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Gold is back. The metal has been on the decorative outs for a couple of decades, but it’s making return to home decor — this time in a burnished, warmer form. Gold and other yellow metallics are showing up in furniture, lighting, even fabrics and wall coverings. See the story, Page 4.

Well pump, not smart meter, caused higher bill Small leak made big difference

By Alan J. Heavens The Philadelphia Inquirer

At long last, there is an answer to why a reader’s newly installed “smart meter” reported normal usage for one or two days, then surged for the next day or two — following no

particular pattern. Oddly enough, the answer came to me the week after I first published the reader’s inquiry, but until the investigation was completed, I didn’t know that it was correct. “We have since found out that we had a leak in our well,” the reader writes. “Who would have thought that the well

running.” The correct answer, by the way, was submitted by Charles Ulmann of West Chester, Pa., who was my sophomore-year college roommate, and, obviously, still as sharp as a tack. Question: My hardwood floor seems to be warping on opposite ends. I can see it and feel it when I step on it. Since I was going to

pump running 24 hours a day could almost double our electric usage?” Since the website is still not showing accurate usage, the reader is waiting for her next bill to see the difference, “but I’ve been told by a Peco representative that usage has gone from 45 to 48 kilowatt-hours per day to under 30 per day, and that’s with the air conditioner

Frank A. McClean 2013 President

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Code of Ethics Centennial

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics. Its Preamble begins: Under all is the land. Upon its wise utilization and widely allocated ownership depend the Rae Roeder, survival and growth of CRS, e-PRO, GRI, SFR, SRES free institutions and of our Rae Roeder Realty civilization. REALTORS® should recognize that the interests of the nation and its citizens require the highest and best use of the land and the widest distribution of land ownership. They require the creation of adequate housing, the building of functioning cities, the development of productive industries and farms, and the preservation of a healthful environment. Such interests impose obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce. They impose grave social responsibility and a patriotic duty to which REALTORS® should dedicate themselves, and for which they should be diligent in preparing themselves. REALTORS®, therefore, are zealous to maintain and improve the standards of their calling and share with their fellow REALTORS® a common responsibility for its integrity and honor.

Skipping toward the end of the Preamble, it states: In the interpretation of this obligation REALTORS® can take no safer guide than that which has been handed down through the centuries, embodied in the Golden Rule, “Whatsoever ye would that others should do to you, do ye even so to them.”

What follows are 14 Articles, from Duties to Clients and Customers through Duties to REALTORS®. Each article states an obligation and is followed by multiple explanatory Standards of Practice. For example, Standard of Practice 1.3 says: REALTORS®, in attempting to secure a listing, shall not deliberately mislead the owner as to the market value. These articles may seem like common sense, but taken as a whole impose a duty on REALTORS® to act in the best interest of the general public and to uphold the image of the profession. The complete Code of Ethics Preamble and all 14 articles can be found at under “About,” and while not the most entertaining reading material, it should give you a level of confidence when you look to buy or sell real estate. They are the rules we live by, and I am proud to belong to an organization that sets such high standards for our members.


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have them refinished anyway, I called for a couple of estimates. The first contractor said it was called cupping, caused by some type of moisture. He said it would come out after refinishing. The second one said it would go away in a few months, and refinishing would have to wait until then. How can I find out if there is moisture underneath? Answer: I think the first contractor is correct in his analysis of the problem, but believe that the source of the moisture needs to be identified before you spend the money to refinish those floors. The second contractor is, in a sense, also correct if he is suggesting that the common cause of cupping — high relative humidity — is the reason for the problem. Floors are cupped when wood curls up and the edges of the board are higher than its center. When I find that lumber I’m using in a woodworking project is slightly cupped because it was not dried completely, I run it through my thickness planer to see if I can solve the problem. Obviously, you can’t do that with a floor that already has been installed unless, as you refinish it, you sand the cupped portions even with the rest, which is what the first contractor is suggesting, or so it seems. Yet, what caused the cupping in the first place? I assume the contractor believes that there might have been a moisture issue causing the cupping, and that somehow it has gone away, and all he needs to do to correct the problem is to sand it evenly. The second contractor, on the other hand, believes the moisture problem hasn’t yet done its worst, so he wants to wait

until it is no longer an issue, and then sand the floors evenly, eliminating the cupping. It is very difficult for someone not having seen the situation firsthand to reach a conclusion. If the floors were installed when the relative humidity was low, they could cup when it was high. Unfortunately, they won’t “uncup” if the humidity drops, so sanding the floors evenly would be the obvious fix. If the moisture causing the cupping is, say, from a leaking pipe or sweating ductwork in the basement beneath the floor, no amount of sanding will fix the problem permanently. Have a plumber take a look. If the room gets damper in warmer months but is dry in colder months, then you’ll have to look into ways of getting a consistent relative humidity that won’t cause warping. Flooring manufacturers recommend maintaining indoor temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees and indoor relative humidity between 35 percent and 50 percent year round. You’ll need to figure this out.

Email question to Alan J. Heavens at or write him at The Philadelphia Inquirer, Box 8263, Philadelphia, PA 19101. The volume of mail received prohibits individual replies.

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A gold rush is on in home decor Color’s use adds glamour, glimmer

By Mary Beth Breckenridge Akron Beacon Journal

Designers are once again going for gold. The metal has been on the decorative outs for a couple of decades, but it’s making its way back into home decor — this time in a burnished, warmer form. Gold and other yellow metallics are showing up in furniture, lighting, even fabrics and wall coverings. They bring a little glimmer to a room, a little understated glamour. This isn’t some ornate casbah look or a return to staid Colonial style, however. Today’s gold metals are soft and subdued, often with the complex look of handcrafting. Doty Horn, who runs the color marketing firm ColorVoyant in Holicong, Pa., thinks gold’s resurgence is tied to the economic recovery, but not because of its association with money. Gold is in the yellow family, which she said is a happy, positive color. “It’s a sign of optimism,” she said. Rose gold is especially popular now, Horn said, its pinkish hue adding complexity without the hardness and rustiness of copper. Brass is coming back, too, although in a lower-luster finish. Indeed, “the finish really is key,” she said. Shiny gold is out. Gold with a more complex, matte finish is in. The reappearance of gold is also an indication of the renewed popularity of traditional design, albeit with a fresher, more modern twist, said Jennifer McConnell, vice president of design for furniture maker Pearson Co.

Chella Textile’s Facet, Medallion and Quicksilver outdoor fabrics are woven with metallic yarns for a hint of glitz. The polyolefin fabrics are made from recycled materials and can be used both indoors and out. MCT

McConnell likes adding little gold accents to furniture pieces – maybe a gold-leafed stretcher on a bench or antique brass ferrules on the tips of a chair’s legs. Nailhead trim in gold metals is starting to replace chrome, she said, and gold leaf is popular on accent tables as a way of adding just a bit of glitz to a room. Even shiny brass has its place in the gold comeback, although McConnell tends to use it in small doses and often in combination with antique brass so it doesn’t look dated. Her company introduced a modern cabinet last season with an ivory shagreen front and an Art Deco starburst motif inlaid with gold leaf, as well as some polished brass accents. “You would never in a million years think Williamsburg,” she said. Nor would dated colonial decor come to mind from some of the pieces being offered by trendsetter Baker Furniture. Baker’s use of gold

runs the gamut from subtle touches such as the handle on the back of a chair to eye-catching details such as the carved, gold-leafed doors on a chest. And “sometimes a room needs a showstopper — that one piece that catches everyone’s eye,” James Nauyok, Baker’s vice president for product development and visual display, said in an email. Gold gives a piece like that its drama. Brad Kleinberg, president of chandelier maker Crystorama, said the new gold appeals mainly to younger consumers with a keen interest in style. With the economy strengthening, those consumers are feeling freer to be more fashion-forward in their home design choices, he said. So they’re throwing off safe choices like chrome and satin nickel and reaching for something with a little elegance and bling, something a little more cuttingedge.


