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The core of our business is to talk carpet, to talk design inspiration and to talk as partners in design. We aim to be more than just a source of unique carpets; we are your source of design inspiration. We spend a tremendous amount of time curating our monthly Talk Carpet Magazine, vlog and our blog


which is updated daily with inspirational stories. At Talk Carpet, we specialize in hospitality carpets, office carpet, and carpets for multifamily projects. We are a partner of established Danish brand ege carpets, one of the leading commercial carpet companies. Together with egetaepper, Danish for ege carpets, we transform the way designers and end clients approach commercial carpet. We believe that through unique flooring design, interior spaces become strong design statements.



“Bringing truly unique designs to the commercial carpet industry”



FOCUSED Talk Carpet doesn’t want to do it all. We take a highly focused approach, focusing on corporate, hospitality and multifamily projects. Our product range is built towards the contract market and highly specialized. The majority of our products are customizable to match your project requirements, without adding additional lead time or cost. We have worked with a large number of leading brands. Check out our multi family specialty page.




We are an excellent partner for your amenity space carpet. Thanks

Discover our selection that is

to our large selection of unique

particularly suitable as lobby carpet,

patterns, we make it easy for you

taking into account the substantial

to create that wow effect.

usual of area rugs for this area. There are various materials listed, ranging from a natural carpet look, over textured area rugs to bold

A unique corridor carpet design can truly


transform hallways in a cost effective way. We have done numerous projects with designs that stand out by their minimal sophistication or bold design. A degree of customization is standard for multi family corridors, in carpet pattern, colors, substrate and integrated backings.

100% Cradle to Cradle Certified. Our entire product range is Cradle to Cradle Certified. With this product certificate, we prove to the world that we do our utmost to keep valuable materials in circulation, cut down on waste and harmful substances, take better care of our scarce resources, sustain the groundwater, reduce CO2 emissions and ensure social fairness in our operations and value chain. We are the only manufacturer worldwide.

Econyl® yarn. A continuously growing number of collections is made with Econyl® yarns, made from regenerated fishing nets. All of our Easy Recolor collections are available in this yarn, as well as all of our Reform collections.

Ecotrust backing. Through an innovative manufacturing technique, used plastic bottles are first converted into plastic flakes and then into the soft fibres that are part of the PETfelt backing manufacturing process.

Carbon neutral / 100% Renewable Energy / Processed wastewater / CSR . As part of the Cradle-to-Cradle requirements the manufacturer must become carbon neutral, 100% renewable energy and the processed wastewater must, in principle, be clean enough to drink. Finally, the company must be assessed for compliance with internationally recognized social responsibility standards.



WE ARE THE LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF FLATWOVEN CARPETS With experience of over 40 years in flat weave carpets, we are now market leaders in this segment. Our collections range from low-cost solution






collections combining flatwoven technology with the application of intricate patterns. Click here to explore.


Our custom carpet program is industry leading through its design flexibility, 7 business days sampling process and low minimum of 120SY. Our strength in concept creation and signature Talk Carpet aesthetic ensures ultra creative carpets as a result. Click here to explore.


Both in broadloom and carpet tiles we provide easy recolor designs, which you can easily recolor online. This concept takes customization to a new level with only a 5 Sq Yard minimum order in broadloom and 50 Sq Yard in carpet tiles. We can execute the recolors for you, or you can easily do it yourself in our online recolor tool. Click here to explore.


All broadloom options also available as area rugs We are one of the industry leaders in commercial area rugs, providing an easy four-step specification process. You can select your pattern, recolor, select the rug shape, size, and edge finish. Click here to learn more.

Pricing is quantity driven, The more is specified on a project, the lower

Most of our standard products are

our pricing drops.

available on Material Bank for

Lead time is 7-9 weeks from

For many of our products we

next day sampling.

moment of order till delivery at

provide a choice of 9 carpet

Other samples are shipped from

client's warehouse.


the factory and take 3-5 business




range from $23/SY – $60/SY.

days for delivery.

THE CONCEPT Every few months we visit a different country and immerse ourselves in the local culture and design community. We report this back to you in the form of:

Talk Carpet Magazine

Each month we publish a new digital edition of our magazine, filled with in-depth articles on local creatives, unique design projects, culture, lifestyle, materials palette concepts and innovative custom designs. All with inspiration taken from one specific country, which changes monthly. Click here to explore.

Travel Series

Join our creative director Christophe on his trips exploring local design and meeting talented creatives around the globe. Each month a new episode launches allowing you to immerse yourself in a different country. Click here to explore.

Blog (Daily)

Each day we post new creative content on our blog, making it an ideal source to discover new ideas and make fun online travel explorations. Click here to explore.

At Talk Carpet we take a focused approach towards multi family carpet, backed by the nearly 90-year experience of ege Carpets. We understand that your carpet has different requirements than workplace carpet, and have built our product range towards that differentiation. In this presentation you will find an overview of products that we find particularity suitable for multi family projects, often offering the highest degree of customization. Our range of products is highly diverse with many budget friendly options. Our carpets cover a price range from $18 per sq yard for lower budget mini-loop carpet to $50 per sq yard for a high pile wool/nylon blend.

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particularly suitable as lobby carpet, taking into account the amount of area rugs used for this area. There are various materials listed, ranging from a natural carpet look, over textured area rugs to bold patterns.

LOBBIES Easy Recolor Broadloom

Area Rugs

Our Easy Recolor concept offers an

At Talk Carpet, we are extremely well

ideal proposition for hospitality

versed in area rugs for guest rooms,

projects. The flexibility of choosing

offering a wide selection of design

your own colors with the lead times of

and edge finishes. You will also love

standard carpet. On top of color, you

our any shape concept where your

can also select your preferred carpet

rug becomes a unique shape of your



Click here to explore.

Click here to explore.

CORRIDORS A unique corridor carpet design can truly transform hallways in a cost effective





numerous projects with designs that stand out by either their minimal sophistication or bold design. A high degree of customization is standard for multi family corridors, in carpet pattern,


integrated backings.



CORRIDORS Custom Carpets

Easy Recolor Broadloom

Flatweave with Patterns

Our custom carpet program is

If you do not wish to spend the design

For projects that require a sleek and

industry-leading in its simplicity and

resources to create a fully custom

modern look, we highly recommend

lead times. Our organization is built to

corridor carpet, then our Easy Recolor

one of our flatweave carpets. These

move the design process along

concept is the next best thing. There

low profile broadloom patterns offer

quickly, with for example custom strike

are thousands of patterns to choose

the acoustical benefits of carpets with

offs in just seven days.

from which can easily be customized

the modern look of a hard surface.

Click here to explore.

in color.

Click here to explore.

Clcik here to explore.

AMENITY SPACES We are an excellent partner for your amenity space carpet. Thanks to our large selection of unique patterns, we make it easy for you to create that wow effect.

AMENITY SPACES Easy Recolor Broadloom

Area Rugs

Our Easy Recolor program offers well over a thousand

Our area rug program is set up to

designs that can be recolored through our online tool

offer you a vast choice of designs and

or by one of our in-house designers. All carpets are

fully customizable sizes and shapes.

available in a selection of nine substrates, offering you

All rugs are made in house, with the

wool/blends, regular nylon, and recycled nylon. The

option of creating seamed rugs wider

carpet constructions are cut pile and loop pile,

than the usual roll sizes.

including a mini-loop option for a modern look.

Click here to explore.

Click here to explore.


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