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At Home in the Forest

Encouraged by improving market conditions and renewed home construction activity, the developer of Magnolia Forest in Gadsden County is hoping for success as the subdivision enters the final phase of lot sales. Story, Page 5.

Check pool-supply or marine shops to refinish slide By Alan J. Heavens The Philadelphia Inquirer

Question: We’re interested in refinishing a fiberglass pool slide that has lost its finish in several spots. Can you tell me whether anything can be done and, if so, what? Since I’m 77 and my husband is 81, neither of us use it, but our great-

Shane Lambert, CIP 2013 TBA President

grandchildren love to. Answer: Pool slides are either made of fiberglass or coated with fiberglass gel coat, which is a finishing paint and provides protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. You might get some help with restoring it at a poolsupply business or a marine-supply company. They might know some-

one who does this kind of repair. Q: When we turn on our kitchen faucet, it runs slowly for a few seconds, “burps” a couple of times, and then flows normally. What causes this? Will it become a more serious problem? A: A clogged aerator comes to mind, with increasing pressure dis-

lodging whatever is blocking the flow. Once the water is shut off and the pressure reduced, whatever is clogging the aerator slips back into place. If you don’t have the instructions for the faucet, find the make and model online and look to see how to remove the aerator. The burping makes me

Weekly Report to Housing Consumers From the Tallahassee Builders Association

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Some Tallahassee Communities See Home Price Appreciation

It was an honor for me to represent the Tallahassee Builders Association (TBA) at the recent Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Community Conference in Amelia Island and to serve on a panel with commercial Realtor® Ed Murray, Jr. of NAI-Talcor and Assistant City Manager Jay Townsend during a standing-room-only session focused on the Tallahassee real estate market. Some of my observations about the Tallahassee housing market were shared in last week’s TBA Today message but I want to expand on some of the thoughts in a way that perhaps will be helpful to potential home buyers in our area. But first, allow me to give credit where credit is due. Greg Lane of Timberlane Appraisal Associates and his partner Matt Ryan are among the many TBA members who willingly share timely and relevant information about new communities, consumer preferences, and trends related to home prices and values. Greg and Jason Naumann of Naumann Group Real Estate, Inc. took the time to meet with me prior to my Chamber presentation. The thoughts below reflect their keen insights, and those of others, into the Tallahassee real estate market.

• Overall home values have finally stabilized in most of the Leon County market segments. Prices in several neighborhoods are on the rise due to increased demand and lower inventory.

• New home prices have come down some: when you take out two $1 million homes, the average price of the 29 homes in TBA’s 2013 Parade of Homes™ was $394,957… with those two homes… $444,181. • The remodeling market is benefitting because people are staying in their homes longer (and making improvements) primarily for three reasons: 1) They can’t sell their home for the price they would like; 2) They like their neighborhood; 3) They like the schools their children attend.

we had 11 months of inventory, so inventory is going down and demand remains high.

• Of the 916 active listings in the Realtors® Multiple Listing Service (MLS), 30 percent are short sales or foreclosures, a percentage that has been constant for quite some time and will most likely remain so for at least the next two years. • Home sales volume in June 2013 was 30 percent higher than sales volume in June 2011. Values are stabilizing, inventory is slowly decreasing and the volume of sales is increasing.

• Most recently, the motivation for remodeling has been to make • The townhome the home more market is finally “Green” or energyimproving. People efficient… a large buy townhomes percentage of TBA member Greg Lane of Timberlane when they cannot people are willing Appraisal has the pulse of the Tallahassee afford a home to pay for Energy housing market. and they are a Star®-rated good alternative. appliances… or Investors bought a lot of townhomes to make it more accessible, especially during the recession, now primary for elderly residents. owners are starting to look at • A balanced market is considered 6 townhomes again. months of inventory. Currently, in some I hope this information proves useful segments of Leon County, we have a to you in your real-estate decision6-months supply of detached homes, making. townhomes and condos which are not under contract. In 2012 at this time,



think of air in the inlet pipe, but, as with all readers’ questions, if I cannot see it, it is difficult to diagnose. In response to a recent letter about a smell in her Bosch dishwasher, another reader, Patricia Elkins, has an idea: “About six years ago, I was in the market for a new, quiet dishwasher. Bosch was rated the quietest and the best functioning, with KitchenAid coming in a close second. “After much research, I learned the Bosch had an odor problem and the KitchenAid did not. “After more research I discovered the Bosch did not have a built-in garbage disposal, but a food filter that needs to be cleaned regularly. “Since I purchased the KitchenAid and not the Bosch for this reason only, I have no idea where this filter is located in the machine or the method of cleaning it.” I do know, however, since I have a Bosch dishwasher. When you open the door and roll out the bottom rack, the filter is smack in the middle. It unscrews easily, so you wash it in the sink and use a toothpick to extricate the yuck. I recommend Cascade Platinum as a dishwasher detergent, not only because it does a fine job cleaning dishes and glassware, but it leaves the interior with a pleasant smell. From Jim Petzel: “If I may, I have a belated comment to your column on pink discoloration of shower heads. I am a professional microbiologist and would like to pass along some information in case the topic comes up again. You reported that one website mentioned Serratia marcescens. “While this is certainly possible, I think it is much more likely that Methylo-

bacterium is the cause. This is a common environmental bacterium and is typical in many water systems. It is very hardy and persists in harsh habitats. “There are a few reports of this bacterium causing infections of immuno-compromised people in hospitals, but it is unlikely that a healthy person would have an issue with this organism.” Q: After six months in this house, I notice ceiling paper started coming loose at the edges. I put glue in the edge and tape to hold. Now I see more cracks and puffing. New flat roof, no water spots, crawl space between roof. This is the only place in the whole house where this happens. A: You didn’t say what room this is, but it could be the result of high humidity coming from somewhere and might be a long-standing situation the previous owner handled regularly and didn’t remember to mention because he or she thought it wasn’t unusual.

Email questions to columnist Alan J. Heavens at or write him at The Philadelphia Inquirer, Box 8263, Philadelphia, Pa. 19101. The volume of mail received prohibits individual replies.

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For a better bathroom, fixes small and large

By Michelle Locke Associated Press

You want a better bathroom, but don’t want to put a drain on your finances? Worry not. This is one room in the house where little things mean a lot. On the other hand, if you want to go luxe, there are also a variety of new products that can turn the bathroom into a showcase.

Simple fixes Often small and poorly lit, bathrooms can end up neglected. But they’re probably the easiest room to make over, says Ingrid Abramovitch, senior editor and writer at Elle Decor magazine and author of “Restoring a House in the City” (Artisan, 2009). A very basic change is to buy a new shower curtain and good quality towels. Is this a kids’ bathroom? Think bright colors and fun patterns. Or, to create a spa-like retreat, look for fluffy towels in serene neutrals, and maybe add accessories like new soap dishes and towel rails in elegant materials. If you want to up the luxe factor, think about installing a towel warmer. Another easy change is to swap out your shower head for a new, multifunction model. If your water pressure isn’t all it could be, shower heads designed to boost spray power can help. You might also try a shower filter to see if you notice an improvement; basic models can be found from under $30 from brands such as Aquasana and Sprite.

A hot trend is bringing music into the bathroom — the better to accompany your shower serenades. The Moxie showerhead from Kohler, for example, has a builtin wireless speaker that uses Bluetooth technology to sync with your music device. (Suggested retail for the showerhead: $199.) If you’re feeling handy, one of the cheapest ways to transform a bathroom — or any room — is color. “You can always very quickly change the aesthetics of a room with a can of paint,” says David Alhadeff, interior designer and founder of The Future Perfect, a furnishings store based in San Francisco and New York. Is the room white? How might it look in bright yellow with towels and bath mat to match? Look for the new humidity-resistant paints that come in flat finishes for a refined look. Another way to make a big change is to reevaluate the lighting. A lot of bathrooms still have a single overhead light fixture, which casts unflattering shadows. “Lighting is everything in the bathroom, and there are a lot of tricks to how we want to illuminate ourselves within that space to make ourselves look best,” says Alhadeff. “If you’re getting only overhead lighting, you’re not getting the clear picture of what you look like.” If you already have lighting around your mirror, a change of bulbs can work wonders, and lighting along the side of the mirrors is preferable, says Alhadeff. Creating layered lighting is more


involved than buying a new towel, especially if you have to hire someone to add electrical outlets for sconces and mirror lighting, but it can make a bathroom much more inviting. A cheaper, albeit temporary, way to create a soft ambience: Light a few candles.

