Schumacher has decorated a back patio on her prairie farm home with pumpkins and gourds in Reynolds, N.D. She arranges festive fall displays along friends’ front steps and leaves without a word. MCT

Stacy Schumacher of Reynolds, N.D., is known as the pumpkin fairy. “It kind of just started by accident,” Schumacher said of her now yearly tradition. She started growing pumpkins and using them to decorate for the autumn season about 15 years ago when her children were young. For more on Schumacher’s design tips, see Page 5.

Volatile compounds can be irritants By Alan J. Heavens The Philadelphia Inquirer

Q: We have just installed oak hardwood flooring in our family room, and purchased the unfinished kind because we will be matching the color to some existing hardwood flooring. Although we brought it

Shane Lambert, CIP, CAPS 2013 TBA President

home and installed it immediately, it will not be stained and finished for another three weeks. The flooring has an acrid, sour smell, irritating to the nose and throat, causing me to cough and have a runny nose while in the room. We have opened all the windows, but after being

down for two weeks, it still smells. I realize the staining/finishing process will cause more smell, but we’ll deal with that. A: Building products contain what are known as “volatile organic compounds,” or VOCs. They are emitted as gases — a process known as off-gassing — and include a varie-

ty of chemicals, some of which have short- or longterm effects on health, says the Environmental Protection Agency. Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors — up to 10 times higher — than outdoors, which is the reason you are experiencing such reactions.

Weekly Report to Housing Consumers From the Tallahassee Builders Association

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Carpenter Adds Accessibility to a Bathroom Remodel This is the sixth of six articles about the winning remodelers and projects in the Tallahassee Builders Association’s 2013 Remodelers Showcase Awards. One key measure of the success of a remodeling project is the way that it improves the lives of the client. And by that yardstick, William “Kip” Carpenter of Carpenters Construction was a big winner in the Tallahassee Builders Association’s 2013 Remodelers Showcase Awards. Carpenter’s Best Bathroom Remodel between $25,000 and $50,000 in price was his second Gold Award of the competition and, perhaps more important, is met the accessibility needs of a client with a debilitating physical condition. The client had begun to fall more frequently trying to use a very small shower. The doors in the bathroom, toilet area and shower were all very small and

These before and after photos illustrate the specialized skills that a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) like Kip Carpenter brings to a remodeling assignment.

their bedroom was difficult to negotiate with a scooter or wheelchair.

2013 Remodelers Showcase Awards Best Bathroom Under $25,000 Larry Wayne Strickland, CIP, CAPS Capital City Builders Best Bathroom $25-50,000 William Carpenter, CIP, CAPS Carpenters Construction Best Kitchen $35-75,000 William Carpenter, CIP, CAPS Carpenters Construction

Best Kitchen Over $75,000 Brian Will, CIP, CAPS New South Homes, Inc. Best Home Rehabilitation Over $150,000 Larry Wayne Strickland, CIP, CAPS Capital City Builders Best Room Addition Over $150,000 James “Jerry” McFarland, CIP James McFarland Builder, Inc.

Carpenter, who earlier this year won an Aurora Award at the Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) for a bathroom remodel, relocated a new door to the bedroom and lowered the light switches and thermostat on the living room wall. Containment of construction dust from the rest of the townhouse while Carpenter’s team worked was critical, and erecting dust walls to the vaulted ceiling was challenging. The remodeler removed most of the existing shower walls, the wall between the closet and the bathroom, and wall between the wet bar in the adjacent room. He eliminated the wet bar and incorporated it into the new shower. This allowed Carpenter


to create a curb-less shower large enough for the client to walk in or roll a shower chair into. Installing a hand held shower head on a slide bar, a tiled bench and grab bars ensured this shower would be universally accessible. Carpenter increased the size of the toilet area and removed the side with a door. He framed for a new wider bedroom and bathroom doors, and opened the closet by eliminating the door and wall. The new closet shelves were installed to be accessible. The cabinets were built for wheelchair access. He relocated the pull down stairs from the closet ceiling to the garage, to be more energy efficient and removed the sliding glass door between the bedroom and the adjacent room, which allowed him to go in and out of the bedroom-bathroom area from the back door, while containing dust, then framed the wall opening closed when the reconstruction was complete. The end result was a happy client with a greatly enhanced lifestyle and another awardwinning effort for one of Tallahassee’s leading remodelers.


It takes a while for VOCs to off-gas — as long as two years for some products — and, of course, in a closed room, the effects on you and your family can be severe. Some people react more than others to VOCs — usually those with existing health problems, such as asthma. “Adverse health effects in some sensitive populations,” as the EPA puts it. There are, however, a lot of products in the marketplace that were once heavy on VOCs that are now billed as having low levels or none. The most important, of course, are stains and paints. When you are selecting

stains for the floor and choosing polyurethane to seal it, check the labels. Low and no-VOC products are typically waterbased. When they were introduced to the market, those of us who had been painting for years thought them inferior to the older products — adhesion was an issue, and flow was another. The products have improved, yet they remain expensive because of the cost of replacement ingredients. Questions? Email Alan J. Heavens at or write him at The Philadelphia Inquirer, Box 8263, Philadelphia, PA 19101. Volume prohibits individual replies.

Construction spending increases in August By Martin Crutsinger Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Spending on U.S. construction projects rose at a solid pace in August, helped by further gains in residential building. Overall construction activity climbed to the highest level in more than four years. Construction spending increased 0.6 percent in August compared with July when spending increased a strong 1.4 percent, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday. The July gain was revised to show an increase that was more than double the initial estimate. Total construction rose to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $916.1 billion, the fastest pace since April 2009. The strength in construction should help the overall economy, which has been struggling this year with the adverse effects of government tax

increases and spending reductions. The August gain reflected a solid rise in housing activity, which was up 1.2 percent. The housing increase included a 1.6 percent rise in singlefamily construction and a 3.2 percent increase in the smaller apartment sector. Nonresidential construction rose a slight 0.1 percent in August.

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Rentals of single-family homes rising Increase reflects lingering hardships brought on by recession

By Julie Schmit and Barbara Hansen USA Today

In the aftermath of a historic housing bust, rented single-family homes are on the rise in

communities from coast to coast. At least a fifth of all occupied single-family homes were rentals last year in 32 of the nation’s top metropolitan regions, according to a “USA To-

day” analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. That’s up from seven metros in 2006. The growth reflects changes from the housing boom and bust and the enduring financial hardships imposed by the recession. Millions of homeowners lost homes to foreclosure and were forced

to become renters; others delayed homeownership. Nationwide, 18 percent of occupied single-family homes last year were rentals, up from nearly 15 percent in 2006, show data based on the American Community Survey, an annual Census Bureau survey. The metros with the

Frank A. McClean 2013 President

1029 Thomasville Rd., Tallahassee, FL 32303 • 850-224-7713 • Fax 850-561-3710 •

Zombie Listings This time of year, what I call “zombie listings” are more apparent, and they’re haunting our market. Homes that have been on the market for too long with no price reduction or positive updating have become zombiefied. These listings become stale; they linger like the walking dead of the multiple listing service (MLS), while other homes sell in a reasonable time. Robert “Greg” Lane In a perfect real estate world, the sellers would have listened to their St.Cert.Res. REA#2252 REALTORS® up front and priced the home competitively, staged and V.P., Timberlane Appraisal updated the home as necessary. But then, maybe they did take the advice of real estate professionals and listed competitively, removed wallpaper, replaced carpet, etc., and there was still something we all missed. Either way, the market has spoken, and a listing with no activity after sixty days needs realestate CPR.

