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Meant to catch the eye Jewelry designer’s home a sparkling vision


As a designer of custom jewelry, Amanda Keidan sometimes takes delicate vintage pieces and reworks them into intricately sculptured, modern collections. The same could be said of her sunny, art-filled Venice, Calif., home, the subject of a recent makeover. See the story, Page 4.

Don’t leave your tomatoes on a marble windowsill and mushy, and the acid from them etched marks in the marble. She requested a reasonably priced fix. Before I offer solutions from other readers, I should mention, as Deborah Kates, the vice president of the Coatesville Area Art Alliance, reminded me, that a “sunny sill is the worst place

By Alan J. Heavens The Philadelphia Inquirer

Tomatoes on windowsills and radiator covers dominate this week’s discussion. A reader put tomatoes on the marble windowsill in her kitchen, and went away for a few days. When she returned, the tomatoes were overripe

to let tomatoes ripen.” “They should be out of the sun,” said Kates, who also teaches courses in organic gardening and jam-making. “No wonder they got mushy and created that expensive problem.” We put ours in a paper bag to ripen and just wait them out. I ate the last tomato from our 2011

garden in January. Our food editor came to the rescue with Bar Keepers Friend, which you can buy just about anywhere in liquid or powder form for under $3. Reader Helene Jawer suggested Gel-Gloss, which she purchased at Home Depot. It comes in a 16-ounce can for less than $10. The label states

Debbie Kirkland 2012 President

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Vote “Yes” on Amendment 4 Rae Roeder, CRS, e-PRO, GRI, SFR, SRES Rae Roeder Realty

TRIM notices recently came out, and if your home has been homesteaded for a number of years you may have noticed that your market value has gone down, but your assessed value has gone up as well on your tax bill. That is due to something called “recapture.” Your assessed value goes up 3% even in a down market. Amendment 4 will give the legislature the authority to correct this problem. Are you considering buying a new home? If you have no portable exemption, or are a first time buyer, your property will be taxed at full value while your neighbor next door will pay far less in taxes due to his homestead exemption. Amendment 4 provides an additional exemption for the first five years to address this inequity. Do you own a small business? Non-homestead property will have tax increases of 10% per year. Amendment 4 will reduce that increase to 5% and remove the “recapture” feature. The same scenario is in place if you own rental property. Ask yourself if you think you can raise the rent by 10% per year while being taxed at a higher rate due to “recapture”? Florida needs growth in jobs which means attracting more people and industry to our state. If rental rates are forced to increase, if home sales are hobbled because taxes make the monthly payments too high, if that clean industry company sees property taxes as a limiting factor, we all lose. The good news: you can change your world by being an active voter! Never think “my one vote” doesn’t count. Don’t let an amendment fail because you thought it was a great idea and everyone would vote yes. We will need 60% approval to pass an amendment and every vote counts. The housing market appears to be taking an upward swing. We can give it a much needed boost by passing this amendment. Vote “Yes” on Amendment 4: every vote counts! THE BOTTOM LINE LEON COUNTY, FL As of 10/3/2012

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$ $

195,200 88,300

198,000 86,600

%"! (,5, ,.2/! 3) , )+,77 129532- 2& 5"! (,5, ,/,37,.7! &29 5"! 720,7 +,98!5* 47!,)! ,)8 , '!,75296 &29 +29! 3-&29+,532- 29 0"!08 5"! +!(3, 73-8 ,5 ###*5.9-!5*29$* Data from CATRS, Inc. MLS (a subsidiary of TBR) compiled by Timberlane Appraisal for the exclusive use of CATRS and TBR. TD-0000219274


it is for fiberglass, acrylic, and marble surfaces. These products might help reader Rhonda deGategno in West Chester, who doesn’t want to replace her cultured marble bathroom countertop on which a plug-in air freshener had dripped and stained while the family was on vacation. On to radiators. Joe Ponessa advised me regarding my suggestions to a homeowner who was trying to get some answers about radiator covers. I suggested replacing the old cast-iron clunkers with something more modern and efficient rather than wasting money covering or painting them. Don’t mix apples and oranges, warns Ponessa, professor emeritus of housing, indoor environment and health at Rutgers Cooperative Extension. Radiators send heat into the room mainly as radiant energy, heating objects — including people — more than air, he said. Modern baseboard fin-and-tube devices convey heat mainly by warming the air — convective heating — and are called convectors. “The functional significance is that once heated, the hundred pounds or so of iron and the several gallons of water continue to emit heat for a long while; convection units cool off quickly,” he said. “The two systems do not mix well,” Ponessa said. “If considering replacement of old radiators with the modern European sheet-metal units, I would quiz the plumber very carefully about radiator sizing and performance.” The lightweight radiators may not work very well if mixed with the old cast-iron units, he said. Modern, low-profile cast-

iron baseboard units are another alternative to the old units. Ponessa also has had firsthand experience painting radiators and building covers. Whether made of aluminum or wood, all have held up well, with no splitting or warping. If you screw a wooden crosspiece on the top of the cover, there may be splitting unless the crosspiece is slotted for the screws to allow the top to expand and contract. “Whatever the difference in performance, if appearance counts, my personal preference would be a wood cover,” he said. Unlike me, Ponessa said he has good success painting a radiator. “It has been in service for about 10 years in the main bathroom and still looks great,” Ponessa said. “I used the same paint as I did on the trim.” Finally, a reader is replacing his roof this fall and wonders if he should have the 20-year-old one removed before the new one is added. My answer: Yes.

E-mail questions to Alan J. Heavens at aheavens@ or write him at The Inquirer, Box 8263, Philadelphia, Pa. 19101. The volume of letters received prohibits individual replies.

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Storage shed taken to new levels

Backyard living space and storage is achieved in a large Studio Shed with an easyaccess garage door. MCT

By Kathy Van Mullekom Daily Press - Newport News, Va.

Have you considered a metal roof on your home or business?

A Lifestyle model by Studio Shed features steel roof, glass doors, clerestory windows, lighting and insulated walls finished in painted drywall or birch paneling. MCT

by Skype to students worldwide,” he said. Studio Shed’s pricing starts at $10,750 ($89/

square foot) for a 10by-12 foot Lifestyle model with finished interior, plus shipping and in-

stallation. Learn more about the possibilities at

Financing for Rural Homes No Acreage Limitations!

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems • Enhanced Beauty • Lasting Durability • Environmentally Smart • Greater Quality

Offering loans with: $ $ $ $ $ $

+%2#";:;:7" !3;"= /%6 .%61 #3'2"1;= 4# ;% *,( &1310:1> +3=< %9; !"&1310"= 83;");"!2 !"&1310"= -% #!"#3'2"1; #"135;:"=

Charlotte Dodson, NMLS #700260 | 850-656-2920 | Tallahassee, FL TD-0000218917

• Energy Efficient • Maintenance Free “THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAILS” State Certified - Licensed and Insured - Lic. #CGC061827 and Lic. #CCC057920

Our Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems qualify for the City Of Tallahassee Loan Program

Call Streamline Today for More Information and a Free Estimate!

Streamline Roofing and Construction Inc. 3654 West Orange Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32310 850-575-1168 • Toll Free 800-226-1168


A shed is a must for any gardener. It’s where you plot your plans for your next butterfly garden, or where you sort your seeds for next year’s vegetable garden. And, sometimes, a backyard shed becomes more than just a garden building — it becomes a respite from anything and for everything. That’s what Studio Shed LLC is counting on. The manufacturer, in Boulder, Colo., produces prefabricated structures that you can use for garden supplies, home office needs or studio space. Some families use them as detached getaways from the main house, according to a company spokeswoman. Others use them as exercise spaces, yoga or pottery studios . Men can think man-cave styles, too. Studio Shed’s customizable models come pre-packed with in-wall wiring and such options as finished interior, Cloudlight windows and roof, glass fronts and French doors. Roofing is 24gauge corrugated metal on top of weather paper. The company features a “shed configurator” that allows you to configure and cost out almost any design you want. Just select the size, style, elements and materials you want and a price will be tallied. “People come to us looking for extra space without having to move or undertake major home renovations,” says co-owner Mike Koenig. “They want style and efficiency with customizable options at a reasonable price. Some customize a little, some a lot. One client set his shed up to teach banjo



Jewelry designer’s home sparkles By Lisa Boone Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES – As a designer of custom jewelry, Amanda Keidan sometimes takes delicate vintage pieces and reworks them into intricately sculptured, modern collections. The same could be said of her sunny, artfilled Venice, Calif., home, where gold accents blend with sparkling glass and vintage barrel chairs share the living room with new Ikea ottomans and a cool lamp bought off the flash sales site Gilt. “Everything is very specific,” Keidan said of her decorating style. “I want your eye to look at something. I like having things to look at — things that are pretty.” In the otherwise allwhite cottage kitchen, a startling blue contemporary triptych by Venice artist Melissa Harrington catches your eye. In an otherwise staid, traditional guest room? A red abstract painting. “I enjoy those pieces every day,” she said, noting that the red painting was by her grandmother. Keidan’s passion for art is not surprising given her background: Her great-grandfather was pianist Leopold Godowsky. Her grandparents were Leopold Godowsky Jr., a violinist and co-inventor of Kodachrome film, and Frances Gershwin Godowsky, sister to composers George and Ira. The multitude of artworks throughout Keidan’s house creates an ambience that is elegant yet whimsical — and deeply personal. “I love that there is a story behind each artwork,” she said. “It’s as though my friends and family have left thumb-

Lamp, daybed and hanging file boxes lend visual impact in Amanda Keidan’s office in her newly redone 1947 bungalow in Venice Beach, Calif. DON BARTLETTI/LOS ANGELES TIMES/MCT

Jewelry designer Amanda Keidan relaxes with her two dogs in the living room of her newly redone 1947 bungalow in Venice Beach, Calif. The square panes in the custom made leaded glass window are recycled from a local commercial building. DON BARTLETTI/LOS ANGELES TIMES/MCT

prints on my home.” She purchased the three-bedroom, two-bath house last year after looking at more than 100 properties in the last four years. She had, she said, given up when she visited the Venice house, where friends from London had been staying. “It was a little like the cliche you often hear about falling in love,” she said, laughing. “Stop looking and you will find it.” After convincing the owner to sell, Keidan embarked on a fourmonth renovation to give the 1947 home a cleaner look. “I wanted it to be light and airy and cheerful,” she said. Mustard and red accent walls were painted museum white and soothing neutral tones. The exterior went from dark blue to more white.