Crystorama specializes in updating traditional lighting designs, so Kleinberg said it’s using a lot of multi-layered finishes to give its gold chandeliers the hand-worked look that’s on trend now. Those finishes often start with a layer of gold leaf and sometimes have a little silver in them, he said. Some even have a sandlike texture. This contemporary take on gold may be complex, but it’s hardly fussy. That sets it apart from the older uses of gold, which tended to be more ornate, interior designer Christine Haught said. Haught said she recently removed some elaborate French candelabras that had decorated her own fireplace mantel for years, because she’d grown tired of them and wanted a more streamlined look. But she could imagine incorporating gold into a room in a simpler shape, perhaps in a small piece like a side table or in combination with

The complex gold finish on Crystorama’s Garland chandelier brings an updated look to a traditional shape. MCT

other metals. Gold and other metals bring an ethereal, almost magical quality to a space, she said. “They’re the jewelry of design.” And as such, they’re best used judiciously. Pearson’s McConnell, for example, likes the idea of bringing gold in via accents. A sofa upholstered in linen, for example, could be updated with throw pillows made from a fabric shot through with gold metallic threads. Or a bathroom could be up-

dated by replacing the cabinet pulls and faucet with brass or bronze. Color consultant Horn thinks such restraint is wise. “The gold metallic (trend) is kind of a flash,” Horn said – fine for items that can be changed easily, but not for more permanent elements such as flooring or wallcoverings. She might put wallcovering with gold details on an accent wall, she said, but she wouldn’t paper an entire room in it.

A glass act: Artists, craftsmen create beautiful decor Stained, mirrored pieces stand out

By Kim Cook Associated Press

When silica, soda and lime meet high heat, a beautiful alchemy occurs. The result — a taffylike substance otherwise known as glass — has inspired creative minds for centuries. Artists and craftsmen today often combine oldschool techniques with new technology to create one-of-a-kind works of arts for the home. Internationally known sculptor Dale Chihuly, based in Tacoma, Wash., has drawn crowds to a variety of public spaces with his outdoor “glass garden” installations of imaginative, other-worldly creations. ( You can find some of his smaller pieces — glass baskets, wall art and table sculptures — at In her Detroit studio, Nina Cambron fuses opaque, translucent and iridescent glass into wall panels resembling totems. The enduring quality of glass as an artistic medium is what drew her to it, she says. “It’s just so rich, smooth, shiny and permanent,” she says. “Unlike painting or drawing, you can’t erase and rework an area. After it’s fired, you’re done.” ( Gale Scott, a glass artist based in Worcester, Mass., uses a technique called “electroforming” that involves blowing glass into copper forms. The hot, soft glass meets the rigid metal and billows into ethereal shapes. ( New Yorker Peter Byrum displayed his paintings on glass at May’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair in

Manhattan. Using acrylics, he paints natural elements like leaf fronds and coral on layered sheets of tempered glass, sometimes half a dozen or more. The effect is threedimensional, an organic, ephemeral diorama. ( Thor and Jennifer Bueno of Spruce Pine, N.C., are inspired by nature, and form hot glass into shapes evoking water-washed rocks or molecular structures. “Walking along a river, light bounces across the water’s surface,” says Jennifer Bueno. Each sculpture is made by blowing and shaping molten glass into “pebbles.” The colors come from adding glass shards or powders. The piece is then baked to hardness, sandblasted and given a protective luster; the result looks remarkably like a rock scoured by the action of a swift current over time. In another series, the pebble shapes are made out of the mirrored material known as mercury glass. “In its liquid state, glass glows with intense heat and moves slowly, as if self-propelled,” notes Bueno. “Mercury glass has the appearance of liquid metal, undulating and three-dimensional.” The finished glass resembles electrons, particles, even sound waves. ( At, you’ll find photographs printed on the back of glass panels from Platin Art. Bamboo stems, flowers, and black and white city skylines seem to float, making for arresting wall art, particularly for large expanses of wall space. ( At, the Worlds Away Marina Ice Glass collection of furniture has a Hollywood Regency vibe, cool and elegant. Nightstands,

chests and other pieces are clad in a milky, translucent glass. ( If you’re interested in acquiring art glass, has an extensive collection from North American artists at a range of prices. ( If stained glass intrigues you, there are tutorials on YouTube. Del-

Shane Lambert, CIP, CAPS 2013 TBA President offers stained-glass supplies, kits and tips for beginners. ( You can also learn more about the history, art and science of glass at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, N.Y. Try your hand at glassmaking in one of the museum’s many classes. (’s silver series is composed of a mirrored material known as mercury glass. AP

Weekly Report to Housing Consumers From the Tallahassee Builders Association

201 East Park Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32301 | (850) 385-1414 |

“Choose Tallahassee” Can Boost Local Housing Market When it comes to enticing Baby Boomers to a retirement destination, Tallahassee literally has it all. A beautiful climate (it’s snowed just seven times here in recorded history), abundant recreational amenities, and the educational, entertainment and cultural benefits provided by two great universities and one of the best community colleges in the nation. And, now, thanks to an organization known as “Choose Tallahassee,” our message will be exposed to Baby Boomers through a national advertising and marketing campaign that, if successful, can only bolster an already-rebounding local housing market. Members of the Tallahassee Builders Association (TBA) heard the inside story of Choose Tallahassee last week from Dave Bruns, Communications Manager of AARP-Florida and one of the initiative’s key leaders, who spoke at our August general membership meeting. Bruns said that Baby Boomers retiring to Tallahassee will need a wide range of housing, from custom homes to smaller structures with built-in safety and accessibility features. “There is no single profile of the Baby Boomer Dave Bruns of AAAP-Florida believes has all the amenities and no single Tallahassee to cash in on the multi-billion housing type will economic impact of retirees. meet the need,” said Bruns. The timing of the Choose Tallahassee program may be perfect for

Tallahassee-area builders and remodelers. Many builders are already constructing accessible homes smaller with yards and lowermaintenance requirements ideal for seniors.

“Builders and developers for the 55+ housing sector are feeling optimistic as they are seeing more consumers return to the marketplace,” said Robert Karen, chairman of NAHB’s 50+ Housing Council. “With existing home prices rising, consumers are able to sell their current homes and make the move toward either purchasing a home or renting an apartment that is designed to more specifically suit their lifestyle.”

In addition, 25 TBA members have now earned the Certified-Aging“The 55+ HMI for in-Place Specialist single-family homes (CAPS) designation almost doubled from the National from a year ago,” Association of Home Thousands of seniors will make Tallahassee their retirement Builders (NAHB), destination said NAHB Chief if the “Choose Tallahassee” initiative is successful. meaning they have Economist David special expertise in working with older Crowe. “Sentiment in other segments of adults on their unique housing needs. the 55+ market housing was strong as Tallahassee could easily become a well. This is consistent with the increase vibrant 55+ housing market, adding in builder confidence we’ve seen in other momentum to a nationwide trend. Builder NAHB surveys recently. At this point, the confidence in the 55+ housing market main challenge for builders in many parts for single-family homes showed strong of the country is finding enough buildable continued improvement in the second lots in desirable locations and workers quarter of 2013 compared to the same with the necessary skill set to respond to period a year ago, according to the National Association of Home Builders’ the increased demand.” (NAHB) latest 55+ Housing Market Index We hope that in the months and years (HMI) . ahead, many new residents will “Choose The index increased 24 points to a level of 53, which is the highest second-quarter Tallahassee,” but if you’ve already made that decision, be sure to call on a builder number since the inception of the index in or remodeler member of TBA to make your 2008 and the seventh consecutive quarter of year-over-year improvements. new-home or remodeling dream a reality.



Nature Lovers Downtown - OPEN SUN 2-4

Huge: Indian Head Acres - OPEN SUN 2-4

2013 Atapha Nene $155K Popular Indian Head Acres New listing. 3/2 on half acre. New Roof, newer HVAC, windows, paint. Adorable 50s cottage with real wood floors in living area, screened porch, fireplace, gorgeous back yard, carport. Move in ready. Established Downtown neighborhood has 2 parks, walking trails along creek. Directions: S. Magnolia to LT on Hokolin Nene, RT on Atapha. Sharon Kant-Rauch, Realtor Kant Realty of North Florida LLC (850) 877-2121 Pics/virtual:

1920 Wahalaw Nene Ct. $265K-A mini "White House" Downtown in popular older neighborhood. 3000 sq ft, 5 bed/3.5 baths, sparkling fenced in pool and cabana area. Huge corner lot! Wood & tile floors throughout, HUGE master down (23x17) w/fireplace & large bath, open floor plan, updated kitchen & double 2 story decking. Great front covered porch. Unique home for great price. Dir: S Magnolia to LT on Chowkeebin, LT on Chinnapakin, LT on Wahalaw Nene Ct. Terry Anne Kant, Realtor-Broker, CRS Kant Realty of North Florida, LLC (850) 877-2121 Pics/virtual:

Open Sunday 2 - 4



2634 Opequon Bend- New 4BR 2BA Birch Model in Bull Run. New homes, great prices, top rated schools, convenience to shopping and more make living enjoyable in your new home. Turn your dreams into reality! Visit our Sales/Design center today at 2634 Opequon Bend or visit: Only 4 homes left. Choose from a Variety of Floorplans to Fit your Lifestyle. Seller paying up to $7500 in buyers closing cost with one free upgrade. Homes from the $240’s. Summer Specials End Today! Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Co-owner 545-8491 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC

2634 Manassas Way Newer 4 BR/ 2BA home in Bull Run. Great floor plan with gourmet kitchen, bonus room, new carpet and paint. Overlooks a gorgeous wooded green space. Great family neighborhood, close to shopping dining and more. Only $269,900. Available Now! Won't last long!

