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SPRING Community Arts Garden Georgie Stephenson 28.09.1990 - 06.09.2017

Maria from Kiitos with super-talented bespoke jewellery designer & artist Christina Darras _______________________________________

Georgie Stephenson Saying farewell to our adored Georgie was the hardest thing we have ever had to do but knowing that now she is finally free from pain and illness and flying with the Angels gives us at least some consolation. Our sincere thanks goes out to so many people but especially to our wonderful Barwon Heads community which has shown us so much love and generosity over the last 3 ½ years. Robyn, Campbell, Maddie, Orlando, Briony and Mitch.


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Seafolly Jets Sass & Bide Camilla Scotch & Soda Honeysuckle Beach Ruby Ya Ya

SEAFOLLY — 57 Hitchcock Ave, Barwon Heads — 65 The Terrace, Ocean Grove — 65 Yarra St, Geelong — 1 Gilbert St, Torquay — 68 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento


Bespoke jewellery & art by Christina Darras www.kiitos.com.au

page 2 talking heads TALKING HEADS MAGAZINE is grass roots, community focused, locally owned & operated and delivered to barwon heads free each month since 2002. Also available in ocean grove, pt.lonsdale, queenscliff, lots of places in between and by subscription. The opinions and recommendations given by contributors are their own and not attributable to the publisher - Barwon Heads Marketing. TALKING HEADS MAGAZINE takes a light look at local lifestyle & up-coming events. If we bring you out to listen to some independent live music, enjoy a good film, attend a community event, join a group, support your local tradies and services, shop locally, encourage a budding artist or musician, cook something different or entice you to eat at a new place...our work is done! The advertising supports your community news and we encourage you to support and shop with those who advertise within. Post Office Box 1054 Barwon Heads 3227.

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hope weather is improving, I think I was a bit optimistic for September. I

The BHA AGM We welcomed  Peter Dorling  CoGG  Administrator  and newly  appointed CoGG  Monitor as our  guest speaker.  Our Committee  for 2017/2018 is a combination of old and  new; old and younger.  President Sandy Gatehouse Vice-President Jeremy Gaylard Treasurer Geoffrey Waite Secretary Sarah Jackson Committee Judith Brooks, Paul Fox, Richard Hastings, Colin Bridges, John Nolan, Karen Firth Snap shot of BHA ANNUAL REPORT 2016-2017 (full version is on the BHA website) This has been another very interesting and extremely busy year. This has been a team effort with significant community support and interest. In particular a big thank you to: - Our loyal members and welcome to all our new members and supporters; - Talking Heads we have been very greedy again this year and Trish has been so very supportive; and then the library came along. - A wonderful committee, who all come when asked and participated in a broad range of community activities throughout the Bellarine; - Our very generous donors. We continue to build relationships within the community and are very pleased at the number of traders who are now members and regularly attend our meetings. We have kept our members and the community involved through regular newsletters and our monthly Talking Heads article. Monthly BHA meetings have been well supported and have encouraged a broad range of discussion. We are still trying to attract some younger members, and acknowledge how hard it is for people with young families to attend our evening meetings. Highlights of the year · The Administrators - We have met with the Administrators Kathy Alexander, Laurinda Gardner & Peter Dorling during the year, and attended numerous Council meetings. We welcomed the Council Juggernaut to Barwon Heads, and we congratulate them for holding meetings throughout Geelong and trying to understand and engage with the very diverse community. We also congratulate them on the energy they have transmitted into the community

and for being interested and listening. We will need lots of energy to ensure that our local facilities and amenities will not be replaced by large “Taj Mahal” facilities in the growth centres and central Geelong. If we are going to become the clever and creative city surely we should value and empower our local communities, and not bury them in the maze of one size fits all, and featureless municipal buildings. We need to engage with our politicians and our new Councillors to ensure the interests of the smaller townships are acknowledged, promoted and protected. · Victorian Electoral Commission Review - As you are aware we made submissions and presentations to the Victorian Electoral Commission Review of the CoGG electoral structure during 2015-2016. We supported: a multi- councilor structure totaling 11 councilors; the division of the City of Greater Geelong into fewer but larger wards with a change of ward boundaries from the current 12 to 4 wards. 3x three-councilor wards 1x two-councilor ward; Barwon Heads joining a new Bellarine ward; an urgent review of the present system of election of the mayor. This model confirmed by the Citizens Jury is the basis of the Council elections in October 2017. · Joining the Bellarine In early July seven community associations met in Drysdale. We continue to meet. The meeting was jointly hosted by the Barwon Heads Association and the Portarlington Community Association. Other groups represented there will be three councilors serving the 54,000 residents of the Bellarine Ward. It is agreed to hold a series of candidate debates across the Bellarine Ward to give residents an opportunity to meet and question candidates and for our Bellarine residents groups to keep talking. · The Barwon Heads Library- In April the Council announced it was planning to close our library at the end of June. This decision by the Administrators brought our community closer together and has introduced a new generation of families to Council matters and the BHA. Our library is open, we are involved in constructive discussions with the Geelong Regional Library Corporation, the Barwon Heads Primary School and our representatives in Parliament to continue and improve its services to our community · Safety & Security - This has continued to be a major focus during the year. The BHA is a member of the Bellarine Community Safety Group, chaired by the Hon Lisa Neville. We remain involved with the Bellarine Police Community Support Register. · Planning - is and will continue to be a major challenge for Barwon Heads residents and the BHA. Our members face significant challenges to the peace, quiet and privacy that they have come to expect as residents of Barwon Heads. o Review of the Barwon Heads Structure Plan 2017 - This has been a major project for the BHA and the community. We have been involved for over 6 months of intense thinking, participation

and listening. We thank the Planners at CoGG for a very comprehensive review and for listening in the main to our community with patience and respect. We are amazed that there is criticism that the process of consultation is inadequate. (The BHSP will be exhibited for further comment from early November until mid December.) We are www.barwonheadsassociation.com disappointed there is no recommendation to conduct a further Traffic and Parking Study, and will continue to lobby for this. o 9 Bridge Rd Barwon Heads the Barwon Heads Community had a huge win. Amendment C354 - 9 Bridge Road Barwon Heads Heritage Overlay has been approved by the Minister for Planning (or their delegate). The Amendment process is now completed. This has been a long process, which has enabled us to work closely with the Council, Heritage Consultants and our community to protect this historic house from demolition and overdevelopment. · Traffic & Pedestrian Safety - We are pleased that the pedestrian crossings project was completed before Christmas 2016. This has made Barwon Heads safer for pedestrians, locals and visitors. REMINDERS CITY OF GREATER GEELONG ELECTIONS - MEET THE CANDIDATE EVENTS · Tuesday 3 Oct Leopold Sportsmen Club 7.00 pm · Saturday 7 Oct Portarlington Parks Hall 10.00 am · Wednesday 11 Oct Ocean Grove Bowling Club 7.00 pm · Wednesday 18 Oct Drysdale TBA 7.00 pm KEY VOTING DATES · Tuesday 10 Thursday 12 October Mail out of ballot packs to voters · Friday 27 October Voting closes 6.00pm · Saturday 28 October Election day · Monday 30 October Friday 3 November Postal vote receipt period · Friday 10 November Election declared by this date Please transfer your membership to the Barwon Heads Community Library, there are currently over 600 Barwon Heads residents with membership at Ocean Grove. NEXT BHA MEETING  OUR BARWON  HEADS  a panel of locals will talk about their  connection to Barwon Heads 7:00PM AT  THE BARWON HEADS GOLF CLUB (smart  casual no jeans please) 


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PLANNING SCHEME AMENDMENT TO COME · The Barwon Heads Structure Plan was approved by Administration on Tuesday 22nd August and SBHA thanks you for your submission. · COGG planners are now preparing the planning scheme amendment and will seek your comment before end 2017. SBHA will again assist with submissions to this amendment. · Each land holder directly to the east of the boundary requested the boundary be moved and will likely object to the amendment. · Just 1 objection means a panel hearing in 2018. SBHA will be there to represent the Community and protect wetlands. WE NEED COMMUNITY SUPPORT TO WIN, PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN TO: · NAB BSB 083825 Acc No. 857608939 · Cheques and cash also welcome PO Box 1108, Barwon Heads 3227



POSITIVE EDUCATION AT BARWON HEADS PS At Barwon Heads PS we teach our students about Mindsets which comes under the “Accomplishment” part of our wellbeing model.

Mindsets Mindsets are like beliefs that people have about themselves and their intelligence, talents and personalities. People with a Growth Mindset understand that their basic intellectual ability can be developed through dedication and hard work. This contrasts with those with a Fixed Mindset who believe that they are just given their intelligence which can’t be changed.

The brain The brain is malleable and can get smarter and stronger. The scientific evidence proves this. Neuroscientists liken the brain to a muscle. Working on challenging things gives your brain the exercise to get stronger and is the best way to grow your brain. Neuroplasticity Students need to understand that they can cultivate their mindset and to do this they must know some things about neuroplasticity; the ability of the brain to form and reorganise connections.

Neurons The brain is made of cells called neurons. These neurons are connected to thousands of other neurons through networks. When the neurons connect, signals are sent and everything that you do happens because of your neurons connecting. These networks change with certain experiences causing new connections to form or strengthen. People have the power to change how their neurons are wired together by doing things that they never thought that they could do. One way of doing this is to learn challenging things. This strengthens the brain by rewiring it and increasing the person’s intelligence.