A clear skylight helps fill a bathroom with daylight . DON BARTLETTI/LOS ANGELES TIMES/MCT

A period gas range is a highlight in the kitchen at Amanda Keidan’s 1947 bungalow in Venice Beach, Calif. The home was the subject of an extensive makeover that reflects Keidan’s unique tastes. DON BARTLETTI/LOS ANGELES TIMES/MCT

New windows were installed to bring in natural light, and new land-

scaping made the most of outdoor spaces. Small fixes, such as

smoothing the home's warped walls, helped to achieve the clean-lined

look Keidan wanted. And though much changed, Keidan was careful to keep what worked: the original floor plan and striking leaded glass windows that Keidan said were from the old Helms Bakery on the L.A.-Culver City border. For Keidan, who grew up in New York, the result is much like the Venice community she has grown to love: an eclectic space that doesn’t conform to one particular style — just like her jewelry.

Don’t ignore a late relative’s foreclosure By Gary M. Singer

Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

QUESTION: My mother passed away, and her home is going into foreclosure with the condo association for nonpayment of assessments. The condo has listed me as a “possible beneficiary” of her revocable trust

and has served foreclosure papers on me. There is no money in the house or in her estate. Can I ignore this? — Gloria ANSWER: It’s never a good idea to ignore a lawsuit, even if you think you have nothing to lose — because you may be wrong and actually have

something to lose. Meet with a lawyer to see whether you have any liability. In these situations, there are simple steps that you can take to disclaim any interest in your late mother’s property, such as filing a certain form in the public records or deeding your potential interest to the

condo association. Q: I live in a condo, and the unit above me is rented to a family that’s loud. We had a meeting with the owner, but the tenants are back to their old tricks. How can we fix this? — Leslie A: Speak with the landlord again. Also, read the condo rules and see

whether your neighbor is breaking any of them. If so, the landlord may be fined, and that may be what it takes to get the problem resolved. Also, some condos have rules about types of flooring and padding that can be installed. In that case, the association can make the unit owner fix

the flooring.

Gary M. Singer is a Florida attorney and board-certified as an expert in real estate law by The Florida Bar. He is chair of the Real Estate Section of the Broward County Bar Association. Send him questions online at or follow him on Twitter @GarySingerLaw.

30-year mortgage rate rises Marcy Gordan Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Average U.S. mortgage rates rose only slightly this week and continued to hover near record lows, a trend that has helped boost home sales and refinancing. Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday that the rate on the 30-

year fixed mortgage edged up to 3.41 percent, from 3.37 last week. Three weeks ago, the rate touched 3.36 percent. That’s the lowest level on records dating to 1971. The average rate on the 15-year fixed mortgage, often used for refinancing, rose to 2.72 percent. That’s up from last week’s record low of 2.66 percent.

Jerry McFarland, CIP

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Hidden Costs of Foreclosures Pose Risks Not Found in New Homes

The economic downturn has hurt many Tallahassee-area families during the past few years, and sadly that means there are a larger number of foreclosed homes on the market than during a healthy economy.

Outdoor Living At Its Best!

The lower price of these homes can make them look like a bargain, but home buyers need to carefully compare the actual cost— and advantages—of a newly-constructed home versus a foreclosed one before they make their final decision. At the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 2012 International Builders Show in Orlando, Jay McKenzie, vice president of Builder Digital Experience, LLC, offered a number of advantages of purchasing a

Custom-Built Getaways

• Sun Room Additions • Pool Enclosure • Windows/Doors

• Covered Outdoor Living Areas



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brand new home, and warned of hidden costs of foreclosed homes that buyers need to consider:

depending on their age, they may not be for long. And they certainly aren’t as energy-efficient as new ones.

• Many foreclosures are sold “as is” with no disclosure requirements. Buyers could be surprised with major repair bills for issues such as foundation faults or other structural defects, mold, hidden water damage, unsafe wiring, rodent infestations and more.

• New homes come outfitted with the latest home automation and wiring components that provide state-of-the-art technology capabilities to accommodate modern home appliances and entertainment resources such as high-definition televisions, fullhouse sound systems, hard-wired fire and security alarms and more. Foreclosures probably don’t have updated wiring, and old wiring not only may not be able to

A foreclosed home that appears to have been renovated may not have been done so with the proper permits and inspections. A brand new home provides peace of mind for your family’s safety because it has passed inspections and conforms to current building codes. A new home is also under warranty and any issues that arise during the warranty term will be fixed at no cost to the home owner. • New homes can be personalized with appliances, cabinets, counter tops, carpets, floor coverings, paint color and other design elements to meet your family’s needs and tastes. They also come designed for modern lifestyles, with open space floor plans, walk-in closets, creative storage solutions and conveniently-located laundry facilities. With a foreclosure, you’ll have to spend time and money to knock out walls, re-paint, and make other renovations to change the previous owner’s tastes to your own.

Leon Screening & Repair, Inc.

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Tallahassee Builders Association Weekly News

TBA President - 2012

• Newly built homes are highly energyefficient, saving the buyer money and helping the environment. New windows, doors and insulation better control the home’s interior climate, and Energy Star-rated appliances and other modern components will help save costs on utility bills. With a foreclosure, if the appliances, water heater or HVAC are in working order,

“A brand new home provides peace of mind for your family’s safety.” handle modern resources—it may be unsafe and a fire hazard, and will cost a lot to update to current standards. • Financing a new home is easier than financing a foreclosed home. Many builders offer incentives to reduce closing costs and can complete the closing quickly, unlike banks that just want to get foreclosed homes off their books and may have a backlog of homes to process, which can take months or years. It is important to note that some home builders have expanded their businesses to include buying foreclosures, then renovating and re-selling them. In these cases, the builder normally has inspected the home for hidden damage or dangerous conditions, gotten the required permits, and completed the necessary repairs. They also often renovate, replace appliances and components, and perform many cosmetic upgrades to make the home an attractive and safe place for the home buyer.


Consumer Mortgage Information Program





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Mo. Pmt. Program





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Mo. Pmt. Program





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$663.15 30 YR. Fixed

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3.034% $1,429.78 30 YR. Fixed 2.984% $1,026.88 20 YR. Fixed

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$860.34 15 YR. Fixed

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VA 30 Yr. Fixed

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RD 30 Yr. Fixed

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$663.15 15 YR Fixed $664.24**

Payments based on $150,000 loan amount. Rates subject to change. Call for current rates. Purchases and refinances of Primary Residences, Investment Properties, Home Equity Lines of Credit & Construction Perm Loans are available. Visit to apply or call 800-468-3993. Select option 1 for our mortgage hotline.

***Hometown Banking since 1906*** It’s a great time to purchase or refinance with your local community bank, where our customers are like family. Please call Christie Heald at 850-297-2015 for a customized rate quote, or visit our Mortgage Department’s webpage at for more information. No hidden fees. No application fee. *MIP Included, **MIP Excluded You are in good hands with FMB; we can’t wait to meet you.

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$1,017.94 FHA 30 Yr. Fixed


$685.25 15 YR. Conv. fixed 2.25% 1.88 $1,051.86 30 YR. Conv. fixed 2.75% 3.88 $1,470.01 30 YR Conv fixed 3.375% 0





20% 5%

30 30

3.114% $612.36 3.843%* $663.14**

30 YR FHA fixed

3.00% 0



3.785%* $643.41**

30 YR RD fixed

3.00% 0



3.519%* $645.34**

*FSU Credit Union is currently running a Done in Decade promotion which includes a .25 reduction in rate on our 10-year fixed mortgages (reduction not shown above). Credit standards and eligibility rules apply. All rates are subject to change without notice. FSUCU is an equal housing lender. Please contact Allison Tremper at FSU Credit Union for your personalized quotes at 850-224-4960 ext. 3310.

Local Processing -Local Decisions - Local Closers - Local Construction Dept - Local Appraisers. Full Array of programs subject to credit & property approval & includes: 2nd home & investment, FHA, Conv, Const/Perm & Lot Loans. 100% VA, RD, & Affordable Housing. *MIP incl. **No MIP. Loans are not made or originated by FHA, VA, HUD, or any governmental entity.

Please note: Rate quotes based on qualified borrowers having a credit score of 740 or better. Let your neighborhood professionals guide your mortgage transaction from beginning to end. We have numerous programs to meet your diverse financial needs.



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*+" &9 -)3;:! .))02+6 9): % 9!/ ,):! 6:!%5 :!%8)+8# '+1282)+ %.8) )7!:8$ + %106, !6,0/ + #5=01 (<5/>7- (5/,/ + #546< :01?>4>7-

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"!)) *84.!% ()35/!.. &. +0& (&!*&01 &.1!# !& '-$,'$%-/

Home has two-story great room Associated Press

HMAFAPW1714 DETAILS: Bedrooms: 3+ Baths: 2 full, 1 half Upper floor: 563 sq. ft. Main floor: 1,693 sq. ft. Total Living Area: 2,256 sq. ft. Bonus room: 363 sq. ft. Standard basement: 1,693 sq. ft. Garage: 572 sq. ft. Dimensions: 55-8 x 53-0 Exterior Wall Framing: 2x6 Foundation Options: Standard basement

The second floor, with two bedrooms and a full hall bath with access to a large bonus room . AP The first floor, with a two-story Great Room that opens to the island kitchen. (AP Photo/ AP

House of the Week HMAFAPW1714 shows a three-bedroom, two and a half bath classic family home. (AP Photo/ AP

Capital City Apartment Association

Carly Grubbs

CCAA President

Serving the Industries Serving You


Most landlords would agree -- They would rather have tenants who are not familiar with the inside of a jail cell. To screen out those with criminal records, the landlord asks whether the tenant has been convicted of a felony, or had adjudication withheld on a felony charge, or was ever convicted of a sexual crime. The landlord often runs a background check of all the adults in the household just to make sure. If the landlord learns the applicant does indeed have a criminal record, the landlord can legitimately turn down the applicant. It won’t be a violation of fair housing laws. Fair Housing laws do not protect criminal activity. Having a criminal record is not a protected class under the fair housing laws. Thus, landlords can establish screening criteria that reject an applicant who has a criminal record. Conviction vs. Arrest vs. Adjudication Withheld TD-0000215361

This 2,256-square-foot family home, Plan HMAFAPW1714 from, offers a great blend of modern amenities and classic curb appeal. The two-story great room opens directly to the island kitchen, where snack-bar seating encourages friendly lingering. The kitchen's central location also makes it easy to serve up meals to the breakfast nook on one side and dining room on the other. The master suite on the first level is a nohassle choice (especially with the laundry room just steps away) that also helps with aging in place. In this homeowner's haven, relax in the window-side tub or in the shower. Dual sinks and a walk-in closet are welcome details. Two bedrooms upstairs use a full hall bath and have access to the large bonus room, which can become a playroom, exercise studio or home theater — or all of the above at different times . Don't miss the handy bench and storage area that greet you coming in from the garage. An unfinished basement features an additional 1,693 sq. ft. of space to finish now or use as storage.