4217 Summertree Drive Three Bedroom, 2.5 bath home in Southwood is ready for your family. Two bedrooms upstairs have a park view across the street, and the downstairs master has 2 walk in closets. Enjoy the back yard decks or hot tub under the shade of the porch or awning attached to the separate 2 car garage. Built in 2006 this 2176 sq ft home is in great shape with plenty of storage. Only $289,900.

Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Co-owner 545-8491 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC

Darlene A. Long, (850) 559-1856 Real Estate Masters & Assoc.




Superb Views of Bay, Gulf and Canals

7149 Atascadero Lane, 32317 - Immaculately kept, 4BR/2BA home .80 acres. Gated Walden Place Community. Envy of the neighborhood - open plan w/2195 sf living spaces. Upgraded features: Granite, stainless appliances,lighting,, tile floor living, Gas FP & WH & plush carpeting in Bedrooms. Master landscaped oasis yard & entry welcomes all. Luxurious screen porch, open deck. Heritage live oak in rear yard. Backs to preservation area. PRIVACY! Priced at $319,900 for quick sale! Debbie Kirkland, 850-212-0440 Armor Realty

2631 Mission Road Owner/Student made $1650/month while living here! 4 Bedrooms, 4 private Baths, 1980 sq.ft. Huge Common Living, Dining, Kitchen and Laundry spaces - perfect for 4 Students or family members. Walking distance to TCC - short drive or bus ride to FSU. Tile Floors - Carpeted Bedrooms- Parking for 6 Cars! Across from FSU's new University House. $144,900

230 Audubon Drive, Havana FL PRICE REDUCED! Three bedroom two bath home on over an acre of land in the gated community of Lake Tallahvana is a must see. Home is located on a cul de sac and boasts access to private lake, high ceilings, living room, dining area, kitchen with breakfast nook, study or office, split plan, enclosed garage, with closet space, nice patio, and storage shed. Priced to sell at $165,000.

Debbie Kirkland, 850-212-0440 Armor Realty

2609 Lotus Drive - WALK THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR AND YOU WILL KNOW YOU ARE HOME! This fantastic tri-level home has a charm all its own! So many great features make this a must see! Incredible majestic oak in the front yard & boxwood lined walkway. Natural light from the many windows in every room of the home. Glowing hardwood floors, Lg walk in closet/dressing area in master BR, amazing brick work on patio, deck and fencing. Large lot, Large exterior storage, spacious laundry room and so much more!!! Don't miss this one!!! $324,900. Kim Nabors, 694-0722, Advanced Realty Group

32 West Point, Crawfordville - 3BR/2BA Newer home barely lived in, needs very little maintenance work, Set on pilings, large deck level then main home on third level, Elevator, office space or loft bedroom, large kitchen, and master suite. Surrounded by water, canal, Dock not included to the left of home. Very private location for those weekend getaways or live full time. Fishing from your back yard or boat ramps all within walking distance. Call today, this is a great opportunity. $245,900. Call David Rossetti, 850-591-6161 Rossetti Realty

GREAT PRICE! $134,400


New NW Community: Open Sat & Sun: 12-5 PM

Open Daily 11- 6 PM


Broger Real Estate 850-443-8976

We’re here for your home solutions! Call Today!

Robin Yeatman.......................................... 850.599.2262

2302 Delgado Drive Acres of passive parkland just across the street from a 4 Bedroom, 2 bath brick home with hardwood floors, Sunny breakfast area off , a 12x15 screen porch, a 2 car carport and an additional 13x25 concrete floored workshop area. Add some landscaping and cosmetic updating and the value will shine through! Directions: Tharpe to San Luis to Delgado. Details? Call Rae 545-7999 Rae Roeder Realty

6118 Observation Circle is located in the secluded Observation Pointe subdivision in the Buck Lake area. Estimated completion time: November 2013. This gorgeous and inviting home features 1647 sq.ft., 3BR and 2BA in a bright and open floor plan with wood flooring in the living area and luxurious granite countertops and porcelain tiles in the kitchen and baths. Energy Star certification. Tankless gas water heater. Gas fireplace. Irrigation system. Fenced in backyard. Too many upgrades to list! $229,900. Mariana D. Doseanu, Realtor (850) 339-5671 Keller Williams Town & Country Realty

2320 Flint Run- The Sequoia,Meridian Construction's elegant model home in Tippecanoe is now complete. This 1,424 sq.ft. home has 3BR/2BA, breakfast bar, covered rear porch, & features a huge master bath w/ his & her closets and is situated across from the park on a high & dry lot. Come to our Open House at 2320 Flint Run Saturdays and Sundays 12-5pm in Tallahassee's newest NW community, Tippecanoe Hills Subdivision. Kathy Lee, REALTOR®, 508-6003 Neil P. Ryder, GRI, CRS, Broker, 508-6988 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc.,



to the perfect little love nest.

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Share 3BR/2.5BA house w/pool. Killearn Acres. $500/mo + 1/2 utils. 850-893-8685

Downtown Deal

Leon Arms

Fax: 599-2347

Phone in hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


SILVERLEAF 566 E.Call St #2, Apartments 1BR/1BA 700 sqft., WIN, WEST APTS. 2502 Holton Street 9361248 avail now, $425/mo. 1BR/1BA $495/mo Leon Arms is now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Mon-Fri 10:30 am-6pm accepting applications Realty, Inc. 877-2284 APARTMENTS FOR RENT2749 W. Tharpe St. UNFURNISHED f o r 3 b e d r o o m 9361112 apartments. Call 385-9881 $550/mo. 1BR/1BA All applications must FIRST MONTH FREE! 319 Dixie Dr. W/D meet HUD’s eligibility 9357366 2BR near downtown & hookup, FSU/TCC, guidelines for assisted Small pets ok. 539-4043 Lafayette Park, wood housing as rent based floors, CHA, lease, No 9360792 CONDOS FOR RENTp e t s , $ 5 9 0 / m o i n c l . on income. UNFURNISHED For more information water & sewer 251-8093 contact us at 9360116 1475 sqft. Upscale 3/2.5 (850) 576-7308 M-F 8-5 w/lovely ceramic tile & TDD 1-800-995-8770 new carpet, formal Great Location! dining, decks,private $99 Moves You In Convenient to schools, fenced big yard. $825. 9357149 1, 2 & 3 BR Apts. shopping, & fun Owner/realtor 878-3957 $675 & up. 562-5201 Spacious Apartments 9360105 Northwood Mall Extremely Low Rates, 1 MONTH FREE! 1BR No Killearn Condo 3/2.5BA, plus great specials 9357362 pets, $485/mo 847-8294 Master down. Includes Cable included 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom apts. 9360835 Pets Welcomed cable & pool, end unit 850-576-2183 $995/mo. 850-459-4999 Starting at $395 + Regional Property 9361148 9354265 Services dep. No pets. 561-4226

Over 23+ years of experience and proven results in Commercial Real Estate. NAI TALCOR is committed and dedicated to Tallahassee!







