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Vision, strategy, team Tamsen Garrie, owner of Alpha Associates, a business development company, talks about how to align your vision, strategy and team any business owners have a vision for their business, but the reality is that a large number of those businesses fail to achieve results because the people in the business don’t take the action necessary to make it happen. However, the weakness doesn’t lie with the people themselves, but the lack of alignment with the vision, strategy and team.


VISION It’s a long term view of the business, and because it’s in the future, it sets the destination of the business. It includes the values that drive the ethos and the culture, and it forms the basis of the strategy. In order

for a vision to be effective, it must motivate the people in the business to take action. A vision that motivates action is one that’s based on two fundamental motivators: intent and purpose. Intent is about the what – what you want to achieve. Purpose is about the why – your reason for being in business.

The vision is a significant distance in the future, STRATEGY which means The strategy is the journey. It’s that it can be the plan of action to achieve the difficult to vision, and because it details connect with the steps to be taken to get there, it drives the activity of the people in the business. Often, the vision is a significant distance in the future, which means that it can


be difficult to connect with on a day-to-day basis. The key therefore is not to aim for the vision itself, but instead to keep the vision in view while maintaining the daily and weekly focus on the route ahead – aiming for the next step/goal in the plan, and then the next, rather than the overall outcome. THE TEAM While the vision sets the direction, and the strategy details how to get there, it’s the people who ultimately make it happen - and this is where an aligned team is essential. A team should be aligned with the vision; both as individuals and collectively, as well as being aligned with each other, and the strategy role they play. This means engaging them in the vision itself, by seeking to understand which aspects of it specifically inspire and motivate them to take the action necessary to make it happen. It means creating awareness of the individual’s strengths (something that they not only do well, but that energises them, therefore making them feel stronger), in addition to their skills, so that the role they play enables them to perform at their optimum. It means ensuring that they understand the part they play, and the value they bring. And lastly, it means actively creating a team, so that they actually work together, with mutual respect and appreciation, in a supportive and collaborative manner. When you have a vision, which is based on intent and purpose, a strategy that drives the activity of a team aligned with the vision, everyone in the business begins to take the action necessary to make the vision reality. Results become inevitable. Contact:


Talk Business - January 2014  
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