Big-ticket items So much for budgetconscious bathroom makeovers. What if you’ve just won the lottery and are ready to make a really big splash? Large, free-standing tubs are chic right now, says Abramovitch. Some people are making room for them by taking guest bedrooms and turning them into a bathroomdressing room, with a free-standing tub surrounded by built-in closets and other accessories. Hot tubs, too, have evolved, with new systems that create smaller bubbles, as opposed to the roaring jets of yesteryear.

And what high-end bathroom would be complete without a high-tech toilet? Take Kohler’s Numi model, which includes a motion-activated cover and seat, built-in bidet function, charcoal-filter deodorizer and air vents at the floor to warm your toes. Naturally, there are illuminated panels with different colors that can be set for the day of the week. A remote control with a touch screen allows you to set your preferences on settings and, of course, you can play your favorite music via Bluetooth connection. Sure, it’s not cheap, with a suggested retail of $5,978. But who can put a price on never, ever having to have the seat up/ seat down discussion?

ONLINE Abramovitch, Alhadeff, Kohler, numi

Spending on home remodeling has picked up over the past 18 months and experts expect it to continue to rise. AP

Tips on home improvements

By Alex Veiga AP Business Writer

Homeowners are opening their wallets. A rebound in the housing market has made them more willing to invest in renovations that could boost the value of their homes in a rising market. Spending on home remodeling has picked up over the past 18 months and is expected to rise nearly 20 percent to $151 billion by the fourth quarter, according to a recent report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. Those looking to sell should know that not all home improvement projects will boost the value of a home. Here are some tips when considering home improvement projects:

Think of all buyers

Kohler’s Numi model has a motion-activated cover and seat and built-in bidet function. It retails for $5,978. AP

The classic example here is installing a swimming pool. A pool could make your home a tougher sell and it’s unlikely you will recover your expenses, says Richard Borges, president of the Appraisal Institute, a professional association of real estate appraisers. It may be a deal-killer for buyers who might not want to take on maintenance costs or safety risks for small children.

The principle holds true for other large projects that can alter the structure of the property, such as adding a second garage.

Don’t ‘overimprove’ Some home improvements can help lift a home’s resale value, especially updates to features like cabinets and appliances that are dated. The key is to select finishes and appliances that don’t go well beyond what a buyer might find in similarly priced homes in the area. The term appraisers have for that is “overimprovement.” This applies to everything from lighting to flooring and bathroom fixtures.

Consider footprint One of the home improvement projects that’s least likely to produce a return on the investment is a room addition that expands the size of a home beyond its original floor plan, says Borges. Projects that require tearing down an exterior wall often involve moving doors and other features, which can drive the costs higher than, say, converting an attic into a bedroom. The more expensive the project, the harder it can be to recover costs.

Final phase of lot sales begins at Magnolia Forest By Dave Hodges Weekly editor

The Gadsden County residential community Magnolia Forest is entering its final phase of lot sales, its developer optimistic that improving market conditions will help attract buyers and boost new home construction. There are 43 homesites remaining, all of them one acre or larger — a characteristic that developer Raymond Sheline planned from the beginning. There is plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the scenery. Lots in Phase IV are priced at $38,500. “It’s relatively inexpensive for a lot that size,” Sheline said. “You can’t come close to that in Leon County, so price is No. 1. The second is it’s really lovely.” The forested property has a rolling terrain typical of Gadsden County. Sheline took 264 acres of a tract of land he’d acquired years ago and created Magnolia Forest. Lot sales began in 2005 and the first residents closed on their house in May 2006. The development is on U.S. 90 about 8 miles west of the I-10 interchange in Midway. There are conservation areas, paved roads, sidewalks, buried utilities, street lights and architectural controls that govern the home designs built. “Architectural control out there is very strong,” said Realtor Kitty Flynn, an agent for Keller Williams Real Estate. “If the builders are getting sloppy out there, they will get called on it. They don’t want their neighborhood to look bad.” As many in real estate have had to do, Sheline, now 91, has been patiently awaiting the market’s re-

covery and a rebound for Magnolia Forest. “I think it’s sort of been forgotten now because during this time of recession it has sort of been bypassed,” he said. A native of northern Ohio, Sheline received his bachelor of science degree from Bethany College in Bethany, W. Va. Nobel laureate Harold C. Urey, a professor at Columbia University, got him a job at Columbia and eventually, Sheline began working on the Manhattan Project, which took him to Oak Ridge, Tenn., and Los Alamos, N.M., during World War II. He received his doctorate in 1949 from the University of California at Berkeley. At FSU, Sheline was a Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Physics. He and his late wife, Yvonne Engwall Sheline, Ph.D., saw the very real possibility that their seven children would follow in their academic footsteps, so the couple became active in real estate as a means of funding college for the youngsters. The land they bought was placed in a trust, the proceeds used to pay tuition and other college costs, “so that’s what we did. It more than paid for their education,” he noted. “It worked out unbelievably well.” He and others also developed Lake Yvette, another residential community a few miles east of Magnolia Forest. Both reflect Sheline’s love of the outdoors and his philosophy about the environment. “I believe in doing as much as we can to improve our environment, not to tear it down,” he added. Another appeal of the business has been those he’s gotten to know — “the

association with wonderful people,” Sheline said. “I think some of the finest people I have ever met are associated with real estate.” Having the chance to help young people get started with a homesite or first house has been another reward.

Lots in Magnolia Forest are one acre or larger, giving homes like this one on Foxfire Court plenty of outdoor space for families. DAVE HODGES/HOMEFINDER.COM WEEKLY

Frank A. McClean 2013 President

1029 Thomasville Rd., Tallahassee, FL 32303 • 850-224-7713 • Fax 850-561-3710 •

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1,403 417

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VALUE TREND Prior 6 Mo Prior 12 Mo Avg Sale $ Avg Sale $

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207,000 89,500

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%"! (,5, ,.2/! 3) , )+,77 129532- 2& 5"! (,5, ,/,37,.7! &29 5"! 720,7 +,98!5* 47!,)! ,)8 , '!,75296 &29 +29! 3-&29+,532- 29 0"!08 5"! +!(3, 73-8 ,5 ###*5.9-!5*29$* Data from CATRS, Inc. MLS (a subsidiary of TBR) compiled by Timberlane Appraisal for the exclusive use of CATRS and TBR. TD-0000237319


REDUCED TO $165,000!

Beautiful Brick Home in Songbird



275 Revell Rd, Crawfordville Private - No home in front or back & a good distance from the side neighbors as well. Home is in new condition, spacious 3 bedroom, 2 ful baths, large family room with gas fireplace, breakfast nook, formal dining room & open kitchen w/breakfast bar. Garage entrance with laundry facilities. The master suite is large with a double vanity sink, shower stall and jetted tub. New price - $165,000.

77 Purple Martin, Crawfordville 3BR/2BA Turner Home, Florence model, foyer, formal dining room, large family room, fireplace, and a very clean home that would make any home buyer happy. Outside features a man-cave/shed with AC and electric, large gated and fenced yard, private, over-sized patio, BBQ grill gas hookup and much more. $190,000. Come take a look!

8823 JOMAUREEN WAY Absolutely Stunning 3,058 square foot, 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath, true In-Law suite with separate kitchen and laundry room on 3 Acres. Home has gated entrance with fireplace, dining room, large finished utility room and 1,000 sq. ft. Dog Kennel. Take Mahan East, left on Crump Road, left on Jomaureen Way. Only $349,900!

Call David Rossetti, 850-591-6161 Rossetti Realty CORNER LOT IN QUIET SUBDIVISION

Call David Rossetti, 850-591-6161 Rossetti Realty PARADE WINNER: FGBC Most Energy Efficient

Please call Darrell Wills at 850-264-5210 TEAM WILLS REALTY, LLC Move-In Ready - New Home in Crooked Creek

11062 Wildlife Trail - Awesome 3BR2/5BA "lots of living space home" Leaded Glass Entry, 2 Story Foyer, Hardwoods, New Carpet, New Interior Paint, Floor to Ceiling Fireplace, B-I-G Kitchen, Quality Cabinets, Appliance Caddy, Built-In Bookcase & Pantry, Long Breakfast Bar, Smooth Glass-top Range, Bay Window Nook, Large Master w/Vaulted Ceiling, Bonus/ Rec/Office/Hobby Rm could be 4th BR, Circular Dr, Natural Landscaped Back Yard Fades to Green space, New Fiberglass French Doors. $255.000. Trina Searcy ABR, CRS, ePro, 850-508-0134 Keller Williams Town & Country Realty OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

6608 Reigh Count Trail, 32309 Beautifully landscaped 4 bedroom/3.5 bath home in NE Tallahassee offers a complete, attached IN-LAW SUITE, handicapped accessible and convenient to NE restaurants, library, and businesses. Large screened and tiled back porch overlooks patio and park-like property. Open layout includes office space and hardwood floors. Built in 2005 with 3,144 sq ft. Schools: Desoto, Montford, Chiles. Photos available online. $347,000.