1/1, quiet, clean, large, good location. No pets 324 Lipona Rd., $490/mo 385-6710 or 556-4008



2 WEEKS FREE! 1 & 2 BRs. 1-story, pool, laundry, pet friendly. 7 mo. lease avail. 575-1495







2BR/1BA, near hospitals fresh paint, new carpet & appliances. $650/mo No pets. 850-559-2164 2BR/1BA, W/D incl. $400/mo. Call Provision Realty & Property Mgmt Nadia, 850-391-4226

Capital Court Apts

Capital Court Apts- 700 N. Calhoun st., CH/A, Laundry on Site, One Month Free Move-in Special, avail now. l2BR/1BA, 800sqft $495 l2BR/1BA, 900sqft $550 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Casa Calderon Apartments

Offers an independent living facility for persons who are either 62 years of age or older and/or handicapped. Rent is based upon income and applicants must meet HUD's eligibility requirements. For more information contact Casa Calderon Apartments 800 W. Virginia St. Tallahassee, FL 32304 850-222-4026 TDD: 800-955-8771



Over 600 properties in the Tallahassee area. Check us out at 893-2500 Lic Real Estate Broker




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Fairness. That’s

1509-7 Branch St., 1Br/1Ba 600sqft.,CHA, avail now, $395 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9361114

Agent: John McNeill:

• Warehouse located off Manufacturer Court - Credit National Tenant in place, 8% CAP Rate - $558,900

Bull Run

us Model

Agent: Frank L. Langston, CCIM:

• Two mid-sized student apt. complexes in prime location between FSU & TCC!

Beaut iful New Homes in Picture of Previo

Income Producing Properties For Sale:

Agent: Jep Dove:


5,000 SF Warehouse Space leased!

• 489 John Knox Rd. $200,000 leased to Local Charity, 1800+/-SF on Major Roadway.

what the Democrat gives you every day.

• 9,300 SF Office/WH on Cap Cir SE between Apalachee & St. Augustine Rd. • 7,260 SF just south of Doak Campbell Stadium; fenced yard & semi accessible • 16,000 SF on 3.13 ac w/ large fenced yard on Pensacola St; CP Zoning • 5,512 SF Office/WH on Yulee St on 1.03 ac lot; building includes 3 offices, file room and kitchen – reduced price! • 6000 SF warehouse on 3 acres Crawfordville listed at $225,000!

Agent: Jim Taube, CCIM:

• 3510 Weems Rd- Zoned Light Industrial, permitted for 9,000 SF w/ 2100 SF office already in place! PRICE REDUCED! • 1219 W. Tharpe St. 11,000SF – ½ retail/ showroom; ½ warehouse; .80 acres


SOLD! 21 Acre future apartment site sold off Ocala and Tenn. St! - Jep Dove and Peter Gonzalez Jr.

Industrial Space for Lease: Agent: Jim Taube, CCIM:

• Last lot available on Industrial Plaza Drive; 9,300SF New construction; will build out to suit! Available for Sale or Lease.

Agent: John McNeill:

• 3365 Garber Dr. - 5,700 SF conditioned warehouse with 3,300 SF office space situated on 1.7 acres. 2-14 ft. grade level doors, conference room, supply room & more!

800 SF Retail Space Leased!


Same Company New Name Same Dedication New Opportunities 1018 Thomasville Road, Suite 200A Tallahassee, FL 32303 850 224 2300

From the $240’s Sales and Design Center 2634 Opequon Bend Open Daily 11am-6pm

Ready to

Last Weekend – Our Homes Are Selling Fast Come See our Quality & Great Prices! Seller Paid Closing Cost of $7,500 and One Free Upgrade!


When you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life,’s door is always open.

Start your real estate search on the site with the most options...and come home to your new future! Find your canvas today at


Central Location







Agent: Jep Dove:

For More Information TallahasseeH Lewis Singletary, Realtor®

850-766 6 -9 9662

Porter Chandler, Broker

850 0 -545-8491

TD 0000237967 TD-0000237967


Industrial Space for Sale:


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Even a small space can become a thriving garden spot Bring color, life to your unused yard By Kathy Van Mullekom Daily Press – Newport News, Va.

The challenge: Redo a narrow strip of lackluster land between neighbors. The result: A thriving garden with an entry and private outdoor living space. Recently, Marilyn and Bill Geib took on the project at their home in Williamsburg, Va. Inspired by visits to gardens in Charleston, S.C., Italy and Colonial Williamsburg, they wanted something more than just a row of Leyland cypress separat-

ing their small lot from the house next door. “This was a relatively unique project in that it encompassed a small space with a towering nondescript neighboring wall,” says Bill. “The 35foot-tall Leyland cypresses engulfed the space and the resulting shade proved difficult to cultivate.” The Geibs purchased their home, placed on the lot so the front is perpendicular to the street, about nine years ago. They had an 18-by-60-foot space to work with — dimensions similar to the favorite gardens they saw on their travels. When they moved in, the cypresses were rel-

The finished project shows that the once unused yard is now an intimate garden. COURTESY OF BILL GEIB/MCT

atively small and cute, but those cuties grew into giants that kept growing. “Two years ago we be-

gan to explore possibilities for a new landscape plan that would give back our yard and also create a

sitting area that would allow us to enjoy the outdoors,” Bill said. First, they worked with architect Tom Tingle of Guernsey Tingle Architects in Williamsburg to design a trellis-like feature that would become the background for the new outdoor room. Next, they collaborated with landscape designer Barbara Schuler to create a garden with an Italian feel. A fountainhead of Neptune found at an antique store was used as a centerpiece for the sitting area. Last spring, the cypress came down, stumps were ground and the soil was prepared. During the

Capital City Apartment Association Carly Grubbs

CCAA President

Serving the Industries Serving You

Your “Work Order Policy” and the Law


by Harry Anthony Heist, Attorney at Law

Most companies have a written policy under which the tenant is instructed to put all work orders for repairs in writing. No work order, no repair. In a typical situation though, your maintenance person is verbally notified of a repair need while on the property. The most common response by your maintenance person is “You need to go to the office and put in a work order” The maintenance person then goes about his or her day doing the normal repairs and maintenance on the property and following the work orders that have been provided by the office. In other words, the maintenance person is doing the jobs as dictated by the office and office policies. The tenant who gave verbal notice is ignored. Your Company “Work Order Policy” A typical company policy as outlined in the lease or the Resident Manual dealing with repair requests states that in the event a repair needs to be done in a unit or there is some sort of a problem that needs attention, the tenant is to come to the office and fill out a work order request. There are obvious reasons for this type of policy, as it documents the work order, alerts management and maintenance to the problem, provides evidence why and when maintenance entered an apartment, and establishes that all important paper trail which we are always recommending be created. Generally, if a tenant fails to put in a written work order, maintenance staff will not voluntarily go out to the unit until such time as the work order is in place, unless a true emergency exists. The Reality of the Tenant’s Expectations The tenant sees Mike the maintenance person driving the golf cart, flags him down and notifies him that the A/C is not cooling properly. Although Mike tells the tenant that she needs to put in a written work order, the tenant expects this to be a mere formality and that Mike will be out nonetheless as soon as possible to fix the problem. Mike, following company policy, fails to go out. A few days go by, and then the tenant calls the office, wondering why the A/C is not being fixed. As far as the tenant is concerned, she put management, through Mike, on notice of a repair need, and Mike did not make the repair. The tenant now begins the process of trying to break their lease, withhold rent or completely bad mouthing the property, plastering notices on every resident’s door.


Is the Tenant Correct? Most property managers will feel that the tenant is completely wrong, as the tenant did not follow company policy or procedure. The tenant did not put the work order in writing; therefore, the company is off the hook as far as the property manager is concerned. The tenant withholds rent, breaks the lease or somehow the situation ends up in court. At court, the tenant will testify that she told Mike the maintenance person that a repair was necessary and Mike failed to make the repair. You and Mike will then tell the judge that the tenant never put in a written work order, and that is why the repair was not made. Now for the tough questions. The judge may ask you or maintenance whether the tenant did in fact notify Mike that a repair was needed. If Mike answers “yes,” which he would have to do if he were telling the truth, the judge will not be happy with Mike or management. Possibly the tenant was justified in withholding rent or breaking the lease. While we all know that a tenant is required to give a landlord 7 days written notice if they intend to withhold rent or break a lease, some judges will ignore this requirement by Florida law. Actual Notice Versus Company Policy In the foregoing example and possible court case, the tenant shows to the judge, a point confirmed by maintenance, that the tenant gave ACTUAL NOTICE of a repair need which was not performed. The fact that the tenant gave actual notice, while not according to company policy, will result in the judge being very unsympathetic to management and maintenance, and could cause you to lose a case in court. Judges are not big on your company policies or procedures. There is nothing in the law that states that a tenant must put a routine repair request in writing. The judge will be more concerned whether the tenant gave some sort of notice, and in this example, the tenant did give notice, corroborated by the maintenance person’s testimony. Do we now ignore company “Work Order Policy”? As we have seen, requiring a tenant to provide you with a written work order is a good policy and should be continued, pushed and encouraged by all means. On the other hand, if maintenance is notified of a problem by a tenant, be it at the pool, while doing another repair in the apartment, or anywhere on the grounds, that maintenance person needs to be proactive, write a note down on the pad that he will carry at all times, and create a work order from that. Once that work order is created, the scheduling should be done with the tenant to avoid any accusations by a tenant that maintenance entered a unit without authorization or notice. Remember, when you are in court, about the last thing a judge cares about is your “company policy.”

