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Neoprene espadrilles that float... Springing you delightfully into Summer www.kiitos.com.au

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TALKING HEADS MAGAZINE is grass roots, community focused, locally owned & operated and delivered to barwon heads free each month since 2002. Also available in ocean grove, pt.lonsdale, queenscliff, lots of places in between and by subscription. The opinions and recommendations given by contributors are their own and not attributable to the publisher - Barwon Heads Marketing. TALKING HEADS MAGAZINE takes a light look at local lifestyle & up-coming events. If we bring you out to listen to some independent live music, enjoy a good film, attend a community event, join a group, support your local tradies and services, shop locally, encourage a budding artist or musician, cook something different or entice you to eat at a new place...our work is done! The advertising supports your community news and we encourage you to support and shop with those who advertise within. Post Office Box 1054 Barwon Heads 3227.

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“Learn character from trees, values from roots, and change from leaves.� Tasneem Hameed


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Many animals were blessed recently (above) at the annual Anglican Church blessing of the animals


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BARWON HEADS LIBRARY OPENING HOURS Tuesday & Wednesday 2 - 5.30pm Friday & Saturday 10 - 1pm Grooming at Barwon Heads

Artwork full of character by Rosie Marshall Online Store & Wedding Registry available OPEN 7 DAYS 58 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads T 03 5254 1811 www.frith.com.au

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Oh dear Christmas is coming J PLANNING - There is a suite of planning rhetoric which clearly points out the uniqueness of Barwon Heads and but for retaining this uniqueness, there is nothing left to protect. We are currently witnessing the implications of the premature application of the Residential Growth Zone to a large part of Barwon Heads The balance has not been struck between the necessary protection and growth and a large part of old Barwon Heads is at risk of being over developed. RGZ3 is a very damaging zone to the Barwon Heads Township. The premise of the RGZ3 is to apply an Increased Housing Diversity Area. The methodology applied to the Increased Housing Diversity Area (IHDA) is a catch all walkable area applied to all townships in Geelong of 400m radius from activity centres or train station (we have none of these). This methodology obviously relates to urban consolidation themes and infill development, not small coastal villages with no growth capacity. So in this context we await the revised Barwon Heads Structure Plan 2017 (which still doesn't go far enough to protect our unique coastal location and environment). And the scale of the development proposed at 1 Flinders Pde for a 3- story apartment block with access from Flinders Pde and a car parking waiver is another example of inappropriate development in Barwon Heads. We believe there is very serious concern throughout the town about this proposal. The Flinders Heritage Area identifies that the precinct is significant for its seaside character, and strong visual connections with the ocean, river and parks.

The BHA has put in an interim objection as follows: The Barwon Heads Association plans to put in a detailed objection to this proposal. We want the CoGG to understand the level of concern that this application is causing throughout Barwon Heads. The sensitive coastal, environmental and rural setting of Barwon Heads, and the associated State and Local Planning policies preclude extensive township growth. The proposed development at 1 Flinders Parade will significantly change the feel of the town at its major entrance and will conflict with its beautiful setting. This development will significantly stand out, and certainly won't nestle into the coastal vegetation, or reflect informal coastal features. It will impact on the ability of people to walk safety in an extremely busy part of the village. The design fails to reflect the fragile coastal environment and environmental sensitivity of its location.        -     The unique coastal character of                Barwon Heads needs to be                   Protected- Our township does not have the  infrastructure or capacity to absorb  this scale of development and its  consequences.  - To approve this application will set  an undesirable precedent and alter 

· Occupation of units in Hitchcock the character of the area to a degree  Ave for holiday lets (often garages that will make it difficult for  used for storage and not made council to refuse similar  available to tenants) applications in the future. - This proposal is inconsistent with  We plan to hold a Parking meeting early in 2018. the Barwon Heads Structure Plan,  www.barwonheadsassociation.com with the neighbouring residential  LIBRARY change over your membership to Barwon Heads and use the Library. neighbourhood, with its mass and  bulk. UPDATE ON WATER QUALITY MONITORING AND - The scale of this building is not  DRAINAGE WORKS - Council is installing a new suitable for Barwon Heads and is at  stormwater discharge outfall at the Ozone Road jetty. loggerheads with planning  This outfall will be deeper and further out than the old objectives agreed with the  outfall and is designed to drain larger flood flows from community over the past 15 years. the town centre.? The works should be completed by - The parking impacts and traffic  early December. We have arranged with Council to implications are of serious concern,  have background water quality monitoring undertaken and have safety and amenity  and hope to continue this after December so that we can confirm that the water quality is suitable for consequences. swimming and all other recreational activities. Please object, and note that even though the date st of October 31 is advertised as the closing date for COUNCIL ELECTIONS BELLARINE WARD we objections, Council will receive objections until have really enjoyed the election forums we helped cothe time of decision. ordinate across the Bellarine and the wonderful new friendships we have made throughout the Bellarine. PARKING SUB-COMMITTEE we have formed We await the results, and apart from a couple of this new group and have included David Littleton and candidates were underwhelmed by the lack of energy, Heather McCarthy, local business people; and Gary initiative and interest in Barwon Heads. There were McPike the General Manager of Barwon Coast. We two major stand outs from the forums. have also invited CoGG. · The Bellarine feels disconnected from        and neglected by the city-centric Its purpose is to ensure that Parking is acknowledged        &  there's a new consensus among this year's as a priority for Barwon Heads, without putting at risk candidates that they need to and will collaborate the coastal amenity and village feel. The continual for the Ward if they are elected as Councillors waiver of parking and the significant increase of       development especially in Hitchcock Ave and Bridge Rd puts at risk the residential amenity, current and OUR TOPIC IN OCTOBER WAS “HERITAGE future businesses, and the safety and amenity of MY BARWON HEADS” - Our wonderful panel of pedestrians and drivers. people with long connections with our village shared their amazing experiences, memories and on-going The following challenges will only increase and can't connections. Thank you to Karen Firth, Maria be ignored: Malakellis, Alex Kuebler and Tom Hudson for · Growing population in Barwon preparing and talking about their families. Hopefully        · More shops this will encourage others to come forward to another · More apartments BHA meeting to continue what I hope will become a · More day visitors series. · More overnight stays · Increase in cyclists OUR NEXT MEETING IS ON 20TH NOVEMBER · Employees of local businesses 7:00PM AT THE SENIOR CITIZENS CENTRE OUR occupy prime spots all day TOPIC IS LAW AND ORDER ON THE BELLARINE · Campers bring more than one car WITH OUR SPECIAL GUEST SENIOR SARGENT · Safety of pedestrians at risk with SHANE MADIGAN more cross overs into Hitchcock Ave with poor visibility for drivers exciting/entering BHA MEMBERSHIP FORMS ON WEBSITE;  · Poor driving behaviours in AT THE BARWON HEADS POST OFFICE  Hitchcock Ave: AND STARFISH. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO  HAVE RENEWED NEW MEMBERS ARE  O Speed VERY WELCOME AND NEEDED TO  O U-turns CONTINUE OUR FIGHT AGAINST OVER  O Double parking DEVELOPMENT. O Blocking drive way · Loss of designated car spaces for            cool rooms and storage

Sandy Gatehouse On behalf of the BHA Committee

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SBHA AGM Presidents Report 2017 Between 2007-10 the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) undertook the Barwon Heads Structure Plan review. The Save Barwon Heads Alliance Incorporated [A0050649A] (SBHA) was formed and worked with the community to successfully defend the integrity of the Barwon Heads town boundary and environmental values of the Ramsar wetlands that define Barwon Heads. Now in 2017 the SBHA has re-engaged with the CoGG for the current Structure Plan review. In March, SBHA had our first of many formal meetings with CoGG planners. We have a new executive group who have reinvigorated the process, and new tools to engage with our community and the steps of the planning process. To affect a positive outcome on the Structure Plan, SBHA has undertaken a number of approaches that have been useful for working with our community. These include a strong Facebook and Instagram presence and a website. SBHA have also spent many weekends on our membership drive, providing information to, and receiving feedback from, the broader community. Over eight months, our membership has grown to 2400. This support is the basis of our continuing success. During this time SBHA members have participated in a number of CoGG's public engagement processes which mean the community's views have been clearly heard. We held a Bushdance fundraiser in summer that was great fun for the 300 partygoers. Thank you to the many Barwon Heads traders and individuals who donated all manner of donation items, and help. A very special thank you to the producer of the night Miriam Kenter and to Sal Kimber for wrangling a great band and being the perfect hostess. A great night, and financial success. During the Structure Plan process, there have been two opportunities for all interested parties to make submissions to CoGG planning. SBHA encouraged the use of an SBHA Online Form that resulted in 970 submissions. This is an outstanding achievement and a record in its own right. It clarifies what the community thinks and wants. Over a period of three months the SBHA submission group wrote a detailed and comprehensive submission of some 37 pages that drew on the expertise of the group, with a thorough review of the relevant literature. The document is a very positive continuation of the great work done in 2007-10. There will be another opportunity to make submissions and we will let everyone one know when and how to do this. These are vital and normal steps in the process. The Draft Barwon Heads Structure Plan, 2017, was accepted by the CoGG in August and is now being redrafted as a planning scheme amendment for public exhibition. This is when prospective developers present details of their projects and all other interested parties make submissions representing their views and arguments. The developers and landowners who seek to have land rezoned from farming to residential will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal and planning experts. We do not have that financial depth. As a grassroots organization, we are extremely grateful for all the donations we have received so far. We are asking for donations from the public and our members. Every little bit helps and without continued financial support we are at a very considerable disadvantage. We are not a tax-exempt organisation. The SBHA is comprised of volunteers who donate their time and expertise. We have had regular meetings with our team who will represent SBHA members at the Victorian Planning Panel. We believe this will be in early 2018.The exact dates are yet to be finalised. This part of our involvement with be intense and expensive. We will be represented by a number of expert witnesses, barristers and instructing lawyers. In 2010 panel hearing, we had the benefit of a Senior Council. If the timing works out we may have a very similar legal team again. SBHA will again be out and about in Hitchcock Avenue in the next few weeks. We are preparing new material to inform everyone about the next steps in the continued fight to Save Barwon Heads. Thank you to Paul and the staff at Starfish Bakery, and Heather and staff at Peppercorn Foods for your hospitality and support. Please come and say hello, share your views, concerns and questions. We hope that with our combined efforts we will ensure that the township and the surrounding Ramsar wetlands are protected from the negative impacts of unnecessary urban sprawl.