Convictions should not be confused with arrests. A conviction means that a judge and jury have determined that the individual is guilty of the particular crime. An arrest occurs if law enforcement suspects the individual committed a crime. There is a world of difference between

suspicion and conviction, as any Perry Mason fan can tell you. “Adjudication withheld” means the court determined the individual did the crime but the court is not entering a conviction at the moment. Instead, the court places certain conditions on the defendant. Examples are to not use drugs, do community service, stay in school, etc. If the defendant satisfies all of the conditions set by the judge, then the conviction is never entered against him. Even though the conviction is not entered, you can reasonably believe that the individual did the criminal activity. A landlord should not reject applicants on the basis of arrest records. Doing so would be considered unlawful discrimination. That is because arrest statistics show that arrest patterns have sometimes been discriminatory against protected classes in some contexts. That makes arrests a bad screening criterion. Uniformity and Consistency. If the landlord conducts criminal background checks, it should be done on every adult applicant. Doing anything less would be considered discriminatory. The landlord should not accept some applicants with criminal records and reject others. For example, a landlord should not accept a female applicant with a record of assault but not a male applicant with a similar conviction. Once exceptions are made, the criteria cease to be fair. TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT » SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2012 » 7

PAGE 8 / Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tallahassee Democrat / REAL ESTATE

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Susan Gwynn (850) 545-3906, Armor Realty of Tallahassee, Inc.

Kathy Meeks (850) 509-3626,, Capital City Real Estate Group, LLC

Susan M Jones (850) 566-7584, Bluewater Realty Group

Leah L Chapin (850) 212-7753,, Ketcham Realty Group, Inc. Linda Dix (850) 402-0612,, Linda Dix Realty

Suzanne M Mcghee (850) 556-2299,, Mattox Realty, Inc. Teresa Hatler (850) 422-1463, Bridgewaters Realty Group, LLC

Lindsay Pearson (850) 510-8029,, Pearson Realty, Inc. Lucretia S Thomas (850) 545-9584,, Thomas Acquisition & Property Specialists, Inc

Terry Anne Kant, Broker, CRS (850) 877-2121,, Kant Realty of N FL

Lynn D Hudson (850) 566-2002,, Community Realty

Tricia Bryars (850) 545-5092, Tricia Bryars Realty, Inc.

Mariana Doseanu (850) 339-5671, Keller Williams Realty

Yvonne Howell (850) 933-2219, Coldwell Banker Hartung & Noblin, Inc.

For information on how to be listed on this page, please call Kira Jackson 599-2235 or Robin Yeatman 599-2262 TD-0000218565


Open House 1:00PM - 5:00PM

New Neighborhood - Open Sunday 1-5

Open Saturday & Sunday, 12-5

Open Saturday & Sunday, 12-5


NEW LISTING WEEMS PLANTATION: 3208 Emerson Ln This 3/2 split bedroom home shows great. Open floor plan w/vaulted ceilings throughout, corner fireplace, privacy fenced yard, located on cul-de-sac & backs up to a green space. Wood flooring throughout with tile in baths. All appliances are incl, (range, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer & dryer). Great buy for this home in great cond.$159,900 Hwy 90 E. past Capital Cir. R. Weems Rd, L. into Weems Plantation, L. Emerson Ln Kathy Lee, REALTOR®, Green, CNE 850-508-6003 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc. *LOS ROBLES* *OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2-5*

2400 Tippecanoe Ridge New NW Subdivision opening soon. 3BR/2BA & 4BR/3BA homes, great for first time home buyers, students and/or investors. Own your own home & have roommates pay your rent through school. Come to our sales center this Sunday. Take High Rd to Hartsfield Rd. Tippecanoe Ridge is 1 mile down Hartsfield on the right. Look for Tippecanoe Hills Subdivision sign. Homes from $150-$200,000. Visit Ken Hollingsworth (850) 509-1845 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc. 850-508-6988 New Homes Open Daily 11- 6 PM

3336 Harbor Club Dr-$10,000 in concessions/upgrades from the seller. This 1,828 sq.ft. Green Certified 3BD/2BA home was designed with AARP & the FL Dept. of Elder Affairs for "Aging-In-Place". It features hardwood floors, tank-less water heater, gas fireplace with built-in entertainment cabinets, granite counters, tray ceilings & deluxe master bath w/luxurious custom tiled shower. Stainless- on-Black appliances. Aging features include widened hallways, elevated outlets, grab bars in baths, custom shower & more. $268,000. Rob Estevez, REALTOR® (850) 544-5996 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc. OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 KILLEARN LAKES

3329 Harbor Club Dr-$10,000 in concessions/upgrades from the seller. Brand new 1,928 sq.ft. Green Certified home sits on our largest lot (HUGE). 3BD/2BA + Sunroom & a formal dining room, home has all the sought after amenities, incl hardwood floors, tank-less water heater, gas fireplace with built-in entertainment cabinets, granite counters, tray ceilings, deluxe master bath with luxurious custom tiled shower & whirlpool tub, Stainless-on-Black appliances & more. $271,500. Visit Rob Estevez, REALTOR® (850) 544-5996 Neil Ryder Realty,Inc Gated Northeast Community

8376 Chickasaw Trail - Killearn Lakes Home! Large open family room with wood burning stone fireplace, huge master bedroom with large walk in closet. All wood laminate flooring throughout. Large spacious yard with lots of deck space and privacy fenced. Large parking area with an RV parking pad. 2 car garage. 3 bedrooms plus an office/den room. Lots of storage closets, large walk in inside laundry room. washer and dryer stay. large eat in kitchen with breakfast bar and eat in kitchen. walking distance to tekesta park. the list goes on! $209,000 Charlotte Brown, 508-8022, Drake Real Estate Inc. OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

1514 Cristobal Dr. This fine home enhanced by the beauty of old English Architecture is located in prestigious & convenient Los Robles. 1920s Charm meets Modern Day Luxuries! Walk into Living Room boasting Dramatic Wooden-Beamed Cathedral Ceiling with views of sunlit Family Room and lushly landscaped & serene backyard. State of the Art Kitchen with SS appliances. Hardwood, Travertine Flooring and MORE! Dir: N Meridian Rd to Fernando Dr to Cristobal Dr 3/3.5 2575 sq ft $439,000. Bette H. Drake, GRI, Broker/Realtor, 850-933-0196 Midtown Brokers,LLC CONVENIENT NORTH LOCATION!

2582 Manassas Way & 2561 Ulysses Road (Bradford Models) Affordable Elegance with New Energy Star homes. N.E. Tallahassee's most desirable neighborhood. Top rated schools. 4BR/2BA, 2000 sq.ft. with craftsman quality at great prices. Wood floors, kitchen islands, granite tops, tankless water heaters,& more! A must see! From $277,900. Visit 2640 Manassas Way - Our Sales & Design Center or web site

3401 Valley Creek 3BR/2BA home w/nice open floorplan, fireplace, eat in kitchen & enclosed porch. NEW roof, NEW carpet, NEW vinyl, NEW dishwasher, NEW interior paint. Large oversized garage with workshop area with cabinets, nice back deck, fenced in back yard, shed. "$164,900, call for possible lease terms.

518 River Pond Court - $549,900 906 Parkview Drive Completely Remodeled Custom Home in Woodbrook! Only $274,900 - Pool Home in Piney Z. 4 Bedroom + This home features an outstanding kitchen with office, 3 bath and 2-car garage. Over 2700 sq ft POOL custom cabinetry, private courtyard, hardwood floors, home. Hardwood floors & clean as a whistle. and a spacious retreat off of the owner's bedroom. This is a great buy for this gated community! For more information, please contact:

1734 Ruby Rd. Beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bath all brick home. VERY WELL MAINTAINED home on 2/3 of an acre. 2271 Sq. Ft of heated and cooled space. Lots of updates! HARDWOOD FLOORS in Family & Dining Rooms and New Baths. Heated & cooled Sunroom not incl. in sq.footage). Workshop Pole barn (3 car stall). Large shed. MUST SEE!! $299,900.

3049 Bell Grove Drive Terrific family home in close-in Centerville Trace. With almost 1900 sq.ft. for only $209,000, this lovely home comes with brand new wood floors, new carpet new paint, newer appliances, faucets and lighting. It also has vaulted ceilings, fireplace& hot tub. 3BR/2.5BA plus an open kitchen to family room AND you won't believe all the walk- in closets and storage. Come see me today!!!