Skills needed to cultivate a growth mindset. - Recognise your (fixed mindset) thinking and use your inner voice to change your thinking (take ownership over your attitude). - Try harder and try new strategies, this will strengthen the brain. - Understand the magic of making mistakes. - Learn the power of yet. Instead of saying "I can't do this", say, "I can't do this YET." - Set goals and take on new challenges with optimism . - Cultivate grit (be intrinsically motivated). - Reward actions not traits Due to popular demand, we will be hosting our second Positive Education evening at the school at 6.30pm on Wednesday the 18th of October. All school and community members are welcome to come and learn about How we teach and embed wellbeing at Barwon Heads PS. Http://mrskebbell.global2.vic.edu.au/ Lisa Kebbell

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just Building Surveying solutions

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BUILDING SURVEYOR 1515 51b Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads (upstairs entry in Clifford Pde.)

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RAMS At the Barwon Heads Community Hall

Thursday October 26th 7.45pm 2015

93 mins


Rated: M

Dir: Grimur Hakonarson In a secluded valley in Iceland, Gummi and Kiddi live side by side, tending to their sheep. Their ancestral sheep-stock is considered one of the country’s best and the two brothers are repeatedly awarded for their prized rams Although they share the land and a way of life, Gummi and Kiddi have not spoken to each other in four decades. When a lethal disease suddenly infects Kiddi’s sheep, the entire valley comes under threat. Cast: Sigurour Sigurjonsson, Theodor Juliusson, Charlotte Boving

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PFG Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 23 052 977 189 and PFG Global Pty Ltd ACN 161 691 103 trading as PFG Financial Services (Global) are Corporate Authorised Representatives and Credit Representatives of AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited ABN 89 051 208 327 Australian Financial Services Licence 232706 and Australian Credit Licence 232706


mobile: 0408 734 169 shelly@coastalplanning.com.au www.coastalplanning.com.au

Core Financial Planning has merged with PFG Financial Services. Our firm continues to deliver strategic financial planning advice and with an extended team, we can assist you in achieving your financial goals. OFFICE HOURS Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm Friday 9am to 4pm Shop 4, 50 Hitchcock Ave, Barwon Heads 3227 For more information visit our website www.pfg.com.au or contact us on Ph: 5255 9555 or email office@pfg.com.au

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Jeanius Graphics Your wish is our business Industry standard equipment and materials

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close to 9.30 a.m., and stay till 1 p.m. It is the time when we hope that visitors will come and pounce on some special thing which really catches their eye.

Busy Times As most of our frequent customers know, this is a very busy time for us, as it is for many Victorians, with Royal Melbourne Show, Footy Finals, Geelong Cup and Show, then Melbourne Cup. We do try to cater for some of these, with fancy hats, lots of good gear, and fingers crossed that the weather will be stable, if not beautiful. As we all know, in this part of the world, we either have the Antarctic cold, or hot winds from deserts to our north, and often both on one day. For the busy volunteers at the Op Shop, few of whom get to experience the above events because we are "flat chat" coping with Op Shop, the school holidays are our busiest times, since we open five days, not three. So from Tuesday till Saturday, we open each day

We colour code not only clothes, but also the collectable items we have on display. Once something has been there for two months without a sale, mostly we pack it in boxes to be taken to other Op Shops which do not receive the vast quantities of goods we get. But it is with great delight that an "out-of-towner" sees something which just grabs their attention. With our cheap prices, our visitors happily set off, and usually tell others what a treasure they found.....all of which is the best kind of advertisement for us. At this time, what has made us even busier, is that through a series of accidents, and the famous 'flu, we have been very short-staffed. I am very pleased to tell all of our customers who have asked after her, that our wonderful Win is gradually recovering, though it could be quite some time before we see her back. She is one of the excellent band of volunteers who is usually at the Op Shop every time it opens, and also comes on a Monday to sort and price goods in the Show-Room. So there have been many phone-calls to those other wonderful volunteers who are willing to come when necessary.

Checks, and Working With Children Certificates, we cannot just accept the kind offer of someone who says they are happy to help. In fact, the biggest help that most people can give at this time is to continue to donate good used clothing, kitchenware etc, and to come and BUY!! We are so fortunate that this is such a special town, and we know that the support we receive is amazing. PLEASE, especially if you have grandchildren or cousins staying for the holidays, bring them along, because the quantity of toys we have is almost overwhelming. When I welcome my two "littlies" for the second week of the holidays, the first thing they ask is when they can get to the Op Shop to spend some pocket-money.....it buys so much more here than in a real toy-store. Hope to see you soon. God bless you, Helen Edwards, Shop Supervisor.

I am also profoundly grateful that many of our "grey nomads" are back with us, but even with them, because of the illnesses and injuries, our numbers of volunteers has dropped. We do recognise that in these times of litigation, with all members having to have Police nd to


Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden It appears we might be finally peeking out from under the doona of winter with some promising warmer weather finally hitting us. Although we have had a fairly wet winter, because of the sandy soil in many of the gardens we will need constant top ups over the next few months to ensure spring crops reach full vitality! It is interesting in our ever changing climate that some of the old rules of when to plant are becoming less relevant and we find ourselves paying more attention to the current weather than ever before. Speaking of spring gardening - now is the perfect time to be getting preparing and planting around the house. If you have an unused section of yard that gets at least 6 hours sunlight a day then why not consider putting in a garden bed or two. Even a small 1x1m plot will yield a substantial amount of veggies over the coming months. Seasonal growing guide - its a great time to be getting almost anything into the ground over the next month but rather than go beserk with a heap of punnets that will all be ready at the same time, why not consider planting half as much and doing the same in another 4 weeks. Plant more - more often and reap the benefits! If you would like some assistance or advice, why not get down to the garden at one of our community gardening days on the 2nd and 4th Friday's of each month. Also a good chance to meet some fellow green thumbs. I recently received an email from Chris Balaam and Graham Hiller who have been plotholders for a number of years regrettably indicating because of home gardening commitments that they will no longer have the time to put into the garden. Chris & Graham have put in countless hours in getting our citrus circle up to the excellent standard it currently is and we thank them for their hard work and dedication over the past few years. All the best with your home garden guys! And on a final sad note, we would like to acknowledge the passing of Julie Shaw who contributed greatly to the garden over the years as well as creating one of the sections of our front fence. Vale Julie and thoughts to Rick and family. Now get out there and start growing! John McIntosh President

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Connecting with your Kids - Resilience Young people in our communities are experiencing higher rates mental stress and anxiety. It is vital that we are connected with our children so they feel they have someone they can come to if they experience any mental stress. 'Executive skills', also known as 'life skills' are vital for our children to succeed in the futures they design for themselves. Executive skills are often learnt later on in life on the job by trial and error. They help individuals to be adaptable or to 'read the play'. Executive skills are the people skills that enable us human beings to be able to socialise, communicate and interact with each other in harmony. They can include gratitude, empathy, communication, imagination, organisation, self-awareness, resilience and so forth. By linking the teaching of executive skills at home together as a family, it is hoped that you will all connect together as a close unit, so if your child experiences stress or anxiety, they will come to you to seek help. During our lives, we will all often experience times when things become challenging or difficult. It can be said that many of these experiences help us to grow. However, some of these times can prove to be more difficult than others. It's during these times that being resilient can help us to recover and push through. Being resilient is the ability to recover quickly, or bounce back from difficulties we may experience. If you know a friend who is resilient, you may notice that they seem to be more positive than others, or may appear to be more optimistic. Recently my Mum had a fall while she was doing some gardening. At first, she found out that she had broken a few bones in her wrist and a couple of bones in her hip. It was later discovered that she had also broken some bones in her spine. Although her recovery was slower than she would have liked, Mum was able to push through the tough times. She organised to stay with different friends during her recovery before eventually moving back home. Some benefits of being resilient could include remaining focused on a task when faced with challenges or set-backs. It may also help us to understand that struggles in life can help us to grow, rather than looking at them and thinking “Why me?” · Name something bad that happened to you in your past and then say something good that happened because of it. · What have you learned in your life by taking risks and making mistakes? How did you keep going when the going got tough? · Create and act out a short play about a time when someone failed at something or found the going tough. In the play, show how the character bounced back from the challenging situation. · Talk about how you would like to make a difference to others. What impact would you like to leave on the world? · Discuss challenges in your life that you have found difficult and how you overcame these challenges. · Play a board game or card game together. When finished, talk about how it felt to win and how losing made you feel. · Go on a long walk together where you are all pushed out of your comfort zones. · Next time you ask someone to do something, if they ask 'why', simply tell them “Because I asked you to do it.” · How important is winning to you? Talk about things that are really important to win and other things that don't really matter. Why do you feel differently about these different activities? · When you are feeling a little unhappy or a bit down, sit around and tell each other jokes or talk about funny things that have happened to you. What do you notice? Many years ago, I knew a builder called Tim. He did this for many years until he decided on a career change. Tim studied and worked hard before eventually earning his helicopter licence. After flying for some time, Tim had an accident in his helicopter which ended his new career and changed his life forever. The doctors told him that he would never walk again. After a lot of hard work, Tim managed re-gain the use of his legs. He also decided on another career change; this time Tim went back to university to study architecture. I haven't seen Tim for a long time, but the last I heard he had graduated and is now working as an architect. Can you imagine a better person qualified to design your building than someone who understands building construction and can make it accessible for all? Nobody can hurt me without my permission. Mahatma Gandhi Cheers,

Andy McNeilly


Word about the Hood Hooded Plovers have commenced breeding along the Bellarine Coast, with XU and partner the first pair to start with a nest along 13th Beach at 36W. Sadly, the nest failed after less than two weeks. Currently there are currently 5 breeding pairs between Point Lonsdale and Collendina; Namely, EL & PT, HY & unb, PL & unb, NZ & unb & JU & unb. AD who used to nest with his unbanded partner near 5W hasn't been sighted in over 2 months and JU & partner have now taken up his former territory. Along the stretch of 13th Beach coast, a new pair, VL & unb have set up territory at 34W; SN & CR are on their territory between 29W & 30W pairs and PC & EH are on their territory at 40W-42W. Please watch for the signage alerting you to the breeding areas and give the hoodies space to raise their young. To reduce disturbance to the birds while they're breeding, please remember to leash your dogs at this time whenever you approach or are in a Hooded Plover breeding area. For more details, or to become involved in Hooded Plover monitoring, please contact: hoodedplover@birdlife.org.au More information: http://www.birdlife.org.au/projects/beach-nesting-birds or http://myhoodie.com.au/ or http://www.facebook.com/hoodedplover Andrea Dennett

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with Rachael Hely www.barwonheadsyoga.com.au

already given them names which in pet language means we had already given them our hearts. And they don’t warn you in any pet ownership manual that in doing so, your heart will inevitably break. We talked as family to decide what to do with our 2 loved boys. And it was agreed that we would find some girls for them. But this time, we made sure. Asking for evidence of ovaries by seeing proof of eggs. Our lads were beside themselves when our 2 little girls came to stay. They repeatedly did what nature called them to do. Within a short time, eggs became babies, hens became mamas and our boys became proud and vocal fathers.