The only way to revive a zombie listing is to significantly reduce the price, and the best time to do it is now. Our market is healthy, and should continue to thrive as long as the government keeps the doors open. In 2013, inventory levels have been consistently decreasing while sales volume, in general, has been increasing over 2012. That said, our local market typically sees a spike the first two weeks of November and December, then historically quiets down and kicks back in around the end of February or beginning of March. At that time, the “Spring Collection” of new listings will hit the market and entice buyers’ appetite for something new. Buyers will often walk right past the zombies and write contracts on the fresh, new listings. Wake up your listing and reduce it now. Buyers are still out there—they may just be hiding around the corner, waiting for a price reduction. THE BOTTOM LINE LEON COUNTY, FL As of 10/3/2013

Active Listings

SUPPLY Sold Past Yr 10/12-09/13

Months Supply

DEMAND Yr/Yr Sold Prior Yr 10/11-09/12 Change

Total Det/TH/Condo






Detached Only TH/Condo Only

1,362 407

2,389 576

6.8 8.5

1,802 515

25% 11%

VALUE TREND Prior 12 Mo Prior 6 Mo Avg Sale $ Avg Sale $

$ 187,300

$ 184,700

$ $

$ $

211,700 88,400

208,200 87,000

%"! (,5, ,.2/! 3) , )+,77 129532- 2& 5"! (,5, ,/,37,.7! &29 5"! 720,7 +,98!5* 47!,)! ,)8 , '!,75296 &29 +29! 3-&29+,532- 29 0"!08 5"! +!(3, 73-8 ,5 ###*5.9-!5*29$* Data from CATRS, Inc. MLS (a subsidiary of TBR) compiled by Timberlane Appraisal for the exclusive use of CATRS and TBR. TD-0000240409


most growth in singlefamily rentals are those where foreclosures were most rampant. Among them were Las Vegas, where almost 29 percent were rentals, up more than 10 percentage points from 2006. Florida’s Cape Coral area was more than 25 percent, another 10point gain. Stockton, Calif., was about 24 percent in 2006 — now it’s above 32 percent, the highest share among the 100 metro regions in the “USA Today” study. Metros outside the top foreclosure hot spots have also seen larger growth in single-family rentals than the national average, including Memphis, Dallas, Denver and Seattle, the data show. In those metros, more homeowners may be turning homes into rentals to meet strong demand, says

Svenja Gudell, Zillow economist. Single-family rents in Denver were up 5.6 percent in August year-overyear, vs. a 1.9 percent national rise, Zillow data show. “There are a lot of folks who’ve decided to rent homes out, vs. sell,” says Kim Klapac, Colorado Springs Realtor. City officials say they prefer rented-out homes to vacant ones, which lead to blight. In many cases, a single-family home renter lost a home to foreclosure. “There’s a lot of goodquality renters out there,” says Micah Runner, interim economic development director in Stockton. “The issue can be when the homes are owned by people outside of the area and it’s harder to get them to fix stuff.”

SINGLE-FAMILY HOME RENTALS INCREASE Rental share of occupied singlefamily homes in the U.S.: 20% 15%

18.2% 14.8%

10% 5% 0 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 ’12 Source USA TODAY analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data JANET LOEHRKE, USA TODAY JANET LOEHRKE

‘Pumpkin fairy’ shares her tips for fall decorating By Jasmine Maki Grand Forks Herald (MCT)

REYNOLDS, N.D. — In the dark of the night she comes, carrying pumpkins and gourds for her friends and family members. She arranges the festive fall gifts in a little display along their front steps and leaves without a word. Stacy Schumacher of Reynolds, N.D., is known as the pumpkin fairy. “It kind of just started by accident,” Schumacher said of her now yearly tradition. She started growing pumpkins and using them to decorate for the autumn season about 15 years ago when her children were young. “We had the garden space, so I just threw in pumpkins because they’re easy to grow,” she said. “You just plant them and pick them.” When Schumacher wanted more variety, she started planting more gourds and specialty pumpkins. This year, she grew more than 100 of both. But she doesn’t keep all the pumpkins for herself. Schumacher said she shares the pumpkins with about 30 other families. About 10 of them pick out their own and the other 20 she delivers to, creating small front-step displays. The first time Schumacher delivered the pumpkins, she said, she just set them out on the steps, but her friends said they liked what she had done, so she continued creating simple little displays for her friends and family. “I usually do it when people aren’t home, so that’s why my relatives call me the pumpkin fairy,” she said. “And, a lot of times it’s dark because that’s when I get home from work.”

Schumacher’s fall decorations are simple, inexpensive and effective. Around the outside of her house, she places white, yellow, orange and green produce in little clusters with a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. “I like the varied sizes and colors, personally, because I think it makes it a little more fun,” she said. “You can just go get a couple pumpkins and a handful of gourds, and you could have a display.” Schumacher pairs these with potted plants, decorative chairs and other fall ornaments that she’s collected throughout the years, like metal letters and decorative

glass balls. She said she likes to have a lot of layering with pots and plants of different heights. “On my front step, I have the tall red pot that I just filled with sticks and twigs from our trees to give the height; and then, I have the taller pot that I put the mum plant in,” she said. “These taller things are a great backdrop when I fill in with my pumpkins and gourds.” In her backyard, she artfully scatters pumpkins and gourds throughout the bushes that line the fence. She also angles a red wagon next to the fence and fills it with smaller produce.

“A lot of what I do is pretty simple,” she said. “I don’t like things too overwhelming ... just accents for the different seasons that compliment my everyday house style.” Chuck Flemmer, store manager at Michael’s in Grand Forks, N.D., said Pinterest has a ton of fall decorating ideas. He suggested buying pieces of burlap and looking to Pinterest for ideas on how to incorporate it into a fall display. Schumacher took a little inspiration from the social media site this year, as well. Putting her own twist on a Pinterest find, she used a paint maker to

Stacy Schumacher uses painted gourds as decorative place cards for her holiday table in her Reynolds, N.D. home. MCT

draw a decorative “S” for her family’s last name on a couple of pumpkins, which were used as the focal point in the displays. She said painting pumpkins is an easy, mess-free alternative to carving. But, she said she

still plans to carve a pumpkin or two to make the decoration more Halloween specific. Flemmer said another option is craft pumpkins, which are carve-able foam pumpkins that can be used year after year.

Capital City Apartment Association

Serving the Industries Serving You

Carly Grubbs

CCAA President

The Incarcerated Tenant by Harry Anthony Heist, Attorney at Law You have not received rent for the month, go out to the property to serve your Three Day Notice, and the next door neighbor informs you that the tenant is in county jail. The property is full of belongings, and the tenant’s car is parked in the driveway. Can you evict? Should you post the Three Day Notice on the door? Do you want your tenant to come out of jail and find he has been evicted and everything he owns is gone? This situation will occur if you manage property long enough, and you need to know how to deal with it properly to avoid liability and/or a serious dispute. Where is the tenant?

Why bother locating the tenant? If you post a Three day Notice on the door of the home, you will eventually file an eviction, and at the end of the eviction, you will remove all the tenant”˜s personal belongings to the street, where the neighbors and passersby will rummage through everything and take anything of value. Personal items will be taken as well, some with sentimental value. Your tenant may get out of jail only to find out that his key no longer works in the door. Your tenant then contacts you, only to find out that he has been evicted and everything he owns is now gone. What can happen? The tenant can go ballistic and cause you great harm, or decide to destroy or damage your property or the home. A surprised, evicted tenant is an extremely dangerous and volatile person. While you may have done everything according to the law, this will not matter with the recently released tenant. You have tried to locate the tenant but cannot

list. To confirm the tenant is in jail, you need to call the county jail system and ask for inmate

At this point you need to jump into action, review the file, and begin calling your emergency numbers, contact numbers and employers. Do not give any information, other than you are the landlord and just need to contact the tenant. Do not tell anyone you know or heard the tenant is in jail. Simply work hard to track the tenant’s information down. If you cannot locate the tenant or get any information that will help you, serve your notice to the property; knock first, and if there is no response, serve the Three Day Notice by posting on the premises. If you do not receive the rent, file an eviction as you would with any other tenant.

information. This is public record in most cases, and you will be able to find out if the tenant is in

You locate the tenant

jail and where, as some counties have more than one location for their jails. If you are unsuccessful,

Now that you have located the tenant and know what jail he is in, you can serve your Three Day Notice to him in jail or have a process server do this. Better yet, you can possibly avoid an eviction altogether! Many incarcerated tenants do not want to deal with an eviction and would just rather surrender possession to you, if they feel they will be incarcerated for some time. If you are able to call the tenant in jail or have the tenant call you collect, the tenant may tell you to give access to a friend or relative. While this is great, you must get something in writing from the tenant under which he is giving possession to you, who is allowed access to the unit, and when you will have possession. We recommend getting the following form signed by the tenant while he is in jail. You must be sure that the tenant did in fact sign the form, and make sure that no other people are living in the rental unit. You can often make an appointment with the jail’s social worker and visit the tenant directly in jail.

