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FADE IN INT. SPEECH PATHOLOGIST CLASSROOM - DAY PEG and LUCY sit at a TABLE in a classroom. Peg holds up various images to her and waits for her to respond. For the first three images the girl does not respond. She looks around the room and becomes distracted. Peg then holds up an image of a girl dancing ballet. PEG What do you see in this picture? Lucy observes the picture. PEG What do you like in this picture? Lucy points to the ballerina’s feet. PEG Ah, you like her shiny pointe shoes? What do you think about her dress? Lucy looks down at her hands. INT. CLASSROOM-DAY A group of STUDENTS (3rd or 4th grade) stand in a formation. The teacher, Mrs. Kammel, late 30s, stands in front of them. MRS. KAMMEL 1, 2, and... ((SONG LYRICS, Coming Soon)) It gets to Lucy’s turn to sing and she remains silent. She looks down and tugs at her dress. The class begin to sing in unison. INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT Lucy is looking into the mirror while brushing her teeth. She spits and then wipes her face.


INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT CLAUDIA is sitting in a chair, knitting. Lucy enters the room, but stays at the doorway. CLAUDIA Are you finished getting ready for bed? Lucy shakes her head. CLAUDIA Did you run out of toothpaste? Lucy shakes her head. CLAUDIA Do you want me to help you brush your hair? Lucy shakes her head. CLAUDIA What is it then sweetie? Lucy lifts her arms to form a house. Lowering them, she moves a hand left and right. CLAUDIA Did I lock the door to the house? Lucy shakes her head, and repeats the action. CLAUDIA Do you want to color? LUCY NO! Lucy storms out of the room. EXT. SCHOOLYARD - DAY CHILDREN are playing in the schoolyard; some play kickball, others play four square, and some are throwing tennis balls against the wall. Lucy sits in a little nook of the yard. She is drawing on paper with crayons. She drifts into her imagination.


EXT. FIELD - DAY Approximately 15-20 performers move across a field. There are ACROBATS, DANCERS, MUSICIANS, and other types of people dancing, flipping, and showing off their skills. Lucy sits from afar and watches them move across the field. One of the characters start to move toward her. The figure gets closer and closer to her. PERFORMER What are you supposed to be? Lucy looks up at the figure, but just sees a blurr of red. PERFORMER Where are you supposed to be, young lady? EXT. SCHOOLYARD - DAY (TAKE B) TEACHER Where are you supposed to be, young lady? Recess is over. Lucy looks back at the teacher, but doesn’t respond. The Teacher looks confused and holds out her hand. Lucy reluctantly takes her hand and follows her into the school. EXT. SCHOOLYARD - DAY (TAKE C) Lucy snaps out of her imagination to a teacher shaking her shoulder. TEACHER Recess is over young lady. It’s time to go back inside. INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT Lucy is sitting at a table. School books are spread out and open. She doodles on her homework sheets. EXT./INT. CLASSROOM - DAY Children sit at their desks listening to Mrs. Kammel. The classroom has transformed into a forest. Lucy is sitting on a blanket with two or three PERFORMERS, eating sandwiches.

4. INT. SPEECH PATHOLOGIST CLASSROOM - DAY PEG Alrighty. So, how are you today? Lucy pauses. Then nods her head. PEG So what would you like to do today? Lucy looks down at her hands. She then draws her attention to a window. PEG Do you wanna go outside? Lucy looks back down at her hands. PEG Would you like to play a game? Lucy again looks out the window. PEG I’ll tell ya what, if you beat me at a game, I’ll give you a surprise. How does that sound? Lucy looks at Peg. INT. CAR - DAY Lucy and Claudia are riding in the car. Lucy is looking out the window. In her lap is a book with a dancer on the cover. CLAUDIA I see Peg gave you a present. What is it? LUCY A book. Lucy continues to look out the window. Claudia’s attention returns to the road. INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT Claudia and Lucy are doing the dishes. Claudia is washing, while Lucy dries them. Claudia passes a plate to Lucy. As Lucy dries the plate, she loses her grip and the plate shatters on the floor. (CONTINUED)



Lucy stares at the pieces and runs out of the room. Claudia sighs in frustration and begins to pick up the broken plate. INT. CAR - MORNING Lucy and Claudia are driving. Lucy is staring out the window. Occasionally, Claudia glances at Lucy. INT. CLASSROOM - DAY Lucy and her classmates sit in rows, while the Mrs. Kammel stands in front teaching the lesson to the class. MRS. KAMMEL ((TEACHER’S LESSON; Coming Soon. She poses questions to the class)) A few kids hands go up, but Mrs. Kammel looks towards Lucy. Lucy looks out the window. MRS. KAMMEL Let’s hear from someone we haven’t heard from yet. Lucy looks down at her lap. Plant life begins to grow throughout the classroom. The more Mrs. Kammel continues in her lesson, the thicker the plant life gets. (KNOCKING AT THE DOOR) The plant life vanishes. Peg is standing in the doorway and Mrs. Kammel has greeted her. Peg smiles at Lucy and winks. She motions for her to come over. Lucy stands up and walks towards Peg. They walk down the hallway of the school. INT. SPEECH PATHOLOGIST CLASSROOM - DAY PEG Good job. I have a surprise for you today. Peg rises from her seat and walks to the other side of the room. She returns pulling a cart on wheels with a TV on top. She turns on the TV and sits next to Lucy. She pushes play with a remote and a ballet begins to play.


INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT Lucy is sitting on her bed reading a book (the book given to her by Peg, earlier). Claudia is walking down the hall. She opens Lucy’s bedroom door to reveal Lucy imitating a ballerina. Lucy snaps to a serious stance after noticing Claudia. She turns and climbs into her bed. Claudia walks over to tuck her in and kisses her forhead. She walks to the door and looks back at Lucy. CLAUDIA Goodnight. Claudia closes the door. She rests her back on the door and smiles. INT. CLASSROOM - DAY Mrs. Kammel is leading the class through a song. The song ends. She instructs the students take turns saying their names. When it is Lucy’s turn she opens her mouth to speak... CUT TO BLACK.

Talin Senior Thesis Project Proposal  

This is a book outlining the details of my Senior Thesis.