Save the Wetlands. Save Barwon Heads Alliance bank details BSB 083 825 Acc 857608939 M: P.O. Box 1108 Barwon Heads, Vic. 3227 W: savebarwonheads.org

Save the Boundary. P: 0438 866 603

Save Barwon Heads.

E: save@savebarwonheads.com

Stephen Wickham President, Save Barwon Heads Alliance


POSITIVE EDUCATION AT BARWON HEADS PS At Barwon Heads Primary School, we aspire to be “Bucket Fillers”.

Bucket Filling

Based on the book; “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol Mcloud, buckets can be used as a metaphor to represent how we are feeling. We all walk around each day with invisible buckets. Bucket fillers are people who feel good about themselves. They experience emotions of calm and kindness towards others. They like to fill other's buckets by doing good deeds and saying kind things. When bucket fillers smile, or do something nice for someone else, it makes not only the recipient, but the giver of the kindness feel good. Both of their buckets are filled and this has a ripple effect. Bucket dipping is the opposite, it involves being unkind or disrespectful towards another person. By making that person feel bad, the dipper is taking from the bucket of that person and their own. The language of bucket filling is one of the character development ideas used at Barwon Heads PS and contributes to our positive culture. Please follow our Positive Education Blog: Http://mrskebbell.global2.vic.edu.au/

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just Building Surveying solutions

Building Permits, Building Inspections, Planning Compliance, Planning Permits, ResCode, Owner Builder Reports


BUILDING SURVEYOR 1515 51b Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads (upstairs entry in Clifford Pde.)

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The Hunt for the Wilderpeople 2016 101 mins Dir: Taika Waititi


Rated: PG

Raised on hip-hop and foster care, defiant city kid Ricky gets a fresh start in the New Zealand countryside. He quickly finds himself at home with his new foster family: the loving Aunt Bella, the cantankerous Uncle Hec, and dog Tupac. When a tragedy strikes that threatens to ship Ricky to another home, both he and Hec go on the run in the bush.

At the Barwon Heads Community Hall

Thursday November 30th 7.45pm Your Local Picture Framer

Jeanius Graphics Your wish is our business Industry standard equipment and materials

50 Carr St. Barwon Heads 3227 Jean Lonsdale


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Email: jeanius@riversholme.com.au Web: www.riversholme.com.au

Core Financial Planning has merged with PFG Financial Services. Our firm continues to deliver strategic financial planning advice and with an extended team, we can assist you in achieving your financial goals. OFFICE HOURS Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm Friday 9am to 4pm Shop 4, 50 Hitchcock Ave, Barwon Heads 3227 For more information visit our website www.pfg.com.au or contact us on Ph: 5255 9555 or email office@pfg.com.au

coastal planning • Planning applications • Panel submissions • VCAT representations • Strategic & general planning queries

Shelly Fanning Planning Consultant LL.M/LL.B(Hons)BEnvPlan MPIA

mobile: 0408 734 169 shelly@coastalplanning.com.au www.coastalplanning.com.au

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WONDERFUL LOCALS We do hope that all our customers and donors are enjoying the somewhat delayed, but definitely warmer weather. Each day, rain or shine, it falls to me or other volunteers to put all donations into the appropriate places.....clothing to the Sorting Room, the smaller garage, and most other stuff to the other larger garage we call the Show-room. Often, the pile is so large that I spend twenty minutes to half an hour doing this. Recently, I was standing just staring in dismay at a very large, mostly metal object, with electrical cords attached. When a big vehicle pulled up, a very kind man called Rick asked if he could leave donations. I immediately replied, looking at the other THING, that as long as he didn't want to leave any electrical goods, I was very happy

to accept them. At this, he looked at the large mass of the electrical gadget, and volunteered to take it away!! I was so thrilled. He explained that he had to go to a tip, and he'd add it to his load. He even helped, as many other kind donors do, to carry what they had brought in for me. When Rick looked closely, he said that it was some kind of heater, but had fallen apart, but he willingly took it away. It only occurred to me later that MOST locals DO know that we cannot sell any electrical things, and of course, the large signs we paid for tell everyone who LOOKS, just this. We do know that most dumping occurs later in the evening, as we believe that if any volunteers are around, we would soon explain that to any donors who are unaware of the "NO ELECTRICALS" fact.

The other local who "won our hearts" was the younger man who arrived while we were open, with one bag of books, and ASKED if we wanted them. We were so grateful, because one of our former librarians called Anne, who comes weekly, was there to go out to his car and suggest politely that we cannot sell school text books, and that we are overwhelmed with many other kinds of books, particularly older hard covers. These mostly go for recycling, which is sad!

Our donor had also brought picture frames and this is another type of donation with which we are inundated! I am amazed at the excellent quality of most of the books left with us, but when I looked at two very heavy boxes recently I knew that I would have to get our trusty wheel-barrow, and place the books in it so that I could tow it up the ramp into the Main Shop, where books are sorted. PLEASE, if you drop off books, could they be in smaller boxes, or strong bags, so we can deal with them? At this time of the year, I am writing reports of our activities/progress for several purposes. One of these is our Annual Op Shop Committee Meeting. One of the main themes is how sad we are that one of our most faithful volunteers, Win., is still in dire straits following a fall she suffered. She has appreciated many cards and messages sent not only by our volunteers, but by caring customers. It does bring to mind how many of our stalwart workers are growing older, and becoming more frail! Meanwhile, at the November Committee Meeting, we make decisions about town organisations to whom we can donate money. If you are an organisation run by volunteers, for example, Friends of the Bluff, or the Lobster Pot, and you have a need and a purpose for money we might donate, please write to us before the meeting on November 13th. Once again, thank you to all our wonderful donors and customers. God bless you Helen Edwards - Hon. Shop Supervisor


Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden SPRING IN THE GARDEN Our Community Arts Garden is looking a real picture at the present time with plots filled to bursting with vegetables and herbs and the citrus circle and fruit trees putting on their very best display. The delightful poppies in the entrance garden are in full bloom and along with irises, lavenders, salvias, herbs, catmint and many other perennial plants are making a lovely welcome as you enter the garden. Nature is truly amazing, small seeds hidden in the soil come to a spectacular display once some Spring warmth and rain awaken them. To quote well known British gardener designer and writer, Penelope Hobhouse: “Gardens are the result of a collaboration between art and nature�

SPRING PLANTINGS Late Spring is a great time to continue planting out your vegie gardens. Before planting, you should improve your soil structure by adding some compost and manure. At the Community Arts Garden we are planting a range of vegetables in the polytunnel, as well as in members communal areas and allocated plots. Our garlic planted mid year is coming along nicely and when ready for harvesting we will once again be offering some for sale. Nurseries now have a wide range of vegetable seedlings such as cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchinis, beetroot, lettuce and many others too numerous to mention. I will make sure I put in some coriander, basil and parsley to have regular fresh supplies coming along.

Visitors to the Garden

Visitors to the Garden On a recent Sunday delegates attending a national Australian City Farms and Community Gardens event in Melbourne travelled to Geelong to visit several community gardens in the district. The visitors came from Perth, Northern NSW, Sydney, SA and other parts of Australia and were most impressed with our garden. They enjoyed speaking to some of our plotholders and exchanging notes on how their own community gardens operate. Members supplied a delicious morning tea for the visitors and Sam Smith gave a most informative and interesting tour of the gardens explaining the history and how the garden has developed since it was officially opened in 2007. It was a real treat to have the delegates visit.

We won! We recently received advice that our garden will be featured on the cover front of the new Geelong telephone books (due out May 2018). This was the result of a competition by White Pages, Yellow Pages and Gardens Network (ACFCGN). Look out for it! Carmel Smith (Committee member) Garden is located at 38 Geelong Road, Barwon Heads Email: info@bhartsgarden.com Website: www.bhartsgarden.com