CALL TRICIA BRYARS 545-5092 or MARK BRYARS 545-0476 ANYTIME!! Tricia Bryars Realty, Inc. OX BOTTOM MANOR OPEN 2-4

Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Owner 545-8491 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

Call Debbie Gerber, 850-545-8164 Prime South Properties AWARD-WINNING RENOVATIONS

Nancy Stedman-Laux, 850-545-7074 Retriever Property Enterprises, LLC OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

3810 Piney Grove - Elegant 3BR/3.5BA home w/open floor plan, Custom features are everywhere you look. Great attention to detail, plantation shutters, columns, fireplace, incredible storage, walk-in pantry. Your new master suite is luxurious & includes a private balcony overlooking greenspace. Gym could be an office or 4th BR. Lg. deck, hot tub & screen porch. Southwood, Tallahassee's only golf cart friendly community, incl. pool, tennis, golf, lakes, parks & hiking & biking trails. $535,000. Cindy Cooper, 850-545-8076 Georgia Turner, 850-510-4286 Primesouth, Fezler, Russell & Ferrie OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

Jason Naumann, BROKER 850-933-0328 The Naumann Group Real Estate, Inc. OPEN HOUSE 2-5 SUNDAY 850-508-8208 Capital City Real Estate Group PRICE REDUCED!

548 Brooke Hampton Drive - Pebble Brooke Looks like a model home, fresh & clean! Wonderful three bedroom, 2 full bath home with large living, dining & kitchen areas. Great master bedroom has bath with jetted tub & closet. Spacious one-car garage, fenced yard & screened back porch. $159,000 MLS 227004.

1340 LANSDOWNE RD Charming 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in a quiet neighborhood. New Privacy Fence!" "This home has it all! Renovated & freshly painted. Pergo Wood Floors, Tons of Storage! Newer HVAC, roof and appliances. Wood-burning fireplace, screened in porch & screened in POOL, Separate workshop with electricity, $171,000. Directions: Bucklake Rd East, first left past Pedrick Rd, left then right. Also available for rent $1350 a mo. Peggy Dye 850-339-6995 Keller Williams Realty

Thomas Acquisition Specialists, Inc 386-7579 Knock Knock!! Opportunity is Knocking.

We’re here for your home solutions! 182 Meadow Ridge Drive Light, bright and lovely 4 bedroom, 3 full bath home in popular area that has been updated with new appliances, granite counters and a luxurious master bath. Home is great for entertaining and a yard just perfect for a pool. $345,000. Directions: Meridian Road to Spanish Moss, right on Meadow Ridge and home on left. Richard E. Snow, Broker, 386-5169 Hartsfield Realty, Inc.

515 South Ride- Magical Serenity describes 1.67 Acres! Showcase Awards won on the Remodeling of this unique, exceptional quality, fine home with New Roof! Delightful tranquil private setting close in! Spacious, open Interior incl. all new deluxe Kitchen w/granite counters, Birdseye maple cabinets, new baths, lg. bedrm suites opening to outdoor courtyard patios,abundance of walk-in closet space & hardwood floors, romantic split fireplace & professionally landscaped.$425,000! Picturesque, Sophisticated & Prime Location! Jan Soto Realty,850- 668-2057, Jan Soto, Realtor, 850-545-8562

5001 Riverwood Rd Quality built all brick! 3/2, 2 car-gar, vaulted ceiling, fireplace, split plan, master suite with luxury tub, shower stall, split plan , 2 detached carport w/ storages, 24x24 fantastic workshop, 4.36 acres. Horses welcome too! $260,000. Directions: Capital Cir. NW to Maddox, left on Flat, right on Riverwood. .5 mile on left.

616 Hampton Ave, Tallahassee Single family home that can be divided into two residences, 3/2 each side or great for that large family or in-laws. Two kitchens 2/ Hw heaters. Close to university and would make the perfect place for students to reside, one side is two story the other is all on first floor, separate entrances needs little tlc. $149,900

Call Josephine Ang, Remax Professionals Realty 545-3363

Call David Rossetti, 850-591-6161 Rossetti Realty

Call Today!

Robin Yeatman............................850.599.2262


The National Association of Realtors says its index of sales agreements dropped 2.6 percent last month to 99.2. In July, the index rose to 101.9. That was the highest level since April 2010, when the market benefited from a federal home-buying tax credit. AP

Sales contracts to buy US homes up slightly By Christopher S. Rugaber Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The number of Americans who signed contracts to buy homes rose only slightly, suggesting sales may level off in the coming months after solid gains in the past year. The National Association of Realtors said Thursday that its seasonally adjusted index of sales agreements rose in September to a reading of 99.5. That’s up from August’s reading of 99.2 but below a two-year high of 101.9 reached in July. Contracts are up 14.5 percent from a year ago. An index reading above 100 is considered healthy. The index bottomed at 75.88 in June 2010 after a homebuyer’s tax credit expired. The pending home sales index is a measure of the number of signed contracts to purchase


homes. The index can signal where the housing market is headed because a signed contract usually results in a final sale one or two months later. The housing market has been recovering this year, helped by the lowest mortgage rates in decades, a limited supply of homes for sale and steady price increases. Some economists said the rising trend in home sales will likely continue, despite a few weaker months this fall. The figures “suggest that existing home sales are likely to flatten over the next month or two,” Joseph LaVorgna, an economist at Deusche Bank, said in an email. “Looking beyond then, we expect sales to resume their uptrend as the underlying housing fundamentals continue to improve.” New home sales jumped last month to the highest annual pace in

the past two and a half years. And builders broke ground on new homes and apartments at the fastest pace in more than four years in September. They also requested the most building permits in four years, a sign that many are confident that home sales gains will continue. The housing recovery could help boost economic growth and hiring at time when manufacturing has weakened sharply. Still, housing makes up a much smaller part of the economy than it did before the bubble. So rising construction and sales may have less of an impact. And many first-time homebuyers are struggling to qualify for mortgages, since banks have raised credit standards. Many also demand high down payments that many would-be homebuyers can’t afford.

REAL ESTATE / Tallahassee Democrat

Sunday, October 28, 2012 / PAGE 11

Classified Marketplace ROOM FOR RENT


Christian non-smoking/ non-drinking, white male looking to share 3/2, $375/mo + 1/3 utils. 850-524-2106

FRESHLY REMODELED 1940's ambience. Charming, cozy and private 1BR FROM $495. Partial utils. NO PETS. 545-6685



Lovely home,utils. W/D, cable, DSL, linens, privacy, $350/mo. $150 dep. Refs req. 385-7144








Myers Park

Private BR & BA, Lg. HD TV. $650/mo incl phone 564 A-2 Oakland Ave. internet W/D. 2 dogs, $595, 2BR/1BA, 800sqft, Near hospitals 656-6486 living and dining room, CHA, W/D hookups, 9314126 avail. now APARTMENTS FOR RENTKent Strauss Mgmt & UNFURNISHED Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9313887 $395/mo + dep. Studio, NICE!! 2BR/1BA faces 1 & 2BRs. Near schools Golf Course, new floors & shopping. 561-4226 paint, light fixtures, plus, 9308649 1/1 NW Near Walmart, plus! $635/mo 668-5607 9313575 newly painted, laminated floors, CH/A, NOW LEASING $425/mo. 847-8294

IN-TOWN CONTEMPORARY 2004 Wahalaw Nene in Indian Head Acres $159,900 - 3/2, Call Jacques Depart 228-2927





1005 Myers Park Ln

#1 $375/mo $350 dep No pets Curtis Baynes 576-8774



Portland Terrace Apts




(Old Bainbridge Rd & Portland Ave) 2BR/1.5BA townhouse, 1160 sqft.All appliances incl. washer & dryer. 1 year lease. No pets. Rent $675/mo For more info contact: Lauren Hansen, manager 385-5315


Save The Date


Midtown Bargain. Nice quiet 2/1, CHA, carpet, storage , balcony, W/D hookup, $600/mo. 893-6332 or 510-5880

buy or sell in "If you want toEED Michael Piney Z you Ney Z specialis t" Lee! T he Pin

3 39 - 9 3 4 6



November 3rd • 9:00am-1:00pm OPEN HOUSE and ESTATE SALE

4534 McCall Bridge Rd., Quincy, FL 32351 Lake Talquin 3BR/2BA home on ~ 1.5 acre lakefront lot with 150’+ of lake frontage, fenced and gated. $210,000. Furniture, doll collection, quilts, antiques...Dir: I-10 to exit 181,S on Pat Thomas Hwy (267), L on McCall Bridge Road

Suzanne McGhee, Mattox Realty, Inc. 850-556-2299

There’s Hope. There’s Help. There’s Big Bend Hospice.


NW Close to Colleges 1BR Midtown -Walk 2313 C Sylvan Ct., 2BR/ to Lake Ella. no pets,

$500. Call 847-8294 __



1BR/1BA $495/mo Mon-Fri 10:30 am-6pm 2749 W. Tharpe St.

Call 385-9881


1BA, 905 sq ft, $595, CHA, W/D Hookups, Avail 10/19 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Classified Advertising


For More Information Call


Casa Calderon Apartments

Offers an independent living facility for persons who are either 62 years of age or older and/or handicapped. Rent is based upon income and applicants must meet HUD's eligibility requirements. For more information contact Casa Calderon Apartments 800 W. Virginia St. Tallahassee, FL 32304 850-222-4026 TDD: 800-955-8771


Ask your doctor. (850) 878-5310 or (800)772-5862 Porter Chandler


Broker/Owner Tallahassee Homes Realty


Visit our Sales/Design Center at 2586 Manassas Way.


• Commercial Plaza – 1,440 SF Space Available. • 3,000 SF available at Town south Shopping Center!


• Northampton Shopping Center – Kerry Forest Parkway 1,200 to 9,000SF for lease including a restaurant space!


• Killearn Lakes Area -1,500 to 6,000SF will build-out to suit!

Agent: Peter Gonzalez, Jr.

• 1832 Capital Circle NE – 880 SF with great visibility & lighted pylon signage. • Tennessee Square – 1,282 SF available across from FSU campus on Tenn. Street Agent: E. Edward Murray, Jr., CCIM: • Whole Foods Market opening 2013 in MidTown. Only a few spaces left!


• Parkway Shopping Center: 700 SF and 11,000 SF restaurant spaces available!