So, tomorrow I will say goodbye to 2 boys that I love. I’ve given my heart to these lads who are nothing short of lovely. Over the last six months I’ve watched them grow into caricatures of traditional manhood itself. The larger of my boys stands as the protector and provider. His smaller brother struts around like the Casanova and the lover. They own my backyard like Mick Jagger owns the stage. It’s just that a little before dawn each day like him, they sing kinda loud. For those of us who are early rises, the song of a rooster is nature’s call to welcome the morning sun. For those of us who are not up so early in our rising, the call of a rooster is a pain in the arse. And while we are a home where the hours around dawn are the most sacred part of the day, unfortunately one of our neighbours - thinks not. The first inkling I had of there being an issue with my boys was from my lover. Under our first dawn serenade he moaned that the “hens” I had adopted wouldn’t be giving us eggs anytime soon. But my smalls had

Just as our Autumn folded seamlessly into our winter now our winter has blossomed into full Spring. Meaning the morning call of my boys alongside the butcher birds out the back was getting earlier and earlier. Life in our backyard like our life on the street began to move fast. Even my lover began to enjoy our dawn song. But last week, we received a council note in our letterbox. It stated “noise complaint.” And when I returned their call, they said sympathetically that our serenading boys had to go. As she talked me through the various avenues to farm out my lovely lads, my heart started to quietly break inside. Making my head get all hot and angry outside. My whys were met with legalities. My strategies were met with formalities. I finished the phone call standing outside hand-feeding one of my lads. I realised I had to make a choice. For my boys, For my small ones and for myself. As to whether I was going to wallow in victimised martyrdom, or step up and accept what I needed to do. Think standing strength, heart openers and partner yoga.

0416 119240

destination. Change that is thrust upon you can be harder. Especially when you feel you have no power on the path that you are asked to take and you have no idea who has made you step up to it. It can be a journey you don’t want to walk to a place that is dark and unknown. What makes it harder is when you know in your deepest soul that in taking your next step into change you didn’t ask for - a piece of your heart will break. And that there is nothing you can do about it except try and salvage some tiny pieces together as hope. you can be harder. Especially when you feel you have no power on the path that you are asked to take and you have no idea who has made you step up to it. It can be a journey you don’t want to walk to a place that is dark and unknown. What makes it harder is when you know in your deepest soul that in taking your next step into change you didn’t ask for - a piece of your heart will break. And that there is nothing you can do about it except try and salvage some tiny pieces together as hope. We were told anonymously through a council letter that our backyard was too loud and so we had to take steps to change. My small people started pointing fingers out. At those who they thought might have complained. At things they themselves found infuriating about community living. In turn showing me through their reactions - just as I had reacted - that their little hearts were breaking so their heads were getting hot and angry. We talked together as a family about our reactions becoming actions and how to watch what comes up when Big Picture makes it call. And how sometimes we have to accept a situation as necessary and so we can ask to see how it supports our ultimate journey. This morning is the last call to dawn my boys will serenade us with because tomorrow they will be gone. My head deeply knows that coming with pet ownership is the acute sadness of having to say goodbye. But also my heart knows the gentle lessons that animal love leaves behind as memories. My boys have challenged my own sense of feminism, opened the life cycle into our home and have reminded me that the dawning of every morning should be celebrated as a gift through song. But mostly they have taught me to trust. Because in the process of their journey, we have learnt so much in the process of ourselves. And that has been the most sacred gift of all.

Change that is self-driven can be exciting. Because we feel we have choice in the direction and control over the



Rebecca Kennedy-Dalton Your local Podiatrist Foot care for the whole family! ˜ Orthotic Therapy ˜ Foot and leg pain ˜ Children's feet ˜ Nail care including surgery ˜ General Foot Care ˜ DVA Welcome ˜ Medicare EPC Bulk Billed

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Closing a public library is child abuse, really, because it hinders child development. Alan Bennett Remedial, Relaxation, Sport, DeepTissue & Trigger Point Therapy

BARWON HEADS MASSAGE Seaside Serenity Daryl Wilkie Ct.M Dip.R.M Dip.H First in Barwon Heads Since 1985 Over 16 Years Massage Experience AAMT Member - Extras

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Ph. 0403 956 900 www.barwonheadsmassage.com.au

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Since August 2012, approximately 400 asylum seekers detained on Manus Island and Nauru by our government have been brought to Australia because of their serious medical and protection issues. Many have had their claims heard and have been found to be refugees owed protection by the Australian Government. Without notice 100 of these people, who have been living in the community across Australia, were called into the Immigration Department and issued with final departure Bridging E visas, effectively giving them 6 months to leave Australia. This number, which includes babies and toddlers born in Australia, will increase over the coming months. In an information sheet from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection they are advised to prepare for return to a regional processing country or a country where they have a right of residence. At the same time, they were told that their basic income support had stopped and they would have to move out of their supported housing within 3 weeks. Previously they have been denied the right to work, yet they now have to support themselves to provide for their own accommodation, food, clothing and transport costs. As a signatory to the UN Refugees Convention, Australia retains legal, moral and practical responsibility for the plight of these people. We are duty bound to protect people fleeing from harm from being exposed to further harm. This includes ensuring that they are adequately supported and provided with enduring protection. This comes at a time when the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection recently agreed in a radio interview that Australian lawyers who are providing pro bono assistance to these people are 'Un- Australian'. Since when is it “Un Australian” to assist vulnerable people, including children and babies, who fear for their safety and their lives? The overwhelming evidence is that neither Nauru nor PNG are safe places to be. 'Bellarine for Refugees' is seriously concerned for the well-being of these people who fled their own countries and sought Australia's protection. We will continue to advocate for a humane, dignified and compassionate response to this group of vulnerable people.

The Barwon Heads Arts Council recently hosted another of their successful Meet the Authors events. Held at the Barwon Heads golf club, guests were treated to talks by Judith Brett (pictured left), Craig Sherbourne (pictured below with Victoria Strachan) and Diane Fahey.

_________________________________Judith Brett, whose biography, ‘The Enigmatic Mr Deakin caused a good deal of interest.



If you would like to know more we can be contacted at bellarine4refugees@gmail.com We meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 3.45pm at the Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden in Geelong Rd. All welcome.


#MUSIC #STREETFOOD #BAR Craig Sherborne and BHAC President Victoria Strachan


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News from the Beaches and Coastal Environs ORCHIDS SITED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! Indigenous orchids such as the 'Dwarf Green Hood' and the 'Maroon Hood' have been spotted for the first time ever on the Barwon Coast. These small pretty plants (that sometimes look like alien lifeforms!) have flowered and provided quite a bit of excitement, as they have never before been recorded within our sand dune systems. They're hard to spot, but keep your eyes peeled as they can occasionally be seen alongside our coastal tracks.

“The aliens are here!” The Dwarf Green Hood Orchid Pterostylis nana. Photo by Brett Diehm

Tiny Hooded Plover nests are hard to see on our Barwon Coast beaches

TINY BIRDS WITH BIG AMBITIONS Barwon Coast staff got a nice surprise a couple of weeks ago when they th discovered a nest with eggs on 13 beach. These eggs are no ordinary eggs though. They belong to the Hooded Plover, a threatened bird species and possibly the cutest little bird you'll ever see. A couple of Hoodies, as they are affectionately known, have laid their th eggs west of Beach Access 36W on 13 Beach. It is now a watch and wait exercise to see if the eggs hatch and the chicks make it to the fledging stage when they can fly. We are doing all we can (including crossing fingers and toes!) to ensure these birds make it to maturity as sadly, last year no Hoodie chicks survived. You can help too by avoiding using this area of the beach during breeding season. For more on Hooded Plovers see birdlife.org.au OZONE RD STORMWATER DRAIN The City of Greater Geelong have

started works on installing a new stormwater drain immediately north of the Ozone Road Jetty in Barwon Heads. Please take care when navigating through this part of the river whilst the works are progressing.

VALE JOHN O'REILLY The Barwon Coast coastline recently lost one of its biggest champions. John O'Reilly was instrumental in driving Ocean Grove Coastcare, was a member of Friends of the Bluff and Friends of the Hooded Plover and was extremely supportive of Barwon Coast's environmental education programs. Vale John, you will be missed but not forgotten. WHO WE ARE Barwon Coast is a Committee of Management appointed by the State Government with responsibility for the management of 13km of coastal crown land from 7W Collendina to 42W Blue Rocks, Barwon Heads covering our beautiful beaches in Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads and 13thBeach. For more updates on Barwon

Laura’s Beach Houses As featured on ABC TV series ‘Seachange’. Accomodates 4 adults plus children with fully equipped kitchen, living room, A/C, bathroom, laundry, TV, Stereo,CD,DVD,VCR. Plus all bedding & elec.Blankets. Private decking with a relaxing opportunity to take in the views of Port Phillip Bay, the Bluff & the Bridge.