summer months the mammoth trellis was built, all in PVC, to withstand any outdoor elements. “Plant selection was complex due to many of our desires and site conditions,” Bill said. “Deer snack in our yards, so deer-resistant plants were a necessity. The space delivered part shade and direct sun and we needed confidence that our other essential item, Italian cypress, would thrive in that environment. They would grow tall to fill the vertical space, but not grow wide and recreate the problem of the lesson learned with the prior Leyland cypress.” The Italian cypress is spaced with Tuscan flame nandina — red winter color as well as new red spring growth — on each side of the central fountain. Yuletide camellia, a December red bloomer, frames each end. Variegated boxwood, fragrant daphne, Golden Nugget barberry with contrasting Golden Ruby barberry and heuchera for the shade areas contribute interest with leaf patterns and color. Splashes of flowering color are found in the Sombrero Hot Coral coneflowers mixed with Yellow Sand coneflowers. A climbing rose called Joseph’s Coat will frame the central fountain, while coreopsis and dianthus are located throughout the garden. At the last minute, Marilyn decided she wanted a restful area with an Asian feel, so a Bonsai Japanese maple and a dry riverbed were added to create tranquility. A stone pathway encourages strolls to see the garden and then sit and relax. Drip irrigation provides efficient water use; LED lighting helps the garden glow, highlighting the fountain at night.

Create your own mini-castle Unusual turret is a showstopper

Here’s a beautiful, unique home that provides brilliant spaces you’ll love all on one level. The gorgeous turret holds a home theater that would also make a great library. An exposed-beam ceiling decorates the top of the great room, which leads outside to the fireplace-warmed porch. Three secondary bedrooms on the right hold family and visitors. Don’t miss the deluxe open kitchen or the master suite’s ultra-spacious bedroom, bath and walkin closet. To build this home, you

can order a complete set of construction documents by calling toll-free 1-866- 772-1013 or visiting Enter the design number to locate the plan and view more images and details. At HouseOfTheWeek, you can view previously featured plans, browse other specialty collections, or use the search filters to help you find exactly what you want from more than 28,000 home designs. Most plans can be customized to suit your lifestyle.

The stunning two-story turret steals all the attention on this magnificent exterior. WWW.EPLANS.COM

Inside, the layout is totally contemporary with a huge, open kitchen. See images of the plan online at

Contract terms cover breakups with your Realtor By Gary M. Singer Sun Sentinel – Fort Lauderdale

Question: I signed a contract with a real estate firm to sell my house, but I’m not happy and want to cancel the deal. The broker said I can’t cancel for one year. How can I get out of this contract? – Alex Answer: When you hire a real estate agent to

help you sell your house, you will sign a written contract known as a listing agreement. The terms of this contract, like any other contract, should be negotiated before you sign it. You and your agent are bound by the terms of the agreement — and the specific terms will control how and if you can end this unhappy relationship.

I recommend entering only six-month contracts that allow for a reduced commission if the seller finds the buyer directly. Most listing agreements contain a provision for paying the agent a reduced fee to cancel the contract if the seller decides that he no longer wants to sell the property. But the agreement also states that if the seller

sells the property after the cancellation, the agent will get the commission. If you are looking to cancel the contract because your agent is not doing the job or is acting unprofessionally, you should contact the agent’s supervisor at the realty company and see if the problem can be resolved. See if you can work with a different agent from the same com-

pany. If that doesn’t work, you should reach out to your local real estate board or your state’s licensing agency. You may also want to try to negotiate with your agent to get out of the contract. Remember that your agent has already put effort into trying to sell your property and deserves to be paid. If all else fails,

you should contact a local attorney to see what your legal options are.

Gary M. Singer is a Florida attorney and board-certified as an expert in real estate law by The Florida Bar. He chairs the Real Estate Section of the Broward County Bar Association. Send him questions online at or follow him on Twitter @GarySingerLaw.



Gorgeous Killearn Acres

6404 Count Turf Trail, Tallahassee, FL 32309

3/2, 1556 sq. ft., 1 car garage with many updates. ½ acre with 3 sides brick, patio and gorgeous landscaping prime for entertaining. Stone fireplace and a gorgeous remodeled kitchen and master bath. This home is turn key ready for new owners NOW! Call me for a showing!

Buying or Selling, NO ONE WORKS HARDER FOR YOU! Eric Goff, Realtor | Linda Dix Realty | 850-508-9801 NEW BETTON HILLS LISTING


l Brighton Place 1575 Paul Russell Rd 3/2.5, garage, pool, gated community, extra lg master suite & designer BA, $1250. lMidtown at Meridian great location, superior condition2/2 with hardwood floors, full appliance pkg, back deck overlooks community pool fans, blinds, $950 l 741-21 White Dr 2BR/2BA contemporary with garage, all appliances near the Timbers, $950 lSavannah Crossing large 3/3 units with all appliances, community pool, move-in special, $900 Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee 877-4343




1/1, West side, brick! Energy efficient, Clean, Full kitchen No pets. $485/mo 576-2695



1324 HUTCHINSON ST. 2BR/1BA duplex, CHA washer/dryer hookups $500 dep. $500 rent. Annual lease. No pet allowed. Available mid-July




Raymond Diehl Beauty 2BR/1.5BA Jackson Bluff $625/mo + $400 2063 & 2065 Admiral Ct., 2BR/1BA 850sqft., dep.No pets.545-8665 9359147 CHA, W/D hookups, avail now, $675 HOUSES FOR RENTKent Strauss Mgmt & UNFURNISHED Realty, Inc. 877-2284 2/1, West side, adjoins 9361090 Natl Forest, kitchen lg. lot, deck No South Side Gem equip. pets $495/mo 576-2695 1835-A S. Gadsden St., 9361340 2BR/1BA 850 sq ft, CHA, 2/2 Beautiful N.E. W/D hookups, avail now, $525/mo 1563 Garden Park Lane Kent Strauss Mgmt & 2-car garage, yard Realty, Inc. 877-2284 maintained. No pets. No smoking. Avail. Now 9361075 $1025/mo 850-445-6099 9360546 TOWNHOMES FOR RENT-







1475 sqft. Upscale 3/2.5 with lovely ceramic tile & new carpet, formal dining, decks,private fenced big yard. $825. Owner/realtor 878-3957



1863 Nekoma 2BR/1BA Privately owned. Tile floors, W/D, Pets OK. Fenced $595. 322-3508



2738-1301 W Tharpe St 3BR/3BA 1209 SQ FT Close to FSU and TCC Community Pool and Clubhouse. $950/mo. Call Wanda Sawyer, Realtor, 850-933-3146 PrimeSouth Properties



2BR/1.5BA near TCC, CHA, Fenced yard, no pets. $600/mo. + dep. 850-567-6438 joecain3@comcast. net


• $275,000

• $485,000 • 3,960 sqft

• Lakefront on Lake Diane

• Betton Hills Subdivision

• Located on Cul-de-sac

• Located at the end of the street

• Golden Eagle Subdivision

• Ultimate Privacy

• Gated Community

• Sparkling Pool

• 24 hr Security neighborhood

• Open Floor Plan

• Country Club Living w/Golf Course


Hettie Spooner (850) 509-4337


Lindsay Elliott (850) 545-2463


2BR/1BA - $700/mo. tile floors, fenced, W/D. Small pet ok. Avail now 2412 Clemons 509-2400


• .75 Acres

• 4 BD/2.5 BA


2BR/1BA, CH/A, wood floors, storage, fenced, no dogs, Non-smoker. $650/mo. 850-385-3664





5664 Rustic Dr. 3BR/ 2BA, garage, lg fenced lot. No Pets. $925/mo $900 dep. 386-5664

Blairstone Steal!