You may or may not know if in fact the tenant is incarcerated. If you were lucky enough to have your property on the news the night before when they did the grow house bust at your rental home, you can be fairly sure that the tenant is in the county jail. In other situations, you were simply told the tenant was in jail by a neighbor or someone you may have contacted on your emergency number

look up the arrest report from the sheriff’s department website and give them a call if necessary. Do you need to locate the tenant? There is nothing in Florida law that provides you must hunt down a tenant in order to serve a TD-0000238302

She creates simple displays

Three Day Notice. The law states that you can serve the tenant in person or post the notice on the premises in the tenant’s absence. In an incarceration situation, clearly the tenant is absent; therefore, you could legally post the notice on the door and thus satisfy the requirements of Florida law as far as notice goes. The question then is, “should you locate the tenant?” We feel that you should make an attempt.


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@4 :,, 9-?)<?

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Open 2:00 - 4:00 Sunday

Open 2:00 - 4:00 Sunday

1234 Turkey Roost Knoll -6BR/5BA. All brick 5236 sq.ft. home on 10 acres. Quartz Cambria countertops, SS appliances, large pantry, kitchen nook with built-in benches, custom shelving, ceramic tile in kitchen & laundry area, wood floors downstairs, fireplace. HUGE master suite w/his ‘n’ her sinks & vanity, whirlpool tub & walk-in closets, gigantic rec room upstairs, 2 car garage, completely pasture fenced for horses or pets & a huge screened-in back porch. $549,000 Dir: Mahan, past I-10, right on Wadesboro, right on Baum, 2nd left onto Turkey Roost Rd. Lindsay Pearson, 510-8029, Pearson Realty, Inc.

1919 ALBAN AVE Traditional 3 BR, 2 BTH Brick home with beautiful hardwood floors. The lot runs street to street and the double carport is rear entry. Separate living, dining, kitchen and Library/FR. A gracious lady needing updates. Now offering at $10,000 below appraisal so bring your contractor and renovate! MLS #237191 $179,500

2608 Manassas Way - New 4BR 2BA Bradford Model in Bull Run. New homes, great prices, top rated schools, convenience to shopping and more make living enjoyable in your new home. Visit ou r Sales/Design center today at 2608 Manassas Way or visit: Choose from a Variety of Floorplans to Fit your Lifestyle. Homes starting in the $250,000’s. Seller pays $10,000 in closing cost and upgrades. Offer Expires 10/31/13.

4257 Summertree Drive The screened back porch of this SouthWood home overlooks a beautiful treed park. This home features a kitchen with granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, bonus/office area, wood flooring, plantation blinds. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath in the main house and a fully equipped carriage house. $324,900 DIR: Capital Circle to Merchants Row, Right on Summertree, House on Left

Rae Roeder Realty: 850- 681-3101 Rae direct: 850-545-7999 OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 HARTSFIELD HOMES

Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Co-owner 545-8491 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC OPEN SUNDAY 1-3

3203 Addison Lane Adorable 3/2 home in The Gardens of Weems Plantation. This home features high ceilings and an open floor plan. The inviting kitchen has plenty of cabinets, a pantry, bar and looks out into the combo family room and dining area. The bedrooms have lush carpeting and the rest of the home has ceramic tile. A large master suite features walk-in closet with deluxe master bath. Quiet street, screened in back porch and privacy fenced back yard. $159,000 Josh Kasper 528-1898 The Naumann Group Real Estate LAKE VIEW! LOW MAINTENANCE!

12866 Coes Bluff - Lake Talquin lakefront home. Open living/dining/kitchen area with vaulted ceiling & lots of windows, 3 sided fireplace. 3BR/2BA on main floor. Walkout basement offers a 4th BR/BA or possible media room. 2 car front entry garage, 1 car side entry garage + detached workshop. Large basement/storage lots of possibilities. New roof 2009, HVAC 2012. Boat house & dock - excellent fishing & incredible wildlife, far east side of Lake Talquin. $365,000. Suzanne McGhee 850.556.2299 View pictures and virtual tour at: Mattox Realty Inc OPEN SATURDAY & SUNDAY 12-5 PM

2205 GREYSTONE WAY - Trendy Modern Finishes Brand New 4BR/3BA Home with large open floor plan, granite countertops, glass deco tile fireplace, wood flooring, large master suite & covered lanai, all on beautiful half acre yard. Modern Stacked Stone & Dramatic Entry makes this home extra appealing. At just $389,900 it will not be on the market long. In gated N.E. Greystone. School district: Hawks Rise Elementary, Deer Lake Middle & Lawton Chiles High. Samantha Jahnke 850-228-6333 1st Priority Realty See More at OPEN SATURDAY & SUNDAY 12-5

339 Lexington Road Nice three bedroom, two bath home in the Lakeshore Estates community of Tallahassee off North Meridian Road. Includes an oversized two car garage,L-Shaped living/family room, dining room,nice sized kitchen, appliances, washer and dryer, disposal, wood floors, large master suite, and patio. Its location offers the best of northeast and northwest areas of Tallahassee. Must See!!! Make this your home today. $124,500

Lanier Street - “YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE" is What You Will Say When You See This Beautiful Lake View. Low Maintenance Cement Block Construction. Large Eat In Kitchen. Big Living Room Overlooks Lake. Dock & Dock House for Cleaning the Catch of the Day. Selling "AS IS". New Roof in 2012. Jalousie Windows Replaced. Jack & Jill Bath. Nice Metal Carport. Cute Utility House. Shed & Tent Carport/Shed for Boat, Mower or Vehicle. Quiet, Peaceful EZ Living Here. Priced at Appraisal of $160,000. Lynn D. Hudson, Realtor, 566-2002, Community Realty, Inc. OPEN SUNDAY 2-5

SW CR 347 near Cedar Key-Beautiful 2008 2BR/2BA 3756 sq.ft. home w/29.31 wooded acres,CBS w/metal roof, storm room/3rd guest BR, huge great rm w/beautiful rock fireplace, sunroom,office/den, wood/ tile floors, stainless steel appliances.Built to 130 MPH wind load, High impact windows/doors.FEMA certified exemption from flood ins, 2-car garage w/separate workshop, 30x30 metal barn, 12x26 RV pad, mature landscaping, fenced yard, woods w/hunting hiking trail. Minutes to dining/entertainment in historic Cedar Key. Fresh/saltwater boat landings minutes away. $595,000. By Owner 352-543-5265 for more details.

