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Landscape expert Norman Winter says the chestnut rose brings historic charm and beauty to gardens everywhere. For his advice on how to grow this colorful variety, see the story, Page 3.

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Toss these common household items when old By Alan J. Heavens The Philadelphia Inquirer

I often think about old things I’d like to be rid of — like about 40 years between me and my early 20s — but that’s not possible until they invent a time machine. Now AARP, which knows old, is offering suggestions on the five

old things you need to throw away during your spring-cleaning exercises this year. » Piled-up plastic containers – Years-old plastics can leak harmful chemicals into food. Recycle them and buy a new set. » Expired canned food – It doesn’t last forever. Vegetables and fruit

sick, but for more flavorful food, get some new spices. » Pathetic pillows – Pillows older than 18 months contain fungi, dead skin, and dust mites that can aggravate allergies, asthma, and sinusitis. Try this: Fold your pillow in half and squeeze out the air. If it doesn’t spring back, it’s

expire in slightly more than 18 months. » Moldy makeup – After a year, makeup should be replaced because of bacteria buildup that could cause infections. » Old dried spices – After five years, most spices lose flavor, so dumping more on won’t help. It won’t make you

Frank A. McClean 2013 President

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Reasons Why You Should Work with a REALTOR® (Part 1) Not all real estate practitioners are REALTORS®. The term REALTOR® is a registered trademark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics. Here’s why it pays to work with a REALTOR®. Navigate a complicated process. Buying or selling a home usually requires disclosure forms, inspection reports, mortgage documents, insurance policies, deeds, and multipage settlement statements. A knowledgeable expert will help you prepare the best deal, and avoid delays or costly mistakes. Information and opinions. REALTORS® can provide local community information on utilities, zoning, schools, and more. They’ll also be able to provide objective information about each property. A professional will be able to help you answer these two important questions: Will the property provide the environment I want for a home or investment? Second, will the property have resale value when I am ready to sell? Help finding the best property out there. Sometimes the property you are seeking is available but not actively advertised in the market, and it will take some investigation by your REALTOR® to find all available properties.

Negotiating skills. There are many negotiating factors, including but not limited to price, financing, terms, date of possession, and inclusion or exclusion of repairs, furnishings, or equipment. In addition, the purchase agreement should provide a period of time for you to complete appropriate inspections and investigations of the property before you are bound to complete the purchase. Your agent can advise you as to which investigations and inspections are recommended or required. Reprinted from REALTOR® magazine ( realtormag) with permission of the National Association of REALTORS®. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. Visit to Find a REALTOR® and Find a Home; learn more about the Value of a REALTOR® and What a REALTOR® Can Do for You; and explore HouseLogic, where you can learn more about protecting, maintaining, and enhancing the value of your home.


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VALUE TREND Prior 12 Mo Prior 6 Mo Avg Sale $ Avg Sale $

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%"! (,5, ,.2/! 3) , )+,77 129532- 2& 5"! (,5, ,/,37,.7! &29 5"! 720,7 +,98!5* 47!,)! ,)8 , '!,75296 &29 +29! 3-&29+,532- 29 0"!08 5"! +!(3, 73-8 ,5 ###*5.9-!5*29$* Data from CATRS, Inc. MLS (a subsidiary of TBR) compiled by Timberlane Appraisal for the exclusive use of CATRS and TBR. TD-0000233358


too old. I wonder if folding a person in half will accomplish the same thing. By the way, your chewing gum loses its flavor on the bedpost overnight. Question: My showerhead gets a coating of a pink-colored substance. I soak it in a bucket of water with bleach, which removes it, but it soon recurs. What is this and is it detrimental to my health? Answer: One online source contends that the pink-colored grit is calcification caused by hard water and that soaking it in water and bleach regularly is what you have to do. Yet “The Plumber Who Cares” website — Fogarty & Fogarty in South Carolina — talks about the pink stain or ring that “develops at the water line in the toilet, around drains, in the tub/shower area and in bathroom drinking cups.” This is caused, according to the website, by an airborne bacteria known as serratia marcescens. The airborne bacteria thrives in moist environments, which is why it is commonly found in some bathrooms. Bleach doesn’t allow the bacteria to form, and drying wet surfaces after use will prevent the bacteria from growing, TPWC says. Serratia marcescens is commonly associated with urinary tract infections. I’m neither a microbiologist nor a chemist, so perhaps someone with more expertise will be willing to provide some answers for us.

Clutter check From Apartment Guide, some tips for keeping clutter in check. If you haven’t worn

that piece of clothing in a full calendar year, chances are that you won’t. Give away the clothing you haven’t worn so you can clear out space for those pieces that you do. Don’t be afraid to rethink your entire closet/storage space layout. It may seem overwhelming starting from square one, but often a full reorganization and layout upheaval can yield big results, and you may find space where you least expect it. Not everyone switches out their closets seasonally, but if you’re hard up for storage, you absolutely should. It’s tempting to fit as much as possible in any closet or storage compartment, but that is usually what makes a space look more cluttered — no light. So, keep your clothing stacks to a reasonable height, and reevaluate the items you choose to keep. Shoe racks, belt hangers, and scarf bins are the perfect way to keep things organized.

Email questions to Alan J. Heavens at or write him at The Inquirer, Box 8263, Philadelphia, Pa. 19101.

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Hardy chestnut rose an heirloom for the ages By Norman Winter

McClatchy-Tribune News Service

If you remember oldfashioned roses growing off your grandmother’s front porch and long for that beauty at your home, consider the heirloom chestnut rose. Antique roses are those grown prior to 1867 — the date of the first hybrid-tea and of course the finest of the species of roses that have been growing seemingly forever. The chestnut rose is also known as the burr rose and chinquapin rose. The old-fashioned medium pink double form, Rosa roxburghii plena, was discovered in the early 1800s in China and spread quickly to Europe and the United States. You can’t get more heirloom than that. Ours are blooming at the Columbus Botanical Garden, creating the perfect complement to our historic farmhouse. It is an extremely tough rose, which puts it at the top of everyone’s list and is cold hardy though Zone 5. We never spray ours. And though it is not a continuous re-

peat-blooming Knockout, it is definitely a longblooming rose, which is a plus for such an antique. It offers a garden texture that few other roses can duplicate. I love the burr or chestnutlike buds when not yet opened, and the fern-like foliage. Every time I look at it I can imagine the famed artist Pierre Joseph Redoute’ applying its beauty to the canvas. The plants reach close to 7 feet tall with an equal spread, so plan on giving it room to be all it can be. Roses need five to six hours of direct sun each day. Morning sun is essential, but afternoon shade is tolerated. Good air movement helps the dew and rain dry quickly, discouraging disease pressure, which again is considered low with the chestnut rose. Avoid planting under the eaves of your home where gushing water can cause damage. When you are ready to plant, dig your planting hole two to three times wider than the rootball — but no deeper. The wide hole allows for the quickest root-expansion and acclimation to your garden.

First Commerce plans homebuyer workshop With the prime buying season heating up as summer approaches, First Commerce Credit Union will host a free workshop for homebuyers on Saturday, June 22. Workshop topics will include preparing for a loan application, loan pre-approval, working with a Realtor, finding that dream home, reviewing purchase contracts, and what to ex-

pect at closing. The workshop will be from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the First Commerce Credit Union Administration Building in the Summit East office park on U.S. 90 just east of I-10, at 2073 Summit Lake Drive. Space is limited. Call 488-0035, ext. 1027, to RSVP or make reservations online at http://

Though the chestnut rose is not picky about soil, it should be fertile and well drained. Fertilization is best based on a soil test but normal application times are at bud break, at formation of first buds and then about every six weeks through summer. Very little pruning is needed. As always re-

move any sick or dead canes, otherwise you can feel free to remove onethird of the bush after bloom as needed to maintain size and look. This will be one of those roses that will make your neighbors envious with your green thumb, but combinations are what will make your garden look like you

Paul Thompson, CAE TBA Executive Officer

know what you are doing. Since the rose is a large shrub with dreamy pink lightly fragrant blossoms, consider going with the cottage look. It normally blooms at the same time as the blue larkspurs ( Consolida ambigua) and a host of spikey blue salvias like the Victoria Blue and the Mystic Spires blue, a

compact and superior Indigo Spires selection. Shasta daisies and rudbeckias also fit nicely in this cottage garden design.

Author and landscape expert Norman Winter is executive director of the Columbus Botanical Garden in Columbus, Ga., and author of “Tough-as-Nails Flowers for the South.”

Weekly Report to Housing Consumers From the Tallahassee Builders Association

201 East Park Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32301 | (850) 385-1414 |

Consumers Gravitate to Five Home Remodeling Projects It’s official now… June is “Home Remodeling Month” in Leon County, thanks to a proclamation presented to the Tallahassee Builders Association (TBA) last week by Commissioner Kristin Dozier and the Leon County Commission.

return. Consider replacing backsplashes, cabinet fronts, countertops, and flooring. Installing low-flow faucets and energyefficient appliances can also reduce water and energy expenses in a heavily trafficked room.

During June, TBA will be educating consumers on their remodeling possibilities… and offering the services of TBA’s professional remodelers to make it happen.

Payback on remodeling a bathroom can reach 65 percent with new fixtures, tile, toilet, vanity and lighting. Low-flow toilets consume less water and can decrease the monthly water bill. 2. Remodel the kitchen A minor kitchen remodel can improve the look and utility of the space without costing a bundle, and yields a 75 percent

Property damage is a common but unfortunate occurrence. Seize misfortune as an opportunity to customize and upgrade the home. If you are already going to be inconvenienced with major home repairs, take that time to plan and incorporate home remodeling that may have been put off in the past. 5. Whole house remodeling

We thought you might find it enlightening to know what people are embracing as the most popular home remodeling projects. Here are the top five according to a national study: 1. Remodel the bathroom

4. Repair property damage

TBA President Shane Lambert, CIP, accepts the Leon County Commission Proclamation declaring June as “Home Remodeling Month.” The proclamation was presented by Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier at the May 28, 2013 Commission meeting.

