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About us: AE Commercial Intermediary acts in providing advisory services in the business sphere, assisting its clients in commercial transactions. Founded in 2013 with headquarters in Natal, RN, Brazil, the company is a mediation channel that assists its customers in finding new suppliers, providing quality services and strategic information for companies that wish to operate in the external market. We are specialized in comercialization of Papaya, Banana, Mango and Melon to international market. Located

in the city of Natal, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Founded in 2013 has been developing grounded in persistence and entrepreneurship, established solid partnerships with its clients over the years, always with the same goal, deliver the best fruits.

Yeallow Melon Weight: 1kg to 2,5kg Packing: Box with 10kg Production for year around: 3.000ton

Papaya Weight: 300g to 650g Packing: Box with 3,5kg Production for year around: 2.000ton

Banana Weight: 140g to 200g Packing: Box with 18kg Production for year around: 3.150ton

Pineapple Weight: 1,2kg to 2,5kg Packing: Box with 11kg Production for year around: 1.500ton

Passion Fruit Weight: 100g to 400g Packing: Box with 20kg Production for year around: 200ton

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