Agent: Jim Taube, CCIM:

• Betton Place welcomes new tenant Haute Heads!! 2 spaces available 1100 & 1998 SF


• 1,000 & 1,200SF storefront in downtown Crawfordville


FIRST MONTH FREE! 2BR near downtown & Lafayette Park, wood floors, CHA, lease, No pets, $585/mo incl. water & sewer 251-8093 9312496

2586 Manassas Way The Birch 4 BR/2 BA, 2,157 Sq. Ft. Almost Complete! $289,900

• The Luxe- high end mixed use retail & student housing. 1,294-14,600 SF available adjacent to FSU campus. Agent: Eric Stockstill: • 975, 1,500 & 4,200 SF available in the Lake Jackson Winn Dixie Shopping Center off North Monroe. $14 per SF plus CAM • The Lofts on Gaines -930 & 2790 SF retail space available with walking distance to FSU campus.

Same Company




Agent: E. Edward Murray, Jr., CCIM:

• Sam’s Club out-parcels on Capital Circle & Apalachee Parkway - 3.19 Acres retail & 5.27 Acre Hotel Sites. Agent: Jim Taube, CCIM:


• Convenience Store & car wash centrally located in

Agent: Frank Langston, CCIM:

Tallahassee – 1.4 acres

• 1800 SF available - Unique and Highly Visible retail space located near shopping, restaurants, and office parks off John Knox Road.

Agent: Kee Elwell: • Store and Retail Space located across from Governor’s Square Mall on Apalachee Parkway. PRICE REDUCTION!!

• 1,250sf on North Monroe St w/high visibility & pylon signage


Call Classifieds 599-2210


Agent: Jennifer Beerli

COTTAGE APT NE 1BR/1BA, office, W/D hookups, kitchen, Cable ,water $550/mo 850-942-5912 / 893-1994


• Agent: Jimmy Nystrom:


1207 #C3 N. MLK Blvd., 1BR/1BA 650sqft, $395, CHA, avail 11/1 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


Build on the power of our network.™ Commercial Real Estate Services, Worldwide.

North on Thomasville Rd., Left on Kerry Forest, Left on Cold Harbor, Right on Manassas Way

Convenient Location



Agent: Eric Stockstill:


• 2088 N. Monroe 3200 SF at $12/SF – Great Signage Available! $279,000 or $12 PSF. Agent: Jim Taube, CCIM: • 615 Universal Drive – Great 6,000 SF Retail Location


with signage opportunities!

Agent: Peter Gonzalez, Jr.

New Name

1018 Thomasville Road, Suite 200A

Same Dedication

Tallahassee, FL 32303

New Opportunities

850 224 2300



Real EstateCLASSIFIEDS Classified: 599-2210

Larry Fabiano, Realtor


Fax: 599-2347

Phone in hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Need some FREE help? - Understanding your options • Foreclosure • Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure • Short Sale • Loan Modification

689 Riggins Road $199,900

- Help with whichever option you choose

3/2 in fantastic neighborhood inside Capital Cir. close to shopping, schools, offices and restaurants. Move in ready! Hardwood floors, tile, new hardware on cabinets, chairrail in dining room, vaulted ceilings, granite counter tops, rocking chair covered front porch, wood fireplace, privacy fence and screened porch.

- My services are absolutely FREE to the homeowner

2734 Newmarket Circle $175,000

Rick Samuelsen, Realtor, SFR, CHP


850-559-5388 3/2 Move in ready home perfect for retirees or a young family. Low maintenance home site. Vaulted ceiling, 2 sided fireplace, great curb appeal, deck for those backyard BBQ’s. TD-0000219271

• Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource • Certified HAFA Professional • Bank of America Short Sale Professional


Ready to MAKE YOUR MARK? When you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life,’s door is always open.

Start your real estate search on the site with the most options...and come home to your new future!



Regional Property Services


NW Deal

3/1.5, carpet, carport, 5068 Old Bainbridge W/D connections, $725 rd., 2Br/1Ba 800sqft., 595, CHA, w/d in the Tallahassee area. 305 Broward Apt-1 $Hookups, avail 11/1 Check us out at Kent Strauss Mgmt & 2 B R / 1 . 5 B A , C a r p e t , Mid-town, $675/mo Realty, Inc. 877-2284 893-2500 Lic Real Estate Broker 2172-B Claremont Ln 9313911 9308699 2/1, Carpet, full kitchen Serenity Now! 1-story, Off Paul Russell w/d connections, $600 pool, 24/7 laundry, & 3129-B Pontiac Dr., green space. 1 & 2 BRs 898 Meginnis Ln 2BR/2BA, 1070sqft, $695 from $495. 575-1495 3/2 Carpet, full kitchen CHA, W/D Hookups, Lg. 9310398 screen porch,$975/mo f e n c e d y a r d , l a w n incl., Avail now. SHAMROCK VILLAGE 753-B Pointe Ct. care Kent Strauss Mgmt & 2/1 Carpet, Full Kitchen Realty, Inc. 877-2284 OF KILLEARN W/d connections $600 Quiet Residential 9313889 165-A Victory Garden Neighborhood "Limited Time Offer" 3/2, Carpet, full Kitchen S.E. Deal! ONE MONTH FREE RENT w/d connections, 1 Car 1855-A&B S. Gadsden 2br-1185 sq ft garage $825/mo st., 2BR/1BA, $525, 3br-1620 sq ft 850sqft., CHA, W/D 3BR TownHome 2570 sqft Hookups, avail 11/01 Deposit $300.00 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Open Saturday 10 to 3 Meridian Mgmt. Realtor Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9308916 Sunday 12 to 3 Call 850-893-1197 9313895 Countryside Charm**** 9313550 This large 2/1 has a big TCC Convenient eat-in kitchen with CONDOS FOR RENTappliances, new 2721 Mission Rd, FURNISHED f l o o r i n g , a b i g o p e n 2BR/1BA 800 sq ft, $525, 1BR/1BA, fully furnished living/dining room with C H A , W / D h o o k u p s , from dishes to towels, fireplace, big bedrms, across from Gretchen ideal for a professional. nice deck & great yard E v e r h a r t . A v a i l n o w $600/mo + utilities. too, $765 Sorry no pets. (2719 Mission Rd avail 11/9) 850-562-5093 8792 Louvinia Way 9311302 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Spirit Realty Inc. of Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Tallahassee, 877-4343 DUPLEX FOR 9313872

Over 600 properties


__ __









1316 HUTCHINSON ST 2BR/1BA duplex. CHA washer hookup, $500 dep., $500 rent. Annual lease. No pet allowed. Avail. now.

Energy Efficient 2/1, clean, vaulted ceiling w/fan. Deck, W side,no pets. $575/mo 576-2695




Equal Housing Opportunity



1732 Coreywood Ct











__ __


© 2010, LLC. All rights reserved.


3/3, carpet ,open floor FIRST MONTH FREE! plan, garage. w/d 2BR near Westwood connections: $975/mo Mall & FSU. Carpet, 222-5262 2231 Parrot Lane W/D hookup,Lease. No 9311029 pets. $585/mo 251-8093 3 B R / 2 B A c a r p e t , f u l l 9314089 1592 Misty Garden Way kitchen, fenced yard, 3/2 Access to I-10, quiet w/d incl $795/mo secluded, 1200 sq. ft. I-10 Convenience $855 Avail now 559-8386 2631 Windy ridge Dr., 9312279 2BR/1BA 900 sq ft, $595, Meridian Mgmt. Realtor 1811-4 Hartsfield Rd. 9308909 CHA, W/D hookups, 2BR/1.5BA, hookups,all yard service incl. Quiet tile, no dogs or smoking dead end street. Avail 1BR near Capital Cir and Crawfordville Hwy $675/mo+dep 422-3055 now $365/mo, Available 9310604 Kent Strauss Mgmt & now, call Tom 933-5094 2/1 in great condition, 9313883 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 huge yard, quiet area, 2/2 quiet area,very nice 9313901 1918 S. Meridian St. new carpet. W/D, pets $600/mo 850-443-3300 ok, fenced. $850/mo + 9314146 l 3BR/1.5BA, CH/A, $850 dep. 904-318-8210 9313572 2/1.5, W/D hookups, W/D hookups. nice fresh carpet & paint. location. $690/mo. 2 B R / 2 B A N E AR 1722 Talpeco Rd. l 2BR/2BA,CHA, W/D $700/mo + dep. Lawn hookups, water furn, T C C / F S U 2 3 4 3 care incl. 850-893-5265 Sandpiper Street New fireplace. $725/mo 9313166 App. W/D,$700 No pets. 562-0218 850-510-5783 2BR/1BA Brick. Tile floors 9314162 9310383 CH/A, ceiling fans, W/D 3BR cozy lakefront, hookup. Fenced back wood stove + Misson Road Deal! close-in, yard. No dogs. Nonsmoker. 313 W. 7th Ave l 2 6 5 7 M i s s i o n R d , extras. Pet considered $650/mo. 850-385-3664 2BR/1BA 852 sq ft, $595, $590/mo. 850-875-9466 9313809 9312136 CHA, W/D hookups, 2BR/2BA, 2084 Pats Pl. fireplace, avail now 3BR-2BA-FENCED fenced yard, Near l 2868-A Mission Rd, hospitals & FDLE. 2BR/1BA 885 sq ft, $625, JUST $745 CALL $825/mo. 570-0988 C HA, W/D Hookups, arbara Dickson, 9312280 fireplace, lawn service B Remax Professionals 3/1 $600 & 2/1 $500 in incl. Avail now. Realty 545-3419. Midway, just renovated Kent Strauss Mgmt & Freshly painted, nice big yards, 10 miles to Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Tallahassee 443-3300 kitchen, inside utility!


Find your canvas today at



__ __







Beautiful 3BR

1936 Portland Ave., 3BR/1.5BA 1296 sq ft, $695, CHA, W/D hookups, tile floors, Avail now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284




1605 Lake Ave 2BR/1BA almost 700 sqft.This one sparkles! Newly remodeled with new kitchen cabinets, all new appliances & ceramic tile floors. W/D hookups $675 Call Darden Property Mgt. at 850-906-0800



For Sale/Rent - Killearn, 1704 Atkamire 2/1.5, corner lot., New AC. No $ down $800/ 3/1.5 carpet, 1122 sq ft. mo. $129,500 294-9144 w/d incl $850/mo.