3. Replace windows and doors Updating windows can also return a solid portion of the investment (73 percent for wood frames and 71 percent for vinyl). New, energy-efficient doors and windows also help reduce energy leakage from the home and can bring down heating and cooling bills.

Repairs and replacements of old components and the desire for upgraded amenities were cited as the top reasons for customers to hire a remodeler. Evaluate the use of the entire home to see if it fits your needs. Home owners are repurposing spaces to fit their families and making more efficient use of their home’s square footage and equity, rather than moving to a new home and mortgage. We wish you the best in your remodeling endeavors… in June… and throughout the year… and remember, you can rely on the professionalism of TBA members. TD-0000233361


Consumer Mortgage Information Program





Farmers & Merchants Bank 10 - Year Fixed 15 - Year Fixed 30 - Year Fixed 30 - Year FHA

2.875% 3.125% 3.875% 3.50%

0 0 0 0


Mo. Pmt. Program

20% 20% 20% 3.5%

30 30 30 30

Florida State University Credit Union 4.00% 3.375% 3.00% 2.50%

0 0 0 0




850-297-2015 Sunshine Savings Bank 3.034% $1,439.78 30 YR. Fixed 3.235% $1,044.92 20 YR. Fixed 3.938% $705.36 15 YR Fixed 5.048% $685.36

***Hometown Banking since 1906*** It’s a great time to purchase or refinance with your local community bank, where our customers are like family. Please call Christie Heald at 850-297-2015 for a customized rate quote, or visit our Mortgage Department’s webpage at for more information and to see what additional programs are available! No hidden fees. No application fee. *MIP Included, **MIP Excluded You are in good hands with FMB; *Rates advertised are for home purchases only*

30 YR Fixed 15 YR Fixed 10 YR Fixed 5 YR Adjustable


20% 20% 20% 20%

4.156% $716.12 3.649% $1,063.14 3.395% $1,448.41 5.020% $592.68 FOR FIRST 60-MONTHS THEN ADJUSTS

Rates Quoted Above Include a 1% Origination Fee. Rates are subject to credit scores, loan to value and purpose of the loan. Call for your personal quote today! FSUCU is an equal housing lender.

Mo. Pmt. Program





800-468-3993 Hancock Bank

4.125% 0 4.00% 0 3.375% 0

20 20 20

30 30 30

4.154% 4.065% 3.427%

$726.98 30 YR. Fixed $928.98 15 YR. Fixed $1,063.14 FHA 30 Yr. Fixed VA 30 Yr. Fixed RD 30 Yr. Fixed

Payments based on $150,000 loan amount. Rates subject to change. Call for current rates. Purchases and refinances of Primary Residences, Investment Properties, Home Equity Lines of Credit & Construction Perm Loans are available. Visit to apply or call 800-468-3993. Select option 1 for our mortgage hotline.

850-224-4960 40 40 40 40



Mo. Pmt.

850-325-3152 3.875% 3.125% 3.25% 3.25% 3.25%

0 0 0 0 0

5% 5% 3.5% 0% 0%

30 30 30 30 60

4.314% $705.36 3.623% $1,044.92 4.327% $657.66 3.705% $652.81 3.888% $652.81

Please note: Rate quotes based on qualified borrowers having a credit score of 740 or better. Let your neighborhood professionals guide your mortgage transaction from beginning to end. We have numerous programs to meet your diverse financial needs.

• Updated Weekly • Information for this chart is compiled by the Tallahassee Democrat and is valid as of the publication date of this issue and is subject to change without notice. Estimated monthly payment calculated using a mortgage amount of $150,000 and the list APR for loans starting the Sunday of publication. Contact lender directly for additional programs and fees, terms and conditions of the loans. NOTE: LIP=Lock-in period, Down=% of down payment. APR= Annual Percentage Rate. TD-0000233195


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Call Ashlea Hutchison To Get Started Today At 942.9234 NMLS #710733

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Atlanta condo market returning from dead


By Arielle Kass The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

We had an oversupply of condo units, but like everything else, it’s been eaten up. It’s gone. EUGENE JAMES, Atlanta regional director of Metrostudy

James said he does not expect an influx of new condo projects. But he and others said they would not be surprised to learn of sporadic new condominiums, and that the small project — called Seventh — is viable. “I think it’s time for another condo project to

get off the ground,” said Joshua Herndon, an associate at the real estate consulting firm Haddow & Co. “I like the idea of smaller projects coming on to test the market.” Seventh would be a nine-story midrise building, with retail at the ground level and three units on most floors.

peak, to 1,171 units at the end of 2012. Herndon said he expects the number to be well below 1,000 when his firm compiles new numbers this summer. Any interest in new construction shows that the trend toward a sellers’ market in singlefamily homes — at least in desirable areas — is becoming the case for condos, too, Leventhal said. John Stremming, a Midtown resident, recently sold his condo at 905 Juniper — at a profit — to buy one at Midtown’s Midcity Lofts. He’s not sure new construction in the area would boost his home’s

value, but he doesn’t think it will hurt. And Stremming sees the movement in the market, too. Some units spark bidding wars. “It’s a great time to sell,” Stremming said. James Robbins, a Realtor with The Marketing Directors, recently sold his Viewpoint condo in Midtown. He said new construction will be necessary in a year when the supply of new condos has diminished more. But nothing is certain. “The market is still timid,” Herndon said. “The severity of the downturn in the ‘condo’ market certainly lingers in people’s minds.”

Capital City Apartment Association

Carly Grubbs

CCAA President

Serving the Industries Serving You CREDIT REPORTS AND “DISMISSALS”


ATLANTA — The condo market in metro Atlanta, beaten nearly to a standstill by the housing bust and recession, is beginning to follow the path of single-family homes into recovery. Sales volume and prices are up, while the glut of unsold units built during the boom is being whittled down. Now the words “condo” and “construction” are even being used in the same sentence, with a developer team recently announcing plans for a new 23-unit building in Midtown. While small and aimed at higher-end buyers, it would be the first major condo project in Atlanta since 2007. “It means values are on the rise,” said Scott Leventhal, president of Tivoli Properties, which is not the developer of the Midtown project but has built Atlanta condos in the past. “That’s the thing that should be most comforting to existing condo owners.” When housing tanked in 2007, condo developers auctioned off units and slashed prices as demand evaporated. Some finished developments were turned into rental units. The new project at Peachtree and 7th streets in Midtown, ironically, was planned as apartments, but would be built as for-sale units to take advantage of the low inventory and rising demand. “We had an oversupply of condo units, but like everything else, it’s been eaten up. It’s gone,” said Eugene James, Atlanta regional director of Metrostudy. “It’ll be two years out before they even start delivering units. It’s going to be a great time. It makes sense.”

Prices would start in the mid-$600,000s, with two penthouse units priced just under $1 million. The developers, former Aaron’s CEO Robin Loudermilk and Dwight Bell, are still working on financing the project. Construction would not begin until some units are sold, a spokesman said. The average sale price for an in-town Atlanta condo was $167,234 in 2012, up 19 percent yearover-year, as the number of sales rose 21 percent, according to year-end data from Haddow & Co. The number of new, unsold units was down 84 percent from the 2007

by Harry Anthony Heist, Attorney at Law In the “Public Records” section of your typical credit report, you will see things like evictions, foreclosures, suits for money and bankruptcy filings. Most application processing companies obtain and compile this data to allow the landlord to make a more informed decision on whether or not they will rent to the applicant. Often you will see that an eviction was filed on the applicant, and the disposition was “Voluntary Dismissal” or “Dismissed”. Does this mean that the tenant was not evicted or that everything was amicably resolved? Don’t be so sure. The “Dismissal” Not all tenants who have evictions filed against them are actually “evicted” by the Sheriff. A number of things can happen. The tenant may vacate the premises voluntarily shortly after the eviction is filed. The tenant may pay all the money owed, and the landlord requests that the eviction be stopped. The tenant may enter into a Stipulation with the landlord, under which payment arrangements are made, and the tenant successfully stays and pays pursuant to the settlement terms. In all these scenarios, the eviction filing will show up in the public record and will be in this public record for many years. Eventually, the eviction matter is “dismissed” and is recorded as such. There are two main ways an eviction is dismissed. It will either be by the landlord’s attorney filing a “Voluntary Dismissal”, or the court entering a “Dismissal for Failure to Prosecute”. In both cases, the public record will show the case as being dismissed, BUT it does not always mean that things were worked out or that the tenant paid the rent. Usually, it is quite the opposite and simply means the tenant vacated and the eviction was not processed further. The Voluntary Dismissal When a tenant vacates, the attorney may file a “Voluntary Dismissal”. This means that the case is no longer being prosecuted, as no further action is necessary on the file. The landlord got what they wanted, which is possession of the premises. In the situation where a Stipulation is entered into by the parties, the Stipulation may provide that the case will be voluntarily dismissed upon the tenant making the payments as planned. Unfortunately, the landlord, when looking at a “Voluntary Dismissal”, usually has no way of knowing why the case was dismissed. Without further information, the best assumption a landlord can make is that the eviction was filed and that the tenant vacated.

