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Fabric combinations

Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.

Credo 03

Credo Emotion, Passion, Action – passion and tradition The Credo Emotion is the latest model in the Concorde family and is an example of how we build motor homes at

Concorde. We have made every effort to create a motor home in the 3.5 ton class without in any way compromising our proverbial Concorde quality. We only cut down on one thing with the Credo Emotion – the price.

If you call a model “Passion” you need to mean it. The chassis of the Credo Passion has been modified to raise the driver’s position and move it closer to the front. This provides a better view of traffic and in addition makes it possible to perfectly integrate the two cockpit seats into the large living area.

The Credo Action is the motor home for active travellers. At the same time no other model in the Concorde family better represents our company’s tradition. We started to build alcove models with a double floor construction on an Iveco chassis more than 15 years ago. Every detail of this motor home is based on the knowledge we have gained over those years.


Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.


Don’t settle for anything less. The living area in the Concorde Credo Concorde motor homes are love at first sight – and second and third sight. Take the living area of the Concorde Credo for example. Expect a light and friendly living area: fabrics, upholstery and carpets in perfect harmony with the furniture, and doors and flaps in genuine wood veneer. The Concorde “One-Level-Concept” creates a continuous feeling of generous space from the driver’s cabin to the bedroom. Because there is no step in the living area, you don’t have to worry about annoying potential tripping.



Is there an alternative? The kitchen in the Credo The kitchen in the Credo is also a clear commitment to quality and function. The L-shaped kitchen has a three-burner cooker, single-lever mixer and a stainless steel sink: Credo models set the standards in their class for ergonomics as well as design and functionality.Generous storage compartments above and below the working area ensure that all the utensils you need quickly disappear out of sight in no time at all. The voluminous AES refrigerator offers enough room for provisions or for the usual purchases from your nearby market.

Credo Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.



Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.



Relaxation – is what it’s all about. Sleep and refresh in the Credo Our designers thought of everything you need for perfect relaxation after an exciting day when they thought up the bedroom in the Concorde Credo range. First of all there are the generous dimensions of the beds: for example, the rear transverse bed at 2100 x 1400 mm, the middle bed at 2000 x 1550 mm or the alcove bed at 2050 x 1450 mm – all equipped, of course, with the “Concorde Comfort Plus Bed System”. The various spotlights and shelves in the bedroom provide the perfect atmosphere for your bedtime stories.

After a good night’s rest, start the new day in the Credo’s comfortable bathroom. Generosity is the key here too. Just close the door and in no time at all the separate shower together with the separate washing room form a large bathroom with dressing room. The pumps and pipes we use for the shower create the kind of water pressure you would get at home, not just a few drops, which you may experience now and then in other motor homes.


Credo Perfection down to the smallest detail The technology in the Concorde Credo Take a closer look at the details and you will clearly see that the Credo is a real Concorde. We apply the same solutions you can find in the Concorde premium class range.

Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.


The cabin construction of the Concorde Credo As far as motorhome building is concerned, Concorde stands for perfect insulation and outstanding stability. This is primarily due to the fully bonded Solidtherm速 cabin construction with high-density solid PU profiles to eliminate cold spots and the side wall insulation with a 30 millimetre layer of RTM foam. As if that were not enough: sandwich constructions are also used for the floor and intermediate panels, with insulation layers adding up to a total of 60 millimetres, contributing to the as yet unparalleled insulation values achieved by Concorde. Furthermore, the side skirts, the bumpers and the front and rear sections are made of rugged but flexible GRP material. The completely smooth, high gloss, aluminium sandwich wall panels create an automobile impression and aluminium roof profile sections with rain channels reduce soiling of the side walls to ensure that the attractive appearance is maintained over the years.


Credo Electronics – maintenance-friendly and convincing

One of the most important innovations in the Concorde in recent years is the new design of the overall electrical system. Today you will find all the electronic groups, i.e. batteries, fuses, adapters (if any) and similar items that require servicing are conveniently accessible in the rear garage. With this arrangement you will no longer have a long search, at least with Concorde.

The double floor design of Concorde models offers genuine advantages, and not only for heating. The Credo will also win your heart when it comes to storing bulky goods. The Credo provides the room you need in its big rear garage and in the continuous storage compartments in its double floor, so you won’t have to do without anything important during your vacation.

Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.