3330 Harbor Club Drive - ONLY 2 LOTS LEFT IN PARK CHARLESTON. See the quality of construction in this custom home built by Blue Star Homes. With 2 master suites, (3BR/3BA total), 2192 SF this home is great for many lifestyles. Open concept w/built-ins, crown molding, recessed lighting, large closets, granite countertops, gas fireplace & many custom features. Dir: Cap Cir NE to Micc Road, East 1/2 Mile to Kiawah Drive, Left on Harbor Club Dr. Neil P. Ryder, GRI, CRS, Broker, 508-6988 Kathy Lee, Realtor ® (850) 508-6003 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc., Open House Sunday 1-4

2400 Tippecanoe Ridge - New NW Subdivision 3BR/2BA & 4BR/3BA homes, great for first time home buyers, students and/or investors. Come to our sales center this Saturday and Sunday from 12-5. Take High Rd to Hartsfield Rd. Tippecanoe Ridge is 1 mile down Hartsfield on the right. Look for Tippecanoe Hills Subdivision sign. Current inventory is SOLD OUT, FOUR Spec. Homes under construction from $175-$200,000. Visit Neil Ryder, Broker, (850) 508-6988 Kathy Lee, Realtor ® (850) 508-6003 NEW MODEL! Open Sunday 1-4

3257 Cranleigh Dr. Gracious living and privacy at it's best; 4BR/3BA with 2 masters, one works as an in-law suite with outside entrance-not a Garage conversion! Contemporary greatroom with dramatic limerock fireplace, slate tile floors, sunroom, screened porch with fabulous water feature. Large fenced yard with artful landscaping, 2 car garage; Rennai tankless hot water, gas dryer, gas fireplace; lots of storage. $249,000

8760 Megans Lane - Almost new 4BR/3.5BA home on over 2 acres with privacy & nature surrounding you. Open floor plan incl. dining rm, large family rm, eat-in kitchen w/bar, screen porch, split plan, extra large master bedroom w/deluxe master bath, wood floors, granite counters, stainless appliances, security system, crown moulding, plantation shutters, window casings, and landscaped yard with irrigation. Gas fireplace, hot water heater & range. Home is also available for rent or lease purchase. $339,900. Sarah Tyler 850-509-3156, Drake Real Estate, Inc. View Virtual tour at

92 Ponderosa Dr, Crawfordville "The Francesca" model w/formal living & dining rooms, expansive eat in kitchen, stainless appliances, gas stove & pantry. Features include 10 ft ceilings, bamboo flooring, master suite w/jetted tub, large shower stall & double vanity. Brick hearth gas fireplace, guest BR en suite, upgraded lighting, tray & recessed ceilings. 2 acres+/-, pie shaped lot, large back yard & extended sprinkler system, planted trees and landscaping. LEASE AVAILABLE - $1750/mo. Call David Rossetti, Owner/Realtor 850-591-6161 Rossetti Realty


Price Reduced!


Call Broger Real Estate Services 850-443-8976 OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 PM

Gail Mobley-Loveless 850 544 5477, Ketcham Realty Group MOTIVATED SELLER!

Jana Nishimoto 566-5050 or Josh Kasper 528-1898 The Naumann Group Real Estate WILDLIFE! HUNTING! FISHING!

The Grove of Crawfordville

We’re here for your home solutions! Call Today!

Robin Yeatman.......................................... 850.599.2262 3136 Persimmon Drive New Construction. 2573 sq ft 3BR/2.5BA. Beautiful New Home in gated NE community of Persimmon Hill. Open floor plan. Granite countertops, wood floors, beautiful features in the kitchen, bonus room, much more to offer, $449,900. Directions. N. Thomasville Rd, left at Old Water Oak Rd.(Growing Room).

1675 Brush Hill Road - EVENING ROSE $233,900. 3BR/2BA New Construction. 1442 Sq Ft., Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, hardwood floors, lots of storage, crown molding throughout. IN TOWN LIVING! Directions: From Capital Cir NE, enter on Austin Davis Ave, left Brush Hill Lane.

Dennis Kelley, REALTOR, 850-591-4663 PrimeSouth Properties

Kenny Ayers, REALTOR, 850.508.5500 PrimeSouth Properties


3719 Trevor Court - Motivated Seller 4BR/2BA split plan home shows pride in ownership. Separate dining rm/office.. Master suite w/Jacuzzi tub, separate shower & walk-in closet. Eat-in Kitchen has Corian counter tops, solid wood cabinets & stainless steel appliances. Brick front & hardie board, 15x15 back screen porch & fenced back yard. Gas fireplace. Full sprinkler system front & back with nicely landscaped yard. Only 6.5 miles from Capitol. This home has it all. Home warranty included. $219,900 Call Joi Hope, 850-210-7300 House Hunters Realty


Real EstateCLASSIFIEDS Classified: 599-2210 ROOM FOR RENT


Private BR + use of Capital Court Apts kitchen, laundry, cable Capital Court Apts- 700 internet. Electric & N. Calhoun st., CH/A, water incl. $460/mo. Velda Dairy Rd 727-8987 Laundry on Site, One 9370149 Month Free Move-in Special, avail now. l2BR/1BA, 800sqft $495 APARTMENTS FOR RENTFURNISHED l2BR/1BA, 900sqft $550 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Lg 1BR furnished, pools, Realty, Inc. 877-2284 spas, W/D, Capital Cir/ Mahan area. $895/mo 9370017 Avail now 954-560-2719






$99 Moves You In 1, 2 & 3 BR Apts. $675 & up. 562-5201



1, 2 & 3 Bedroom apts. Starting at $395 + dep. No pets. 561-4226



2/2 + outside storage near Northwood Center No smoking/no pets $620/mo. 385-3828



Best deal in town for 1, 2 & 3 BR Apts. TWO WEEKS FREE RENT 925 E. Magnolia Dr. Call today 850-877-5241



Casa Calderon Apartments

Offers an independent living facility for persons who are either 62 years of age or older and/or handicapped. Rent is based upon income and applicants must meet HUD's eligibility requirements. For more information contact Casa Calderon Apartments 800 W. Virginia St. Tallahassee, FL 32304 850-222-4026 TDD: 800-955-8771

APARTMENTS FOR RENTUNFURNISHED FIRST MONTH FREE! 2BR near Myers Park & downtown, hardwood floors, CH/A, lease, no pets, $590/mo 251-8093



FIRST MONTH FREE! 2BR near downtown & Lafayette Park, wood floors, CHA, lease, No pets, $590/mo incl. water & sewer 251-8093



Great Location!

Convenient to schools, shopping, & fun Spacious Apartments Extremely Low Rates, plus great specials Cable included Pets Welcomed 850-576-2183



Leon Arms Apartments

2502 Holton Street Leon Arms is now accepting applications for 3 bedroom apartments. 9366232 All applications must meet HUD’s eligibility guidelines for assisted housing as rent based Downtown Deal on income. 566 E.Call St #2, For more information 1BR/1BA 700 sqft., WIN, contact us at avail now, $425/mo. (850) 576-7308 M-F 8-5 Kent Strauss Mgmt & TDD 1-800-995-8770 Realty, Inc. 877-2284






Fax: 599-2347

Phone in hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.




Seller is paying $10,000 towards closing cost and upgrades. Offer expires 10/31 Several Homes Open Today 11 AM-6PM