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Connecting with your Kids - Staying Calm Young people in our communities are experiencing higher rates mental stress and anxiety. It is vital that we are connected with our children so they feel they have someone they can come to if they experience any mental stress. 'Executive skills', also known as 'life skills' are vital for our children to succeed in the futures they design for themselves. Executive skills are often learnt later on in life on the job by trial and error. They help individuals to be adaptable or to 'read the play'. Executive skills are the people skills that enable us human beings to be able to socialise, communicate and interact with each other in harmony. They can include gratitude, empathy, communication, imagination, organisation, self-awareness, resilience and so forth. By linking the teaching of executive skills at home together as a family, it is hoped that you will all connect together as a close unit, so if your child experiences stress or anxiety, they will come to you to seek help. Remaining calm when things start to get busy or stressful can be a wonderful skill to have. It may mean we appear not to be nervous, angry or to show any other strong emotions. Staying calm might be when we are able to take a breath, step back and evaluate the situation. By remaining calm and considering all the options when faced with challenges may actually enable us to save time and be more efficient. It may even help us to solve problems that others may find difficult when they become flustered or confused. Another benefit would be the ability to think clearly when placed under pressure. There are two really great friends of mine who I love camping with. We met Tony and his family while on a trip around Australia and kept bumping into them in different places. They live in Central Victoria and we remain friends, often catching up. Clay is my other great friend who loves camping. Clay and his family live close by and I had the pleasure of teaching one of his children in year three. Tony and Clay are two of the calmest people I know. Tony works as a paramedic and Clay is a fireman. If there was an emergency, I cannot imagine any other people I would rather have there in time of a crisis. They would remain calm and rational and they would get the job done. Here are some ideas to try to help teach your kids to stay calm… · When you are feeling angry, how do you cool down and not blow your top? Share with others strategies you use that might help you calm down when you are starting to feel this way. · Share what makes you mad then act it out when this happens to you. What did you notice? What did others notice? · Take very deep and long breaths. What do you notice about your body? What about your mood? · Listen to some songs together. Which help you to relax and calm down. Are there some genres of music that do the opposite? · Play a board game or card game together. Notice your body and how it changes throughout the game. Talk about your body sensations when you have finished. Now try a different game and see if there are any different sensations that you experience. · Ask some of your friends or extended family how they remain calm when things get busy or they become stressed. Make a list of any ideas that you think you could use if you started to become stressed. · During the day, go outside and lie on the ground and look up at the clouds. What do you notice about your body? Listen to the sounds around you. Do any make your body relax? What other sounds do you hear and what other sensations do you notice in your body? · Some people say that when they feel angry, they 'see red'. What colours describe other emotions? Which emotions would you prefer to feel when you are getting angry? If you think you are starting to feel angry, what might happen if you think of a different colour? Discuss with your family. · Go for a walk together as a family. How does a walk make you feel? Could a walk help you if you were starting to feel upset? What else might help you calm down? Discuss. · If you start to feel annoyed, what would happen to you if you made a fart noise? Are there any other noises could you create that would shift you from being annoyed to another emotion? Try making some different noises to each other and see what happens. What happens if you pulled a funny face? Working years in hospitality gave me many opportunities to practise the skill of remaining calm. On a busy evening in restaurants, many people would come in and the orders would start to hit the kitchen. Sometimes stress levels would increase in the kitchen during service. There were many occasions where I would have disagreements with the head chef; I was committed to getting the food to the table as quickly as possible and all meals going together. The head chef was committed to cooking and plating the best possible dishes that they could. Some of these disagreements became heated, but when I left the kitchen with a meal in my hand, I had to remain calm so the diner would experience a wonderful meal in a relaxed atmosphere. And, at the end of the night, the chefs and front-of-house staff would often have a laugh about some of our differences. Mistakes and pressure are inevitable; the secret to getting past them is to stay calm. Travis Bradberry Have fun connecting with your kids. For further information, visit the Facebook page 'Connecting with your Kids' or follow connectingwithyourkids on Instagram for some fun ideas. Or, go to my new website andymcneilly.com.au for lots more information. Cheers, Andy McNeilly ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Word about the Hood For those readers who are new to the area, the Hooded Plover is a small, timid, endangered beach-nesting bird which is indigenous to our local beaches. There are currently nine breeding pairs along the coast from Point Lonsdale in the East to 42W, 13th Beach in the West. Hooded plovers nest just above the high tide line and in the dunes of our surf beaches from August to March. Their nest is a shallow scrape in the sand and they typically lay 3 eggs which hatch after 28 days. When the tiny fluff ball chicks hatch, they forage for their food (small crustaceans) along the full width of the beach, under the watchful eyes of their parents. The chicks grow rapidly and in 35 days are adult sized and can fly! BUT until they can fly, they are vulnerable to a wide range of threats. It's up to us to give them the help they need! Please watch for the signage alerting you to the breeding areas and give the hoodies space to raise their young. To reduce disturbance to the birds while they're breeding, please remember to leash your dogs at this time whenever you approach or are in a Hooded Plover breeding area. Recently, Meg Cullen from BirdLife Australia’s Beach Nesting Bird team held an informative workshop all about hooded plovers for an enthusiastic group of 13th Beach Boardriders club members. They gained a greater awareness of Hooded Plovers, their habitat, life cycle, behaviour and their threats & why it is so important for the local community to get involved in their conservation and how they can help out. They were shocked to hear that in the past 10 years, despite all the best efforts of the local land managers and volunteers that only one chick has survived to fledge! It was great to hear their enthusiasm and positivity !! We hope that with their assistance we will be able to turn the fortunes of our local hoodies around! For more details, or to become involved in Hooded Plover monitoring, please contact: hoodedplover@birdlife.org.au More information: http://www.birdlife.org.au/projects/beach-nesting-birds or http://myhoodie.com.au/ or http://www.facebook.com/hoodedplover

Andrea Dennett

talking books

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The sun rises over a verandah in Barwon Heads and spring roars with life. The resident red wattlebirds and their one chick are barking mad and give chase to a solitary crow, driving it off their patch. Come mid morning in full sun they will hang upside down, tonguing nectar from the red bottlebrush flowers of the


Callistemon. Nearby boronia exudes a spicyfruit perfume trail. Vehicles hiss along the road after a passing shower tumbled in from the sea. There is a sparkle in the air. A stiff easterly breeze sweeps through the casuarina, the whispering pine with needles like the strings on an Aeolian harp. A bulldozer crunches its way through another house in the distance. Between passing motors you can hear waves cascading along 13th, borne on the wind as they ripple over the town leaving a trail of mist, soundscape and narrative in this village by the sea. The warp and weft of it all! And then she comes, wings beating 250-500 times per minute, whining up from the roses, zeroing in on my carbon dioxide and lactic acid presence. Hundreds of fixed lenses in her eye locked on to the target, a food source, me! Although the female mosquito feeds on fruit and flowers a blood source is essential for egg production and the blood source could be from fish, birds, reptiles or mammals. It begs the question of where she had her last feed! This petite little bloodsucker may have dined three to four times overnight, on you, on me, and the dog up the road. And she is not alone! She alights and immediately probes my skin with her long proboscis, at the end of which are two tubes encased by two pairs of cutting tools. This is the fascicle and a sheath holds it tightly together. The sheath bends back as she applies pressure and the cutting tools (stylets) slice through the skin. Once below the surface the fascicle bends and probes until it finds some blood, delivering saliva made up of a range of enzymes and proteins (and possibly pathogens

0416 119240

with Greg Kelly

depending on where you live in the world: malaria, dengue, Chikungunya, Ross River , yellow, Zika and encephalitis) down one of the tubes to inhibit bleeding. The other tube sucks up my blood for a minute or so before she flies off to rest nearby, leaving me with an itchy saliva induced welt. The mosquito’s digestive system then draws water out of the blood and excretes it as urine. The blood has now been processed into a lighter solid food ready for the production of her eggs. The mosquito is said to have killed more than half of all the humans ever to have lived. The Gates Foundation has it that the diseases they carry kill about 750,000 people a year, 600,000 from malaria. It is the only creature responsible for the death of more humans than humans themselves, at around 475,000 a year. And it has been at it for 100 million years compared to modern humans who have only been around for a mere 200,000 years. Which brings me to a reading recommendation: Mosquito: the story of man’s deadliest foe, by Spielman and D’Antonio.


Rebecca Kennedy-Dalton Your local Podiatrist Foot care for the whole family! ˜ Orthotic Therapy ˜ Foot and leg pain ˜ Children's feet ˜ Nail care including surgery ˜ General Foot Care ˜ DVA Welcome ˜ Medicare EPC Bulk Billed

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Ph. 0403 956 900 www.barwonheadsmassage.com.au

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ART SHOW MELBOURNE CUP WEEKEND Combined Garage Sale Local branch Rural Australians for Refugee's 16 Finch Close Ocean Grove Saturday 4th November 9am - 1pm



All proceeds to Asylum Seeker Support ________________


FRIENDS OF BARWON HEADS COMMUNITY LIBRARY INC. The newly formed "Friends of Barwon Heads Community Library Inc." group is passionate about libraries and lifelong learning. Our aim is to promote and enhance the use of our local library. We plan to hold events such as author's talks, book club and other events. Our first book group will be held on Thursday 9 November at 7.30pm in the library. We invite you to come along to the library with your favourite book to share your thoughts and ideas and to enjoy a tea or coffee. This evening will be followed by the launch of the Friends of Barwon Heads Community Library group on Monday 13 November at 7.30pm at the library. Our guest speaker will be Gideon Haigh, well known cricket writer and journalist and author of 32 books. As a group we will continue to seek to ensure the future of our library by maintaining contact with GRLC, our incoming councillors and local politicians. We will advocate for improved funding for our library, to ensure it continues to serve our community well into the future.


__________________________________________________________ Thank you to the people who have recently joined or transferred their memberships to Barwon Heads. Our numbers are up by 200 this year. Our aim is to continue to increase membership numbers and borrowings. If you haven't already done so, please support our local library by joining up and enjoying its offerings. For more information about becoming a friend of the library please contact us at barwoncommunitylibrary@outlook.com

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News from the Beaches and Coastal Environs DUMPING RUBBISH? NOT. ON. THE. COAST. RARE SPECIES PLANTED ON TH 13 BEACH DUNES In the last few weeks some rare and indigenous plant species have found a th new home on 13 Beach. Barwon Coast staff, in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia, have planted the rare species austral trefoil and other indigenous species at the site of the old staircase at 31W that was washed away in a storm. Iconic local species including Moonah trees and Coastal Beard-heath were also planted at a site in the adjacent carpark.

Illegal dumping of rubbish is a real problem on the Barwon Coast. Household waste, old mattresses or asbestos laden building rubble do not belong in our beautiful coastal reserves. It. Needs. To. Stop. Not only is the rubbish polluting the coastal reserves, but it can also enter our waterways. Barwon Coast General Manager Gary McPike said “Our best chance is for people who see illegal dumping to report it. You can do this by ringing the EPA Victoria Pollution Hotline on 1300 372 842.” “Try to record as many details as possible about the pollution event and report it as soon as possible. Remember to always put your own safety first if you see this illegal activity, let the authorities deal with it”.

Green waste and household rubbish dumped on the Barwon Heads Bluff.

WHO WE ARE Barwon Coast is a Committee of Management appointed by the State Government with responsibility for the management of 13km of coastal crown land at Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads th and 13 Beach.

Barwon Coast and Conservation Volunteers Australia planting out sand dunes on 13th Beach.

KEEP UPDATED WITH BARWON COAST ONLINE. @BarwonCoast Www.barwoncoast.com.au

Che c koutourNE W we bs i t ewww. 13t hbe a c hhe a l t hs e r v i c e s . c om. a u

ph. 52542668

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With Rachael Hely www.barwonheadsyoga.com.au

can buying a local loaf could be? How many different types of bread were there anyway? Were my taste buds even mature enough to discern a difference between coloured seeds? How many more decisions would I have to actively participate in to simply get to breakfast? She smiled broad and wide again with my toast-sliced, sesame seeded hi-top multigrain bread. She asked, Did I want it in a paper bag or in plastic? “Surprise me.” Think side openers, standing twists and inversions. Today we consume approximately 5 times more information than we did 25 years ago: equating to an extra 100,000 words per day. It’s estimated that each day we make on average 35 000 conscious decisions. And of the 400 billion bits of information per second reaching our brains - we only use about 2000 of them. In other words, we only actively use about half our head. What this equates to is a bustling, busy world brimming with choices for us to make with a multitude of decisions as to what we want to do and where we need to go.

So, I went to our local bakery yesterday with the sole purpose of buying bread.

As well as what type of bread we want to eat when we get there.

I was greeted at the counter by a new employee and I couldn’t help but notice her broadest smile. That smile you wear when you’ve succeeded in starting something new and in doing so, you have the whole world in your heart. She asked me with her eyes full of promise how she could help me.

Never in the evolution of human history have we ever been more busy in our heads. Just like never in the evolution of human history have we ever been more sedentary in our bodies. This mis-match of movement and stillness can manifest as a frozen state of our sympathetic nervous system: our fight-or-flight. Meaning our internal mechanisms of balancing running and resting, eating and sleeping as well as problem solving and decision making are forced into shut-down because it’s all too hard or it’s all too much.