3590 Fred George Court This 3 bedroom/2 bath home is a split bedroom plan with a very inviting front porch that resembles a courtyard. The living room has high ceiling, a large fireplace and accesses a large screened porch. The oversized 2-car garage has cabinets for storage and a utility sink. It is located on a large corner lot, backs up to a green space and has a privacy fence around. Call for a showing.

280 Crooked Creek Lane 4 BR, 3 full BA, 2,033 sq.ft plan on a huge corner lot, inviting front porch, side-entry garage. It is great for the growing family or for someone who has lived in a larger home wanting something smaller but with additional space. It is an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings and open living, dining & kitchen areas. Short drive to Monticello, East. $259,900. Neil P. Ryder, GRI, CRS, Broker, 508-6988 Kathy Lee, REALTOR®, 508-6003 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc., OPEN SUNDAY 2-5

2940 Parrish Dr. Offered for only $219,000. Super family home in Foxcroft with 2 master bedrooms. Could be in-law or teen suite. 3 Full baths, hardwood and tile floors, fireplace, huge rear party deck, split plan and a cook's eat-in kitchen with tons of cabinets. A very special home with almost 2000 sq.ft. A new roof comes with this price too! Come see me!

725 Duparc Circle Unique Spanish Style off Lakeshore Dr. 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms. 5216 bright & airy square feet. Screened pool and basement, private courtyards and spacious lot. Directions: From Monroe: right Lakeshore, left Duparc. From Meridian, Left Lakeshore, right Duparc. $399,000. A Must See!

Kathy Lee, Realtor ® (850) 508-6003 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc., Open Daily 11- 6 PM HOT SUMMER SPECIALS!

2420 Tippecanoe Ridge - The new Tecumseh is Blue Star's 2013 Parade of Homes winning entry in energy efficiency under 1,900 sq.ft. This 3BR/2BA, 1612 sq.ft. features a breakfast nook & deluxe master bath with whirlpool tub. Pre-wired for surround sound & sec sys & multiple TV mounts. Large fenced back yard. Open Saturdays and Sundays 12-5pm in Tallahassee's newest NW community, Tippecanoe Hills Subdivision. Kathy Lee, Realtor ® (850) 508-6003 Neil P. Ryder, Broker, (850) 508-6988 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc., HWY 27 North of Tallahassee

2634 Opequon Bend - New Sales Model New 4BR 2BA Birch Model in Bull Run. New homes, great prices, top rated schools, convenience to shopping and more make living enjoyable in your new home. Turn your dreams into reality! Visit our Sales/Design center today at 2634 Opequon Bend or web site: Only 6 homes left. Choose from a Variety of Floorplans to Fit your Lifestyle. Seller paying up to $7500 in buyers closing cost with one free upgrade. Homes from the $240’s. Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Co-owner 545-8491 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC POOL HOUSE on private setting

1220 Schwall Rd. 4BR/3BA home on 10+ acres with 30x40 pool. 3080 sq. ft. under roof, heated & cooled. New roof & pool liner. 2 fireplaces, mother-in-law suite. Lg. fountain in front. Circular drive, sprinkler system, sec. sys w/extra sirens. Huge custom porch & deck & lg. brick patio. Extra lg. dog house w/water. 5 ac invisible fence. Huge chicken coop w/water. Fruit trees, hardwoods & planted pines. FL/GA line off Hwy 27 just 15 min. from Tallahassee and 5 minutes from Historic Havana. Very private. Appraised at $295,000. Call for more info & directions to website for photos. By Owner 850-296-6708 or 850 296 6709 OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

2500 Twain Drive Beautiful 3BR/2.5BA home with study located on the 5th green in SouthWood. Fantastic corner lot with fenced back yard. Granite countertops, wood cabinets with pull out and a Butlers pantry. This is a must see! $320,000.

9138 McDougal Court Private & cozy end-unit garden home lives big. 3 BR/2 BA + sunroom, deck, 2-car garage. Open/split plan with coffered ceiling & corner gas fireplace. Murphy bed & corner computer station included in guest bedroom. Built in 2000, all brick. Home Inspection available. On the 15th fairway in gated community of Golden Eagle.

Becky Sauers, REALTOR, 508-7449 PrimeSouth Properties, Fezler, Russell & Ferrie OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 Only $169,500!

Dianne Spooner, Broker, 850-508-1846 Spooner Realty Services,

2344 Hampshire Way $165,000. 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Truly beautiful lot on private dead end. Pool home is multi-level with lots of decks & porches around the home to enjoy the view of the pool & trees throughout. Come take a look at yourself! Fresh paint & brand new carpet. Family room w/ wood stove downstairs, 2 car garage.

5504 Hampton Woods Way Immaculate & move-in ready for a new owner! Spacious open floor plan with vaulted and 9' ceilings, 3/2 with split bedroom floor plan. Kitchen open to family room, gas fireplace with built in entertainment center. Kitchen with maple cabinets and all appliances stay. Deluxe master suite with large walk-in closet. Light and airy with decorator color selections. Perfect location for young professionals or retirees. $149,900 Dir: 3 mi east of Capital Cir on Apalachee Pkwy, right into Hampton Creek, then 2nd right. Carol Rosen, 850-567-9513, ProCom Realty

805 E CALL ST - CHARMING DOWNTOWN COTTAGE! Adorable & nicely updated 2BR/1.5BA! 1413 sq ft, Spacious living rm w/tile floors, 9 ft ceiling, skylight, crown molding & 47” LG 2010 TV! Hardwood flrs, updated windows, light fixtures, A/C & duct work plus gas hot water heater replaced in 09. Charming eat-in kitchen w/new dishwasher, counter tops, built-in microwave, & sink. Spacious master BR plus fireplace in second BR. Large fenced back yard with wonderful patio. Walk to Cascades Park, downtown or Capital! Penny Herman Realty 980-0951. Visual tour at 850-508-8208 Capital City Real Estate Group



Debbie Gerber, 545-8164 PrimeSouth Properties $234,900

OPEN Sat. & Sun. 3-5

Complete In-Law Suite!

Contact Mike Andrus, 668-7170 OPEN SUNDAY 2-5

Alison Riley,850-510-9125 New Home Tallahassee, LLC OPEN SUNDAY 1-5

1683 Brush Hill Rd 3 & 4 Bedroom Craftsman-style homes from 219,900 to 259,900. New construction. Where the quality of space is more important than the square footage. Visit our new furnished model homes. Custom cabinetry, granite countertops, stainless appliances, gas range & wood floors. Wide hallways, screened porch & oversized garage. From Capital Cir NE, enter on Austin Davis Ave, left Brush Hill Ln. Kenny Ayers, Realtor® 850-508-5500 Primesouth Fezler, Russell and Ferrie, Inc.


Real EstateCLASSIFIEDS ROOM FOR RENT Christian non-smoking/ non-drinking male looking to share 3/2, $350/mo + 1/3 utils. 850-524-2106



Lovely home, furnished, laundry, internet table, cooking, privacy, $350 Ref. 850-385-7144







Great Location!