Many evictions are filed as Two-Count Complaints. Under the first count the landlord is asking for possession, and under the second count the landlord is suing for money damages. In order to get a judgment for money damages in Count Two, the tenant will have had to be served personally with the eviction action or will have filed an answer to the complaint. Often, neither of these two contingencies occur, and at the end of the eviction or some time after the eviction is over, the attorney will file the Voluntary Dismissal with the court to close the case out. There may even have been a Final Judgment for Eviction somewhere in the public records, but the final action showing up may be that “Voluntary Dismissal as to Count Two” The Dismissal for Failure to Prosecute If an eviction is filed, the tenant vacates and the attorney takes no further action, the Clerk of Court’s office will eventually send out a notice to the attorney and the tenant stating that the case will soon be dismissed by the court on its own, if the attorney for the landlord or the tenant does not pursue the case any further. This could be six months after the case has been filed, or even more than a year. The attorney will either then file a Voluntary Dismissal closing out the case or do nothing, and the Court will go ahead and dismiss the case. If a Two-Count complaint has been filed and no personal service has been effected on the tenant, the Court will know that the case is probably not going to proceed any further and will want the case dismissed. This dismissal by the court happens to tens of thousands of cases each year. The Court does not want to keep files unnecessarily open and will purge them from their active case system. When the landlord looks at the public record results, it will show as a “Dismissal”. What should the landlord do when the record shows “Dismissed”? There is a high probability that the applicant had an eviction filed against him or her by a prior landlord and just vacated. It is imperative that if any eviction filing shows up on the public record, the landlord looks into the matter deeply to find out exactly what happened during the eviction. Did the tenant pay and stay? Did the tenant vacate? Did the tenant get fully evicted? These are all questions that can be answered by looking at the Court file further and contacting the prior landlord. Most counties are now online on the internet, and a lot of information will be available to the landlord by simply going to the website of the Clerk of Court where the tenant had the eviction filing and examining the docket. TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT » SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2013 » 5



3BR/2BR Home on 2 Acres


Like New 3BR/2BA Home in Havana

3741 Suffolk Dr. This 3BR, 3 full bath home has been freshly painted, walls & trim, & professionally cleaned. Updates and repairs are completed. Home features a separate family room, living room & dining room. Located on a large corner lot & fully landscaped. 2 raised patios, off the family room and the living room are great for outside activities and entertaining. The garage houses the 3rd full bath. $179,900. Dir: Forsythe to Glenshire to Suffolk. Bert Bevis Realty 850-894-8484 OPEN 2 - 5 Sunday

5370 Carisbrooke Lane - Pembridge Place Beautiful 2 story red brick home in Northampton neighborhood. Move-in condition! Great curb appeal in quiet cul-de-sac. On .72 acres. New Roof. Low-E Windows. New Outside Doors. New carpet upstairs. New Stainless Steel Appliances. Large walk in pantry off gourmet kitchen. Wood floors on ground floor. Garden is landscaped & fully irrigated. Sec. sys. $475,000 Dir: Thomasville Rd - N. Kerry Forest Pkwy toward Velda Dairy. Pembridge Place is on the left. After entrance into subdivision take first left. Call 850-668-7150 PRICE REDUCTION $165,000 Lake Talquin Area

80 Autumn Woods Way, Crawfordville, FL. Beautifully updated 3BR/2BA home on 2 acre corner lot. Spacious great room with fireplace. Kitchen with bar, dining area. Split bedroom plan. Master with updated bath and nice walk in closet. Inside laundry room... deck overlooks private backyard, perfect for entertaining. DIR: Woodville Hwy to Wakulla County, R on TW Wood, Left on Autumn Woods Way. $149,500. Suzanne McGhee 850.556.2299 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1-4 SOUTHERN CHARMER

611 TWIN PONDS DR - HAVANA - $259,900 Beautiful all brick home, brand new condition , built 2007, wood & tile floors, split BR plan, sunroom & screened porch, extra large garage, plus abundance of storage, awesome great room with classy brick fireplace, eat-in kitchen, bright & open with a plethora of windows. this is a must see, Country Living within 15 minutes of I-10 Directions: US 27 N. to Havana, Turn right at 5TH & 12E, Proceed 1 mile to Twin Ponds on L. See signs. Patsy Harrell, 556-6878 Harrell Realty, Inc., 539-1000 OPEN SUNDAY 2-5

600 Mason Dr., Havana Like new move-in ready. Built in 2006. 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1945 sq.ft. on 1.3 Acres (Lake Tallavana). New carpet, new paint, really great brick home.. Privacy fenced backyard. Split plan, eat-in kitchen, corian counter tops, built-in desk & cabinets for office, separate dining room. $212,000

308 Cherry Tree - Jefferson County 27 S. cross HWY. 59 left on Cherry Tree approx. 1.5 miles, property on left. LARGE ROCKING CHAIR PORCH- 3BR/2BA & over 2500 Sq. Ft. on 6.25 acres. Split floor plan, great rm w/fireplace, separate dining area & large kitchen area. Home features a 29x11 sun porch on the back that opens off great rm for large entertainment area. Inside laundry & mud room. Fenced & cross fenced, covered RV parking & extra pad, 2 storage sheds & fishing pond, $179,000 MLS 233468 Lucretia Thomas, Realtor, 545-9584 Thomas Acquisition & Property Specialists, Inc. BANK-APPROVED SHORT SALE - OPEN SUNDAY 1-4

4375 Wainwright - Shown By Appointment only SHORT SALE / PRICE REDUCTION $165,000 Lake Talquin Area. This one owner 1993 Site Built home is your dream get away - walk to Lake Talquin Home features, Open Living Room/DR/Kitchen area, fireplace, 3 bed 2 bath, office, screened in porch, detached workshop with water & electricity.

8889 Caledonian Ct. Prestigious Golden Eagle. Great Schools. Almost 2800 sq ft. Beautifully updated kitchen & hardwood floors. 4/3 Plus office & sunroom. 3 way split plan. Master bedroom with sitting area. Trey & high ceilings throughout & much more. 3 car garage. $414,900.

Tippecanoe Ridge, Tippecanoe Subdivision New Construction NW Tippecanoe Hills - 3 bedroom, 2 bath Craftsman Style Home. Loads of upgrades including hardwood floors, tray ceilings, tiled kitchen & more. Near FSU, TCC & shopping $155,000 Directions: Hartsfield Rd to Tippecanoe Hills.

800 Bragg Drive First time homebuyers special. Great value at only $81,000. Beautiful brick, shaded with mature oaks. Beautifully finished hardwood floors. Three bedrooms, separate living and dining. Separate kitchen, step down family room. Home is located across from Jake Gaither Golf Course. Directions: South on Monroe, Right on Orange Ave, Left on Pasco, Right to Bragg.

Call Ric Hollifield 545-1970 Hollifield Real Estate Group OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

Magnolia Properties Inc., 850-386-8660 Cathy White, Realtor NEW LISTING! Open 2:00 - 4:00 Sunday

2039 Wahalaw Nene Spacious Modern & Recently Renovated 4BR/2BA home in peaceful Indian Head Acres. Sitting on 0.5 acre high-ground with Large Front & Back Yards -Privacy & guest parking are guaranteed.4th bedroom as large Den featuring rare Fireplace. 13-ft ceiling with Vibrant interior design, gleaming original Hardwood, Tile, Designers Carpet flooring throughout. Call to TOUR ANYTIME. Only $115,900 this Lovely Home is Move-in Ready for Proud new Owners!! Ben Nguyen, 850-933-2626 NoThingLike NTL Real Estate OPEN SUNDAY 2-5

2420 Tippecanoe Ridge The new Tecumseh is Blue Star's 2013 Parade of Homes winning entry in energy efficiency under 1,900 This 1612 Sq. ft. home has 3BR/2BA, breakfast nook & features a deluxe master bath with a whirlpool tub. Come to our sales model at 2400 Tippecanoe Ridge Saturdays and Sundays 12-5pm in Tallahassee's newest NW community, Tippecanoe Hills Subdivision. Kathy Lee, Realtor ® (850) 508-6003 Neil P. Ryder, Broker, (850) 508-6988 Neil Ryder Realty, Inc., BEAUTIFUL HOME - GREAT LOCATION!

1273 NE Rocky Ford Rd, Madison Stunning "Southern Living" Home on wooded acreage built in 2001. Plenty of living and entertainment space. 4 or 5 Bedrooms, 4 Full Bathrooms, Weight Room, Guest house with Kitchenette, Exquisite porches with large 242 Sq.Ft. screened porch. Situated on back of 10 acres just north of town. More acreage available. $389,000.

2307 Jim Lee Road 3BR + office/2.5BA, 1855 Sq. Ft. brick home. This immaculate brick home has his and her workshops, a bright & airy Sunroom overlooking the hand crafted 2-tier deck containing a spa pool. Hardwood floors, fireplace & lots of closet space. Parking should never be a problem with the circle driveway, 1-car garage, & 2 carports. Home sits on over half an acre with an abundance of mature azaleas, camellias & several citrus trees. $169,900. Gina Mamazza, 850-345-2510 Pro Players Realty

Blair LaPete, 850-570-5579 Offered by Community Realty MLS# 233675 850-508-8208 Capital City Real Estate Group PARADE WINNER: FGBC Most Energy Efficient


Margaret Beard, 850-508-2021 Armor Realty of Tallahassee, Inc. OPEN SUN 2-4 REDUCED HAVANA COUNTRY CLUB

212 Fairway Drive, Havana 2420 Clara Kee Blvd Enjoy carefree living in this low maintenance golf Charming 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in a great NW course home. Prices can't get any lower! Incredible location near Lake Jackson. Desirable school zones. homesite overlooking #2 green and #3 tee. 3 Terrific split floor plan makes this home seem larger bedroom, 2.5 bath home is move in ready. Oak than it is. New roof in 2007. Needs TLC. Being sold cabinets, large utility room with sink, sunroom, trey "as is". Great for first time home buyers. $154,900 ceiling, storage building. $220,000. Like us on Facebook. .