2869-A Par Ln., 2BR/2BA 1100sqft., CHA, W/D hookups, sun room, Back deck, Avail now $675 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284





Large 2BR/1BA, W/D. no pets, $650/mo 320 Lipona Rd 385-6710 or 556-4008

Near Fred George & N. Monroe. 2BR/1.5BA, new carpet & paint, fireplace, dishwasher, hookups,privacy fence, $650/mo. + dep. 1 yr lease Call 850-562-1741



Quiet Cul-de-sac

If you take charitable giving personally, you should know about us.

For more information, call Joy Watkins, President at 222-2899 or visit

222-8702 Meridian Mgmt. Realtor __ 9357352

2BR/1BA, w/fireplace, deck, gas stove, CH/A, Access to Wakulla River $60/mo water. $850 first & last. 850-926-7538

2631 Windy Ridge Dr., 2BR/1BA, 900 sqft, CHA, W/D Hookups, yard service incl, avail now, $550 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


©2007 COF & CFA



Miss a day. Miss a lot.


For more info visit:

AVAILABLE NOW 1518 Myrtle Dr

2/1 Duplex $525 New Carpet!

1817 Gadsden St

2/1.5 Townhouse $595

2037 Pecan Ct

2/1 Townhouse $595

4111 Cornish Dr 3/1 House $800 1-Car Garage!

1117 N MLK Jr Blvd 3/1 House $825 Midtown!

2713 Oak Park Ct



3/2 Townhouse $925 NE Tallahassee!



3/2 House $975 Huge Deck/Backyard!



5+/3.5 House $1600 Stainless Appliances!

3/2, Immaculate! Movein ready! Walk-in closets yard svc,deck $975/mo $450 dep. 772-321-1870 3436 Mizell, 3/1 carport, fenced, yard work incl. no pets, $600/$400 878-7260 or 567-1656



163 Sinclair Rd 1842 Devra Dr

850-906-0800 Lic. Real Estate Broker



KILLEARN ACRES 3BR, 2BA, split plan, 2 walk-in closets, lots of cabinets, separate dining, new wood floors, fenced 9360989 9357399 y ard, Avail now 3BR/2BA, CH/A, den, 770-578-6567 Available Sept 1 2 BR, fenced yard, garage. $1095/mo or 850-524-0523 2BA, 1-story. CLEAN. Pet ok. $900/mo + dep 9359651 N W a r e a . H u g e L R , Call 850-576-4251. 9360993 Killearn Estates Beauty fireplace, separate DR, i n s i d e U t i l i t y w i t h 4 BEDROOM NEAR 2 4 1 0 G l e n s h i r e L n . , hook-ups. Quiet Dead 3BR/2BA 1449 sqft, end street. $700/mo. FSU/TCC Great PLACE. CHA, new tile floors, owner agent 459-1094 H a r d w o o d f l o o r s . W/D Hookups, Fenced $1200/mo 850-509-3115 yard, Garage, Screen 9360629 9359157 porch.Avail now, $1450 GOLDEN PARK Kent Strauss Mgmt & 6333 Duck Call Ct 1410 Golden Park Ct. Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Beautiful NE HOME 2/2 + office, 1300 sqft 4BR/3BA 2525 sq ft 9361106 CH/A, screen porch, $2100/mo fans, new carpet. No l 325-A Desoto-1/1 pets. 850/mo. 383-9199 426 E. 6th Ave 9357775 hardwood floors, $575 5 BR/3.5 BA, 2725 sq ft l2625-D Graves Rd. Great in town locale, Hilaman View Charming 2/1 off 1930's home, lots of Pullen Rd, woodsy 1844-A Larette Dr., living space, fireplace, area, $800 2BR/1.5BA, 900 sqft, CHA beautiful hardwood l1922 Trimble Rd. 2/2 W/D hookups, avail floors,fenced yard. 10/10, $575 wood floors, washer/ $1900/mo Kent Strauss Mgmt & dryer, lawn, $850 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 l4432 Wesley Dr.-3/2, Call Wanda Sawyer, garage, wood floors, Realtor, 850-933-3146 9361118 all appliances, $1000 PrimeSouth Properties l 3014 Thomas Rd. 9360794 Monroe Convenience 3/2, large backyard, 118 W. 8th Ave #5 & 6, Contemporary Killearn appliances, new 1BR/1BA 750sqft, CHA, 2 4 1 4 G l e n s h i r e L n . , carpet & paint, $1000 Deck, Avail 9/11, $495 3BR/2BA,1738sqft, large (Sec 8 ok) Kent Strauss Mgmt & d e c k s , B e a u t i f u l l y l2414 Ionic-3/2 with Realty, Inc. 877-2284 bonus room, fenced l a n d s c a p e d , h u g e yard, all appliances, windows, 2 car garage 9361087 located at the end of $1000 q u i e t c u l - d e - s a c , l3333 Zillah St.-3/2 w/ Shannon Lakes Deal aCHA, W/D, avail now family room, eat-in 2301 Merrigan Place, kitchen,updated $1450/mo. 2BR/2.5 BA, 1257sqft, baths, huge yard, Kent Strauss Mgmt & CHA, W/D hookups, $1100 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 avail now, $895. l 2020 Kent Strauss Mgmt & 9361110 spacious 3/2 pool Realty, Inc. 877-2284 home with large yard Need a bright idea? & deck, lawn/pool 9361102 included, $1200 Twin Lakes. All new inside l1756 Harvest Place 2BR, fireplace, energy 3/2 in natural setting, efficient. big yard/lg hardwood floors, trees $747/mo 656-5409 unique, $1345 9360805 l 2111 Melanie Dr. Check out the Democrat’s 4/2 with big yard, off QUAD/TUNFURNISHED RIPLEXES FOR RENTClassifieds, you’ll be surprised Jackson Bluff, pet at the ideas it’ll give you! friendly, $1000 2BR/1.5BA ,near Spirit Realty Inc. of Governors Mall, CH/A, Tallahassee 877-4343 fans, W/D, $650/mo., 850-591-2827


258-B Villas Ct. N. __

3BR/2BA, CHA, garage, $900/mo. 556-3260

XXX Amanda Mae Ct. LOT

2303 Dozier Dr.

3/1 new carpet & roof, full kitchen, hookups, carport, $775/mo

LOCATION 831 M c G u i r e A v e . 1ST MONTH RENT FREE!!! $1150/mo. Yard 2BR near Democrat & 9356855 service. 850-893-9220 Governor’s Square. 9357094 Carpeted, CHA, W/D ABOVE THE REST 3BR, clean, CH/A, near h o o k u p s . $ 5 9 0 / m o . 3BR/2BA, Washer/Dryer FSU, fenced, fresh lease, no pets 251-8093 $900/mo. + $900 dep. 1 paint. 1818 Pepper Dr., 9357937 $600/mo. 850-210-7857 yr lease 850-893-0379 9357153


2520 Chamberlin Drive












__ __







l4250 Fred George Rd 3/2 split floor plan. Big fenced yard & double car garage. $1195 l5292 St. Ives 3/2 with fireplace,eat in kitchen Fenced yard. $1400 l 3304 Dry Creek 3/2 split plan. Gas fireplace & sunroom. $1500 l1769 Broken Bow 3/2 split plan in Killearn Lakes w/ fireplace & eat in kitchen. $1350 l2862 Kilkierane Dr. 3/2 Big family room, fireplace & eat-in kitchen. Master has 2 walk in closets. $1700 l3429 A Bear Creek 2/1 duplex secluded wooded lot near shopping. $730 l1827 Salmon 3/2 with eat in kitchen, family room, opens to large deck. $1100 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660

2/2, West Side, clean, kitchen equip. CH/A, hookups, deck, patio, No pets $495. 576-2695









3BR/3BA, CH/A. 16x82, No pets, no smoking, Chaires area. $700/mo + $700 dep. 878-2609 Doublewide, W side, 3/2, private park. No pets or smokers. $550 + dep. 576-8909 lv msg.


3BR/2BA $750/mo. + dep. 539-6692







Rent to Own. 3 BR/2 BA doublewide off W. Tennessee Street. 1468 Knoxville Ln. $700/mo. 508-0872 Secluded 2BR/1.5BA off Oakridge Rd Avail now $490/mo. 850-322-1727 or 305-320-4005 Small quiet park, several 2BR/1BAs, air, no pets. $425-$500 + dep. 850-545-1899

Lafayette Oaks 3/2 __ Gated community, 1 ac. Remodeled. 2-car SUMMER SPECIAL garage, 5508 Touraine $1400/mo. 509-2400 __ $99 DEPOSIT Lovely Eastgate 1Month Free Rent 2341 Eastgate Way, BAD CREDIT OKAY 3Br/2Ba, 1232Sqft.,



CHA, W/D Hookups, Garage, Fenced yard, avail now, $895. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Mahan Convenience

2 & 3 BRs from $499 2 baths,W/D hookups Enjoy swimming pool Free lawn care, pest control, community officer. Call 24 hrs a day for Pre-approval.