NICE! Large 1BR/1BA, 2BR/1BA. New kitchen Free Rent 2/2 f e n c e d y a r d . 2 0 0 8 E appliances, counters, Park Ave. $595/mo + fans...1730 Sunbeam Ln T o t a l l y R e m o d e l e d , $500 dep. Rob 544-9436 $500/mo+dep 643-1594 near colleges on quiet 9368330 9368008 cul-de-sac off Mission Rd. W/D. $775/mo. Sec. 8 ok. 510-8558 Northwood Mall 2BR/2BA, 4786 Leah 9368245 1 MONTH FREE! 1BR No Lane Tallahassee, MIDTOWN 2BR/1BA, pets, $500/mo 847-8294 $725 mo, $600 deposit. 9365991 CH/A, wood floors, 850-539-3125 9369319 storage, fenced, no Regional Property dogs, Non-smoker. Services $650/mo. 850-385-3664 9368539 3044 Barclay Court in Over 600 properties Royal Oaks. 3BR/2BA. in the Tallahassee area. Mission Deal New carpet & paint, Check us out at 2000+ sqft. 3281 N. Mission Rd., $1350/mo. $1200 2BR/1BA 800 sq ft, CHA, 893-2500 dep. 850-386-5664 W/D hookups, water Lic Real Estate Broker and Sewer incl., avail 9369431 9366905 now, $525 Kent Strauss Mgmt & DUPLEX FOR RENT3BR/1.5BA off Tharpe. Realty, Inc. 877-2284 UNFURNISHED 1906 Dawsey St. near Ruediger Elementary. 9370039 1324 HUTCHINSON ST. $775/mo+dep 545-6788 9365946 2BR/1BA duplex, CHA Quiet Cul-de-sac washer/dryer hookups 2631 Windy Ridge Dr., $500 dep. $500 rent. 2BR/1BA, 900 sqft, CHA, Beautiful Mission W Annual lease. /D Hookups, yard No pet allowed. 2037 Canewood Ct., service incl, avail now, Available mid-July 2 B R / 2 B A 1 0 9 2 s q f t , $550 CHA, W/D, Fireplace, Kent Strauss Mgmt & 222-5262 Fenced yard, avail Realty, Inc. 877-2284 12/10, $695 9366234 9370037 Kent Strauss Mgmt & 2BR/1BA N.E. Recently Realty, Inc. 877-2284 renovated. 1000 sq.ft. Raymond Diehl Beauty 9370050 No pets/smoking. 2063 Admiral Ct., $700/mo 491-8697 2BR/1BA 850sqft., CHA, 9366687 Eastgate, clean quiet W / D h o o k u p s , a v a i l 2BR/1BA, Immaculate! 1/1 w/small office, avail now, $650 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Private yard $525/mo. soon. $675/mo. + dep. Realty, Inc. 877-2284 B e t s y H e n d e r s o n refs. lease. No smoking. 850-545-3767 668-8547 or 893-8260














__ __







Open Sunday 1:00pm to 5:00pm


Open Sat & Sun 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Open Saturday & Sunday 1:00pm - 5:00pm

9607 La Concepcion Drive Just completed home in Mission San Miguel located out Highway 90 East. This 4 bedroom 3 bath home features stainless steel appliances, gas cooktop, wall oven, custom cabinets, granite countertops, Rinnai Tankless water heater, gas fireplace and much more. Listed at $335,000.

2775 Summer Meadow Dr. – Premier Fine Homes Premier's newest model in Summerlake. Designed for efficient modern living, great for entertaining and relaxing. All the amenities with a phenomenal kitchen and offering a surprise behind every door! You won’t be disappointed. A must see! Summerlake homes starting from $169,900.

6959 Cortona Hills Way Premier Fine Home's newest Northeast Community. Come see this fantastic home during our open house hours. This Cooper plan features fine craftsmanship and the latest in functional living. Enjoy a wonderful floor plan while living green in this creatively designed home. Directions: Head North on Meridian Rd,1 Mile Past Ox Bottom Rd, Left on Gardner Rd, Left into Cortona Hills.

7012 Sawley Lane – Premier Fine Homes Premier’s newest Eastside community. Gorgeous new Cooper design adorned with detailed tile work, custom cabinetry with new finishing touches. The home features a kitchen that is a cookers dream, offering amazing organization. A quaint design for efficient living with an expansive feel in every space. Gorgeous setting.

2549 Ulysses Rd - Premier Fine Homes Premier Fine Homes' newest Northeast Bull Run design, the Kirkland! Tour this beautiful Craftsmen style, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with all the latest designs in functional living. Flexible areas, fantastic kitchen, & so much more!

Contact Teiko Gooch 850- 509-4549 for details. Universal Realty LLC, 850-656-8619

Call Megan Ornelas 850-545-2282

Call Jeff Doxsee (850) 545-4747

Ann Cleare 850-544-0109

Randy Mullaly 850-524-0693


Farmhouse for the modern family Courtesy of

Here’s a graceful, farmhouse-influenced design with lots of extras. For example, check out the handy drop zone and bench on the way in from the garage, and the versatile “flex” room that could easily serve as a guest suite. An island adds prep space in the kitchen. Nearby, columns provide a graceful transition into the great room, where a fireplace and bay window (along with a door to the porch) create a special space. Upstairs, enjoy a relaxing soak in the master

suite's tub. A window in the walk-in closet lets you see exactly how your outfit will look in natural light. Two more bedrooms use a full hall bath. Nearby, the bonus room offers you space to expand. To build this home, you can order a complete set of construction documents by calling toll-free 1-866-772-1013 or visiting Enter the design number to locate the plan and view more images and details. At HouseOfTheWeek, you can view previously featured plans, browse other specialty collections, or

Design No. HOTW130031 Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 3 Main level: 1,187 sq. ft. Second level: 1,061 sq. ft. Total living area: 2,248 sq. ft. Bonus space: 273 sq. ft. Dimensions: 48' 0" x 57' 6" Framing: 2 x 4 Foundation options: slab

Imagine relaxing on this home’s wraparound porch with a mug of coffee and a good book. COURTESY OF WWW.EPLANS.COM

use the search filters to help you find exactly what you want from more than 28,000 home designs. Most plans can be customized to suit your lifestyle.

The “flex” room gives you options on the main level: use it as an office, craft room or guest suite. See images of the plan online at

Homeowners might have to choose least-bad option By Gary M. Singer Sun Sentinel (MCT)

QUESTION: I live in Illinois and own an investment property in Pembroke Pines, that’s at least $130,000 underwater. I know that I can’t refinance and don’t have a hardship allowing me to get a loan modification. Any suggestions? Q: I own a condo

through my divorce. I rent it out, but it’s worth less than I owe. I have spoken to dozens of lenders and no one will refinance the mortgage. My credit is perfect and I have worked hard for 35 years to get it that way. What can I do? ANSWER: Unfortunately, there isn’t always a great solution to every problem. Sometimes peo-


ple just have to choose the option that will do them the least harm. Lenders call this “loss mitigation.” Because neither of your situations seems to have a clean exit, you will need to weigh your priorities and choose the path that will do you the least harm. Look at whether your rental income covers most or all of your month-

ly expenses. If it does, it may make sense to hang in there as property values rise in the long term. Also think about how important your credit score really is to you. If you won’t need a loan for the next few years, it may not really be that important to have a topnotch credit score right now, at least when compared to your dwindling

savings account. Now that you have checked so many lenders for a refinance, take a deep breath and keep trying to find one that will offer you a refinancing. For that matter, go back to some of the lenders you spoke with before, because new programs are being created all the time. Even if the lender told you no six months

ago, it may say yes now. The most important thing is to look at all of your options objectively and pick the one that is the least bad for you — and then don’t give up until you get it done. Gary M. Singer is a Florida attorney and board-certified as an expert in real estate law by the Florida Bar. Send him questions at


South Side Gem

1835-A S. Gadsden St., 2BR/1BA 850 sq ft, CHA, W/D hookups, avail now, $525/mo Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Stone Road Deal

1314-A Stone Rd, 1BR/ 1BA 725 sq ft, window AC, Hardwood Floors, Avail now, $450 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



TOWNHOMES FOR RENTUNFURNISHED 2/2, 1400 sq.ft., garage, 1740 Augustine Place, Close to State bldgs. $875/mo+dep 321-0098





2BR Twin Lakes. All new inside, fireplace, energy efficient, big yard $747 10% disc. neg. 656-5409

3400 Old Bainbridge


Wolf Creek

2005 Nena Hills Dr., 3BR/2BA 1455 sq ft, CHA, W/D, Large Loft, Lawn Service, avail 10/10, $850 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284








For Rent or Sale - Quiet, NE 3/2, Brockton Way near Oven Park, W/D, deck, garage. $169K or $1050/mo 386-1252

Hilaman View

1844-A Larette Dr., 2BR/1.5BA, 900 sqft, CHA W/D hookups, avail 10/10, $575 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Killearn Deal

2301 Merrgian Pl, 2BR/2.5BA 1257sqft., CHA, W/D hookups, Deck & Balcony, Large storage space, lake view, Avail now, $875 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Lovely Killearn