Golf Course View

3147 Oak Hammock Ct 2BR/2BA 928 sq ft, $750, CHA, W/D Hookups, fireplace, wood floors, large deck, avail now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Hilaman View

3009 Greenwich Ct.

4/2 tile floors, family rm, fireplace, pool $1500

2408 Lakeshore Dr 2120 W.Randolph Cir.

3BR/2BA hardwood, with carport-basement $1600/mo.




Cozy 2/2, fireplace, W/D, pool, 1200 sq ft. $750/mo. 904-759-6270



Shannon Lakes Townhouse

2300 Ryan Pl., 3Br/2.5Ba 1500 sqft, $995, CHA, W/D , Fenced Yard, Fireplace, 1 Car Garage, avail 11/15 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284






For Lease or Sale 2167 Delta Way- 3/3 $1200/$134K 1616 Salmon Dr.-3/2 $1200/$135K Call 850-559-1992



For more info visit:

1870 Meriadoc Rd

2/2 Townhouse $700 NEW FLOORING!

3971 Gaffney Lp

2/2 Duplex $725 New A/C, Wood Flrs!

900 Ashburn Dr


re-done 2/2 w/office or third bedroom, laminate floors,lots of extras. Call for pricing.

2516 Bedford Way Lg. 3/2 w/open rooms Updated throughout w/amenities like a fireplace,W/D,storage building & laminate & tile flooring, over 1800 sqft. ready now, $1295

2195 Timberwood Cir 5640 Cypress Cir 1562 Devoe St

3/3 Townhouse $825 1/2 OFF NOV RENT

2321 Tuscavilla Dr

3/1.5 House $825 KILLEARN LAKES!

1013 Paul Russell Rd 4/3 House $995 NEW FLOORING!

1838 Devra Dr

4/2 House $1025 Tile Floors!

1105 Bonnie Dr

215 Waynard Way Popular Bucklake neighborhood is where this like new 3/2 is located.Stainless appliances, lg. great room, big master with designer bath, split BR plan, fenced yard, two-car garage, move-in ready, $1395


Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee, 877-4343

KILLEARN ACRES 3BR/2BA playroom, office, fireplace. $1200/mo 850-893-5766





3/1.5 House $825 Lakewood Village


2BR/1.5BA near TCC, CHA, Fenced yard, no pets. $600/mo. + dep. 850-385-0227

Quiet wooded area, 17 miles out Centerville Rd. 3/2 doublewide with decks overlooking pond, $695 + dep. NO PETS. 893-2704 lv msg.

3/3 Townhouse $800 1/2 OFF NOV RENT

BED/2.5BA garage 9313861 $1600/mo view www.SunshineCapture Beautiful Betton 2017 Trescott Dr., 4BR/ 941-587-8765 9313052 3BA, 2147 sq ft., $1295, CHA, W/D hookups, 2 Updated NW car garage, Fenced 2320 Sylvan ct., 3BR/ yard, Incl. In-law suite. 3.5BA, 1000 sq ft, $695, Avail 12/12. CHA, W/D hookups, Kent Strauss Mgmt & large den, Avail now Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Kent Strauss Mgmt & 9313907 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Clean 3/2 brick home 9314015 Vaulted ceiling,no pets 2328 S Hampton Dr. QUAD/TUNFURNISHED RIPLEXES FOR RENT$925/mo. 850-570-0314


l5317 Moonbeam, cute 3/2 w/ WD & patio Avail. Nov. $1050 l 7612 Preservation 4/2.5 in Summerbrook. Split plan, formal living & dining, huge rm w/ fireplace $2200 l3108 Iron Wood next to Killearn Country Club Stunning 3/3 with loft town home, soaring ceilings, fireplace. Private deck. $900 l 1964 Portland 3/1.5 townhome with W/D, fenced back yard, fresh paint and new floors $770 l 800 Bragg 3/1, hardwood floors, lots of storage $900 l 3985 Gaffney Loop 2/2 fresh paint & carpet. All appliances, screened porch $825 l 3428 Gardenview Stunning 4/2.5,fireplace split bedrm plan, deck & fenced yard, $2000 l 2412 Winthrop Rd. Stunning 3 or 4BR/3BA Betton Hills. Fireplace, screen porch .$2300 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660




Downtown Gem

1119 Rosewood Dr., 3BR/2BA 1170sqft, $995, CHA, W/D Hookups, garage, screened porch/large deck, avail 12/12. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284

3/3 Townhouse $800 1/2 OFF NOV RENT

__ On Golf Course! Autumn Woods-totally

San Luis on the Park






2BR/1BA, carpet, Carport, w/d conn $625./mo

1824 Larette Dr., 2BR/ 2.5BA, 1250sqft, $695, CHA, W/D hookups. Meridian Mgmt. Realtor Avail. 11/01 9308912 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 2/2 Beautiful N.E. 1649 Cross Pointe Way 9313905 2 car garage, yard l 619 N. Magnolia Dr. maintained. No pets. L a r g e 2 / 1 . 5 w i t h No smoking. Avail. Now f i r e p l a c e a n d a l l $1000/mo 850-445-6099 9313019 appliances, $800 l3722 Sutor Court-2/1 2032 Shady Oaks Dr., w/garage and W/D 3BR/2BA, eat-in kitchen o f f P a r k w a y n e a r new paint & carpet, no pets. $1150 661-2160 Walmart, $750 9313750 l3181 Allison Marie Ct 2500 sq.ft. N.E. Ready Lg 3/3, all appliances early Nov. 5BR/2.5BA & security sys, $850 tile floors, fenced yard. l 3381 Argonaut Dr. $1300/mo. 559-2035 3/2 off Timberlane Rd. 9314033 all appliances, $950 3/2, 2200 sq.ft., 2- car Spirit Realty Inc. of garage,full basement. Tallahassee, 877-4343 1.5 ac w/ boat dock & house, Lake Lafayette. 9313864 $2200/mo. 544-5501 1844-B Larette Dr. $575, 2BR/1BA, 900sqft, CHA, W/D hookups, patio, vaulted ceilings, avail. now. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284




Crawfordville 3/2, 2-car 2323 sq.ft., Lg. LR & DR Fireplace, Jacuzzi, 1/2 ac $1400/mo Avail now 561-793-6920/313-3252



Miss a day. Miss a lot.

4/2 House $1050

850-906-0800 Lic. Real Estate Broker


For Sale or Rent 3/1.5 Fenced,lg. patio, $820/ mo. $500 dep. No pets. 1900-B Lake Ave 459-9275









Killearn Estates 4BR/2BA lg. fenced yard, small pet ok, 2-car garage, shed $1800. 339-2356 KILLEARN LAKES 1808 Bitter Root Trail 4BR/2BA 6 mo OK $1475/mo 850-893-2707

Lanark Village-East End Corner lot w/fence, Lg. living rm,lg kitchen,W/D 2BR/1BA + sunrm. 1 pet. $700/mo. 478-747-5643



For Classified Advertising Call 599-2210







Sunday, October 28, 2012 / PAGE 13

Very Private, water furn. 1 mi from FL line, 2/1, 2 covered porches $425/mo. $425 dep No Pets 229-872-8046 229-220-6006

West side, 2/1,5, 14’ wide New AC, clean, covered raised patio, No pets $510 576-2695


1423 N. Bronough, zoned for office/comm use. 1000 sq.ft. bldg, partly equip. as hair salon. Easily converted to other use. Avail now. $1200/mo 850-893-5265



Amazing SE Commercial

l 1310 Paul Russell Rd., $1650, 2000 SqFt., 7 large offices, large lobby, conference room, break room, 2 9312963 N. Wakulla-3/2, huge bathrooms, Avail. Now master, screen porch, l1310-A Paul Russell Rd workshop, 2+ acre lot. $ 4 5 0 , 5 0 0 S q F t . O n e $1400/mo 850-264-3902 large office, utilities 9313831 incl. Avail now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Quaint 3BR/1BA. by Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Publix Southside, CH/A, safe family area. Avail 9313893 now. $625/mo 408-3406 or 305-320-4005

__ __ __



Quaint Cottage

1346 Linda Ann Dr., $450, 1BR/1BA 700 sqft., Window AC, Avail now. Recently renovated, lots of storage, Off Parkway Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284





SouthWood 3BR/2.5BA, overlooks green space w/oaks 3709 Riverton Tr Avail now 850-566-3150


Chattahoochee 657 Gregory St. 3BR, 2BA, 1446 sq.ft., fixer upper, owner financing or cash discount. $750 down. $569/mo. 803-978-1540 or 803-978-1545



MOBILEFOR HOMES /LOTS RENT $425 - $650 + dep. 2BR/1BA’s w/air. Small quiet park near Publix, No pets. 850-545-1899



Commercial Property l1300-1350 sqft. N. M o n r o e n e a r Tallahassee Mall, versatile storefront unit l1 8 0 0 - 3 2 0 0 s q f t Capital Cir. NE near Tom Brown Park, storefront with warehouse l2000 sqft Capital Cir NE near Tom Brown Park, WAREHOUSE space.

-'&!'$+ 1% )"' ,'+)0".2(3!2# *.-+/

John “Al” Russell cell (850) 508-4242




$140-$165/office! Free utils.! 1 or 2 room suite, outside entrance! Near TMH. Some furniture. Nice!!! Owner/Realtor 850-878-3957



$275/mo 1 room

Upstairs incl. utilities,

1 Month Free Rent sceocnuf er irteyn, cj ae nriot oormi a &l , parking. Magnolia/Park $99 Deposit Avail now 850-878-1832 Bad Credit OKAY __ 2 & 3 BRs from $499 $660/mo 2 room suite 2 baths,W/D hookups 9313261

Enjoy swimming pool & large picnic areas! Free lawn care, pest control, community officer. Pre-approval by phone. Call 10-6 including Sat & Sun








2BR, shade, deck, fee for small pets, private $470/mo. 850-510-7959

Immaculate $875/mo 4BR/2BA $500 dep. New fridge, pets ok, 850-459-2711

incl. utilities, security, janitorial, conference rm & parking. Each rm 11’x14’. Magnolia/Park. Avail now 850-878-1832




PARKING 800 - 10,000 sq.ft Close to downtown, new building. Call 878-0823



Classified Advertising

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PAGE 14 / Sunday, October 28, 2012 3516 LARKSPUR LANE


2991 CANDLESTICK 3BR/2.5BA, 1958 sqft. Formal living & dining room, newly renovated kit. w/wooden cherry cabinetry & SS appliances. Family rm w/wood-burning FP. French doors w/direct access to deck. Master suite w/vaulted ceiling & large bay window, master bath w/ double-sink vanity & new plumbing fixtures & hardware. Red-wood deck & stone paver patio.


