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Samsung Galaxy Gear, watch connected to 300 dollars and ye buy ?

Samsung Galaxy Gear, watch connected to 300 dollars: and ye buy ? THE QUESTION OF THE DAY . Galaxy Gear, watch new Samsung recently presented at IFA Berlin now has a face. Available in several colors, compatible for the moment with a single smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3 , it already has its fans and its haters samsung galaxy price . Sold more than $ 200 , with a very industrial design , you buy it ? Wednesday evening in Berlin, the Korean giant Samsung presented its first watch model connected . His name ? Galaxy Gear. Nothing to do with the handheld game of our childhood, the Game Gear. No, this new accessory is as a sports watch with a square screen , a thick strap available in several colors (white, orange, brown, black, yellow) and a camera. What is this , a watch connected ? With the Galaxy Gear, you can check your mails and SMS , take pictures , answer your phone calls and receive notifications from social networks. To this is added a slew of applications like Samsung Galaxy S3 , that licensed joggers familiar. At first glance, nothing revolutionary if you already think that we can make our phones and tablets . Yet fans of gadgets are sure to ogle over , despite some elements that could scratch the little heart of geek in all of us. - Autonomy ranging around 25 hours depending on usage, - An exclusive compatibility ( for now) with the Galaxy Note 3 - A function call that require plug headphones into their smartphone if you do not want to share with our neighbors conversation ...

Samsung galaxy s3n16  

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