2BR/1BA, W/D hookups, good location $450/mo. 1320 Water Line Rd. No Pets 562-0218

Convenient to schools, shopping, & fun Spacious Apartments Extremely Low Rates, plus great specials Cable included Pets Welcomed 850-576-2183



Leon Arms Apartments

2502 Holton Street Leon Arms is now accepting applications for 3 bedroom $99 Moves You In apartments. 1, 2 & 3 BR Apts. All applications must $650 & up. 562-5201 meet HUD’s eligibility guidelines for assisted 9357362 housing as rent based 2 WEEKS FREE! on income. 1 & 2 BRs. 1-story, pool, For more information laundry, pet friendly. 7 contact us at mo. lease avail. 575-1495 (850) 576-7308 M-F 8-5 9357402 TDD 1-800-995-8770 557 Beverly Ct., Large efficiency apt. CH/A, 9357149 Walk to downtown. wood floors, $435/mo. Lone Oaks 545-4538 385-9876

__ __




Capital Court Apts

Capital Court Apts- 700 N. Calhoun st., CH/A, Laundry on Site, One Month Free Move-in Special, avail now. l2BR/1BA, 800sqft $495 l2BR/1BA, 900sqft $550 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Casa Calderon Apartments

Offers an independent living facility for persons who are either 62 years of age or older and/or handicapped. Rent is based upon income and applicants must meet HUD's eligibility requirements. For more information contact Casa Calderon Apartments 800 W. Virginia St. Tallahassee, FL 32304 850-222-4026 TDD: 800-955-8771



Central Location

1509-7 Branch St., 1Br/1Ba 600sqft.,CHA, avail now, $395 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Downtown Deal

566 E.Call St #2, 1BR/1BA 700 sqft., WIN, avail now, $425/mo. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284





FIRST MONTH FREE! 2BR near Myers Park & downtown, hardwood floors, CH/A, lease, no pets, $590/mo 251-8093

Fax: 599-2347


- Rent by the Room Immediate Availability!! $550 Rent Incl. Utilities, Cable/Internet & Furn. Common Areas.W/D connections. Renovated 4BR/4BAs. Lone Oaks is behind FSU stadium on North Jackson Buff Rd & near TCC & FAMU. Gated community w/Security Entry with Exterior Surveillance. Call us at 850-386-1212 or visit us online @

1BR/1BA $495/mo Mon-Fri 10:30 am-6pm 2749 W. Tharpe St.

Call 385-9881





2BR/2BA, fireplace, W/D hookups. $740/ mo 1370 Fullers Rd. No pets. 562-0218

Phone in hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



3BR/2BA, Washer/Dryer $900/mo. + $900 dep. 1 yr lease 850-893-0379



Available Sept 1 2 BR,

2BA, 1-story. CLEAN. NW area. Huge LR, fireplace, separate DR, i nside Utility with 9359004 hook-ups. Quiet Dead 3/2, 2120 Sand Dune end street. $715/mo. Ct. off Miccosukee Rd. owner agent 459-1094 9356646 Quiet area, between hospitals, glassed in sun rm, garage, fenced GOLDEN PARK yard $1000/mo 868-0183 9358664 1410 Golden Park Ct. 2/2 + office, 1300 sqft 3044 Barclay Court in CH/A, screen porch, Royal Oaks. 3BR/2BA. fans, new carpet. No New carpet & paint, pets. 850/mo. 383-9199 9357775 2000+ sqft. $1500/mo. $1200 dep. 850-386-5664

Walk to Lake Ella __

1BR Midtown No pets, $485/mo. Call 847-8294




2/2, Near FSU & TCC. fireplace, patio, W/D hookups, storage, pool, $700/mo. 850-933-1177





3BR/3BA condo, near campus, Savannah Crossing. Avail. now. $1000/mo 904-794-7440 Midtown at Meridianupscale 2/2 condo with hardwood floors, decorator paints and recent appliances, walking distance to shops & restaurants ready now, $950 Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee 877-4343




1324 HUTCHINSON ST. 2BR/1BA duplex, CHA washer/dryer hookups $500 dep. $500 rent. Annual lease. No pet allowed. Available mid-July






Avail Now 2/2

Totally remodeled, near colleges, on quiet cul-de-sac off Mission Rd. $875/mo. Sec. 8 ok. Call Sharla 878-3134



Blairstone Steal!

2869-A Par Ln., 2BR/2BA 1100sqft., CHA, W/D hookups, sun room, Back deck, Avail now $675 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Hilaman View

1844-A Larette Dr., 2BR/1.5BA, 900 sqft, CHA W/D hookups, avail 10/10, $575 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



l 2/2 Hartsfield $725 l 3/2 Maclay Hammock $1295

















__ __









2BR/1.5BA near TCC, CHA, Fenced yard, no pets. $600/mo. + dep. 850-567-1875 shirleycain@comcast. net



KILLEARN Great floor plan/location 2BR, very clean, new carpet/ paint,hook-ups, private patio, No smoke/pets. $750/mo Refs req’d. 850-284-8489



HOUSES FOR RENTUNFURNISHED *** New Homes *** 10% of rent towards purchase of new homes in Bull Run. From $1,695/mo. Only 3 Left! Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Owner Tallahassee Homes Realty 545-8491

__ __



For Home Delivery Call 1-800-999-2271


Wheelchair accessible 2-3BR apartment or house.



Beaut iful New Homes in

Bull Run


2/1 in Midway, nice, well kept, renovated, 81 High Bluff Ct. $500/mo. 850-443-3300 9359048

2303 Dozier Dr.

3/1 new carpet & roof, full kitchen, hookups, carport, $775/mo

222-8702 Meridian Mgmt. Realtor __ 9357352

Lg. 2/1, all amenities i n c l . W / D . n o p e t s , Monroe Convenience $675/mo 320 Lipona Rd 118 W. 8th Ave #5 & 6, 385-6710 or 556-4008 1BR/1BA 750sqft, CHA, 9357329 Deck, Avail 9/11, $495 222-5262 9358330 Strauss Mgmt & Raymond Diehl Beauty Kent Nice quality 2BR apts. Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9357153 2063 & 2065 Admiral Starting at $475 + dep Ct., 2BR/1BA 850sqft., 9358779 1BR. Deal No pets. 850-561-4226 HA, W/D hookups, 1207 N. MLK Blvd. #B2, C 9357356 avail now, $675 1BR/1BA 650sqft., CHA, Kent Strauss Mgmt & MOVE IN Avail 8/22, $395 NW 1BR/1BA Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Kent Strauss Mgmt & 3124 Mission Rd. #2 SPECIALS-$300 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9358781 W/D hookup, $525/mo. OFF FIRST MO. No pets. Call 847-1936 9358791 9358996 South Side Gem l 3722 Sutor Ct-2/2 1ST MONTH RENT FREE!!! Regional Property 2BR near Democrat & 1835-A S. Gadsden St., c u t i e w i t h g a r a g e Services G o v e r n o r ’ s S q u a r e . 2BR/1BA 850 sq ft, CHA, near Walmart $725 CHA, W/D W / D h o o k u p s , a v a i l l 1350-A Ocala-4/3 Over 600 properties Carpeted, h o o k u p s . $ 5 9 0 / m o . now, $525/mo townhomes, budget Kent Strauss Mgmt & in the Tallahassee area. lease, no pets 251-8093 priced, $850 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Check us out at 9357937 l Hartsfield Green 2/1, Seay Ct. close to ( 6 0 4 ) 3 / 3 a l l 9358775 893-2500 all colleges, W/D. Cat appliances, $900 Lic Real Estate Broker ok w/dep. $695/mo. West side, 1/1 brick! lSavannah Crossing 9357164 Avail now 850-264-7420 C l e a n , F u l l k i t c h e n -3/3 townhomes, all 9358635 n e r g y e f f i c i e n t . N o amenities, $900 SHAMROCK VILLAGE 2BR/1BA - $725/mo. tile epets. $485/mo 576-2695 Spirit Realty Inc. of 9357450 floors, fenced yard, Tallahassee 877-4343 OF KILLEARN W/D. Small pet ok. West side, 2/1.5 energy Quiet Residential 2412 Clemons 509-2400 efficient. full kitchen, lg. Neighborhood 9358975 9359092 w/hookups, No Sparkling pool, 2BR/1BA duplex, quiet laundry 3BR/2BA 1620 sq ft CH/A, 1331 Kings Dr, pets. $575/mo 576-2695 9357708 Shannon Lakes Deal W/D connections $650/mo + $650 dep. Fireplace 2301 Merrigan Place, 850-508-2560 TOWNHOMES FOR RENT9357614 Call 850-893-1197 2BR/2.5 BA, 1257sqft, UNFURNISHED 9358864 2BR/1BA, CH/A, wood CHA, W/D hookups, Students - Walk to FSU! floors, storage, fenced, 4BR/4BA, Botany Place, avail now, $895. 2/1, no pets. $550/mo. no dogs, Non-smoker. CH/A, W/D, fans in BRs. Kent Strauss Mgmt & 319 W 7th Ave. Mon-Sel Apts. 110 N. Realty, Inc. 877-2284 No pets. Avail. mid-Aug $650/mo. 850-385-3664 $1100/mo 850-321-3363 Lipona. Mike 545-3751




