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the city as it seems, the city to me, kendall leslie

revival, celeste laster my gold, clara moskowitz

TO1C Community, First, we could like to thank – and congratulate – all of the students who submitted to the 2013 Tale of One City Scholarship Contest. Your work inspires. This magazine was founded and funded on the idea that by sharing our stories, we can unite our voices as one. This magazine is our attempt to unite your voices – the voices of high school students across Dallas – as one. We hope that we can make an impact in some small way, whether with one person or a whole neighborhood. It is a long process and we are just the beginning. Dallas, keep submitting and make next year the best year yet. On a more personal note, both Meredith and I will be leaving the magazine after the conclusion of this year. Meredith will be doing a Semester-at-Sea across Southeast Asia and I am joining the 2013 Teach For America Corps. We are excited for new surroundings but we will miss this magazine and everyone involved. However, we leave knowing that the magazine has a future brighter than ever. The magazine will continue to grow and flourish thanks to our incredible staff, SMU’s Big iDeas, and most importantly the Dallas high school students who make all of this possible. We must stand upon our past to reach high for our future. Share your stories and people will listen. “Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther… And then one fine morning—So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” -The Great Gatsby

Best Wishes,

Dylan Smith Meredith Carey

letter from the directors


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anna cole

true dallas When people think of Dallas who have never been here, they usually think of the stereotypical downtown skyline: a place that I rarely find myself after living here for 13 years. When I think of my home, I think of my favorite spot that gives me a real perspective of the city. Right by the county jail, there is a pathway up a small hill that, at first, seems quite boring and, in fact, ugly. But, after a short stroll uphill, I will find myself staring at a quiet railroad with the Hunt Hill Bridge in the background. Turning ninety degrees to the right, I see the skyline of Dallas that everyone knows and loves, but it is not true Dallas. Moving back to my original position, I see the real city that I have known for so long, even as it is blocked by toll roads and cars, with a touch of hidden beauty as the sun descends along the horizon. Watching the railroad cross from Oak Cliff into downtown is like seeing the behind-the-scenes clips of a movie. Countless trains passed this spot to deliver items to Downtown Dallas, making it the success that it is today. Looking to my left, I see Oak Cliff in the distance, causing me to reminisce in happy memories of some of the best meals that I have ever tasted, and in a sense, experienced, that occurred just down that railroad track. Only citizens of this captivating town know of the secret gifts to be unwrapped as their time in the city extends. True Dallas is not the infamous skyline, but that spot on a hill, far from what outsiders see as this wondrous city.


tom stewart

nd 2 p lac


love of the game

The city we live in may be very diverse but one similarity is the field we traverse the first day is filled with fright with the ball under his arm tucked tight people of Dallas share one common love Football on Friday night with the lights on above though you may be enemy off of the field there is one common goal when wearing your helmet, your shield to compete with sportsmanship and honor so you can be proud of what you have done and congratulate your competitor aloud the people in this city are certainly far from the same what we do share is the world’s greatest game

margaret hunt hill bridge brooke bowman The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge links the north side of Dallas to the south side. Not only does it physically connect the two sides, but it also connects them symbolically. The bridge is a symbol of unity, bringing together the city socially, economically, and culturally.


el centro

rachel diebner top


el movimiento del coche era una canción de cuna, meciéndome al sueño mientras el coche viajaba suavamente en la carretera. yo, de cinco o seis años, trataba de mantenerme despierto, y mis ojos abrían y cerraban, el ascenso y la caída como las olas. y en la luz tenue del espacio entre el conocimiento y el sueño, lo ví: el Pegaso rojo, volando arriba de los rascacielos del centro, valiente, orgulloso, tan caprichoso como mis sueños, tan vivo como la sangre pulsando por mis venas. y mi corazón pensó: estoy en casa

My art is a collage of different people holding the sign one. It represents that Dallas is a combination of different people into one community. Even though we are all different we all contribute to the society of Dallas, and each one of us has a voice to make Dallas a better community.