810 Concord Rd., 3BR/2BA 1450 sqft, CHA W/D, Yard Service, avail 10/10, $1395 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Midtown Convenient





307 W. 6th Ave., 2BR/ 1BA 900sqft, W/D Hookups, Avail 9/5,$795 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284





Very Private, water furn 1 mi from FL/GA line 2/1, overlooking pond, 2 covered porches $400/mo. $400 dep No Pets 229-872-8046 229-220-6006


Hunting Land

525 Acres for Lease, 14 mi. N or Cairo, GA, NE location 3 BR 2 Abundant deer, turkey & other wild life. BA 9305 Tuscany Dr. $ 1 3 0 0 / m o . P e t s O K Campsite dwellimg on property. 229-327-4063 407-247-3830

Old Bainbridge Convenience




3 offices, BLAIRSTONE 2506 Old Bainbridge Rd overlooks Hilaman Golf 3BR/2BA 1204 sqft., Course. Zoned OR. CHA,W/D, fenced yard $900/mo 772-597-3904 9357966 deck, avail 11/8, $895 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Apalachee Office Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Space - Reduced Deal: 9361129 1310 Paul Russell Rd. 7 offices, lobby, Updated Mission 2507 Helene Ln., 3BR/ conference, break rm, 2BA, 1541sqft., CHA, g e n e r o u s p a r k i n g , W/D Hookups, Garage, l a r g e y a r d w / l a w n N e w l y r e n o v a t e d service incl., 2000sqft, kitchen & master bath, $1295/month Kent Strauss Mgmt & avail 9/5, $1295. Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9361073 Building suitable for a 9361092 church, Quincy, FL. Waverly Hills Beauty Just off I-10. $690/mo. 1 0 0 6 I v a n h o e R d . , 850-933-1903 9359505 3BR/2BA 1846 sqft, C H A , W / D h o o k u p s , Business/Retail/Office h a r d w o o d f l o o r s , 3120 sq.ft. South of fenced yard, carport, Jefferson St., Hwy 19, avail now, $1500 Monticello, across from Kent Strauss Mgmt & Winn Dixie. Off- street Realty, Inc. 877-2284 parking. Avail. now.









4/2, 2600 SqFt, park & pond views. Gilchrist, Raa, Leon. $1700, Lawn Svc Incl. 850-385-0150




Meridian Mgmt. Realtor __ 9357349

Repair Shop/Warehouse 1500 sqft w/office

Fenced yard. 545-1899 __ 9355125




$140-$225 an office! Free utils.! Near TMH. Some furniture. Nice!!! Owner/realtor 878-3957

20.86 Acres of good hunting land with pond and stream. Financing available. 850-933-1903

l 1 8 2 7 S a l m o n attractive 3 or 4BR living/dining w/eat-in kitchen, separate family room, opens to large deck, fenced back yard. $110,000 l860 E. Call St. Intown 2BR cottage, updated appliances & fixtures. Gleaming hardwood & ceramic floors. On 1 acre $149,900 l 800 Bragg Beautiful all brick home, freshly refinished floors 3/1. Spacious living room & bedrooms, inside utility room with step down family room. $81,000 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660



PARKING 800 - 10,000 sq.ft Close to downtown, new building. Call 878-0823




$2950/Ac Bargain price for Leon Co. Pasture, ponds, wooded. Close in. Great homesite or hunting. 459-1094

1933 Midtown Cottage __ to share with current 59.9 ACRES tenants incl. a PhD

Psych, a PhD Nutritionist & an Architect. Rent Incl: your own office, shared lobby, kitchen, utils., cleaning, street signage, great parking. 5th Ave. between Thomasville Rd & Monroe. Only $460/mo. Call Dr. Kaye 224-1108



Like new, just off I-10 Quincy, FL. Up to 17,500 sq.ft. w/4,000 sq.ft. warehouse. $4.90/sq.ft. per year with 100+ parking spaces. 850-933-1903



Professional office $145 & up. 2-office suites $449/mo. E. Park, near Capital Cir. Utilities & janitorial incl. 509-8818




5 BR/3BA approx. 2,100 sq. ft. doublewide on large lot off W.W. Kelley Rd. Owner financing. $89,900. 508-0872



AAA Owner Finance!!! Low down! Low monthly!! Low payments!!! 1 9 8 7 Crestwood. 3/2, 1064 sf Private lot. S.E. Carport. Lg. deck, Sparkles!!! $39,500 Realtor 878-3957




SPECIAL 810 W Georgia Good student rental but needs TLC in good location and parking for students. Individual leases 239-249-9427



COMMERCIAL PROPERTY FOR SALE 3,000 sq ft w/loft, office & warehouse. lots of possibilities. Eastside on Industrial Plaza Dr. $175K. possible owner finance Owner 251-3924



MOTIVATED SELLER! .87 Acres - 12 UNITS can be built on this site. ALL reasonable offers considered. Great site for student housing. Owner financing avail! 735 White Dr $85,000. 850-556-1354



LOTS FOR SALE Lakefront lot off Velda Dairy Rd. .67 of an ac., secluded on Lake Charles Dr. with 80 feet on Lake Bess. $60,000 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660



ACREAGE, FARMS, GROVES 2.5 acre homesite on Williams Rd. $64,000 (850) 339-5671 Keller Williams Realty



$2950/Ac Bargain price for Leon Co. Pasture, ponds, wooded. Close in. Great homesite or hunting. 850-459-1094 Acreage Specialist: hunting, farm, timber or homesite property in North Florida. Please see website




With 2 acre man made lake. Big oaks.Planted pines. Gadsden Co. $3000/ac. 850-459-1094 Acreage Specialist: hunting, farm, timber or homesite property in North Florida. Please see website



Gadsden Co. 40-100 Acres, 2 miles west of Quincy on Hwy 90, Old Barns, Planted Pines & Deer Hunting, $6500 per ac. 556-9895



Monticello Farm-33+or 68+ acres! High rolling hills, lg. oaks w/pasture, spring ponds, home & barn, fenced, paved rd. Owner finance with small down! From $270,760. 850-510-5999





TIMBERLAND/ Recreational tracts for sale in S.W. Georgia. Managed timber tracts & quail plantation included. For more info E-mail


Lake Ellen lakefront, 3 lots w/14’ wide mobile home. 2BR/1.5BA, lg. screen porch overlooking lake by boat ramp. $89,000 576-2695



59.9 ACRES

For Home Delivery Call 1-800-999-2271





Blairstone Deal!

2275 Vassar Arbor Hill 2-4 3/2/2 reduced $15K to $145K. Almost ALL NEW Incl roof; Di Pan 228-0868 ProPlayers Realty



1719 Beechwood Cir., 2BR/2.5BA, 1152 sq ft, Large master bedroom w/ balcony, back deck with storage space, fireplace, new flooring. Call Liz Colvin 850-345-6546 for info. Home is also for rent. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



B y o w n e r 3 5 1 2 __ 9361200


OPEN SAT & SUN 1-5 Immaculate ‘05 home On 1 Ac Lafayette Oaks 4BR/Office/2BA. Open look, lots of storage. 3-Car Garage, RV Elec. 2307 Orleans Dr. N E $359,000 850 877-0753 9358524

S h a r e r R d . OPEN SUNDAY 1-4 PM TALLAHASSEE, Leon, FL, 84 Mt. Beasor Rd., 4bd, 2ba, $207,000in Sopchoppy. Bungalow Lake Shore area with retreat on river, 35 mi. s. amazing great room of Tally. New interior, 2000sf 850-576-3477 big screen porch, extra 9360095 bldg. $79,000. 524-1026 By owner. 3BR/2BA 319 S. to Sopchoppy, R. brick home on at Railroad, follow signs beautiful Lakeshore Dr. 9360946 Fully furnished. 1.5 acs. Fenced backyard, detached storage bldg Piney-Z Plantation $210,000. 545-0668 9360507 Open Houses Sunday For a list of homes, visit: HOMES $251’S - $500’S Call Your Neighbor 850-562-8000 4/3 2800f NE POOL 9360723 HOME 3333 Meadow Hill. Picturesque lot with gorgeous oaks and Need a bright idea? gardens. Large master and bonus room. 2900sf Workshop 850-228-4555