To which I replied that I’d like some bread. Her smile remained wide as she stared at me directly. She moved nothing but her jaw and proceeded with her newly-trained and very fresh customer service response.

When we mindfully move our bodies, we can unwind whatever is bound up and moderate whatever has run rampant. Reminding ourselves of the delicate and intelligent nature within us. One which allows balance and flow while creating power and rhythm. One which allows work and effort to be mirrored within comfort and ease. Our decisions become more directed as our choices become clearer. We settle into a steadiness in our heads and this is reflected as a calm in our body. Making us remember how to wear our smile broad and wide because we have consciously chosen to start something new.

Did I want that in loaf or stick? Did I want seeded or plain? Good healthy choice with seeds, so poppy or sesame? Did I want it sliced? Into toast or sandwich?

Making us feel that universal connection of promise. Like holding the whole world in our heart.

And as I succumbed to the series of bread interrogation techniques, I had to stop and ask myself what it was that I did in fact want. I mean, how complex



Ten Thousand Things

“Gratitude isn’t only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” Marcus TulliusCicero


Back in stock Save the earth it’s the only planet with wine B 1/53 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 2620


(03) 5264 1771 1135 Surf Coast Highway Mt.Duneed 9am - 5pm www.beachtreenursery.com.au

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at Barwon Heads






The Transformation is here...

________________________________________________________________ • Reiki Healing • Hypnosis • Intuitive Counsellor • Massage Therapist

• Massage Therapist • Reiki Healing • Pedicures • Manicures • Mora Therapy

• Mass.Therapist • Reflexoloy • Bowen Therapy • Reiki Healing • NLP • Tarot Reader

• Pedicures • Manicures • Eye Lash & Brow Tinting

Jo Jenny Marise Jan ________________________________________________________________

p: 0426 142 503

41 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads

e: info@wellnessbarwonheads.com

f: wellnessatbarwonheads

Jan Krygger and Jo Sinclair had a dream... Friends for some time, they saw how their separate therapy modes complimented each other and when the opportunity presented... Wellness at Barwon Heads was born. I asked them to tell us about themselves in their own words. Jan- I have studied several healing modalities and have combined them all into my own technique. I believe that everything that is said or done to us gets buried in the subconscious and has an energy attached to it. With my technique, I am able to remove this energy which leaves you feeling free, clear and able to make decisions in moving forward. This Wellness Centre is about coming in and breathing a sigh of relief, getting what your soul needs and leaving feeling stronger. Everything from the furniture to the candles, body cream and artwork, even my own crochet blankets are for sale. It has all been made from people who are on their healing path and have discovered that they have the ability to make beautiful things. Jo- My passion for Organic food & healthy lifestyle began 25yrs ago when I had the first of my 3 children. Living in the country for the first 10yrs, provided us all with a fabulous ‘balance’. After moving back to Geelong, I began studying part time at Melb Rudolph Steiner School (teacher training), Biodynamic farming and the Reiki Healing. My passion for my families health, and other people’s, grew and in 2009 I became a Mora Practioner. The Mora Machine and Therapy was designed in Germany 25yrs ago and is an advance form of Meridian balancing following traditional Chinese medicine and Homeopathy. Mora Therapy can assist with: • Bacterial & Viral infections • Auto-immune diseases • Food & skin allergies • Hormonal problems In 2014, I had the opportunity to study massage and beauty therapy and completed this in 2017. Here at ‘Wellness at Barwon Heads’ we believe a healthy life begins with you, and choices you make. We aim to provide the opportunity for Men, Women, and children different choices to start (or continue) the path of good health and inner harmony. “Your intentions create your reality”


Mon Fri. 9am to 5:30pm Sat. 9am to 1 pm Closed Sundays FREE MEDICAL DELIVERIES (Mon. to Fri.)

Fiona Bainbridge

massage therapy barwon heads – Remedial – Relaxation – Deep tissue – Sports

Fiona Bainbridge Cert.Rem.Mass. S.S.N.T. Member A.A.M.T.

Ph: 0409 584 221

65A Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Ph 52542312 Your Independent Local Pharmacy

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café & cider bar


Vietnamese Cuisine from the kitchen of Hong Lee “Made with Love”

Local no.Wines, 1 Craft Beer & Cider Soup 15 Gourmet Burgers, 8 Souvlakis Banana & Pineapple Fritters Spiked shakes Seniors 3 course Lunch/Dinner $18.00 American Burger, beef pattie, double bacon, double cheese, onion rings, pickles & special sauce.

Kids Burger Special, Chips & drink $10.00. All Day Special Egg & Bacon roll, hash brown & coffee $10.00 Cnr. Hitchcock Avenue & Bridge Road Barwon Heads 03 5254 2468

Daily specials

Locally blended Tea Locally roasted specialtycoffee Tuesday - Saturday 11 am -10pm Sunday 8am - 4pm Closed Monday

(03) 420 205 25 Licensed ~ Cnr BridgeRd/HitchcockAve Barwon Heads

Ever made lace biscuits? 70gms finely chopped pistachios 1 ½ tbs tapioca starch 1 cup coconut flakes zest of 2 Oranges 230gm honey 1 egg 130gm butter or coconut oil ½ tsp vanilla 1 tsp lemon juice about ½ tsp sea salt flakes 1/8th tsp bi-carb soda

Pistachio Orange & Honey Lace biscuits

Melt butter or oil in a large saucepan over low heat...add honey, egg, vanilla & juice...whisk to combine...add pistachios, orange rind, tapioca starch, flakes, salt, bi-carb & mix well with a wooden spoon...rest for 20 minutes while lining 3-4 baking sheets with baking paper...pre-heat oven to 180c...drop 1 tsp onto trays 15cm apart & flatten out centre slightly...cook 6-8 minutes until golden brown...watch carefully - they cook quickly - remove from oven and cool on trays before making next batch...this helps them to crisp...store in fridge to help keep them crunchy. Can be frozen. GF Ph: 5254 1090 60 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads

STARFISH BAKERY _________________ _________________

Gorgeous sandwiches salads daily specials and soups Bread, cakes, biscuits & really good coffee

Try our new thin crispy pizzas

Breakfast of champions

Closed Tuesdays 78 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Telephone: 5254 2772

soup dips seafood All day brekkie, lunch & dinner steak Open 7 days and 7 nights curries Fully licenced gourmet wood oven pizza Take away options veg & gluten free options private functions welcome


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PUT SOME ZING INTO SPRING! Spring is still springing and our food choices grow weekly...this month, talke advantage of beautiful fresh asparagus, green beans and cauliflower to create a couple of perfect side dishes with max flavour and spring zing! I reckon these sauces could be interchangeable with either the bean/asparagus or cauliflower dish

ZINGY GREENS WITH ANCHOVIES & GARLIC Toast 1/4 cup raw hazelnuts...place in a paper bag and bash with rolling pin until crumbed (leaving a few chunky bits)...trim woody ends from 2 bunches of asparagus...trim the stem end of 250gms green beans and halve...peel, trim and finely chop 4 cloves garlic...place garlic in a fry pan with 1 tbs olive oil, 1 tsp anchovy oil and 8 minced anchovy fillets... heat slowly then cook on low heat for a minute...blanch asparagus in boiling water for 3 minutes, remove onto a plate with slotted spoon keeping water on the boil ...blanch beans for 3 mins drain & throw greens into anchovy & garlic mix and toss through for 2 minutes...dress with ground black pepper and a good squeeze of lemon juice...top with hazelnut crumb and serve with grilled chicken a big smile.

Once the old Fire Station, BeachHouse Barwon Heads showcases some of the Bellarine Peninsula's fine produce, wine, cider & beer

HAPPY HOURS 5pm-7pm Wednesday & 5pm- 8pm Friday


WEDNESDAY NIGHT LOCALS NIGHT $25 selected mains (that change weekly)

Is there anything we haven’t done with cauliflower? We all know how brilliant it is for us so we’re eating it every which way...here’s a divine japanesey influenced dish you’ll want to eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner...pick a small, firm white cauliflower and trim off the outer leaves...trim into med size florets with a stem of about 2.5cm then cut in half so each piece has a flat side...trim green part of outer leaves leaving the spine intact...roast flat sides down on baking paper (including spines) in a medium oven until golden (turning once)...place all on a serving plate then dress with...mix 3 tbs peanut oil, 1 1/2 tbs rice vinegar, 2 tsp white miso 1/4 tsp sesame oil & ½ tsp soy sauce in a jar and shake until smooth and miso is dissolved... add a dash more vinegar to taste...feel free to spice it up with some snipped chives & red chile flakes then serve with a sigh of pleasure.

$5 kids meals every Wednesday night Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - late Saturday and Sunday 8am - late

CONTACT BeachHouse Barwon Heads 48 Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads 03 5254 3376 info@beachhousebarwonheads.com.au www.beachhousebarwonheads.com.au


Open 7 days


03 5254 2741

International Award Winning Ice Cream 45 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads Ph: 5254 3229

www.barwonheadswinestore.com.au 2/86 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads

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BHFMS The Bellarine Sings

The Inaugural Bellarine Choral festival was held on Sunday, October 15 in the Barwon Heads Hall as part of the City of Greater Geelong's Seniors' Festival. Participating in this first Festival was the Coryule Chorus, a 30 voice community choir, founded in 2010, from Dysdale; Sing Australia, Geelong, which is part of the Australia wide Sing Australia group, and the Barwon Heads Chorale. First off the rank was the Coryule Chorus under the direction of Joy Porter with pianist Ingrid Austin and flautist, Bernice Norman. They sang the fun song 'I want to sing in a Choir' with soloist Peter Strickland. Then 'One Song' a song written by an American in 1995 and found on the internet by Joy Porter. Finally, they sang 'Be Still my Soul' from Sibelius's Finlandia. Sing Australia, Geelong, was conducted by Angela Gionis with Maureen Van Andel on piano. 'Catch a Falling Star' was sung first, followed by two of the Irish Group, Celtic Thunder's songs 'My Land' and 'Take me Home'. A golden oldie came next - 'What ever will be will be, Que Sera Sera' made famous by Doris Day. The Barwon Heads Chorale was conducted by Natale Lewington with accompanist, Sara Brownell. Mozart's Lacrymosa was followed by a medley from Les Miserables and finally the Chorale sang 'The 59th Street Bridge Song', better known as 'Feeling Groovy'. As a finale the three choirs joined together to sing 'I Call Australia Home'. All this singing was followed by a sumptuous afternoon tea and all proceeds from the event will be presented to the CFA. Sincere thanks go to Natale Lewington for organising such a successful Festival. In fact, the afternoon was such a success that it is hoped to make this Bellarine Choral Festival an annual event. Our next concert will be held on Sunday, November 12 at 2.30 in the Barwon Heads Anglican Church when Anne Pilgrim will be introducing the young finalists from the Musical Society of Geelong. 'Our musical future in good hands!' Donation:Friends/Members:$10; Visitors:$15. All welcome to stay for afternoon tea following the concert. Clara/ Jenny


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˜ gelato made IN STORE ˜ Smooth Ugandan organic fair trade coffee ˜ Pastries ˜ cakes ˜ biscuits ˜ Paninis

˜ sushi

Photo: Caroline hutton

49a hitchcock ave barwon heads 0434 274 781 Otta met Jessie

in Piemonte, North West Italy while Jessie was spending a year studying high quality food.