Picture of Previo

us Model

From the $240’s Sales and Design Center 2634 Opequon Bend Open Daily 11am-6pm

Call us to hear about our Low Down Payment - Special Financing Programs available through August 31

LOCATION 831 M c G u i r e A v e . $1150/mo. Yard service. 850-893-9220




FSU/TCC Great PLACE. Hardwood floors. $1400/mo 850-509-3115



4/2 near TCC/FSU spacious, large family & living rms, monitored sec. sys, deck, pest & yard svc, W/D. $1100/ mo+ dep. 850-893-6336



4536 Desilyn Dr. 3BR/2BA, furnished or nonfurnished, garage, $1050/mo 561-262-5302 or 561-689-5064



Contemporary Killearn

2414 Glenshire Ln., 3BR/2BA,1738sqft, large decks, Beautifully landscaped, huge windows, 2 car garage located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, CHA, W/D, avail now $1450/mo. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


For More Information TallahasseeH Lewis Singletary, Realtor®

850-766 6 -9 9662

TD 0000237320 TD-0000237320

Classified: 599-2210

Porter Chandler, Broker

850 0 -545-8491



CRAWFORDVILLE, Songbird. Great Family Area. 3/2/2. 2323 sq.ft., Lg. LR, DR, FP & Jacuzzi. 1/2 acre Fenced Lot. $1350/mo 561-793-6920




Flexible plan fits nicely on narrow lot

Space is generous Courtesy of

This narrow-lot plan delivers three bedrooms (including the roomy master suite), a deluxe master bath with a whirlpool tub and oversize shower. The generous great room flows into the columned dining area and kitchen snack bar. A screen porch, walk-in closets, and a full hall bath round out the design. An optional two-car garage loads from the rear, making it a good choice for an infill lot with an alley. To build this home, you can order a complete set of construction documents by calling toll-free 1-866- 772-1013 or visiting Enter the design number to locate the plan and view more images and details. At, you can view previously featured plans, browse other specialty collections, or use the search filters to help you find exactly what you want from more than 28,000 home designs. Most plans can be customized to suit your lifestyle.

Design No. HOTW130021 Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2 Total living area: 1,643 sq. ft. Dimensions: 31' 7" x 64' 0" Framing: 2 x 4 Foundation options: crawlspace, unfinished basement

A full-width porch and sleek metal roof add lots of charm to the front of this cozy home. WWW.EPLANS.COM

The open layout maximizes every square foot and makes it easy to interact with family and guests.

Poor credit score shouldn’t necessarily disqualify tenant By Gary M. Singer Sun Sentinel – Fort Lauderdale

Question: I relocated overseas for my job and want to rent out my house while I’m gone. Who can I get to help me do this and what should I watch out for? Answer: Being a landlord is not without its difficulties. But with proper planning and a little luck, it can be very rewarding.

As an absentee landlord, you’ll need to find a licensed real estate broker to help market and lease the property. You’ll want to look for a broker with plenty of experience in screening potential tenants and managing properties. The most important part of renting a property is finding good tenants. I recommend reviewing their credit histories. But remember that people are more


than a credit score. The Great Recession forced many consumers into bankruptcy and foreclosure, so don’t let that automatically disqualify a prospect. But you should find out the circumstances behind the problem and whether the issues still exist. Do background checks to see if they had prior evictions or other warning signs that they might not be the best people to live in your home. Be picky. It’s

much better to leave your home vacant a few extra weeks than spend months evicting a bad tenant and repairing the house. Once you have rented the home, make sure your property manager gets all repairs done quickly and keeps the tenant happy. By showing that you care about the house, your tenant most likely will take better care of it, too. If your tenant does miss a payment, it’s best to take swift

action. While I do recommend trying to work with your tenant during a temporary hardship, don’t let him or her take advantage of you. Gary M. Singer is a Florida attorney board-certified as an expert in real estate law by The Florida Bar. He chairs the Real Estate Section of the Broward County Bar Association. Send him questions online at or follow him on Twitter @GarySingerLaw.


For more info visit:

AVAILABLE NOW 1897 Nekoma Ct

2/1.5 Townhouse $595

2684 Tess Cir

3/3 Townhouse $790

2627 Gerald Dr 3/2 House $800

1515-17 Paul Russell 3/2.5 Townhouse $825

2657 Pearl Garden Way

3/2 Mobile Home $850

2713 Oak Park Ct

3/2 Townhouse $925 NE Tallahassee!

163 Sinclair Rd

3/2 House $975 NE w/Wood Floors!

1842 Devra Dr

5+/3.5 House $1600 Stainless Appliances!

850-906-0800 Lic. Real Estate Broker





For Rent

l 328-A DeSoto-1/1 in Midtown, $600 l2625-D Graves-2/1 with wood floors near I-10 $800 l364-A Belmont-2/2 with fireplace, all appliances,lawn $850 l4432 Wesley-3/2 w/ garage in NW, $1000 l 2111 Melanie-4/2, big yard, Sec 8 ok, $1000 l3014 Thomas Rd.3/2 near Tall Mall, $1000 l 2414 Ionic-3/2 w/bonus room, $1000 l 299 Hoffman-3/2 brick off Meridian $1195 l4250 Fred George Rd. 3/2, big yard,lots of amenities, $1295 l2020 Sheridan-3/2 off Tharpe, pool & lawn incl.$1250 l1756 Harvest Place3/2 woodland retreat See virtual tour, $1345 Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee 877-4343

Lovely Eastgate

l 1/1 $500 duplex FAMU area near S. Adams l 2/2 $750 Duplex off E Park Ave. l3/3 $900 townhome Woodbriar, NW area l 3/2 $1050 house Woodbriar, NW area l 3/2 $1000 townhome Crescent Hills, NW area l 3/2 $1250 townhome Brighton Place, gated community. SE Megan Ornelas Real Estate Agent cell - 850-567-6565 Call, Text, or Email!



Killearn Estates Beauty

2410 Glenshire Ln., 3BR/2BA 1449 sqft, CHA, new tile floors, W/D Hookups, Fenced yard, Garage, Screened porch. Avail 8/22, $1450 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



l 2/2 Southampton $895 l 3/1 1111 Linwood $1050





l1769 Broken Bow 3/2 split plan in Killearn Lakes w/ fireplace & eat in kitchen. $1350 l2548-B Panther Creek 2/1 Hardwood floors, fireplace & fenced yard. $730 l2862 Kilkierane Dr. 3/2 Big family room, fireplace & eat-in kitchen. Master has 2 walk in closets. $1700 l3429 A Bear Creek 2/1 duplex secluded wooded lot near shopping. $730 l1827 Salmon 3/2 with eat in kitchen, family room, opens to large deck. $1100 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660 For __ Classified Lafayette Oaks 3/2 Gated community, 1 ac. Remodeled. 2-car Advertising garage, 5508 Touraine $1500/mo. 509-2400 __ Call __ CALL CLASSIFIED 599-2210 ADVERTISING Call Classifieds 599-2210 599-2210 9358523



With over 23+ years of experience, We know Commercial Real Estate!