Hettie Spooner (850) 509-4337 Lindsay Elliott (850) 545-2463

• Meals on Wheels • Adult Day Stay • Transportation • Personal Care • Volunteer

2;82 ?:14-/I *=) 585#( ,C3 >& $%$R8+" S?+TD+R 2+B+4DTTD0 S8%!D T% DPD"4T?>&A = S%!TG%/ 3%!$>T+8!/ 5MK/ DTG- IL 1%%"D/ M6>BT S"DD: ( 2>&G%8& !G?%%8!- ,H*</;**- Q>"9 7- %& 1+?+&/ K.TR"& +T 2+A&>+$$D/ NT M>8:)+4- 4B" ,96JGF .%2&#+88$

8;8 A/:@3/I '@:7C >/7/,/) A1 585585 I+8: T% #R+>&T E%6&T%6& 3+P+&+ B"%' 4%R" S%R&T"4 S8R) 7!T+TD "DT"D+T0 *-<@.+G8%TJ+R8TDE GD>8>&A!MR&"%%'- O+T>%- ,FC;/;**&69$ 0#" -) *%' +7 (;5!79" (/5,' +7 +63: 8.1' +7 29::!#."' +7 4.69#."% *9<< /"6HG 3EHDFDJ!H (0#&0+#&(828$

There’s Hope. There’s Help. There’s Big Bend Hospice.

Ask your doctor. (850) 878-5310 or (800)772-5862




l 900 SF - Clean & Affordable! Just off Apalachee Pkwy on Hanson Ct. l Unbelievably low rates! Downtown/ Midtown area. 500 SF up to 12,000 SF. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.





Professional rooms $185 & up. E. Park, near Capital Cir. Utilities & janitorial incl. 509-8818


3BR/2BA doublewide on 1+ acre inside Capital Cir. 4325 Slash Pine Ln. $69,900. Owner finance 508-0872. Pictures at



Lg doublewide outside Havana on 2 acres. $73K. Owner financing avail. Dale Adams, Keller Williams Realty Call 850-508-7114.





(850) 921-5554






l Apt. Complexes l Townhomes


A "Free Standing" 3,300 SF bldg on Timberlane Road near the Thomasville Road intersection


On W. Tennessee St. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.




l 2 Acres on Mahan Drive adjacent to Super Wal-Mart l Commercial lot (.8 Ac) that is zoned CP & v i s i b l e o f f Tennessee Street l Unbelievable Prices! Comm. lots on Apalachee Pkwy l 3 . 1 5 A c o n Fleischmann Rd adjacent to the newest & largest NE office park l Land w/ permits for 50 units located near FSU & TCC l Prime Retail Location! 1.2 Ac on N. Monroe St. near Tharpe St. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.




Beautiful Meridian Road Acreage!

Wooded, lake front property 3 miles past Bannerman Rd. This 2.3 acre lot is located on N. Meridian Rd on one side & faces Lake Iamonia on the other. Amazing deal, $28,500! Call Elizabeth Strauss at 850-509-9411 for more info. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc.





Lot for sale 918 Waverly Rd Flat and dry- $90k Call Matt 850-264-9010

NE - 4.35 ac in city limits Great schools. Quiet family area of custom homes. Raymond Diehl Rd north of I-10. Zoned RP-1 $85,000 Crew Realty (850) 766-1544


l 4943 Glen Castle Great 4/3. Stunning Foyer & living area w/ wood floors on 2 acre lot in Highgrove. Hike to M aclay Gardens & 9313568 Overstreet Greenway park from this gorgeous 25.59 +/- Acres property. $369,900 Gadsden Co. McCall Bridge Rd., Near Lake l 3115 Layla, 3/2 split plan, Open floor plan Talquin. High ground. with vaulted ceilings. Very nice. $50,000 Large master suite and Shafer Land Sales, Lic. Real Estate Broker jetted tub. Kids walk to school. Short sale 385-8060 s u b j e c t t o l e n d e r ' s approval. $95,000 9313628 4 acres N., 12 miles, out l 1 9 1 4 T y T y C t . o f f O l d B a i n b r i d g e R d . , Mahan 4BR/3BA formal wooded, small pond, living & dining rooms, eat-in kitchen, family $485/mo. 510-7959 rm w/fireplace. Huge 9314155 deck & porch $295,000 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660 Near Midway. Running creek, heavily wooded $1695/ac. 459-1094


__ __


Home Sites

lNew Price! 48 Acres o f B e a u t i f u l hardwoods and pines! $4700/acre! l Country living at its best! Lovely 4br 2ba home surrounded by 5 + / - a c r e s o f picturesque pasture & natural hardwoods and pines. $149000. An additional 10+/acres with pasture & woods adjoining this property is avail. at $6500/ac. Call Mary Dale Joyce 224-2300



Barrington Park Condos - Only 35 out of 300 left! - Prices drastically reduced!! - Low down payment

Your #1 source for local news!


Tina B. Goff, Realtor

Selling Tallahassee since 2000 with Unlimited Enthusiasm! Call, email or text! (850) 508-1891 or




LAKE FRONT on Lake Talquin 2 bdrm doublewide,2boat slips, covered pier, deck, screen porch--A must see $269,900 CR



3 or 4BR. Pebble Creek Thomasville,GA. 3200 sq.ft. all brick, kitchen w/granite, separate dining, study w/pine walls. Patio w/fireplace 2-car garage, $499K 229-226-7853 for info.





By owner, 774 acres. Near Lumpkin GA, 2.5 hrs N. of Tallahassee. 15 food plots, oak sawtimber stands, mixed stands, various aged pine stands, new shooting houses, $1150/ac 334-412-8078


13 or 18 Acres! 2 Homes in One! Fish in Lake Talquin at end of street! 4.6 Acs w/ Barn may be purchased at $47,500; All at $275,000! Realtor owner 545-8562

BUCKFIELD: 4 bedroom, 3 full baths, 1.33 acres are only a few amenities in this well maintained home. Country living at its finest located at 1991 Buckfield Road! Priced to sell at $220,000.00.

1816 Jasmine by TMH $120K Rent to own/ owner finance; $955/mo 339-5732.Owner/Agent

LANARK BEACH: .21 acre on Maryland Avenue – nice corner lot located minutes from the Lanark Beach Public Boat Marina – steal this at $25,000.00

Broussard Realty

COMMERCIAL WAREHOUSE with 3200 sq. feet located at 4979 Blountstown Highway on .78 acres! Ready for your new business priced at $188,000.00! TD-0000219333


Affordable 2/2 Beach (PCB) condo, $87,000 334-718-0902

PINE TIP HILLS: Multi-Generational - Large 2 family home, absolutely stunning with 6 bedrooms, 5 full baths, office, workshop – wheelchair accessible, located at 459 Frank Shaw Road and priced to sell at $550,000.00.

LANARK BEACH: .30 acre on Colorado Street – see the Gulf from your front yard on these two lots. Deep well system installed and located in Flood Zone “AE” – ready for you to build your beach house – priced at $75,000.00.





HARTSFIELD ROAD TOWNHOUSE: Clean and fresh – close to campuses and ready for new owners – get this 3 bedroom 2 full bath home located at 2453 Emerald Ridge Loop for $89,900.00.



206 Acres

4BR/2BA, 2234 sqft. You will love all the space that comes with this house! Recently renovated thru-out! Grade A school district, New roof, skylights, windows, hardwood flrs, carpet, granite in kitchen & baths, SS appliances, ceiling fans, paint, water heater, fixtures, hardware & landscaping! Features: Cul-de-sac, 4-side brick, split floor plan, double-sided fireplace, eat-in kitchen w/ bar top, vaulted and tray ceilings, family + living rm/office, large formal dining rm w/ bay window, large master w/walk-in closet, screened back porch, energy efficient $245,000 upgrades and MORE!










REDUCED! Lg. 4BR/2BA Country setting outside Havana. $123,500.100% financing avail. Call 508-7114, Dale Adams, Keller Williams Realty

HOMES $251’ - $500’ S


LIKE NEW! 2BR/2BA Sawgrass Plantation. 1368 sq.ft., lg. loft, lots of upgrades incl. new floors, paint, counters. Fenced yard, deck, Great school zones. $129,900. 933-4041



Call Classifieds 599-2210

REAL ESTATE / Tallahassee Democrat S


Sunday, October 28, 2012 / PAGE 15


Vieux Carre 3/2.5 OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 PM Open plan, wood & tile TRICK OR TREAT floors, gas fireplace, lots of built-ins. screened GOLF IS SWEET in pool w/rock waterfall. 2-car garage. AT THIS NE HOME! $442,500 566-0222 __ BRICK 4BR 3BATH ALMOST 3300 FEET OPEN HOUSE 3077 O’BRIEN DRIVE Open Sunday 2-4 9312521




Open Sunday 2-4 PM Motivated Seller has reduced Price 1529 Coombs Drive Don Ficke 228-1650 Anchor Realty



Bewitched & bedazzled w/charm! Tons upgrades Almost 2500 ft fine family living! Eat-in deluxe kitchen, den, gas fireplace, living, dining, gorgeous lites! Huge master, whirlpool tub, Killarney Way, right Shamrock, right Gardenview, right Paradise Place. Barbara Dickson, Remax Professionals Realty 545 3419