Otta hails from Bergamo in northern Italy and has always had a passion for gelato. During this time they had the idea to open a gelato shop and with courses completed and research done, Otta and Jessie decided to move to Australia to pursue the gelato dream. They opened their first store in Anglesea during September 2016. It was such a success they looked for a second location and this is how they have ended up in Jessie’s childhood home of Barwon Heads. Otta makes all of the traditional italian gelato in store using fresh fruit and high quality ingredients. Coffetti Gelato sells and serves organic, fair trade coffee from Uganda along with fresh locally made sushi, paninis and delicious pastries, cakes and biscuits. 2 young children & 2 shops later Otta and Jessie’s gelato dreams have come true.....it’s amazing where love leads you G ________________________________________________________________________

We're thrilled to announce that Physiotherapist Jo Morgan will now be working alongside Wayne Clarke, to continue giving Barwon Heads the friendly, personalised physio service you have come to love!

· · ·

Cosmetic injectables Dermal (skin) therapies Proudly stocking THE SKINCARE COMPANY


NEW-PRP(aka Vampire facial)


Special occasion and seasonal packages available facebook.com/medispaattheheads

Just one of those days...

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A second Positive Education Evening was held at Barwon Heads PS.


It was wonderful to see a mixture of parents and community members in attendance. The audience learnt about the model used at Barwon Heads PS and the ways in which the teachers are working with the students to ensure high levels of wellbeing. Everyone was engaged and great questions were asked.


Lisa Kebbell Grade 3 Barwon Heads PS

________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Full Program: 5th November to 18th March – Sunday 10.30am – 12:30pm 2. Holiday Program: 27th December 2017 – 29th December 10.00am – 1.00pm 2nd January 2018 – 4th January 10:00am – 1:00pm The full program is designed for all skill levels and weekly consecutive participation is encouraged

Come and join in the fun this summer while making new friends and learning surf skills! 13th Beach Barwon Heads SLSC aims to encourage all children to achieve, do their best and develop to their full potential, whilst learning new skills and having fun. We courage participation in all activities regardless of skill level. This season there will be 2 program options for children to participate in, both with the aim to encourage the learning of new skills and having fun.

however children are welcome to drop in for sessions as available. Children are able to participate in the holiday program and continue on for the remainder of the season if desired. If you would like to find out more information about our programs please contact Ashleigh Baker (Nipper and Junior Coordinator) via email nippers@13thbeachslsc.asn.au Look forward to seeing you on the beach!

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IGA Proudly Supporting your local CFA Volunteer Firefighters

BARWON HEADS 5254 2525 8am to 8pm 7 days a week Free Home Delivery

BARWON HEADS URBAN FIRE BRIGADE Barwon Heads Fire Brigade is getting ready for the fire season The Barwon Heads Fire Brigade is holding its annual Open Day on Sunday 12 November from 10am 1pm at the Barwon Heads Fire Station, Sheepwash Road. Visitors will be able to tour the fire station, explore our trucks, participate in demonstrations and learn more about being a CFA volunteer. There will also be activities for the kids Captain Koala has promised to visit and a sausage sizzle. We'd love to see you there. With advice from the Bureau of Meteorology telling us to expect a warmer than usual summer, and parts of Gippsland already officially declared for the fire season, we are busy at the Brigade refreshing our skills. Every Tuesday evening and Sunday morning members of the Brigade are participating in training of a range of activities. From drafting water to refill the tanker, to managing dehydration on hot days to practising what to do should a bushfire directly burn over the fire truck (this is called entrapment), it is mandatory that we refresh these skills so we can properly support communities over the summer. In mid October a training exercise was held at Queenscliff with all the Brigades on the Bellarine taking part. Brigades were divided into two strike teams and members participated in a series of activities testing skills and team work. We practised asset protection and did a hose lay, running out lots of lengths of hose to simulate getting to a fire in a coastal township setting. We also ran through an entrapment exercise. It was a great opportunity to reinforce relationships across brigades, which is important given we work closely together especially during fire season. With the days getting warmer, it's a timely reminder to check your barbecue and ensure it's in good working order. We have been called out to incidents in the past, either due to leaking gas bottles or the BBQ fare itself catching fire. Please do check your connections carefully before you fire up the barbie, and once going, never leave it untended. Barwon Heads CFA has a Facebook page informing you of local events, community safety info and insights on what the Brigade is up to. Make sure you jump on and give us a like to follow what we are up to! The Barwon Heads Fire Brigade is seeking new members. If you are interested in learning new skills, meeting new people and being part of a team that contributes to the safety of our community, please call Captain Helen Wood on 0438 507 273, or email Secretary Kira Crawford-Brooks on cap.bhufb@bigpond.com

1/25 Wallington Road, Ocean Grove‌3226 03 5255 4676 – mobile 0412 102 145 www.bgholidayrentals.com.au relaxing@bgholidayrentals.com.au

RIVERSHOLME PTY LTD Riversholme Ltd offers professional, prompt and local help with Home and Business IT systems.

s Repairs, upgrades and new computers s Expert and qualified tuition s Data protection & backup s Internet and web s Anti-virus s Intel server specialists s Network & phone cabling s IT planning & policy for business 50 CARR STREET BARWON HEADS

Phone: 5254 2101 hl@riversholme.com.au


Great Ocean Stays

Book the Bellarine Andrew, Meryll & Rachel Smith Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals team offer an experienced and personal approach to Holiday Rentals Property Management. Our team is fully qualified and experienced in Holiday Rentals P r o p e r t y M a n a g e m e n t , To u r i s m a n d H o s p i t a l i t y. Call us today to discuss our range of services and tap into our regular guest base.


Studio/1br/2br/3br/4br 4.5 AAA Rated (Green Star) Holiday Accommodation

Ph: 03 5254 1066 / 0417 543336 www.seahavenvillage.com.au

Proud winner of the 2016 award Accessible Business at the Geelong Business Excellence Awards. Jump on board! Contact us to discuss holiday rental & business listings. 0403 515605 www.oceangrovestays.com.au

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buy sell swap & tell

arvelous Music In May a Huge Success what's cooking at the lobster pot? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

BARWON HEADS ASSOC. President - Sandra Gatehouse Meet @The Senior Citizens Hall 3rd Monday in Month @ 7pm All welcome

GIRL GUIDES VICTORIA Helen Carruthers 5254 1299 hcarruthers@guidesvic.org.au

The Buzz Now that the cold, the wind, swooping magpies and the latest U.S. presidential nonsense have passed and are fading into memory just one source of universal irritation remains: mosquitoes. Ochlerotactus notoscriptus do not deserve such widespread dislike. They are driven by their biological body clocks. They, like us humans, eagerly anticipate the arrival of summer. Sunshine and warmth- who can blame them? For us it means beach and the great outdoors. For them it means lots of exposed human skin, hot bodies, perspiration and body odours sending out the signal that their once in a lifetime dinner is ready. The Friends of the Lobster Pot are also anticipating the inevitable arrival of summer that brings campers and visitors and short opening season of the Lobster Pot. The volunteers are now rested, replenished and ready to dispense knowledge, advice and instruction to visitors of the Lobster Pot. Just like mosquitoes visitors will arrive in increasing numbers eager to gain an insight into the natural and cultural heritage of our beautiful river estuary. Regular readers of this column will hopefully know that the Lobster Pot is the green building on the riverfront adjacent to 'At the Heads' restaurant. It is open 1.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. daily between Boxing Day and Australia Day. Visitors won't be stung for admission- just a gold coin donation. Now that I have your attention, do you have just a little spare time and would you like to share your knowledge of the river estuary? Why not join the friends group. They can be contacted through Barwon Coast. Call in at the office or ring Maddie Glynn. Oh and stock up on mosquito repellent too. Rob Kuebler


BARWON HEADS SUSTAINABILITY GROUP Community Arts Garden John Burke 5254-1921.

COMMUNITY GARDEN President -John McIntosh 0422 816 766 Email- jmc@bhartsgarden.com

FRIENDS OF THE BLUFF President - Jon Duthie 5254 2626


Old Interesting Stuff Antiques, Furniture, Art Deco, Books, Collectables, Surfboards, Household Goods We buy single items or house lots. Call Peter Summers at How Bazaar 5278 5453 MENDING , HEMS & DRESSMAKING Margaret 0419 350 103

BARWON HEADS COMMUNITY ARTS GARDEN John McIntosh - President Mob.0422816766 Http://www.bhartsgarden.com

LOCAL MARKETS =Barwon Headsl Last Saturday 9am - 1pm LOcean Grove- Kingston Park l 1st Sunday 9am - 1pm l Pt. Lonsdale l at Pt Lonsdale Primary School 2nd Sunday 9am - 2pm l Drysdale at Recreation Reserve l 3rd Sunday 9am - 1pm l Portarlington at Newcombe St l (Opp Port Hotel) 1st Saturday 9am - 2pm l Queenscliff at Princes Park l Last Sat Sept to May





Remember to take your baskets, cloth or hession bags or your jeep to save our communities from the curse of the plastic bag invasion



0416 119240

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BARWON HEADS BOWLING CLUB If you aren’t playing, come down on a Wednesday night in November between 6 and 8pm, enjoy refreshments at 1984 prices and have a look at some future bowlers.

What is it all about? Smash down a tree Put up a wall Silence a bird Watch it all fall Where is my branch Where is my home Under that slab Now you will roam I wish you well I hope you find A sweet old tree A sweet old mind Someone who cares not For fashion and fame Someone who loves you Who knows your name Take all the sun Take all the trees Take all the life Do as you please Make all the money Drive it around What is your legacy What have you found Look all around us Take it all in You can't stop progress Concrete will win. Go to the river What will you find Take some photos With your mind. L.B.