Also available- Deluxe 2 & 3 br Cabins, 1 & 2 br Cabins, Heritage Boat House, & powered sites Superbly located at Barwon River Estuary with ocean views. A/C cabins, fully equipped kitchen, living room, ensuite, TV, private decking.

BARWON HEADS CARAVAN PARK Email: Bookings@barwoncoast.com.au

Web: www.barwoncoast.com.au

Ph: 03 5254 1115

I ti swi t hg r ea tpr i dea nde x c i t ementt ha twe' r eoffic i a l l ya nnounc i ngournewc l i ni cna me a s13t hBeac hHeal t hS er v i c esc oi nc i di ngwi t ht hel a unc hofour NE W webs i t ewww. 13t hbeac hheal t hs er v i c es . c om. au Wef eel t hi snewna memor ea c c ur a t el yr e flec t st hemuls er v i c ec l i ni cy ouha v ehel pedusg r owi nt o. S t a rngf r omhumbl ebeg i nni ng swi t hj us toneOs t eopa t h, wea r enowpr oudt oha v eat ea mof17peopl e offer i ngOs t eopa t hy , Phy s i ot her a py , Podi a t r y , Cl i ni c a l Pi l a t es , a ndRemedi a l Ma s s a g e. Whi l s tweha v eg r owni ns i z e, ourc or e v a l uesofe x c el l enc e, empa t hy , a nddel i v er i ngt hebes tpos s i bl epaentout c omesha v er ema i nedi nt eg r a l t oev er y t hi ngwe do. Ourt ea mg enui nel yc a r ea nda r ec ommiedt ohel pi ngy oua c hi ev ebe erhea l t ha ndha ppi nes s . Wea r epr oudt ha tov er80%ofourpaent sa r er e f er r edt oourc l i ni cdi r ec t l yf r omt hei rGPorf r om f a mi l ya ndf r i ends . Don' tl etpa i n, i nj ur yors t r es shol dy ouba c k . L i v el i f et ot hef ul l es t! Wel ookf or wa r dt os eei ngy ous oon. Y our si ng oodheal t h, Da v i d, Amyandt het eam a t13t hBeac hHeal t hS er v i c es

1/ 86Hi t c hc oc kAv e nue , Ba r wonHe a ds . 3227

52542668 Che c koutourNE W we bs i t ewww. 13t hbe a c hhe a l t hs e r v i c e s . c om. a u

talking books talking heads page 12

with Greg Kelly

Our verandah in Barwon Heads is a reference point in this world. You can Google Earth it and then slide to street view. It doesn't look much. Corrugated iron angled over wood to keep the weather half at bay - half in, half out, a liminal space, on the threshold, transitional, in-between in and out. It doesn't have the hard definition of a 'kitchen', the specificity of a 'bathroom', or the functionality of a 'shed'. We have partied, framed family and friendship portraits and had long and important conversations in this tiny space. This verandah is a place for warm embraces and frigid refusals, of genteel entreaties and fond farewells: a gateway, a departure point, a hello and goodbye portal. A space to feel the rising sun and see the wide night sky, the planetary ecliptics, a gibbous moon, star showers, earthshine and the southern lights: a big backstory placing in context a much smaller story. With a decent pair of binoculars you can get lost in the Pleiades or spot a moon or two around Jupiter. From here you first feel 'the night air' as dusk falls on washing not collected and the dew melts letters on the list of all the things that had been planned for the day. Once upon another time I found a women standing at the front gate. When I approached she looked beyond me to the house as though I wasn't there. She was weeping. She was remembering another time in her life and said, "I was married there, on that verandah" then walked off. A verandah is also a reference point when it comes to Council regulations for determining how far building development needs to be set back from the road, as well as influencing design elements around colour, shape, size and form. Any new building should respect the existing or preferred character of the street, I'm told. The night air settles on the Barwon Heads Strategic Plan of 2017 as it awaits the imprimatur of the Minister some time next year. In the interim, overshadowing grows deeper and darker and creeps across the town leaving some to view the world from behind windows featuring perforated panels and obscure glazing. Which brings me to a reading recommendation: F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Some see it as one of the great novels of the 20th Century. Some see it as what fast food is to public health junk! It all depends on how you view the world. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Ten Thousand Things

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. JohnMuir


Back in stock Save the earth it’s the only planet with wine B 1/53 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 2620


(03) 5264 1771 1135 Surf Coast Highway Mt.Duneed 9am - 5pm www.beachtreenursery.com.au

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at Barwon Heads





The Transformation is coming... ________________________________________________________________


p: 0426 142 503 41 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads

e: info@wellnessbarwonheads.com f: wellnessatbarwonheads

“To seek freedom is the only driving force I know. Freedom to fly off into that infinity out there. Freedom to dissolve; to lift off; to be like the flame of a candle, which, inspite of being up against the light of a billion stars, remains intact, because it neverpretended to be more than what it is: a mere candle.” Carlos Castaneda DonJuan: theSorcerer



Fiona Bainbridge

massage therapy barwon heads – Remedial – Relaxation – Deep tissue – Sports

Fiona Bainbridge Cert.Rem.Mass. S.S.N.T. Member A.A.M.T.

Ph: 0409 584 221

Mon Fri. 9am to 5:30pm Sat. 9am to 1 pm Closed Sundays FREE MEDICAL DELIVERIES (Mon. to Fri.) 65A Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Ph 52542312 Your Independent Local Pharmacy

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café & cider bar


Vietnamese Cuisine from the kitchen of Hong Lee “Made with Love”

Local no.Wines, 1 Craft Beer & Cider Soup 15 Gourmet Burgers, 8 Souvlakis Banana & Pineapple Fritters Spiked shakes Seniors 3 course Lunch/Dinner $18.00 American Burger, beef pattie, double bacon, double cheese, onion rings, pickles & special sauce.

Kids Burger Special, Chips & drink $10.00. All Day Special Egg & Bacon roll, hash brown & coffee $10.00 Cnr. Hitchcock Avenue & Bridge Road Barwon Heads 03 5254 2468

Daily specials

Locally blended Tea Locally roasted specialtycoffee Tuesday - Saturday 11 am -10pm Sunday 8am - 4pm Closed Monday

(03) 420 205 25 Licensed ~ Cnr BridgeRd/HitchcockAve Barwon Heads

Barwon heads...destination food! SEAN TANDY IS BACK! AS MANAGING CHEF AT BARWON ORANGE...Sean has re-vamped the menu & staff and as we all know, his high standards will be a huge asset as we all gear up for our ‘silly season’.

HANOI KITCHEN are introducing happy hours from 4 - 5pm Tuesday to Sean Tandy is back

Saturday... Like their facebook page for updates www.facebook.com/HanoiKitchenBH Ph: 5254 1090 60 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads

STARFISH BAKERY Gorgeous sandwiches salads daily specials and soups Bread, cakes, biscuits & really good coffee

_________________ _________________ Try our new thin crispy pizzas

Soup Stars

Closed Tuesdays 78 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Telephone: 5254 2772

soup dips seafood All day brekkie, lunch & dinner steak Open 7 days and 7 nights curries Fully licenced gourmet wood oven pizza Take away options veg & gluten free options private functions welcome



talking bellarine October 2017


Keeping it real

Swan Bay Road Boat Ramp

The voice of the sea speaks to the soul

Sirens Boathouse - St. Leonards

Stone and Grain has been part of the great Bellarine Shopping scene since 2010. Based in Ocean Grove, S&G has grown to 2 amazing stores, Ocean Plaza and The Hive, the Industrial estate of Ocean Grove. What started as a coastal inspired homewares store has changed and evolved over time. The Plaza store is fashion headquarters great clothing and accessories as well as an ever-growing range for baby and children! Known in the area as the place to go for a great gift, beautifully wrapped, S&G at the Plaza still has your favourite candles, scents of all sorts, homewares, and decorator items. Outgrowing the Plaza, in 2016 Stone and Grain expanded opening their second store in the Industrial Estate. Located at The Hive, S&G offers 3 warehouse spaces full of beautifully curated pieces. With a focus on art, furniture and rugs, the Hive lets you see, feel and touch great pieces, styled up, in a relaxing, engaging environment. It's the place to bring a photo of an area of your home that needs some love the team, at S&G are happy to sit with you and talk through your options‌.over a coffee even. A few months ago, S&G at the Hive even opened their own Coffee Bar. Serving locally roasted coffee, it's a great place to come for the sneaky coffee hit. Newest, and definitely the most fun initiative at the Hive are the monthly CREATE workshops. S&G host all sorts of creative people who share their talents with groups over a wine, a nibble and often, a lot of laughs. Painting, flower arranging, screen printing, home styling and more‌.check out www.stoneandgrain.com.au to see what's coming up.

SEAVIEW GALLERYqueenscliff “The Impressionist” Amanda Hyatt Exhibition 7-29 October

info@OceanBreezeDental.com.au www.OceanBreezeDental.com.au


Open 10-30 5.00 daily Closed Wednesday


Ph. 03 5258 3645 86 Hesse St Queenscliff 3225 www.seaviewgallery.com.au

(03) 5255 2585 3/73 The Terrace Ocean Grove


High quality dental care, service and results. We are transparent about our treatment processes and the affiliated expenses, and will never proceed to treatment unless you are fully informed of all aspects. We accept all health funds and we can claim on the spot with Hicaps. We also accept VET affairs, VEDS (Victorian Emergency Dental Services) and VGDS (Victorian General Dental Services) forms.