2341 Eastgate Way, 3Br/2Ba, 1232Sqft., CHA, W/D Hookups, Garage, Fenced yard, avail now, $895. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Mahan Convenience

810 Concord Rd., 3BR/2BA 1450 sqft, CHA W/D, Yard Service, avail 10/10, $1395 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


Midtown Convenient

Retail/Office 1,392SF Leased in Panama City!



l308 W. 6th Ave., 2BR/1BA 900sqft, CHA, W/D Hookups, Large living space, Deck, Avail now, $825 l 307 W. 6th Ave., 2BR/1BA 900sqft, W/D Hookups, Avail 8/22, $795 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



NE location 3 BR 2

BA 9305 Tuscany Dr. $1300/mo. Pets OK 407-247-3830



Updated Mission

2507 Helene Ln., 3Br/2Ba, 1541sqft., CHA, W/D Hookups, Garage, Newly renovated kitchen and master bathroom, avail now, $1295. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


Agent: Jimmy Nystrom: • Parkway Shopping Center: 11,000 and 2,100 SF available! • Commercial Plaza –1440 SF Space Available off CCNE & Mahan! • 2100 SF available at Town South Shopping Center • 750-5,000 SF space available next to Winn Dixie off Magnolia Dr. Agent: Jim Taube, CCIM: • Northampton Shopping Center – Great Location off Kerry Forest Parkway 1,200 to 9,500SF for lease! • Killearn Lakes Area -1,320 to 2,640 SF will build-out to suit! • 1 block from FSU Stadium! – 1,530 SF w/ plumbing for restaurant or salon • N. Monroe -1,200 SF retail/office w/ signage & parking

2,500SF Office space leased


RETAIL SPACE FOR LEASE: Agent: E. Edward Murray, Jr., CCIM: • 1,250 SF on North Monroe St w/ high visibility & pylon signage! • The Luxe- High end mixed use retail & student housing. 1,267-4,049 SF available adjacent to FSU campus. Join other great retail tenants! Agent: Jennifer Beerli: • Betton Place on Thomasville Road in Midtown - Only 1 space left – 2187 SF! Agent: John McNeill: • Retail Spaces for lease at BRAND NEW Gateway Center on the corner of Tennessee St and North Monroe. Great Location starting at $15/SF! • 5700 SF building Available on Tennessee Street near FSU Campus - can be divided $28/SF Agent: Eric Stockstill: • 1400 & 1500 SF spaces available in the Lake Jackson Winn Dixie Shopping Center on North Monroe • The Lofts on Gaines -930 SF up to 2790 SF retail space available within walking distance to FSU & near brand new CollegeTown!

LEASED Agent: Frank Langston, CCIM: • 1800 SF you can OWN! Located on ½ acre John Knox Rd. with a highly visible retail space near shopping, restaurants & office parks @ a REDUCED PRICE of $200,000 Agent: E. Edward Murray, Jr., CCIM: • Sam’s Club out-parcels on Capital Circle & the Parkway - 3.19 Acres retail & 5.27 Acre Hotel Sites!

LEASED 3,000 SF office/warehouse leased – Peter Gonzalez, Jr.

Agent: Jim Taube, CCIM: • Convenience Store & car wash centrally located in Tallahassee – 1.4 acres • 1219 W. Tharpe St. 5500SF retail space plus 5500SF warehouse with signage & parking

RETAIL SPACE FOR LEASE OR SALE: Agent: Jep Dove: • 3800 SF at 1429 S Monroe, for lease at $1,250/mo or sale at $135,000

Same Company New Name Same Dedication New Opportunities 1018 Thomasville Road, Suite 200A Tallahassee, FL 32303 850 224 2300



Waverly Hills Beauty

1006 Ivanhoe Rd., 3BR/2BA 1846 sqft, CHA, W/D hookups, hardwood floors, fenced yard, carport, avail now, $1500 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Ready to


When you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life,’s door is always open.

Start your real estate search on the site with the most options...and come home to your new future! Find your canvas today at © 2010, LLC. All rights reserved. Equal Housing Opportunity TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT » SUNDAY, AUGUST 18, 2013 » 9






West Side, 2/2, clean, CH/A, kitchen equip. hookups, deck, patio, No pets $495. 576-2695

4/2, 2600 SqFt, park & pond views. Gilchrist, Raa, Leon. $1700, Lawn Svc Incl. 850-385-0150



West side, 2/1, adjoins Natl Forest, lg. lot, kitchen equip, deck No pets $495/mo 576-2695


9591 Deer Valley Drive

• $750,000 • 4BD/4.5BA • 5,107 sqft. • .57 Acres • Golden Eagle Subdivision • Entry at Main Gate off Deerlake • Stone/Brick Custom Home • Soaring Ceilings • Beautiful Large Kitchen • Back Patio w/Hot Tub

2642 Millbank Drive

• $106,000 • 2BD/2BA • 1,008 sqft. • .08 Acres • Off East Park Ave • Meeting Street to Millbank Dr. • Great Starter Home • Landscaped • Private Parking • Back Porch w/Storage



2BR/2BA, W/D, CH/A, 1481 Knoxville Ln. No pets. $500/mo + $500 dep. 850-545-5453



Rent to Own. 3 BR/2 BA doublewide off W. Tennessee Street. 1468 Knoxville Ln. $700/mo. 508-0872



Small quiet park, several 2BR/1BAs, air, no pets. $425-$500 + dep. 850-545-1899




Hettie Spooner (850) 509-4337


Lindsay Elliott (850) 545-2463

For Home Delivery Call 1-800-999-2271!

Mobile Home Park Spring Oaks Ln. 2/1 $455/mo. $400 dep. Curtis Baynes, Broker/ Owner 576-8774




2 & 3 BRs from $499 2 baths,W/D hookups Enjoy swimming pool Free lawn care, pest control, community officer. Call 24 hrs a day for Pre-approval.










Repair Shop/Warehouse

2.5 acres on Williams Rd Augustine Hills Unrec subdivision, only $64,000! Very motivated owner says "bring all offers"! Mariana D. Doseanu Realtor, Keller Williams Realty, (850) 339-5671

l 1 8 2 7 S a l m o n attractive 3 or 4BR living/dining w/eat-in kitchen, separate family room, opens to large deck, fenced back yard. $110,000 l860 E. Call St. Intown 2BR cottage, updated appliances & fixtures. Gleaming hardwood & ceramic floors. On 1 acre $149,900 l 800 Bragg Beautiful all brick home, freshly refinished floors 3/1. Spacious living room & bedrooms, inside utility room with step down family room. $81,000 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660

1500 sqft w/office Fenced yard. 545-1899





9300 Sq ft new construction metal building on 1 Ac lot. Eastside (next to John Deere). Built to your needs. Lease or lease option. Owner 251 3924

$140-$225 an office! Free utils.! Near TMH. Some furniture. Nice!!! Owner/realtor 878-3957



Apalachee Office Space - Reduced Deal:

1310 Paul Russell Rd. 7 offices, lobby, conference, break rm, generous parking, large yard w/lawn service incl., 2000sqft, $1295/month Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284




3120 sq.ft. South of Jefferson St., Hwy 19, Monticello, across from Winn Dixie. Off- street parking. Avail. now.



Meridian Mgmt. Realtor 9357349

On Capital Cir. N.E. 1800 Sq Ft, drive in warehouse in back, retail in front, signage Will help with some build out if needed. Plenty of parking, private fenced area in back. Great terms! Call Al Russell, Broker, SouthVest LLC 850-906-0017 or 508-4242


Ready to





PARKING 800 - 10,000 sq.ft

3200 sq ft Retail/ office /showroom space, great terms. Across from the new red light on Capital Cir, across from the Armory & Tom Brown park entry. Easy terms! Call Al Russell, Broker, SouthVest LLC 850-906-0017 or 508-4242




Close to downtown, new building. Call 878-0823

3BR/2 BA doublewide on nice lot in Crawfordville. 100 Rehwinkel Rd. 9357502 $59,900 Owner BLAIRSTONE - 3 offices, financing avail 508-0872 overlooks Hilaman Golf 9357305 Course. Zoned OR. 5 BR/3BA approx. 2,100 $900/mo 772-597-3904 9357966 sq. ft. doublewide on large lot off W.W. Kelley Share 1933 Midtown Rd. Owner financing. Professional Cottage. $89,900. 508-0872 Current tenants incl. a 9357160 PhD Psych, a PhD Nutritionist & an Architect. Rent Incl: C OMMERCIAL PROPERTY FOR SALE your own office, shared lobby, kitchen, utils., 3,000 sq ft w/loft, office c l e a n i n g , s t r e e t & warehouse. lots of signage, great parking. possibilities. Eastside on 5 t h A v e . b e t w e e n Industrial Plaza Dr. T h o m a s v i l l e R d & $175K. possible owner Monroe. Only $460/mo. Call Dr. Kaye 224-1108 finance Owner 251-3924 9358595







2510 North Monroe St Unit D, 1350 sq ft one unit left. Retail/office /showroom space, great terms will help with build out if needed. Great visibility on Monroe St. Call Al Russell, Broker, SouthVest LLC 850-906-0017 or 508-4242



MOTIVATED SELLER! .87 Acres - 12 UNITS can be built on this site. ALL reasonable offers considered. Great site for student housing. Owner financing avail! 735 White Dr $85,000. 850-556-1354










Lakefront lot off Velda Dairy Rd. .67 of an ac., secluded on Lake Charles Dr. with 80 feet on Lake Bess. $60,000 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660