Steve Lastowski, 907-0070 Total Makeover! Only $115,000! Open Sun 2-4

Ricky Wagner, 850-570-9289 Pro Players Realty OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

2428 Jim Lee Rd. This one POPS! 3 bed, 2 full baths ~1200 sq ft. Another Majestic Makeover: new roof, new baths, new kitchen w stainless & granite, gleaming real oak floors, new deck, newer windows. You'll LOVE this beautifully re-done home w/extra large & private back yard, convenient to all things downtown. Open & airy. Between Governor's Sq Mall & Southwood. Dir: From S. Magnolia, LT on Jim Lee, home on RT side. Terry Anne Kant, Realtor-Broker, CRS Kant Realty of North Florida, LLC, 850-877-2121 Virtual/pics at

362 Milestone Drive Ox Bottom Classic an over an half acre! Open floor plan includes a private home office, foyer, separate dining and living room, and inside laundry room. Entertain in the spacious eat-in kitchen. Newer roof and a/c. Recently painted inside and out. $385,000. See more photos at Susan Byler & Terance Keenan 850-510-8583 Keller Williams Realty See more photos at

Patsy Harrell, 556-6878 Harrell Realty, Inc., 539-1000 OPEN SUNDAY 3-6

2538 Twain Dr.Craftsman style home in Southwood has a magnificent porch overlooking the golf course. Large open floor plan with windows along the entire back of the home. 4BR/3.5BA & 2956 sq.ft. The Great room is accented with a gas fireplace & hardwood floors. Eat-in Kitchen has granite counter tops, island w/cooktop & all stainless appliances. Split level with Master Suite down. 2 upstairs BRs share a Jack & Jill Bath with his/her vanities. Bonus room upstairs is separate & perfect for in-law suite or 2nd Master BR. $459,900, Jana Nishimoto 566-5050 or Josh Kasper 528-1898, The Naumann Group Real Estate OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

1250 Archangel Way in Mission San Miguel New Construction Home built by Foundation Homes. 5 Beds & 4 Baths 2458 Sq Ft. On an Acre of Land in Gated Community. Hardwood Floors, Gas Fireplace, Granite Countertops, Stainless Appliances. Over 600 sqft of additional storage space. Community Center with Pool & Sports Court. $347,800. Directions: Mahan to Archangel Way, 3 miles past I-10 on right. Call Nathan Cross, 850-443-2125 850 Realty, LLC


Real EstateCLASSIFIEDS Classified: 599-2210

Fax: 599-2347

Phone in hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Stunning Home

in pine tip hills (850) 893-2115 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, 2-5PM




Free utils & satellite TV in furn.1BR. 5 miles east of WalMart off Parkway $125+ week. 510-5132






SOUTHWOOD STUDIO Luxury furn. carriage house apt. $1000/mo 212-3740 or 559-7900


491 Frank Shaw Rd $525,000




$99 Moves You In 1, 2 & 3 BR Apts. $650 & up. 562-5201

Offers an independent living facility for persons who are either 62 years of age or older and/or handicapped. Rent is based upon income and applicants must meet HUD's eligibility requirements. For more information contact Casa Calderon Apartments 800 W. Virginia St. Tallahassee, FL 32304 850-222-4026 TDD: 800-955-8771

Peggy Dye

Keller Williams Town & Country

1520 Killearn Center Blvd • Tallahassee, Fl 32309

850-339-6995 • •


Close to State Offices

avail 6/11, $395. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



Hilaman View

1446-D Willow Bend Way, 2BR/1BA, 900 sqft., $595, CHA, W/D Hookups. Avail now. (1446-C Willow bend avail 7/11) Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



1356-A Linda Ann Dr., 1BR/1BA, 700 sqft, $425, Leon Arms CHA, tile floors, Deck, avail now 2 WEEKS FREE! Apartments 1 & 2 BRs. 1-story, pool, Kent Strauss Mgmt & 2502 Holton Street laundry, pet friendly. 7 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 mo. lease avail. 575-1495 L e o n A r m s i s n o w accepting applications 9344534 for 2 & 3 bedroom 9345889 apartments. Capital Court Apts All applications must Capital Court Apts- 700 meet HUD’s eligibility N. Calhoun st., CH/A, guidelines assisted Laundry on Site, Half Downtown Beauty housing as for rent based M o n t h F r e e M o v e - i n 122 S.Franklin Blvd #4, on income. Special, avail now. 2BR/1BA 900sqft, CHA, For more information l2BR/1BA, 800sqft $525 Hardwood floors, avail contact us at l2BR/1BA, 900sqft $575 7/11, $595 (850) 576-7308 M-F 8-5 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Kent Strauss Mgmt & TDD 1-800-995-8770 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Realty, Inc. 877-2284


Luxurious 5 bedroom All Brick home. Open Floor Plan with a Charming Kitchen open to Breakfast & Great rooms. Soaring ceilings and quality throughout. Living Room/Dining Room & Private Office/Study. Large Bonus Room over Garage with Private Bathroom makes a wonderful Bedroom, Guest Room, In-Law Suite or Playroom. Hardwood Flooring through most of the first floor, wood burning Fireplace and an elegant Master Bedroom. Other features include a Swimming Pool, Patio, Pool Bathroom, Back Porch, Fenced Private Back Yard, Security System, Sprinkler System, Water Softener System, spacious Laundry Room and extra large 2-Car Garage.


Casa Calderon Downtown Convenient 100-1 S. Franklin Blvd., Apartments 1Br/1Ba 600sqft., WIN,

















We’re here for your home solutions! Close to town & hospitals, yet a country feel. Almost 2 acres on a quiet cul-de-sac. Charming home is set amid beautiful oak trees. Solid brick construction. A massive wood-burning fireplace is the focal point of the great room. Both sides of the great room have a wall of windows & vaulted ceiling. Hardwood floors throughout- some refinished, some carpeted. Updates incl. windows, kitchen w/corian countertops, new cabinetry & master bath w/bidet. Oversized screened porch overlooks the garden backyard. $249,900. Gaylene Stanley, Lord & Stanley Realty, Inc. 850-321-77707 GATED COMMUNITY OF WOODBROOK! EVENING ROSE- Open House Saturday & Sunday 1-5

Call Today!

Robin Yeatman............................850.599.2262

New Homes Open Daily 11- 6 PM

OPEN SAT 10-6 & SUN 12-6


2634 Opequon Bend (Birch Model) Affordable Elegance with New Energy Star homes. In BULL RUN N.E. Tallahassee's most desirable neighborhood. Top rated schools. 4BR/2BA, 2000 sq.ft. with craftsman quality at great prices. Wood floors, kitchen islands, granite tops, tankless water heaters,& more! A must see! From $309,900. Visit 2586 Manassas Way - Our Sales & Design Center or web site

2586 Manassas Way - PARADE GOLD WINNER! Tallahassee Homes Newest 4BR 2BA Birch Model in Bull Run. New homes, great prices, top rated schools, convenience to shopping and more make living enjoyable in your new home. Let Tallahassee Homes turn your dreams into reality! Visit our Sales/Design center today at 2586 Manassas Way or web site: 16 New Homes Under Construction. Choose from a Variety of Floorplans to Fit your Lifestyle. Call Lewis Singletary, Realtor 766-9662 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC

3136 Persimmon Hill NEW CONSTRUCTION! Gated subdivision off Thomasville Road. 17 units, prices start in the 400's. This custom 3 bedroom with office , 2.5 bath with all the upgraded features to feel like a million dollar home. Vintage Homes has been building for 20 plus years and is now in the Tallahassee area. We have plans to choose from, or we can sit down to customize your plans to fit your needs. $469,000 Mike Ferrie 566-8373 or Dixie Russell 566-9285 Primesouth Fezler, Russell and Ferrie, Inc.

Call Lewis Singletary, Realtor 766-9662 Tallahassee Homes Realty, LLC

1675 BRUSH HILL DR. 3BR/2BA Craftsman-style homes, Great In-Town Location, New Construction Priced from 219,900 to 239,900. Custom cabinetry, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, gas range and wood flooring. Wide hallways, screened patio and so much more. Come visit us at our model home. Directions: From Capital Circle NE, enter on Austin Davis Ave, left on Brush Hill Ln. Kenny Ayers, REALTOR 850.508.5500 Primesouth Fezler, Russell and Ferrie, Inc.

430 Lacy Woods Court Gorgeous conventional stucco 2/2.5 with office and bonus room above the garage with built-in storage. Light and bright with lots of extras! Added dining room features built-in china cabinets with marble tops. Gas fireplace, wet bar with icemaker, central vac. Master bedroom opens up onto beautiful patio with hot tub. Home boasts water features with koi pond. Neighborhood pool & clubhouse.Now $439,000 Mike Ferrie 566-8373 Primesouth Fezler, Russell and Ferrie, Inc.


Functional floorplan is open and surprisingly spacious Courtesy of

This plan makes good use of every one of its 1,738 square feet. The living areas combine to form one large open space, with seating at the kitchen’s island. A fireplace warms the great room from one side, leaving the back wall free for great views outside. The master suite is surprisingly spacious for a home this size, with back-porch access from the bedroom, a separate tub and shower, and even a window in the large walk-in closet. Two more bedrooms, also generously sized, share the upper level. To build this home, you can order a complete set of construction documents by calling toll-free 1-866-772-1013 or visiting HouseOfTheWeek. Enter the design number to locate the plan and view more images and details. At HouseOfTheWeek, you can view previously featured plans, browse other specialty collections, or use the search filters to find exactly what you want. 8 » SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2013 » TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT

How to fight force-placed property insurance By Gary M. Singer Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

HOUSE OF THE WEEK Design No. HOTW130009 Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2½ Main level: 1,138 sq. ft. Second level: 600 sq. ft. Total living area: 1,738 sq. ft.