Whilst we’d love to have lots of young bowlers in our ranks, the Club is made up by senior members of the community. As such we always seem to have members on the injured list, at the moment the numbers threatens our fit list, but we wish all those missing, a speedy recovery. At most Clubs, whatever the activity, there are people who do above and beyond, compete, then look around for what hasn’t been done. Photo: Secret Garden Barwon Heads Bowling Club has one in Les Jennings. Les has been at the Club Les Jennings forever and has done every job, President and pretty much every job down the line. Until recently he has still been bowling as well as ever with the assistance of his mechanical arm. Time has caught up and Les has recently Design and Construct retired from Pennant bowls, although he insists he’s still an emergency. Les, the Club thank you will@jardinehomes.com.au for wonderful service on and off the green and www.jardinehomes.com.au Will Gordon trust there’s still many years of service off the DB-U29460 green. mobile 0414 354 079 Once again the call goes out for new bowlers. We are looking for new bowlers and anyone interested can ring the Club and arrange an informal roll up, have a taste and see where it goes. Until next time, good bowling.


The Directory page 22 talking heads

0416 119240 talkingbarwonheads@bigpond.com

EMERGENCY: POLICE - FIRE - AMBULANCE 000 Animal Rescue (Jirrahlinga) Police Barwon Heads Fire Brigade Secretary/Admin. Enquiries Ocean Grove Fire Brigade Barwon Water

5254 2484 5256 2698 0401 231 753 5255 1746 5226 2500


CARPENTRY & HOME MAINTENANCE Damien Mason Carpenter Dangerfield Construction & Home Maintenance David Cole Reliable Carpenter. Loves small jobs. Call Mick

0417 891 122 0424 389 176 5254 1657/0419 118 221 0405 484 344


1st Barwon Heads Scout Group 5251 2210 13th Beach Golf Academy & Public Driving range 5254 2622 Barwon Grove Golf Club (The Tin Shed) 5254 2826 Barwon Heads Association Pres. Sandy Gatehouse 5254 1654 Barwon Heads Bowling Club 18 Geelong Road. 5254 3124 Barwon Heads Community Hall FOR HIRE bhhallbookings@gmail.com Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden Judy 5254 1034 Barwon Heads Film Society Alex 5254 1139 Barwon Heads Fine Music Society Inc. Jenny Wallace Smith 5254 2580 INC. Barwon Heads Chorale Jo 5254 2670 Barwon Heads Football & Netball Club 5254 2675 Barwon Heads Heritage Group (Part of BHA) Richard Hastings 5254 2621 Barwon Heads Red Cross 5254 1128 Barwon Heads Senior Citizens Club Norm Buckley 5254 3079 Barwon Heads Tennis Club 5256 1527 Barwon Heads 13th Beach Surf Life Saving Club www.13thbeachslsc.asn.au 5254 2469 Bellarine for Refugees Group Margaret 0419 323 166 Ocean Grove Bridge Club Marcus Hill 5256 2550




Barwon Carpet Cleaning All areas 7 days 0428 502 670 F & G Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaning Geoff Stanley 0428 520 525/5250 1845

CHIROPRACTOR Bellarine Chiropractic 14 Tuckfield Street Ocean Grove 5255 2200/0439 559173

CLEANERS Tri ama Cleaning Services

Tracey 0412 135 866

COMPUTER REPAIRS www.barwonheadsresort.com.au & TUITION Leigh – No fix, no fee. I will come to you. 50+ a speciality. Riversholme P/L hl@riversholme.com.au

0439024870 5254 2101


B & C Coolroom Hire

DENTAL CLINIC Ocean Breeze - Trak Arcade 73 The Terrace Ocean Grove

5255 2584

DENTURE CLINIC Coastal Dentures

Andrew Irving

Claire Dagley Dietician @ The Heads

79 The Parade OG

2/76 Hitchcock Ave.

5255 4700

Steve Sowden 5254 1100

Barwon Heads Caravan Park Ewing Blythe Drive Barwon Heads 5254 1115 Surfcoast Dog Grooming Ocean Grove 5255 1336 Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals www.bgholidayrentals.com.au 0412 102 145 / 5255 4676 DRIVING SCHOOL Ocean Grove Holiday Rentals enquiries@oceangrovestays.com.au 0403 515 605 Dashcam Driving School 0430 219 119 Laura’s Beach Houses Jetty Rd Barwon Heads 5254 1115 Chris Walters SeahavenVillage.com.au 1-7 Geelong Rd Barwon Heads 5254 1066 ELECTRICIANS / ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES The Nook 1 bedroom cottage, private get away near river 0400 871 073 Brendon Brice Electrical Phones/Data 0416 165 855 Green Lead Electrical Martin 0467 097 101 ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES info@electricalml.com 0435 418 704 PFG Financial Services – 4/50 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads 5255 9555 Mick Leverett - Electrician 0419 705 313 Ocean Grove Accounting & Taxation Services Luke Joyce 5256 2815 Thirteenth Electrical elton@thirteenthelectrical.com.au Warren Jankowski Electrical 0404 163 609


B & C Air conditioning, Installations, Breakdown & Service

0418 827 642

ANTENNAS Kendall Antenna Service Point Lonsdale Television

0404 019 781 0411 490 430, (03)5258 2068



0425 715 373

FITNESS HEALTH HEALING MASSAGE Bowen Therapy Andrea Neale 0407 794 087 Ocean Grove Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture 5255 2905 / 0432 961 910 Barwon Heads Massage, Seaside Serenity, Daryl Wilkie 0403956900

Irons McDuff Architecture www.ironsmcduff.com.au 5254 1337/ 0404 041 337 Roös & Smith Architects + Planners info@roosandsmith.com 5254 2789 / 0427 012196 Victoria Hamer Architects www.victoriahamer.com 0408 990 929




ArtsKool @ Kazworks Adults & Kids Art Classes info@artskool.com.au 0437 582772 Seaview Gallery ~ Queenscliff ~ Contemporary & Traditional Art & Glass 5258 3645

FLY Screening Solutions - Insect screens & doors; Security doors

0408 699 690

ATTRACTIONS Jirrahlinga Wildlife Centre Taits Rd Barwon Heads

5254 2484

BANK Barwon Heads Community Bank 70 Hitchcock Avenue

03 5254 1700

BEAUTY THERAPY Skin and Soul Aesthetics

1st Floor 51 Hitchcock Ave.

0411 727 930


0403 601 470

BUILDING , EXTENSIONS & RENOVATIONS Homes by Chapman. HIA AWARD Winning Builders. Www.homesbychapman.com.au 0414752159 Jardine Homes Design & Construct Will Gordon 0414 354 079 Jason O’Neill Builder Spec. in Environ. Sustainable Homes www.jasononeillbuilder.com.au 0419 393 173 ReKooporations Building Services- renovations, bathrooms & more 0418 357092

CAFES/ RESTAURANTS Barwon Orange 60 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Beachhouse Barwon Heads 48 Hitchcock Ave. Hanoi Kitchen Cnr. Bridge/Hitchcock Mangroves cnr. Hitchcock Ave/Bridge Rd Barwon Heads Starfish Bakery 78 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads

5254 1090 5254 3376 (03) 420 205 25 5254 2468 5254 2772

LOCAL ADVERTISING WORKING LOCALLY FOR 15 YEARS Get on Board talkingbarwonheads@bigpond.com 5254 1878 / 0416 119240

Bellarine Flooring 9 Sykes Place O.Grove



58 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads


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5255 2044 5254 1811

PICTURE FRAMING Jeanius Graphics 50 Carr St. Barwon Heads

5254 2101 / 0419 588 069

PILATES Pilates Connect www.pilatesconnect.com.au/ info@pilatesconnect.com.au 0402 413 933

HAIRDRESSERS - LADIES, MENS & CHILDREN PLASTERERS Hair Dudes- Mens 84b Hitchcock Ave. B.Heads 5254 1933 Kylie Curcio Hair Stylist 66 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads 5254 1705/ 0408 036 383 Melissa Connoley Hairdressing, Make Up, Beauty 0432 187 767


Barwon Heads Handyman Experienced and problem solving 0422 340805 Nick Gilbert “My Handyman” for all those little jobs. 52543186 / 0411 225 516


Newbold Interior Design decorating and styling for new homes, renovations and makeovers Newboldinteriordesign.com Sarah 0407 008 813 Pip Interiors- Interior Design, Colour Consulting & Custom Made Blinds 0425 710 784

IRONING Green Steam Ironing & Laundry facilities 7 Smithton Grove OG

0424 051735


Bellarine Black Diamond Garden Service 0429 990 850 Bellarine Mowing - Garden Care and more Andrew 0432 714 762 Bellarine Property Care - Total Property Maintenance Andrew 0432 714 762 KR Garden Care – Mowing, pruning, mulching. Barwon Heads 0457 265 852

LEGAL SERVICES Coulter Roache 4/50 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Jeannette Ernst/Licensed Conveyancer Whyte Just & Moore 1/50 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads

5254 1877 0407 726 260 (03) 5222 2077


Plaster patching / small jobs - Paul Rouhan

BMC Plumbing Blair McGregor 0418 376 014 Coastal Roofing New and re-roofing 5255 2732 / 0418 593 434 Davis Plumbing P/L 0419 504 085 / 0421 814 669 K2 Plumbing New, re-roof & repair specialists Kerry 0402 071 093

PODIATRY Kim Nankivell 13th Beach Osteopathy & Health Services Barwon Heads Podiatry @ The Heads Lizzy Ryan 2/76 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Next to the Community Bank

Concept Psychology Services. Suzanne Brown, Clinical Neuropsychologist. 0488 992 721

RUBBISH REMOVAL Prompt same day clearance The Rubbish Guy www.therubbishguy.com.au Sylont Watching Service

0419 529 623

SELF DEFENCE Ju-Jitsu Self Defence www.jikishinjujitsuaustralia.com.au/bellarine-peninsula/

0432 544 079

OPTOMETRY Greg Sly Optometrist 87 The Parade Ocean Grove Ocean Eyes Optometrists 2 Park Lane, 99 Presidents Ave. O/Grove


5256 1295 5255 5655

13th Beach Osteopathy & Health Services 1/86 Hitchcock Ave. B/Heads 5254 2668 Osteopathy at Barwon Heads Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic 5229 8021


5255 4422 5254 1279

Studio Paradiso


0406 636 201

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOING Gary Priest’s Photo & Video Wedding Package – $1195

0417 121 702

WINDOW FURNISHINGS Ocean Grove Blinds and Awnings 67 Madeley St. Ocean Grove

5256 3668

WINDOW CLEANING Peter Macmillan Barwon Heads Winestore


5254 2484

0418 524 451




barwon heads rd Connewarre

Ocean Grove Travel 63a The Terrace Ocean Grove Travel With a Difference Tremont Court B H.