Floor plans


Credo Emotion 693 H

Credo Passion 713 H

Credo Action 783 H


Credo Emotion 763 L

Credo Passion 773 L

Get thrilled by the innovative floor plans of the Concorde models

Credo Action 843 L

Whether we’re talking about coachbuilt or integrated models, 46

Concorde Credo floor plans are Credo Passion 813 L

well thought out and tested for

Credo Action 893 LS

their shape and function. What is more, all models have the same generous “Concorde Comfort 46

Bathroom” and the spacious ConCredo Passion 813 LS

Credo Passion 813 M

Credo Action 893 M

corde L-shaped kitchen.


Carver 15

The Concorde Carver – the enchanting premium class.

Designed to fulfil your every wish. Because you know what you want. Carver: this series lays down a marker

when you enter the luxury class of motor home. Trendsetting: an innovative leader. An integrated motor home, built on the strong and well-tried Iveco Turbo Daily chassis, designed for the needs of luxury class motor home drivers who are used to comfort and functionality. Equipped with a continuous double floor, the “Concorde One Level Concept”, powerful Alde hot water heating, and unique Concorde Solidtherm wall construction, the Carver sets new standards in its class, not only in the areas of loading capacity and storage space, but also as regards winter-suitability, long operational life and functionality. The choice is yours!



Carver Living the way you like Don’t settle for anything less! The generous room layout and well thought-out floor plans and optimised ergonomic seating and living room furniture of the Concorde Carver deliver a comfortable and relaxing leisure experience right from the start. The luxurious materials, from the upholstery to the curtains, from the floor to wall covering and furniture finishing to the work surfaces, create a harmonious and high-quality environment.

The living room and kitchen reflect our values of customised craftsmanship and high quality. A pure masterpiece, which proves that form and function do not have to compete. The generous L-shaped kitchen is characterised by an exclusive design combined with optimum ergonomics.


Carver You don’t have to do without anything here Bathroom and bedroom in the Carver Abundance is also the right word to describe the bathroom and bedrooms in the Carver. The generous dimensions of the beds and the excellent bed construction make for sweet dreams. You can start every day by freshening up in the big bathroom with separate shower.

Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.



Carver Technology that will enchant you

The Carver sets standards in the field of technology too. Any time you take a closer look, you will realise that Concorde motor homes are developed and made by people who are enthusiastic motor home drivers themselves. It is now five years since our developers presented the “Concorde One Level Concept” – a continuous floor from the driver’s cabin to the bedroom – on the occasion of the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. This design was developed for two reasons. First the chassis modification improves the driver’s position resulting in a much better view of traffic and second this masterpiece of design means that the driver and codriver seats can be perfectly integrated into the living room.

We at Concorde have exchanged the original dashboard for a designer dashboard we specially developed to create a cosier and more attractive atmosphere, which again shows our passion for building motor homes.

Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.


Floor plans The choice is yours! The floor plans of the Concorde Carver models are well TV

thought-out up to the finest detail. They will win you over with Carver 771 HS

Carver 721 H

their perfect combination of a generous feeling of space and perfect functionality down to the smallest detail.

Carver 821 LS

Carver 771 L


Carver 871 MS

Carver 821 M



Charisma The Concorde Charisma – Enchantment has a name. Trendsetters in the luxury motor homes class for more than a decade.

Ten years ago the Concorde Charisma appeared for the first time as an integrated motor home on the stage of the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Over the last ten years, the Charisma has won greater favour from luxury class motor home buyers than any other model.

The Charisma’s characteristic specifications are still the same as they ever were: superior technology combined with innovative design and perfect craftsmanship. It isn’t for nothing that today’s Charisma is a top seller in the luxury motor homes class.


Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.


“Ideal Home” campaign Living in the Concorde Charisma A living room with a width of 2.38 metres is in itself impressive. The large windows and the numerous spotlights make the Concorde Charisma’s spaces even bigger and friendlier. But this also relates to the application of luxury materials. The upholstery and curtains match as perfectly as the cherry wood finished furniture and floor coverings. The ability to integrate the driver seats perfectly into the living room thanks to the “Concorde One Level Concept”, and the continuous floor from the “Concorde Bus Dashboard” to the bedroom, must also contribute to the enthusiasm expressed by everyone who enters a Charisma for the first time.



Charisma Cooking at its best. The kitchen in the Concorde Charisma The Concorde Charisma kitchen sets the standard. The superb L-shaped kitchen will enchant you with its excellent ergonomics. The Corisan counter top with integrated sink and three-burner cooker is the central element of the kitchen. You wouldn’t expect anything different from Concorde: The extendable single-lever chrome mixer is of the same quality as you would expect at home.

Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.


Iduis alit wisim ipiscing ero odit, conulluptat velit vercilis non


Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.