Ready to





Immaculate 1BR/1BA, fully furnished incl. dishes, bedding, etc. Patio, 2nd floor facing FSU. Asking $145,000. By owner 727-858-2959

__ HOMES $100’




BUNGALOW RETREAT $79,000. 35 mi. south on Sopchoppy River.Quiet area off beaten track. Modest house w/new interior & laundry/storage bldg. Call 850-524-1026




First time on the market Custom-built 4BR/2BA, all brick pool home w/2-car garage. Many 9360945 recent upgrades incl. p ool liner & pump & HOMES $101’S - $250’S new roof. Fenced back yard, shed/workshop. Priced on recent Affordable appraisal, $274,000 Natalie Rubik ReMax Scenic Heights Professionals Realty 2004 Alton Rd, 3BR, 850-509-7709 2.5BA, 2032 sqft, CHA, 9360956 Large open tile living N E S t a t e l y 4 B R / 3 / B A rm w/stone fireplace, 3200 sq ft home off N separate family/living/ C e n t e r v i l l e R d , o n dining room, built ins, private 1.3 ac in cul de Balcony, lovely back sac. Spacious rms w/11' yard w/covered deck ceilings. Open, breezy, & covered patio, large natural light. Lg 2 level master w/lots of closet deck. $374,000 space, $165,000 Natalie Rubik ReMax Call Elizabeth Strauss Professionals Realty 850-509-9411 for info. 850-509-7709 Home is also for rent. 9361308 Kent Strauss Mgmt & REDUCED! Realty, Inc. 877-2284








Check out the Democrat’s Classifieds, you’ll be surprised at the ideas it’ll give you!

Victorian Cottage

Charming 3/2 custom home just off CCNE. Separate, attached garage studio apt. $262,000. Call 459-1094 Booth Riera Realty, LLC


When you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life,’s door is always open.


36 YEARS REAL ESTATE SALES CALL 545-3419 BARBARA DICKSON RE/MAX Professionals Realty $300,000 BRICK 5BR! Eagles Ridge in Golden Eagle, 2800 Ft, Wood Floors, granite kitchen, study, Short Sale. 545-3419 4BR - 2 ACRE - $235,000! Shows New! High Ceilings, Rich Wood Floors, Rich Tile, Stainless Kitchen, Luxury Jacuzzi Master! Screen porch, Sep. Shop, 2 Car Garage! $159,900 - 3300 GALLANT FOX TRAIL New Roof, recent heat/air. Lovely Tile floors in living,dining, family rooms, fireplace. New kitchen counters,stainless appliances, new rich bedroom carpet, 545-3419 - New Price $159,900 5 ACRE - 4BR $235,000! Gorgeous, high ceilings, like new, spacious eat in kitchen, spacious open dining, huge living room, gas fire place w/entertainment center! Split Master, jetted tub plus shower! 2 car garage. PIEDMONT POOL! NEW PRICE $177,000. On 3/4 Acre Park setting lot! Living, dining, Sun/ family rm! Grape Arbor, Orange Tree, Separate Office, Workshop, new double ovens,new hood! 42916 OAKWOOD - $105,900 CUTE STARTER Tile Floors, New Carpet & Paint, 2 car Carport, Big fenced yard, Brick, Quiet, Conven. University, some closing costs paid! 3216 SHADY HAWK LANE - LAKEFRONT 4BR POOL-NEW PRICE $399,900 3216 Shady Hawk Lane on 3.38 acres! Almost 3,000 feet, rich wood floors, granite Kitchen, 3 car garage! LUXURY KILLEARN $154,900 3BR/2.5BA, overlooks golf course! Private Patio. Roof few years new. Fresh paint, new carpet, fireplace. One of few 3BR’s.

REDUCED KILLEARN $189,900 WOW REDUCED Charmer front porch, rich wood floors, vaulted ceiling, brick fireplace, dining room, huge kitchen, Master has jetted tub! 2 Car Garage, a beauty! KILLEARN $179,900 Top NE schools, Rich Wood floors, huge master, stainless eat in kitchen, screen porch, 2 car garage BIG HOME - SMALL PRICE! 4/5 BEDROOM $235,900 great Killearn Estates Family home, Cherry updated kitchen, Huge Sep. Master, 3.5 baths, whirlpool, huge garage, huge lot! CREAMPUFF $135,900 Eastside, few years new, dream kitchen, screen porch, garage, high ceilings, big master, 545-3419 3BR/2BA NOW $70,900 All New Paint, New Carpet, New kitchen cabinets, New kitchen Appliances, Big Lot! MICCOSUKEE BY MDS Just $193,000, perfect Med Office Drs, Dentists,Offices, Brick on Large Lot, lots of parking! 545-3419 REDUCED $249,900 - 4BR - MAKE OFFER REDUCED 2805 Paradise Place. Beautiful likenew Corian kitchen, huge master, 545-3419 4636 INISHEER DR. - LAKEFRONT 4BR $329,900! Over 3,000 feet, Recent Roof, recent HVAC, Million dollar views from Huge Sunroom and screen porches! Granite Kitchen, Luxury whirlpool Master Bath, recent roof, a steal!

ACRE 4BR $124,900 NE Great Manufactured home, 4BR/2BA. Master 2 closets, garden tub plus shower. Huge Separate 2 car garage with shop! New Roof. New Heat/air, 545-3419 YARMOUTH COURT $195,000 In Kinsail at Killearn, lovely cul-de-sac! Rich tile floors, upgraded lights,fans, Gourmet Huge kitchen opens to Living, Dining Rooms, Gas Fireplace, 2 car garage, Barbara Dickson, 545-3419 LAFAYETTE OAKS - 4BR - MAKE OFFER Just $259,900, almost Acre! Rich marbleized tile floors thru, Beautiful Tile baths, Front porch charm, big screen porch and deck, huge sep. master! Hurry, 545-3419 $89,900 3BR-CUTE! Recent roof, AC, Paint, Flooring, Kitchen, Family Room! 545-3419 EAST 1.3 AC-BRICK Just $273,900, Rich Wood floors, huge sun room, huge double garage, fruit/nut trees. 16 ACRES- $79,900! HUNTING 2 Incredible Buy, cleared home site, has Timber too and Ready for Hunting! 545 3419 93+ACRES JUST $495,000 What a buy in Wakulla, Gated community, Timber area too! COMMERCIAL LOT! Just $89,900 on Highway 90W By Shopping center, 1.3 Acre!

Start your real estate search on the site with the most options... and come home to your new future! Find your canvas today at

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Equal Housing Opportunity



HOMES $101’ - $250’



Coldwell Banker


Hartung and Noblin, Inc.

1205 EQUESTRIAN WAY • $675,000 Beautiful updates, 4006 sqft. NE home on 2.81 acres, pool, pool house w/outdoor kitchen and full bath. DEBORAH THOMPSON | (850) 933-1349 WWW.DEBORAHTHOMPSON.COM




708 BELLAMY DRIVE • QUINCY • $89,500

Nicely updated older home located in Burmah Heights of Quincy. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, vinyl siding, hardwood floors, 1 car garage. Situated on two nice lots. MLS# 225873


1406 DENHOLM DRIVE • $210,000

GORGEOUS DENHOLM TOWNHOUSE! 2 or 3 BD 2.5BA. Totally renovated kitchen with granite & custom cabinetry. Open living space, high ceilings. Master down. BR & loft up. Beautiful terraced patio.




88 YVONNE COURT • HAVANA • $439,000 Stunning lake front home! 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths with comfort and quality. YVONNE J. HOWELL | (850) 933-2219 WWW.YVONNEJHOWELL@GMAIL.COM

1034 HIGH MEADOW DRIVE • $247,000

Cozy but spacious in Piney Z! Open floor plan with high ceilings. 3 bedroom 2 baths, large fenced backyard. Great neighborhood amenities.



Lakefront, 2 acres in Baker Place.... 5 BR 4.5 BA, over 4000 SF, Saltwater Pool. MLS#237692



Tallahassee Office: 850-386-6160 • Wakulla Office: 850-926-2994 TD-0000237966


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