Garage: 600 sq. ft. Dimensions: 57' 2" x 56' 8" Framing: 2 x 4 Foundation Options: Crawlspace

Question: I noticed that my monthly mortgage payment went up. The lender told me that the increase was because I failed to keep insurance on the property, and the lender had to buy a policy for me, which was more expensive. But I still have my old insurance. What happened? – Carla Answer: It sounds like your lender “force-placed” you into an insurance policy. In most mortgages, the lender requires that you have appropriate insurance. When it’s paid each year, the company is supposed to send your lender a copy of the new policy. If your lender does not receive it, you will be sent a letter asking for a copy of your insurance declaration page. Without any confirmation of insurance, the lender will buy a policy to replace yours, which, as you mentioned, is more expensive. And it provides less coverage for you. Lenders often have deals with these insurance companies and make commissions. This abusive practice has been getting a lot of attention lately, and regulators are finally starting to crack down on the problem. Make sure to carefully read all mail sent by your lender and call if there is something you don’t understand. Also, review your monthly statements and question any payment increase immediately. If you realize that this has happened after the fact, you will need proof that your insurance was current the entire time. Force-placed policies also can happen when homeowners are behind on their mortgage payments. If you are delinquent on the mortgage, at least consider paying the insurance premium to avoid having coverage forced on you.

Gary M. Singer is a Florida attorney who is board-certified as an expert in real estate law by The Florida Bar. Send him questions online at or follow him on Twitter @GarySingerLaw.



duplex, quiet NW Close to Colleges 2BR/1BA CH/A, 1331 Kings Dr, 2313 C Sylvan Ct, 2BR/ $650/mo + $650 dep. 1BA, 905 sq ft, $575, 850-508-2560 9345738 CHA, W/D Hookups, Apt. B.,avail 6/11. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284 305 Broward Apt-1 2BR/1.5 BA, Carpet, 9345915 Mid-town, $675/mo




1112 Ivanhoe Road

1537 Spruce Avenue

Classic Beauty

quality construction



Across from FSU Spacious 1/1 Apts Only $499/mo. with other great specials. Cable & Internet Incl. Pets Welcomed 850-222-4879



Quality 1BR & 2BR apts. Starting at $410 + dep No pets. 850-561-4226



753-B Pointe Ct.

2/1 Carpet, Full Kitchen W/d connections $600


Meridian Mgmt. Realtor __ 9342396

3BR/1.5BA off Tharpe. 1906 Dawsey St. near RAA school. $775/mo + dep. 545-6788


Regional Property Services

Over 600 properties in the Tallahassee area. Check us out at 893-2500 Lic Real Estate Broker



Shannon Lakes View

2419 Merrigan Pl., 2BR/2BA 1050sqft, CHA, W/D, Large loft, avail 6/11, $875 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



DUPLEX FOR RENTUNFURNISHED 1/1 brick duplex, West side, clean! Full kitchen energy efficient. No pets $485/mo 576-2695



1ST MONTH RENT FREE!!! 2BR near Democrat & Governor’s Square. Carpeted, CHA, W/D hookups. $585/mo. lease, no pets 251-8093




Arbor Hill

3245 Mound Dr., 2BR, 2BA, 920sqft, CHA, W/D Hookups, Fenced yard, screened porch, tile floors, avail now $750 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


• $315,000 • .52 acres • 2,562 sqft • 4BD/3BA • New Roof • Freshly Painted Exterior • New Remodeled Master Bath • 2-car Garage

• $349,900 • 4BD/4BA • 3,305 sqft • .42 Acres • Betton Hills Home • Renovated Master Suite • Bonus Room • Large Backyard


Close to TCC

1314 Burgess Dr. 2BR/2BA 880 sqft., CHA, W/D Hookups, Deck, Fireplace, Avail 7/11, $625. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284



This amazing home has it all! Classic beauty, style & charm. Updated & move in ready. Gorgeous Wood Floors through most of the 1st floor. Oak Herringbone Inlay in the Living & Dining Rooms. Large bedrooms with ample storage for everything & everyone in your family. Bonus/Other room off Master Bedroom has unlimited possibilities! Updated kitchen with beautiful Travertine GRANITE Countertops, stylish cabinets & newer appliances. Wood burning fireplace in the spacious family room. Extra large lot has 1000 sq ft of outdoor living area complete with brick patio, fireplace, fire pit, electricity & water. Screened in back porch is 20x12 w/high sloped ceiling. New Roof 2010. Low maintenance all brick home.

Peggy Dye

Hettie Spooner (850) 509-4337



Ready to

Lindsay Elliott (850) 545-2463


When you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life,’s door is always open.

Country Jewel

Start your real estate search on the site with the most options...and come home to your new future!

5068 Old Bainbridge Rd 2BR/1BA 800sqft., CHA, W/D Hookups, Fireplace, Avail 6/11, $595 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


Call Classified Advertising 850-599-2210

Find your canvas today at © 2010, LLC. All rights reserved.

Keller Williams Town & Country

1520 Killearn Center Blvd • Tallahassee, Fl 32309

850-339-6995 • •

3F6CK8#Q"'8 RQCQ/B8+ .Q@+ LQ;E:B" .BOB"1 H %%AA QGC+ ;Q@+ H M6C;/ G;Q88 =B8DB"1

Equal Housing Opportunity


Build on the power of our network.™ Commercial Real Estate Services, Worldwide.

Industrial Space for Sale:

SOLD SF Warehouse SOLD off Tharpe

Income Producing Properties For Sale: Agent: Frank L. Langston, CCIM:

• Warehouse Investment Opportunity off Hartsfield Road with a national tenant in place! $5,049,000

Agent: Jep Dove:

• Two mid-sized student apt. complexes in prime location between FSU & TCC! • 905, 907 & 909 Buena Vista Drive - Perfect location within 1 mile of FSU -100% occupied! • 7 condos for sale in University Green. Great student location near University!

Agent: E. Edward Murray, JR., CCIM:

• Northampton Shopping Center – Located directly off Thomasville Road & Kerry Forest with tenants in place.

Agent: Kee Elwell:

• Mobile Home Park in North Tallahassee with 35 units located on 15 acres and includes several homes as well.

Agent: Jep Dove:

• 9,300 SF Office/WH on Cap Cir SE between Apalachee & St. Augustine Rd. • 7,260 SF just south of Doak Campbell Stadium; fenced yard & semi accessible • 16,000 SF on 3.13 ac w/ large fenced yard on Pensacola St; CP Zoning • 5,512 SF Office/WH on Yulee St on 1.03 ac lot; building includes 3 offices, file room and kitchen – reduced price!

Agent: Eric Stockstill:

• 3,200 warehouse with 1,600 SF office. $279,000. Can also be leased at $12.00 per square foot. – 2088 N. Monroe St. • 1.22± acres for sale off Portal Drive in the Lakewood Business Center

Agent: Jim Taube, CCIM:

• 1122 Kissimmee St. – Warehouse for sale. 10,000 SF. Large Loading docks! Space is also available for lease. • 3510 Weems Rd- Zoned Light Industrial, permitted for 9,000 SF w/ 2100 SF office already in place! PRICE REDUCED!


• 1219 W. Tharpe St. 11,000SF – ½ retail/showroom; ½ warehouse; .80 acres • 3083 Crawfordville Rd. in Crawfordville – 5,622 SF warehouse w/ showroom on ½ acre- Zoned C-2 Commercial. PRICE REDUCED!

LEASED 10,750 SF Leased at Parkway Village & Center

Industrial Space for Lease: Agent: Jim Taube, CCIM:

• 2838 Industrial Plaza Dr. – 5,000 SF with large overhead doors & fenced outside storageLEAS area • 10,000 SF in Railroad Square – Will divide space. • Last lot available on Industrial Plaza Drive; 10,300 SF New construction; will build out to suit! Available for Sale or Lease. Make an offer!

(B;+8 6= 8D6C+;B"+ K6 +4F;6C+ H Q" QI:"/Q"G+ 6= MB;/;B=+

Agent: John McNeill:

• Warehouse located off Manufac turer Court - Credit National Tenant in place, 8% CAP Rate $558,900

.Q@+ LQ;E:B" ;Q@+=C6"K D6#+ MBKD I6QK D6:8+/6G@ Q"/ 8+QMQ;;* PQ#B;2 C66# MBKD G6C5 "+C =BC+F;QG+- .7!6==BG+/B"B"1 C66#- @BKGD+" MBKD IQC- >)7!?),* <>?9-AAA*AA (QKK64 7+Q;K2- 0"G*

247 Acres SOLD off Mahan Dr.

Same Company New Name Same Dedication New Opportunities 1018 Thomasville Road, Suite 200A Tallahassee, FL 32303 850 224 2300

3:JQ""+ (GND++ %9A*99&*>>$$ .Q@+LQ;E:B"*G6# TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT » SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2013 » 9


Mission Rd. Steal!