Charisma Pleasure at its best Sleeping in the Charisma The Charisma offers flexible sleeping arrangements. No matter whether you choose the double bed options with middle bed or rear transverse bed or the option with two single beds fitted in the direction of travel, the innovative Carawinx System from Lattoflex guarantees unequalled sleeping comfort for all options. A special foam mattress on a three-dimensional spring system guarantees a good night’s rest.

The bathroom in the Charisma With its premium bathroom the Concorde has once again revolutionized the motor home industry. The solution is as ingenious as it is great. The bathroom extends across the total width of the motor home, with the washbasin installed on one side, and the toilet and shower on the other side. Any feeling of being cramped is a thing of the past, which is equally the case in every other area of the Charisma.



Revolution not evolution. The Concorde “One Level Concept” When Concorde presented the Charisma II at the Caravan Salon five years ago, it was particularly the “Concorde One Level Concept” that caused a sensation.

Unlike previously, we were no longer satisfied with the existing chassis but modified it to meet the motor home driver’s needs. This means that the front part with the pedals and instruments was moved further forward, further up and also further out. This has resulted in an optimal position for the driver with a superb view of the road and perfect integration of the driver’s cabin seats into the living room, while the newly designed bus-type dashboard creates an overall improved impression of a living room. We would not be Concorde if we settled for anything less.

Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.



User-friendly and generous We have given the Concorde Charisma a particular large load capacity and exceptionally large loading compartments so you don’t have to do without anything during your vacation. The continuous double floor provides additional room for bulky goods in the “basement� of your motor home.

All electronic and technical elements onboard are controlled by a control panel which was especially developed by and for Concorde, so you can concentrate on the most important part of your leisure time: your leisure time.

Charisma Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.


Floor plans



Charisma 790 H Lounge

Charisma 840 HS Lounge

As individual as your needs With Concorde the choice is yours. Choose the one that suits you best from the new floor plans. Make your choice 46


between three different bed options, three seating arrangements, and four different cabin lengths.

Charisma 840 L Lounge

Charisma 890 LS Lounge



Charisma 890 M Lounge


C-Lounge Version

Charisma 940 MS Lounge



Bar Version

Charisma 890 G Lounge


Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.


Cruiser Concorde Cruiser – The first class coachbuilt model The Cruiser’s task is very simple: Only the best!

Concorde motor homes characterize the luxury class of European motor home manufacture. This applies to the Liner and Charisma in the integrated motor home class, and to the Cruiser in the coachbuilt vehicle class. They come from an exceptionally good family. After all, Concorde was one of the first manufacturers to make coachbuilt vehicles with double floors more than 15 years ago.


Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft. Iduis alit wisim ipiscing ero odit, conulluptat velit vercilis non


Expectations are there to be fulďŹ lled!

Cruiser Living and cooking in the Cruiser A customer who chooses a coachbuilt vehicle like the Cruiser knows exactly what he wants. He is experienced, has clear preferences and definite demands: utmost quality and absolute comfort. These are the customers for whom we have developed the Concorde Cruiser.

Selecting a luxurious alcove vehicle is proof of your high level of individuality. The Cruiser guarantees that individuality in the kitchen. An almost infinite storage capacity or the huge 142 litre AES refrigerator and a separate freezer guarantee your independence from any type of power supplies, just the way you want it.


Properly relaxed for your next expedition

Cruiser Sleep and Refresh in the Concorde Cruiser If you ask children which place in a motor home they like best the answer is almost unanimous: “the over-cab”. While children always talk about a cave, this description doesn’t apply to the Cruiser with its headroom of more than 700 mm above the over-cab bed. If you need to leave your bed during the night, the comfortable warmth of genuine floor heating installed all over the internal floor prevents you from getting cold feet.

The bathroom of the Concorde Cruiser also creates enthusiasm with its impressive specifications. Its fresh water tank has a capacity of 320 litres and the grey water volume of 230 litre is also very generous.

Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.



The Cruiser doesn’t fear comparisons! Impressive power values The Concorde Cruiser will win you over with its robust technology, which is unequalled, and not only in the field of motor homes. For the chassis you can make your choice between the strong bus chassis of the Iveco Eurocargo or the MAN TGL. Here you can rely on a torque of 680 Nm (Iveco) up to a breathtaking 1000 Nm (MAN 6 cylinders). The large Quad garage has a capacity of 4400 litres, and the basement in the double floor can be loaded up with 1680 litres.

Cruiser Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.




