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John Proctor’s Info  

Birthday: March 30, 1978

Children: Sarah, William, John

Siblings: Benjamin

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Interested In: Women

Current City: Salem, Massachusetts

Hometown: Salem, Massachusetts

Political Views: Republican Party

Religious Views: Christian- Protestant

John’s Wall   Family Pics   Comments   Likes   Activities: Spending time with my young wife and kids.   Books: When Bad Things Happen to Good People, Farming for

Dummies, Holy Bible, Diary of a Teenage Girl, Little Women.   Movies: Guilty by Suspicion, Find Me Guilty, Innocence, The

Witches of Eastwick

Mary Warren’s Info  

Birthday: 1993

Relationship: Single

Interested in: Men

Looking for: Friendship

Current city: Salem, Massachusetts

Hometown: Salem, Massachusetts

Religious views: Christian

Employers: Babysitter, Housekeeper

High School: Salem High School ‘10

Activities: Reading Sewing   Comments   Likes   Interests: Crafts, Etsy   Books: The Chronicles of Narnia, Messenger, Where the

Wild Things Are, Gathering Blue, The Giver, The Crucible


Mary Warren and John Procter are related in the crucible as employer and employee. Marry warren is the 17 year old maid who later helps proctor in his attempt to bring down the court and falsify Abigail’s accusations. In the modern world, Mary would probably be more like a babysitter than a maid because of her age. John Proctor would still be self employed being a farmer.

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