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Alongside our year round exhibition programme, Ceri Richards Gallery presents a wide selection of contemporary ceramics, glass, designer jewellery and hand made textiles. Established makers and new talent, both local and from further afield are sourced and presented in a continuously changing display, making it perfect for seasoned collectors, first time buyers or finding that unique gift. Here you will find a selection of work from our most popular designers and makers along with a price guide. Please get in touch if you have a query regarding any of the works featured, an individual designer or an original commission. We also offer the Arts Council of Wales’ interest free payment service Collectorplan on works priced between £50 and £2000.

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Neil Richardson Carmarthen based potter Neil Richardson makes one off pieces of ceramic using an ancient Korean-Japanese form of firing and glazing called Raku. He is inspired by natural forms and African and Asian ethnic pottery.

prices from ÂŁ35 - ÂŁ180


Simon Rich Simon is a well established potter creating exquisite crystal glaze porcelain and other functional and decorative wares. He trained with Alan Caiger Smith at Aldermaston and has been based at Narberth since the 1970’s. His work is in collections around the world.

Prices from £20 - £170

Joanna Howells Joanna Howells is an internationally recognised ceramic artist based in South Wales. She works in Porcelain and Stoneware making both studio ceramics and functional pottery. Her porcelain has a robustness and crisp clarity while her collection of modern tableware called ‘How We Live Now’ is designed to examine a n d s o me t i me s h u mo r o u s ly comment on the rapidly changing nature of modern life and eating habits. The work is exquisitely designed with a great deal of thought being put into how each piece needs to function.

Prices from £10 - £150

Valerie James During recent years V alerie has developed her interest in Archetypes, Mythology, Symbolism and Nature through the visual arts, and specifically through sculptural form. She experiments with Stoneware and porcelain clays together with Raku firings. Oxides are rubbed into the surface and covered with opaque g lazes g iv ing a bon e-li k e, sof t parchment finish. The black, smokeabsorbing process of the clay during rak u fi ri n g , prov i des a perf ect background to the random colours and copper highlights of the glaze.

Prices from ÂŁ95 - ÂŁ295

Terri Smart Terri Smart's secluded pottery workshop nestling next to Cherry Cottage in East Clandon affords a peaceful view over open fields of Surrey. Here, enjoying the quiet and solitude, save for the companionship of Radio 4, with her own wheel and kiln, her clays, glazes, and colours, she creates a unique range of pottery items. For Terri, her work is a passion, even a compulsion. She is fascinated by the feel of the clay, the adv entu re of experimenting with new techniques and the excitement of taking the finished article out of the kiln.

Prices from ÂŁ29 - ÂŁ41

Vivienne Albiston

Always fascinated with groups and collections, Vivienne enjoys throwing similar forms but in a variety of sizes. The simpler the form the more intriguing the coll ection becomes. The rel ationship and cerami c narrative created by a group is never static and this fluidity is what intrigues her.

Prices from ÂŁ25- ÂŁ85

Stuart Akroyd

Stuart has been making glass for over 20 years. His glassmaking career began in the North East and in 1991 he set up Stuart Akroyd Glass Designs where his creativity flourished. In 1999 Neues Glas Review selected one of Stuart’s one-off forms in their 100 best pieces of glass made in the world that year. Stuart moved to Nottingham in 2000 and expanded his studio to give his professional development a new direction. His adaptation of traditional Venetian techniques expanded the physical possibilities of how the glass could be worked and led to a whole new range of designs. Stuart has always found inspiration from nature; his use of vibrant colours and rhythmic patterns echo the flora and fauna of the ocean. Stuart is recognised nationally and internationally as an accomplished designer/maker, sought after for commissions and collections; both public and private.