amanda dettmer 6



interstate 635 peter lee

Diverse ethnically, financially, and racially, Dallas is home to uniquely different people. These people are separated by their social class, similar to many cities. However, Dallas is also home to I-635, or Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway. LBJ accommodates over 500,000 vehicles each day even with the recent constructions. While these vehicles are traveling to their own separate locations, they all converge at a single, common stretch of road.  I chose to illustrate the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway because it is a connection; connection between physical structures, networking to create a visual web of paths and transits. It provides a method of transportation, allowing the passengers to travel to distant locations with ease and haste. However, its purpose does not end there. Within the same road, the drivers are able to communicate without words, body language, or direct method of communication, but instead using crude blinkers and the movement of the vehicle. It is a place where the physical appearance of a person can be overlooked to reveal his or her true nature, reflected only by the driving. Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway, also home to one of the most complex and ambitious public transportation projects, the LBJ Express project, truly embraces the interconnection between the diverse citizens of the great city of Dallas.


doors caroline stack top


Walking in downtown, the streets would quickly transform from towering, shiny edifices to rundown and beaten structures. I began to notice the doors, some clean and plain, others bright. For me, the wide-ranging doors were a symbol of diversity in our Dallas community. Different colors, different social-economic class, yet all of them still doors. Humans in our world vary from light to dark, opulent to starving, Christian to Muslim. We are all made up of different backgrounds, but in the end equal the same product: humans.

dallas lights haley bush The hands represent the work we all put into making our city a great place and the bright colors represent just how much we can achieve when we all work together.


the city as it seems, the city to me kendall leslie

Flashing lights looming down onto the streets Big, shiny and bright SUVs traveling down the expressway Golden blonde hair and tan skin Jimmy Choo’s strapped on her feet The Range Rover doors closing with a whisper Stepping to the street Beautiful silk dress clinging to her slim physique Shopping bags hiding her arms Tall, dark and slim in his business suit wrapped around her finger Walking onto the scene to be seen Dallas, Texas? Sunken deep down behind the shadows of the luminous Dallas city lights lay the unknown faces Artists, curbside profits, small business owners Amphitheaters vibrating with the sweet echoes of country singers Food trucks lining the downtown streets A hardworking father trying to feed his family of five Laborers trimming the green gardens and paving pathways that take us places A progressive energy brightening faces in uptown Friday night football games, the crowd screams Saturday night, the teenage kids running free Sunday morning preacher, preaching to the pews That’s Dallas, Texas to me.


dallas harrison armstrong This is the city I grew up in. This is the city that couldn’t win. This is the city that raised me strong. This is the city where everything’s wrong. This is the city that got a grip. This is the city with bloods and crips. This is the city that helped me climb. This is the city with increased crime. This is the city filled with joy This is the city with unemployed. This is the city, diversified. This is the city where races collide. Why should we live our lives in constant fear? Your neighborhood may be bad, but perfection is so close to here. Things can positively change; just take a look at Texas weather. Dallas is our home; we can make it better together.

seeing beyond our diferences rachel kinser This photograph expresses the diversity which is a key part of the Dallas Fort Worth community. It shows that each person is unique, with different talents and beliefs, yet, we are all the same; human beings. When we remove the prejudice sense of the world and look at ourselves and others as simply human, we discover that we have more similarities than differences with eachother. The Dallas Fort Worth area is known for being a diverse mixing pot of different cultures, religions, genders, and ideas, however, we are all united under the common identifier: human. 10


celeste laster Deep Ellum has suffered a lot throughout the years, and there needs to be a revival. It has always been my favorite area of Dallas. There is so much art and culture. It’s a great place for local artists to showcase their work and be discovered. For a long time Deep Ellum has been seen as dangerous and run down, but its time that everyone helps return it to what it once was, the best arts district in Dallas.

my gold clara moskowitz

Medical City is where it began, raised to be a die-hard Mavs fan. A Texan girl, born and raised, took on the rodeos, unafraid. I rock my flannels and boots, but how about a visit to my roots? Three stars in the sky tell us it’s time, like sending down a little chime. We start out by welcoming in the Shabbat Queen, displaying my southern hospitality like it’s the routine. Matzah ball soup and that family of mine, gather for homemade challah and Kiddush Wine. My father’s hand placed upon our head, A prayer for his children, from birth through wed. A mix of family and leisure, Shabbat is truly a treasure.

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Tale of One City Spring 2013  

This is the 3rd edition of the Tale of One City literary arts magazine.