Seaview Gallery is a wonderful eclectic mix of traditional and contempory art, glass, ceramics and jewellery.

Café Montmarte Paris - Amanda Hyett

The feature exhibition this month is Amanda Hyatt. “The Impressionist” Amanda Hyatt Exhibition 7-29 October Amanda Hyatt has achieved much acclaim for the innovation and excellence of her watercolours over the last 35 years. She has won many major Art Awards including Camberwell, the Kenneth Jack, the Bale and Artist of the Year at the Victorian Artists Society to name a few. Amanda is also a renowned national and international teacher of watercolour painting and has written many articles for art literature both in Australia and overseas . Amanda is an “alla prima” artist, painting “at first go”. She creates an impressionistic and expressive effect immediately and spontaneously. Her work portrays a sense of light and energy with a play of tones and contrasts, lights and darks and an omission of unnecessary detail. Exhibition opens Saturday 7 with drinks with the artist 2-4pm. Don't miss this chance to see this outstanding exhibition. Seaview also introduces new artists this month Denise Walker and Fred Thompson.

_____________________________________________ Peace is the result of training your mind to see the world as it is rather than as you think it should be \

Cattery, Geelong & District P: 5255 3496 22b Sinclair St. Ocean Grove

Mon - Sat 10.30 - 4.30 thecatcave.com.au

At The Cat Cave Boarding we, like you, love cats so caring for your pet isn’t a chore, it’s a pleasure. Variety of care options from day care, short, long and emergency care. Prices are all inclusive with food, treats, medicating (if required), enrichment... And lots of one on one attention.

Our focus is you Professional Eyecare and Fashion Eyewear 87 THE PARADE, OCEAN GROVE PHONE: 5256 Artwork1295 courtesy of the Ocean Grove Voice

talking bellerine page 3

Ocean Grove Community Garden


Tides of Welcome Choir Queenscliff Neighbourhood House www.qnh.org.au Kate

Jac Majella O’Connor Pam Optometrist


“Love Your Glasses!”


2 Park Lane, 99 Presidents Ave. Ocean Grove ph: 5255 5655 for an appointment OFFICIAL STOCKIST


Shirley & Joe Hornak


Ph. 5255 2432 Mob. 04079AM 045652 OPEN 7 DAYS -5PM Fax 5255 2399 Email hornak1@bigpond.com

bellarine memories for life’s significant occasions

______________________ funerals, pre-paid funerals, weddings and celebrations, telling your story


Trish Temple PHONE: 5255 5500 cnr.Grubb Road and Sinclair Street, Ocean Grove

Mobile: 0414 583 708

Funeral directors who offer much more than funeral services


talking bellarine p.4

Big Bang Bellarine! On our doorstep are three of the best venues around, each unique. Jack Rabbit continues to blow people away with amazing vistas, food and wine. Local favourite, Leura Park Estate offers a relaxed, rustic chic ambience, premium wines, lovely casual fare and live music Sundays. Flying Brick is the go for cider tasting, local wines, beer and an innovative menu designed to inspire, indulge and share. Take your pick and enjoy your doorstep!

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Caramelised shallots & garlic With a few cherry tomatoes

Once the old Fire Station, BeachHouse Barwon Heads showcases some of the Bellarine Peninsula's fine produce, wine, cider & beer

15 red shallots 1/4 cup olive oil 1 head of garlic, peeled 500gm mixed colour small tomatoes 2 tbs red wine vinegar sprig thyme large sprig oregano sea salt and freshly ground pepper Pre-heat oven to 135c...peel shallots and cut bigger ones lengthwise into halves...mix with garlic cloves and oil (as above)...season and lay herbs atop...cover then cook shallots until soft (about 2 hours)...remove lid add tomatoes and cook until all is caramelised as below. As shallots cook, they become really sweet as their natural sugars are released. This is insanely delicious and you’ll be tempted to eat them as they are but they’re a mouth watering addition to a roast, or with cheese, stirred through cooked rice; also, try them in a crusty bread roll with pate or roast pumpkin. And...think christmas dinner G Shallots are rich in flavonols and polyphenolic compounds, which are actually in higher quantities in them than in onions and garlic. Furthermore, shallots also contain dietary fiber, protein, vitamin C, potassium, folate, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and manganese.

New look at ice-cream shop!

HAPPY HOURS 5pm-7pm Wednesday & 5pm- 8pm Friday WEDNESDAY NIGHT LOCALS NIGHT $25 selected mains (that change weekly)

$5 kids meals every Wednesday night Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - late Saturday and Sunday 8am - late

CONTACT BeachHouse Barwon Heads 48 Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads 03 5254 3376 info@beachhousebarwonheads.com.au www.beachhousebarwonheads.com.au


Open 7 days


03 5254 2741

International Award Winning Ice Cream 45 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads Ph: 5254 3229

www.barwonheadswinestore.com.au 2/86 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads

page 16 talking heads

The Geelong College students,led by Shannon Ebeling (their wind instrument teacher) performed a delightful & varied program for our September concert.


Kevin Zhang began with an Australian composition by John Barrett called “Black Stick”( which is the name often used to describe the clarinet!) which had a lively swing jazz character. Rory Vagg, accompanied by Shannon, performed “Down by the Pond”based on poems by AAMilne (ie. Winnie the Poo!) with multiple entertaining themes. The VCE Wind Quartet, which included An Trinh, Kevin, Will Evans-Papinski & Shannon, performed three movements from the Peer Gynt Suite, a popular work by Edvard Grieg, (b.Bergen 1843/d.1907) loosely based on a Norwegian Fairy story. Will, a counter tenor, accompanied by An Trinh on piano, sang a lovely song called “Abendstimmung” by Frederick Delius (b. Yorkshire 1862/d.in France 1934). An Trinh followed with a brilliant performance of “Toccata” on the piano by Aram Khachaturian (Amenian composer,b. Triflis 1903/d. Moscow 1978) a melodic piece from folk music. Will, accompanied by Shannon, sang “Amarilli, mia bella” by Guillio Caccini (b. Rome 1551 d.Florence 1618, a really important composer & founder of opera! Amarilli is a beautiful red flower found in Europe. Rory returned with his alto saxophone, accompanied by Shannon to perform “Chaos” by William Buckland &, as you can guess, it was very exciting & chaotic! Kevin, with Shannon on piano, performed “Passing Fancy”, a modern piece composed in 1977 by well-known former jazz pianist, conductor & composer & arranger of film music, Andre Previn (b. Berlin in 1929 & has lived & worked in USA & Britain over a long period). An gave another wonderful performance on the piano, this time choosing Frederic Chopin’s Nocturne op.15 no.2 in Fsharp minor & showed great poise & appreciation of the totally different styles of the two composers. (Chopin b.1810/d.1849) The VCE Wind Quintet concluded their concert with two items. Firstly,” The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” by Paul Dukas (b.Paris 1865 d.Paris 1935). This was his finest work & very well-known as it was featured in the Walt Disney film with great drama! “Strut Your Stuff” was composed by Rob Buckland, a member of a wind group that Shannon had performed with in England, a lively piece for the group to finish with. We do enjoy giving students the experience of performing to an audience & there will be another occasion at our November concert as Anne Pilgrim will be presenting the winners of the Geelong Musical Society, all advanced students from the Geelong region. Our next concert will be a joyous occasion with local choirs joining us in the Barwon Heads Community Hall for individual performances as well as a singalong! Sunday 15th October at 2.30pm, donation $5 concluding with a sumptuous afternoon tea! Come & join us! Jenny

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Bowling towards Summer As all the pilgrims return from their Northern holidays, the bowls now turn to the coming Pennant season. With things very tight, numbers wise, the selectors will be kept on their toes. Since we last went to press the Annual Battle of the Bridge was run and won by Barwon Heads. Must confess we had significant help from both Torquay and Ocean Grove, but it felt good. Community Bowls is coming again in November, so those competing are invited to start Practicing. For the first time in a long time Barwon Heads Bowling Club is about to embark on an advertising campaign with a view to recruiting new members. Three free learn to bowl days have been arranged for October, so we invite anyone with the slightest interest in bowls to come and give it a try. An invitation will appear in your mailbox sometime soon. Barwon Heads Club has been in operation since 1970 and has played a part in the towns history and the Club is determined that tradition continues. All Clubs have a turnover of players each season, one such loss for us is Alan Bannister, who after many years of service is returning to Lalor to play, thanks Alan for a job well done. On a brighter note, this year we have three Duthie boys playing, John, Gram and Axel, who between them significantly lower the club average age. We would like to emphasize, bowls has no age limit either, young or old, so come along and get started. Until next time, good bowling. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We all know people who try to cover up their kindly gestures With irony and indifference, As if love were synonymous with weakness. CHRONICLE -NOTES FOR A NON-EXISTENT DIARY PAULO COELHO - LIFE

We're thrilled to announce that Physiotherapist Jo Morgan will now be working alongside Wayne Clarke,

· · ·

to continue giving Barwon Heads the friendly, personalised physio service you have come to love!