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Triplex, 2BRs, indoor laundry, W/D, large fenced yard. $650/mo Debra Davis, Realtor. 850-528-3857


1413 Highland Dr. 3BR, 1.5BA on 1 acre off Buck Lake Rd. Minutes from Costco. $1150/mo Avail. Nov. 1 224-7368






2BR/1.5BA ,near Governors Mall, CH/A, fans, W/D, $650/mo., 850-591-2827

2BR/1BA Section 8 Approved. No pets, 3/2 $890 W/D Great 1st/dep. $600/mo. refs. C l o s e t S p a c e required 984-5017 850-562-8828 9369087 9368149 3BR/2BA in NE. Fenced, Centerville 2/2.5,1300 sf garage, W/D. Modern cable, fireplace, patio, & clean, $1200/mo + $900/mo. yr lease +dep dep. 850-294-4774 9369449 850-570-3223




EASTGATE - 3BR/2BA 2-car garage, back porch, fenced, good school zones, pets considered, $1095/mo 2733 Bedford Way 545-2089 or 545-4390



For Rent

l Brighton Place Townhouse, Gated Community, pool, 3/2.5, 1932sqft, Lawn care included $1150 l 3/2 1516sqft off Kerry Forest Pkwy, $1300 l 3/1 FAMU 1157sqft, $850/mo. Megan Ornelas Property Manager cell - 850-567-6565 Call, Text, or Email!



2430 Ryan Pl., 2Br/2.5Ba Forest Heights 1 3 0 0 s q f t , C H A , W / D 3/2 brick, wood floors, Hookups, New Carpet, carport. 1810 Sunset Ln. fireplace, Balconies, $950/mo. 847-1936 Patio, Storage space, 9369918 Avail 10/10, $925 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Great Central Location Realty, Inc. 877-2284 615 Collins Dr., 3BR/1BA 9 0 0 s q f t , C H A , W / D 9370045 Hookups, Avail 11/8, Monroe Convenience $725 Kent Strauss Mgmt & 118 W. 8th Ave #6, Realty, Inc. 877-2284 1BR/1BA 750sqft, CHA, 9370043 Deck, Avail 9/11, $495 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Great Deal! Realty, Inc. 877-2284 1 6 4 8 P e p p e r D r . , 9370025 2Br/1Ba 780sqft,CHA, N E n e a r h o s p i t a l s . W/D hookups, avail 12/10, $625 2-story, 2/2, 1000 sq.ft., Kent Strauss Mgmt & new paint, very clean. Realty, Inc. 877-2284 W/D,3606 Sedona Loop $800/mo. 850-878-5468

Career advice & job listings. Now in Sunday Main News. Get career advice from the employment experts at CareerBuilder, plus Tallahassee job listings. It’s like having your very own career coach.




__ __


QUIET & CONVENIENT Perfect on Park 2/2, fireplace, W/D, screen porch, no pets. Lawn incl. $795/mo. 656-5504



Rockbrook-extra nice 2/2 w/1-car garage, all appliances including washer/dryer, out Parkway near Walmart, ready now, $675 Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee 877-4343





Killearn Estates Beauty

2410 Glenshire Ln., 3BR/2BA 1449 sqft, CHA, new tile floors, W/D Hookups, Fenced yard, Garage, Screen porch.Avail now, $1395 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284





Levy Park, 2/2, living, dining & family rms, CH/A, wood floors, no pets. $795 850-514-3094

in partnership with TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT » SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2013 » 9




Spacious 4/2 with upgrades! 5213 High Colony, $189,900 Call Michael Lee 339-9346

Waterfront Golden Eagle home w/ views of 18th Fairway & Clubhouse. Main level completely remodeled in ‘07. Great rm w/views of Lake Diane. Engineered hardwd floors & travertine tile thru-out 1st flr. Kit. Completely updated & island w/ seating. Master includes walk-in closet, gas fire place, & gorgeous Master BA. Formal Dining. Upstairs has 3 king size BDs, loft, & large BA. Back covered patio overlooking large pool w/full outdoor bath. $825,000

1625 Centerville Rd

Convenient in-town location next to Betton Hills, both hospitals and local shopping. Low Maintenance property and grounds. Ready for your personal touch throughout. Great for young professionals or perfect as a starter home! Homeowners fees also include water, sewer and the roof!!! $88,500


2 Living Rooms, 2 Kitchens $159,900 2013 E Indian Head Drive Call Anil Kabini 210-3287


8893 Glen Abby Drive


Absolute Real Estate Auction TD-0000240404

Hettie Spooner (850) 509-4337

Lindsay Elliott (850) 545-2463

2M odels ttoo cchoose hoose frfro om Models from

4/1 Home on .57+/- acres Auction: Saturday, November 9 @ 11:00 AM EST Real Estate to sell @ 12:00 Noon EST On Site Preview Sun. Nov. 3 from 11am to 1 pm

1533 Chowkeebin Nene, Tallahassee, FL





l3412 Mizell 4/2. Cozy family home. Near Fairground. Big back yard and deck, $975 l6475 Tracy Lane 3/2 contemporary split plan w/ pool & hot tub, fenced yard, $2800 l 2014 Midyette #501 3/2 Condo, 9ft ceilings & fully equipped kitchen $1000 l127 Gardner 3/2 off Meridian. Living/dining combo. $850 l 3329 Wildwood 3/2 split plan with separate dining and double car garage. $1500 l 1769 Broken Bow 3/2 split plan in Killearn Lakes w/ fireplace & eat in kitchen. $1350 l 2862 Kilkierane Dr. 3/2 Big family room, fireplace & eat-in kitchen. Master has 2 walk in closets. $1600 l 3429 A Bear Creek 2/1 duplex secluded wooded lot near shopping. $730 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660

N.E. Contemporary 3/2 with large master, greatroom with fireplace, sun room, updated kitchen and great floorplan, ready now, six month lease possible, $1595 Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee 877-4343

Apalachee Office Space - Reduced Deal:

Professional Offices on Kerry Forest Pkwy. Single & 5-room suite avail. Rent neg. 850-545-8305



Mahan Convenience

810 Concord Rd., 3BR/2BA 1450 sqft, CHA W/D, Yard Service, avail 10/10, $1395 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Midtown Convenient



Southwood, 3BR/2.5BA, 2-Story,DSL, Community Pool, Tennis. Avail. Dec. $1400/mo 906-9962





2 & 3 BRs from $499 2 baths,W/D hookups Enjoy swimming pool Free lawn care, pest control, community officer. Call 24 hrs a day for Pre-approval.

459-9334 9366238

Co. In Medart, 3 0 7 W . 6 t h A v e . , Wakulla across from school. 2BR/1BA 900 sq ft, W/D 4/2, CH/A, fireplace, on 1 Hookups, Avail 10/01. acre $850/mo 926-2955 $795 9369468 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY



3027 ADIRON WAY 3 or 4 bedroom, 2 bath, laminate floors, granite countertops, stainless appliances and fireplaces with built in entertainment centers. Close to Schools, Shopping and I-10.


Additional Outbuildings and Personal Property to be sold separately Close Proximity to Public Schools & Universities


863.875.7867 | Scott Oglesby, AARE - Licensed Real Estate Broker

AB2577 / AU3313 10% Buyers Premium



N.W. 3BR, wood floors, sunroom. Close to schools & shopping. $1100/mo 847-8294 9366448

3 offices, BLAIRSTONE overlooks Hilaman Golf Course. Zoned OR. $900/mo 772-597-3904



Meridian Management & Realty Inc. We have Houses, Apartments, Duplexes and Quads, all over the city.

Call us for your Rental needs.

222-8702 __ 9366243

$239,990 TO $244,990! Builder is offering

$3,000 for closing cost costs or upgrades.


CBC 059560

Call Mike Ferrie 566-8373 or Dixie Russell 566-9285


Invite your daughter’s boyfriend to dinner.