Prices from £40 - £600

Caroline Rees

Papercutter, designer, & glass artist Caroline Rees creates intricate cut paper stencils and beautiful, bespoke sandblasted glass. Originally trained as a textile designer her creative journey has included the design of fabrics, glass and paper. She began using her stencil technique to create architectural sandblasted glass abou t 12 y ears ag o an d h as undertaken numerous commissions for public and private space. More recently she has employed the same process to create a collection of intricate papercuts which are framed and function as artworks in their own right. Passionate about drawing, design and decoration, Caroline uses both paper and glass as a surface to embellish, enjoying the fact that she is crea ti ng a pro duct whi ch i s both decorative and beautiful.

prices from ÂŁ18 - ÂŁ150

Gill Laverick

Gill makes contemporary jewellery using fine porcelain decorated with glazes and precious metals. Each piece is fired at high temperature to give it strength and the decoration of layered glazes and precious metals are added in further firings. A combination of techniques is used including hand painting and screen printed decals. The inspiration for the decoration comes from varied sources including the work of R othk o, k i mono f abri c and collagraphy.

prices from ÂŁ35- ÂŁ50

Holly Belsher

Holly is excited and inspired by the beauty of the British countryside, its natural stone, the textures of landscape, its flora and fauna. She has long wanted to make something using bare wintry twigs. She cast a few in silver and gold, tran sf or mi n g th em i n to li terally ‘precious’ objects and is enjoying playing with the interaction of their shapes, to make earrings, brooches and even bangles. She also has a range of cast silver and gold earrings, brooches, and cufflinks employing her signature, reticulated (melted) surface texture. Necklaces are individually made in the same way. Each tubular bead, round or facet sided is softened and almost made to look organic by this process. She combines these with semi precious stone beads adding the gorgeous purple of amethyst, the surprising acid green of peri dots or th e bi rd’s egg -li k e speckle of Dalmatian jasper. Each one therefore is a unique compliment to its owner.

prices from £35 - £350

Ruby Anne

Ruby makes original and unique pieces of handmade ceramic jewellery using a variety of clays, glazes, lustres and firing processes. Each piece is one of a kind, ranging from simple and stylish to more complex designs taking inspiration from vintage lace and crochet.

prices from ÂŁ10 - ÂŁ50

Nina Parker: Working Glass As a child Nina would covet her grandmothers button box. It contained a lovingly gathered collection of treasures - broken paste brooches, necklaces, trinkets and of course buttons. She filled her home with homemade tea cosies, cushions and rag rugs and would spend hours showing Nina how to knit, crochet, sew and even to make paper beads using tiny scraps of paper. She was, in short, an inspiration and her home a riot of colour. With that same love of small detail, passion for colour and magpie nature, Nina gathers an eclectic and constantly changing collection of treasures; both new and vintage glass beads, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, trinkets and 'found' objects. She sources the highest quality glass and prefers the 'weight' that is given to a piece as well as its inimitable reflective qualities and depth of colour, and ironically it's robustness.

prices from ÂŁ10 - ÂŁ70

Menna Lloyd Menna’s j ew ell ery takes inspiration from Ancient Welsh and Celtic art. Using a variety of unusual techniques she combines fine silver and pure gold with gemstones and freshwater pearls to create truly unique collections.

prices from £40 - £275

Gail Klevan Gail’s innovative jewellery has ev o l v ed by co n t i n u o u s experimentation with modern materials. The pattern and drawing refract dense colour with metallic gold and silver undertones across smooth and sculpted surfaces. These interact with the organic curvature and geometry of the highly polished optical-quality acr yl i c s hap es cr eati ng shimmering, ever changing iridescence.

prices from ÂŁ40 - ÂŁ70

Kate Hamilton Hunter Desi gned by Kate and produced on the North Wales coast, this delicate, handmade j ew el l er y is upcycled from all kinds of modern and vintage tins and combined with sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.

prices from ÂŁ15 - ÂŁ40

Jem Howe Jem Howe’s Low Tide Jewellery is made in South Wales where the land meets the sea. Taking inspiration from the shore line, where the shapes are flowing, rounded and streamlined this sterling silver jewellery is beautiful and built to last.

prices from £40 - £90

Craft catalogue  

Here you can find a selection of pieces in ceramic, glass, textiles and jewellery from our most poular designers and makers.

Craft catalogue  

Here you can find a selection of pieces in ceramic, glass, textiles and jewellery from our most poular designers and makers.