59.9 ACRES


$2950/Ac Bargain price 9358146 for Leon Co. Pasture, ponds, wooded. Close LAKE-RIVERFRONT FOR SALE in. Great homesite or 459-1094 hunting. LAKE TALQUIN- 3BR/3BA ranch-style home, 2 docks, 350’ water front. 9358880 great lot. J. Cobb Realty 850-227-5103 or 20 ACRES 866-758-3580 9358719 with 2 acre man made lake. Big oaks.Planted OUT OF TOWN FOR SALE pines. Gadsden Co. 459-1094 $3000/ac. Sylva, N. Carolina. Old 9358878 mountain home w/5.97 acs. Creek, springs, Gadsden Co. 40-100 $149K cash 813-962-2577 Acres, 2 miles west of 9359042 Quincy on Hwy 90, Old Barns, Planted Pines & CONDOS FOR SALE Deer Hunting, $6500 per ac. 556-9895 9357166 Student Housing! 1/1 Monticello Farm-33+or across from FSU, gated, 68+ acres! High rolling sec. cameras, on-site hills, lg. oaks w/pasture, manager. Beautifully spring ponds, home & remodeled, move-in barn, fenced, paved ready. $54,900, Dale rd. Owner finance with Adams, 850-508-7114 Keller Williams Realty small down! From 9359082 $270,760. 850-510-5999








Add your club or organization or update your information for the next issue of Living Here at



2/2.5 overlooking pond 2-car garage. Clean. Gated, near campus. $93,000. 704-756-8873



When you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life,’s door is always open.

OPEN 2-5

6990 NAPA CT.

off Buck Lake Rd.

Peaceful 11.33 acre park park-like like setting on a quiet cul cul-de-sac. de sac Remodeled 3bd/2 bath 3000 sf home with $60,000 in upgrades: kitchen redesign with granite, stainless & custom cabinetry. New 2012 HVAC for low utility bills. New roof, 2013. Two Master Suites, one up, one down. Dining room, eat-in kitchen, light & bright office. Airy sunroom views arbor-covered patio designed by award winning Dickerson Landscaping July 2013. Gas fireplace. Huge walk-in closets. Oversized 2-car garage. Premium schools, great shopping, pparks, par ks,, new library close by. Southern Living at its Finest! $389,900 850 850-545-9224 545 9224


Start your real estate search on the site with the most options...and come home to your new future! Find your canvas today at © 2010, LLC. All rights reserved.

Fletcher & Company




Equal Housing Opportunity


HOMES $101’ - $250’ S


HOMES $251’ - $500’ S



1000 sqft 2BR, lake, golf course, near Governors Sq. Mall. $600. No pets 294-3089 or 510-7066

__ HOMES $100’



NW BARGAIN 3/2 brick home, recent A/C, wood floors, garage, workshop and tool room. Priced to sell at $104,800. JC


LOVELY 3BR home w/ ceramic tile, fireplace, 2-car garage, close to FSU, TCC & shopping. A must see. $95,000 CR CLOSE IN NW Brick 3 BR new roof, new A/C. Well kept. Carport. Priced to sell $97,700 JC



HOMES $101’ - $250’ S


Affordable Scenic Heights



New Roof & flooring, new stainless, big fenced yard, 2 car garage, $2,500 closing costs! Barbara Dickson Remax Professionals Realty, 545-3419





Walk to hospital-3BR, brick home w/ hardwood floors, huge pool w/lots of decking $214,000. CR



HOMES $251’ - $500’ S

2004 Alton Rd, 3BR, 2.5BA, 2032 sqft, CHA, Large open tile living rm w/stone fireplace, separate family/living/ dining room, built ins, Balcony, lovely back yard w/covered deck & covered patio, large master w/lots of closet space, $165,000 Call Elizabeth Strauss 850-509-9411 for info. Home is also for rent. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


LOTS OF HOME FOR THE MONEY! 5/3, oak floors. Needs cosmetic work, painting, etc. Near Lake Jackson $149,900. CR


*** New Homes *** 10% of rent towards purchase of new homes in Bull Run. From $1,695/mo. Only 3 Left! Call Porter Chandler, Broker/Owner Tallahassee Homes Realty 545-8491



4/3 2800f NE POOL HOME 3333 Meadow Hill. Picturesque lot with gorgeous oaks and gardens. Large master and bonus room. 2900sf Workshop 850-228-4555

THOMASVILLE RD SPACIOUS HOME. New roof, new A/C. Upstairs can be a bedroom or office. Priced to sell at $290,000. JC

OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 2126 Fielding Way LUXURY SOUTHWOOD home w/extra lot. 3BR, 2BA, of high quality upgrades, 11 ft. ceilings extensive mill work, L A R G E & U P D A T E D rocking chair front 3BR/3BA, 3 fireplaces, 3 porch, split plan, office, living areas + a sun- $275,000. JW Directions room. Just $349,900 JW B l a i r s t o n e , R i g h t o n 9358691 Esplanade, L. Fielding.


Victorian Cottage

Charming 3/2 custom home just off CCNE. Separate, attached garage studio apt. $267,750. Call 459-1094 Booth Riera Realty, LLC

__ HOMES $501’



& UP


902 N. Ride Stunning 4BR & 21/2 BA custom home Grand Foyer LR, DR, & Fla room w/ pool Updated kitchen 850-566-6768





Open Sunday 2-4 PM 5665 Countryside Dr. A great pool home; huge garage w/ storage; 3 bedrooms, dining room, office, eat-in kitchen w/new cabinets & stainless appliances; 2 updated baths; walking distance to schools & new Library. All this + a new roof. 1836 sq, ft, Motivated Seller $239,900. Buck Lake to Pedrick and follow the yellow balloons. Don Ficke 228.1650 Anchor of Tallahassee



OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 *** New Homes *** 10% of rent towards LAKEFRONT-POOL! purchase of new homes in Bull Run. From 3+ACRES-EASTSIDE $1,695/mo. Only 3 Left! 9356896 Call Porter Chandler, 4BR+STUDY CUSTOM Broker/Owner Summerbrooke, 3BR + Tallahassee Homes REDUCED $399,900! office, 3.5BA, granite Realty 545-8491 counters, fireplace, 9359069 GRANITE KITCHEN! private yard, custom salt pool. Lux. landscaping, OPEN HOUSE RICH WOOD FLOORS Alarm sys, lots of extras. $425,000. 894-2468 3216 SHADY HAWK 2112 E. Dellview Dr. 9357412 Open Sun 2-5. 3BR/2BA Buy of Lifetime, custom 4 bedroom, total Great neighborhood. $135K. charm! Granite kitchen 9358726 w i th island, living, For Home 852 Eagle View Open dining,family room w/ fireplace, screenporch 2-5. Must See! 4/2.5, Delivery 2458 sq.ft., split plan huge Garage, Prestige Call Piney Z home, wood NE! Fabulous! 90E Past floor, sep. dining, living C h a i r e s , l e f t H a w k s 1-800-999-2271 kitchen, screen porch, Landing at Shady Hawk lg. fenced yard, large B a r b a r a D i c k s o n , Remax Professionals deck. $270K 510-2046 M. Miller Keller Williams Realty 545-3419





__ __ Connecting Seminole fans with the winning team. 9358350







RE/MAX Professionals Realty

REDUCED DELUXE CONDO $100,000 REDUCED Hardwood floors, new appliances, fireplace, screen porch. 2.5 pretty baths, pool, tennis, 545-3419 Barbara Dickson Remax Professional Realty

4BR - 2 ACRE - $235,000! Shows New! High Ceilings, Rich Wood Floors, Rich Tile, Stainless Kitchen, Luxury Jacuzzi Master! Screen porch, Sep. Shop, 2 Car Garage!

Almost 3,000 feet, high ceilings, Lakeview from family room, sun room, master! Granite kitchen, Huge lux master Bath! Centerville North, L. Killimore, L. Ballygar, R. Inisheer. Sandler Dickson, Remax Professionals Realty 545-7095

$159,900 - 3300 GALLANT FOX TRAIL New Roof, recent heat/air. Lovely Tile floors in living,dining, family rooms, fireplace. New kitchen counters,stainless appliances, new rich bedroom carpet, 545-3419 - New Price $159,900

Open Today 2 - 4PM 11115 Bexhill Lane

PIEDMONT POOL! NEW PRICE $177,000. On 3/4 Acre Park setting lot! Living, dining, Sun/ family rm! Grape Arbor, Orange Tree, Separate Office, Workshop, new double ovens,new hood!