Cruiser 791 H with divided bathroom

Cruiser 890 L with Premium bathroom

Floor plans Adapted to your needs!



With the Cruiser you can take your pick from nine different floor Cruiser 841 L with divided bathroom

Cruiser 890 LR with Premium bathroom

plans with three different bed versions, two bathroom options and four cabin lengths.



Cruiser 891 M with divided bathroom


Cruiser 840 H with Premium bathroom


Cruiser 840 HR with Premium bathroom

Cruiser 940 M with Premium bathroom


Cruiser 940 MR with Premium bathroom


Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.


Liner The Concorde Liner – Can we offer you something more? Want to know what motor homes can do? Just come and see!

What we have already said about the Concorde Charisma also applies to the Concorde Liner. It is extremely

successful in its segment. More examples of the Concorde Liner have been made than any other vehicle in the royal class of 7.5 ton-plus integrated motor homes.

Why does the Liner generate so much enthusiasm? Just turn the page.


Iduis alit wisim ipiscing ero odit, conulluptat velit vercilis non

Liner Surpassing your expectations Living room and kitchen in the Liner With its 2.49 metre cabin width the Liner has an impressive outward appearance. This impression, however, is nothing compared to the welcoming feeling of space you experience when you enter the top of the range Concorde models. High quality all over. This is how we define the exclusivity of mobile travel.

As you would expect, the floor heating installed in the Charisma and Cruiser models is also standard in the Liner. It provides perfectly distributed warmth all over the living room.

You will also benefit from the impressive cabin width of almost two and a half metres in the kitchen area. The L-shape kitchen block is ergonomically adapted to your needs and the big 175 litre refrigerator with separate 31 litre freezer offers abundant room for your food.



Liner Your dream becomes reality! Sleeping in the Concorde Liner Generosity. This word also perfectly describes the bedroom in the Concorde Liner. All the beds have generous dimensions – this applies to the rear bed versions as well as to the optional folding bed. As a matter of course all rear beds in the Concorde Liner are equipped with the very relaxing Lattoflex bed system with cold foam mattress and the Carawinx spring system. And you can comfortably store your clothes in the various wall cupboards and wardrobes in the Liner’s bedroom.

This is the standard bathroom There are so many areas of the Concorde Liner that set standards for makers of motor homes. In the bathroom you will see straight away what we mean when we talk about A Passion for Motor Homes. The generosity of the space, a genuine porcelain toilet, a washstand with household quality fittings, and thermostat controlled towel heating. The Liner bathroom has features you would expect in a five-star hotel rather than in a motor home. Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.



If you set the pace, you can’t copy others

Liner Technology in the Concorde Liner You will find innovations and exclusivity not only in the Concorde Liner’s functional areas. If you take a look at its core values you will see that you’re dealing with an absolute high-end product of European motor home manufacturing.

This is a matter of course in the Concorde Liner as well – The “Concorde One Level Concept“. The “Concorde One Level Concept” also applies to the Concorde Liner. A continuous living room floor, completely insulated, from the bus type dashboard up to the bedroom. No pitfalls, no drops, no gaps.

Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.


Floor plans Liner 840 H Lounge

Liner 940 M Lounge

Liner 990 G Lounge

Liner 890 L Lounge

Liner 990 MS Lounge

Liner 1090 G Lounge


Liner 940 LS Lounge


C-Lounge Version

Liner 1090 MS Lounge

Liner 1060 Gmax Lounge

Liner 940 G Lounge

Liner 1130 Gmax Lounge


Bar Version

Germany’s ďŹ rst eleven! You can make your choice from eleven floor plans, five of them with a garage. With the Liner too, you can choose from three different rear bed versions and three seating arrangements in the living room.


It’s a question of individuality Fabric combinations in the premium class Make your selection from eight combinations of leather or micro fibre and curtains. All textile and upholstery fabrics perfectly

Leather Sandstone

match the cherry wood finish furniture. Please note that some of the offered combinations are subject to additional charges for some models.

Fabrics Concorde. Reisemobile aus Leidenschaft.

Leather Nacre


Leather Amber

Micro fibre Cappuccino

Micro fibre Sandstone

Leather Mocha

Micro fibre Nacre

Micro fibre Caramel

All data and pictures apply to Concorde motor homes manufactured from August 2009. Models, technical data and equipment characteristics may vary depending on the country. Designs are based on German road traffic regulations (StVO) and road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO). We reserve the right to make modifications without prior warning. Your Concorde dealer will be pleased to provide you with the latest information. Please note that some vehicles are shown with optional equipment.

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