Shop for a car at


OFFICE/RFORETAIL SPACE RENT $140-$225 an office! Free utils.! Near TMH. Some furniture. Nice!!! Owner/realtor 878-3957





Professional office $145 & up. 2-office suites $449/mo. E. Park, near Capital Cir. Utilities & janitorial incl. 509-8818




$39,900 3BR/2BA Totally remodeled 1216 sq.ft. on very private lot! Just west of FSU. Great for 1st time buyer w/owner financing. Under $4000 down! Under $429 mo. Owner/Realtor 878-3957


$140-$225 an office! 9369979 Free utils.! Near TMH. Some furniture. Nice!!! Owner/realtor 878-3957 2005 TOWNHOMES 3/2, 9365095 1500 sqft,CHA,Excellent cond. Incl. Must be moved.$25K. 320-2323 * AMPLE PARKING 9370058






SPRING CREEK 4BR/2BA Lease, Purchase, or Rent to Own Avail. now - $1250/mo Owner 850-668-5000


1310 Paul Russell Rd. 7 offices, lobby, conference, break rm, generous parking, large yard w/lawn service incl., 2000sqft, $1295/month Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284

800 - 10,000 sq.ft Close to downtown, new building. Call 878-0823




3BR/2BA doublewide. Convenient location off W. Tennessee St. 1468 Knoxville Ln. $49,900 Owner financing Payments as low as $470 mo. 508-0872

__ lRestaurant - 3300 SF Great NE location w/ equipped kitchen. lRetail - 800 SF in the Apalachee Pky Super Wal-Mart out parcel l 900 SF - Clean & Affordable! Just off Apalachee Pkwy on Hanson Ct. l 1000 SF & 1150 SF Downtown, very functional, clean & affordable. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.



Power Mill Court. Off Industrial Plaza Dr. (Cap Cir. NE). Approx 5500 sq ft of office and small warehouse. Former McDonald's Corp training rooms & offices. Perfect for call center. $5.00 sq ft. Owner 251 3924




3BR/2BA doublewide on nice lot inside Capital Circle. Fenced backyard with 2 sheds. $79,900. 4203 Florence Ave. Owner Financing available. 508-0872



3BR/2BA triplewide approx. 2100 sq.ft. Nice lot east of Tallahassee. Beautiful home has a large kitchen w/center island. 3767 Matt Wing Rd. $89,900. Owner Financing 850-508-0872



COMMERCIAL PROPERTY FOR SALE 3,000 sq ft w/loft, office & warehouse. lots of possibilities. Eastside on Industrial Plaza Dr. $175K. Lease for $1500. possible owner finance Owner 251-3924



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Equal Housing Opportunity


HOMES $251’ - $500’

2.5 acre homesite on Williams Rd. $55,000 (850) 339-5671 Keller Williams Realty


__ 3400 sq.ft. Restaurant & retail space for sale at less than $67 per SqFt near the Governor's Square Mall! $225,000 Contact Kee Elwell at 509-5242




l Bank Owned, Commercial lots on Apalachee Pkwy. l P o t e n t i a l Commercial lot on the corner of W. Tharpe St. & Mission Rd. l Commercial lot (.8 Ac), zoned CP & visible off Tennessee St l Land w/ permits for 50 units located near FSU & TCC l Prime Retail Location! 1.2 Ac on N. Monroe St. near Tharpe St. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.



Monticello: Trailer Park/ apts. 4.63 ac; 10 trailers 6 apts. All rented! Hwy frontage US-19N $375,000 229-378-7515






GENERAL REAL ESTATE l860 E. Call St. Intown 2BR cottage, updated appliances & fixtures. Gleaming hardwood & ceramic floors. On 1 acre $149,900 l 800 Bragg Beautiful all brick home, freshly refinished floors 3/1. Spacious living room & bedrooms, inside utility room with step down family room. $81,000 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660




12866 Coes Bluff Lake Talquin. 3BR/2BA, main floor. Walkout basement offers a 4th BR/BA or possible media room. Lots of windows! Fireplace. 2- car front entry garage, 1 car side entry garage + detached workshop. Large basement/ storage. New roof 2009, HVAC 2012. Boat house & dock excellent fishing & incredible wildlife, far east side of Lake Talquin. $365,000. Suzanne McGhee 850.556.2299 Mattox Realty Inc.

HOUSE IN GRADY __ COUNTY 3 bedroom, 2 bath house on 10 acre pond on 3 acre lot. 1400 square feet; new CHA; private, good water, organic $125,000. 229-444-0363



Rustic Farm House w/ 10 acres, pecan groves 2 barns, in S. Grady Co. $150,000. 850-570-5102



CONDOS FOR SALE Great Investment! 2 New 3Br/3Ba condo units near FSU & TCC. 850-274-0876



HOMES $101’ - $250’


OPEN HOUSE OPEN SUN 2-5 1127 Greensward Dr. 4BR/3.5BA, 3119 sq.ft. Beautiful New Floors, 2 Master BRs, $405,000 Ken Scheider 510-5192 Navigation Realty



Open Sun 2-5 3259 Garcia Dr $157,900 Move in ready, Beautiful 3BR/2BA, huge master, 2-car garage. Betsy Henderson, Innovation Realty, 222-4742 or 545-3767



OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 KILLEARN GORGEOUS Built in 1959. 1566 sq ft REDUCED $185,000! 3/2, 2-car garage, brick home, on 1 acre, ARCHITECTURAL ROOF close-in. $215,000 TOP LINE HEAT/AIR Mike, 850-443-2005 __ RICH WOOD FLOORS Retirement Forces Sale ISLAND EAT-IN KITCHEN Two 3BR/1BA homes on MASTER WHIRLPOOL almost an acre near TCC. Nice area, wood 6632 TIM TAM TRAIL floors, $123,000. Great S


516 Middlebrooks Cir.


Great Investment! 14,600 SF - Excellent Downtown Location & Building


26,832 Sq Ft on N. Monroe St.Very clean and well maintained.

INCOME PRODUCING Apartment Complexes for Sale


9600 Sq.Ft. Bank Owned with fenced in yard.


On W. Tennessee St. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.




1.4 acre lot, Killearn

Lakes, Willow Run Dr.,

$160,000. 850-508-6339 __ 9369190

Lakefront lot off Velda Dairy Rd. .67 of an ac., secluded on Lake Charles Dr. with 80 feet on Lake Bess. $60,000 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660




• 53.44 Acres-wooded Eastern Leon County: Ready for your home or subdividing;$395.00 • 5.0 Acres adjacent to Letchworth Mounds State Park $32,500 • Need More Room for your family to live and play? 4 Bedroom Pool Home with screened porch on 1 acre in gated community of Lafayette Oaks $260,000. • Need to Right Size? 3/2/2 Bedroom home in the Highlands. $193,000 • Mini Dorm/Group Home: 5Br 5 Bath with Tenant on ¾ acre $150,000. TD-0000240975