Equestrian Property w/Amazing Views 4BR, 5BA on 8.32 ac. w/8-stall horse barn; fenced and cross fenced & 3 pastures. Recently updated w/large open kitchen w/lots of windows overlooking rolling hills. Spacious master w/ fireplace, private deck for back pasture viewing, & beautiful master bath. Hardwood floors & fireplace in living room, formal dining; large family room. Lots of room here! $438,900. DIR: 90 E to R on Baum, go past I-10 to 1/2 mile on left. Jane Lee, 566-4065, Linda Dix Realty


5 ACRE - 4BR $235,000! Gorgeous, high ceilings, like new, spacious eat in kitchen, spacious open dining, huge living room, gas fire place w/entertainment center! Split Master, jetted tub plus shower! 2 car garage, call now!

42916 OAKWOOD - $119,900 CUTE STARTER Tile Floors, New Carpet & Paint, 2 car Carport, Big fenced yard, Brick, Quiet, Conven. University, some closing costs paid! OPEN SUN 2-5 3216 SHADY HAWK LANE LAKEFRONT 4BR POOL-NEW PRICE $399,900 3216 Shady Hawk Lane on 3.38 acres! Almost 3,000 feet, rich wood floors, granite Kitchen, 3 car garage! LUXURY KILLEARN $154,900 3BR/2.5BA, overlooks golf course! Private Patio. Roof few years new. Fresh paint, new carpet, fireplace. One of few 3BR’s.

KILLEARN $179,900 Top NE schools, Rich Wood floors, huge master, stainless eat in kitchen, screen porch, 2 car garage, call 545-3419 BIG HOME - SMALL PRICE! 4/5 BEDROOM $235,900 great Killearn Estates Family home, Cherry updated kitchen, Huge Sep. Master, 3.5 baths, whirlpool, huge garage, huge lot! CREAMPUFF $135,900 Eastside, few years new, dream kitchen, screen porch, garage, high ceilings, big master, 545-3419 3BR/2BA NOW $73,900 All New Paint, New Carpet, New kitchen cabinets, New kitchen Appliances, Big Lot! MICCOSUKEE BY MDS Just $193,000, perfect Med Office Drs, Dentists,Offices, Brick on Large Lot, lots of parking! 545-3419 D $249,900-4BR-5 ACRE REDU UCE RED 2805 Paradise Place. Beautiful like- CED new Corian kitchen, huge master, 545-3419

OPEN SUN 2-5 4636 INISHEER DR. LAKEFRONT 4BR $329,900! Over 3,000 feet, Recent Roof, recent HVAC, Million dollar views from Huge Sunroom and screen porches! Granite Kitchen, Luxury whirlpool Master Bath, recent roof, a steal! ACRE 4BR $124,900 NE Great Manufactured home, 4BR/2BA. Master 2 closets, garden tub plus shower. Huge Separate 2 car garage with shop! New Roof. New Heat/air, 545-3419 YARMOUTH COURT $195,000 In Kinsail at Killearn, lovely cul-de-sac! Rich tile floors, upgraded lights,fans, Gourmet Huge kitchen opens to Living, Dining Rooms, Gas Fireplace, 2 car garage, Barbara Dickson, 545-3419 LAFAYETTE OAKS 4BR Just $259,900, almost Acre! Rich marbleized tile floors thru, Beautiful Tile baths, Front porch charm, big screen porch and deck, huge sep. master! Hurry, 545-3419 $89,900 3BR-CUTE! Recent roof, AC, Paint, Flooring, Kitchen, Family Room! 545-3419 EAST 1.3 AC-BRICK Just $273,900, Rich Wood floors, huge sun room, huge double garage, fruit/nut trees. KILLEARN $179,900 Wood floors, Screen porch, stainless eat-in kitchen, Huge Master, 2 car Garage, big fenced lot, 545 3419 16 ACRES- $79,900! HUNTING 2 Incredible Buy, cleared home site, has Timber too and Ready for Hunting! 545 3419 93+ACRES JUST $495,000 What a buy in Wakulla, Gated community, Timber area too! COMMERCIAL LOT! Just $89,900 on Highway 90W By Shopping center, 1.3 Acre! IN PRINT DAILY | ONLINE 24-7


Piney-Z Plantation


Open Houses Sunday For a list of homes, visit: Call Your Neighbor 850-562-8000


REDUCED KILLEARN $189,900 WOW REDUCED Charmer front porch, rich wood floors, vaulted ceiling, brick fireplace, dining room, huge kitchen, Master has jetted tub! 2 Car Garage, a beauty!

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850-402-0612 Linda Dix

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Fran Ferenchick 545-6767

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Tina Goff 508-1891

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TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT » SUNDAY, AUGUST 18, 2013 » 11 Tallahassee Office: 850-386-6160 Wakulla Office: 850-926-2994 OPEN HOUSE 2-4

2254 WOODBINE DRIVE - $190,000



3BD + office/2BA, 2434 SF, Open kitchen w/ tri-island, Corian counters & walk-in pantry, Big gas fireplace. Master w/ trey ceilings, private screened porch, double sinks, water closet, separate shower, jetted tub & walk-in closet. Ceramic tile throughout living areas. Screened porch. North on Thomasville Rd / L @ Bannerman rd / L @ Preservation / L at Ronds Pointe Dr E CHRISTIE ORROS, (850) 321-2393| WWW.TALLYREALESTATE.COM




Priced $316,000 BELOW APPRAISAL. A unique opportunity to purchase this 9800 sq. ft. home/building, 5 bedrooms or offices and 4.5 baths. Additional 10,000 sq ft building on 54 acres. MLS #234249. I-10 EX. 217, R on Hwy-59, L at flashing light Old Lloyd Rd., 1st R-Lloyd Creek. Look for sign. CALL BARRY P. KELLY 850-510-4220


1705 RAA AVE. - $145,000

3/2 on main floor and 425SF downstairs which is included in SF above and is now used as man cave/rec room or could be 4th BR. Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets, wood floors, insulated windows with wood blinds, fenced lot with tiered decking & mature landscaping. 2 car carport with large laundry & storage room. MLS#236425. Tharpe St. W to North on High Rd.; L on Raa SHERRY METZ 850-566-3179 | WWW.VIRGINIAGLASS.COM


Spectacular Home! This 3BR/2BA home in immaculate condition is “Move-In Ready.” New roof, newer HVAC, beautiful laminate floors, updated kitchen, new windows, 2-car garage and large fenced yard! MLS# 237577. Thomasville Rd N, Past Killearney Way, R on Woodbine Dr SANDY HIGDON (850) 510-5500 | WWW.SANDYHIGDON.COM


3115 BROCKTON WAY - $200,000

3 Bedroom/2 Bath townhouse backs up to Oven Park. Roof ‘08,Bamboo floors, Granite countertops, Brick Fireplace, Mexican tile in Sun Room. Master down, large Deck for entertaining, lush landscaped back yard, 1 car Garage. $200,000. MLS# Thomasville Rd N. R on Brockton Way (between Oven Park & T’vill Rd Baptist). LEA MANIFOLD 850-443-2649 | LEAMANIFOLD@AOL.COM

3100 LAYLA STREET - $137,000

Gorgeous home; Shows like a model. Open floor plan. Kitchen with bar. French doors in the master gives access to the patio & master bath w/2 sinks. Great neighborhood w/easy access to everything. MLS#234106 N on Monroe L on Perkins R at Viewpoint. R on Layla, house on L. NADIA SCHEFFERS, 850.264.9005 | WWW.SCHEFFERSREALESTATE.COM



1711 RIVERBIRCH HOLLOW - $185,000

UPDATED AND MOVE-IN READY! 3BR/2BA. New flooring. New paint. Updated fixtures. Split BR plan. Luxury master bath w/ jetted tub, big shower, double sinks & separate water closet. Light & bright w/vaulted ceilings & huge windows. Extra large, newly stained deck overlooking very private backyard PRISCILLA THARPE LLC 850-933-9412 | THARPEPL@GMAIL.COM

ROLLINS POINT - $164,900 A great opportunity to own 6 beautiful, wooded acres on main part of Lake Jackson. High lot with slope down to waters edge on Rollins Point Road. MLS# 215251. JASON BOONE 850-545-0186 | JASONBUTLERBOONE@YAHOO.COM