2659 Mission Rd., 2BR/1BA 852Sqft, CHA, W / D H o o k u p s , Fireplace, Avail 6/6, $575 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284




Fox Glen

1009-12 Sharer Ct, 1Br/1Ba 736sqft, CHA, W/D Hookups, private patio, avail 6/11 , $450. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284






2303 Dozier Dr.

l 364-B Belmont-2/2 w/fireplace $850 l 405 Oakland Historic 2/1.5, lots of character,big lot,w/d incl. w/lawn $1195 l 1421 Fairway-3/2 with hardwood floors, lots of updates, ready August, lawn included, $1495 l 506 McDaniel-just bring toothbrush to this charming 2/2 w office in Midtown, $1695 l4432 Wesley Dr.-well kept 3/2, laminate floors, washer/dryer, ready Aug. $1000 l2414 Ionic Ct.- 3/2 with big playroom, fenced yard, ready now, $1150 l 2603 Sadie LaneKillearn Lakes, 3/2 s p l i t p l a n , washer/dryer, $1495 Spirit Realty Inc. of Tallahassee 877-4343

3/1 new carpet & roof, full kitchen, hookups, carport, $775/mo

2018 SheridanRd

3/2 Central air, gas heat, Carpet, w/pool, carport $1100/mo

222-8702 __

Meridian Mgmt. Realtor 2522 Golden Park Ln. 9342388 2/2 + loft, 1300 sq.ft. No 2231 Treeo Ln, 2BR/2BA pets. $850/mo 383-9199 2BR/1BA among trees 9342980 1008 Sqft, CHA, W/D in N.E. CH/A, hookups, Hookups, Fireplace, tile Killearn Estates 2/2.5 + 2 $725/mo. Lease, dep. f l o o r s , n e w l y S u n r o o m s , 1 6 5 0 s q f t . No dogs. 850-545-6263 r e n o v a t e d , f e n c e d fireplace, clean, avail 9346088 yard, avail now, $775 7/1. $1000 491-1903 Buster Rd $950 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Pics at 3BR/2BA 2BR/1BA Dunn St. $575 9345849 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 CH/A. fenced, 1 month 322-8855 l 2385 Ryan Place- sec. dep. 9345940 9346203 2/2.5, fireplace, ready July, $895 3BR/2BA single family Quiet Cul-De-Sac l 419-C Williams St. homes, 402 E. 10th Ave. 1579-A Live Oak Dr., -2/2 with large loft in & 407 S. Main St. 2BR/1BA 800sqft., $595, M i d t o w n , n e w Havana. Vouchers ok. C H A , W / D h o o k u p s , flooring,fireplace,ap 850-284-7827 Avail now. 571-276-4704 pliances, ready July, 9344515 Kent Strauss Mgmt & $1100 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 l2441 Emerald Ridge 4/3.5 N.E. 2 master BRs. Loop-3/2 townhome 2850 sqft,2-car garage, 9345877 w i t h w / d r y e r , w e t Avail 8/1 $2300/mo + bar, ready now, $950 dep Pet w/fee 443-4139 9344437 l1575 Paul Russell Rd S.W. Deal! 4099 Jackson Bluff Rd., 3 / 2 . 5 w i t h g a r a g e , Apalachee 2Br/1Ba 800sqft, CHA, huge master, gated W / D h o o k u p s , A v a i l community w/pool, Convenience ready now, $1250 6/11, $525. 4209 Red Oak Dr., Kent Strauss Mgmt & Timber Ridge Community Spirit Realty Inc. of Realty, Inc. 877-2284 3BR/2BA 1200 Sqft, Tallahassee 877-4343 CHA, W/D hookups, 9345913 Back deck, Avail 6/11. 9346167 $1050. San Louis Area Kent Strauss Mgmt & N.W. Deal! 1871 Meriadoc Rd., Realty, Inc. 877-2284 2BR/2BA 1030sqft, CHA, l1858& 1860 Sylvan Ct 9345895 W/D, Fenced yard, No 2BR/2.5BA, 900sqft,$650 smoking, Avail 7/11, C H A , W / D h o o k u p , Fireplace, avail 7/11 Beautiful Killearn 4Br $695 l 2316 Sylvan Ct., 11065 Wildlife Trial, Kent Strauss Mgmt & 2 B R / 2 . 5 B A 1 1 0 0 s q f t , 4BR/2BA 1588sqft, CHA, Realty, Inc. 877-2284 C H A , W / D H o o k u p s , W/D Hookups, Privacy 9345934 Fireplace, Bonus Room F e n c e , L a r g e D e c k , , avail 7/11 $695 Avail 7/1, $1500 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Kent Strauss Mgmt & South Side Gem Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 1845-B S. Gadsden St., 9345919 2BR/1BA 850 sq ft, CHA, 9345923 W/D hookups, avail Park Ave Convenience BUCKLAKE AREA 6/6, $525. 2140-B Claremont Ln, Kent Strauss Mgmt & 1097 Lovers Lane N. 2BR/1.5BA,1100 sqft, Realty, Inc. 877-2284 3BR/2BA, eat-in kitchen CH/A, W/D hookups, 2 fireplace, fenced, pets 9345907 Balconies & a large porch. Avail 6/11. $625 considered, garage, $1095/mo Kent Strauss Mgmt & TOWNHOMES FOR RENT545-2089 or 545-4390 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 UNFURNISHED 9344662

Parkway Deal!





#"-'+"!) &%0$ *"& !% !() $'+(! /"$ .%$ &%0,

__ __










1732 Coreywood Ct




Park Ave Deal 3/3, carpet ,open floor p l a n , g a r a g e . w / d 2735 E. Park Ave Apt A, 2Br/2Ba 950 sqft,CHA, connections: $975/mo w/d hook- ups,avail now $675. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Meridian Mgmt. Realtor Realty, Inc. 877-2284 9342389

222-8702 __



Southwood Gem

&- ;- *3#!(.-2 3/, 0+.-2+ 3 2-#+ .-/:,+/; .3# !<-%%+#( '9/, 1-8# 631 ;- ;<+ .+#;9:+, %#+)-6/+, 7+<9.5+ $-# 1-8( 4!+ -8# #+!+3#.< ;--5! ;- .-2%3#+ 7+<9.5+ !3$+;1 #3;9/"! 3/, #+!35+ 7358+!( *3#!(.-2 %-9/;! 1-8 9/ ;<+ #9"<; ,9#+.;9-/(

210 1st Ave W

2BR/2.5BA, 2-car garage. $1195/mo $500 dep. Curtis Baynes Broker (850) 576-8774

4025 Colleton Ct., 2BR/2.5BA 1250 sqft., CHA, W/D, Garage parking, Utilities Incl., $1295, Avail now. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284


Bucklake Beauty




and downtown 2BR/1B, W/D, $800/mo + dep 850-502-0147



Golden Eagle





6BR/4BA, 5000 sqft & more. 30 min. South $2000. 347-277-3442




1108 Carissa Dr. 3/2, separate living & family rooms, eat-in kitchen, garage. Pet considered $1195/mo 545-2089 or 545-4390



Renovated Midtown

848 N Bronough St, 2BR, 1BA, 900sqft, CHA, W/D Hookups, hard- wood floors, lawn service, Avail now, $850 Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284









Close to Universities



%+//" *$755&2-1 )-!306-58 99*#4 .$$ 6&('35 6-5-6,-14

5354 Tower Rd.3BR/2BA 1064 sq ft., $875, CHA, W/D Hookups. Avail now Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284

Lake Jackson area.3BR 2 full baths 1 w/garden tub. lg. living rm, screen porch, nice lg. lot. FOR SALE OR RENT $2000 down. Payments like rent. Owner/finance avail. Woodmire Ct., 229-563-2104




Lake Jackson Home

5804 Old Forge Ct. , 3BR/2BA 1762sqft., CHA, W/D Hookups, fireplace, garage, fenced yard, avail. 6/11, $1250. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Realty, Inc. 877-2284

1647 Eagles Watch Way, 3BR/2BA 1800sqft, C HA, W/D, Gated Wolf Creek 9345979 Community, 2 car 1652 Corey Wood Cir., g a rage, Screened 3BR/2BA 1230sqft, CHA, avail 7/17, $1,450 Amazing Location W/D, avail 7/11, $850 Porch Kent Strauss Mgmt & Kent Strauss Mgmt & 2501 Mar Ct., 2BR/1.5BA Realty, Inc. 877-2284 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 836sqft, CHA, W/D 9345909 Hookups, avail 7/11, 9345926 $625 l 3876 Gaffney Loop Kent Strauss Mgmt & HOUSES FOR RENT2/2 Fireplace, equipUNFURNISHED Realty, Inc. 877-2284 ped kitchen & laundry. 9345929 2/1, West side, lg. lot, Fenced yard. $800 adjoins Natl Forest, l 1085 Sutor Rd 1/1 kitchen equip, deck Vaulted ceiling,launAstoria Hills No pets $495. 576-2695 dry off kitchen & outside storage area. $525 9345394 1839 Portland Ave #1, l3424 Gardenview 3/2 2Br/1.5 Ba 1150sqft, CHA, 2/2 Beautiful N.E. split plan, fireplace, W/D Hookups, private courtyard, avail 6/11, 1657 Cross Pointe Way shaded back yard $1950 $625. 2-car garage, yard MAGNOLIA PROPERmaintained. No pets. Kent Strauss Mgmt & TIES AND INVESTMENTS. No smoking. Avail. Now Realty, Inc. 877-2284 386-8660 $995/mo 850-445-6099








1 Month Free Rent $99 Deposit Bad Credit OKAY

2 & 3 BRs from $499 2 baths,W/D hookups Enjoy swimming pool Free lawn care, pest control, community officer. Call 24 hrs a day for Pre-approval.










2/2, West side, CH/A, clean, kitchen equip. hookups, deck, patio, No pets $495. 576-2695 3/2, CH/A, on 5 acs in Summerwind, NW Wakulla Co. Huge shed $750/mo 850-264-3902 A very nice small 1 B R / 1 B A , E a s t Miccosukee Rd., $300 Call Allen 850-491-2125



Lease/Purchase Option ONLY $50,000 24x60 3/2, wooded lot, private, fenced yard, 3 2 X 3 6 d o u b l e w i d e 3BR/2BA, CH/A, Master water/sewer included. has large walk-in closet $600/mo 575-1391 9345110 All kitchen appliances & washer/dryer. You Small quiet park, move. 850-566-8658 several 2BR/1BAs, air, 9345444 no pets. $425 + up + dep. 850-545-1899 C OMMERCIAL P ROPERTY FOR SALE 9346025







l Bank Owned, Commercial lots on Apalachee Pkwy. l Commercial lot (.8 Ac), zoned CP & visible off Tennessee St l 3 . 1 5 A c o n Fleischmann Rd adjacent to the newest & largest NE office park l Land w/ permits for 50 units located near FSU & TCC l Prime Retail Location! 1.2 Ac on N. Monroe St. near Tharpe St. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.