Colourman Painting James Long colourmanpainting@gmail.com 0407 415541 P.P.KING’S Painting & Home Maintenance Services Call Phill 0419 185 450 Steve & Cathy Flynn Painter & Decorator 5255 5667 / 0411 126 291 Jirrahlinga Taits Road Barwon Heads

0416 074 227


Pian/keyboard lessons with Deb Podbury in Barwon Heads

Mobile Ph. 0476 277 423 Hank 0419 518 523


Caravan, boat etc - storage

48 Grubb Rd. Ocean Grove 5255 2432 / 0407 045652

5254 2319


Lasty’s Mobile Mechanic Unit 2/168-170 Fyans st South Geelong Darren 0409 955768


5254 2668

5254 1100


MOWER SALES & REPAIRS Bellarine Mower Service

0458 005 623


5258 4248 / 0415 493 302

WINESTORE Wine, beer, cider, spirits & more 2/86

Hitchcock Ave.

Kyo Yoga Garden Studio or Kyo Hub kyoyoga.com.au Rachael Hely Yoga www.barwonheadsyoga.com.au

5254 2741

0438 562 723 0430 515 424

Just in Time Personal Training - Workplace Health Justin Moran 0411 798 934

PHYSIOTHERAPY Physio @ The Heads Wayne Clarke 2/76 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads

5254 1100


Barwon Heads local, Margaret Griffith, was recently awarded Council on the Ageing Victoria Senior Achiever Award at the Victorian Senior of the Year Awards at Government House.

The Hon. Martin Foley Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing, with Barwon Heads local, Margaret Griffith, receiving the Council on the Ageing Victoria Senior Achiever Award as part of the Victorian Seniors Festival.

Margaret is widely recognised for her work with refugees. Margaret is the founder and chair of the Bellarine for Refugees group which has more than 30 volunteers assisting refugees who need assistance to apply for visas and find a home. Margaret is also a driving force behind the Barwon Estuary Project, which works with the local community, including the local primary school to create an awareness of the estuary. The Victorian Senior of the Year Awards celebrate older Victorians who have generously contributed their time, skills and support to the community. The Awards take place during the Victorian Seniors Festival, which is back for its 35th year and will see more than 1500 free or low cost events take place across the state.

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Crazy Colouring In

Sponsoredby Take your November entries into the Post Office. For a prize STRUMPET _______________________________________________________________________

The Barwon Estuary continues to provide inspiration for many activities. Some keen artists gathered on a Sunday morning to sketch by the estuary, with beautiful results. There are many other opportunities for people to join in our events. The following are planned for the next months. Introduction to Botanic Art A series of five lessons by accomplished botanic artist, Rhonda Favaloro will take place in November/December for FREE. Rhonda, an experienced tutor, will teach some of the fundamental skills of botanic art in this introductory series of lessons. Time: Fridays from 9.30 am. until 12.30 pm. Dates: November 10, 17, December 1, 8, 15. Place: Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden room. There are a limited number of places. To book, email Debra: debramread@msn.com. A list of requirements will then be forward out to you. Please note that this is a series of lessons and students are expected to attend all five. Litter Count Marine litter has become an ever increasing problem. One way to combat this is to undertake litter counts, publish information gathered and try to educate people on ways in which they can help improve the situation. Bellarine Catchment Network has identified and is working on a number of hotspots around the Port Philip Bay. Litter is also a problem in the Barwon River. The Barwon Estuary Project will be measuring litter and litter accumulation in an area on the river bank side of the Sheepwash and River Parade corner. The initial litter count will take place on Tuesday November 14th at 9.30 am. Further counts will be done once a month, on the second Tuesday of the month, for six months. The counts only take about half an hour. If you would like to help send an email to barwonestuary@gmail.com For more information about these and other events for the Barwon Estuary Project, go to: barwonestuaryproject.wordpress.com or facebook.


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BARWON HEADS CYCLING CLUB The arrival of daylight savings has temporarily plunged the BHCC morning rides back into darkness, a consequence of the admittedly unfriendly starting time of 5.45am that applies to the club's Monday to Friday rides. Happily things are somewhat more social and the sun is higher in the sky on Saturdays and the occasional Sunday, when 6.30am is the appointed time for departing the CFA. Our Monday route commences with a circuit of Carr Street and a trip along Hitchcock Avenue before a simple out and back run to Breamlea and back. This c30km track must surely rank as one of Australia's most appealing and scenic regular café rides. The sea and the surf provide a brilliant visual presence, capably filling any gaps in conversation as the bikes roll along and on Mondays in particular the level of talk may wane at times. Certainly as we ride in to and out of Breamlea there's no talk at all. A self imposed cone of silence descends, in deference to the residents of the township, one of whom on a memorable occasion greeted us with well aimed verbal abuse in response to his mornings being so reliably disturbed. The sound surprisingly loud of rolling wheels, spinning hubs and riders' chatter had finally pushed this Breamlea citizen to breaking point, as he so emphatically expressed. On Tuesdays we give Breamlea a reprieve by heading first to Ocean Grove, climbing 'Collendina Heights' as a privately erected sign proclaims, before heading out along Banks Road where, at that early hour there are no cars to be seen. We ride up Swan Bay Road, briefly traverse the Bellarine Highway then hammer the ups and downs of Wallington Road. A flying sort of finale across the narrows brings us to

the bridge, the welcome sight of the Barwon Heads Hotel and home. The mountain bikers MTBs in trade talk take to the trails on Wednesdays, often ascending the Bluff for a photo opportunity, while the road bikes opt for a simple Barwon Heads to Point Lonsdale return route. If you follow Thirteenth Beach Road, Black Road Road, Staceys Road, Lake Road and Baenchs Lane, cruise past the frequently, fondly dreamed of 'Happy Residence' on Bluestone School Road, run down Breamlea Road and enjoy the bike path before returning along Thirteenth on any Thursday you'll see us assuming you're up and about pre dawn. Friday hooray for Friday we reprise Monday's Breamlea and back route, or should that be routine? This time there's often a lighter mood and a slower pace than the Monday edition and the number of riders is regularly greater on the road and around the table at Annies café. Again, the road bikes and the MTBs share the activity on Fridays. This sequence is repeated week by week while Saturdays vary things considerably. First, there's the welcome later start time that not only affords everyone a sleep in (relatively speaking) but also supplies a sunny beginning for the ride. The opportunity to take a longer way around is seized, often by going west young, and not so young, men towards Torquay, Ocean Acres or beyond to test ourselves on the Bells Beach hills or to take a country road (cue gratuitous John Denver reference) to Moriac. Alternatively we choose a Bellarine peninsula track to Drysdale, Portarlington, Indented Head, Queenscliff and Point Lonny all with options to turn off and head home for shorter circuits if people prefer. It's important to note, none of these rides are as hard or as fast as they might at first appear. They only go quicker if you speed read this article. On the road

they're generally chatty, relaxed and they give everyone a chance to appreciate the scenery as they acquire the justification for a coffee or perhaps two on a Saturday. Some days there might be ten or more in the bunch. On other occasions only two. And almost every BHCC member has experienced that sinking feeling of being the only one to turn up at the CFA and then subsequently pursue a lonely solo ride. Going alone is not all bad in fact. There's time to think, you can ride comfortably at a pace of your own choosing and you have the freedom to head for the café whenever you want. There are actually recorded instances of riders on their own simply cruising from the CFA straight back to bed, or to Annie's in time to order the first brew of the day although such instances are often kept understandably quiet! Whatever the number, the navigated route or the day, our rides can be counted upon to get things off to a great start. And there's an open invitation everyday…

And in other news…BHCC claims a share of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. In the tradition of adopting identities as our own Phar Lap, Crowded House, Russell Crowe (well maybe not Rusty so much) et al - we unashamedly seize a share of the world's most prestigious peace prize, recently awarded to ICARE the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Tim Wright, the son of esteemed BHCC member Neville is the Asia Pacific Director of ICARE, a small, dedicated Australian founded organization that fights above its weight in the biggest bout of all. Our congratulations to you Nev, Chris and, of course, Tim! Lawrie Malcolm

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Above the Net

As the sun finally starts to break through on a more regular basis here in beautiful Barwon Heads, out of hibernation also come the regular summer tennis crowd. With the front 4 courts recently resurfaced it provides a terrific playing venue and club environment for our small, coastal enclave. Something the regulars are very proud of. We are already starting to see the numbers pick up at our regular Wednesday evening social hit (starting at 7pm for those that are keen to dust off the racquet and make some new friends) and the courts are chock full of juniors on 3 or 4 afternoons a week for lessons under the watchful eye of our wonderful coaching team, led by Cameron Govan at Essential Tennis. Saturday pennants have now commenced and this year we are fielding 2 senior teams and an amazing 10 junior teams. This is fantastic for the ongoing viability and future of the club especially if we can provide a pathway for them to progress through to the senior ranks over time. A big shout out to Dave Brauer for the time and energy he puts into managing the junior teams, a workload that needs to be shared moving forward.

A report for each is below. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Margie McCleod for all her hard work over the past 3 years as club president and are fortunate she has agreed to stay

Brett Armstrong

on as Vice this year to ensure a smooth transition of knowledge and experience in the club workings. Thank you to the rest of the committee also and I look forward to working with you all in continuing to grow both the playing and social sides of the club over the years ahead.

There is a team at home most Saturday afternoons so if you are anywhere near the courts between 1:30pm and approx. 4pm please drop in and cheer the local teams on.

New members always required and very, very welcome any enquiries please contact either Jason Ah Sam on 0437 783 743 or myself on 0474 133 436 to discuss.

season and a full washup of the year will be provided in the next edition of Above The Net. The new summer season starts early in the New Year if any ladies out there want a Tuesday morning game, a few laughs and a usually delicious morning tea. Our BHTC ladies are famous throughout the region for one of the best spreads going around.