Cosmetic injectables Dermal (skin) therapies Proudly stocking THE SKINCARE COMPANY


NEW-PRP(aka Vampire facial)


Special occasion and seasonal packages available facebook.com/medispaattheheads

massage facials exotic spa rituals japanese bathing suite sauna hydrotherapy meditation waxing nails tans


1/67 hitchcock avenue 03 5254 2044 www.lotusspabarwonheads.com.au

page 18 talking heads magazine

Paul Evans ~ CockatoosARTS in a MistTRAIL BELLARINE

4 &_____________________ 5 NOVEMBER 2017 The Team at the Barwon Heads Arts Council (BHAC) is very excited to bring to the public the second Bellarine Arts Trail event, to be held across Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, Pt Lonsdale and Queenscliff on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November 2017. During the two-day event artist studios, artist collectives and local galleries will open their doors to art lovers. The Bellarine Arts Trail features local artistic talent including painters, sculptures, photographers, jewellers, illustrators and more. This year the event has more than doubled in size! There are 40 venues to visit across the four towns and more than 100 artists to meet. The trail gives visitors the opportunity to talk to the artists who make the local art scene tick, admire their work and even take some home. This year some of Barwon Heads favourite artists from last year are back with new works to tempt, including of course Mark Cairns and John Druce. Also, Jeff Brooks and Ross Harrison at 13th Beach Road, Libbet Loughnan and her team of very talented creatives at Hualpa House and the always popular Barwon Heads Arts Group at the Senior Citizens Building in Clifford Parade. New additions to the event include Shalanda Roos at venue number 2 on the map, Janet Smith at number 5 and Deb Callan at venue number 7. Barwon Heads Arts Council are very excited to announce that world renowned Barwon Heads artist Robert Ingpen is also participating in the Trail with a solo exhibition at Salt Gallery in Queenscliff. For over 60 years Robert has collected objects from beaches and tidal pools. Robert's exhibition 'In the Marginal World' features paintings inspired by a curious object he found in Queenscliff in 2015. See the trail map for details of the exhibition opening. Trail maps are available at Starfish CafĂŠ, participating artists, Ocean Grove Community Services office (next to Ocean Grove Library), participating venues or by contacting Arts Trail Coordinator Karen Shirley on 0437 032 647. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Local artist Mark Cairns has recently been selected as a finalist in the ANL Seafarers Art Prize with this piece - Sea wall #1, oil on linen. The theme for the prize was "the relationship between humanity and the sea". Painted from sketches while in San Sebastian, Spain last year, the work is a strong representation of this theme - the large manmade seawall of marble blocks keeping the ocean at bay together with the graffiti is a harsh juxtaposition of humanity and nature. Most of Marks work represents this theme so the prize was a good fit for his work. The winner will be announced in October.

_____________________________________________________________________________ talking heads page 19

IGA Proudly Supporting your local CFA Volunteer Firefighters

BARWON HEADS 5254 2525 8am to 8pm 7 days a week Free Home Delivery

BARWON HEADS URBAN FIRE BRIGADE Spring clean to keep your home safe this summer With a couple of warm weekends behind us and the smell of jasmine in the air, we know spring has well and truly sprung. The good news is winter is behind us and summer is just around the corner as is the fire season. And that means it's time to start tidying up around the home. Trimming trees, mowing grass and cutting back bushes and shrubs will help ensure you are reducing the amount of fuel around your home. Cleaning gutters and clearing out sheds of unwanted clutter also helps reduce the fuel load and your home will look all the better for it. Based on climate data and input from Australia's fire services, the 2015 Southern Australia Seasonal Outlook predicts Victoria is heading towards an early start to the fire season with an above normal fire risk. While August to October is traditionally Victoria's wettest time of year, a decade of below average rainfall means the state remains quite dry. Even average rains over the period are unlikely to see the fire risk decrease due to the long term drying that has occurred. As temperatures rise leading into summer, soil moisture will decrease and fuel loads in forests and grasslands are expected to dry quickly. We'll provide local insights to the upcoming fire season specific to the Bellarine Peninsula in future editions of Talking Heads. Our members have been out and about in the local community over the past few weeks. Recently Brett Mitchell, Clive and Viv Moulday took the pumper to the Anglican Church Playgroup. Parents and children had a lovely morning getting to know our volunteers and exploring the fire truck. On Father's Day Andy Halnon, Nathan Rabbitts and Harry Plunkett drove the tanker to Ocean Grove for the Ocean Grove Rotary Club's indoor winter market. The Rotary Club had selected the Barwon Heads Fire Brigade to man the entrance, and our volunteers collected the gold coin entry fee. Adrian Schmidt from the Ocean Grove Rotary Club came to the Brigade recently one Sunday and presented the Brigade with a cheque from the gold coin donations. We are very grateful to the Ocean Grove Rotary Club for their generosity in inviting us to participate. The Barwon Heads Fire Brigade is holding an Open Day on Sunday 8 November from 10am 1pm at the Barwon Heads Fire Station, Sheepwash Road. Visitors will be able to tour the fire station, explore our trucks, participate in demonstrations and learn more about being a CFA volunteer. There will also be activities for kids and a sausage sizzle. Barwon Heads Fire Brigade has a Facebook page informing you of local community safety events and insights to what the Brigade is up to. Make sure you jump on and give us a like to follow what we are up to! The Barwon Heads Fire Brigade is seeking new members. If you are interested in learning new skills, meeting new people and being part of a team that contributes to the safety of our community, please call Captain Helen Wood on 0438 507 273, or email Secretary Kira Crawford Brooks on cap.bhufb@bigpond.com Libby Burnett


1/25 Wallington Road, Ocean Grove‌3226 03 5255 4676 – mobile 0412 102 145 www.bgholidayrentals.com.au relaxing@bgholidayrentals.com.au

RIVERSHOLME PTY LTD Riversholme Ltd offers professional, prompt and local help with Home and Business IT systems.

s Repairs, upgrades and new computers s Expert and qualified tuition s Data protection & backup s Internet and web s Anti-virus s Intel server specialists s Network & phone cabling s IT planning & policy for business 50 CARR STREET BARWON HEADS

Phone: 5254 2101 hl@riversholme.com.au


Great Ocean Stays

Book the Bellarine Andrew, Meryll & Rachel Smith Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals team offer an experienced and personal approach to Holiday Rentals Property Management. Our team is fully qualified and experienced in Holiday Rentals P r o p e r t y M a n a g e m e n t , To u r i s m a n d H o s p i t a l i t y. Call us today to discuss our range of services and tap into our regular guest base.


Studio/1br/2br/3br/4br 4.5 AAA Rated (Green Star) Holiday Accommodation

Ph: 03 5254 1066 / 0417 543336 www.seahavenvillage.com.au

Proud winner of the 2016 award Accessible Business at the Geelong Business Excellence Awards. Jump on board! Contact us to discuss holiday rental & business listings. 0403 515605 www.oceangrovestays.com.au

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buy sell swap & tell

Marvelous Music In May a Huge Success what's cooking at the lobster pot? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

BARWON HEADS ASSOC. President - Sandra Gatehouse Meet @The Senior Citizens Hall 3rd Monday in Month @ 7pm All welcome

GIRL GUIDES VICTORIA Helen Carruthers 5254 1299 hcarruthers@guidesvic.org.au

SPRING WEATHER Just when the sun shines and the temperature rises , a dark cloud appears over us to dampen the smiles on our faces and the spring in our steps. That dark cloud comes in the form of a media release by the Ellen McArthur Foundation. Research by the British charity that is dedicated to inspiring us to build a sustainable future has estimated that the volume of plastic waste in our oceans will outweigh the total mass of fish by 2050. That gloomy train of thought is brought to a halt by a ray of sunshine with news that the Kenyan government has passed legislation making the production, sale and even use of plastic bags result in imprisonment for up to 4 years or a fine of $US 40,000.00! Locally, the Friends of the Lobster Pot, while keeping those things in mind, have their eyes on the upcoming holiday season. It's only 95 sleeps away. In anticipation of the influx of summer visitors, the Friends are holding working bees to have the Lobster Pot looking its best. Regular readers will know I'm talking about the Barwon Estuary Heritage Centre. It's the currently neglected-looking green building on the river front near 'At the Heads' restaurant. The stories of the natural and cultural heritage of our river estuary are told there. The doors open from Boxing Day to Australia Day 1.00p.m.-4.00p.m. Daily. You will find seawater fish tanks stocked with fish that can be found in the estuary, examples of the animals found here too as well as an extraordinary photo collection. All that for just a gold coin donation .The Friends of the Lobster Pot is the volunteer group that operates the Centre and l answer your questions and give helpful advice. . So, if you have a little spare time and wish to share your love of our estuary please contact the Friends group. Newcomers are always welcome. Make contact through Barwon Coast. Visit the office or phone Maddie Glynn (52541118). In the meantime keep your umbrella handy as the skies could open . Rob Kuebler

BARWON HEADS SUSTAINABILITY GROUP Community Arts Garden John Burke 5254-1921.

COMMUNITY GARDEN President -John McIntosh 0422 816 766 Email- jmc@bhartsgarden.com

FRIENDS OF THE BLUFF President - Jon Duthie 5254 2626


Old Interesting Stuff Antiques, Furniture, Art Deco, Books, Collectables, Surfboards, Household Goods We buy single items or house lots. Call Peter Summers at How Bazaar 5278 5453 MENDING , HEMS & DRESSMAKING Margaret 0419 350 103

BARWON HEADS COMMUNITY ARTS GARDEN John McIntosh - President Mob.0422816766 Http://www.bhartsgarden.com


GREAT NEWS From January 2018, our local IGA will No longer be giving away plastic bags! Bring your own or pay for paper carry bags.

=Barwon Headsl Last Saturday 9am - 1pm LOcean Grove- Kingston Park l 1st Sunday 9am - 1pm l Pt. Lonsdale l at Pt Lonsdale Primary School 2nd Sunday 9am - 2pm l Drysdale at Recreation Reserve l 3rd Sunday 9am - 1pm l Portarlington at Newcombe St l (Opp Port Hotel) 1st Saturday 9am - 2pm l Queenscliff at Princes Park l Last Sat Sept to May





Remember to take your baskets, cloth or hession bags or your jeep to save our communities from the curse of the plastic bag invasion



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Barwon Estuary Project It has been a beautiful start to spring, with good rains, plenty of birds flying in and lots of activity on the river.