80 Acres at I-10 & CR-257 interchange on E. side of Jefferson Co. Approx. 30 mi. east of A Great Deal: downtown Tallahassee. Z oned mixed use Large Commercial interchange business. County water. Below Office Building ppraised value at 1310 Paul Russell Rd. a 7 o f f i c e s , l o b b y , $260,000. 863-528-0746 9344907 conference, break rm, generous parking, Amazing large yard w/lawn Investments!! service incl., 2000sqft, $1500/month l1657 Live Oak Drive, 4 Kent Strauss Mgmt & duplexes located near Realty, Inc. 877-2284 the Parkway, state offices and shopping 9342914 9345887 $565,000. Can be sold Apalachee Pkwy, 1500 separately. LOTS FOR SALE sq.ft. $700/mo. Shop/ l MIDTOWN 1207 N. M warehouse w/office. Fenced yard 545-1899 L King Blvd. 4 buildings 13.15 acres, with 97.57 with 11 units total, 1 feet frontage on Joe 9346024 duplex & 3 triplexes all Thomas Road West. 1 B R / 1 B A . F u l l y Includes well, spring Business/Retail/Office occupied $405,000. fed pond, backs up 3120 sq.ft. South of l 1 8 2 5 - 1 8 5 5 S . to National Forest. Jefferson St., Hwy 19, Gadsden St. 4 duplexes Lots of wildlife. Owner Monticello, across from w i t h e a c h s i d e financing. 850-545-2934 Winn Dixie. Off- street 2BR/1BA, $520,000. 9345139 parking. Avail. now. Call Elizabeth Strauss for more information ACREAGE, FARMS, GROVES 850-509-9411. Kent Strauss Mgmt & Meridian Mgmt. Realtor 13.15 acres, with 97.57 9345982 Realty, Inc. 877-2284 feet frontage on Joe Thomas Road West. 9345946 OFFICE/RFORETAIL SPACE Includes well, spring RENT fed pond, backs up to National Forest. $150-$225 an office! Lots of wildlife. Owner Free utils.! Near TMH. financing. 850-545-2934 Some furniture. Nice!!! 9345130 Owner/realtor 878-3957







2.5 Ac. & steel bldg w/ 2BR/2BA apt. Moultrie, GA. Short commute to Tallahassee. Perfect for small business, room for animals &/or garden. Tractor for sale avail. $95,000 229-985-6803

452 Acres, S. Grady County, GA 1.4 Miles of River Frontage on Ochlockonee River!! Excellent Hunting and Fishing. $2950/Acre


273.89 Acres, S. Grady County, GA. Over 100 Acres of Farmland! House, Barn, Shop, Large Pond With Dock. Big Timber. Great Hunting $2850/Acre Eric J. McCollum The Wright Group 229-226-2564 (office) 229-200-4457(cell)



Gadsden Co. 40-100 Acres, 2 miles west of Quincy on Hwy 90, Old Barns, Planted Pines & Deer Hunting, $6500 per ac. 556-9895











2901 East Park Avenue High Visibility & Traffic 1200 SQFT @ $15/SQFT. Neg. Call 850-878-0016




+/- 26,832 Sq Ft on N. Monroe St.Very clean and well maintained.



l 900 SF - Clean & Affordable! Just off Apalachee Pkwy on Hanson Ct. l1000 SF Downtown, very functional, clean & affordable. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.



Professional rooms $145 & up. 2 room suites $475/mo. E. Park, near Capital Cir. Utilities & janitorial incl. 509-8818




3000 SqFt Warehouse on Capital Cir. NW w/a fenced in Yard. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.



9600 Sq.Ft. Bank Owned with fenced in yard.


On W. Tennessee St. Call Peter Gonzalez, Jr. for more Info. (850) 224-2300.



44.42 AC RANCH -

Newly remodeled brick home 3BR/2.5BA with stream, rustic barn, fireplace, office. By owner. $239,00 386-688-9986


60 Ac - LEON CO

A rare find. Only $3200/ac. Mostly wooded in oaks, pines, magnolias, some beautiful wetlands. 15 min from Capitol East . Perfect for homesite or a family compoundcan be divided. Great place for a horse operation and homesite with miles of trails to enjoy. 459-1094

Investigates. __ That’s what the Democrat does for you every day.



Beautiful 4.22 acres on Hwy 12 across from Tall Timbers. New board fence, horses welcome. “A” Schools $90,000. 850-528-7250



For Classified Advertising Call 599-2210


l 48 Acres of Beautiful hardwoods & pines! $4700/acre! Call Mary Dale Joyce 224-2300



TOWNHOUSES FOR SALE Killearn Estates. 3BR, 2.5BA townhome. New Stainless appliances, new cabinets & granite counterops in kitchen & baths, new flooring & paint throughout and more! Over 1500 sq ft w/detached garage. $149,900. Call Joan Mancebo ,Owner/ Broker, Advanced Realty Group 545-3195

__ HOMES $100’




AAA OWNER FINANCE! Why rent? Buy!! It’s cheaper!! Like new 2/1, 701 sqft.Total remodel!! Off Lake Bradford near FSU/FAMU $15,100 below appraisal!! $49,900 Owner/realtor 878-3957




REMOD 5032 Capital Cir SW STE 2 #164 By owner. Lot appraised $30,000. 3 bedroom, Monticello Farm-33+or at 68+ acres! High rolling 1 b a t h h o u s e n e e d s hills, lg. oaks w/pasture, extensive 850-576-0985 9345858 spring ponds, home & barn, fenced, paved rd. Owner finance with HOMES $101’S - $250’S small down! From $270,760. 850-510-5999 By owner. 2BR/1BA in 9343136 Old Town, wood floors, CH/A, porch, carport, GENERAL REAL ESTATE etc. $124,900. 765-0270




Ben Trexler, CRS, e-PRO

Open Sun 2-4

Linda Dix Realty Direct: 850.339.4272 (call or text)

l 215 Britt Street Charming brick home with hardwood floors off Park Ave. 3BR/1BA, newer roof & heat/AC. $150,000. l 6281 Hines Hill Cir. Beautiful & spacious 4 BR brick home in Ox Bottom Manor. Salt water pool, 2 fireplaces, new roof, a must see! $395,000 Fran Ferenchick 545-6767 Linda Dix Realty See interior photos at



OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 4878 Pimlico 1-Story split bedroom plan; fireplace & 2-car garage; almost 1500 sq. ft! Near Park; Popular Killearn Acres! $182,500 668-2057 Jan Soto Realty



Sale or Rent, $220,000/$1,600 OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 4754 Planters Ridge in Piney-Z, Call Your Neighbor 850-562-8000



Put a SOLD sign in front of your house! TD-0000233357


To subscribe call 1-800-999-2271


l 800 Bragg Beautiful all brick home, freshly refinished floors 3/1. Spacious living room & bedrooms, inside utility room with step down family room. $81,000 l 9098 Eagles Ridge Great home in Golden Eagle 3-4bed 2bath, very open floor plan with custom kitchen. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, double car garage. Possible short sale. $190,000 MAGNOLIA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. 386-8660



COASTAL/BEACH PROPERTY FOR SALE Perfect for RV campers Live Oak Island just 30 min S. of Tallahassee. House lot w/3-utility sheds, highest lot on island,also 2 add’l canal lots. All 3 lots $85,000. 850-997-4035 / 590-3623



20 DOCKABLE ACRES: St. Lucie Waterway. $159,500. 3 Homesites available June 1st Only. 45mins boat Atlantic; 5mins boat Lake Okeechobee. Gated/Privacy. 888-716-2259 Gulf Atlantic Land, Broker.





HOMES $251’ - $500’ S

9913 Beaver Ridge Tr. Beautiful Seven Oaks in Killearn Lakes - 2-story, 4BR/2.5BA home. New stainless appliances, ceramic tile in eat-in kitchen & baths. Formal dining rm & huge great rm. $255,900. 210-2908



OPEN HOUSE Open House 2-5 PM A Great House for a family, walking distance to schools & new Library. 5685 Countryside Dr. Don Ficke, 228-1650 Anchor Realty



OPEN SUNDAY 2-4PM Piney Z townhome 1015 Landings Loop 3/2 1447 sq.ft. $159,000 Greg Keller 264-3017 Keller Williams Realty




The Greens of Killearn 1-story 3BR/2BA. New stainless appliances, paint, hardwood floors, lighting & other updates. $310,000. 3065 Sawgrass Circle. By Owner 850-597-7057


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DELUXE CONDO $113,900 hardwood floors, new appliances, fireplace, screen porch. 2.5 pretty baths, pool, tennis, 545-3419 Barbara Dickson Remax Professional Realty 4BR - 2 ACRE - $243,900! Shows New! High Ceilings, Rich Wood Floors, Rich Tile, Stainless Kitchen, Luxury Jacuzzi Master! Screen porch, Sep. Shop, 2 Car Garage! HOMES NEEDED TO SELL FOR Buyers Wanting Piney Z, Buck Lake, Emerald Acres Areas, wanting to sell Call Barbara Dickson, Remax Professionals Realty 545-3419 4 ACRES EAST $159,900! Gorgeous level, high and dry beautiful lot in Vineyards, 4.17 acres, area of many Custom Homes, Hugely Reduced in price! Barbara Dickson, Realtor 545 3419 CREAM PUFF $99,900! 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, huge screened porch, short sale, rich wood floors, worth the wait! KILLEARN - 3200 GALLANT FOX TRAIL - $167,000 New Roof, recent heat/air. Lovely Tile floors in living,dining, family rooms, fireplace. New kitchen counters,stainless appliances, new rich bedroom carpet, 545 3419 5 ACRE - 4BR $249,900! Gorgeous, high ceilings, like new, spacious eat in kitchen, spacious open dining, huge living room,gas fire place w/entertainment center! Split Master, jetted tub plus shower! 2 car garage, call now! 7151 SHADY GROVE WAY - JUST $214,900 Gorgeous Decor! Rich New Wood Floors, High ceilings, 2 sided fireplace, Dream Kitchen,Stainless appliances! Huge Master w/ Jetted Tub + Shower! Big Fenced Yard PIEDMONT POOL! PIEDMONT POOL! JUST $198,900. On 3/4 Acre Park setting lot! Living, dining, Sun/ family rm! Grape Arbor, Orange Tree, Separate Office, Workshop, new double ovens,new hood! Call 545-3419 B4 its gone! 4861 LAKE PARK DR. PINEY Z Gorgeous Upgrades! Beautiful 3BR single family home, great price, deluxe kitchen, luxury master suite, 2 car garage, free home warranty. $168,000-Short Sale.

