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Drawing Food Pupils can draw a basket and fill it with all the food they can find in a kitchen Revise meal times vocabulary for meals and telling the time. Tell them about pupils who live in English-speaking countries and that they may not have the same meal times as them. For example, breakfast-morning tea-lunchtime (called dinner in parts of England)-high tea (old fashioned)-dinner (called teatime sometimes, yes it is all very confusing!)-supper New Zealand: Breakfast: between 6-10 O'clock Morning tea: between 10-10:30 O'clock Lunch: between 12pm-1pm O'clock Afternoon tea: between lunch and dinner usually after school Dinner: between 6-8pm O'clock Pupils in England tend to follow the following pattern: Breakfast between 7.30 and 8.30; lunch between 12 and 13.30; tea between 4pm and 5pm and then dinner anything between 5pm and 8pm.

Pre activity Drawing the characters Matilda & Madam Mamoche are the characters in our story. How do you think they look like? Can you draw and colour them in?

Then they can tell each other what they have drawn.

The Coo Coo Cook. Drawing  
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