Photo by Isaiah Norling, Year Five, Barwon Heads Primary School

It is also a busy time for the Barwon Estuary Project. Sketching Group Anyone interested in spending time sketching by the river are invited to join in with like-minded people at the Ozone Jetty at 10.30 a.m., Sunday 22nd October. Bring your own supplies. For more information, contact Debra at barwonestuary@gmail.com Botanical Art lessons To be held from November with well-respected botanical artist and teacher, Rhonda Favaloro. Nature Watching Diary The project has produced an informative diary with space for community members to record any observations of the estuary throughout the year. To receive your free copy of the Nature Watching Diary, send an email to barwonestuary@gmail.com or you can collect a copy by leaving your details at Barwon Heads Bendigo Bank or Bookgrove in Ocean Grove. The Impact of Climate Change on the Barwon Estuary - A Community Forum - Plans are well under way for this forum. Speakers will discuss predicted changes in weather and vegetation, blue carbon and possible effects on recreation, amongst other topics. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions. More details to follow. Barwon Heads Primary School A series of workshops have immersed the Year Five Students in photography, art, creative writing and science about all things related to the Barwon Estuary. Two more of these wonderful sessions are to be held before the end of this year, thanks to the tremendous support of the school community, Parks Victoria and the many enthusiastic volunteers. Photo: Secret Garden For information about these activities go to the Barwon Estuary Project website, facebook or email us at barwonestuary@gmail.com

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ TRAVEL _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ TALK _________________ Travelling and surviving around the world in vintage cars

Design and Construct

By Suzie Schudmak

Will Gordon

Friday 20th October

mobile 0414 354 079

The Barwon Heads Community Hall Hitchcock Avenue

7.15 for 7.30 start $5+ donation ~ glass of wine & nibbles provided

will@jardinehomes.com.au www.jardinehomes.com.au DB-U29460

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Barwon Carpet Cleaning All areas 7 days 0428 502 670 1st Barwon Heads Scout Group 5251 2210 F & G Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaning Geoff Stanley 0428 520 525/5250 1845 13th Beach Golf Academy & Public Driving range 5254 2622 Barwon Grove Golf Club (The Tin Shed) 5254 2826 CHIROPRACTOR Barwon Heads Association Pres. Sandy Gatehouse 5254 1654 Bellarine Chiropractic 14 Tuckfield Street Ocean Grove 5255 2200/0439 559173 Barwon Heads Bowling Club 18 Geelong Road. 5254 3124 CLEANERS Barwon Heads Community Hall FOR HIRE Tri ama Cleaning Services Tracey 0412 135 866 bhhallbookings@gmail.com COMPUTER REPAIRS & TUITION www.barwonheadsresort.com.au Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden Judy 5254 1034 Leigh – No fix, no fee. I will come to you. 50+ a speciality. 0439024870 Barwon Heads Film Society Alex 5254 1139 Riversholme P/L hl@riversholme.com.au 5254 2101 Barwon Heads Fine Music Society Inc. Jenny Wallace Smith 5254 2580 INC. Barwon Heads Chorale Jo 5254 2670 COOLROOM HIRE (MOBILE) 5254 2051 Barwon Heads Football & Netball Club 5254 2675 B & C Coolroom Hire Barwon Heads Heritage Group (Part of BHA) Richard Hastings 5254 2621 DENTAL CLINIC Barwon Heads Red Cross 5254 1128 Ocean Breeze - Trak Arcade 73 The Terrace Ocean Grove 5255 2584 Barwon Heads Senior Citizens Club Norm Buckley 5254 3079 DENTURE CLINIC Barwon Heads Tennis Club 5256 1527 Andrew Irving 79 The Parade OG 5255 4700 Barwon Heads 13th Beach Surf Life Saving Club www.13thbeachslsc.asn.au 5254 2469 Coastal Dentures Bellarine for Refugees Group Margaret 0419 323 166 DIETITIAN Ocean Grove Bridge Club Marcus Hill 5256 2550 Claire Dagley Dietician @ The Heads 2/76 Hitchcock Ave. Steve Sowden 5254 1100



Surfcoast Dog Grooming Ocean Grove 5255 1336 Barwon Heads Caravan Park Ewing Blythe Drive Barwon Heads 5254 1115 DRIVING SCHOOL Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals www.bgholidayrentals.com.au 0412 102 145 / 5255 4676 Dashcam Driving School 0430 219 119 Ocean Grove Holiday Rentals enquiries@oceangrovestays.com.au 0403 515 605 Chris Walters Laura’s Beach Houses Jetty Rd Barwon Heads 5254 1115 ELECTRICIANS / ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES SeahavenVillage.com.au 1-7 Geelong Rd Barwon Heads 5254 1066 Brendon Brice Electrical Phones/Data 0416 165 855 The Nook 1 bedroom cottage, private get away near river 0400 871 073 Green Lead Electrical Martin 0467 097 101 Mick Leverett - Electrician info@electricalml.com 0435 418 704 ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES elton@thirteenthelectrical.com.au 0419 705 313 Thirteenth Electrical PFG Financial Services – 4/50 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads 5255 9555 0404 163 609 Ocean Grove Accounting & Taxation Services Luke Joyce 5256 2815 Warren Jankowski Electrical



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CAFES/ RESTAURANTS Barwon Orange 60 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Beachhouse Barwon Heads 48 Hitchcock Ave. Hanoi Kitchen Cnr. Bridge/Hitchcock Mangroves cnr. Hitchcock Ave/Bridge Rd Barwon Heads Starfish Bakery 78 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads

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Barwon Heads Senior Citizens have monthly roast lunches which are always well attended. Recently elected President, Norm Buckley is pictured at left withwife Moira,special guest Darren from the City of Greater Geelong and... the surprised looking gentleman is Greg!

The next lunch is on Monday 16th October at 12.30pm cost is $6 and all are welcome

Darren Last Independant Mercedes Benz Specialist M. 0409 955 768 P. 5222 3010 Unit 2, Rear of 168-170 Fyans St. Sth Geelong E. darren@lastys.com.au Pick up and delivery of motor vehicle for service or repair from Barwon Heads can be arranged ARC AU No: Au36554

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Spring Colouring In

September Winner is FRANKIE Sponsoredby Take your October entries Pop in to Strumpet for your prize STRUMPET into the Post Office. _______________________________________________________________________


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BARWON HEADS CYCLING CLUB Cycling’s three grand tours are over for another year and the honour roll for 2017 reads Giro d’Italia – Tom Dumoulin, Tour De France - Chris Froome, Vuelta Espana – Chris Froome. With apologies to Meatloaf, for Froome two out of three ain’t bad, it’s absolutely exceptional. Not since the legendary Bernard Hinnault in 1978 have the second and third legs of cycling’s annual grand slam been won by the same rider. Froome’s record continues to grow and he will undoubtedly retire as one of the sport’s most decorated competitors. He has a spectacularly talented team to support him and he is clearly single minded in his pursuit of victories. Whatever he lacks in charisma, and he lacks plenty, he is nevertheless a great example of a modest champion, an individual who prefers to let his deeds do the talking and elects method over madness. In a sport that has thrown up its fair share of colourful or controversial figures, this year’s champions provide a contrast that is probably pleasing, clearly impressive but perhaps a touch unexciting. Next year perhaps we’ll some different figures gracing the podiums in Italy, France and Spain.

Now, a far more local focus. On Sunday 17th September some members of BHCC completed one of the three significant one day rides that the surf coast hosts each year. The Cadel Evans ride and the RACV ride are great events in the first quarter of the year but if its spring, it must be Lorne and it must be Amy’s Gran Fondo. Amy Gillett died in 2005 when a car crashed into the Australian cycling squad with which she was training in Germany. Distinguished as one of an elite group of athletes to have represented their country in two sports, rowing and cycling, Amy’s name lives on in particular due to the work of the Amy Gillett Foundation. The Foundation’s stated mission is to reduce the incidence of serious injury and death of cyclists in Australia and the Lorne Gran Fondo is one of the events conducted by the Foundation to attract attention to its cause. The course is a loop that takes riders from Lorne to up to Dean’s Marsh, across to Barwon Downs, through the Otways and Forrest, down to Skenes Creek and back along the Great Ocean Road to Lorne.