Senior Report Early days with 2 rounds played. Having sides in both sections 1 and 2 this year provides a great standard of tennis for all concerned. Will be great to get some teams back in the lower grades next year and give everyone whom wants to enjoy competition tennis the opportunity of playing with similar standard players. Section 1 is an all men competition this year and the guys started with a great win over Geelong East Uniting before being beaten in our own version of “The Battle of the Bridge” against Ocean Grove by a solitary game. Keep it up gents and good luck for the season ahead as will be strong tennis. Section 2 is a 3x3 mixed competition and we fielded predominantly the same team that lost the Grand Final Last year against Geelong Lawn. With a new recruit or 2, players coming back from injury or a potential early retirement we are hoping to go one better this year and give the old man of the team Paul Robertson, a grand final victory he has been longing for his whole life….in any sport. Hang in there pal as what's that old saying give a monkey a type writer and he will spell a word eventually!! Fortunately, we have started with 2 good wins and find ourselves on top of the ladder already.

Midweek ladies have nearly finished the winter

Junior Report Dave Brauer We had a great day to start our summer tennis season on Oct. 14th, with 5 x junior matches at home, and all courts full of activity on a beautiful sunny morning. We again have 10 x teams for summer, and although we lose kids for various reasons we've maintained 10 x teams, with at least a dozen new kids beginning their tennis journey. Feel free to wander past on Sat. mornings and watch some tennis, and sausages are available for sale. Thanks to all team managers for putting their hand up to assist. Always remember if parents don't get involved with such sporting clubs, then kids don't get to play. This is the last season I can fulfil duties as junior secretary, so we are looking for someone to take over this roll and going forward it may involve a junior secretary, along with a junior sub-committee to help share the workload. Like team managers, and parents assisting, if the club does not have a junior secretary, then there is no junior tennis in Barwon Heads. I am prepared to assist anyone willing to take over in the hand over process.



Cricket is back. Today was a special day for the club with the first round bringing a debutant in A Grade. That's always a special day in a lads life and often in the life of his family too, but this was a little different as included in the team playing with this particular debutant was his dear old dad. Congratulation to Josh High on receiving his blue cap today and on getting to play his big day with his dad Matt. They spent a big chunk of the day in the field so it was nice for these two ripping blokes to savor a special time together. As far as any of us know this is the first time that any player at the club has debuted in A Grade with his father also playing in the team. Congratulations to Josh and to Matt, we hope it’s a special memory for you both for many years.


0416 119240


"Luna" White light cut a scar in the sky Thin line of silver The night was all clouded with dreams Wind made me shiver Black and yellow pools of light Outside my window Luna come to me tonight I am a prisoner Luna glide down from the moon The clouds are all silver and black Floating around me Luna come into my eyes Luna surround me With black and yellow pools of light Fall by my window Luna come to me tonight I am a prisoner Luna glide down from the moon The clouds are all silver and black Floating around me Luna come into my eyes Luna surround me With black and yellow pools of light Fall by my window Luna come to me tonight I am a prisoner Luna glide down from the moon Tom Petty


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Darren Last Independant Mercedes Benz Specialist M. 0409 955 768 P. 5222 3010 Unit 2, Rear of 168-170 Fyans St. Sth Geelong E. darren@lastys.com.au Pick up and delivery of motor vehicle for service or repair from Barwon Heads can be arranged ARC AU No: Au36554

Brendon Brice Electrical Pty Ltd * All electrical Work * Phone & Internet Points * Free Quotes * TV Points * Split System Air Conditioning * Safety Switches * Domestic & Commercial * Stove & Hot Water Repairs * Installation & Maintenance * Computer Network Cabling All Work Covered by a Certificate of Safety

Mobile: 0416 165 855

K2 ROOF PLUMBING New, Re-Roof and Repair Specialists Kerry: 0402 071 093 www.k2roofplumbing.com.au

“The best friend on earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth.� Frank Lloyd Wright

Bellarine Mowing _______________________________________ Scheduled Garden Care & More Andrew Mob: 0432 714 762

PLUMBER All jobs big and small Same day service 25 years local experience Bellarine Peninsula Plumbing Service

0418 521 352

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03-5254 1878 0416 119240


We are the only Personal Training company in Victoria that solely employs 100% University degree fully qualified trainers!

Personal Trainer I Managing Director FOR ALL ENQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT JUSTIN MORAN M: 0411 798 934 E: justin@justintimept.com W: www.justintimept.com — 20 years' experience

— We come to you!

— Mention this ad for a free trial session!

BARWON HEADS COMMUNITY GROUPS SPONSORSHIP and COMMUNITY GRANTS APPLICATIONS 2017/ 2018 The Barwon Heads Community Bank is calling for applications for the next round of funding. Application Periods. January 1st to March 31st Grants announced in May June 1st to August. 31st. Grants announced in October. The bank Bank has delivered over $170,000 $135,000 to the local community since opening. To apply visit the Branch or apply online at www.bendigobank.com.au/barwonheads

Keeping it real


talking bellarine November 2017


Swan Bay Road Boat Ramp

Sarah Paxton-‘Top of the Lake’

On exhibition at Seaview Gallery Queenscliff as part of the Bellarine Arts Traill 4/5 November

Port Pier to Melbourne Skyline

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talking bellarine

Seaview Gallery celebrate the arrival of beautiful weather with Sara Paxton's Exhibition“Colour with Passion” 4-28 November.

SEAVIEW GALLERYqueenscliff SARA PAXTON EXHIBITION Colour with Passion 4-28 November SEAVIEW IS ALSO PART OF THE BELLARINE ARTS TRAIL 4 & 5 NOVEMBER Open 10-30 5.00 daily Closed Wednesday

Ph. 03 5258 3645 86 Hesse St Queenscliff 3225 www.seaviewgallery.com.au


Sara Paxton

Did you know there is a cat boarding facility in Ocean Grove? The Cat Cave cat boarding facility is situated in a newly built warehouse and has huge walk-in enclosures. Our feline cattery boasts a wide variety of cat boarding accommodation options, including short and long-term cat boarding, family suites for owners of more than one cat, and quiet and private spaces for shy types, all at great cattery rates. And best of all, we are solely a cattery, which means no pesky canines to upset your kitty’s holiday. See below for details.

Cattery, Geelong & District P: 5255 3496 22b Sinclair St. Ocean Grove

Mon - Sat 10.30 - 4.30

Sara's paintings are loved for their vibrant treatment of subject matter, her strong bright colours and wonderfully expressive style. Sara works in oils and uses a variety of techniques. She gains inspiration for her work from observing the landscape and seascapes around the region, where she resides. She also enjoys painting still life works for the variety of shape, colour and form that they provide. Sara feels “everything is an impression, an interpretation of reality. Each painting begins with something real a flower, a hill, a tree but soon deviates into colour saturated landscapes and lavishly textured still life. It is often the implication and the suggestion that creates the painting rather than elaborate detail.” Join us for drinks with the artist on Saturday 4 November 2-4pm and celebrate this wonderful exhibition. Seaview will also be participating in the Bellarine Arts Trail Saturday and Sunday 4 & 5 November with many local artists featured in the gallery. Maps available at the Gallery.

______________________ Bellarine Arts Trail This weekend November 4/5 We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion. Max de Pree



At The Cat Cave Boarding we, like you, love cats so caring for your pet isn’t a chore, it’s a pleasure. Variety of care options from day care, short, long and emergency care. Prices are all inclusive with food, treats, medicating (if required), enrichment... And lots of one on one attention.

(03) 5255 2585 3/73 The Terrace Ocean Grove info@OceanBreezeDental.com.au www.OceanBreezeDental.com.au


Jac Majella O’Connor Pam Optometrist


“Love Your Glasses!” 2 Park Lane, 99 Presidents Ave. Ocean Grove ph: 5255 5655 for an appointment

___________________ A REASON TO SMILE!

High quality dental care, service and results. We are transparent about our treatment processes and the affiliated expenses, and will never proceed to treatment unless you are fully informed of all aspects. We accept all health funds and we can claim on the spot with Hicaps. We also accept VET affairs, VEDS (Victorian Emergency Dental Services) and VGDS (Victorian General Dental Services) forms.

talking bellarine

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WHY MEDITATE Meditation is beneficial to every aspect of your being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Physically, it relaxes the body and relieves tension, which slows heart rate and lowers blood pressure. It relieves stress and quiets the mind, bringing a sense of calm and serenity.

HOW TO MEDITATE WITH CRYSTALS Sit quietly with the healing stones or crystals that you wish to use nearby. Close your eyes and quiet your mind, focusing your attention on your breathing. Pick up the crystals or stones and hold them comfortably in your hands. Imagine your awareness spiraling down into the stone, feeling the energy of your crystal. If you feel you would like to know more, pop in to Rose Quartz in Ocean Grove and let them guide you. ______________________________________________________________________

Rotary Club of Ocean Grove - Annual Art Show Rotary Club of Ocean Grove Arts Show... Friday Nov 3rd to Sunday Nov 5th Pt. Lonsdale Primary School Function Centre - profits will be shared amongst local charities - Opening night: Friday November 3rd - 7:30 for 8pm



Trish Temple


Mobile: 0414 583 708


Our focus is you Professional Eyecare and Fashion Eyewear 87 THE PARADE, OCEAN GROVE PHONE: 5256 Artwork1295 courtesy of the Ocean Grove Voice



Shirley & Joe Hornak


Ph. 5255 2432 Mob. 04079AM 045652 OPEN 7 DAYS -5PM Fax 5255 2399 Email hornak1@bigpond.com

bellarine memories for life’s significant occasions

______________________ funerals, pre-paid funerals, weddings and celebrations, telling your story

PHONE: 5255 5500 cnr.Grubb Road and Sinclair Street, Ocean Grove Funeral directors who offer much more than funeral services


talking bellarine p.4

Big Bang Bellarine! On our doorstep are three of the best venues around, each unique. Jack Rabbit continues to blow people away with amazing vistas, food and wine. Local favourite, Leura Park Estate offers a relaxed, rustic chic ambience, premium wines, lovely casual fare and live music Sundays. Flying Brick is the go for cider tasting, local wines, beer and an innovative menu designed to inspire, indulge and share. Take your pick and enjoy your doorstep!

Profile for Talking Heads Mag

Talking Heads & Talking Bellarine mag November 2017  

Barwon Heads' own little monthly mag with news, views, pics, recipes, articles written by locals and an insert with news of The Bellarine.

Talking Heads & Talking Bellarine mag November 2017  

Barwon Heads' own little monthly mag with news, views, pics, recipes, articles written by locals and an insert with news of The Bellarine.


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