Maren Cox 850-728-3525 Ketcham Realty Group

36 YEARS REAL ESTATE SALES CALL 545-3419 BARBARA DICKSON RE/MAX Professionals Realty REDUCED OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 $300,000 BRICK 5BR!CT ACRE 4BR $124,900 NE REDUCED RAFt, Wood Floors, Great Manufactured home, 4BR/2BA. 6632 TIM TAM TRAIL - KILLEARN $185,000 WOW ONT2800 Eagles Ridge D in E Golden R CEagle, N Master 2 closets, garden tub plus shower. U Charmer front porch, rich wood floors, vaulted granite kitchen, study, Short Sale. 545-3419 Huge Separate 2 car garage with shop! ceiling, brick fireplace, dining rm, huge kitchen, New Roof. New Heat/air, 545-3419 CTTRAIL Master w/jetted tub! 2-car garage, a beauty! $159,900 - 3300 GALLANT NTRAFOX O ER C NDrecent NewURoof, heat/air. Lovely Tile floors in LAFAYETTE OAKS - 4BR - MAKE OFFER KILLEARN $179,900 - 6645 MAN-O-WAR TRAIL Just $259,900, almost Acre! Rich marbleized tile living,dining, family rooms, fireplace. New kitchen Top NE schools, Rich Wood floors, huge master, floors thru, Beautiful Tile baths, Front porch charm, counters,stainless appliances, new rich bedroom stainless eat in kitchen, screen porch, 2 car garage big screen porch and deck, huge sep. master! Hurry, carpet, 545-3419 - New Price $159,900 545-3419 BIG HOME - SMALL PRICE! 4/5 BEDROOM $235,900 great Killearn Estates Family $67,900 - 3BR-2BATH $89,900 3BR-CUTE! home, Cherry updated kitchen, Huge Sep. Master, 3.5 Cute Starter, and investment, new paint, new carpet, Recent roof, AC, Paint, Flooring, Kitchen, baths, whirlpool, huge garage, huge lot! Family Room! 545-3419 large lot, new appliances, deck! Call 545 3419 CREAMPUFF $135,900 EAST 1.3 AC-BRICK MIDTOWN 4BR $489,900 Eastside, few years new, dream kitchen, screen Just $273,900, Rich Wood floors, huge sun room, Luxury brick, over 3400 ft, marble, wood flooring, porch, garage, high ceilings, big master, 545-3419 huge double garage, fruit/nut trees. granite/stainless kitchen, huge master w/huge closet/ 16 ACRES- $79,900! HUNTING 2 3BR/2BA NOW $67,000 jetted tub! Huge circular drive, minutes to town, Incredible Buy, cleared home site, has Timber too and All New Paint, New Carpet, New kitchen medical centers, shopping, prestige area! 545 3419 Ready for Hunting! 545 3419 cabinets, New kitchen Appliances, Big Lot! 3126 SHADY HAWK LANE - LAKEFRONT 4BR with Pool. Horses Welcome! $399,900. On 3.38 acres! Almost 3,000 feet, rich wood floors, granite kitchen, 3-car garage! LUXURY KILLEARN $148,000 3BR/2.5BA, overlooks golf course! Private Patio. Roof few years new. Fresh paint, new carpet, fireplace. One of few 3BR’s.

93+ACRES JUST $495,000 What a buy in Wakulla, Gated community, Timber area too!

2805 PARADISE PLACE • GARDENS OF KILLEARN REDUCED $249,900 - 4BR - MAKE OFFER REDUCED Beautiful like-new Corian kitchen, huge master, 545-3419 4636 INISHEER DR. - LAKEFRONT 4BR $319,900! Over 3,000 feet, Recent Roof, recent HVAC, Million dollar views from Huge Sunroom and screen porches! Granite Kitchen, Luxury whirlpool Master Bath, recent roof, a steal!

Top NE Area, top investment.Will consider S c h o o l s , s p a r k l e s ! offers. 321-427-2345 Beautiful fireplace, 9369730 formal dining, huge Big fenced lot, HOMES $251’S - $500’S kitchen! deck, huge garage, great buy! Whirlaway 4BR/2.5BA, 2304 sq.ft., Trail, right Tim Tam Trail. Killearn Lakes, big back B a r b a r a D i c k s o n , y a r d , $ 2 6 0 , 0 0 0 n e g . Remax Professionals 850-508-6339 Realty 545-3419




6967 Grenville Rd. 4BR/3.5BA, 2-story brick in Baker Place on 1.3 acs. Wood floors, high ceilings, brick fireplace. Master down w/Jacuzzi tub. 2-car garage. $459,000 850-491-3900






COMMERCIAL LOT! Just $89,900 on Highway 90W By Shopping center, 1.3 Acre! 3,000 FEET - 2 ACRE $299,900 One owner custom all brick Eastside, 2 masters, Short Sale. Great Buy! 545-3419

OPEN BAY, WALK TO THE BEACH Canal Front, Deep Water, Home Owner’s Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Security Gate, Parking area for boat trailers. And a wonderful home in a bird sanctuary. As is. Make offer. PRESTIGIOUS LAKE FRONT Talquin Home Site, $99,900. Gadsden Co. Gorgeous Buckhorn Creek Home Site, $45,000. Wakulla Co. SEE OUR WEBSITE: COASTALGEMS.COM

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200 John Knox Rd, Suite 8 TD-0000240995


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OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 3447 Gentle Wind Weems $169,900 Todd Robuck 556-2506

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4017 Ardara Drive Killearn $225,000 Stacie Boone 556-8704 3424 Welwyn Way Killearn $275,000 Robyn McAlister 694-3105 6189 Pickwick Road Northshire $285,000 Jason Madsen 363-7294

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Waterfront lot on Clearwater Lake, Seminole Co. GA. .59 acres, 1/2 mi. to Lake Seminole landing. Less than 2 mi. to Seminole State Park. $14,500 850-671-4815




Call Classified Advertising 850-599-2210

Century 21 Manausa & Associates



Open Sunday 2-5 8216 Hunters Ridge 3BR/2BA, $214,000 Johnson Real Estate of N. Florida 850-545-9088



ALL DRIVE. No drama.™


Coldwell Banker


Hartung and Noblin, Inc.




-5 N3 E OP


1883 VINELAND LANE - $300,000 - Charming & recently renovated.

4/2.5 w/DR, FR w/fireplace, sunroom. Kitchen has island w/granite & double ovens. Outdoor cooking area overlooking natural pond. Dir: 90 E, R on Vineland Drive @ light before Cross Creek R @ Vineland Lane. SHEP SHEPPARD, 850-556-6862,

8889 GLEN ABBY - $514,900 - BYOF!! BRING YOUR OWN FURNITURE!-4BR/3BA Lakefront Home in Golden Eagle. Dir: N on Tville Rd,L on Kinhega, R on Deerlake to Golden Eagle Entrance, L on Winged Foot, L on Glen Abby. YVONNE J. HOWELL, 850-933-2219,

2-4 N E OP

2-5 N E OP

2424 LIMERICK DRIVE - $230,000 - Located in Killearn Estates. 3BD/ 2BA, fireplace, 2 car garage, beautiful yard and conveniently located to park. Dir: N. Thomasville Rd, R Killarney Way, R Tullamore, continue straight on Limerick, home on L. ALAN POTTS, 850-510-2197,

“30 years of experience, professionalism and customer service to work for you!”


Rubye Carol Lamb 850-545-8387




7351 SKIPPER LANE - $260,000 - 3 bedrooms & 2 bath pool home on 2 acres. MLS#233322 Dir: Buck Lake Rd, R on Medallion, R on Skipper. House on L. NADIA SCHEFFERS, 850.264.9005,


185 SPRING MEADOW ROAD, QUINCY - $140,000 - What a find! Well maintained home on a private pond with your own boardwalk! 3/2.5 home sits on 3.22 acres. JIM BUTLER, 850-933-9005,


8554 CONGRESSIONAL DRIVE, $315,000 - Beautiful Golden Eagle home. 4Bd/3ba. High end stainless appliances; large corner lot, 2672 sf. DEBORAH THOMPSON . 850-933-1349, WWW.DEBORAHTHOMPSON.COM

941 TUNG HILL DRIVE - $285,000 - Almost 3000 SF pool home on 2 ac in Groveland Hills. 4/2.5 with ample space for family and friends, new roof! JIM BUTLER, 850-933-9005,

3314 LAKESHORE DRIVE - $249,000 - Classic Ranch pool home on almost an acre. 2011 seamless Metal Roof. 4/3 w/ 2 Owner’s Suites. Large Garage. Large energy efficient windows. JIM BUTLER, 850-933-9005,

A BRAND YOU KNOW, A NAME YOU CAN TRUST Residential | Commercial | Corporate Relocation Tallahassee Office: 850-386-6160 • Wakulla Office: 850-926-2994