It’s a beautiful course that winds through the bush, traverses farming country and concludes with a thrilling descent before riding eastward with the ocean on your shoulder. The 120kms lap is made even more enjoyable due to the roads being closed to cars for the duration of the ride and this year Steve, Hysen, Dave, Matt, Dean, Tracie, John and Lawrie grabbed the opportunity to take on the route. Fair to say that some grabbed with a stronger grip than others. Steve scorched the course to qualify for the 2018 UCI amateur road racing titles to be held in beautiful Varese, Italy. (A destination that was familiar to Amy as it accommodates Australian rowers and cyclists during each European summer). This will be the second year in a row that Steve has participated in the international championship, having recently excelled this year. Steve, we salute you. Hysen and Dave also rode exceptionally well – read quickly – on a day that was notable for turning on great weather and generally friendly winds. The mood on the road was positive and the camaraderie appealing - especially at the top of some of the climbs when thanks from a stranger after they had been towed to the top was appreciated. Food stations, course marshals, SES and other volunteers and the police each contributed to the success of an impressively organized, efficiently managed day – thank you Amy Gillett Foundation. Perhaps next year’s edition will see more BHCC participants amongst the peleton. As spring starts to assert itself and winter sport gives way to the pursuits we enjoy during warmer weather it’s the appropriate time to acknowledge the huge amount of work that goes into Barwon Heads fielding so many teams at such a range of age levels across sports including footy, soccer and netball. The effort contributed by volunteers is precisely what makes our sporting clubs function so positively. It’s often invisible work and rarely receives the gratitude it deserves. To everyone who has played a role in making the winter seasons go so well, BHCC would like to add to the thanks your work so thoroughly warrants. With winter behind us, you’re all welcome to join us on the road whenever the mood or the moment arrives. Lawrie Malcolm


BARWON HEADS CRICKET CLUB Some months the toil to come up with a theme for the month in Talking Heads is difficult and for me that is never a good thing. Inspiration can be a difficult prey to corner. And then there are the months when Talking Heads simply writes itself. I’m at a game or in a meeting and someone either says or does something that just has to find its way onto a page as soon as possible. Of course those are the easy months. This month is a bit different. This month it is writing itself, but it’s going to be a difficult column to write and unfortunately difficult to read. Talking Heads has indeed written itself, but I wish I had to toil to find a subject because I would never

have presented this one. Before I sent off last month’s article, there was a death in the BHCC family. I’d finished the column and needed some time to process things so I sent it of as it was, without mention of the sad events.

many years Steve Pelham was “For an institution on a Saturday afternoon at the cricket. Steve was an avid watcher of the game and sat in the same place most weeks watching.

He enjoyed a cold drink while he watched and later in the afternoon his knowledge of the game could bubble up into advice. Nobody involved in the game he was watching was immune from his advice. Umpires were often advised, opposition players were often advised and Barwon Heads players were ALWAYS advised. The main oval at Barwon Heads isn’t that big and

Steve had rather a loud voice, so it was often like having a 12th player if you were in the field. A poor throw, a slow good throw or a fumble could gain the fielder a very generous soliloquy of assistance from Steve. A play and miss, a missed single or an over of slow batting could be described in a dozen different ways, none of them glowing, by Steve. Bowlers better be hitting a line and not bowling short unless they were bowling serious heat and god help anyone who dropped a catch. As mentioned it meant little to Steve whether you were a home player or a visitor and he was as generous with praise for a good performance as he could be critical of a good one. He also had a favorite guilty pleasure. The player who took the bait and answered back. For that man he had a special place. The booming voice would be heard all over the ground and no retort from anyone who engaged him in a sledging match was going to quiet him. The banter could be very entertaining and earned him the nick name “Rent a Crowd”. Continued p26

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What a fantastic time for the Seagull Club. It was a momentous summer/winter season. With a brand new committee and the introduction teams into the Geelong League, the club has grown and expanded in such a positive way. We have been so proud of all our teams. They all represent our Club to the highest level and play with such good sportsmanship and verve.

The Greys

The Seagull Basketball Club would also like to sincerely thank all of the Volunteers that commit so much of their time and skills to these young teams. We wouldn't be able to run the club and offer all these team if it wasn't for you!! Now for the winter recap! We had many teams making finals and a few finished runner-ups by just a whisker!! Three won their Grand Finals this season Under 12 girls, Seagulls Jade, Under 14 girls, Seagulls Gold and the The Mighty Greys!! CONGRATUALTIONS teams. Jade won by 2 points after trailing early on, final score was 14-12. Sounded like the girls had to dig deep and it paid off there. Under 14 girls Gold had a clear win. Winning by 12 points. Well-done girls. The Greys, (senior men) fought a solid but fair battle against Virus (yes that's a basketball team!) 25-20. “It was an epic battle. Like the days of Rome in it's peak!” say Cam O'Brien, Club president and long-time Grey team player. I'd like also acknowledge seagulls lilac who finished runner up 30-60. And Seagull Yellow who played so hard to only just loose by 2 points. Here's to another exciting season!! By Viva Partos __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

BARWON HEADS CRICKET CLUB Cont... Steve’s son Bill played in our last A Grade premiership and so in the past few years his emotional interest in the team had become much more acute and we’d seen more of him in the club rooms after the game. Steve had a great knowledge of the game though and in quieter conversations over a beer rather than over the boundary, he often shared great insight into the game he’d just watched. It was fantastic to see the Footy club grant Steve a Life Membership recently and I’m sure he would have been real proud of young Bill when he collected it on behalf of the family. Steve sure will be greatly missed. The Barwon Heads Cricket Club extends our deepest sympathies to Robyn, Mark and Bill on Steve’s passing. More recently, our president Paul Summers lost his mother Margaret quite suddenly. Few of us knew Margaret, but we know her sons Paul and Peter and Grandson Tom who have all been players for the club. These are all men of great character and integrity and a credit to both of their parents. Again the club sends our warmest regards to the Summers family.

You may remember that we lost a great friend in Phil Stephenson last July and we were all shattered by his sudden passing.

all touched by sadness in a short time. The old adage that ‘life must go on’ is quite appropriate at this time – and so Life goes on and another cricket season commences.

He’d lived in Asia for a number of years and made infrequent visits home where we’d run into him in his, often unannounced visits to a footy game of the cricket.

Training is well under way at the indoor nets in South Geelong on a Tuesday evening, as well as in the Village Park on a Thursday night and Sunday mornings – check Facebook for more details. The first game for the A grade will be at home against one of oldest and fiercest rivals – Winchelsea. Although we haven’t player against ‘Winch’ for some 25 years we did have many battles over a long period while we both played in the old Geelong Southern Districts Cricket Association. In fact Barwon Heads and Winchelsea played each other in five consecutive Grand Finals in the late 70’s of which we were victorious in all of them. So it will be great to rekindle our battles out in the middle. This season promises to be another ripper and hopefully we can go one better than last year. So with a few new recruits and some former champions returning let’s keep our fingers crossed. Hope to catch ya down the club soon as the first senior games will be on Saturday the 7th of October and the juniors will start a week later. Until then cheers. Matt Dunell

Those visits became more frequent and far more serious when his daughter Georgie was diagnosed with leukemia. Phil was here more often when her health became worse or when she was having a bout of treatment, and he tried to catch up with mates if the time allowed, but his prime focus was always on Georgie. She was devastated at his passing, but the family rallied to give Phil a number of great sendoffs. He would seriously have loved that.

Unfortunately Georgie’s illness returned not long after that time and though she fought a brave battle, she passed away early in September. There are no words to express the sadness that the people of the village who know the Stephensons are feeling. We send our heartfelt condolences to them. Three families from the club


0416 119240


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JAKARA ANTHONY Continued from back page...

Now a regular on the moguls world circuit, Jakara is starting to move through the ranks and is cementing herself as an 'athlete to watch'. This month Jakara attends a three week training camp in Zermatt, Switzerland and then returns to Australia for another three weeks at the water ramps and extensive strength and conditioning at the gym. In November, the emerging mogul skier then heads off on the World Cup tour that will hopefully secure her place on the 2018 Winter Olympic Team. First stop is Ruka World Cup in Finland, then onto China, Canada and America where the team will be finalised mid January 2018.

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New, Re-Roof and Repair Specialists


Kerry: 0402 071 093 www.k2roofplumbing.com.au

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Bellarine Mowing _______________________________________ f

Scheduled Garden Care & More Andrew Mob: 0432 714 762

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Winter Olympics Support Campaign Jakara Anthony On Sunday, 29th October 2017, the town of Barwon Heads is holding a support campaign to celebrate Jakara's journey as an Olympic hopeful for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea, in the sport of Mogul Skiing. Jakara moved to Barwon Heads in 2001 when just three years old. She attended the Barwon Heads Kindergarten, Barwon Heads Primary School and then finished her schooling at Christian College Geelong. Throughout her school years, Jakara lived and trained in the snow at either Mt Buller or Perisher, always returning home to Barwon Heads and the Bellarine Peninsula whenever possible. When not on snow she is practicing her aerial movements at the water ramp and training in the gym to keep her body in the best shape possible to undertake the grueling challenges of her sport. At just 16 years of age, Jakara made her World Cup debut in January 2015, placing 33rd. In February 2016 she again qualified for the individual World Cup placing 31st and 22nd in Dual Moguls. By early 2017, the Barwon Heads skier went on to crack the top ten at the Tazawako World Cup in Japan with a 9th place finish and new personal best. Jakara represented Australia at the Sapporo 2017 Asian Winter Games and was announced as the Australian Team Closing Ceremony Flag Bearer. She made her World Championships debut at Sierra Nevada, Spain in March 2017, placing 12th in the women's event. Continued page 27...


We are the only Personal Training company in Victoria that solely employs 100% University degree fully qualified trainers!

Personal Trainer I Managing Director FOR ALL ENQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT JUSTIN MORAN M: 0411 798 934 E: justin@justintimept.com W: www.justintimept.com — 20 years' experience

— We come to you!

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BARWON HEADS COMMUNITY GROUPS SPONSORSHIP and COMMUNITY GRANTS APPLICATIONS 2017/ 2018 The Barwon Heads Community Bank is calling for applications for the next round of funding. Application Periods. January 1st to March 31st Grants announced in May June 1st to August. 31st. Grants announced in October. The bank Bank has has delivered delivered over over $170,000 $135,000 to to the the local local community since opening. To apply visit the Branch or apply online at www.bendigobank.com.au/barwonheads

Profile for Talking Heads Mag

Talking heads and Bellarine october 2017  

Barwon Heads in Victoria, Australia has our own monthly mag with news, views, ideas, fun, recipes and now a middle insert - Talking Bellarin...

Talking heads and Bellarine october 2017  

Barwon Heads in Victoria, Australia has our own monthly mag with news, views, ideas, fun, recipes and now a middle insert - Talking Bellarin...


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