act Under Contr

act Under Contr

2916 OAKWOOD - $119,900 CUTE STARTER 3BR/2BA $89,900! Tile Floors, New Carpet & Paint, 2 car Carport, All New Paint, New Carpet, New kitchen Big fenced yard, Brick, Quiet, Conven. University, cabinets, New kitchen Appliances, Big Lot! work areas! Barbara Dickson, 545-3419 ACRE $39,900 3BR-NEAR LAKE TALQUIN MICCOSUKEE BY MDS Cute 3 bedroom, 2 bath, very nice, priced to sell! Just $209,000, perfect Med Office Drs, LAKEFRONT 4BR POOL - $429,900 Dentists,Offices, Brick on Large Lot, 3216 Shady Hawk Lane on 3.38 acres! Almost 3,000 lots Parking! 545 3419 feet, rich wood floors, granite Kitchen, 3 car garage! RE D UCE CUSTOM NE $256,900 DUCED D LUXURY KILLEARN $154,900 E R Gardens of Killearn 2805 Paradise, 3BR/2.5BA, overlooks golf course! Private Patio. wood floors, custom kitchen & baths, Roof few years new. Fresh paint, new carpet, on cul-de-sac. fireplace. One of few 3BR’s. 3438 BARNSTAPLE DR WEEMS $189,900 NE $249,900-4BR-5 ACRE Rich wood floors, New architectural roof, dream Beautiful, like new, corian kitchen, kitchen, high ceilings, 2 car garage, Lg. Master, huge master, 5 acres, 545-3419 jetted tub + shower, big walk-in closet. Peaceful cul-de-sac! Barbara Dickson, 545 3419 $159,900 4.17 ACRES R Eastside gorgeous area CED ASTORIA COURT - EDUCED REDU ALL BRICK $109,900 LAKEFRONT NE $224,900 Traditional in-town neighborhood, new roof 2 car garage plus workshop, washer/dryer, fans, Gorgeous, Rich Tile, Study/workout room, Sep. Covered porches! Close to work, colleges! shop, Huge screen porch overlooks Park-like big backyard and Lake! 545-3419 WATERFRONT $229,900 4 Bedroom, Million Dollar Views from Decking & LAKEFRONT 4BR $329,900! home, Greatly reduced from first offering! Over 3,000 feet, Recent Roof, recent HVAC, 801 LEANE DR. Million dollar views from Huge Sunroom and BIG HOME - SMALL PRICE! screen porches! Granite Kitchen, Luxury 4/5 BEDROOM $235,900 great Killearn Estates whirlpool Master Bath, recent roof, a steal! Family home, Cherry updated kitchen, Huge Sep. Master, 3.5 baths, whirlpool, huge garage, huge lot! ACRE 4BR $124,900 NE $68,900 - CREAM PUFF! Great Manufactured home, 4BR/2BA. Recent roof, recent AC, Almost new appliances, Master 2 closets, garden tub plus shower. rich wood floors, huge custom deck at big fenced Huge Separate 2 car garage with shop! yard! Merry Oaks Court Charm, 545 3419. New Roof. New Heat/air, 545-3419 1710 RIVERBIRCH HOLLOW REDUCED REDUCED $158,900 Gorgeous, by Hospitals, work, rich wood floors, new appliances, lux, décor! Sunroom, deck overlooks serenity, privacy! Call 545 3419 $3,000 closing costs paid by seller REDUCED

YARMOUTH COURT $195,000 In Kinsail at Killearn, lovely cul-de-sac! Rich tile floors, upgraded lights,fans, Gourmet Huge kitchen opens to Living, Dining Rooms, Gas Fireplace, 2 car garage,Barbara Dickson, 545 3419



TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT » SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2013 » 11 Tallahassee Office: 850-386-6160 Wakulla Office: 850-926-2994

OPEN 2-4

OPEN 2-4

OPEN 2-4

OPEN 2-5

OPEN 2-4

6552 SPICEWOOD LANE TRADITIONAL BRICK HOME IN SUMMERBROOKE WITH POOL $349,900 4BR/3.5BA ~ 2392 Sqft ~ Large cul-de-sac lot ~ Sparkling pool & sizable pool deck ~ First floor has hardwood floors throughout ~ Kitchen has bar, breakfast room ~ Family room has fireplace & built-in shelving/cabinets ~ Formal living/dining room ~ Master bedroom has vaulted ceilings & elegant double-door entry to luxurious bathroom. MLS# 234954 North on Meridian / R @ Summerbrooke Dr / R @ Preservation / R Spicewood Barbara Jackson, 850-841-9779

2306 TUSCAVILLA ROAD CHARMING HOME IN KILLEARN LAKES $175,000 3BR/2.5BA ~ Real hardwood floors in living areas ~ Big living/dining room has fireplace, bay window/bench system overlooking front yard ~ Kitchen has granite counters, bead-board half walls, ceramic tile & access to back deck ~ HUGE master suite w/walk in closet. MLS# 234145 West on Bannerman ~ R @ Tekesta ~ L @ Bridgewater ~ L @ Tuscavilla ~ House on Left Alan Potts, 850-510-2197

8319 MAHAN DRIVE OVERSIZED RANCH ON NEARLY 13 ACRES $325,000 3BR/3BA ~ House is located up a hill & several acres away from Mahan Drive ~ Large, flat area behind house is perfect for horses ~ Brand new roof & furnace ~ Large rooms ~ Hardwood floors ~ Formal living & dining ~ Open kitchen w/plenty of counter & cabinet space, eat-in breakfast nook ~ Family room has a stately brick fireplace ~ Rec room has wood stove fireplace & adjacent full bathroom for guests ~ Master has large bathroom with vanity area. MLS# 232018 I-10 exit 209: E on Mahan/Hwy 90 ~ R @ 8319 Mahan (1st driveway @ right after HillnDale)and look for house on right Sheryl Kowalski, 850-727-9772

381 SHARON STREET E $179,000 Large brick 3BR/2BA home in Quincy. Additional 2 BR/1BA Guest House with lots of windows, overlooking pool. Main house has large basement framed for additional 2 BR/1BA. Plenty of space for large family, all on 2 acres. MLS# 229910 I-10 W, R Hwy 90 to Quincy. Take R on N. Love St, (cross over King St) to E. Sharon St to end Sandy Higdon, (850) 510-5500

4576 BERKLIE DRIVE $365,000 Stunning French Country-styled home with hardwood floors throughout & custom staircase. 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths on 0.98 acre lot in Lincoln school zone. Huge master & vintage-inspired bath. Pictures at Miccosukee or Mahan to Edenfield, turn at Berklie (Leonterra entrance sign). Marvin Goldstein, (850) 294-0029

OPEN 2-4


2446 LAKEFAIR DRIVE $385,000 Extraordinary 4BR, 3BA NE home loaded with architectural details & interest. Chef’s kitchen w/Quartz, double sinks, stainless appliances. 2.17-acre lot with lake views. Huge open family room. Distinct style & exceptional appointments make this a must-see home! Pictures at Directions: Mahan (I-10 exit 209) R on Chaires, L at 2nd Oakfair (Oakfair Farms) L on Lakefair Jesus Mojica, 933-7599

1711 RIVER BIRCH HOLLOW UPDATED AND MOVE-IN READY! $195,000 3BR/2BA. New flooring. New paint. Updated fixtures. Split BR plan. Luxury master bath w/jetted tub, big shower, double sinks & separate water closet. Light & bright w/ vaulted ceilings & huge windows. Extra large, newly stained deck overlooking very private backyard. Priscilla Tharpe LLC, 850-933-9412

Lea S. Manifold, Realtor, GRI, CNS 850-443-2649




2655 BANTRY BAY DRIVE $250,000 KILLEARN ESTATES! 4BR/3 full Baths w/formal Living Room & Dining Room. Kitchen w/built-in-desk opens to Family Room w/Fireplace. Light and bright Sun Room overlooking large fenced backyard. Insulated windows, Home Warranty & Termite Bond. MLS #232540 Directions: Kerry Forest or Shamrock to Shannon Lakes to Bantry Bay Lea Manifold, 850-443-2649



BETTON HILLS! $300,000 4 BR/2.5 Baths, formal Living Room,Dining Room. Kitchen has Corian counters & opens to Family Room w/brick fireplace. Large covered porch overlooking sparkling Pool. Fenced backyard, hardwood floors, insulated windows, Home Warranty, Termite Bond. MLS #234919 Lea Manifold, 850-443-2649

sic to My Ears is Money in u Your Pocket M List your home with me ~ it is becoming a Seller’s Market Now! I know Tallahassee and Tallahassee Knows Me! Don’t wait, rates are low and buyers are buying. Call me today to do a free Market Analysis and receive one of my Piano CD’s “FREE”!

Marvin Goldstein, Realtor 850-294-0029



HARTUNG AND NOBLIN, INC. 850-386-6160 3303 Thomasville Road Tallahassee, FL 32308

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