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Is software the most efficient solution or is the flexibility of online better? Two payroll solution providers share their views SOFTWARE HITESH TAILOR, REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR OF SUMTOTAL SYSTEMS, A HR SOFTWARE COMPANY

In-house operated payroll systems are easily scalable, efficient and simple to operate. It will perform quicker than an online solution as well I see software becoming as allowing full customisation. obsolete in the way that floppy An in-house solution will enable disks did payroll to easily link with other HR functions, such as learning and workforce management, allowing increased visibility of employee data. Processing payroll requires sensitive personal information. For organisations wary about where data is stored, an in-house, on-premises solution is the preferential option over online. For large organisations with thousands of employees, a big benefit is how an in-house, onpremises software system will streamline the data needed in order to process payroll, adding increased efficiency. One additional benefit to call out is that locally installed and operated payroll software allows businesses to ensure full regulatory It will perform quicker than compliance even as Government an online solution as well as requirements shift. Overall, an allowing full customisation in-house solution is an efficient, flexible and easy–to-use option.”



I have worked in software and online, so I have the perspective of both and I’d never take a step back to software from online or cloud solutions. I see software becoming obsolete in the way that floppy disks did. Online and cloud systems provide more flexibility. With cloud systems, you are able to access them from anywhere, on demand. You may think there are security issues accessing your payroll information from anywhere, but as long as you make sure your supplier encrypts sensitive data - like online banking sites do - it’s perfectly safe. With online, you only pay for what you need, if you have one employee you pay for one employee, whereas software comes in packages. If you buy a package for five to 10 employees and have five employees, you’re losing money. With online you don’t have to buy upgrades either. It’s reliable, efficient, great for cash flow, and I believe online and cloud systems are the future of payroll solutions.”


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