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Press Release for Daily Echo 31/10/12 Fareham Plumber wins £1,500 BPEC Charity awards comes with an email picture sent to picdesk. On the 24 October plumber, John booth, received a reward from the Brighton Peace and Environment Centre charity for his dedication and hard work involving the Peace and Hope Charity Trust. A Charity situated in Nicaragua, Central America who has helped the poor in challenging areas of the world since 1982. The Ceremony was held at Pride Park Stadium, Derby where 100 representatives of the plumbing industry also attended. John was announced as the recipient of its Merit Award and was rewarded £1,500. In 2003 John took two trips, self-financed, to Nicaragua. The supervising plumbing projects he has been involved in, use plumbing skill to enhance peoples’ life. John says “I like to help people in a practical way that I can.” With the money from the award, John plans to help continue UN finished projects in the poor country of Nicaragua to help further in bettering the country.

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