Open Sunday 2-5 7 Quiet Cove Trail Panacea 2BR/2BA w/2 master suites, overlooks Dickerson Bay. Lg deck sunroom & screened porch. $149,900. Owner Realtor 850-445-2100





Open Sunday 2-5 2619 Brentshire Dr. 3/2, 1500+ sqft, lg. living/family rms, Lg. master, lg. deck, big fenced yard backs up to green space. New Windows & roof ‘08, AC ‘11, $150K Marsy Miller Keller Williams 510-2046

texting abbreviation for “You Can’t Do Business When Your Computer Is Down”




Open Sunday 2-4 5617 Countryside Drive 3BR/2BA, 1556 Sq. Ft. Open Plan, Fireplace $185,000 850-345-2510 Gina Mamazza Destination Real Estate


FREE stock quotes and market info Log on to:


All treats for you in this Classy brick Ertl custom home, high ceilings, rich moldings, real wood floors, huge master, study w/built-ins! Overlooks nothing but the Golf course! Centerville North, L. Shamrock, R. Shamrock, left O’Brien. Barbara Dickson, Remax Professionals Realty 545-3419


5001 Riverwood Rd Quality built all brick! 3/2, 2 car-garage, vaulted ceiling, fireplace, split plan, master suite w/ lux tub, shower stall, split plan , 2 detached carport w/ storage, 24x24 fantastic workshop, 4.36 acres. Horses welcome too! $260,000. Dir: Capital Cir. NW to Maddox , left on Flat, right on Riverwood. .5 mile on left. Josephine Ang, Remax Professionals Realty 545-3363

Kenny Ayers,


Cell (850) 545 3419 and 2301 Astoria-$129,900 All brick 3BR/2BA + big den. 2-car garage + shop. Convenient to colleges & work. 545-3419 Creampuff $99,900! 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, huge screened porch, short sale, rich wood floors, worth the wait! 6288 AMANDA NICOLE CT. LUX NE 4BR NEW $437,900! Leading the Parade of finest Homes, the Ridge at Velda Dairy, Gated, Columns, high ceilings, Granite Kitchen, elegant baths, lux. Master, huge screen porch! Magnificent custom Details! 545 3419 5522 Hampton Oak $139,900 Just 4 years new, Eastside, Luxury thru, garage w/ opener, screen porch!

8709 WALTHAM CT - SHORT SALE At just $100,000. Darling 3BR/2BA, rich tile floors, screen porch, big fenced yard, convenient to SouthWood & offices! Beautiful fireplace for Holiday Cheer!

3289 BODMIN MOOR - FSU FANS Wonderful Weems 3 BR, 2 bath, high ceilings, richest Wood Floors, gourmet kitchen, lux. Master w/jetted tub + shower! NE walk to park $178,000 Reduced.

53 Merwyn - Walk 2 Lake! Deluxe, just $179,900, 2 lots, few years new, upgrades galore! Separate workshop on 2nd lot.

3801 LEANE DR. BIG HOME- SMALL PRICE! 4/5 BEDROOM $238,900 great Killearn Estates Family home, Cherry updated kitchen, Huge Sep. Master, 3.5 baths, whirlpool, huge garage, huge lot!

JUST $158,000 BEAUTY Rich hardwood floors, living, dining, family rooms, Conven. Shopping, FSU, Work,town, 4/5 BR, Perfect family home! 545 3419 Condo $89,900 2BR Deluxe, close FSU, TCC, Screen porch, covered parking, Big bedrooms! 545 3419


3077 OBRIEN DRIVE GOLF COURSE, POOL, $440,000 Ertl Built all brick 4BR, over 3200 ft, Gorgeous Wood floors, high ceilings. Gourmet kitchen, Lux. Master/ Study, Sunroom to Pool, French doors, Call 2day, 545 3419 Barbara Dickson

OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 EAGLES RIDGE 5BR LEASE/PURCHASE OK 4861 LAKE PARK DR. PINEY Z Short sale at $325,000. Wood floors, Dream Kitchen, Gorgeous Upgrades! Beautiful 3BR single family home, High Ceilings, Privacy fenced w/Whirlpool Hot Tub! great price, deluxe kitchen, luxury master suite, 2 $89,900 - CREAMPUFF! car garage, free home warranty. $179,900-Short Sale. Recent roof, recent AC, Almost new appliances, rich R D E wood floors, huge custom deck at big fenced yard! CE 2917 WITTINGTON DR. D 1207 Kenilworth Rd BIG WAVERLY DU Brick 4BR Luxury $280,900 UCED Merry Oaks Court Charm, 545 3419 RE WAVERLY 4BR 3BA $249,900 - REDUCED Gardens Killearn Gorgeous Decor’ w/ Rich Real Wood Over 2800 Ft., newer roof, heat/air, in-law suite, great Floors, High Ceilings, Crown Moldings, Dream Kitchen, RACE FOR CURE DONATION family home with view of Pond! 545-3419 OF $100 made on Sale of Any Of these Lux. Sep. Master! Sec. System,Surround Sound,Flat properties sold in October/November, TV! Just $284,900, Call 545 3419 to view! 6392 Williams Road – MAKE OFFER Call for details, 545-3419 Almost new subdivision, model home, upgrades! Lux. 2916 Oakwood-$119,900 baths, kitchen, Reduced $219,900. Very Negotiable. Cute starter, Tile Floors, New Carpet, 2 car Carport, 1710 RIVERBIRCH HOLLOW - $163,000 New Paint, Big fenced yard, Brick, Quiet, Conven. Gorgeous, by Hospitals, work, rich wood floors, new OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 University, work areas! 545-3419 appliances, lux. decor! Sunroom, deck overlooks 2805 Paradise Place $257,500 serenity, privacy! Call 545 3419 Cinderella’s Palace Almost! 215 WAYNARD WAY - BUCKLAKE Reduced to Sell Custom Gardens Killearn, Victorian! Reduced $227,900! 3BR/2BA Over 1900 ft. Granite 4/5 BR BRICK $227,900 Rich moldings, flooring, gourmet kitchen, lux. lighting, kitchen, wood floors, screen porch. Over 3,000 feet, 3.5 baths, brick, convenient West to TCC, FSU, Westside! Make Offer! 545 3419 decor! Warmth, charm! Visit today. 545-3419 TD-0000219280

Don’t wait till next year and wish you bought this year!

“When you are ready to buy or sell Real Estate, please call me… I thank you for your business!”

1532 Chadwick Way, $244,900 Custom brick, NE, Killearn Lakes 7 Oaks! Gorgeous, rich wood floors, high ceilings, gourmet kitchen, entertainer dream! Huge lux. master!

Over 20 years of Real Estate Experience!



HOMES $251’ - $500’



Hello new adventure. When you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life, HomeFinder. com’s door is always open. Start your real estate search on the site with the most options... and come home to your new future! Find a new beginning today at



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PAGE 16 / Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tallahassee Democrat / REAL ESTATE 850-386-6160



1653 PAUL RUSSELL RD • $225,000


2511 NOBLE DRIVE $399,000


1823 ATLANTIS PLACE • $272,000


3086 SAWGRASS CIRCLE • $331,000


3171 BROCKTON WAY • $130,000

Reduced to $225,000 for immediate sale! $30,000 below 2011 appraisal. Over $50,000 in Renovations, on 2.42 Acres. Hardwood Floors, Tile, New Stainless Appliances & more. MLS# 228429 Apalachee Pkwy to Paul Russell, go past Old St Augustine, continue uphill on L

Large brick 4BR/3.5BA built in 1998. Wood floors, split plan, guest suite, updated kitchen w/granite & new appliances, 2 tankless water heaters, 2HVAC systems, 10 ft. ceilings, huge covered porch w/heated & screened pool. MLS# 227532 Woodgate Way to Noble Dr, 1st house on R

Los Robles Green. Luxury Mid-Town townhome. Beautifully renovated in 2011 w/ many changes & upgrades that cannot all be listed. 3bd/2.5ba. Private courtyard & deck. Agent owner. MLS# 228749. N on Meridian, R on Glenview, R into Los Robles Green/Atlantis Place

Beautiful one owner brick home in the Greens of Killearn. 2668 sf with great room and huge kitchen, all lawn maintenance covered by HOA. MLS#228854 Shamrock St E to Kilmartin, turn into Greens of Killearn, Sawgrass Cir L, House @ corner.

Best kept secret in Tallahassee located behind Oven Park. Lovely 2BD/2BA townhome with parquet floors, fireplace, newer appliances, private back yard, 1 car garage MLS#227667




JIM BUTLER 850-933-9005 JMB9005@GMAIL.COM





3782 CHASERIDGE COURT • $200,000

367 MILESTONE DRIVE • $345,000


1322 LINWOOD DRIVE • $125,000

2996 BARCLAY CT • $225,000

4 BD w/ Designer colors, custom upgrades, vaulted ceilings & open floor plan. Situated on cul-de-sac next to green space! Large kitchen w/ corian countertops. Laminate wood floors. Fenced back yard. Move in Ready! MLS#228874

Ox Bottom Manor Pool Home! Split floor plan with 4BR/2.5BA. Gorgeous Master Bath w/ all new cabinetry, tile, frameless shower, and vessel sinks. Lovely 22X10 Sunroom overlooking sparkling pool. Huge private yard w/fence. Short walk to Hawks Rise Elementary.

Build your dream home- Wood Floors, all wood cabinetry, foam insulation, stainless appliances (Dishwasher/Range/Microwave/ Disposal, Refrigerator), granite counters. All brick, 9 Ft. + ceilings/trey, SF based on builder’s plans. Call for more information. MLS# 229652

Reduced Price! 3BD/ 2BA, large living room, eat in kitchen, screened porch and a 2 car garage. New flooring, new interior and exterior paint. Recent appliances including washer and dryer. MLS# 226799

Well kept brick & cedar home. Open kitchen, family & breakfast room, fireplace. All appliances replaced. Roof approx 6 years, HVAC approx 8 years. Large 2-tiered deck. Zoned for Desoto Trail, Montford and Chiles. MLS# 227826








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Real Estate News and Information for Tallahassee, Leon County, and the Surrounding Areas.

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