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Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model series 7’s winner, Jade Thompson stood out to BINTM sky living producers at their live show in the year 2010. At a towering height of 5’9.5 Jade, alongside Imogen Leaver and UfuomaItoje the 20-year-old took part in the open catwalk session part of the show, were people from the audience could openly walk the cat walk

They used to call her freckle face now her freckles rock the cat walk Prior to her break in her long-awaited modelling career, Jade worked in a modest insurance advising firm doing admin work. Worlds apart from her dream carer in modelling. The OldStoke and Trent girl’s favourite model that she looks up to for inspiration is Lara Stone and her top two designers are Victoria Beckham and Julien Mcdonald. Before BINTM Jade lived an ordinary 20-year-old girl’s life going out with friends, working and having fun. Ironically her quirky look with her bright auburn hair and freckled face did not always bring her positive comments or compliments. Jade was bullied for looking different; some people’s views of pretty are tainted by the obvious pretty girl image; immaculate skin average coloured hair and plain pretty features. Jades bullying happened frequently at school from being called freckle face to ginger nut, the striking unforgettable new model felt uncomfortable with her unique image for a long period of time through school, says sources from Talent management. Now her brashly coloured hair and substantially freckled face couldn’t work more in her favour and have become more of an asset then a flaw. Jade’s time in the BINTM house

Being a timid girl at the start Jade didn’t really care for confrontation and girly squabbles, unfortunately she couldn’t please everyone in the house. 11 other hopeful models joined Jade to pursue their dream on the BINTM show. With 12 girls from all around the country all trying to strive for the same dream in one place there is bound to be some head butting. To top it off a last minute extra girl was brought into the house, which caused controversy. Ufuoma Itoje, 20 was unexpectedly put into the house which was a big throw off to Jade and the rest of the girls. The new girl meant one more extra person to compete with. Although Jade put sheer hard work and effort into all aspects of her journey in BINTM assumptions from runners up of the competition that felt unfairly sent home took digs at Jade. Lithuanian born Juste Juozapaityte runner up to BINTM winning spot suggests “I didn't win because I'm foreign” according to the ‘Mail Online’. After being told by both Elle Macpherson and Julien Macdonald, the top two high-end panellist, that she was their favourite out of the two finalist she was disappointed and baffled about the final decision made and found it to be unfair.


Being in a house full of girls gave Jade a bit more of a backbone that she hadn’t previously had and gave her a lot more confidence to believe in her modelling ability despite others. Jade was able to have a lot of unforgettable experiences and hopefully became a stronger model and person for them.

Opportunity Jade innocently wanted to get another job and applied for a sales assistance vacancy in Miss Selfridge. Surprisingly they noticed her face from the BINTM show and instantly wanted her to be one of the faces of Miss Selfridge. Despite the big opportunity Jade kept her calm as she was able to shoot the campaign with two other girls, so it made it that much more easy going and comfortable for the model. She also now has a contract with model 1, been on the front cover of company magazine and was the face of Revlon’s new AW/11 trend...

BINTM 20007 Winner  

An extract of feature on Jade Thompson BINTM 2007