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Physical Exercise Helps In Reducing Absences Of Fat Flit legs until the ball touches his thighs and return to starting position. Keep the abdominal contracted as it rises bowl to the line joining the knees to the shoulders and return to starting position. Check regularly (mirror) remains correct alignment. Benefits for the company The practice of physical activity, combined with gymnastics is responsible for the reduction of costs for medical reasons, accidents and injuries, improving the image of the company to employees, while increasing productivity and quality. Studies show that physical exercise helps in reducing absences for reasons related to health: Fat Loss Factor Scam Applications for low and medical appointments, and therefore stabilizes blood pressure, decreases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases the sense of well-being and self-esteem, reduces the risk of heart attack, and increases energy levels, among other benefits. Suggestions Stretching can be done whenever you feel like asking and body ... At work, in the car, even watching TV, we stretch. Morning before starting the day lengthens, the end of the day, to ease tensions, after sitting or standing for a long time and before and after physical activity, stretch also.

All people can learn to make independent stretches of age and physical condition. It's good to stretch, but correctly, respecting its muscular structure, its flexibility and its limits. These stretches should be done slowly and without strain.

Physical exercise helps in reducing absences of fat